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#the variant
3liza · 13 days ago
couple important bullet points here:
the people who infected everyone else had gotten negative covid tests before traveling to the wedding
everyone was in a tent. it doesnt say how enclosed the tent was but it would definitely cut down on air flow
doesnt say whether or not people were wearing masks but i suspect not
if these people hadnt been vaccinated, it would have been a lot worse
the big delta wave will hit the US pretty soon, and is already starting in states with low vaccination rates. new mutations (delta plus, epsilon and lambda) are on the way; lambda is more infectious (symptoms and severity are unclear). the CDC is wrong, everyone should still be wearing masks indoors and in crowds (which is what the WHO says anyway). children still arent vaccinated. 
you do not want to get covid at all, even mild covid. long covid even with mild symptoms is really fucking people up (talk to anyone with a chronic illness about what this is like and hopefully they can scare you straight). even mild symptoms like “brain fog” can effectively ruin your life. one guy got tinnitus from long covid that was so bad he committed suicide.
in ten years youre not going to regret being extra cautious right now, but you could very easily regret being careless.
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vodkertonic · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
@sashaforthewin I tried so hard but I am sorry I could only come up with one Thor Variant and it's very obvious which one
Tumblr media
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coldishcase · 17 days ago
Tag yourself: Which Loki Variant Are You?
Tumblr media
TVA Approved Loki™️
nothing goes your way
a mean, closeted gay
a Hot Mess™️
dead inside
family is.... complicated.
Tumblr media
Make Asgard Great Again
gets by on sheer charisma alone, like seriously, you maxed out charisma and dumped wisdom.
good at making friends fast
bad at keeping them
you make a lot of promises you can't keep
you look great tho, and that's what matters
Tumblr media
The Superior Loki, Obviously
It's a bit early for a midlife crisis but here you are
steals food from besties
Bi as fuck
would use a profile picture that looks like the blue lives matter flag but when you look closer it says "sike! ACAB" just to troll people
100% ride or die for that one friend
generally confused but doing your Best
Tumblr media
Lo.Ki. Hammer
tells banger stories
literally no one can tell if they're true or if you're making shit up
Really likes Arts & Crafts
tries to be everyone's friend and usually just ends up in the middle of drama
somehow pulls off thrift store chic
Tumblr media
Senior Discount Loki
somehow both stylish and lacking a single ounce of fashion sense
Mom Friend
the only one in the friend group who has their shit together (finally)
knows all the life hacks, like therapy
still depressed
Tumblr media
Lil' Loki
builds awesome pillow forts
"I killed thor" wow buddy that sounds like a lot to unpack, wanna talk about that???
no, you will not be talking about it.
likes weird pets
Tumblr media
literally just a gator in cosplay
Are you a loki? Nobody knows. I couldn't even find a decent gif of this funky lil guy, bless his scaly little heart.
Speaks primarily in grunts and growls
Tumblr media
The Actually Superior One
somehow cute and scary at the same time
pretty much always the smartest person in the room at any given time
better than everyone and knows it
fueled by rage and spite
you decided what you were gonna do when you were 8 and stuck to it
Tumblr media
Not A Loki
you aren't a Loki Variant, but you know everything about them
good listener
The Dad Friend
probably writes fanfiction
just wants the simple pleasures in life, like a jet ski.
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iseathegalaxy · 15 days ago
"have you met a female loki?" "no, she sounds terrifying"
my dudes, what. you're all female sometimes, what are you talking about? where did y'all's genderfluidity go? genderfluid doesn't mean that somewhere in the vast multiverse there's a version of you that's not your same gender but that your gender as a specific individual is fluid.
if the loki variants had been like "we're all female sometimes, right?" and loki had answered "yeah, but a loki that's female presenting the majority of time" or something along those lines that would've been way better.
i feel as if they just used loki's genderfluidity to introduce a female variant so they could pair them up and then absolutely forgot about it.
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mintyisdrawing · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
I believe this scene was a reference to Captain Hook since Tom Hiddleston voiced him in Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy. You know, with the crocodile eating a hand and all. Anyone else? Or just me 😂
IG: mintysarts
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widdlewow · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tom hiddleston & owen wilson in midnight in paris (2011, dir. redacted)
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bbcsassdeadass · 12 days ago
Give my man an award only for this transition. Now.
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