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#the way it works is four people get picked to suggest a book then everyone votes on the one they want to read
jakeperalta · a month ago
hello people who like reading I need help!! I just joined a virtual book club and I was one of the people picked to suggest a book for this month but the theme is "spooky" and I don't read much in that realm so please send me suggestions of good spooky books!!
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neil-gaiman · 5 months ago
So to begin with, Mr McGinnis said yes. He was, at the time, almost 90, and we were unable to believe our luck. We had talked about getting someone to work in the style of book covers of bygone days, but Bob McGinnis was there, and he had painted those covers. And he was -- and is -- still painting.
The brief from me was as simple as I could get it:
Mostly, for all except American Gods, which could be haunted spooky American landscape, I'd love people, and the feeling that we are looking at the kinds of book covers nobody does any longer.  Mr Nancy in the foreground for Anansi Boys? - something that says Funny, Thorne Smith, slightly sexy, strange. Stardust, a beautiful study of the Star ? Very fairy tale. Neverwhere, very Adventures, and perhaps Richard and Door, or a scene or moment from the book?
Jennifer Brehl, my editor at William Morrow, came back with:
I think there should be figures/people on all four covers. Looking at McGinnis's art (and the other covers you sent me) it seems that the characters are extremely important. I was also seeing TWO characters per cover. Rough images: AMERICAN GODS: Shadow and Mr. Wednesday, standing in a rugged landscape beneath a lightning-streaked sky ANANSI BOYS: Mr. Nancy in his yellow hat (didn't he have a yellow hat, or am I misremembering?) holding mike singing to young woman STARDUST: Tristran leaning over a sleeping (fallen) Yvaine (Star) NEVERWHERE: Richard carrying/supporting a wounded Door through a door -- leaving the World Above and stepping through to Below.
That seemed like enough to get going with.
We did American Gods first. Landscape and lightning, Shadow and Wednesday. We lifted the "Underground novel" blurb from a 60s paperback of Stranger in a Strange Land.
When we did Anansi Boys it followed the same pattern (although I knew what I wanted as a blurb):
Mr McGinnis sent in some cover sketches. He honed in on the opening scene, with Mr Nancy singing Karaoke to tourists in a Florida seaside bar. We had told him we wanted it to feel like it was a book cover from 60 years ago, and that all these covers would have slightly different sensibilities. We knew that he was the one painting the most memorable book covers in the 50s and 60s, so our brief was to paint what he would have done if he'd read the book back then.
He sent in 5 sketches and I picked a few of the ones I liked best and sent them to Todd, to start talking about visual book styles. (Here are a couple.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Everyone's favourite was the first.
Todd mentioned that it reminded him of this kind of style, and sent me book covers to show what he meant. He suggested that we have the title over on the left (like the ALL THE WAY cover here).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The finished cover painting came in...
Tumblr media
and Todd did a few versions, always picking up the green from Mr Nancy's hat and tie:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(There were lots more versions than these, but I'm limited to 10 images on Tumblr.) I suggested that we lost the Awards stuff, which made it feel cluttered. And I picked the typefaces and versions I liked best, which gave us:
Tumblr media
The publisher wanted the #1 Bestseller information back...
Tumblr media
I suggested that if we were going to do that we should add an adjective of some kind, like "rollicking" or "magical" just to make it less dry. So Todd did a few of those...
Tumblr media
(We actually went with "Magical" on the finished book.) And we had a book cover.
One that felt way out of time, like it had been designed and painted 60 years ago.
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princehrry-writings · 6 months ago
happy Easter if you celebrate it!! I've been working on this for a couple weeks!! It's the longest one-shot I think I've ever written.
word count: 5180
please please please flood my inbox with your thoughts and comments!! i want to know what you think!!!
warnings: some swearing (i think), absent birth father, single mom, nothing too serious.
“And who might this be?” He said softly, hoping that he wouldn’t frighten her.
“Tell Harry your name baby,” Y/n brushed a stray piece of hair away from her daughter's face who shied away behind her mom’s leg.
“Stella,” the little girl mumbled, fidgeting with the jeans she hid behind. He felt his heart flutter. She was just so freakin cute.
“It’s lovely to meet you Stella, m’Harry!”
“You talk funny.” The child said, making Harry laugh and Y/n gasp, scolding her daughter for being rude while trying not to laugh at her blunt comment.
“Stella Rose, that was not a very nice thing to say!” Y/n softly reprimanded.
“Sowwy Hawwy,” He chuckled, letting her know he forgave her.
Y/n is a single mom and Harry wants to be a part of the family.
Getting pregnant was definitely not something Y/n wanted to be doing at 20 years old. She had a boyfriend and the career of her dreams but as soon as the news broke, one of those things was no longer true. Her ex skipped town faster than she could even finish telling him she was pregnant, so Y/n was left to her own devices since her family was so far away.
She was a songwriter. She had worked with all the big names in the industry from Taylor Swift to All Time Low. She was known for being able to write in any genre, that’s what set her apart and why people were clawing at the chance to work with her.
And then she got pregnant. She kept writing songs until she was eight and a half months along but due to minor complications, her doctor had ordered her to stay home. So she did. She stayed home, had the baby, and raised her all by herself. Now that baby, whose name is Stella, is four years old and is traveling the world with her mom. Y/n had gone back to work when Stella was a year old. At first, she would leave her baby with a sitter, but eventually, she got to a point where Stella was old enough to come along to writing sessions and quietly color or play with toys in a corner. She really liked going to work with her mom. She got to see a bunch of cool places and meet a lot of nice people.
And one of those people was Harry Styles. Y/n had met him a few times back when he was with One Direction, had even tried to work with the band a few times but things never lined up right. But now he was making his second studio album and only wanted the best of the best to write with him so naturally, he called Y/n. Harry knew she had a kid but he didn’t expect her to bring said kid to a writing session. Harry didn’t really mind- he loves kids, but his friends had been known to curse a lot and he didn’t want to cause any harm to the child.
He made sure to give everyone a stern talking to, even though Kid already knew to hold his tongue (his little ones had repeated some colorful words a few times). He wanted everything to go right, needed it to. Y/n was more than just another songwriter.
“Y/n! I’m so glad you could make it!” Harry smiled as she walked into the studio. She smiled back, walking into his open arms for a hug.
“Thank you so much for having me, I’m super stoked to be working with you!” She said, slightly muffled by his neck. Harry looked down behind Y/n and saw a little girl that looked exactly like the woman currently in his arms looking right back up at him. When the two pulled away Harry was quick to kneel down to her height.
“And who might this be?” He said softly, hoping that he wouldn’t frighten her.
“Tell Harry your name baby,” Y/n brushed a stray piece of hair away from her daughter's face who shied away behind her mom’s leg.
“Stella,” the little girl mumbled, fidgeting with the jeans she hid behind. He felt his heart flutter. She was just so freakin cute.
“It’s lovely to meet you Stella, m’Harry!”
“You talk funny.” The child said, making Harry laugh and Y/n gasp, scolding her daughter for being rude while trying not to laugh at her blunt comment.
“Stella Rose, that was not a very nice thing to say!” Y/n softly reprimanded.
“Sowwy Hawwy,” He chuckled, letting her know he forgave her. Although he wasn’t mad, he understood Y/n had to teach her not to say things like that even if they were funny.
When Stella had settled at a table out of the way of the adults in the room with her coloring book and a juice box, the work began. Y/n and Harry sat at a piano bench ( he hoped she couldn’t hear his pounding heart) while Kid and Mitch, along with Jeff, sat scattered around the other furniture in the studio.
“So, I have a couple of ideas that I’ve been sitting on that I think you might like. You can look through this and see if there's something that catches your eye.” Y/n said, handing Harry a notebook. She tried to ignore the tingle she felt run up her arm when their fingers brushed. He flipped around the pages, noticing random little doodles in the corners and in between lines, and the somewhat messy but readable handwriting. He thought it was cute how she connected her s’s to her t’s and k’s when she wrote.
One page, in particular, caught his attention.
Golden, Golden, Golden
As I open my eyes
Hold it, focus
So you take me back to the light
I know you were way too bright for me
I’m hopeless, broken
So you wait for me in the sky
Brown my skin just right
“Is this a verse or a chorus?” He asked, pointing it out to her. She shrugged saying she didn’t really know yet but it would probably be a verse.
“I like it a lot,” He said and she smiled, picking up her guitar and strumming it to the tune she had thought of for the words. He listened and nodded along, already getting ideas for where to go next.
“I like the golden thing. I think that could be a good hook, something like we’re so golden,” Kid spoke up, tapping his fingers along to what she was playing.
“Or you’re so golden,” Mitch suggested. Harry and Y/n’s eyes widened at the same time, both looking up at each other when they heard the line.
“You’re so golden, you’re so golden…” Y/n hummed.
“I’m out of my head, and I know what you said about hearts get broken,”
“How about I’m out of my head and I know that you’re scared because hearts get broken,”
“I like that better, yeah!” Harry smiled, nodding along to the beat.
Y/n looked over 30 minutes later to see Stella had sprawled out on the floor with her arms folded beneath her head, first finger stuck into her mouth, and she smiled, breathing out a laugh.
“She’s so precious,” Harry murmured from beside you. Your gaze found his and the smile on your face widened a little bit.
“She is, isn’t she.” She said, pride present in her eyes.
“Looks just like you as well,”
“Yeah thank god, I don’t know what I would have done if she had ended up looking like her sperm donor,” Malice dripped from the end of her phrase. Y/n couldn’t even entertain the idea of her looking like the man who helped create her. That nerve was still a little raw, not because she had any remaining feelings, but because he had abandoned not only her but the beautiful baby girl who was napping not 15 feet away from her. She figured they were better off without him, yet her heart always shattered a little when Stella asked if she had a daddy like the people she sees on tv.
“I couldn’t imagine finding out the woman I loved was pregnant and then leaving her, any real man would have stayed.” His eyes were genuine, which she appreciated. Most people would say they felt sorry for her, pity dripping from their gaze, but she didn’t need pity, didn’t need people to feel sorry for her. But what Harry said was out of pity, he just honestly couldn’t understand how anyone would abandon a child.
“Yeah well, I guess I just wasn’t the woman he loved.” She said, looking back at her baby. Stella made all of that pain from when he disappeared worth it.
Harry wanted to be able to take that pain away.
“Hey I know it’s late, but I have this idea and I want you to hear it,” Harry’s raspy voice chimed through the speaker of Y/n’s phone. She glanced at the time, reading 1:30 AM, and sighed.
“Come open the door,” He said.
“Wait what? You’re here?”
“Yeah, come on. It’s cold out here.”
“Ugh, hold on,” The woman sighed, hanging up and tip-toeing out of her room so her footsteps wouldn’t wake the sleeping four-year-old in the next room over. Her door was open and she was a light sleeper.
The door swung open and Harry stood there with a small smile on his face, burrowing as deep into his coat as he could to shield himself from the cold air outside.
“Hi!” His cheeky smile made Y/n’s heart flutter.
This was the first of many times he would show up at her place in the middle of the night.
Another night of Harry coming over late with a song idea he couldn’t wait to show Y/n, although now it was more he would come over after Stella fell asleep and the two would watch movies and talk, and sometimes write songs (even though the album was done).
The pair were perched on the couch in a heated conversation about whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza (it does and that is a fact not an opinion) when the sound of little footsteps caught their attention. They both looked up from where they sat at the sound of loud crying coming down the stairs, seeing a small child with tears barreling down her face, cheeks flush an angry red, first finger stuck in her mouth, teddy bear clutched tightly to her chest.
“Baby what’s wrong?” Y/n cooed, getting up and sweeping her into her arms. She went and sat back down on the couch, cradling the baby to her chest, brushing her hair out of her face, and rocking her back and forth.
“Scawwy dweam mommy,” She hiccuped into her mom’s neck, where she hid her face. Her tiny hands clutched onto her shirt, finger stick tucked between her lips.
Harry held back a coo at the little girl, feeling himself fall further and further for the little family of two sitting before him. He hadn’t been able to take his mind off of them since that first day he met Stella. He’d always had a schoolboy crush on Y/n since they first met all those years ago but knew it was one-sided when she introduced her boyfriend one of the last times they had seen each other. As fate would have it though, they found their way back to each other. Neither of them could deny the feelings they held, but Y/n was scared to bring someone into the picture because she didn’t want Stella to get attached to someone who wouldn’t be permanent. She was lucky her ex left before he ever got the chance to meet Stella, the kid had no clue what she was missing, therefore didn’t have any pain due to her absent father.
She would be lying if she said she didn’t imagine Harry stepping into that role. But she couldn’t ask that of him. He was at a time in his career where he didn’t have time to be the father of a four year old.
But life is full of surprises.
“Hawwy.” The baby whimpered and crawled off of Y/n’s chest, into his lap and snuggled her head right into him like it was where she was meant to be all along. His heart just about burst when the little girl fisted his shirt, tucking herself into him. His arms instinctively wrapped around her, cradling her into him and rocking her back and forth like her mother had been only moments ago.
Stella calms down almost immediately, to Y/n’s surprise. It usually takes her a while to console her baby from bad dreams, but all Harry had to do was hold her, and boom, no more tears.
“You alright petal?” He cooed into her hair, soothing his hand up and down her back to keep her calm. She nodded, letting out a huge yawn and closing her eyes, falling back asleep in his arms.
Y/n was astonished. Stella had never fallen asleep on anyone but her mom or her grandmother. She’s known Harry for a few months and was acting like he’d been there her whole life.
“Wow… she loves you.” Y/n whispered, not really meaning for him to hear but he did and his smile gave her the impression that he loved her too. But Stella wasn’t the only one he felt such affections for.
“Y/n....” He starts after a moment of silence, “I know this sounds crazy because we’ve only truly known each other for a few months… but I’ve had feelings for you for years. I missed my opportunity when you got with your ex but I’m here now, and I love you, and I love Stella, and I would do anything to stay in both of your lives if you’d have me. I want to be here for you, and I want to be here for her as well.” His confession shocked the woman sitting across from him.
Y/n was quiet, eyebrows furrowed in deep thought while she took in what he was saying. Trying her best to keep her fantasies of playing house with him at bay, she spoke.
“Harry, as much as all of that sounds lovely, you’re about to start press for the album and then go on tour. You’re not gonna have time to be in a relationship, and as much as I wish I could just jump into something like that, I can’t. I have her to think about…” She gestured to the toddler sleeping on him.
“She needs consistency, her life is already hectic enough.”
“So come with me!” He spouted, and then retracted a bit realizing he could wake Stella up.
“Come with me! You two travel around already, so come on the press tour with me and then come on the big tour with me! I know this sounds impulsive and it’s probably the craziest thing I’ve ever said in my life ever, but I’ve never been more sure of anything. I know what I want Y/n, and that’s to be a part of this family. I want to be a part of your lives!”
“Harry, I-”
“Please Y/n. Give me a chance! I won’t let you down!” The gleam in his eyes shows her that he’s serious. He really does want this. Harry just hopes that Y/n can see just how willing he is, how much it would mean to him to have (what he already affectionately considers to be) his girls with him on tour.
It’s quiet, only sounds of Stella’s even breaths and the light noise of her sucking on her finger fill the room. Eventually, Y/n gathers her thoughts, mind made up.
“We’ll try it out… see how it goes….” She said, releasing a breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding on to. Harry’s smile grew tenfold at her confession, reaching over and bringing her face closer to his to kiss her lips, careful not to wake the baby in his arms.
He had never been happier, Harry decides, than he is right now.
“Hawwy?” Stella’s voice catches Y/n’s attention from where she sits on the plane, in between her and Harry. She turns her little head to the man sitting in the aisle seat, big round eyes staring right into his.
“What is it, lovebug?” He asks, pushing her wild baby hairs away from her eyes. Y/n did her very best not to coo at the two of them. Harry had fallen perfectly into step with the mother and daughter, like this duo had been a trio all along. She was still hesitant to think of him as a father figure for Stella though, just because if things went south somehow, she didn’t want her baby suffering a loss like that (a second time).
Stella’s little fists rubbed at her tired eyes. She let out a small ‘hmph’ and laid her head on Harry’s arm, wrapping her own little arms around his.
“Awe you my daddy?” She asked and Y/n choked on her spit, looking back over at the toddler.
“Stella, baby-”
“I would love to be your daddy lovebug, but that’s not really up to me…” He spoke and glanced up at Y/n quickly, trepidation clear in his eyes. Harry was afraid he might overstep. Sure he knew that things were still new between him and Y/n but he wanted nothing more than for Stella to think of him as her dad.
“Who’s it up to?” Y/n could tell she was about to fall asleep but was fighting it in order to get her answers. She had adjusted to a more fast pace schedule quite nicely. She slept through most plane and car rides and absolutely loved being backstage at concerts. Harry thought she looked so adorable with her big noise-canceling headphones on. They had been on the road for a few months now, and it had been 8 months since Y/n decided to give him a chance.
“It’s up to mummy, baby.” He answered, his fingers tangling into his chestnut curls in a futile attempt to keep them out of his face.
Stella’s head immediately whipped to look at her mom, who sat frozen in her seat, not knowing what to do.
“Mommy, is Hawwy my daddy?” She repeated her question. Y/n had a feeling that Stella thought Harry was her real dad, the one that her mom didn’t like to talk about. She had to make sure there was no confusion.
“Not like you're thinking he is, baby. He’s not your birth dad, he didn’t help mommy make you, but if you want him to be your daddy, then that’s ok with me.” Y/n locked eyes with the man sitting across from her with a smile on his face. She was glad that they were flying private because she really didn’t need anyone ruining this moment for them. All her fears of this not working out felt stupid now.
How could she ever think that things with Harry wouldn’t work out? He was right where he belonged.
“Baby!” Harry knelt down to catch the running (almost) 5 year old, picking her up and spinning her around in his arms. They were in England for two weeks on tour. One for shows, and one so that Y/n and Stella could meet Harry’s mom and sister for the first time as a part of the family. Y/n had met them before as “a friend of Harry’s” many years ago, but they had never met her as Harry’s girlfriend, and they hadn’t met Stella.
Currently, Harry was in the middle of a show and Stella had just escaped her mothers arms side stage in favor of running to her dad. Y/n still couldn’t get over saying that. Harry is Stella’s dad. She doesn’t think that will ever get old.
No one knew how serious the relationship between Y/n and Harry was. The public knew they were together (after a very vague post on instagram of the mother/daughter duo napping with the caption “my girls”). Many people thought this was a PR stunt, just because it was so unlike Harry to post something like that. But he had actually confirmed in an interview that, yes, he was in a relationship with the songwriter and it was pretty serious. That was all he chose to say, in favor of keeping his secrecy, as he so famously loves to do.
What came as a shock to the audience was what the child had called Harry. They all knew about Stella, obviously, but no one would have thought that this child would think of him as her father. A lot of people didn’t like thinking about Harry being a father.
“What are you doing out here baby?” He said into her ear, making sure he could hear her over the loud noise of the audience. Most of them loved getting glimpses into his life, so the crowd was excited to see Stella out on stage and many thought it was adorable that she already thought of him as her dad.
“Missed you.” She said into his neck. The microphone had somehow picked up their little exchange and the whole crowd sighed a collective “awe” when she said that. She was perched on his hip with her little arms wrapped around his neck, her favorite place if she had to choose one. She was pretty small for a 4-year-old, most people usually thought she was younger.
Harry chuckled and saw Y/n standing there with a smile on her face. Mitch was giggling at the exchange and kept glancing back at Sarah with a knowing look of “That’s going to be us soon,” written on his face.
“I missed you too lovebug, but I’m in the middle of a show! I gotta send you back to mumma.” He said. Stella didn’t like that though, because as soon as the words left his lips she was clinging to him like he was her life force and the tears began streaming down her face. She didn’t like having to share her daddy. She just wanted to be held by him right now, and she’d be damned if she got anything but her way.
This amused everyone, the child's insistence to be in her father's arms, so he sighed and bent to her will because how could he say no to his baby girl?
So he walked over to her mom and got her headphones, slipping them on her, and walked back to his microphone with her on his hip, ready to start the next song.
“Harry and Stella” was trending on twitter the very next morning. No one could get enough of the father-daughter duo.
Y/n hadn’t been this nervous since she was about to give birth to Stella. She stood with her baby in her arms as Harry opened the door to his childhood home, announcing to his mom and sister that they were there. She had to wipe her sweaty palms on her jeans more than once.
Anne rushed out from wherever she had been, greeting the three of them. Stella had met Anne via FaceTime many times so it was not news to her (or Gemma) that Harry had stepped into the role of Stella’s father. She will admit she was surprised at first but then she was reminded that Harry had been in their lives for almost a year before Stella had asked the question. It wasn’t something that was rushed into.
Anne was very excited to be meeting her grandbaby and was very excited to meet the girl that had made her a grandmother.
Stella got shy, not being used to seeing “Nana” in person. Gemma had emerged from her spot in the kitchen as well, greeting everyone.
“Hello, my loves! How was the trip?” Anne said, kissing both of them on the cheek, her hand gently caressing the child's cheek in an attempt to get her out of her shell. Once she realized that this was her Nana that was standing before her, Stella reached out for Anne, silently asking to be held by her. Anne jumped at the chance, sweeping the baby into her arms and giving her a big hug, kissing her on the forehead multiple times, not being able to quell her affection for her first grandchild.
