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Honey dripping from your soft lips
Swallow  me in your softness
Sometimes  I feel just like an actress
Begging for your validation, give me another chance

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Bonnie Bennett better f*cking be in that musical. I don’t care which student okays her, just don’t forget about her.

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Includes: Violence, murder, harsh language, childbirth, and blood


A/N: Italicized is when characters are speaking in Bulgarian

*Bulgaria; 1490*

Katerina’s screams filled the room once more as her mother encouraged her to keep going and get this child out of her. All the Petrova’s were panicking, rumbling in Bulgarian until they heard a baby’s cry join her mother’s pants. 14-year-old Y/N grinned at her sister, who had sweat glistening her face. The younger Petrova hugged her sister who’s breathing began to mellow down.

It’s a girl,” their mother announced and held up the newborn in her arms.

A girl?” Both sisters questioned, and their mother nodded.

Please, mother … . let me see her,” Katerina begged and held out her hand for her child.

Woman, don’t! What are you doing?” Their father cut in, and the three women snapped their heads around. Mrs. Petrova quickly stood up and gave the baby to the man.

Let Katerina hold her at least once … . just once … . at least once,” Y/N pleaded to her father, feeling bad for her older sister.

Forget it … . you have disgraced this family!” her father then ran out with the buddle of blankets in his arms.

Father, please! No, father, no! No!” Katerina screeched and tried to get up, but Y/N held her back.

No, Katerina. It’s better for her! It’s better for her!” her mother yelled, and Katerina clung onto Y/N’s blood-covered dress.

No, mother, please,” the young girl sobbed.

Let her go … . let her go, Katerina,” Y/N whispered to her sister.

Please, Y/N … .”


*Mystic Falls, Virginia: Hospital; Present Day*

Caroline was passed out in her bed with the humming of the tv show she was watching in the background. She then woke up with a groan and rubbed her heavy eyes. She turned around and gasped to see someone standing over her bed. “Elena?” she panicked, and Y/N tilted her to examine the blonde girl. She was so tired that the ancestor of her friend looked like her.

“Hi, Caroline,” Y/N muttered, and Caroline sighed, covering her eyes in exhaustion.

“What are you doing here?” the Forbes asked with a sigh.

“My name is Y/N … .” Y/N walked closer to Caroline’s bed, who suddenly tensed. “I was hoping you could give the Salvatore brothers a message for me,” the Pierce snarled.

“What are you talking about? What message? Why do you look so much like Elena?” Caroline groaned, still thinking it was Elena and she was going insane.

“Game on,” Y/N whispered before shoving a pillow into Caroline’s face. The blonde screamed and began struggling under Y/N grasp on her. She tried desperately to get the pillow off her face so she could breathe but end up hitting her hand on the side of the bed. That was her last action before her body went limp. Y/N removed the pillow and looked down at the deceased girl. She shook her head at the stupidness of the people in this town and strutted out of the hospital.


*Mystic Falls, Virginia: Mystic Falls Carnival; Present Day*

As another ding rang from the bell near the arm wrestling competition, Damon chuckled as Stefan walked away from Mason Lockwood after he had just tried to beat him. “You didn’t put in any effort at all,” Damon commented.

“Yeah, actually, I did,” Stefan whispered, and the older Salvatore raised an eyebrow.

“Come with me,” the two brothers walked to a more secluded spot. “Is he-”

“No, no, no. It wasn’t that kind of strength, but it was more than human if that makes sense,” Stefan explained, and Damon groaned.

“What is up with that family? If they’re not vampires, then what the hell are they?” Damon hissed.

“Ooh. Uh, maybe they’re, uh, ninja turtles,” a feminine voice came from behind them. Damon whipped around, and Stefan looked around his brother to see the younger Pierce sister.

“You’re not funny,” Damon spat at her, and she pouted.

“Or, no, zombies. Werewolves,” she added and smiled mischievously.

“No comedic timing at all,” the vampire barked, and Y/N huffed.

“Well, I’m working on it. But have you seen my dear friend Caroline? I’m looking for her,” the Pierce asked, trying to look as innocent as possible.

“Since when do you know Caroline? Let alone be all buddy-buddy,” Damon sniggered, and Y/N rolled her eyes.

“Look, I know you’re bitter, Damon, because I snapped your neck but get over yourself. I don’t love you anymore. So just shut up and point the way to Caroline. I need to make sure she drinks human blood,” she replied, and both Salvatore’s eyes popped out of their sockets.

