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#the walls around our hearts
Were there any times writing walls where the words were really flowing well, like the opposite of writer's block?

oh yeah, tbh it actually happens a fair bit once I’ve really got the feel of a chapter. it tends to come a little faster when the chapter is more exciting/changes the course of the story (like chapter 20) or when it involves Papyrus and Mettaton interacting with each other.

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Two questions for the expanded universe ask meme: 4 and 10 please(for Walls! of course! :)

4. What will things be like for the characters 1 year after the main events.

1 year after Walls ends, I actually imagine things are pretty quiet. Papyrus and Mettaton are celebrating their first anniversary, they’re not really looking at marriage yet because Mettaton needs to take things slow after Devon–they’re just taking things as they come, slowly but surely. Mettaton’s been doing well with his show and Papyrus, maybe he’s found a new job in car mechanics because an office job wasn’t working for him, who knows. one way or another, they’re pretty happy.

10. What part of the main story will a certain character remember most in the future.

I think for both our main characters, it will be a mix of things. Mettaton will certainly remember what Devon did to him, but he’ll also remember how Papyrus made him feel. Papyrus will remember the pain he went through at the hands of his own family, but he will also remember them changing and how Mettaton treated him right from the very beginning. good things and bad things will stick, but they’ll focus more on the good.

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[ID: a lineless digital drawing of Mettaton outside. his hair is in a ponytail and he’s wearing a pink tank top. there’s an expression of awe on his face as he looks at two butterflies on his hand. there are several more butterflies around him, some perched on his head. end ID.]

a scene from “The Walls Around Our Hearts” by @undertalegay on ao3!! a fantastic fic that makes me feel every emotion possible

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How long did it take for monsters to get settled on the surface in Walls?

well, it’s only been a little over a year since the monsters were freed now, so to an extent they’re still getting used to life on the surface. but I took a more optimistic view of humanity in the day and age Walls takes place in, so most humans in the area were willing to help the monsters find jobs and places to live and do monster things. monsters generally stuck together, living in the same areas and getting a lot of the same jobs until they felt ready to branch out more.

so basically for most monster families it’s still a work in progress (though it was a bit easier for Frisk’s family to settle because they had Frisk)

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Devon's just consistently stomping on Mettaton's boundaries, isn't he?

oh honey, he was doing that even before the incident. he’ll be damned if he won’t make sure Mettaton says and does what he wants, and if that means he has to make Mettaton uncomfortable, then he’ll do it.

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Ok Devon's still a prick BUT I'm starting to see bits of his personality Mettaton must have fallen in love with. It's making me understand why Mettaton wears rose colored glasses around him. :(

yeah… at the same time Devon drags Mettaton down, he’s also slyly making sure Mettaton gets lots of compliments and affection from him–how else will he keep him in the relationship?

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Mettaton's always struck me as pretty independent in the underground given that he left his friends behind. I like the idea of him becoming dependent on other people when he makes it to the surface I'm curious to know why you think walls!Mettaton is so co-dependent. Does being on the surface make him feel out of his element?

I think the biggest factor in Mettaton’s dependency on certain people is his history of abuse before Devon. I won’t say too much because spoilers, but there were respects in which Mettaton outright hated his life on the farm before becoming a star, and thus he was willing to leave Blooky, Shyren, and the rest of his family in Waterfall behind when he had the chance. After all, what were they to him but reminders of his sordid past?

Probably the surface does have an impact on him, considering he temporarily lost the fame he had, which was a huge part if not the whole of his life at that point. He was essentially forced to rely on Devon and hope that he could pull Mettaton back into the spotlight. And of course he did.

I’ve always thought that Walls Mettaton’s greatest desire was to be loved–whether that be by friends, family, or millions of people he doesn’t know. Devon seems to give him instant gratification in that respect, especially in this particular honeymoon phase–he tells Mettaton he loves him constantly. He buys him expensive gifts. He rewards him with kisses and TLC when Mettaton’s doing something that pleases him. Right now it’s everything that Mettaton didn’t get from his abusive parent. And slowly he’s becoming reliant on it.

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