“It was good mum, Stell slept the whole way and traffic was pretty light,” Harry said, slipping his hand into his girlfriend’s, brushing his thumb back and forth trying to help calm her anxieties. For whatever reason, Y/n was worried that Gemma and Anne wouldn’t like her because she had come into their son/brother's life with a child, but it was clear that the two ladies loved the idea of Harry being Stella’s father.
“Oh, that's lovely!” She smiled, cuddling Stella impossibly closer to her. Y/n felt most of her worries melt away seeing the woman with her baby.
She felt silly for thinking Anne would be anything but happy.
Anne would not put Stella down for anything. The two were attached at the hip every waking second. Y/n was actually starting to miss her baby, but she appreciated getting to spend time with Harry without having to keep an eye on their little one. Gemma was absolutely smitten with Stella as well. She was very excited to be “Auntie Gem” as Stella had quickly adapted to calling her. Stella was very happy as well. She had never been around so much family in her whole life. She’d been so used to just her and her mom, and then just them and Harry, but now she had two whole grandma’s all to herself and an auntie she gets to call her own, something she never knew she was missing, that Y/n never thought her baby would get to have.
Harry was so happy to see his baby with Anne and Gemma. They had been bumped to spot number 3 and 4 on his favorite girl list, with Stella and Y/n taking spots 1 and 2. They didn’t mind one bit.
“Daddy, can we watch a movie?” Stella jumped up onto his lap as he and Y/n sat on the couch, just talking and enjoying each other's company. Y/n smiled at the girl, tightening her grip around Harry’s shoulders, resting her head in the crook of his neck.
“Of course we can lovebug! Go get Nana and auntie Gem and we’ll all pick one out together!” He replied, petting her wild baby hairs out of her eyes just like he always did.
“Auntie Gemma said to ask you if we could watch…” She paused for a second, her little finger tapping on her chin like she couldn’t remember what she was gonna say. Suddenly, she was up and running back to the hallway she had just come from. Y/n and Harry heard little whispers before she came running back out and plopped back onto Harry’s lap, on ‘oof’ erupting from him.
“This Is Us!” She finally said. Harry’s face dropped as he looked behind them to see Gemma standing there, trying to hold back her laughter. Y/n just started cackling and Stella was giggling even though she had no idea what was going on.
“Daddy’s in that movie baby,” Y/n finally calmed down enough to say to her daughter. The little one’s eyes lit up, her hands clasped underneath her chin. This was what she did when she wanted her daddy to say yes to her because she knew he couldn’t resist how adorable she was.
“Please please please!!!!!!” She whined, leaning in to place her forehead against Harry’s. She knew exactly how to get him. He caved every single time.
“Yeah, fine. We can watch it!” He finally said and all three girls cheered. Anne came in at the noise wondering what was going on.
“What’s all this?” She asked and Stella ran up to her, pulling on her
“We watching Daddy’s movie Nana!” She said, jumping up and down with a glowing beam on her face.
“Oh, are we now? Which one?” Anne asked and Stella paused.
“Daddy, how many movies awe you in?” She came back and crawled into his lap. She still had trouble saying her r’s. Her and Harry were working on it.
“Two, lovebug. But one of them you can’t watch until you’re older. It’s too scary f’you.” He said, cuddling his baby into his chest. She put on a little pout hearing that. She didn’t like when her daddy told her no, but this was something he wasn’t gonna budge on.
“Ok,” She sighed. All the adults thought this was adorable.
So they all settled in and watched the movie. Harry had a permanent blush on his face and Stella would jump up and down every time he was on the screen.
“Nana look!! That’s you!!” Anne laughed and nodded to her granddaughter.
“Yes, it is baby!”
“Mommy, why aren’t you in this movie?” She asked and everyone giggled.
“Me and Daddy didn’t know each other very well back then, baby.” Y/n laughed. Stella didn’t really understand but she didn’t say anything else.
The last few days had worn her out and that became very obvious when Harry looked down and saw his baby asleep on his chest, her first finger stuck in her mouth just like it always was when she fell asleep.
“Love, I’m gonna go lay her down, and then I’ll be right back,” Harry whispered, cradling the sleeping girl in his arms and slowly standing up. Y/n nodded, kissing his cheek before he left.
“He’s so good with her!” Gemma cooed, her face lighting up seeing her brother with his kid. A sight she was still kind of getting used to seeing.
“He really is…” Y/n smiled, “It was pretty instant too. Anytime he’d come over and she was still awake, he’d insist on putting her to bed, reading to her, singing to her, he’d bring her toys. She’s had him wrapped around her little finger since he first laid eyes on her.”
“That’s so precious,” Anne spoke up, coming to sit next to her, wrapping Y/n in her warm embrace.
“I can’t wait until you two get married!” Y/n laughed at Gemma’s confession, snuggling into Anne.
“All he has to do is ask, I’m ready to say yes!” What none of the girls knew was that Harry was standing right outside the living room, hearing everything that was being said. His mind raced back to his suitcase where a velvet box sat tucked away between all of his clothes.
He was hesitant to bring the idea up because it had only been a year, but the saying when you know, you know he thought.
He came back into the living room, acting none the wiser, sitting on the other side of the girl he was going to marry (she just didn’t know it yet), and cuddled into her just as she had cuddled into his mom.
“Daddy,” A small voice broke through the now quiet hum of the tv.
“Lovebug, what are you doing back up?” He asked, lifting the sleepy little thing into his lap.
“Scawwy dweam, daddy.” She said and he pouted, pulling her closer into his chest and snuggling her back to sleep.
Harry was exactly where he belonged in life. With his baby girl in his arms, and his Love by his side.
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bsstories · 5 months ago
House Rules
pairing: armin arlert x annie leonhart x fem!reader
rating: mature, nsfw, 18+. MINORS DNI
word count: 12.3k
genre: college au, modern au, friends-to-uhhh?, smut, fluff
summary: in which an intense game of uno among friends brings out the best and worst of its company, including a few secrets that incite more fun than was originally planned.
tags/warnings: sub!armin, dom!annie, switch!reader, college au, modern au, friends-to-uhhh?, fluff, smut (nsfw, threesome, degradation kink (m & f receiving), praise kink (m & f receiving), cunnilingus, blow jobs, ass-slapping, use of toys (vibrating cock ring, ropes, strap-on), use of restraints (ropes), orgasm denial, dumbification (m. receiving), dacryphilia, vaginal penetration, rimming, anal penetration (m. receiving), pegging, mommy kink, daddy kink, use of pet names (angel, beautiful, baby, baby girl, baby boy, etc), tongue sucking, spit kink, creampie (f. receiving), aftercare) if i missed anything please let me know.
You watch amusedly as your friends Annie and Armin bicker about Uno house rules from the floor of Annie's living room, taking a slow sip from your drink. The sweet and slightly bitter taste of cherry hit your taste buds before sliding down your throat.
You were currently nursing the nearly empty White Claw can in one hand, the other pushing your slightly sweat-dampened hair out of your face. Your Uno hand laid face down in front of you, untouched since the argument began five minutes prior.
The three of you had participated in a biannual game night together with a few of your other close high school friends as a way to see one another and catch up after graduating. Between this year being your last year in college and the first time working as an intern, you had very little time to socialize with anyone, let alone friends who didn't all go to the same college as you. But spring break provided the perfect opportunity for everyone to reconnect.
It was down to you three, your other friends leaving one by one as the night grew longer and the drink supply dwindled. You had been planning on staying overnight at Annie's apartment anyways, so it wasn't like you had anywhere else to be.
As for Armin?
He was adamant on winning this monster round of the card game, as it had dragged on for nearly an hour and he was too invested and too stubborn to just forfeit. For better or worse, Armin was never one to back down from a challenge, and Annie knew exactly which buttons to press to get him fuming.
When the game had originally started, there were still five more people hanging out, participating, or watching the round unfold. But they had grown tired and turned in for the rest of the night, and you didn't blame them one bit. You yourself were sleepy too, your eyes drooping and head killing back against the squishy thrift store couch behind you.
You yawn and finish the rest of your drink, your head spinning just a bit from the alcohol in your system.
"You can't stack normal number cards! You can only stack draw two's or draw four's!" Armin stresses for the third time, his face pinched into an irritated scowl and his normally pale face a light shade of pink. You couldn't tell if it was from the drinks or his frustration with your friend, though knowing him, you suspected it was a mix of both.
Annie heaves a sarcastic sigh, lips curling up into a devious, cheshire-cat-like smile. "Says who? House rules are made up. And considering you're in my house, my house rules apply," she simpered, taking a dramatic sip from her Bang energy drink that she had mixed little too much tequila into.
You hear the boy grumble under his breath angrily and you have to stifle a laugh. He was too cute to appear actually angry and too tipsy to be taken seriously. "I can't fucking stand you sometimes," Armin mutters, finally picking up his cards and aggressively throwing a green four onto the existing pile.
"Hm? Wanna say that louder?" Annie pushed, leaning closer to the blonde-haired man and meeting his eyes with a look that almost dared him to speak up. Armin swallows thickly and clears his throat, shaking his head in response. "That's what I thought," the woman said, placing down a blue four on top of Armin's own card.
"Are you two done?" you ask exasperatedly, glancing between your two friends with a tired but fond look that made both of them smile.
"For now," Annie responds slyly. You and Armin both groan, heads tipping back in frustration. "What? You guys don't have to argue with me but you do it anyways. You can just admit that I'm right and you two are just little brats."
You gasp, feigning offense and dropping a blue eight in the messy discard pile. "Um, I was not a part of this fucking mess, I was watching it go down."
"Don't even pretend to be all innocent, you like being right more than Annie and I combined," Armin snips, using a wildcard to change the color to red. Annie swears under her breath, drawing three cards before pulling a red reverse card and placing it on to the pile.
"I never implied that I was or that I didn't," you say calmly. You turn to the other girl. "Can we all at least agree that Armin is the biggest brat here?”
Annie, and begrudgingly, Armin nod their heads in confirmation. The man scowls at you, sticking out his tongue. You just giggle, used to his childish antics, then stood. Yawning again, you stretch your arms over your head, missing the unsubtle glances your two friends steal of your exposed midriff and then exchange with one another. "I'm gonna grab another drink, anyone want one?"
Annie held up her half full Bang can in response. "I'll have whatever you're having," Armin requests. You nod, retrieving a bottle of Dr. Pepper, splitting the soda into two glasses, and adding a splash of Fireball for a little kick.
When you return, you raise your eyebrow at the disappearance of the Uno cards. Even more strange was the lack of Armin's typical pout when he didn't get what he wanted.
"Gave up on Uno?" You ask confusedly, settling back down in your spot on the floor and passing Armin's drink to him, fingers slightly brushing his during the pass off.
"Got bored," Annie states simply, shrugging her shoulders. Armin nods in agreement. You thought you felt a major shift in behavior and overall energy from two minutes ago, but you supposed it could just be you overthinking. You eye the two of them warily, suspicion creeping into your buzzed brain.
"Okay," you drawl. "Was there another game you had in mind?"
Armin and Annie make no effort to conceal their conspiratorial smiles, briefly making eye contact with one another. You huff, hating the feeling of being out of the loop and hating it even more when the two of them got along for long enough to scheme without you.
Your fingers unconsciously drum on the sides of your cup and you weren’t sure if it was from anxiety or restlessness.
"We were thinking truth or dare." Annie says, a playful smirk playing on her pink lips.
"What are we, thirteen?" You snort, crossing your arms over your chest.
"Come on, please? It could be fun." Armin whines, sounding so childish that you roll your eyes and send him a sharp glare at his tone, too tired to make fun of him. He promptly blushes, looking away from your intense gaze.
You sigh, shoulders slumping. "I guess since we have nothing better to do," you turn to Annie. "truth or dare?"
"Dare." Annie states with no hesitation. You expected nothing less from her, her impulsive nature and fiery wit being some of the most prominent aspects of her personality.
"Okay, I dare you to text that one conservative ex-hook up saying you miss him."
Annie rolls her eyes. "Lame," she deadpans, whipping out her phone and scrolling through her contacts. A few tapping-filled moments later, the subtle "whoosh" noise of a text being sent filled everyone's ears and the blonde turned her phone as evidence of her completed challenge. "My turn, bitch. Armin, truth or dare?"
"Truth," Armin responds, drinking from his glass lazily.
"Okay," she paused, looking around the room thoughtfully until her eyes landed on you. Without breaking eye contact, she asks, "Have you ever masturbated to one of us? If so, who?"
Armin, who had been taking another sip of his carbonated drink, choked on it, coughing a couple of times to clear his airway. You gently but firmly pat him on the back, giggling slightly under your breath, at which the blue-eyed man glared in response.
A sigh followed by a deep breath. He gingerly places his glass on the coffee table beside him before admitting, "Yeah, I have."
Annie and you both glance at each other with wide eyes. The blonde clears her throat. "Which one of us?"
Armin's eyes dart back and forth between the two of you for a second before he shakes his head. "That's two questions. Try again later." Annie opens her mouth to object but closes it after seeing your pointed stare in her direction, slowly slumping against the armchair behind her.
Armin calls out your name. "Truth or dare?" he asks, voice still a bit raspy from choking on his drink. A shiver travels down your spine at the sound and you had to pinch your thigh ground yourself.
"Truth," You answer, finishing your drink in one large gulp. Annie fake-coughs to cover a poorly masked "pussy" that taunts your decision. You flip her off in response, still holding eye contact with your male friend.
"What was the first thing you thought when Annie suggested a threesome between us when we stayed at the beach last summer?"
You freeze.
That weekend was one for the books. You and your friend group had stayed at a beach house for a long weekend to celebrate Annie turning twenty one. The beach itself was private, so only the residents or guests staying there had access to it. You had all gotten pretty lucky despite the fact that it wouldn't have been crowded anyways, as most of the tenants had been away or had been staying indoors.
Each day was spent in similar fashion: wake up, eat a nice breakfast of whatever someone had made that morning, go out to swim and sunbathe, play volleyball, break for lunch, more swimming, bonfire with s'mores and soft guitar-playing, and endless competitive rounds of Cards Against Humanity. There was one day, however, that stuck out to the three of you more than others.
You had been laying on your pink towel-covered beach chair, dressed up in a cute little yellow bikini and a snapback, soaking up the sun's rays and listening to the waves crashing on the shore. Some soulful R&B played out of your best friend Mikasa's speaker, and you could faintly hear the sounds of your other friends splashing and laughing in the water only a hundred feet away.
"You were wondering what?" You had perked up at the shrill question, propping yourself up on your elbows and pulling down your sunglasses a bit to see what was going on.
Annie and Armin were talking just a few feet away. Annie had been nonchalantly popping some chips into her mouth while Armin's hand, which held a fork speared through a particularly ripe strawberry, had stilled in mid-air on its way to his mouth in response to whatever ridiculous thing she had said.
Annie catches sight of your movement and breaks out into a grin. "Come join us! We were just talking about you," she said loudly. Armin cringed, finally biting down on the strawberry and chewing in a way that you could only describe as pouty.
"All good things, I hope," you had responded, swinging your legs over to the side of the lounge chair and standing to walk over to where your two friends sat on a red picnic blanket. You were acutely aware of both of them subtlety checking you out, instead finding yourself memorized by the ocean and it's gentle splashing against the shore. You took a deep breath, letting the scent of the saltwater breeze fill your lungs before exhaling, rolling out the tension in your shoulders.
Settling down beside the two, you reached into the bowl of fruit and fished out a few blueberries. As you ate, you gestured at Annie to continue.
A smirk blossomed on her sun-kissed face. "We were just talking about when we first met each other. Armin told me that the first time you two hung out, he said that he'd let you fuck him. Is that right?"
You snorted, caught off guard by the sudden question. "Yeah, basically. Why?" You could see Armin fidgeting with his swim shorts in your peripherals, glancing up at you every once in a while before looking away. Focusing back on the girl in front of you, you shoved the rest of your blueberries into your mouth.
"I was just suggesting that since all of us are queer and pretty close already that we should definitely have a threesome."
This time, you choked. After a moment of struggling, you swallowed the fruit and coughed, reaching for a bottle of water while a disbelieving laugh erupts from your chest. "Actually?" you had inquired once you regained your breath.
Annie shrugged. "Why not? We're all hot as fuck, we already established that we would fuck each other if given the chance, and we're sexually compatible. You're a switch, Armin is a sub, and I'm a dom. It's perfect!"
You had made eye contact with Armin, who was anxiously biting his lip. Gaze sweeping over his face to look for a reaction, you only found the slight increase in his breathing and the disappearance of his freckles masked behind a dark blush. You weren't used to him being so quiet while you discussed things like this.
"I suppose you're not wrong."
You'd be lying if you said you hadn't thought about either of your friends in a sexual way. Given the fact that you were not only queer but your friends were incredibly attractive, it might've been more weird if you hadn't thought about fucking them.
You squirm nervously, invasive thoughts barging their way into your brain of the three of you together on a bed, a couch, a countertop... Gulping quietly, you press your thighs together in a meek attempt to calm the throbbing of your core.
Annie and Armin look at you expectantly and you want to crawl into yourself, hide your body and face away from their scrutinizing gaze. Instead, you jut out your chin, feigning indifference, and reply, "Well, at first I thought she was kidding. But when I thought about it, I definitely thought it'd be super hot. We all find each other attractive and at the end of the day we are really close, so I hypothetically wouldn't mind trying it out."
"So, hypothetically, if one of us dared the other to kiss you and it led to something more, you'd be into it?"
"Annie, we already established that it's one truth or one dare at a time." You admonish, dodging the question cheekily. You could almost see the girl's eyes darken at your statement.
"Armin, truth or dare?" She asked, swirling around the remnants of her energy monstrosity and refusing to make eye contact with you.
"Dare," the boy answered after little hesitation. Annie's face breaks into a wicked grin.
"I dare you to make out with our favorite little switch over here," she gestured to you. Your eyes widened ever so slightly, but you supposed that you weren't surprised. You were pretty much asking for her to do this when you refused to answer her follow up question.
The tension was so thick it was almost suffocating. Other than the faint sound of Frank Ocean playing in the background, it was almost silent in Annie's living room.
Armin turns to you, a playful look taking over his androgynous features. He crawls closer to you, not stopping until his face was just inches from yours. "Is that okay with you?" He murmured, settling in front of you.
You think back to all the times your touches lingered on one another for a second too long, or when one of you dropped a compliment that was just a little bit too flirty to be considered nice. The times where it was just the two of you hanging out, your playful banter turning a little more naughty more often than not, tone switching from playful to provocative.
You study his face for a moment. You could see the obvious dilation of his pupils, the scar on his nose from a sunburn that never healed quite right... His freckles were close enough to be counted one by one like the stars of a clear night sky.
Letting your tongue dart out to wet your lips, you take a breath to collect yourself before reaching up to cup the nape of his neck, threading your fingers through the soft baby hairs that found purchase there. Armin shivers under your light touch and leans into your hand.
"More than okay," you whisper. Tentatively, the two of you lean closer - both weary of disrespecting boundaries - until Armin impatiently closes the gap between the two of you and...
His lips are soft, gentle... and his light touches were even more so. One of his hands warily moves to cup your face, thumb lightly brushing over your cheek. Though he was the one to initiate it, you took the lead in the kiss, your free hand snaking its way around his torso and pressing into his back, not-so-subtlety urging him to come closer. You feel him gasp into your mouth at the feeling of your hand pulling him close you and you take the opportunity to slip your tongue into his mouth. The two of you let out twin sighs when you tasted the sweet flavor of cherry on one another, accented by the cinnamon bite of Fireball.
The kiss turns heated and needy gradually, teeth lightly nipping at one another's lips and tongues gently being caressed. You break away from his intoxicating lips to trail open mouthed kisses along his jaw and down the column of his neck, sucking marks here and there just to hear more of his pretty noises. Low groans tumble from the boy's lips, much to your enjoyment, as you toy with him.
From the corner of your eye you spot Annie, eyes clouded with lust and lip caught between her teeth. You could see her chest heaving at the sight and watch as her gaze darted from where your teeth nipped at the skin of his jugular to where his thumb massaged slow circles on your hip.
"Annie," you say breathily, catching her attention almost immediately. "Truth or dare?"
Annie's eyes follow Armin's hands as he gripped your waist and pulls you into his lap. Her fists clench at her sides and you barely catch her adjusting herself to get slightly more comfortable. "Dare."
"I dare you to come join us," you say, hands resting on Armin's firm chest as he dips his head down to suck a hickey on to your neck. An airy moan leaves your bitten lips at the sensation.
Annie doesn't even bother responding. Looking a bit too similar to a cat, a low growl-like sound rumbles from her throat as she all but pounces on you and Armin. She takes Armin's jaw firmly in her hand and pulls him into a rough, messy kiss.
You watch, mesmerized, as she takes his bottom lip between her teeth and tugs, a low whine escaping the boy's mouth. Annie chuckles, running a hand through his light hair before fisting a chunk of it, pulling his head back to expose the milky skin of his neck.