What?” Stefan hissed, and the Pierce glanced at them.

“Did you not know? I visited barbie in the hospital. She did not want to die,” with Y/N rolling her eyes, she walked away with both Salvatores trying to stop her. Y/N searched for Caroline but eventually got too bored and uninterested to care. So instead, she played some carnival games.

She was in the middle of ring tose when she heard loud gasping coming from the carnival’s outskirts. She glanced over her shoulder to see the blonde girl that is Caroline Forbes. The Pierce smirked and handed the vendor her cash before stuttering over to Caroline.

“Hey, friend, it’s been too long!” Y/N exclaimed, and Caroline whipped around.

“Wha-what did you do to me?” she teenager cried.

“I turned you,” Y/N said, and Caroline looked even more freaked out. “Okay, well, technically, you have to drink blood to turn, but that’ll be easy. But! Based on the fact that I can’t hear your heart! Oh, Caroline! You did it! I’m so proud of you!” the vampire jumped up and down.

“What am I?” Caroline sobbed.

“Here. Let me show you. Come on,” Y/N latched onto the Forbes’s hand and forced her to a picnic table where a man sat. Caroline grunted from hearing the blood being pumped through the man’s body. The girls then noticed his nose was bleeding, and Y/N sneered.

“Can I help you two?” The man asked, and Y/N walked up to him.

“Don’t scream and don’t move a muscle,” she compelled, and the man froze in place, his eyes wide. Y/N turned around and nudged Caroline. “Go on, blondie.”

“No, no, I can’t-” Y/N cut her off with a groan.

“Fine. I have to show you everything, I guess,” the Pierce complained and went back to the man. She tilted his head to the side and, without hesitation, sunk her teeth into his neck. He didn’t make a sound or even fidget. Y/N pulled away, and in seconds of Caroline seeing the blood, she jumped and began her feeding.

Less than five minutes had passed before the man died of blood loss and both Caroline and Y/N were full. Y/N was pleased while Caroline was crying her eyes to death. Damon then walked up to the two other vampires as Y/N dragged her thumb along the blood on her lip.

“He’s dead. I killed him,” Caroline sobbed. Damon gazed at Y/N with depressed eyes, but she showed no sign of emotion.

“We,” Y/N corrected. Damon continued to stare at his past girlfriend, and she held up three fingers and mouth, “three down. Two to go.” She winked at him.

It was a matter of time before the man was completely drained, and Y/N was getting ready to bury him. She was finishing up when Stefan and Elena arrived.

“Y/N! Y/N stop!” Stefan yelled.

“Oh, give it a rest, Stefan! Her switch is turned off. Do you really think she’s going to listen!” Damon snapped, and Y/N stopped feeding for a minute. She knew she disappointed everyone by turning off her emotions and that everyone hated her now, but she would never imagine Damon giving up on her. He would hate her along with the others but would never lose all hope. That’s not who he was. Or at least, who she remembered him as.

A nerve clicked. Y/N stood up slowly. Hopped off the picnic table. Ground her teeth together as tightly as she could without it being noticeable. And walked away without a single word. The man’s blood still surrounding her mouth.


She couldn’t stop her desperate sobbing and choking on cries. She also wanted to stand and head to a hotel, but she remained sitting alone in the woods. She was disgusted with herself. She killed an innocent girl for sport, turned her into a monster, and forced her to feed. She ruined this girl’s life. Every other event in and outside the tomb was a blur except for the bad parts. She killed a teenage boy and a man. For what reason? She didn’t know what. The worst part about being washed over with a tsunami of feelings was the ones she had for Damon.

He watched her do all those things! He watched her become a monster! She turned him into a demon and left him alone to figure it out. She ruined the time they had together. And she ruined their entire relationship. It was like a constant stabbing in her lifeless heart, and she couldn’t stand it.

Through her screams of terror, she heard commotion going on where she and Caroline fed. With a stumble, she stood up and walked out of the woods. What she saw made her cry even more. A Bennett witch, no doubt, was glaring at Damon, who was holding his head in pain with a line of fire creeping up on him.

“Stop!” the Pierce screeched once the flames licked his black pants. Elena, who was for some reason still there, looked up from warning Bonnie. She saw Y/N run towards them with tears streaming down her face and held in a puzzled look.

