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#the untamed fanfic

Title: no angels could beckon me back

Rating: Mature
Summary:  What he had with Lan Xichen should have been enough; Jin Guangyao hadn’t intended to confess his feelings, and he certainly hadn’t meant for them to be confessed like this.
(1.6k, sappy love confessions, second person POV)

Jin Guangyao is just very, very in love 😞


“I love you.”

The words surprise you as they slip from your lips and against the side of Lan Xichen’s head, but maybe they shouldn’t. They’ve been on an near-endless loop in your head for the last twenty minutes as Lan Xichen worked his hips and moaned above you, scattered among a litany of other proclamations you’d never thought you’d be brave enough to confess to the man who’d managed to take up every bit of space in your heart–though you now doubt that bravery has anything to do with it, because saying the words doesn’t make you feel brave. They make you feel sentimental and ridiculous and vulnerable in a way you’ve fought to avoid feeling your entire damn life because you know the world is cruel and showing vulnerability is the most dangerous thing you can do.

You deeply hope that, somehow, he didn’t hear them.

He doesn’t react at first, and whether that should fill you with hope or dread you can’t decide, but maybe it isn’t unusual that his response would be slow. The mood of the afterglow is hazy and sluggish. Lan Xichen hadn’t even bothered to separate your bodies after you’d both finished, gripping each other tight and gasping desperately into each other’s mouths as release had crashed down over both of you; he’d simply shifted to bury his face against your neck and the heat of his body covering yours like a blanket left you feeling safe and euphoric and impossibly content right up until your haphazard admission.

You suspect it’s the afterglow that loosened your lips in the first place. Not even the finest wine intoxicates you the way he does. Being with Lan Xichen is the only thing potent enough to make the rest of the world dissolve for a time, enough to make you forget about the weight and bitterness of the reality that lays waiting to confront you beyond the safety of your bedroom and the security of his incredibly strong arms.

If given the choice, you think you’d prefer to stay here with him forever, but you’re never given that choice.

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The next post has a content warning for suicide and depression. If this is not your cup of tea, I will include a link to skip that post as soon as the next one after it is up. (We’re talking about mama and papa Lan and it’s nothing that wouldn’t be compliant with canon, but I just like to err on the safe side when it comes to triggers)





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okay. who wrote an absolutely stunning mdzs/Watership down crossover and then deleted it immediately???? I tried to submit my comment and then AO3 was like ‘nope’ and when I refreshed the page the work was gone??? hello??? i didn’t even get a chance to clock the author’s name ashdkhfkf

the work was called Thousand Dead and it was clearly written for the niche audience of me, specifically, and hello???? if you’re out there author I loved it and have a comment saved to prove it????? hello?!?!?!?

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It is TIME! I have written fics for all of the days (but one, I’m working on it, kinda, sotra). So it’s time for me to sort this shit out into one huge trashcan aka the masterlist. Enjoy!

Day 1- (There will come a day when I will write this prompt…today is not that day.)

Day 2- Family 

Jiang Cheng needs a break, Wei Wuxian gives it to him:  tumblr , ao3

Jiang Cheng wants to go for a swim on a pleasant day, but he can’t because of sect leader duties. He doesn’t know, however, that Wei Wuxian has the same idea as him, and wherever Wei Wuxian goes, chaos follows.

Day 3- Harvest

Always find your way back home: tumblr , ao3

Jin Ling and his jiujiu sit on the rooftop at Lotus Pier and look at the stars in the sky.

Day 4- Thankful

I Forgive You: tumblr , ao3

Wei Wuxian stood in front of the Ancestral Hall, having a mini-breakdown, and Jiang Cheng found him.

Day 5- Latern

The Lantern Ceremony: tumblr , ao3

Jin Ling invites his friends to Lotus Pier to attend the Lantern Ceremony, but his friends are unaware of the fact that Sect Leader Jiang, the Sandu Shengshou, is going to come with them.

Day 6- Foliage

Smothering You with Love: tumblr , ao3

It’s just another day in the life of Nie Huaisang studying at Gusu. Wei Wuxian gets distracted and gets into trouble, Nie Huaisang sneaks a canary into class, and Jiang Cheng gets smothered in leaves.