A small yelp morphs into a moan as Annie traces over his throat with the tip of her tongue, Armin's eyebrows furrowing in pleasure. You can't help but slowly move your hips over his own, feeling desperately horny just watching them. The feeling of your now-slick panties sticking to your folds and dampening your jeans has you ready to tear off your clothes at a moment's notices.
When Annie's mouth reaches Armin's collarbone, she presses a slow kiss to his red lips before turning her head to you.
"Come here, baby," she coos, index finger and thumb gripping your chin before gently pulling you closer to her. The kiss was slow, sensual compared to the one she had shared with Armin. Her hands are gentle, holding your face between them with soft thumbs stroking your cheekbones.
Feeling her suck on your tongue has you whimpering into her mouth and tasting the pineapple and coconut flavor of her drink. As she toys with the soft muscle, you grind harder onto Armin's lap and feel his growing arousal beneath you, as well as the light rumble of a groan under your hands.
Annie pulls away abruptly. "Bedroom. Now."
You and Armin don't need to be told twice, practically stumbling over your feet and each other trying to pile in. Annie strolls in behind the two of you, a prominent air of dominance and leisure emanating from her as she enters her room.
You and your male friend had found yourselves on the bed, your thighs straddling his lap and pelvis grinding slow circles on to his own. His hands play with the hem of your shirt and you're close to begging him to take it off.
"What am I going to do with the two of you," Annie muses, watching you two hastily break apart at the sound of her voice. And as soon as you make eye contact with the blonde, steely blue eyes practically staring into your soul, you scramble to move into a less compromising position.
She taps her chin mock-thoughtfully before her eyes light up. You gulp, knowing that whatever she was thinking was probably either really good or really bad. "Armin, truth or dare?"
Armin gapes at her, gaze darting to you in confusion. He was obviously unaware that the game had continued into the bedroom.
Admittedly, you had also thought it ended once Annie joined in with you two, but you weren't going to admit that.
Annie raised an eyebrow, watching Armin fumble, his mouth opening and closing with no sound or semblance of an answer coming out. She leans closer to him, lips brushing the shell of his ear before nipping it. "I'm not going to ask you twice."
Armin released a shuddering breath.
"Truth," he replies shakily, eyes trained on Annie's hands, fingertips every so slowly grazing his chest over his thin shirt and moving dangerously close to his nipples.
Annie pulls back, brushing his cheek with her knuckles. "When you masturbate to both of us, who's topping you?" she asks in a tone far too innocent for the content of her question.
Armin bites his lip. He peers at both you and your other female friend, slowly scanning you both up and down with glazed eyes. His tongue darts out to lick his dry lips. "Both of you," he finally admits quietly. Annie sniffed, grabbing his hair again and forcing him to look at her in the eyes.
"Can you repeat that? I didn't hear you," she snaps. It was obvious that the question was not a request. Your legs press together, only a little bit surprised by your own growing arousal at her sharp tone.
"Are you sure you're not going deaf?" he snips, nose scrunching irritably at her inquiry. Your hand slaps over your mouth; this was not going to end well for your friend.
Annie's eyebrows raise and her grip moves from his hair to his jaw. You have to hold back a moan when Armin whimpers pathetically, his blue eyes glassy and mouth agape. Annie's nails slightly dig into the soft skin of his jaw as she whispers something into his ear.
"Both of you," he repeats, much louder this time. It didn't take a genius to figure out that he was very affected by whatever the woman had told him. Annie released her hold on him with a smirk.
"That's a good boy," she praises, causing Armin to turn a delicious shade of red. She steps back and scans you both, hands on her hips and lips slightly pursed. "Strip down to your underwear. Both of you."
You and Armin exchanged anxious, but excited, looks before standing to undress yourselves. Before you can even begin though, "nuh uh," Annie intervenes, halting you both from shedding your shirts. "Be nice little whores and help each other out."
The two of you freeze, staring at each other like deer caught it headlights. You timidly make the first move, your stomach fluttering in excitement. Fingers dancing along the zipper of his green jacket, you gently pull it off his shoulders and let it fall to the ground. His chest heaves in anticipation, neck flushed pink to match his blushing face.
A smile grows on your lips and the satisfaction of having someone be putty in your hands has your head buzzing. You take far less time to remove his t-shirt, pulling it off his head in one well timed yank. Your eyes dart to Annie. "Can I please touch?" you ask, eyes round and pleading.
Annie has to take a deep breath herself, her resolve just one pout away from dissolving completely. "Yes, you may, baby girl."
Your chest flutters at the praise and you waste no time exploring Armin's toned body, fingertips brushing against his collarbones, chest, abs, before gripping on to his biceps and pulling him into a kiss. Armin hums against your lips, pulling you closer to his body by your waist. Large hands travel down to your ass, giving it a firm squeeze that has you gasping. You glare at him, receiving an innocent grin in response. "Next time you touch me without permission, you don't get to finish before you make Annie and I come at least twice."
Armin just giggles, massaging your soft flesh beneath his palms. "I'd like to see you try," he taunts. Your eyes widen at his brazen attitude. It was clear that he was not nearly as intimidated by you as he was Annie. You look at the girl, who is desperately trying to mask an amused smile. When she spots your irritated glare, however, she turns on her heel to her closet and retrieves an open amazon box.
"Come here, princess," she says sweetly, watching as you flounce up to her. You shoot Armin a teasing smirk and his own smile drops, seemingly realizing that he had majorly fucked up. "Since Minnie over there won't stop being a little brat towards us, you get to pick out the toy we use to play with him."
Annie sees your eyes light up in excitement as you look down at her vast collection of toys. Biting your lip, you rummage through the box until you find a baby blue vibrating cock ring. She chuckles, giving you a slap on the ass that makes you squeak in surprise. "Excellent choice, baby. Why don't you help our pretty little slut finish getting undressed? I'll get the lube so you can put his present on."
"With pleasure," you simper, turning back to the boy you and your friend were going to have way too much fun messing with. His eyes widen when he spots the cock ring in your hands and he immediately whimpers. Immediate satisfaction fills your chest when you notice how nervous he gets the closer you stride to him.
"C'mon, baby, I was just joki-" you cut Armin off, hand wrapping around his throat and pulling his face down to yours, lips barely an inch apart.
"I don't remember giving you permission to call me that. Since when do you think you can make requests around here?" You feel him swallow under your palm. In your peripherals you see Annie turn back around, lube in hand. "Annie, what do you want our little slut to call you?"
The other girl's blue eyes twinkle at your question. She stalks over to where Armin's neck is still caught in your hand, running her nails down his arm to make him shiver. "It's daddy to you tonight. Got it?"
Armin whines quietly and nods.
"Words, bitch. Or are you too much of a dumb little whore to speak? Are you already so turned on that we don't even have to fuck you dumb for you to go mute?"
"Y-yes daddy," he says, trying and failing to subtlety cross his legs to relieve the discomfort of his cock straining against the tightness of his jeans.
"You can keep going, princess. If he gives you any more trouble, he won't cum at all tonight." Annie states, slipping off her own shirt and shorts, leaving her standing in a slightly lacy pair of black lingerie. Your eyes drag down her toned figure and you can feel the stream of arousal further soaking your panties.
"Yes, daddy," you reply, swiftly removing Armin's black jeans and, after confirming with Annie, his boxers as well. The second his dick was let out of its confining material, Armin lets out a relieved moan, head tipping back. His cock was hard and heavy, resting against his toned stomach with the head leaking precum on to his skin. The shaft was pale with pretty veins running up and down the sides, straining from how long it had been left untouched. It was turning red at the top of the head from the constant grinding and rubbing it endured thanks to you and his jeans.
You had licked your lips earlier at his size alone when you saw it tenting in his boxers, but seeing it without being obstructed by fabric almost had you drooling at it's girth and length. Pushing the man on to the bed and pressing his chest down into the mattress, you squirt a bit of lube on to your fingers, warming it up a bit before coating the toy and his shaft in it. The second your hand makes contact with the silky skin of his cock, Armin lets out a loud, frustrated whine. "It's your own fault we're in this situation, baby," you say softly, voice dripping in faux sympathy.
"I didn't mean it! I know I'm just a brat, I didn't mean it!" he cries, voice cracking into a moan when you finally slipped the blue ring snuggly onto the base of his dick. You leave it off for now, wanting to save the real show for later.
"Don't even think about touching yourself," you murmur into his ear, giving his cock a sadistic squeeze just to hear him groan.
Annie clears her throat. "Actually, I can help with that." You turn back to her, who was unashamedly checking out your ass through your jeans. She bites the inside of her cheek and strides forward.
Her hands reach out, fingers looping through your belt loops and pulling you flush against her body. "Why don't we make sure his hands don't make their way anywhere they shouldn't?" She holds up the hand not occupying your waist, slender fingers curled around baby blue ropes that matched Armin's eyes and the cock ring perfectly.
"Great idea," you agree, yelping at the sudden sharp slap against one of your ass cheeks. "daddy," you add.
A smirk stretches across her lightly tanned face and in seconds, Armin's hands were expertly tied behind his back in intricate knots that Annie clearly had experience using. When she finished, she drew your body back into her own, ignoring Armin's pout entirely.
"You've been being such a good girl, gorgeous. Do you want help taking these off?" she questioned, trailing her fingers down your hips.
"Yes. Please, daddy," you affirm, all too ready to be free from the constricting material. Annie unbuttons your pants and yanks them down your legs, letting you step out of them. You vaguely register Armin whimpering on the bed, eyes glued to your each and every curve, but Annie pressing trails of kisses up your leg had blood rushing to your ears, leaving you totally distracted.
You're so turned on that every press of her lips against your skin feels like a branding. You half expect to see her lip print seared into the plush skin of your thighs when she pulls away, a permanent reminder that she had claimed you as hers tonight. And as she gets closer to where you need her most, she grins and pulls off, making you grown internally at the discontinued contact.
"We're going to use the color system. I don't want to actually hurt either of you, unless you're into that," Armin winked. "Green means that we can keep doing whatever it is we're doing, yellow means wait a moment for me to catch up, and red means stop. We can say it at anytime and must respond verbally if asked. And, if you're not able to talk, tap whoever's closest three times. Got it, sluts?"
You and Armin both agree, eager to finally be fucked stupid.
"Now. Look at me brat," she snapped, getting Armin's attention immediately. "I'm going to give our princess her reward for being a good girl and following directions. If you even make a little bit of noise, you won't get to cum at all. And if we decide that you deserve to cum after learning your lesson, we'll let you free. Understand?"
Armin looked ready to object, but after seeing your glare, he glumly nods his head. "Yes, daddy."
Annie smiles, turning her attention to you. She captures your lips in hers, a sensual yet sloppy kiss that took your breath away for the nth time that night. "You can touch," she breathed in between kisses and you eagerly grab handfuls of her plump ass. She sighs, content with the feeling of your soft hands on her.
"God, you're so fucking beautiful, daddy," You whisper, leaning into her neck to suck a hickey along her jaw. Her head tips to the side to allow you to mark her, fingers tenderly threading through your hair and teasingly playing with the straps of your bra.
"You should see yourself, babe. Armin, doesn't our princess look absolutely ravishing?" she asks, taking your hand and slowly spinning you so the boy could take in the way your matching panty set complimented every curve of your body.
He opened his mouth to respond, but upon remembering what would happen if he spoke, he nodded enthusiastically. You giggle at his reaction and turn back to the woman behind you, whose eyes devoured the sight of your scantily clad form.
Annie steps closer, running her hands down your body tenderly and making your hair stand on end, chills running down your spine. "Daddy, please stop teasing," you whisper desperately, her touch driving you more and more crazy with every brush of her fingertips.
She wordlessly obliges, pulling you into a messy kiss that was all tongue and teeth. Her hands slide their way down your sides to your thighs, breaking apart from you briefly to mumble "jump" against your lips. Strong arms prevent you from slipping out of her embrace, her fingers slightly digging into your soft skin to support you. She throws you on the bed beside Armin before climbing on top of you.
Pressing short, sloppy kisses down from your lips to your neck to your chest, Annie's nimble hands make quick work of removing your bra, leaving you almost completely bare in front of two of your best friends. You typically would have felt a bit more bashful being naked in front of people who you had never been so exposed to before, but the way the two of them took you and your figure in had you feeling more confident than you ever normally would have been. "Fuck," Annie swears, reaching towards your chest to knead your breasts. "Armin, baby, aren't these the most perfect pair of tits you've ever seen?"
You spare a glance over towards Armin. His teeth are digging into his lower lip so hard that part of you was worried he was going to draw blood and his eyes were glassy from how frustrated he was.
It was a wonderful sight.
The feeling of Annie's lips finally catching a nipple between them brings you back to the present, a surprised gasp escaping you at the feeling. Her teeth bite at the sensitive bud harshly before soothing the pain with the flat of her tongue, gently sucking in a way that snatches the air away from your lungs.
Leaving one of your now hard and swollen nipples alone, she decorates the tender surrounding skin with love bites, never leaving too big a patch untouched. It was becoming impossibly hard to resist touching yourself, you could hardly imagine how worked up Armin was getting.
A particularly rough nip to the supple skin ripped a high pitched moan from your throat, back arching off of Annie's sheets and chest pushing closer to the woman's face. As she switches to your second breast, she glances up at you, a sly smile stretching across her face and a lust-filled gaze studying you through full eyelashes.
"Do you like when daddy plays with your titties, gorgeous?" she said lowly, tongue tracing around your puffy skin. You had to force yourself to answer with words.
"Yes, I do. I love it so much," you breathe, a hand moving up to card through the dangerously beautiful girl's hair. You watch her icy blue eyes dart to the shared brat beside you, whom she had been promptly ignoring since she began to worship your chest.
"Armin," she exclaimed sweetly, pinching and pulling at your nipples to keep you stimulated. "Would you like to get a taste of mommy's pretty tits?"
You could feel blood rush to your face and to your pussy at the name; the gush of your arousal following it was something that didn't necessarily shock you but the use of it now definitely caught you off guard.
The boy nods frantically, the beginning of a pout starting to present itself on his face and his big, blue eyes widening almost comically.
"Do you think you deserve it?" she questioned, reaching out to push his damp hair out of his flushed face. Armin shudders at even the faintest touch, a whine escaping his throat before he could even begin to think about stopping it. He freezes, eyes cautiously studying Annie's stoney glare to see if she was upset. Evidently, she decided to let it slide, adding, "You can speak."
"Yes," he responds almost immediately. "I haven't made a single sound without your permission. Please let me touch you and mommy, I need it,"
Annie turns to you, her hands running up and down the man's chest. Each time she raked her nails back down, she would get more and more close to his painfully hard length. Armin squirmed, muscles clenching as he tried to ignore her touch. "What do you think, angel?" she asks, ignoring the blonde that she was teasing.
You briefly ponder the proposition, running your hands down your chest and stomach just to rile the two of them up. You were having way too much fun teasing the two of them because even though Annie definitely established herself as a dom, both her and Armin easily became putty at your hands. Playing with the band of your panties, you finally respond, "He was doing so good right up until you touched him. I say we keep him waiting just a bit longer."
Annie nods in agreement before moving towards you. You stop her though - a sudden brilliant idea striking you - leaning to whisper in her ear, "Can I play with him for just a bit?"
She laughs loudly, the sound surprisingly bright and airy in comparisin to the cold façade she carefully sculpted and maintained around strangers. But you and the people she held dear were able to view the brighter, less severe side of her, one that was a tease and loved to mess with her friends but wouldn't hesitate to break someone's arm if they tried to do the same.
Gazing at her in admiration, you press a kiss to her cheek and feel her lightly pat your ass to urge you forward on your hands and knees. A well placed slap following the more tender moment has you moaning and arching your back, another pretty chuckle making your stomach flutter.
Armin looks at you warily from where he's kneels on the bed, back hunched and shoulders slumped forward from the tension of the restraints. You smile sweetly and move to press feather light kisses down his chest, abs, and thighs, dancing around the part of him that demanded the most attention. Your mouth waters at just the sight of his dick being throttled by the pretty blue toy; you want it in your mouth as soon as possible.
"Mommy," he whines. Your hole flutters around nothing at the name and you swallow a moan. "Please, please touch me. Do anything you want, I don't care, just please touch me."
You cock your head, settling on your stomach. Clearly, the brat has no fucking clue what he's giving you and Annie permission to do, and you can practically feel the excitement radiating off of the woman beside you. Now eye-level with his cock, you bat your eyes up at him. "Really? I can do anything?"
A frantic nod from the boy sets off so much desire in your chest that you don't even bother to correct him for not verbally responding to your question.
"Okay, baby, but remember," you reach out and loosely grip his length, hearing the man suck in a breath.
"You asked for this."
Your lips wrap around the flushed and leaking tip of his cock, a depraved whine leaving his swollen pink lips and his hips unconsciously rutting forward, trying and failing to push his length down your throat. Bringing a hand to his hip to keep him in place, you begin to leisurely bob your head on Armin's cock. The taste of precum spreads across your tongue, and though it definitely wasn't the best taste in the world, your turned-on brain had you wanting to sucking on his dick like it was a lollipop just so you can keep tasting it.
Pulling off of him to catch your breath, you let a blob of spit dribble from your lips and on to Armin's aching length, jerking him off in slow, languid strokes that made his steady stream of moans speed up. You watch his face scrunch up in pleasure, head tipped back and adam's apple bobbing furiously. His whole body had adopted the baby pink flush his face had taken on. He would have looked angelic if it weren't for the ropes binding his hands behind his back and cock ring fitted snug on the base of his most intimate area.
Annie, never one to enjoy being left out, runs her nails down your back lightly to make you shiver, making their way to your panties. She kneads the soft, supple flesh of your thighs and ass, a soft sigh rumbling from your throat causing Armin to jolt forward with a loud moan. Propping you up on your hands and knees, she spreads your cheeks and chuckles lowly. If it weren't for the amount of fun you were having watching Armin desperately try to get off to no avail, you would have stopped just to see Annie's reaction to your ruined underwear.
"Look at this mess you've made," she tuts playfully, hand unexpectedly cupping your pussy and drawing a gasp out of you, your hips pushing back into her hand in a lame attempt to receive more friction. "Is this for me?"
You nod, pulling off of Armin's spit-covered length to whine, "It is, daddy. I need you to touch me so bad, I can't wait any longer."
Annie doesn't respond to your pleas verbally, instead choosing to yank the ruined fabric down your legs unceremoniously and bring her attention to your sopping wet heat. The groan that leaves her throat is almost feral, the look in her eyes more so as she eyes your pussy hungrily.
"I can't believe I haven't seen this pretty pussy before now," she wonders aloud, voice dropping lower in pitch at the sight. Her middle finger dips experimentally into your hole and spreads your arousal around your blushing folds. Even that little bit of contact has you jerking violently and you gag as Armin's cock unexpectedly slides down your throat, your high pitched moan muffled by the intrusion.
The feeling of your throat constricting so tightly around him sends Armin into a frenzy, now thrusting with reckless abandon and chasing a high that will never be received. The ring that serves as a barrier to Armin's release bumps into your lips with every sharp snap of his hips.
Annie hums, rubbing slow circles on to your clit with her thumb and watching with almost crude fascination as you desperately try to receive more friction, tears building up in your eyes from both desperation and Armin's cock repeatedly rutting into your throat.
Armin whimpers, and you look up at him, tears now freely falling down your cheeks as you gag and choke on his dick. Even though part of you was annoyed with the brat, you couldn't help but admire his features: the elegant lines of his jaw and neck, the light sheen of sweat making his body glow in the dim lighting, the muscles that strain from the effort his body was exerting... Almost as if he senses your gaze, he takes one look at your face and groans in pleasure and frustration. Speeding up his movements further, you have to actively coax your throat to relax and your nose to do it's fucking job, growing lightheaded from the lack of oxygen.
Meanwhile, Annie begins to rub faster circles on your clit, nipping hickies on your inner thighs and on the bottom swell of your ass. You don't bother to stop the moans spilling from your lips and instead focus on deepthroating the little whore who was growing more and more frustrated with his inability to get off.
Armin's cock suddenly slips from your mouth, and though you're relieved to give your aching jaw a break and your burning lungs the air it deserved, you still find yourself disappointed that you didn't have him down your throat anymore. You vaguely register the sound of the boy sniffling and turn to see tears of frustration spilling from his pretty blue eyes. The feeling of your heart clenching at the sight is interrupted by Annie's voice.
"Hey, baby?" Annie prompted, the circles she was rubbing on your clit slowing down to a pace that almost has you growling in annoyance.
"Yes, daddy?" you refrain the urge to grouch.
"Turn on Armin's cock ring and ignore him." You throw a surprised glance over your shoulder and barely catch the horrified look that settles on the man's face. But she doesn't look at you. Annie's hard stare is trained on the boy. "Don't think I didn't notice you practically suffocating mommy because you were so fucking desperate. Is that dumb little brain of yours so empty that you forgot that the fucking cock ring will physically stop you from cumming?"
Armin whimpers, head drooping ashamedly. "I forgot, daddy. I'm sorry, mommy." he whispers, his now-loud sniffling catching your attention once again. You sense that all of this is getting a bit too intense for him, gently stroking his thigh and pressing feather light kisses on the pale skin.