“Please! Please stop! You’re going to kill him! Please!” Y/N shouted to the witch, who never lost focus. Damon continued to thrash, which made Y/N sprint up to Bonnie and tackle her. She lost concentration and hit her head on the concrete, causing a groan to escape her lips. The fire immediately went out, and everyone looked over to Damon, who was struggling to get up.

“Damon,” Y/N whispered and hurled herself off Bonnie to go to her lover. The Pierce went down to the ground and put Damon’s face in her hands, trying to make him look at her. She kept muttering his name until his shocked eyes met hers. She let out a sob before crushing her lips onto his.

“Damon. Damon, I’m so sorry, please forgive me. Please, Damon,” she pleaded, but Damon was too flustered to reply. “Say something. Damon, say something.”

Once the Salvatore came back down to Earth, he saw the sparkle in Y/N eyes return even if it was covered with tears. “God, I missed you,” he mumbled and reconnected their kiss. Y/N broke it and smiled, the tears still making waves down her cheeks. She placed her forehead against his and couldn’t stop crying till the next morning.

A/N: This is the end of the mini-series cause I kinda lost motivation

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♡- “Genuine beauty. And you could have all of it. You could have a thousand more birthdays, all you have to do is ask.”

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New To Town

pairing: marcel gerard x reader

warning: alcohol

summary: (Y/N) is new to New Orleans and on her first night she meets the king himself, marcel gerard. he gives her the whole tour of the city.

taglist: @elijahs-wife @njeancastro316 @hellotvshowtrash @soul-revoir @dumble-daddy


(Y/N) looked up from her map in pure confusion. Her navigational skills were off, she didn’t know where she was going. The one thing she did know was that she was not where she was supposed to be.

She stopped her confused walking when she saw a cemetery.

“Lafayette Cemetery.” she read, once collecting her thought she knew actually where she was.

She had read about the cemetery in her family’s history books about New Orleans.

‘While the cemetery is the burial ground for many of the citizens of New Orleans, it is known specifically for being used by the New Orleans covens of witches, who require access to their Ancestors’ remains in order to continue practicing Ancestral Magic.’

She could hear chanting close by, and that told her all she needed to know. She hurried out of there, not wanting to get caught on her first day in a new town. She stopped to catch her breath, she looked up and saw she was in bourbon square.

She needed a drink, or a glass of bourbon. She would decide when she found a bar.

She smiled when she looked up to see a sign, Rousseau’s

She walked in, instantly feeling at home due to the warm and inviting atmosphere. She took an open seat at the bar, planting herself on a wooden bar stool. She was deep in thought, thinking about what the chanting in the cemetery, when a cheery blonde bartender appeared in front of her.

“You look new.” she pointed out. (Y/N) laughed.

“Is it that obvious?” (Y/N) chuckled.

“Well, there are usually a lot of regulars here, so you are either a tourist or a newbie. I’m Camille, but you can call me Cami.” Cami stuck our her hand to shake, (Y/N) shook it.

“I am a newbie, name’s (Y/N).”

The two women smiled, both knowing that in the future they would find friendship in each other.

Cami looked up from the conversation she has having with (Y/N) when she heard the heard the bell of the door open. After seeing who it was, she rolled her eyes. (Y/N) wondering what Cami was rolling her eyes at, looked at the door of the bar. Her mouth dropped.

There standing in the doorway was what she would personally describe as ‘a fine specimen’. Milky chocolate skin matching his brown eyes, she also noticed his walk. He walked with such confidence, such power.

Marcel could not lie, he was intrigued by the woman sitting at the bar. Her (Y/H/C) styled perfectly, though a few pieces seemed to be out of place, her (E/C) was drawing him in, almost begging him to know her.

He walked over to Cami and the remarkable woman he wanted to call his own.

“Marcel, what are you doing here?” Cami asked with sass.

Marcel…. That’s his name. Interesting…..

“I just wanted to get a drink, maybe wanting to know something about this pure beauty next to me.” Marcel answered, looking at (Y/N) for the second part of his answer. Cami leave to get his drink.

“My name is (Y/N). It’s a pleasure to meet you Marcel.” (Y/N) said with a smirk, that only drew in the vampire more.

“Well, you look like you are not from around here. I would like to give you a tour of my beautiful city that is New Orleans.” Marcel suggested, stretching his arms as if he was showing off his prized possession.

”Your city?” (Y/N) asked, wondering why he would call it that.

“Yes, so what do you say?”


