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October, 1981

Here they are – the new Avengers!

But not the New Avengers (the difference is that the hairy monster they have is Tigra instead of Wolverine).

And they are having difficulty.

I don’t know what they did to piss off Galadriel over here (I mean yes I do, she says it right on the cover) but she is kicking their asses.

A dark queen indeed.

Not much to actually say about the cover. Uh, the composition looks neat! There we go. A thing.

So lets jump inside.

Where in a moody dawn scene, Jarvis walks alone through a nearly empty Avengers mansion, little knowing he is being stalked until



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I really hope you like this one. Let me know if you do! And aww thank youuuu❤️❤️

after a very long a day

Scott Lang X Plus size!Reader

Warnings: none

You get home after a busy day at work. Scott immediately jumps at the sight of you and meets you in the middle of the living room with a kiss on you cheek.

-It’s so late! -He says and holds your face with both hands to make you look into his eyes.

-Oh, honey, I thought I’d never be able to leave!-He offers to hold your purse noticing how heavy it looks. You feel a huge weight getting out of your shoulders the second he takes it.

-I made some pasta. And there’s salad too.

-Thanks babe. I think I need a shower first. -You say, noticing how his eyes are shinning now.

Scott loves to take baths with you. Not always in a sexual way. He likes to look at your body as the piece of art that it is. He likes to admire you on the tub, to caress your scalp with shampoo, smell all of the different bath oils you have and when there are bath bombs… Bath bombs are his new favorite thing . Seeing your curves painted with glitter and foam. He loves it.

-Can I help you prepare a bath? You look like you need one. -He asks.

-Maybe we both need -You smirk, aware of his hands back on your hips.

-I just missed you so much. -He kisses you.

-I missed you too. And a bath would be perfect.

You both walk upstairs, him holding your hand. He leaves your purse in the closet and walks to the bathroom to turn the water on and start preparing everything. He puts a bit of rose scented bubble bath while you take your clothes off in your shared room, walking to the bathroom in your underwear. You were wearing your new favorite designer clothes from a brand that finally understood how to make clothes that came close to doing plus-size goddesses justice. You took your underwear off before getting in and laying down. Scott was seating on the edge of the tub, once again impressed by you. He caressed your head, making you relax instantly. You fell asleep in only a few minutes. And he stayed there just looking at you, feeling grateful and wondering how did he get so lucky.

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Originally posted by captainpoe

Pairing: Hope Van Dyne x Reader

Characters: Hope Van Dyne

Warnings: N/A

Request: Anon- Hope being super soft with you when you’re in some sort of pain (ngl I’m always in some sort of pain. Either my knee, my back, my elbow, or just my joints in general 😂)

Word Count: 416

Author: Charlotte

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Scott: Oh my god, the stove is on fire!
Luis: Okay, no worries, we just need an adult.
Scott: But we are adults.
Luis: Well we need an adultier adult! Where’s Hope?
Hope: *runs in with a fire extinguisher*
Hope: *puts out the fire*
Hope: *glares at them* Seriously?! 

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Today we are rewatching “Ant-Man and the Wasp” and the only thing I actually remembered about it was that I’ve seen it in cinema with my friend last summer (last – counting from summer 2019 – remember: little time-machine) and then I walked him home and we chatted about the last episodes of “Steven Universe” and we had a very nice time (even though the weather was incredibly hot and I later realized that I had got a bloody corn). Well, actually I’ve already had a post about this movie here and I guess my opinion about it didn’t change: it’s pretty cool and funny and action scenes are still inventive. The only thing I’d like to add is that after “Infinity War” if you watch with a week gap, not a month-or-so this movie feels so small and unnecessary. It feels too humorous and light after the tragedy we were through. Even though (spoilers!) the after-credit scene was connected with the Thanos’ snap it still doesn’t feel important.

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