"Color?" you prompt quietly. Armin looks up, eyes glassy.
"Green," he mumbles. You arch a brow, disbelieving. A deep sigh escapes him, knowing that you didn't believe him in the slightest. "I didn't mean to hurt you."
You're immediately up on your knees, bringing the boy in for a reassuring kiss and feeling him melt into your comforting embrace. "Baby, I didn't mind. In fact, I like when you're rough with me. I'm a big girl! I can handle it. And if I truly couldn't breathe or wanted you to stop, I would've tapped you. Remember?" you soothe, tucking his blonde hair behind his ear.
Armin sighs in relief, visibly relaxing before nodding in confirmation. He nuzzles his face into your palm, delicately kissing the smooth skin before replying, "Okay. Yeah, I remember. I'm good, don't worry. Green. For sure this time."
The two of you exchange soft smiles... before his own drops, head immediately snapping to where your hand had just switched on the cock ring he evidently forgot about. He lets out high pitched moan and you press one last kiss to his lips, feeling a little less bad about how frustrated he was.
Once again, you're brought back to earth by Annie's fingers, making it clear she was getting impatient from her lack of action. Her middle finger traces around your eager hole before slowly pushing in, and the feeling of finally having internal stimulation after waiting for so long nearly has you shaking. "Fuck, daddy, I need more," you whine. You would have been embarrassed by the sound of your own pleas, but you were so horny that your dignity had promptly exited the premises.
"Hm, do you now?" Annie teases, curling the one digit up into the part of you that makes your eyes roll back.
"Yes! I do, I've been such a good girl, please." Your eyes were beginning to water and you slump back down on all fours, ass pushing back against the teasing woman's finger unabashedly. When she adds a second one and begins pumping them into you faster, the tears pricking the corners of your eyes threaten to spill. They actually do when she curls her digits again, a moan leaving your lips as they abuse your walls over and over again.
Squelching noises and moans are some of the only things you can hear as you lose yourself in the feeling of Annie's skilled appendages, arms shaking with the effort it was taking for you to hold yourself up. When her fingers abruptly slide out of you, the whine that was ready to slip out is immediately silenced by the feeling of your ass being spread apart, a glob of spit landing directly on your slit.
You were already dripping, but knowing that she had a part of her mixing in with your essence has Annie licking her lips. Rubbing the saliva all around your drenched core with the two soaked fingers that had initially been stuffed into your tight hole, she brings them to her lips, groaning at the taste of you and eagerly cleaning them up.
She breaks, motivated by your taste and your begging, finally burying her face in between your legs. "Oh, fuck!" you gasp, the sudden oral assault of your core catching you off-guard after what felt like a lifetime of teasing. The tip of Annie's tongue parts your lower lips before circling around your clit and you can just feel the vibrations of her amused chuckle against the needy bud.
The wet muscle gathers up the juices that made your pussy looking absolutely ravishing, the taste filling Annie's mouth. She groans against you, kneading your plush ass as she sucks your puffy clit into her mouth, tip of her tongue lapping at it harshly.
At this point, you're grinding your core against her face, desperately trying to get as close to Annie's talented mouth as possible. The lewd noises of the woman's mouth sloppily eating you out paired with the harmony created by your's and Armin's moans has you gushing, your head and belly buzzing at the overwhelming amount of stimulation.
You're brought down to your elbows when Annie's tongue finally pushes into your fluttering hole, back arching and arms stretching out at the feeling of it brushing against your walls. "Shit! Right there, daddy," you cry out when one of her thumbs comes up to rub tight circles on your clit. Her nose brushes the tender skin separating your pussy from your ass when she fucks her tongue in and out of you, the muscle curling up against the spongy spot that has you seeing stars. Your nipples, already sensitive from Annie's ministrations, brush lightly against the sheets and send shockwaves to your pussy.
Between her tongue and her thumb, Annie already has you tipping on the edge of release. The coil in your tummy felt ready to snap at any moment, and Annie sucking your clit into her mouth again sends you over. You cry out, feeling your arousal gushing from your hole. Your thighs shake from the intensity of your first, long-overdue orgasm.
Annie helps you ride it out as long as possible, tongue swiping across your puffy lips to collect your juices. "Fuck," she exclaims, pulling back from you, face glistening. She looks at Armin and beckons him towards her.
"Would you like to try mommy's pussy? It's the sweetest one I've ever had," she tells him, kissing his jaw while she waits for a reply. You roll on to your back, chest heaving as you try to catch your breath after one of the best orgasms you've ever had. But Annie's words to your shared sub already has you up and ready to go again, nerves set alight by her tone alone.
"Yes please, daddy."
One of Annie's hands grabs the sides of Armin's face, squishing his cheeks and forcing his mouth open. She spits a mix of your juices and her saliva right on to his tongue, groaning as she watched the boy swallow it obediently.
"Good boy."
You urge yourself to not whine as well when she captures his lips in a deep kiss, tongues tangling together briefly. When they break away from one another, a thin string of saliva connects the two of them.
You can't help but admire their beauty.
The prettiest pink blush dusts the tip of Armin's nose and his high cheekbones, big blue eyes wide as a doe's, clearly not used to being praised nor being treated so gently... at least not by Annie.
"Do you wanna prove to me and mommy that you've learned your lesson?" Annie questions, tweaking Armin's pert nipples to watch him squirm.
"Yes, daddy, I do! I've learnt my lesson, I promise." His eagerness is adorable, and one glance to his red and aching cock confirms what you already know: he wants it off, and he wants it off now.
You don't blame him, of course. It was hard enough to wait for any sort of stimulation, but at least you weren't constantly teetering on the edge of orgasm and never being allowed to finish. Your nose scrunches distastefully at the mere thought of it.
"Okay, baby." Annie looks over at you, lost in thought for a moment. You can practically see the lightbulb flicker on, however, a devious smile playing on her lips before she speaks to the two of you. "Brat," Armin sheepishly meets Annie's eyes. "I'm gonna have you help me out while mommy gets you prepped for me to take you. Understood?"
Armin looks slightly confused, but not even a second later the implications of her words dawn on him. His eyes grow even larger, which you had no idea was even possible and an eager whine escapes him. "Yes, daddy. I understand. If I do a good job can you please take off my binds? I wanna touch you and mommy so bad it hurts," he pouts, and your inner soft dom melts at the sight. You join him in making pleading eyes at Annie, who takes a deep breath before sighing in defeat.
"Fine. But only because you two have the awful ability of coercion," she deadpans, the smile tugging at the corners of her lips reassuring you that she's not actually annoyed.
As you go to retrieve the necessary supplies, Annie makes herself comfortable. Her back relaxes against the headboard and she shimmies out of her panties, tossing them to the side carelessly.
You almost drop the bottle of lube when you return in time to see the athletic girl spread her legs, exposing her absolutely stunning core to you and Armin. Her pretty pink folds were flushed, glimmering with her juices despite the minimum light that just barely illuminated her room. Her clit was already puffed up in arousal and you had never wanted to eat a pussy more.
It seemed as if Armin agreed with you, laying on his chest to get face level with Annie's heat. His cute little ass sticks up in the air in preparation for you and you bite your lip, the sight turning you on like nothing else could.
Not being able to resist joining in when Armin provides the first kitten lick to Annie's core, you stride over, fully intending to have the best view in the house. Annie's breathless gasp sounds deceivingly innocent, but her hands gripping her ankles and holding them open so confidently gives away that she does, in fact, get around. Part of you is impressed, while another flares up in what you surprisingly (and begrudgingly) have to admit is jealousy.
Shaking your head to refocus on the moment, you run your hands over Armin's ass and knead it gently. You simply can't help yourself. The man had a nice butt, one that could almost rival Annie's. And you made sure he knew how much you appreciated it by pressing kisses on each cheek, his little gasps being muffled by his mouthful of Annie's pussy.
You trail the now-sloppy kisses closer to his hole. The skin was a light pink that matched the natural flush of the rest of his body, puckered and inviting in a way that leaves you increasingly more wet. Spurred on by the sounds of Annie's light moans and gasps, as well as the wet noises of Armin lapping at the woman's pussy like a cat, you spread his cheeks and start experimentally tracing around his hole with the tip of your tongue.
If you and Annie thought his moans were loud before when it had only been the agonizing cock ring teasing one of his most sensitive spots, then you severely underestimated him. The cry he lets out at the first couple licks is high and whiny, making you and Annie both smirk at the sound.
"Now, now, baby, don't get too distracted now. You still have to prove you've learnt your lesson," Annie scolds, a hand guiding Armin's head back between her legs and keeping him there. Her other one lazily pushes off the straps of her bra and pulls it down enough to play with her breasts. You were almost sad that you were too busy rimming Armin and getting him ready for Annie to suck on the woman's gorgeous tits, her nipples the prettiest shade of pink, but you were loving your task at hand enough for you to not care.
You busy yourself with pushing your tongue into the tight ring of muscle, indulging yourself in the warmth of Armin's ass and his beautiful moans. Starting to slowly thrust your tongue in and out of him, you tighten your grip on the man so he wouldn't squirm away from the intense pleasure you were giving him.
Your slick was running down your leg in an erotic but agonizing way, a physical reminder of your own desire that heats up your insides and ignites your thoughts. It fills them with even more lewd images and innermost desires, ones that you could only hope you'd have the opportunity to try out with these two later on.
Pulling your face away from Armin's hole, you exchange your tongue for your fingers, warming up a generous portion of lube between them before beginning to slide a digit in.
Armin whines against Annie's folds at the intrusion, trying to relax and busy himself with pleasing his daddy. He's pretty confident he was doing a good job by her reactions: the sounds she makes, the way she pushes his face even closer to he core, and the way her thighs begin to shake in pleasure all serving as to spur on Armin's movements.
"Baby boy is doing such a good job," Annie breathes out heavily, chest rising and falling erratically as it became clear she was approaching her first high of the night. "Such a good job."
Armin preens at the praise, sucking Annie's clit into his mouth and suckling at it harshly. An uncharacteristically high moan falls from the blonde woman's lips as she arches her back, overwhelmed by such an intense feeling. Her fingers tugs roughly on Armin's hair, but he doesn't mind at all if it meant he was doing a good job.
You took in the view, admiring how beautiful Annie looked when she was cumming, her ab muscles clenching and thighs spasming as the orgasm wracked throughout her whole body. Armin continued to suck at her hole, enjoying every bit of the arousal that coated his tongue and wanting to clean her up as good as he could.
It was at that moment that you decided to add another finger into Armin's tight hole. This time, not even Annie's loosening grip on Armin's hair could stop him from pulling up from her pussy just to let out the most filthy, wanton moan you've heard thus far.
"Do you like mommy's finger playing with your ass, baby?" You ask, pushing your two fingers in to the knuckle. Armin only nods his head frantically, cheek resting against Annie's stomach and eyes screwed up at the intensity. When you begin thrusting the digits in and out slowly, however, he finds his words again.
"Fuck," he whimpers, your fingers trying to scissor him open as gently as possible. Annie strokes Armin's hair soothingly, trying to match your own gentleness to calm the boy down.
"It's okay, baby. You're doing so well," she whispers, reaching to undo the binds that kept his hands restrained. The ropes fall on to the sheets, and immediately Annie reaches for some calming ointment to treat the tender skin. She gently massages it in, pressing kisses to his palms.
"It feels so good," he says breathlessly, looking up at the blonde woman through his long eyelashes, unable to fully lift his head.
"I know, it'll feel ever better soon."
As if on cue, you begin to curl your fingers experimentally, searching for the spot that would steal every bit of oxygen from Armin's lungs. It only takes a moment for the man to alert you of your discovery.
"Oh, shit!" he cries out, hands fisting the sheets besides Annie's thighs. "Right there, mommy! Fuck, do that again!"
You comply without any complaint, beginning to diligently thrust your fingers in and out and curl them up against his prostate every time they were completely pushed in. Each time that they made contact, moans would fall effortlessly off of Armin's swollen lips, practically drooling on Annie's stomach as he lost himself in a haze of pleasure.
You knew that if you kept this up, he would be way too internally overstimulated for Annie to do her thing. But, nevertheless, you add more lube to your fingers and slowly push a third one in.
Armin's jaw falls open in a silent scream, back arching almost painfully as you very carefully push the three fingers in to the knuckle.
"Oh my god," he whispers, chanting those three words over and over again as if they were the only ones he knew. His hips began pushing back against your fingers erratically, clearly eager to have them filling him as much as possible.
Annie calls your name and you meet her eyes. She nods and you get the message she's trying to get across. When you pull your fingers out, Armin lets out a tortured cry into Annie's chest.
"Daddy," his voice breaks as he begs. "I need to cum. I need to cum so fucking badly, please. Fuck me please, I need it so bad, it hurts."
"Okay, baby boy," she replies, pressing a kiss to the crown of his head and carefully moving off the bed to grab her strap on. You take her place, sliding under the boy and pressing your own lips to his forehead. His eyes meet yours, cerulean irises gleaming with the same tears that run down his face.
"You've done so good, baby. What do you want from mommy as a reward?" You ask gently.
He sniffles, pushing his bangs out of his sweaty face to look at you better. "Can I... Can I please fuck you? I need to feel your pussy, I've wanted to feel it all night. And..." he takes a deep breath, collecting himself. "And can I... I wanna cum inside you."
You raise your eyebrows slightly, but you can't deny that his words go straight to your core. You part your legs further for him and he looks at you hopefully.
"Go ahead, babe." His eyes gleam in excitement, pressing a kiss to your lips and trailing them down the column of your neck, your collarbones, and stopping at your chest to finally play with your tits. Armin's lips catch each of your nipples briefly, nipping and sucking at them gently.
He wastes no time, sliding down your body and pressing more kisses on his way down, much to your own enjoyment. When he reaches your pussy, he laps at it a few times before groaning. "I need that mouth on me later," you pant out.
He giggles, licking his lips and sitting back on his heels. "I needed to taste it for myself. Daddy's right. Your pussy tastes fucking amazing, mommy,"
Your laugh turns into a gasp when you feel his cockhead begin to slide up and down your slit. His whole body trembles in anticipation, lip harshly but between his pretty teeth. Out of the corner of your eye you see Annie watching the two of you, not unlike the way she had been looking at you before this all started.
She was enjoying the show but definitely wants to be in on the fun.
When his thick cock finally slips inside of you, the sounds you two make are nothing short of pornographic. He barely bottoms out fully, the cock ring vibrating against your clit briefly, before pulling out of your tight hole and slamming back in, sending you jolting up the bed. "Fuck, Armin," you cry, hands finding purchase on his shoulders.
Armin's light moans in your ear and the wet sound of skin slapping spur you on and you're not mad about it, wrapping your legs around his waist and pulling the man closer to you.
He mumbles into your ear as he humps into you. "Once I get this fucking ring off, I'm gonna pump my cum inside of you. So, so deep inside you, gonna feel me for weeks." His words have you gushing, your arousal coating your inner thighs and his lower stomach completely.
"Yes, fuck your cum into me! God, such a good boy, learning his lesson 'n makin' daddy and I cum," you ramble, words slurring together almost unintelligibly. You sort of notice the bed shifting as Annie finally gets herself situated, covering her strap on with lube in preparation.
"I'm gonna need you to stop for just a second," Annie says, a hand gripping Armin's hip to stall his movements, which happen to be when his dick is sheathed all the way inside of you, soft walls effectively cockwarming him. The cock ring now vibrates incessantly against your clit, catapulting you towards your second release.
"Oh, shit. I'm gonna cum," you whimper, nails digging into Armin's muscles arms. He hisses a bit at the pain and you quietly apologize.
"Hold it, princess." Annie responds, confirming that Armin is still prepped enough to get going.
"Daddy, please hurry." Armin stutters out. You make a noise of agreement, your skin hot and tingling with every minor touch.
You don't see Annie pushing her faux dick into Armin so much as you feel and hear it, Armin's cock throbbing inside of you and his breathing turning ragged. He moans and you hit your breaking point, just as Annie permits you to cum again.
Your orgasm hits you like a bus, the pleasure almost painful as it takes hold of your whole body. You clench impossibly hard on to Armin's cock, creaming around it, and you knew that if it wasn't for the damn cock ring, he'd be painting your walls white.
Armin nearly screams, the feeling of the dildo pressing firmly against his prostate and your velvety walls gripping him like a vice causing his vision to white out for a minute.
"Color?" Annie asks.
"Yellow." You and Armin respond immediately, the both of you at your wit's end.
The moment of waiting is both a blessing and a curse, giving the two of you time to regain your bearings but also forcing you to feel the same amount of stimulation as before. The two of your bodies cannot stop shaking, Armin dangerously close to collapsing on you. You shakily reach down, switching off the vibrations that were abusing your poor clit and Armin's abused cock. The sigh he lets out is full of relief, and you smile at him. The one he returns to you is soft.
"Green," he says, and you repeat the same.
"You sure?" Annie asks, to which you nod. "Alright then."
She pulls out almost completely before thrusting back in harshly, hitting Armin's prostate dead on and shoving him impossibly closer to you. This time, the boy does scream, and he does collapse. He manages to catch most of his body weight on his elbows before he crushes you, but his body is still pressed firmly against your own. You wrap your arms around his shoulders, knowing you were going to need as much leverage as possible for the ride Annie was about to take you on.
Annie's thrusting is brutal. She pulls out slowly but snaps back in swiftly, bottoming out completely each and every time. Her pace is quick and the actual motions are hard enough that Armin doesn't even need to move his hips for his cock to be rubbing against you.
Armin's repeated whimpers of pleasure had morphed into sobbing, garbled speech barely actual words apart from the occasional swear word or "'s s'fuckin' good."
Annie is having the time of her life having the two of you at her mercy. Every wail that escapes Armin and every whimper that leaves you has her floating. She's on such a power trip that she hardly needs external stimulation to get off, however, the vibrator buzzing inside her definitely helped.
"Mm, who's fucking you this good, baby boy?" she taunts, bottoming out and grinding against Armin's reddening flesh.
"Daddy is," he sobs, the pleasure too great for him to say anything else.
"And who's gonna finally make you cum?"
"You and mommy, please, I need it so bad!"
You push his chest up and off of you, the two of you shakily sitting up so you can gently remove the cock ring. And as soon as it's off, Armin buries himself inside of you again, Annie resuming her rough pace.
Annie's moan is high pitched when the vibrator hits just the right spot, sending her toppling over the edge and her hips bucking wildly into Armin.
If your orgasm hit you like a bus, Armin's hits him like a fucking bullet train. One final snap of the dildo into his prostate and clench of your pussy has him screaming, whole body shuddering as he pumps what feels like buckets of hot, sticky cum inside of you.
The sheer pressure and temperature alone has you cumming for a third time. You feel absolutely spent, your whole body sore and hot and sticky as Armin shallowly thrusts in and out, trying to fuck his seed into you as deep as he possibly can.
You can't talk, you can barely breathe, your whole body going limp. Armin seems to feel the same way, finally flopping on top of you completely, not even bothering to pull out his slowly softening cock from you. When Annie can no longer take the overstimulating buzzing that the vibrator was providing, she pulls out of him, and you laugh softly when you realize that he's so sleepy his only reaction is a small sigh. But despite all that, you felt absolutely content.
It takes longer than you initially predicted to regain any semblance of awareness. Annie chuckles softly at the sight of you and Armin practically glued to each other, both metaphorically and physically, when she returns from cleaning up the various toys you three had used.
"How are my babies doing?" she asks gently, coming up to the two of you to gently rub Armin's back. He whines, cuddling closer to you and blindly reaching out to pull Annie back on the bed so he can snuggle with her too. "Tired, I'm sure. But I need to clean you up at least a bit, okay?"
The two of you nod sleepily, Annie sighing both fondly and irritably at your lack of movement. She disappears into her bathroom once again, bearing two warm rags when she returns.
"Armin, I need you to help me here. You're heavy as fuck," she says.
The blonde boy huffs, slowly sitting up to reach down and pull his soft length out of you, making both of you gasp in overstimulation. He swears when he watches his cum drip out of your hole, almost mesmerized by the sight. His admiration is cut short by Annie clearing her throat, gesturing for Armin to lay back down beside you.
It's quiet as the woman makes quick work of wiping the two of you down, making sure you don't feel nearly as sticky or gross as before. You mumble a small thanks, earning a soft kiss in response.
The silence that ensued after was very comfortable, not unlike the ones you would sit in as friends when you all had drained your social batteries. Those were the times everyone would curl up with tea and books and just enjoy one another's company, savoring the feeling of being with your best friends. It would be cozy, comforting... nothing too overwhelming. And at the end of the day, everyone would return to their dorms or apartments or houses alone, leaving you feeling loved but still painfully alone.
You weren't quite ready (nor awake enough) to start questioning what the three of you were after tonight, so you settled on just enjoying the familiar but foreign silence that encased you all like a quilt.
When the rags are disposed of and the sheets are stripped, Annie throws t-shirts at everyone before joining you two on the bed, dragging a clean comforter behind her. She throws it over you all once everyone pulls their shirts on, sighing in content as she finally snuggles up to your side.
