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#the untamed quotes

Wei Wuxian, comes up to Lan Wangji and hugs him tightly

Lan Wangji, confused: Is this a fight? Are we gonna fight?

Lan Qiren: This is…their handshake.

Lan Wangji: I don’t like it.

Lan Qiren: No one does.

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Jiang Cheng POV (chp. 2)

Lynchpin by ShanaStoryteller (AO3)
Mo Dao Zu Shit/The Untamed – Teen – Lan Zhan/Wei Ying, Jiang Cheng/Wen Qing
#Time Travel #Fix-It #Jiang Cheng POV #Guilt #Family #Jiang Cheng fixes everything through the power of brotherly love #knowing everyone’s secrets helps too

He can’t get Jin Guangyao’s words out of his head.

If he’d only believed in Wei Wuxian, if he’d only been willing to stand up for him, could it all have been avoided?

Wei Wuxian can be charming and subtle when he wants to be, but mostly he just uses those skills to cause even more chaos.
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lwj and wwx about each other : i don’t want to be his “husband”

lxc and jc after months of hearing wangxian’s oblivious pining : well, what do you want then?

lwj and wwx : i don’t know. i just want to be with him, all the time. i want to hear about his day and tell him about mine. i want to hold his hand and smell his hair… but i don’t want to be his stupid husband!

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Untamed, Glennon Doyle
Privilege is being born on third base. Ignorant privilege is thinking you’re there because you hit a triple. Malicious privilege is complaining that those starving outside the ballpark aren’t waiting patiently enough.
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