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#the untamed fanart

OMG I love love Loooove these two!! Aaaaaahhh

Sory I’m so fixated on this fanfic, It’s just that it’s so perfect I stoped counting how many times I cried… Wei Wuxian deserves so much love and this is like the continuation of CQL for me T.T 

This pic is from chapter 15
(I wish my English was good enough to translate it, but you can use google translator I guess. If I had a proofreader or something I would try, don’t know, I’ll see what I can do xD)

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Lan Wangji in the library.

This is a take on the drawing of Wangji that Wei Wuxian did. I tried to make somewhat of an amalgamation of Wangji from each version of the story, so it’s not just based on one version.

Reblogs are appreciated <3

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Poor Xichen, he’s so done xD
Good lord this fanfic makes me cry like a baby and laugh like a maniac in seconds 

Hope you like the art (even with so much blood hehe)

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Settled onto the floor, Huaisang brushed through his hair with a fine toothed comb, pulling free snarls and spreading fragrant oil throughout. It was grounding, something he did whenever his thoughts were disquieted.

inspired by a thread (/fic?) my bff @jiggie & I have been workin on!!

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