Armin's chest becomes your pillow, the gentle rising and falling of his chest lulling you to sleep like a silent lullaby while Annie tangles her legs with your own, arm thrown over your waist protectively.
You don't think you'll ever get used to the feeling of the two of them on you in such an intimate way. But you can absolutely get used to the way their presence makes you feel at home.
A/N: so uhhhh... thoughts? please let me know if i miss a warning or have some sort of funky grammar error i can fix :) i hope you guys enjoyed. these types of one-shots probably won't be nearly as long as this one when i write in the future, but who knows? i'll see what happens when inspiration strikes!
thank you for reading <3 i love you
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maizumis · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
ft. timeskip!miya atsumu, bokuto koutaro, oikawa tooru, kuroo tetsuro, iwaizumi hajime
note: female reader ‼️ watch me write about dad!haikyuu all the moments I didn't have with my own sperm donor
Tumblr media
MIYA ATSUMU after a long day at work, you were coming home a little more late than usual and as you were opening the door with a sigh, the first thing you listen is “PEASANT, DO NOT TOUCH THE QWEEN CWON”, yeah that’s definitely your daughter and your pretty sure that the “peasant” is your, oh so-called husband. Curiosity took the best of you, now you were behind your daughter’s door listen carefully what atsumu was saying to her, “WHATYA MEANT PEASANT? I WANNA WEAR A CROWN TOO YA KNOW!” your daughter gasps in disbelieve, “daddy, mom is da queen, I’m da princess and yer the peasant! And clearly, mommy isn’t here so don’t touch her cwon!” One thing you know is that you wouldn’t like to see and hear a screaming match between the peasant and the princess in question, thinking that stepping in is the best option, you said “what’s the matter in here?”, next thing you know, your daughter with his big brown eyes that she got from her father, comes running at you, screaming “momm- I mean queen! Yeah, queen! yer just on time for the tea party, this peasant needs to learn some manners” you picked her up, enjoying the way her little arms go around your neck, “yeah? What did dada do this time?” while her face is on your neck, she tells you with a whisper “psss mom, he is not dad now, remember is tea party time” and now with her voice a little more loud she announces to you what he did “he wanted to use ya cwon!  Literally had to scream at him cause of that! Peoples this time are onbelivabol” the las part coming with a sigh, “ugh I now right? Why don’t we teach him some manners then?” After a little thinking, your daughter tells you “uh-huh! Yer right my queen, now I will leave to the bathroom and come back to continue this celebration”. While she leaves, atsumu comes at you with a back hug asking if ya really taking her side? with a low tone, so you replied with “of course I’m taking her side, she’s a child, our child in fact” atsumu looks at you with big eyes and tells you “she is right, people these times are onbelivabol but I still love you my queen”, now facing him, noses and foreheads touching each other you whisper to him “I love you to my peasant” and after a little chuckle you continue “thank you so much for this”.
 BOKUTO KOUTAROU he always had tea parties with his daughter on Mondays after his volleyball practice with the MSBY. He couldn’t go to last week's party because of an away game, and he was devasted and promised her little princess that he would get her something. Now he is coming home from the airport with three Elsa dresses, one for his precious child, the other for his precious wife, and the last one for him, it was very difficult to find one of his size cause of his beefy body, but if he promises his little girl something, he is gonna make it without a doubt. “HEY HEY HEY! GUESS WHOS HOME” he screams while putting his suitcase down “HEY HEY HEY DADDY! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! MOMMY IS MAKING DINNER WHILE I PREPARED OUR SUPER DUPER EXTRA TEA PARTY!!” he picks her up with one arm, making his way to the kitchen to involve you in a hug with the arm he had free “we missed you, kou” snuggling into his neck, and while his arm tightens around you he replies with a soft tone “missed my two girls too, so much” he puts her daughter on the floor again and tells her “missy I have a surprise for our tea party, why don’t you finish the preparations and then mom and I are gonna go there with dinner? Sounds good?” whit a little nod she answers with “yeah dada, that sounds good”. After hearing her enter her room you ask your husband what did he get for her, and when he tells you he didn’t get one, not two but three princess dresses you’re over the moon, the fuck you’re going to do with three dresses? you don’t question him and keep cooking as if you wouldn’t have to put on a frozen show in less than half an hour. “BABY IM COMING TO YOUR ROOM WITH HOT FOOD, BE CAREFULL” the little girl sees you in all your glory, with the most beautiful Elsa dress she ever saw “MAMA, WHY YOU DIDNT TOLD ME ELSA LET YOU BORROW HER DRESS? YOU'RE SO PWETTY!” laughing a little at her comment you decide that it was the best to tell her is a secret between adults, excited to see her reaction when her dad comes to her room with the same dress on him and a little one for her. “IM COMING IN!” your husband yells and your daughter’s eyes are the bigger you ever saw them, running like the flash to steal the dress that was in his dad's hands. “Daddy, that dress is so pwetty on you, and there's one for me! We are all matching! And now we are gonna have our four curse, ugh no, cruse, ump corse, mommy how do I say it?”, “course darling, four meal course. Now dada, why don’t you come to eat with us this fancy dinner?” after nodding and making his way to the both of you, bokuto thinks he is gonna ask for another kid one of these days.
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kimnjss · 11 months ago
birthday dinner | jjk
Tumblr media
⤑  series: cherry pickers
⤑ pairing: gamer(fuckboi)!jungkook x video vixen(virgin)!reader
⤑ genre: lmao. let’s just call it angst :P - there’s some fluff mixed in!!
⤑ rating: explicit
⤑ word count: 6.5K // unedited.
⤑ warnings: substance use: smoking weed, drinking alcohol. cursing, slut shaming, negative use of the word ‘whore’, 97 liners make an appearance :/, violence in the form of a fist fight, brief mentions of blood, jungkook is drunk and sleepy the entire time.
⤑ A/N: hi! nothing much to say except i love you guys nd thanks for being so patient waiting for this update!! it’s a lot... but keep in mind the actions of my characters are for story telling purposes only! let me know what you think x 
Tumblr media
FEBRUARY 18TH, 2020 | 17:53
It's obvious what Yoongi wants from the moment he's stepping foot in your house. The largest grin lighting up his face, which is half covered by his freshly washed black hair. He's cleared his throat three times and popped his collar four, silently hinting at the compliment he so greatly desired.
He showed up looking nice, a white button-down open to show just the top of his chest. Black slacks hanging loosely around his thighs. You could faintly smell the sweet scent of his cologne, paired with the minty gum he was chewing. He looked nice. Different from his go-to ripped jeans and t-shirt, handsome almost.
And he wanted someone to say something about it.
You're stubborn for no good reason, so you ignore all of his gestures and hints. Instead, you shift your focus on Taehyung who too came dressed for the nines. A green two-piece suit with this fancy pattern that would make you dizzy if you stared for too long. The black shirt he wore underneath deemed useless with the way he let it hang loose to show off his chest.
Loud with the way you compliment him, brushing your fingers through his neatly styled hair until Yoongi is rolling his eyes. Grumbling out the need for departure just as Joon is stepping through your front door.
The more subtle out of the four of you, Namjoon went for a black turtleneck tucked into a pair of slim-fit black pants. He doesn't care to be told he looks good, the insistent chime on his phone from the selfie he had posted just minutes before was proof enough.
Taehyung drives your car, while you're sat in the back with Namjoon beside you. It's not a long drive in the slightest bit, but you can't get rid of that antsy feeling. Like you were missing something. Had the urge to brush through your hair a thousand times or stop at a boutique to change your dress... maybe your shoes.
This weird feeling had found its way into your gut like something was coming, but you couldn't figure out what that something could be. It was just dinner with your friends at the house of someone that you almost had a thing with. There was no reason for the nervousness you were feeling.
Yoongi opens the door for you, gentle hand finding the small of your back to guide you out of the car. He smiles down at you, pushing the long strands of hair on his forehead back to give you a good look at those pretty dark eyes of his. 
“You look very handsome,” Just a few steps from the front door, but he's stilling. Cheeks darkening just slightly, but he's quick to mask it. “Thanks.” He mumbles, acting as if your compliment didn't affect him at all. He does, however, take a moment to glance at the outfit that he had put together – a proud smile taking over his features.
Cute. “Do you think there will be a lot of people here?” Busy checking himself out in the reflection of the glass door, Yoongi doesn't hear the question from Joon who has made his way to where the two of you were standing.
While his job required him to chat and get to know people, Namjoon wasn't exactly the social type. He kept to himself, for the most part, didn't really mingle outside of the three of you and he liked it that way. Going to this party was not at the top of his list and if it was up to him, he'd be at home curled up in front of his eight thousand dollar fireplace with one of his favorite books.
“Probably a lot,” You say with a laugh, watching the displeased look take over his features. “You should find someone cute to chat up,” Joon's rolling his eyes at your large grin, grumbling underneath his breath as Taehyung reaches over to ring the doorbell. Easily swinging his arm over your shoulder as you wait for someone to answer the door.
He's excited, hadn't shut up about it the entire drive over here. The exact opposite of Namjoon when it came to social events. Couldn't wait to see who was there and what they all looked like and how many new numbers he could put into his phone. A compulsive social butterfly that one. 
The mess of blonde hair is what you see first, loud laughs leaving his lips. His back is turned toward you so it's obvious that he's in the middle of a conversation with someone on the inside of the house. It takes a moment before he's turning, showing off the most charming smile that could make any heart flutter.
An opened can of beer clutched in his hand, eyes hooded so where he looked almost sleepy. Eyes lazily dragging over your body before he's setting his sights on Yoongi stood behind you, plush lips twisting into a smirk. A secret joke is told on the inside of his head which has him bursting into laughter once more.
“You're just in time. Hoseok was looking for someone to dance with,” His words aren't directed to anyone in particular and he's letting you all in before anyone can ask what he's talking about.
It's dark inside. Loud music from the living room rattling your eardrums. And there are so many people. Not the quiet dinner party you had imagined. Everyone smartly dressed, sprawled out, and genuinely seeming to enjoy yourself. Jimin, the name that was thrown out by the man who had opened the door, leads you into the living room where the rest of the party-goers are.
Dancing, drinking, eating, and having a good time. You spot Hoseok in the crowd, fingers laced with a girl's as he guides her steps to the beat of the music. A girl that you can only assume was here with Jimin with the way she instantly latched onto him once he was close enough. Sat on the couch was the most good-looking man you have ever seen in your life, surrounded by people hanging on to his every word. Laughing along with the infectious sound of his. 
Yoongi is being waved over by Hoseok and he doesn't hesitate to make his through the crowd. Quick to spot a quiet corner to sit in, Joon didn't waste a moment to claim it. Taehyung is the only one that stays by your side, suggesting the two of you go peek at what there is to offer for drinks. Which you can only assume is grade A stuff, everything about Hoseok's neighborhood just screamed wealthy and it was written on the walls the moment you walked in. There was no way he'd have cheap drinks out to serve his guests.
And you're right. Nothing but the good stuff neatly lined up on a table, categorized by year. Picking out the prettiest bottle, you decide that it will be your best friend for the night. Reaching to snag it from the others, just as your fingers are about to curl around the neck – soft fingers are brushing against your skin. If you had been jumpier, you would've yelped. Instead, you're pinning the stranger with this wide-eyed stare that has him laughing.
“Yn? You're Yn, right?” It's weird. Not the first time you were recognized, but it's not often that you're recognized by name. What with the silent work you do in the background, your name really isn't what catches people's attention.
Either way, you're nodding, smiling softly. He knows your name, so he must be a fan? Flattering. “Yeah, that's me. And you are?” Your fingers wiggle underneath his grip, enough to shake his hand off of yours. You're easily lifting the bottle from the table, popping the cap off with ease.
“Jaehyun,” He doesn't seem all that interested in you anymore. As if he had come solely to see if you were who he thought you were and now that he knew... he no longer cared. It's odd, but you don't read much into it. Only because you're curious to know how and where he knew you from.
Just as you're fixing to ask him, you hear his name being called from across the room. Loud enough to be heard over the booming bass of the music. Both of your attention is pulled to that direction, eyes focusing on the person shouting for him. He's got this annoyed look on his face when he's seeing who it is while you gasp.
Out loud. And this time you do jump because in the small group holding the person with the loud voice was an awfully familiar face. Hair falling in messy waves, shaping his face nicely. Big brown eyes, scanning through the crowd. He's not paying any attention to you. He looks so good in his light denim jeans, ripped just enough to show his knees and a bit of his strong thighs. A jacket on top to match, covering the white t-shirt.
Way more attractive in person than in the scarce amount of pictures he had on his Instagram. Pictures you shamelessly found yourself viewing at three in the morning, wondering how someone can actually look this good.
He was here. Jungkook. Literally a few feet away from you. Did he know someone here? Did he just show up? Why was he trying his damnedest not to look at you? No doubt he felt your stare by now. 
Jaehyun leaves without much of a goodbye, but you're not paying any attention to him. Didn't even understand the point of him walking up to you in the first place. All your attention is on the boy on the other side of the room. Sipping from his cup as he half-listened to the words coming out of his friend's mouth.
God, he was so cool.
“Who are you staring at?” Taehyung breaks through before your thoughts can actually run wild. Stepping into your eye line with a quizzical look on his face. He had watched wearily by your side the moment that Jaehyun guy had walked over, witnessed first hand the blank face stare that took over your features after seeing Jungkook for the first time.
Quickly shaking your head, brushing his question off with a laugh and a shrug of your shoulders. “Nothing. What are you going to drink?” He looks unconvinced but doesn't push his questioning any further. Figuring that whatever it is, isn't that big of a deal... or else you'd tell him about it.
It wasn't that big of a deal. The hammering in your chest, the blush rising in your cheeks all from seeing one face. There was no real meaning behind it, nothing that needed to be analyzed by the counsel you liked to call your best friends. You saw someone you knew, that was all there was to it.
He didn't even look at you. Not even a sideways glance in your direction, but there is no doubt in your mind that he saw you standing there. His friend standing right beside you was proof enough. So what was with the avoidance? Looking everywhere but at you, being so disgustingly obvious with the fact that he didn't want to see you. Or didn't want to be caught looking at you. It didn't make sense. No matter how many times you tossed it around in your head because you hadn't done anything!
He had no reason to want to avoid you, at least you never gave him one. With that in mind, you're deciding there was no need for the run around in your mind. Overthinking, over-analyzing what could or could not be going on in his head just wasn't for you. Not something you cared to waste your time doing when you should be having a good time.
Instead, you're joining Yoongi and Hoseok on the dance floor. Taehyung trailing closely behind you like the beat of the music takes over your body.
Tumblr media
FEBRUARY 18TH, 2020 | 20:12
You don't see Jungkook again until later that night. The crowd starting to thin out, leaving the inner circle that you've found yourself in. Happy Birthday was sung loudly over the loudspeakers, this large smile taking over Hoseok's features as Jimin emerged from the darkness with an equally large cake with 25 candles pressed into the icing.
Everyone sat around the living room, forks clanking against the glass plates. Scooping up large chunks of cake to be shoveled into the mouth. That's when Jungkook decides to make his appearance. Exiting from the room upstairs with messy hair, looking as if he had just woken up from a nap. The friends that he had been with earlier are still here, scattered around the house and talking amongst themselves.
He doesn't say anything as he walks further into the living room, a square black and white box in hand. A mumbled 'Happy Birthday' leaves his lips as he hands the gift over to Hoseok, who is quick to pop the top off of the box.
“Jungkook gives the best gifts!” He's telling no one in particular, before reaching in to pull out the dazzling piece of jewelry. A gold diamond-studded link bracelet from Gucci.
The yelp that leaves Hoseok's lips has laughter sounding around the room, quick to secure the latch onto his wrist. “That's the one you wanted, right?” He sounds sleepy and oddly attractive, eyes trained on Hobi as he makes his way over to the couch. Plopping down in the spot beside you without giving you so much of a second glance.
Instantly, you're being engulfed with the fruity smell of him. Body reclined on the couch, his arm on the back of it. Legs spread so where he's taking much more space than he needs to. He's so big compared to you and you can't help but admire the side of his face. Hoseok's gleeful agreement being the last thing on your mind.
Jungkook is beside you, doing this oddly sexy thing with his tongue on the inside of his cheek and you can't help but wonder how his tongue would feel on other parts of your body. Can feel your cheeks darkening at the thought and him being this close to you didn't help. Slowly, he's dropping his gaze from Hoseok onto you. An involuntary gasp leaving your lips when his dark eyes are finding yours.
Nearly making you drop the forkful of cake you had scooped up onto your lap. “You look good,” He throws out casually, taking a moment to take in what you're wearing.
And that's it. His focus shifting from you to whatever conversation they're having around him. Not even giving you the chance to reply to the compliment. If it even was that. 'Good'. What type of compliment? Had he expected you to look bad? Did he assume that you wouldn't look the same as your pictures and now he was shocked? Good. What a weird way to compliment someone.
Not sure why he is acting like the two of you have never talked when he had just been in your inbox this morning, but you force yourself to push it down. Ignore it for whatever reason he was, uninterested in figuring out his thought process behind this whole act.
Somehow the conversation shifts to Jungkook, Jin joking on him for the nap he had taken. Accusing him of being too young to hang out with the big kids, that gets a big laugh from the people who are listening, a thick eye roll from Jungkook who sinks further into the cushions. Legs spreading a bit wider which has his knee bumping against yours.
And now you're curious, “How old are you?”
His attention shifts back onto you, hand running through his messy curls as a smirk settles onto his pink lips. “Old enough,” The snort that leaves your lips is automatic and has his lips stretching into that bunny smile of his, anticipating your snarky comeback. 
“Old enough for what? To sit in the front seat? Because that would make you about eleven,” He laughs, the prettiest laugh that you've ever heard and you can't help the smile that's breaking onto your features.
He had the type of infectious laugh that was impossible to ignore. Easily able to bring ease to conflicted hearts you assume. “I'm twenty-two.” The tip of his tongue juts out to lick at his lower lip, a thick brow raising slightly. Body inching closer to yours, “How old are you?” Speaking much quieter, forcing himself to lean closer so you can hear him.
When he can just as easily speak up.
“Jungkook!” You fake a gasp, fingers tapping against his bulky bicep in a light slap. “Hasn't anyone told you, you shouldn't ask a lady her age?” The way his cheeks darken at your words are too obvious to miss, but you don't comment on it. 
Storing the cute look on his face in your memory bank. “But if you must know... I'm twenty-five,” His brows shoot up in slight surprise, eyes scanning over your features for any indication that you might be messing with him again.
Evident that he didn't expect you to be older than him, let alone by three years. But in the same breath, you hadn't expected him to be that much younger than you. Jungkook didn't act all that young in your opinion, of course, you didn't know him all that well yet. For the most part, though, he never gave you any reason to believe he was young.
Not that you were old yourself. At least, to Jungkook he didn't think you were. A youthful playfulness to you that had him assuming the two of you were the same age. Or that you were younger than him. He had no problem, either way didn't change how smitten he was with you after just the first time speaking to you.
“An older woman, that's sexy.” You didn't even notice him inching closer, just felt the soft brush of his lips against the shell of your ear. Can smell the alcohol thick on his breath and you melt. Reacting in a way you've never before in front of a man. Especially one that thought your age had anything to do with his sexual pleasure. He's pulling back to show off the adorable smile on his lips.
Never have you ever wanted to kiss someone more. It's a weird fire burning in your chest that gets harder to ignore the longer you stay seated beside him.
It's like Namjoon is reading your turmoil, waving you over as he and Taehyung make their way outside. You're hopping up without a second thought, not even bothering to mumble a farewell to Jungkook still seated on the couch. Joon is glaring over his shoulder when you walk up beside him, no doubt staring in Jungkook's direction with the possessive way he tucks you into his side.
You're sure of it when you hear the words that fall from his lips next. “What did he say to you?” Simply shaking your head, you turn your attention to the reason that half of the people on the inside were now heading outside.
Only to get the answer to your question when the man you recognize to be Jaehyun is pulling a neatly rolled blunt out of his pocket. Two of Jungkook's friends are outside with you, Eunwoo and Yugyeom... if the brief introductions had served any purpose. “You want to hit it first?” Jaehyun asks in a poor attempt to be a gentleman, his question being delivered to your chest. Rather than your face where your eyes and ears are.
“She doesn't smoke,” Taehyung answers before you even have the chance, leaving you to nod in agreement. Jaehyun simply shrugs, dragging his lit lighter over the body of the blunt before he's lighting the end, fitting one side between his pursed lips.
The entire time they're passing the blunt around, you stay tucked in Namjoon's side. Half listening to the loud conversation they're having. They could be talking about memories of alien abductions and you'd be none the wiser and it's all because of a certain twenty-two-year-old sprawled out on the couch you had just been sharing.
He's watching you through the glass, eyes hooded but you can tell they're on you. Just a few hours earlier, he refused to spare you a single glance and now it's like he couldn't take his eyes off you. And you're not sure what flipped inside of him... what dream he had during his nap that called for this drastic change in behavior.