The pair looks over to see a tall latino boy, clearly needing Marcel’s attention.

“What is it Josh?”

“It’s Klaus.” Josh didn’t have to say anything else, Marcel was already out of his seat, ready to leave. (Y/N) didn’t know who this ‘Klaus’ wa or what he did, but from the look on Marcel’s face, she knew not to say anything of it.

“Look. I’ve got to go, here’s my number.” He handed her a bar napkin with his name and number, “Call me when you want a tour.”

Then he left with his friend Josh, most likely to deal with Klaus.

(Y/N) smiled, she knew it would not be the last time she saw Marcel, no defiantly not.


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i get sm attention on here compared to every other social. i want to expose my tik tok so bad for the veiws😀but i don’t want anyone to know this account exsists.

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6) CAROLINE FORBES — I happen to be Miss Mystic Falls.

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There’s going to be a musical episode on February 4th, where they put on a musical about the founding of the Salvatore School (or the plot of tvd basically).


Josie (Kaylee Bryant) above as Elena Gilbert.

Apparently, Josie will be Elena, Lizzie will be Caroline, Jed will be Stefan, and Kaleb will be Damon. (Landon is writing the show and Hope isn’t involved).

Link to the full article below!

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Can i just say, as someone who saw The Vampire Dairies before Legacies was even announced, they are going to completely butcher this and I can not wait to drag it through the dirt and reblog others doing the same until I hit the tumblr post limit.

Jed as Stefen, Josie as Elena and I’m assuming Kaleb as Damon?? All 3 of them are talented actors playing their own characters, but there is no way they are going to do any justice to the original Elena and Salvatore brothers.

And having it in musical form is only going to make it worse.

Also is Lizzie in the back meant to be Caroline?? She’s the only one i can see pulling it off because Lizzie is already so like her mom.

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Legacies ships

Since all the ship dynamics from TVD, TO and Legacies run on the same formula

I feel like Hope and Landon are Elena x Matt. Even though their relationship was over at the start of the vampire diaries we learned that they were each other’s first everything, all their friends and they themselves thought they’d be together forever. But then Elena realised she wanted different things from Matt and ended their relationship but they remained friends after. This will probably happen with Hope ending things with Landon.

Following that vain Hope will have an “epic romance” with a new character or with Ethan which will be like Elena x Stefan.

So Hosie will be a slow burn like Elena x Damon; the chemistry is there, the history and secret feelings for each other but the timing is never right until it is and they become the endgame couple.

Also Hope and Josie eventually becoming a couple will be less problematic than Delena since it wouldn’t be tainted by the sire bond bullshit. Or evil doppelgängers, Damon’s murder vendettas, 150 year age difference, him sleeping with and then turning her biological mother into a vampire etc.

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Paul Wesley’s instagram story lmao

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Hear me out

Bonnie Bennett should have left TVD after like Season 3 and gotten her own show full of new characters and maybe Caroline.

I’m right and no one can prove me wrong

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Stefan Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries) - Credit if using

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3x01: We’re Not Worthy

Welcome back witches! Last night, Legacies returned to us, so let’s get into it.

After the recap, we open up with Raf looking over Hope & Landon, with Landon doing a voiceover. “I’m sad my life has been cut short, but you taught me to live it to the fullest.” LANDON REALLY WAS ABOUT TO SAY ALWAYS & FOREVER.

Alaric addresses the school about moving through the dark times. Alyssa Chang is not being shy about her feelings towards Josie and Hope being absent.

MG has organized the first ever Salvatore School field day…yeah probably won’t go so well. Lizzie tells her dad that she’ll have to revert back to her means girl ways to get everyone to forgive & forget Josie and she’s “just not that person anymore”. However, after Alyssa magically tied Josies laces together, causing her to trip, Lizzie is more than ready to go.

CHAD (his name is Chad, right? Oops, I don’t remember) RESURRECTED THE LADY OF THE LAKE WHICH IS A KING ARTHUR THING I’M GEEKING BYE. Oh my gosh yay, it is Chad.

The Necromancer busts in struggling with Landon who only Rafael can see. Bye Landon is so cute tf how do I go that long without seeing his face.

Let’s get this field day started! WADE GIVES ME LIFE. Lizzie has a plan up her sleeve. She’s challenging Alyssa to be captain so that Josie won’t be alientated. “Yea, she messed up, but you have been messed up your whole life.” Oh hell no, MG told Alyssa that she can choose the game.