Day 7- Reunion

To Forgive and Forget: tumblr , ao3

‘Jiang Cheng did not know what to make of Sect Leader Nie’s visit to Lotus Pier. It had been a few months since the Guanyin Temple incident, but Jiang Cheng was still wary of him. Especially since the Sect Leader could have chosen any other time period to visit him, but he chose to visit Jiang Cheng when Wei Wuxian was temporarily residing under his roof.’

Day 8- Lan Xichen

Lan Xichen: A Good Friend, A Better Uncle and A Helper of People ; tumblr , ao3

Lan Xichen misunderstands Jiang Wanyin’s and Jin Ling’s interactions and their relationship, leading to his meddling in their personal lives.

Day 9- Nostalgia & Day 10- Rain

Can’t Lose You Again: tumblr , ao3

Heavy rains are pouring down on Lan Wangji and Wei Ying when Wei Ying disappears from Lan Wangji’s sight.

Day 11- Layers

I would do anything for you: tumblr , ao3

Jiang Yanli misses her brother(s) and Jin Zixuan is there for her, along with a baby Jin Rulan tucked into Jin Zixuan’s arms.

Day 12- Change

Some things are never meant to change: tumblr , ao3

Jin Ling walks through the corridors of Koi Tower, missing the various people in his family. His jiujiu (and his clarity bell) is there for him.

Day 13- Fruit & Day 14- Savour

Call Me Jiujiu: tumblr , ao3

Where Jiang Cheng is so worried about Jin Ling that he unknowingly uncles all three of Jin Ling’s friends, his own brother, and his brother-in-law/brother’s fiancée.

Day 15- Golden & Day 16- Bundle

I’m Sorry for Hurting You: tumblr , ao3

Wei Wuxian wakes up early in the morning to receive Jin Ling and the rest of the juniors into the Cloud Recesses.

Day 17- Falling & Day 18- Crisp

Tell him the Truth: tumblr , ao3

Wei Wuxian has a premonition about his future, and decides to do something to change it.

Day 19- Windy

Rabbit Stew: tumblr , ao3

The juniors have a day off at the Cloud Recesses and decide to spend it somewhere special.

Day 20- Spice

Food, Fights and Brotherly Love (Part 1): tumblr , ao3

'Jiang Yanli stood in the kitchen, watching her brothers fighting out of the window. Just as she put the spices into the lotus root and pork ribs soup she had prepared; she remembered all of the times Wei Wuxian had attempted to prepare Yunmeng’s traditional dishes in the past years.’

Day 21- Rustle & Day 22- Warmth

Keeping Your Promise: tumblr , ao3

Wei Wuxian may not have kept his promise, but Jiang Cheng makes sure to keep his.

Day 23- Letter & Day 24- Gather

Letters to an old friend: tumblr , ao3

It starts with a formal/personal letter from Nie Huaisang to Jiang Cheng, and then Jiang Cheng writes back. Letters fly back and forth with messages, and things start to slowly change. Jin Ling helps.

Day 25- Ghost

The Water Ghost: tumblr , ao3

Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng get rid of a water ghost haunting the lake in Lotus Pier.

Day 26- Remains

Food, Fights(,Fever) and Brotherly Love (Part 2): tumblr , ao3

Wei Wuxian finds out that Jiang Cheng has a fever and takes care of him.

Day 27-Fright & Day 28- Decay

I will be okay: tumblr , ao3

Wei Wuxian and Jin Ling find out that Jiang Cheng was severely wounded in a hunt, and rush to him.

Day 29- Carving

A Thousand Rules More: tumblr , ao3

Everyone always wondered the true reason for the Gusu Lan sect rules to have increased from 2,000 to 3,000. They suspected almost everyone, but only Lan Qiren knew who the true culprits were. It was the pair of uncle and nephew that no one seemed to suspect. Jiang Wanyin and Jin Ling.

Day 30- Trick or Treat

Going Trick or Treating: tumblr , ao3

Jiang Cheng and Jin Ling go trick or treating with Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji and Lan Sizhui.

Day 31- Wei Wuxian

The Guide to being a fun-er and cooler uncle by Jiang Cheng (or how to become more like Wei Wuxian): tumblr , ao3

Where after having an argument with Jin Ling, Jiang Cheng decides to become a much cooler and more fun uncle. Or the one where Jiang Cheng decides to become a better Wei Wuxian than even Wei Wuxian could ever hope to be.

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