“How do you know, Koo?” The conversation is being shifted on to you by Yugyeom, something you wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for the expectant stares you were getting from the men around you. A seemingly innocent question, that you're not sure how to answer. “Jungkook? I don't know him,”
And that's all you say on the matter, ignoring the unconvinced scoff that leaves Jaehyun's lips. Waiting for you to correct yourself. When he's realizing that you don't plan to do so, he's fixing to question you more. Barely getting the chance before Joon is standing up straight, moving to stand in front of you – effectively shielding you from the pestering.
“I'm going in, you wanna come?” The blunt they had shared has a redness staining his eyes, the already hooded look of them becoming deeper. “I'll stay out here with Tae,”
Taehyung, who had been attempting to suck the last bits of smoke out of the roach is perking up at the sound of his name. Giving a quick nod to Joon before he's turning to head back inside where Yoongi is. Dissatisfied, Tae is tossing what's left of the blunt onto the floor. Squishing it with the tip of his shoe. “Shit's weak,” He says with a laugh, words directed to Jaehyun. Only to be ignored.
“That dude your bodyguard or something?” He's talking to you, referring to Joon. You don't like him. Doesn't take long for you to decide that Jaehyun is extremely annoying and not someone you want to converse with. 
So you don't bother offering him up an answer, leaning your body toward Taehyung's who's focus is on rolling a second blunt with his own weed.
Eunwoo laughs, obviously amused with the way you ignored his friend. Unaware that you were more than prepared to do the same to him. He's taking three large steps before he's able to sink into the spot beside you on the steps, scooting himself a little bit too close for comfort. Just as close as Jungkook had been before, but it's not comfortable.
Or even pleasant.
His knuckles are tapping against your knee, this proud grin on his face when you turn to look in his direction. “How about you show me what's underneath that dress?” Obviously proud of himself with the half-assed line that more than likely worked on some girl in the past. It's repulsing to you, though, and the look on your face is enough.
“Um, no? Who even are you?” Your rejection has a scowl settling on his features, eyes rolling dramatically. And it doesn't help with the snickers that are coming from his friends, had heard your response to his lame remark. “Does it matter? You mean to tell me you know the name of all the guys you fuck?” His laughter mixes with his friends and Taehyung is cutting them off with a grunt.
Leaning over you with this deadly look in his eyes, squinted in Eunwoo's direction. “Get lost, fucker. Before I have you picking up your teeth off the ground.” Words delivered through gritted teeth have chills running down your own spine. You knew all too well how Taehyung could get when he was pissed off and no way did you think this fucker was worth that energy.
“Taehyung...” A hand set on his chest, a failed attempt to calm him because the dude behind you just couldn't seem to keep his mouth shut. “You think I'm afraid of you?” He's laughing, but you can clearly see the bit of fear in his eyes. Although shorter, Taehyung was much stronger than this guy. Could very much have him passed out with a single punch.
And he knows it. Which is why he's standing from his seat, large hands rolling up the sleeves of his dress shirt. “You fucking should be,” He spits, ready for a fight that you're not willing to witness. Neither is the fuckwad's friend's because they're quick to step in between. “Let's go find, Koo.” Yugyeom is rushing out, leaving Jaehyun to drag his friend inside.
“Idiots. Are you okay?” Taehyung offers you a small smile while taking the spot beside you again. The nod you give is enough to ease his worries, his shoulder comfortably leaning against yours.
Tumblr media
FEBRUARY 18TH, 2020 | 22:07
They find Jungkook in the kitchen, refilling the red solo cup he had been nursing since he had made his way downstairs. Jaehyun is laughing much louder than needed for the situation that had just taken place, causing a look of confusion to lift onto Jungkook's features.
“What's funny?” He's pausing his laughter just for a moment to reach for the cup in Jungkook's hand, taking a long sip from it before handing it back. “Your bud over here thought he was hot shit... tried to hit on that porn star you were talking to earlier,” He's gasping for air dramatically as if what he's about to say is so funny. “And she rejected him so bad. Almost got his ass handed to him by that actor dude. Think she's fucking him.”
Eunwoo is scoffing, rolling his eyes as he mumbles out a, “Not funny.” Ignored by everyone while Yugyeom is quick to shake his head, hand raising to halt the conversation as he swallows the bit of food in his mouth. “What about the dude that wouldn't even let anyone look at her? She's gotta be fucking him,”
“She's probably fucking both of them,” Eunwoo says with a shrug, summing that up to the reason you rejected him in the first place.
Jaehyun is moving to clap a hand on his friend's shoulder, attempting to comfort his wounded friend. “See? She's a major slut anyway. You'd catch something no doubt,” Their laughter picks up again, a chorus of agreement sounding around them.
The disgust is evident on Jungkook's face, the feeling starting in the pit of his stomach. Something that he normally feels whenever they start talking like that, but it's much stronger this time around. “Aye, that's not cool.” He's hoping that'll put a stop to this conversation.
It doesn't.
“It's not like I lied?” Jaehyun says with a laugh, moving to stand in Jungkook's way. “You've seen her in the videos. Literally, free parking for anyone with a gold chain,” The sound of the screen door catches their attention. You're walking in with Taehyung close behind you, just a few feet from where they're standing. Talking about you. “I mean, just look what she's got on,”
Jungkook is actually look in your direction, but not in the way Jaehyun expects him to. He can't help but admire you because you look gorgeous. Could tell that you put a lot of effort and thought into how you looked tonight so how dare this asshole say something negative about it. 
About you.
“You don't even know her,” He's protesting, quietly in fear of you overhearing. Maybe it's the look on your face, the bit of discomfort that washes over your features when you're gaze is landing on the guys surrounding him. This unbearable feeling of anger is washing over him, the urge to knock out the person who put that look on your face. “And even if you did, you shouldn't talk about people like that,”
Jaehyun can tell that he's hit a nerve, even more, pleased with the fact that you're just a few feet away from them, trying to act like you're not straining to hear everything they're saying. “I don't know why you're getting so upset?” His tone is patronizing as he moves closer into Jungkook's space. “A whore is a wore no matter how you fuck it,” Words just loud enough to be heard by you.
And that sets Jungkook off like nothing else. You heard him. He knows you did because you're visibly closing in on yourself at the insult. Seeing that, he doesn't bother to hold himself back. Not hesitating for a moment before he's drawing his fist back, connecting it with Jaehyun's jaw. With enough force to knock him off balance.
There's a dribble of blood leaking from his nose, tracing the outline of his lip. “Man, what the fuck!?” He shouts after seeing the tips of his fingers stained red. One good punch knocking into Jungkook's jaw is all it takes to have him dropping Jaehyun onto the floor, the two of them rolling around on the floor. 
Taehyung is springing to action beside you after the two young boys are deemed useless at breaking it up. His shouts for them to stop being heard over the blow of their punches, but ignored. Trying and failing to pull Jungkook off of Jaehyun, but you don't move. Not until the roles are reversed and Jungkook is the one on the receiving end of the punches.
The pained whine that leaves Jungkook's mouth as the blows meet his face tugs at your heart and make you angry. Angry enough that you're able to push through the crowd of boys trying to break up the fight, mustering up all your strength to shove at Jaehyun's body, just strong enough to knock him off just a bit.
Enough for the rest of the guys to drag him back. Panicked movements of your hands are shoving his hair back, trying to spot any hidden signs of damage besides his obvious split lip. He doesn't sit still for your inspection, pushing your hands off so that he can stand. Storming outside without a word. 
Tumblr media
FEBRUARY 18TH, 2020 | 23:01
Jungkook is laid flat on his back when you find him outside. Arms stretched on his sides, he doesn't even look up when you're walking out of the side door. Doesn't even budge when you're sinking down in the spot beside him with a bottle of water in hand. It takes you tapping it against his leg to get him to sit up.
This dazed look in his bloodshot eyes, a dopey smile on his lips. “Are you drunk?” Extending the bottle out to him, he reaches for it with a quick nod of his head.
“Mmh. Full-blown white girl wasted,” His skin is red around his eye and near his temple, lip split, crimson red blood staining his chin. He takes the smallest sip out of the water before he's tossing the bottle aside, letting his head drop down on your shoulder.
Like his body has all of a sudden become too heavy for him to hold up on his own, body swaying slightly against you. “Please don't puke on me,” You're mumbling out, pulling a soft chuckle from his lips. “I won't puke on you,”
He's nestling closer, nose brushing against the skin of your neck. It has your hairs standing on end, heart pounding in your chest because he's so close. “Mm. You smell nice, what is that?” He inhales dramatically and you're laughing out loud, hand finding his forehead to push him away from you gently.
“Nothing. I don't wear perfume,”
His eyes scan over your features, that cute smile taking over his features. The sound of his laugh, matching yours. “Liar,” Jungkook moves in to close the little bit of space between the two of you. Admiring the way you look as your laugh dies down into a pretty smile. Chin rested on his palm as he watches you, the smile not leaving his face. “You want to make out with me right now?”
“No, I don't.” The question catches you a bit off guard, but you don't miss a bit.
A playful tsk of disapproval leaves his lips. “Damn, just my luck.” He's jutting his lower lip out into a pout and it takes everything in you not to lean down and kiss you. He's sighing, large hands lifting to push the fluffy hair back off his forehead. “I had no idea I was gonna meet you tonight,” There's actual disbelief in his voice, head shaking from side to side before he's tilting his head to look over at you.
“I had no idea I'd have to break up a fistfight,” He doesn't laugh along with you, his face scrunching up cutely. Visibly upset with himself. For losing his cool. For acting out of character and putting his hands on someone... someone that he considered a friend. In front of you of all people. There was no telling what you thought of him after seeing that.
“Sorry,” The words leaving his lips sheepishly leave, but you're shaking your head a small smile spreading onto your lips. Wetting the tip of your thumb with your tongue, you're reaching your hand out to wipe at the crusted blood on his lip. “It's not your fault. We all get angry... I just don't get it? Weren't you guys friends?”
Shoulders lifting slightly, his hand is wrapping around yours just as you're wiping his blood on his pant leg. Easily scooting himself closer to you, his head finding your lap. Jungkook guides your hand into his hair, heavy eyes falling closed. “Yeah. We'll probably be cool in the morning. He was just being disrespectful and needed to know that.” 
Your fingers twist and tug in his hair, this odd feeling of comfort washes over you being this close to him. It's not weird or off-putting, you like having them. Thoroughly enjoy talking to him with your fingers in his hair, him slowly drifting to sleep.
“Boys are weird,”
He's shaking his head almost immediately, nose scrunching slightly. “Girls are. Y'all don't even fight. Just make petty jabs but smiled in each other's faces,” His eyes are opening, catching you in the love-struck gaze you have been pinning him with since he put his head on your lap. You're quick to avert your eyes. He laughs at you, rolling those pretty eyes of his.
“Not all girls,” You correct. There's something about Jungkook's smile that has the ability to awaken this bright-eyed mushy girl, who wants to do nothing but swoon at the sight. It's not different from the lazy smile he flashes here and there. The pounding in your chest getting harder to ignore. “Are you a fighter then?”
Not a moment of hesitation is spared before you're answering, “When I need to be.” Jungkook is pulling himself from his spot on your lap, this amused look on his face as he rises up enough to be face to face with you. Noses just inches apart, if you were bold enough you'd lean in and close the space between you.
His eyes flicker down to your lips, tongue gliding over his lower lip. “Think you can take me?” He wants nothing more than to lean in and kiss you but holds back. Allowing you to make the first move... if you wanted.
“Without a doubt,” Jungkook's easily sensing the obvious way that you're holding back from kissing him, so he's dropping his head back into your lap. A comfortable silence falling over the two of you. Comfortable, but you still feel the need to fill it. A question bouncing around in your mind that you couldn't just ignore. “What did he say? That made you so mad...”
Arms crossed over his chest, he's shaking his head quickly, eyes falling closed. “Nothing,” Brushing it off as if it was actually nothing, but it was obviously something if it had him angry enough to punch the guy in the face.
And then continue to punch him after that.
“I mean, it is something. What was it? Feel like it was about me...” You had heard bits and pieces of their conversation, not enough to interject and defend yourself, but enough to make you want to hear more. Jaehyun referring to you as a whore, though. You had heard that part loud and clear... and there was nothing else to hear after that because that's when the punches started flying.
His large hand lands on your hip, holding it steady as he moves his body closer to you. It's only there for a second, but the moment he's dropping it you feel the heat it left behind. And the way it seems to cruise through your entire body. “It was. Don't worry about it, though. I think you look absolutely stunning in your little dress,” There's sleepiness in his tone, giving way to the fatigue that's taking over him.
Until he's hearing your voice again. “He didn't?”
Figuring, you're not going to let him sleep in this oddly comfortable position on his lap, he's huffing out a frustrated breath. Sitting up beside you, both hands lifting to run through his hair. “Don't worry about it.” No good would come from you knowing what was being said about you behind your back, from someone like Jaehyun on top of that.
You didn't deserve to be talked about the way that he was and he wasn't going to make you feel shittier than you probably did by giving you all the gritty details. “I'm gonna go talk to Hobi,” He's standing to his feet before you can stand anything else, offering a hand down to you.
“Come inside... you're gonna get cold,”
Ignoring his hand you stand on your own, ready to follow him inside. He stops you before you're entering the house, tugging the jean jacket from his body to hand over to you. Waiting only a moment for you to take it and when you don't, he's draping it over your shoulders.
Instantly, you're being engulfed in his warmth. In his sweet scent. Barely acknowledging the drips of blood near the breast pocket, blood that you're almost positive doesn't belong to him. It's a sweet gesture, with how he had just been concerned about you being cold. But at the same time... “I didn't ask for this,”
He's nodding his head quickly, glancing back inside where everything has calmed down. Reaching to tug the jacket closed around your body. “I know, but your teeth are chattering.” He's reaching to pull the glass door open, allowing you to enter the house before him. Stopping you just before you pass him to go back to your friends, using the light grip he has to pull you toward him.
The words he mumbles into your ear hold much more weight than he intended. Gives a whole new meaning to why he had stripped off his jacket to give to you. Why he fought his friend for something he said. It suddenly makes everything make sense. 
“Just wear it. For me, please.” 
Tumblr media
— known for your body and surrounded by rumors about your sex life… rumors that he doesn’t think to doubt. until he’s meeting you… forced to realize there’s much more to you then the thonged shorts and lacy costumes.
⤪ masterlist ⤨
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sg-marshall · 7 months ago
sims 4 trait legacy challenge
This is a ten generation legacy challenge based on some characteristics people can possess. Each generation will be based upon a new trait. The style and gender of the generation is completely up to you (I usually play as women but gender does not matter in this challenge)! Complete all goals before focusing on the next generation. Some may play onto each other, so be sure to look ahead before moving forward! I created an adapted version for people who do not have the packs I used listed below the challenge. I wanted to make sure everyone could play and not feel left out!
No cheats or mods!
Start off with $20,000 and a build a house wherever you want one.
Complete all six goals for every generation before moving onto the next one.
Complete the full aspiration and reach level 10 in the set career.
There is no rules when it comes to aging up but I suggest waiting until it is their set birthday.
Play on normal life span.
Packs Used: Base Game, Discovery University, Seasons, City Living, Get to Work, Cats and Dogs, Parenthood, Spa Day, and Knifty Knitting
Generation One: Responsibility
You are a very old fashioned person who believes things have a certain way of being done. Every object in your house has a set place, the person you marry you are supposed to stay with forever, and the world should be a clean place to live in. Never once have you strayed away from your beliefs and you’ve always lived your life by the book. Even once your partner dies and you are left with a child who cannot handle their passing, you stay true to your morals. (EDIT: I have been playing this challenge myself and found that the final level of the aspiration said “have a child master a career”. I do not know if you have to be in the household for that, but if you do, just add this generation to the household of the next one before they master it. It is also okay if you want to ignore/cheat this part.)
Traits: Neat, Good, Green Fiend
Aspiration: Successful Lineage
Career: Education (Administrator Branch)
Max charisma skill.
Max research and debate skill.
Be married as a young adult, but have your partner die (do not tell your child how) once they reach adult hood. Never remarry.
Have only one child with your partner.
Complete the snowglobes collection and have them set up in a specific room in your house.
Make your neighborhood green and keep it that way.
Generation Two: Determined
You’ve always struggled to cope with the death of your father/mother ever. Maybe that's because you never really knew why they died in the first place. Left with too many questions to handle, you destroy your relationship with your friends and family and run away to find some answers. This entails a trip to Sixam, where you can finally wrap ahead around the passing of you mom/dad. You decide to come home just in time to see your mom/dad just before they too pass away. After a heart-breaking conversation, you realize that all the secrecy was for the best.
Traits: Gloomy, Ambitious, Loner
Aspiration: Nerd Brain
Career: Astronaut (Interstellar Smuggler Branch)
Max rocket science skill.
Max mischief skill.
Build a rocket ship and fly to Sixam.
Run away and live on your own as a teenager. 
Have a horrible relationship with your mom/dad as a young adult, but become best friends with them before they pass away.
Complete the microscope prints collection.
Generation Three: Loving
Your mother/father was extremely distant growing up, which caused you to rely on friends as your family. Your childhood best friend has been with you every step of the way, and you ended up fell in love with them. All you wanted to do was be a mother/father, but found out you could never have children. You adopt a child as a baby and raise them as your own, teaching them everything you wish your parents did for you.
Traits: Romantic, Family - Oriented, Foodie
Aspiration: Soulmate
Career: Babysitter (Teenager), None (Young Adult and older)
Max parenting skill.
Max wellness skill.
Marry your childhood best friend.
Adopt a baby after you get married.
Teach your toddler to max all skills.
Have a side passion of knitting.
Generation Four: Intelligence
You grew up incredibly smart with no knowledge of who your real parents were. However, that never mattered to you. Your adoptive parents have made it their life goal to advance your gifts in every way they know how. Late nights of helping you with homework, early mornings of finishing projects, and spending their fortunes to enroll you into the college of your dreams. All you wanted to do was repay them by becoming a world renowned journalist. You dedicate your best-sellers to them because, after all, they’ll always be your biggest fan.
Traits: Genius, Bookworm, Unflirty
Aspiration: Academic
Career: Writer (Journalist Branch)
Max logic skill.
Max writing skill. 
Reach level eight in five other skills of your choice.
Go to the University of  Britechester and study Language and Literature (distinguished).
Join the Debate Guild and reach the highest rank.
Write five novels.
Generation Five: Hard - Working
Fashion has been your passion since you were a little girl/boy. You even asked your parents to stop dressing you as a toddler because the clothes they picked were “not stylish enough.” As a self-proclaimed style icon, you knew you had to make your biggest dream come true: to create your own fashion line. So, as soon as you graduated high school, you packed your bags and moved to the big city - San-Myshuno. There you created your social media platform and blew up! A normal life was never your style, and you made sure to put in as many hours as it would take to achieve all you ever wanted.
Traits: Perfectionist, Self - Assured, Materialistic
Aspiration: City Native
Career: Style Influencer (Stylist Branch)
Max photography skill.
Max painting skill.
Must live in San-Myshuno.
Complete the crystals collection.
Hire a nanny for your child and do not spend much time with them.
Gain 10,000 followers on Simstagram.
Generation Six: Resilience
After being known as “the child of the most famous fashion designer” all your life, the city became a toxic place for you. You hated the loud noises, constant stream of people, and just wanted to live a quiet life. You loved visiting your grandmother/father’s house and hearing one of her/his famous stories. You decided to pull inspiration from one of their novels and live off by the coast in the adorable Brindleton Bay. Your passion for crafting and living off the land inspired you to start a small business selling your candles and juice - all locally grown of course. 
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Maker, Creative
Aspiration: Master Maker
Career: Freelancer (Simply Crafted)
Max fabrication skill.
Reach level eight in both candle making and juice fizzing.
Move to Brindleton Bay as a young adult.
Have four or more kids.
Complete the frog collection.
Never go to an event in the city or visit the city once you are a young adult.
Generation Seven: Carefree
Being in a big family is can be hectic at times. So, you decided to be the happy jokester in the middle just trying to get people to crack a smile. And you got really good at it. As a major people person, you made sure to get to know everyone you meet. You even started a tradition of taking a picture with them so you could never forget that moment. Your friends will always invite you to go out because you are known for being the life of the party. However, the parties you host, are even better. You decide to live life as if it was one big stage, and you’re the star performer.
Traits: Goofball, Clumsy, Outgoing
Aspiration: Party Animal
Career: Entertainer (Comedian Branch)
Max comedy skill.
Max singing skill.
Host a party every week.
Take a photo of every person who visits you.
Marry someone you met just two days before.
Attend every festival or event you are asked to attend.
Generation Eight: Kind
Expected to be just like your mother/father, no one ever assumed you would be the quiet kid who preferred reading over partied. However, that is exactly who you were. When it was that time of the week for a new social event, you either left for the library or locked yourself in your room, praying it ended soon. Your parents noticed you struggled talking to people, so they allowed you to adopt a puppy once you became a teenager. You and your dog instantly became best friends and you took them everywhere. Even though you may not be great with people, being compassionate was a skill you ranked high in. You always looked out for the less fortunate and wanted to provide in anyway you could.
Traits: Vegetarian, Loner, Good
Aspiration: Friend of the Animals
Career: Gardner (Floral Designer Branch)
Max gardening skill.
Max flower arranging skill.