Landon refuses to come back in order to prevent the Necromancer from gaining (more) black magic.

Alyssa chose tug of war and is on a team of vampires and werewolves. Lizzie makes Josie the anchor which obviously will not go well. My poor baby Jo gets covered in mud since everyone else dodged out in time.

“Hero moves always lead to tradgedy.”

Josie ends up telling Lizzie and the whole school that she can’t do magic because she put it away. She tells Lizzie she’s making everything worse, just like she used to. The Lady of the Lake comes with Wade, asking for his sword (which is Excalibers). The green knight comes, the sword flies into a stump, and the sky turns red.

Not gonna lie it kinda hurts me that there are people who won’t get the King Arthur references but 🤷🏻‍♀️

Ew so Jed and Alyssa have some flirtationship. Pedro came back!…and the left again.

Rafael tells the Necromancer that he wants him to put Landon’s spirit in himself. Alaric speaks to Hope, telling her that he knows that she knows about Landon’s situation. Her still being in the sleep spell is delaying coming back and feeling that grief.

Lizzie reminds Alyssa that she is also a killer but at least her parents can’t see what she’s become. Which…yeah Alyssa sucks but my jaw DROPPED. But too far Liz. My Saltzman sisters were working together!

Um, so Chaddy tings the bell and is now with the Necromancer, Raf, & Landon. He’s looking for Hope to come defeat the green knight since she’s typically the one to save the day. Kinda hoping she won’t awaken til after tbh, because it gets kinda annoying that it’s always up to her (in my opinion).


“Not exactly how I pictured dying, but what the hell.” MG gives directions for everyone and Josie asks: “Wait what are you gonna do? Something stupid, got it.” WHICH! Kaylee said was her favorite out-of-context line. MG punches the knight in the face which earns a growl? from him.

Raf takes Landon to see Hope.

Super squad is attempting holding the knight down the ropes. Anytime magic is used on him he gets angrier and MG unmasked him which had my eyes widening. Yay! Raf is the worthy one…unLESS ITS ACTUALLY LANDON IN RAF which I’m hoping isn’t the case. He stabs the green night, and blue skies return.

Not Landon giving Hope a non-consensual kiss ✋🏼but as fairy-tales go, she’s awaken.

“She thinks I should be the focus for once.”

Josie is going to spend some time with her mom. Handon cuddles and reflects on each other. Raf is such a dork I love him.

Alyssa talks to Chad. He’s going back to the ice cream palace but then like DIES. THE FUCK. Alyssa wonders if the same thing will happen to her since they were linked, but the Necromancer offers her a deal.

See you next week!

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Forget me | K.M

summary: in a need of protecting you Kol made you forget him, not knowing if he could ever make you remember

warnings: stalker vibes from Kol, implied smut

word count: 1k

a/n: this is the longest thing i have ever written, it took me four days. Is it possible to be in love with a fic?


“Please don’t do this” Your tears were already rolling down your cheeks at the realization of what was to come.  

“I’m sorry, baby, I don’t have a choice” Kol’s hands were sat firmly on your cheeks, wiping away the tears as they came.  

“We can fight like we’ve done before” You tried so desperately to offer a solution, just so you wouldn’t forget your one true love, but it was inevitable. “I have to do this, I love you so much, please never forget that”

Kol’s eyes stared back into your own, your hands on top of his and your bodies close together. “When you leave, you will forget all about me, you will forget meeting me and my family, you will forget the world of the supernatural and all of our memories until I say remember. Now go”

You had walked away from Kol, only him seeing your back now. a tear rolled down his cheek at knowing you wouldn’t remember him loving you. “I love you so much” he whispered just before you walked out of the door and into your new life.

2 years later

The music was so loud you thought your ears were going to start bleeding, you felt so uncomfortable at this party that your friends had forced you to go to. also forcing you to wear a black dress that showed a little cleavage, which you hated.

You had your arms crossed over your body as you walked out of the party, catching some boys’ attention but hopefully not your friends, knowing they would drag you back in.  

Your hair was blowing back at the slight breeze of the wind as you were walking home, you would send a message to your friends that you felt sick and left, not that they would care.  

You fished for the keys that were in your bag, as you pulled them out you felt eyes on you, you did a quick scan of your surroundings but found nothing. You entered the keys into the keyhole, forgetting about your suspicion of someone being nearby.  