Keep up a garden of just flowers.
Adopt strays: one dog, and two cats.
Marry an ambitious sim.
Donate $100 to charity weekly.
Generation Nine: Impulsive
You grew up hearing stories of your grandmother/father’s so called “wild days” and fell in love with the energy it brought. However, your mom/dad raised you better than to go out spending life as if there was no consequences. Finding a balance started off to be very challenging for you. You could never hold down relationships and even got pregnant/got someone pregnant twice. It wasn't until you became a secret agent and learned how to live two lifestyles: one full of fun and adventure; the other more stable and structured.
Traits: Active, Non-Committal, Bro
Aspiration: Bodybuilder
Career: Secret Agent (Diamond Agent Branch)
Max fitness skill.
Max handiness skill.
Go to either college for Psychology and play soccer.
Have four failed relationships and never get married.
Have two children from two different relationships.
Move three times once you become a young adult.
Generation 10: Passionate
Because your mother/father’s job required you to move around so much, making real life friends was a lot harder than it seemed. So, you built your relationships within the online community. Every day, you and your closest friends would hop online and compete in tournaments or even play for fun. As the years went on, you became really good at coding and even started working on your own apps. You looked up to the players from ESports Gaming - only the best gamers in the world - and longed to be sitting in one of their spots. And sure enough, after years of perfecting your strategies and game plays, your dreams came true!
Traits: Geek, Hot-Headed, Outgoing
Aspiration: Computer Whiz
Career: Tech Guru (ESport Gamer Branch)
Max programming skill.
Max video gaming skill.
Complete the MySims Trophies collection.
Attend and compete in every Geek Con convention.
Make five video games or apps.
Mentor your child/ren for five hours each.
Gen 1:
If you do not have Discover University, go into the Business career (Management Branch).
Max cooking skill if you do not have Discover University.
If you do not have City Living, complete the postcards collection.
Gen 2:
Unlock the secret world in Oasis Springs if you do not have Get to Work.
Gen 3:
If you do not have Parenthood but do have Get to Work, max the baking skill.
If you do not have both Parenthood and Get to Work, max the gourmet cooking skill.
If you do not have Spa Day but do have Knifty Knitting, max the knitting skill.
If you do not have both Spa Day or Knifty Knitting, max the photography skill.
If you do not have Knifty Knitting, have a side passion of photography.
Gen 4:
If you do not have Discover University, read a new skill book every week instead of attending university.
Gen 5:
If you do not have City Living, have the  Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.
If you do not have City Living, live in Oasis Springs.
Gen 6:
Do not have a career if you do not have Eco-Lifestyle. Instead, craft item on the woodworking for money.
If you do not have Eco-Lifestyle, max the fishing skill instead of reaching level eight in candle making and juice fizzing.
If you do not have Cats and Dogs, move to Evergreen Harbor.
If you do not have both Cats and Dogs or Eco-Lifestyle, live in Willow Creek
If you do not have Eco-Lifestyle, have the self-assured trait instead.
If you do not have Eco-Lifestyle, have the Angling Ace aspiration.
Gen 7:
If you do not have City Living but do have Get Together, max the dancing skill.
If you do not have both City Living or Get Together, max the mixology skill.
Gen 8:
If you do not have Dogs and Cats, have the Freelance Botanist aspiration.
Do not have a career if you do not have Seasons. Instead, sell your plants for money.
If you do not have Seasons but have Get to Work, max the baking skill.
If you do not have both Seasons or Get to Work, max the violin skill.
If you do not have Dogs and Cats, but have Seasons, own three bees nests and two insect nests instead of owning pets.
If you do not have both Dogs and Cats or Seasons, have three children instead of having three pets.
If you do not have City Living, have the cheerful trait.
Gen 9:
If you do have Strangerville, go into the Military Career (I do not have it, so I played as a Secret Agent)
If you do have Snowy Escape, have the adventurous trait instead of the active trait (I do not have it but believe they would be adventurous).
If you do not have Discover University, read five skill books over different topics, instead of going to college.
Gen 10:
If you do not have City Living, compete in an online tournament weekly instead of going to Geek Con.
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Arvin Russell x reader
Summary: Your relationship with Arvin was complicated, but he liked you. You weren’t proper which his grandma hated, but no one knew the shy, submissive side that Arvin knew, he fucking loved it. 
Warning: smut (unprotected—which is bad wrap dem willies :) ), language, mentions of death, dom/sub sorta, beating people up
I lost another bet to @vanillacupcake and @soft-petey suggested the idea and I don’t mind at all😌
Tumblr media
You ran a hand through your hair as you helped your younger brother out of the car. He held the side of your dress as you held the plate of cookies, to take to the church. Your family isn’t religious, but everyone brings food to the church some times.
You held the tray of cookies, making your way up the steps with your six year old brother, Dean, beside you. He was only coming so you can drop him at the church so his friends mom can take them to the park.
The noises from the crowd outside brought you back. The town wasn’t big, everyone knew everyone , doesn’t mean they all got along.
“There’s your friend right?” You said, pointing at his friend.
“Yea okay bye.” Dean ran off to his friend, you smiled politely at his friends mom, who returned a nod.
“Jesus fuck.” You sighed.
“What’s wrong?” A voice boomed behind you, starling you instantly, cursing loudly, all the cookies dropping from the tray.
A few people stared you down, knowing how you rarely ever come here and now your disturbing them.
“Shit Arvin.” You sighed, holding a hand against your chest as he chuckled, now standing in front of you, not before waving at his grandma and sister to go in without him.
“Didn’t know you were screamer.” He smirked making you roll your eyes. Your relationship with Arvin Russell, if that’s what your gonna call it, is a little complicated.
You both grew up in the same neighborhood, never really played as kids because he was always with his sister, Lenora, or was on his own. That never changed and you never hated him for that, it was a nice thing he did for her.
It wasn’t until high school, when you crossed paths. He was out behind the school getting beat up by three seniors that were picking on Lenora earlier. You were on your way to your car, when you heard the noises. Three of em ganging up on Arvin. You ran down, pushing them off of him before they made a slide comment about Arvin and you before leaving.
“You alright?” You said helping him up. Arvin shook you off him.
“I’m fine.” He huffed, wincing when your hand touched the cut on his cheek.
“I got some bandaids in my car, don’t be an ass and just come.” You said, Arvin grumbling before following you.
You cleaned him up in the backseat, Arvin looking over you until you finally put the bandaid on and his lips latched onto yours. Which then led to him fucking you in the backseat. He was your first, but you never told him that.
You later found out that the same three seniors that beat him up, got the shit knocked out of em, one of them ending up in the hospital. Everyone knew it was Arvin, but there was no clear evidence. Since then, you’ve hooked up with Arvin every few months all through high school. But it’s been about four months since you’ve got with him, he’s been busy with work since summer started you assume.
“Shut up.” You said, making Arvin smile. You sighed as you bent down picking up the cookies that fell, Arvin bit his lip helping you with the cookies, his eyes flickering down your dress once in awhile.
“Where’ve you been?” You said, standing back up.
“Work. You look good.” Arvin smiled, making a small blush coat your cheeks.
“Shut up.”
“Why do you keep telling me to shut up?” Arvin said, making you bite the inside of your cheek shrugging. And that had Arvin flying, he missed that shy part of you. He liked how tough you were with others and how you didn’t take shit from anyone, or wasn’t afraid to talk back. Arvin’s grandma, Emma, didn’t like that though, neither did Lenora. Emma thought you should be more respectful and go to church. Lenora didn’t like how you’d cut your sun dresses to reach the middle of your thighs like the ones you’re wearing now. But Arvin liked all those things about you. He liked how you were and he liked how shy you’d only get around him.
“Should probably go back home, the cookies are all ruined now.” You said nibbling on your bottom lip, causing Arvin to bite back a groan.
“Not much for church?” Arvin already knew the answer but he was trying to figure out a way to stay with you a little longer.
“Talk about the same things, nothing’s new.” You shrugged, the wind blowing hair into you face.
“How’s your dad?” Arvin asked, remembering the many times your dad has given him a part time jobs over the summer and breaks.
“He’s alright, has a new girlfriend.” You rolled your eyes, Arvin bit his lip, everyone knew what happened to your mom, Arvin remembered the night last year when you found her.
He was sitting in the backseat of his unfixed Chevy Bel Air when he saw you mindlessly walking down the street in the pouring rain. You walked up his driveway.
“Y/n, you alright?” Arvin called out, the car door opened. Your movements stopped, as you looked up, hands and shirt stained in red. “Shit, sweetheart.” Arvin scrambled out of the car dropping his book as he made his way to you. “What happened? Is this your blood? are you hurt? who did this?” The questions flew over your head as you blankly looked at the rain cleaning the blood off your hands.
Arvin finally got the words out of you as you sat on the wet driveway floor. “S-She did it t-to herself.” You rested your head on his shoulder, your backs leaning against his car. Arvin’s Uncle Earksell came out and Arvin told him to call the cops.
Once the cops finished questioning you. Your dad had found out at work, he never came home that night. Arvin let Emma take you inside while he went to go pick up your little brother who was at a friends house. Arvin lended you and Dean his room as he went to sleep on the couch. The next day Earksell picked up your dad who blacked out at the bar.
“She nice?—“ Arvin tried.
“She’s a bitch, fucking three years older than me.” You spat, Arvin biting his lip, nodding. “She steals my clothes, and never lets Dean watch his cartoons.” You huffed, chest heaving.
“Seems like a bitch.” Arvin agreed, making you smile, laughing lightly. “She at your house?”
“Yea.” Your smile fell, Arvin’s head lighting up.
“Wanna see something?” Arvin asked, heart warming when he saw you start to smile.
You let Arvin drive your car down to the car repair shop he was currently working at, which happened to be by the old diner. Arvin ordered you both two milkshakes before taking your hand and leading you out to the car shop.
“You got a new car or somethin?” You tried to keep up with his excited steps.
“I already have one, but now....” Arvin took a large black sheet off his Chevy Blue Air. “It’s finally done.”
“Holy shit, it looks brand new.” You gushed, you weren’t much of a car person, but seeing how excited Arvin is, you didn’t want to bring him down.
“I repainted and shined it. The wheels are new, the motor is fixed, and the breaks finally work.” Arvin listed, wiping a smudge on the side.
“Wanna see the inside of the hood?” Arvin looked over at you with a huge smile. You hummed, nodding your head as you drank your milkshake. Arvin popped open the hood, both of you leaning over as Arvin pointed the different parts and how he fixed it. If you were being honest all you could notice were his hands, remembering the times when they were inside—
Whistles from behind you broke your thoughts. You rolled your eyes when you saw two guys whistling at you, motioning at your ass where your dress was raised from you leaning over.
Arvin’s jaw clenched.
“Don’t fucking look her.” Arvin snapped at the two guys.
“She definitely ain’t your girl, everyone knows the only girl that would talk to you is your rat-faced sister.” One of them spoke.
Arvin moved you back carefully, slamming the hood of the car, he leaned over it, eyes clenched shut. His fathers voice echoing through his mind. This wasn’t the right time, he’ll wait.
“Is he praying?” The two men cackled.
“Go fuck off!” You cursed em out, only to have them whistle back at you, making sexual faces before walking away. “Arvin you okay?” You put a hand on his shoulder.
“I’m fine, why do you ask?” He said, finishing his milkshake before throwing his and yours out in the garbage.
“What were you praying for?” You asked, curious.
“For the right moment.” He said, taking your hand making his way back into the old diner. It was always filled with kids from school which Arvin hated, you used to work here until they fired you for smashing a guys drink on the floor, but he touched your ass when you were handing them their drinks and you weren’t going to let him get away with it. It wasn’t until a month ago when they finally allowed you back to dine.
“Wanna play pool?” You asked Arvin as you waited in a booth for your food, it was the afternoon and more kids were showing up and playing darts and pool.
“I’m not any good.” Arvin said looking over his shoulder at the pool table, shrugging his jean jacket off since it was getting hot. You forced yourself not to look at his biceps, but you couldn’t control your eyes, and you ignored the sly smirk Arvin had when he caught you.
You cleared your throat. “Well you won’t get any good if you just sit here.” You said, taking his wrist and forcing him out of the booth, leading him to the pool table.
It was odd, the feeling Arvin would get around you. He hated it at first, how he’d think about your smile and laugh. But he grew to embrace it. He liked thinking about you. Either when he was alone in his room with his hand under the blankets, or when he was in class and his thoughts would float over to you a few classes down, thinking about when he’d see you again.
“No you’re holding it wrong.” You laughed, putting your stick down, as you came over to Arvin. He felt your breath against his cheek, your delicate hand resting on his shoulder as the other held his hand fixing his position. “Better.” You stepped away.
Arvin let out a sigh as he hit the ball. You both played, not noticing the diner beginning to get more crowded. That is until you heard more whistles followed by some comments about your legs and ass. It’s was from four guys in a booth, two of them were the same ones that whistled at you earlier.
“I will shove this stick in your eyes if you don’t shut the fuck up.” Arvin snapped, causing the boys at the booth to laugh.
“Go back home Russell, before your brick face of a sister makes another guy want to burn their eyes out because of her looks.” One said, causing the whole table to laugh.
“That’s it.” Arvin grabbed his stick from the table, ready to beat the shit out of all of them—until you grabbed the back of his shirt pulling him back.
“Arvin, not here, this isn’t the right time.” You said, remembering his words from before. Arvin tried to shake you off, jaw set, only to have you hold his forearm, hand resting on his cheek so he can look back at you.
“It’s not the right time.” You repeated, Arvin’s eyes darting between yours as his chest heaved from his anger. Without another word, Arvin put the stick on the table before taking your hand and storming into the back room where the employee lockers were.
“I don’t work here anymore.” You said, but Arvin ignored your comment as he closed the door, locking it behind you. His back faced you, running his hands through his hair. “Are you okay, I’m sorry they always say shit like that, they’re fucking pigs—“ Arvin’s lips cut you off.
“Please stop talking about em.” He mumbled into your lips, pushing you back against the door, tongue licking your lips.
“Okay.” You hummed. Arvin’s hand trailing up your side, pushing your hair off your shoulder before dipping his head down and kissing down your neck, licking your jaw.
“I missed my sweetheart so much.” Arvin sucked under your jaw, his words and lips making you moan. “Did you miss me? Miss your daddy?” The memories flooded back in, seeing how you react to his words and his touch.
“Yes.” You rested your head back as your eyes fell shut, but Arvin’s head came back up, his hand holding your chin making your eyes open.
“Yes?” His breath hit your face, lips just barely touching yours.
“Yes daddy, I missed you.” Arvin groaned, his thumb pulling your bottom lip down, your mouth going slack as you looked into his eyes.
“So fucking good for me.” Arvin mumbled, his tongue running over your lips before slipping it into your mouth making you moan. He pressed himself closer to you, his leg between yours keeping them apart, his hand falling down to your shoulder as he unbuttoned the three buttons of your dress pushing it down exposing your shoulder, pushing the strap off your bra to have your breasts pool out.
“Couldn’t stop looking at my babygirl all day.” Arvin mumbled as he peppered your shoulder with kisses, his hand tweaking as your nipples. You moaned, hand running through his hair. “Noticed how you’d blush whenever I looked at you.” Arvin said, his hand trailing up under your dress grasping the inside of your thigh.
“Pleasee touch me daddy—“ your chest was heaving, Arvin bit his bit lip, hand coming up to rub you over your panties.
“Jesus sweetheart, you’re so wet. All this for daddy?” Arvin, pushing his thumb against your clit.
“Uhh yes—for you daddy, please fuck me, I miss you, I miss your cock,” you begged, making Arvin groan.
“You look so pretty begging for daddy though. My baby.” Arvin’s fingers brushed your underwear again, pulling it down slowly. His middle finger gently bristled your folds as you let out a soft moan, rubbing your clit he dipped his finger into your pussy.
A moan escaped, mouth fell agape as Arvin’s middle and ring finger fucked your core, his other hand twisting your nipple as his lips sucked under your ear.
“So hard, fuck.” Arvin groaned, pressing his head against your temple. Arvin pulled his fingers out. “No whining.” Arvin looked at you sternly, making you nod your head. He pulled your panties off.
“Okay daddy.” You rested agaisnt the door as Arvin took a step back to unbuckle his belt, quickly pushing his jeans down as he looked up seeing your pussy under your dress.
“Fuck, spread your legs for me sweetheart.” Arvin bit his lip as he pulled his cock out watching you lift your dress up spreading your legs out. “Miss my pussy so much, my pussy to ruin right darling?” Arvin pulled your dress up to your waist, letting you wrap a leg around him, his cock rubbing against your clit.
“Come on, Arvin.” You whined. Arvins eyes darkened as his jaw clenched.
“What’d I say about whining.” He growled, slamming his cock inside you. Your mouth fell open, a moan dragging out as Arvin’s hand went up your side, massaging your breasts as his cock fucked your wet cunt.
“Jesus fuck you’re so tight.” Arvin’s cock thrusted up into you, your foot barely touching the ground as he pounded into you against the door. Arvin’s finger traced your collarbone before his hand slowly wrapped around your neck.
“Daddy.” You moaned as Arvin held the underside of your thigh, thrusting mercilessly into you. His hand adding pressure as he bit your bottom lip, a louder moan emitting from the back of your throat. Your mind was fuzzy as Arvin pushed your legs further apart, feeling him much deeper making you clench.
Arvin panted as he nuzzled his nose against your shoulder.
“I want you-w-want your cum daddy.” You moaned Arvin watched as your mouth hung open for him, your breasts bouncing with each thrust of his hard cock. Arvin went faster, as you tugged his hair, his thumb pressing against your throat as your head rested back as he fucked you harder.
“Cmon sweetheart—cum for me.” Arvin grunted, not much for moaning loudly, you were whimpering as Arvin bit down on your shoulder, licking and sucking letting his teeth graze again. His hand around your throat came to his lips, licking his thumb as he brought it down to your clit rubbing tight circles around. Your hips jolted, grasping his shoulders as you tried to spread your legs further, pushing up with him.
“What did you want baby?” Arvin asked, kissing below your jaw, biting on your neck.
“Wanna c-cum for you daddy.” You gasped, feeling Arvin’s cock twitch inside you. His eyes glazed as he watched you in amazement feeling his own pleasure, fucking you until your arms held his shoulders bringing him close.
“Cmon let go, cum on my cock—wanna feel you soak my cock.” Arvin whispered in your ears
“Daddy—oh fuck—oh fuck oh my god Arvin!” Your mouth fell agape, Arvin falling apart hearing you instinctively moan his real name.
“Shit.” His cock twitched as his thrusts became sloppy, burying his face into the crook of your neck, biting down not too harshly as his hips pressed between your legs, his body stilled as his stomach clenched, warm cum coating your walls. Arvin groaned into your neck, no longer biting, but sighing as his body shook post orgasm, cock still twitching as you clenched, more cum seeping out of him.
Your chest covered in sweat as you felt Arvin thrust softly, milking out his high so all his cum would come out. “Fuck Arvin.” You sighed, hand on the back of his head, finger tangled in his hair as he lifted his head up, face flushed.
“Y/n.” He sighed, groaning slightly when his cock twitched again. You bit your lip as you brought his head closer so he could meet your lips. You opened your mouth inviting his tongue in. Arvin kissed you as he slowly pulled out. Both of you shaking slightly.
“There’s paper towels in that locker.” You point to the supply locker, Arvin nodding, jogging over and grabbing some and wetting it in the sink in the corner. He made his way back to you bending down cleaning you up. He bit back his smirk when he felt your pussy clench when his knuckle brushed your clit.
“Thanks.” You smiled, Arvin nodding as he wiped his wet cock, pulling his boxers and pants back up, as you slipped on your panties. Arvin came over fixing the strap of your bra, his fingers lightly touching the few bite marks and hickies, making his cheeks flush.
“I never bit you before, did it hurt?” Arvin looked away from the marks and at your eyes.
“I liked it.” You smiled, Arvin chuckled lightly, buttoning up your dress before throwing out the paper towels. As Arvin stepped away so he could open the door, you held the wall and Arvin finally noticed your slightly shaky legs.
“Did I—?” A smirk forming.
“Shut up, I’m fine.” You cut him off, Arvin chuckled, taking your hand as he opened the door. The loud music diner seemed to be quiet compared to all the whispering and staring of everyone. You ran a hand through your hair blowing out you cheeks as the manager came out.
“That was completely inappropriate, Johnny get them out.” He said, Johnny grabbed your forearm pulling you forward, sending Arvin into a bull of rage. His fist connecting with Johnny’s cheek with no hesitation, sending him stumbling back into a table.
Arvin grabbed Johnnys shirt pulling him off the table and kneeing his ribs, before pushing him down on the floor, just Arvin was going to continue, you pulled his hand.
“Timing Arvin.” You said to him, Arvin sucked in a breath, his hand on your lower back walking you both out of the diner.
You both sat in the car before exchanging glances. Arvin looked over the seat, pulling out of the parking lot.
“Thanks for the ride.” Arvin said as he got out of your car, your brows furrowed, exiting the passenger seat.
“Thanks for the ride?” You repeated, you didn’t know after two years of small hooks once every three or four months that now was the time to speak up. But it was. You felt it.