1 week later

Your first suspicions of someone watching you- only one week ago- seemed accurate. You no longer felt safe anywhere, in your own home or when you went out. Grocery shopping was an outrage now, you had downloaded a fake call app, you could call your friends but they were always busy, pretending to talk to someone gave you a sense of comfort.

You could have gone to the police, but feeling too guilty to do so you decided against it, you were sure they had better things to do than support your suspicions.  

Instead, you opted for a night in, your favourite movie and chocolates had called you two hours ago, you obliged.  

Now, you were in your comfiest of clothing due to it being a cold night, staring out into the street on your balcony. You felt uncomfortable- just like all those other times- feeling like someone was watching you. Instead of backing down and going inside, you opted to look into the darkness below, it was a very quiet night, not that many people around.

You had almost decided to go inside, but just then your eyes caught sight of a dark silhouette, it was most likely the most stupid mistake you could have made in that situation, but clearly, you weren’t in a right state of mind.  

Before you knew it you were rushing out of your apartment, down the stairs, and outside. You weren’t sure what you were hoping for, the person to say sorry, maybe, all you know is that you had a longing to know who this person is.

Your bare feet made contact with the pavement, every step taking your closer to the silhouette that was stood beside the tree across the street. Due to how close you where, you could now tell it was a man, brown hair as what you could see in the darkness, what did unsettle you though was how his back was facing you.  

Once you got close enough you decided to make your presence known, it was too late to back out now. “Excuse me, who the hell are you” It was not like you to talk with such distaste, but lately you were just fed up.  

The man had slowly started turning around, once you saw his face it made you feel something, you weren’t sure what, but it was certainly something. “I’m sorry, darling. But I’m not sure what you mean” the smirk on his face told you he was lying.

“I don’t care for your games, I just need you to stop following me, you’re making me feel uncomfortable” Once you said those last words something changed in his facial expression, it seemed he cared all of a sudden.  

“I’m sorry, darling I never meant for you to feel uncomfortable” He started with a genuine smile, before stepping forward “but can I just do one thing” Your bodies were so close now, despite feeling uncomfortable before, you didn’t feel it now. His hands slowly rose and he placed them on your cheeks, with anybody else you would have pushed them off you and call them a creep, but without meaning to, you got lost in his eyes, the feeling of wanting more bubbling in you.

“You can now remember every memory I took from you” You had blinked once, yet it changed your life. Things were not as they seemed and you wanted to run away from it all but then you realized your one true love was in front of you.

You quickly pulled him in for a hug, his arms sneaking around your waist. “I can’t believe you made me forget” you pulled back from him, your hands on his shoulders and his on your waist, “I am so mad at you” Despite your words saying one thing your tears said another, with Kols to match.

“I’m so mad at me too,” Kol said with nothing but the truth. Needing his love so bad, you brought yourself forward, bringing your lips to his, them melding together like two pieces in a puzzle.  

In just a minute you were whisked away with the force of vampire speed, back to your home where you spent all night making passionate love with your boyfriend, not planning to forget anything else anytime soon.

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Keeping Secrets Masterlist


Pairing: DamonxOc, TylerxOc, ElijahxOc, KlausxOc endgame. Warnings: Mental and Physical Abuse.

Katie and Damon were about to walk out the door of the boarding house to go to the fifties dance when Damon’s phone started ringing. He answered it and after a few minutes hung up. “We have to make a pit stop on the way to the dance.” He told Katie as he opened the door for her then walked out behind her. “A vampire got into Elena house and tried to attack her.”

A few minutes later they pulled up to Elena’s house and let themselves inside. They all migrated to the living room and Katie plopped down in the armchair near the couch.

“We’re pretty sure it’s the same guy she hit with her car. He’s been stalking her every since.” Stefan said as he and Elena sat down on the couch.

“How did he get in?” Damon asked as he walked over and nudged Katie silently asking her to get up.

“He was invited in.” Elena answered looking like she was in a slight state of shock.

“He posed as a pizza delivery guy last night.” Stefan added as Damon sat down in the chair and pulled Katie down to sit in his lap.

“Well, he gets points for that. Did he say what he wanted?” he asked as he ran his hand up and down Katie’s thigh.

“No. He was too busy trying to kill me.” Elena popped off.

“And you have no idea who this is?” Stefan asked with a pointed look at Damon.

“No.” Damon answered with a scoff and Stefan just kept looking at him. “Don’t look at me like that. I told you we had company.”

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