“Yea?” Arvin looked at you confused.
“I know Emma and Lorena don’t like me, b-but I like you, I really do. I just thought that maybe you’d noticed or actually like me back. I mean don’t get me wrong the sex is nice, and-and I like hanging out with you on those rare days like today. B-But I like you...?” You rubbed your forearms as your heart raced, you honestly had no clue what you were saying but you hoped Arvin could see the main point somewhere in there.
“I’m a little confused, sorry.” Arvin put a hand your car, finger tapping the hood. “Are you saying you wanna date me? Or just like me as a friend?”
“I wanna date you Arvin.” You nimbled on your bottom lip watching Arvin break out into a smile.
“That’s nice, cuz I wouldn’t mind dating you either.” Arvin teased lightly, making you roll your eyes.
“Shut up.” You grumbled, Arvins head went forward laughing. He made his way over to you, hand holding your jaw, tongue running over your lips as he kissed you. You hummed holding his wrist as Arvin tilted your head, kissing you deeper, the taste of your tongue and the warmth of your body making him feel alive.
“Emma and Lorena like you.” Arvin half lies, making you hum sarcastically. “They think you’re a nice girl, but you can be a little...out there is all. But I like that about you.”
“Do you now?” You raised a teasing brow, making Arvin blush.
“Shut up.” He mumbled, making you gasp, only to have him shit you up with his lips. “I better get inside and think of an excuse as to why I skipped church or you won’t ever get the chance to date me.” Arvin said making you laugh.
It wasn’t until a few days later when Arvin took you on his first ride in the Chevy Bel Air, when he spotted one of the guys that whistled at you at the bar.
“Stay here.” Arvin said, parking the car off the side before making his way into the guys garage.
You leaned over looking through the window as Arvin kicked the guys car door shut, his fist colliding with guys jaw. You bit your lip watching Arvin beat the living shit out of the guy, before making his way back to the car.
Arvin hesitatingly looked over at you, only to be met with your lips. He hummed, arm around your torso as you told him to drive . When Arvin found the other three guys and beat them up with you standing behind him, he knew he was right about you.
You smiled as Arvin wiped some blood off his knuckles, kissing your cheek before leading you back to the car.
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Already dating
Word count: 1618
Genre: Probably fluff, idk really
Pairing: Natasha x gn!reader
Warnings: None (let me know if I need to add any)
Request: could you maybe write something with Natasha x male reader (if your comfortable, otherwise you can write it with female or gender neutral) where Natasha blushes when the reader compliments her in front of the team and the team immediately goes crazy and does everything in their power to get them together, only to find out they've been dating all along?
Summary: Steve and Tony (mostly Tony) lock you in an elevator to admit your feelings, not knowing you’re already together.
A/n: Thanks @mochamoff for the request, sorry it took so long to do it! I’m writing this authors note over a week before I’m posting the fic which is unusual because usually I post within twenty four hours of finishing. Anyways it feels nice to be on a break and this fic being posted means I’m officially back which I’m excited for. To be honest this fic isn’t the whole team, just Tony and Steve, but I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out so I hope you all enjoy reading!
Tumblr media
“Next time you have to listen to me in the field Stark.” Steve says as soon as everyone is settled into their place on the jet.
“Actually I don’t, you have absolutely no power over me and as much as you want to be the leader of this team you are not so stop acting like it.” Tony snaps back.
“Someone has to step up and lead.” Steve tells him. “It’s not like you could do any better, you would probably mess things up.”
“Maybe I would, but I would do a hell of a lot better than you are doing.” Tony says. “You like to pretend you’re all high and good and above us but who made you leader? Nobody. You crave control so you took it.”
“I did what needed to be done.”
You watch them snap back and forth at one another a few more times, rolling your eyes at Natasha. She gives you a small smile to show that she’s amused and turns her attention back to your two teammates whose argument has only gotten more and more heated.
“Y/n what do you think?” Tony asks, catching you off guard.
“About what?”
“About who would be a better leader for the team.” he explains. You think for a moment and they both stand as tall as possible (in Tony’s case it isn’t tall at all) and puff out their chests. You scoff, the male ego is so big, even in men who are good and try to do the right thing.
“Neither.” you decide.
“Neither- but the team needs a leader, you have to pick someone.” Tony splutters.
“Just because I don’t think the best leader is either of you doesn’t mean I don’t think the team needs a leader.” you tell him. How one of the smartest people in the world can’t figure that out for himself is beyond you.
“So who would you choose then?” Steve asks, confused.
“Natasha obviously.” you say, smiling at her. The corners of her mouth tug up slightly and even that small movement makes you feel proud.
“No offense, but Natasha???” Tony asks, seemingly outraged. “Why?”
“Well first of all she doesn’t have a fragile male ego like you dumbasses.” you tell them. “But it’s more than just that. She’s smart, both book smart and street smart. She can hack into computers and memorize information easily and knows how to blend in, or to get people to like her. She is more rational than the both of you combined but is also good at making decisions on the fly. She is an excellent fighter and can keep track of strategies and she has connections in and out of the government, with backup plans for almost every situation. Not to mention she has an amazing heart and don’t argue like some other people on our team tend to do. And of course she’s absolutely gorgeous but that doesn’t have anything to do with it.”
You wink at her at the end of your mini speech and are surprised to find her cheeks noticeably pink. She can’t help the smile that creeps onto her face when she thinks over your words.
“Abort mission, Romanoff is blushing and smiling, I think I might be about to die.” Tony states obnoxiously.
“Shut up, you’re just annoyed that she likes me better than you.” Natasha tells him, taking a breath to (mostly) collect herself.
“You’re scary when you’re happy. I haven’t seen you like that before.” he says. “Are you in love with Y/n or something?”
“Shut up.”
Tony smirks. “Make me.”
Natasha takes one threatening step towards him and that’s all it takes for him to back away, stuttering out apologies and mumbling under his breath about how Natasha is too scary to be a team leader. Natasha’s scare tactics do seem to work though because he doesn’t speak to anybody but himself for the rest of the ride home.
As soon as the jet touches down you and Natasha exit, heading straight to the room where you are supposed to be debriefed. Steve tries to follow but Tony grabs his arm to let him know to hold back a second.
“I know I joke but I honestly think they’re in love with each other.” Tony tells him. “I didn’t see it before today but there’s no way Y/n’s speech was platonic, who memorizes lists of reasons why they like their friends, not to mention their flirty wink at the end. And then Natasha, she’s scary but she was acting weird and happy around Y/n.”
“I hate to say this but I agree with you and they would make a cute couple.” Steve says. “But we should probably catch up now.”
Tony takes Steve’s words as an opportunity to stop being serious and become obnoxious again. “Onward dear captain, lead the way fearsome leader, how ever could I-”
“Tony I’m trying to be polite but you are making it very hard.”
“Tony no.”
“Tony yes.”
“That is a horrible idea.”
Tony opens his mouth in outrage. “I think it’s a pretty good idea actually.”
“I won’t work.” Steve counters.
“Well I think it well and need I’m the only genius here.” he says smugly.
“You can’t force love!” Steve tells Tony, running his hand through his hair in frustration.”
“Ah, ah, ah,” Tony says, “I’m not forcing love, they are already in love. All I’m doing is giving them a little push.”
“By locking them in an elevator?” Steve asks in a deadpan voice.
“You can’t just go around locking people-” Steve starts to say but he gets cut off by Tony.
“Shhhhhhh, hi Y/n, hi Natasha.”
“Hi guys, what are you up to?” you ask, obvious to what was going on seconds before you entered the room. Natasha eyes them suspiciously because they are acting weird, holding their bodies stiffly, which means they are hiding something.
“We were just about to head down to the training room, want to come?” Tony lies smoothly while Steve shakes his head in the background.
“That sounds good,” you reply, “you want Tasha?”
“Okay.” she agrees, still eyeing both of them, Tony in particular suspiciously.
“Great!” Tony says and starts to walk towards the elevator and the rest of you follow him, Steve trying to convince himself that going along with Tony’s plan is doing no harm.
“Ladies first.” he says, stepping off to the side and giving a big flourish with his arm. It’s weird but then again Tony is always weird so you don’t think too much of it, stepping into the elevator. As soon as Natasha follows you in he orders Jarvis to close and lock the doors and to prevent the elevator from moving and then pulling up a screen so he can watch you.
“You better run when I get out of here!” Natasha yells. “You too Steve!”
“You’re going to thank me later.” Tony says. “Steve, why don’t you explain why we locked them in.”
“Um,” Steve hesitates, not knowing where to start, “well we think that you two need to talk about, um, feelings.”
“Feelings?” you ask, confused, while realization dawns over Natasha’s face.
“Um, yeah feelings.” Steve responds, feeling very awkward and hoping this works so he didn’t do all that for nothing.
“They don’t know we’re dating and they’re trying to get us together.” Natasha leans over and whispers in your ear before straightening back up and talking to Tony again. “I didn’t take you for such a romantic Stark.”
“What? I’m not- romantic me? Pepper says I’m the least romantic guy she’s ever been with.” he splutters, trying to regain his masculinity.
“And that is not a compliment.” you tell him. “But for some reason even though ‘you aren’t romantic’ you wanted to get us together.”
“Maybe I did,” he says. “but you have to admit that my plan is amazing and it's totally working.”
Natasha snorts “What part of this conversation screams working to you?”
“Well you haven’t killed Y/n yet and neither of you have denied your feelings so it’s obviously working. I expect a thank you speech dedicated to me at your wedding.” He says arrogantly.
“There will be no speech.” Natasha tells him.
“But there will be a wedding?” He asks, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively and Steve has to look away because it looks ridiculous.
“Hopefully.” you say, teasing Tony with your vagueness but also making Natasha smile as she thinks about what that might be like.
“Told you my plan would work.” Tony brags to Steve before telling Jarvis to release you from the elevator.
“Your plan sucked.” Natasha tells him. “We were already dating dumbasses.”
She grabs your hand and pulls you out of the room as Steve and Tony stare after you, shocked.
“Did you know about this?” Tony asks, looking at Steve with suspicion.
“Not at all.” Steve answers, his mouth still half open. In hindsight it should have been obvious. Of course Natasha wouldn’t want to be open about her dating life right away, she likes her secrets way too much.
“You owe me fifty bucks Y/n.” Natasha tells you once you’re out of earshot.
“Seriously?” you whine.
“You said they already knew but they didn't, so pay up.” She holds her hand outwards expectantly and you both laugh.
“Later.” you tell her. “There are more important things to do now.”
“Hmm, like what?” she teases gently, taking a step closer to you. Your breath catches because you still can’t believe you are dating someone this beautiful. You match her halfway and pull her into a deep kiss, only pulling back when you need to breath.
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myhockeyworld87 · 6 months ago
What Happens in Vegas...Doesn’t Always Stay There - Jacob Markstrom - Part 1
Word Count: 4,885
POV: Reader
Warnings: NSFW, Language, Smut, Drinking (all the good stuff)
Notes: Well here it is the new fic that’s been in my head. I tossed around a couple different guys for this, but some of you suggested Marky and well looks like it stuck. Trying to do this a little different and keep this in an all read POV, so we shall see how that works. I don’t see this being super long maybe between 5 or 6 parts. Hope you guys enjoy. As always feedback is welcome. Happy Reading!
Tumblr media
They say that New York is the city that never sleeps but whoever 'they' is, well, they got it wrong. It has to be Vegas. Lights are always flashing whether you were indoors or out, the jangly sound of slot machines can be heard at all hours and the seven deadly sins seem to be on full display twenty-four hours a day. It's no wonder their tagline for years was 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.' If only that were true.
You wish you could blame someone else but you can't. Vegas was all your idea. As maid of honor, it fell to you to plan your best friend's bachelorette party, and in your mind, there was only one spot, Vegas. Now, you were second-guessing your choice as your head was pounding like there were a thousand drummers who decided to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show, only in your brain. There was only one thought that made it through the marching band playing in your head. What the hell happened last night?
 Maybe you should start off small, like where were you first, considering that the little drummer boy was now doing backflips in your head. You were definitely in bed, which was evident as you could feel the mattress underneath you. You could also feel the duvet comforter covering your body, but there was something else. Something a bit heavier, almost as if a weighted blanket was covering your stomach and your breast, but it wasn't that. It was an arm slung across your midsection and a very large hand cupping your one boob. God, you hoped it was still attached to a body. You should really take a peek. It would be the only decent thing to do.
 As you gradually lifted one eyelid open, the first thing you noticed was that you were not in your hotel room, as the wall looked completely different. No reason to panic, you told yourself. Everything would come back to you as soon as this god blessed pounding ceased. Peering the other eye open, you got back to business at seeing if there was a body attached to the arm currently trapping you to the bed. Carefully, you turned your head to the side to see a very large and very naked man firmly attached to the aforementioned arm. He was gorgeous as he lay there sleeping ever so peacefully. You drank in his features, kind of like you downed drink after drink last night. His brown hair had this golden hue to it that made your fingers want to reach out and touch it, though you refrained. Then there was the beard covering his face, not too much and not too little, and now that you were thinking about it; you definitely felt some of that beard burn on your thighs. If you could only remember last night. The only logical thing to do was to go back to the start of this, back to a time when you were sober.
 It started months ago when your best friend Kennedy got engaged. You honestly didn't see it coming that fast. She'd only been dating Ryan for a little less than a year, but he asked and she said yes, and when she asked you to be her maid of honor you screamed and laughed and cried, and told her you couldn't wait to plan her bachelorette party. Everyone knew the bridal shower was only for boring stuffy old aunts so that they could buy her the latest air fryer or new dish pattern. The bachelorette party was where all the fun was, and what better place to have it than Las Vegas.
 Of course, everyone agreed with you. The only wrench in the plan was that Kennedy decided to up her wedding date and make it a nine-month engagement. That barely left time to find a dress let alone plan the most outrageous bachelorette party of the century. You would've said decade but twenty-twenty was fastly approaching. Thankfully, you had connections. Night one was more sedate since you all were just arriving at the MGM hotel at different times; eleven of you in total when Ryan's sister decided to join at the last minute. You booked a private room at Lago in the Bellagio for all of you to enjoy.
 It was the second night, that was the piece de resistance. A limo picked you all up and took you over to Excalibur to see the legendary Australian group, Thunder from Down Under. I mean what was Vegas without seeing a male stripper or two. The next day, a private bungalow was waiting for you at Wet Republic in the MGM Hotel. One would've thought the night watching men strip naked would've been your undoing but apparently, it all started poolside.
 "I seriously can't believe he pulled you up on stage and proceeded to dry hump you up there," Kelsey rehashed.
 "Really, Kels?" Kennedy said downing another mimosa. "How could you not see that happening? (Y/N) has known Nate for a couple years. I mean he did get us front row tickets." This was all true. Nate, the emcee for Thunder from Down Under and you were friends, had been since your firm had done their calendar shoot two years ago. He had generously given you prime seating to the show that night and also set you up with a few other perks for the trip. "The only thing I'm surprised at, is that this one," she bumped you with her hip, spilling both hers and your mimosas. "Didn't end up going home with him last night."
 "Oh my god, Kenny you did not just say that." She may be the bride and your best friend but really, she was pushing the line.
 "Come on, it's not like it hasn't happened before."
 At least four pairs of eyes turned towards you, Ryan's sister Gretchen being one of them. "Ok, admittedly, I slept with him, once." Both Kennedy and Kelsey gave you that look. "Ok, maybe it was twice, but he has a girlfriend now, and we are just friends."
 "I'll give you that," Jade spoke up in your defense and suddenly she was going to earn the title of new best friend, not that the lines weren't blurred in your little group as you were all sort of best friends. "But what about Edward, the one with the turtle tattoo on his hip."
 "You were so looking at more than his hip." Eva teased while Jade simply hid behind her champagne glass. "But yeah (Y/N), he was totally hitting on you."
 "He was not."
 "Oh, he was," Kennedy added her two cents. "And as the bride I take offense, they should've been hitting on me."
 "Wait, why would they hit on you?" Jade sputtered. "You're taken bitch." Of course, bitch was said in the most loving way.
 "I'm not dead."
 "No, but I'm sure my brother wouldn't appreciate it." Leave it to Gretchen to be the mood killer. "I think I'm going to go take a nap. I'll meet you at the pool later."
 She headed out the door, and honestly, you were ecstatic about it, for she was too judgmental for your liking.  "Wait, Gretch, that's not what I meant."
 "Leave her go, maybe a nap would do her good." They were Jade's words but your sentiments. "Now back to why (Y/N) did not take that beautiful man up on his offer last night."
 "There was no offer," you insisted.
 "Come on (Y/N), there was an offer. There's always an offer. Remember when you were doing promo for that Batman flick." You tried to shut Kennedy up with a death glare, but she continued to prattle on. "We all know you ended up doing the nasty with Superman."
 "WHAT?!?!" Yeah, that definitely came out of the other nine people's mouths in the room.
 "Thanks, Ken. No one knew that but you."
 "Oops, my bad." She had the grace to at least be embarrassed about the whole thing.
 "You mean you slept with that guy, the British one, tall, all muscular, extremely good looking. Damn it what's his name." You could see Eva wracking her brain for his name and you just didn't want to go there.
 "Yes, him," you admitted, stopping Jade before she could finish his name. "Can we please change the subject?"
 "Why, when we are all living vicariously through you," Kelsey added. "Especially poor Kennedy, who is now committed to spending the rest of her life with one man."
 "Geez, you make it sound like a death sentence. I love Ryan and I'm perfectly fine spending the rest of my days with him."
 You had to suppress an eye roll. Not because you didn't think that Ryan and Kennedy weren't in love. If you were being honest, you just thought they were rushing things a bit. The problem was telling your best friend that; you tried in the past and never succeeded. "We know you're in love Kenny." And then because you couldn't stop yourself, you added. "It's just are you sure you want to be tied down so young? We still have our whole life to live."
 "Jesus, (Y/N). We all know you're not ready for marriage and what comes with it, but we can't all be you with your fancy job in LA, meeting celebrities all the time. Some of us have real lives and want to settle down and have a family."
 "Kenny, that's not what I meant." The last thing you wanted to do was argue with her at her bachelorette party. "I only want you to be happy."
 "You have a funny way of showing it." The air in the room took on a chill and not from the air conditioning. If you didn't do something soon this party was going to go downhill.
 "Oh, would you look at the time," Jade chimed in. "We should probably be heading down to the pool." Everyone grabbed their stuff, Kennedy giving you the cold shoulder as you made your way out of the hotel suite. Jade came up and wrapped an arm around you. "She'll be fine. She's just on edge after the whole Gretchen thing. We'll give her a few shots and you two will be good as new."
 "I hope so." Unfortunately, things weren't fine. Kennedy seemed to avoid you and your attempt to make things right, even after a few shots. That didn't stop you from taking a few more. You had a strict one drink to one water rule, that you threw out the door today. Downing shots like it was your job. It was probably an hour later when you were in one of the private pools, with a few of the girls that a large group of very attractive men walked in. They were definitely different from Nate and the guys from Thunder, and at first, you thought it was some fraternity get together with how young some of them looked, but at second glance there were some gentlemen that were your age or older.
 "They've gotta be baseball players," Eva whispered over after they took up residence in the three bungalows next to you.
 "Nah, none of them have a dad bod." Jade was right, they were too fit to be in the MLB. You'd been around enough major leaguers to know while some were incredibly in shape, some were not. That didn't seem to be the case with this group.
 "I'm gonna rule out NFL as well," you told the girls. "None of these guys look like they're an offensive guard. Those guys are huge." You noticed a few of them staring at the six of you that were in the smaller pool reserved only for the bungalows. Grabbing another shot, this had to be your fourth in just sixty minutes, you downed the drink really starting to feel its effects.
 "Looks like we may just find out here," Jade said, nodding to let you know some of the guys were headed your way.
 "Ladies, care if we join you?" One of the men asked, you had to admit he was extremely handsome but also gave off an air that he had more than a few notches in his bedpost.
 A couple of the girls nodded, but when no one said anything, you found yourself saying, "Come on in."
 "So, what brings you to Vegas?" This from a different guy, who had quite a number of tattoos covering his arms, and you had to admit that the ink just made him more attractive, that and his height. He was well over six feet tall and you didn't mind looking up to see his face as he took the seat next to you.
 "Bachelorette party," Jade blurted out and you saw a few eyebrows raise.
 "Tell me you're not the bride?" His breath was warm or maybe it was the sun, either way, you definitely felt a warmth in your belly that wasn't there moments ago.
 "I am definitely not the bride." Shit that sounded desperate. "Though I am the maid of honor, at least I hope I still am." You looked inside the bungalow to see Kennedy in deep conversation with Gretchen.
 "Hmm, sounds like there's a story there. Care to tell me? I'm Jacob by the way, though the guys call me Marky."
 He held out his hand, the one that didn't have a beer in it, and you took it. "(Y/N), and I'll tell you though it's rather dull, on one condition." He quirked a brow at you. "You tell me what sport you play."
 He chuckled. "What makes you think I play a sport? Maybe I'm an investment banker."
 "Well, first there's your accent, though I suppose you could pull off investment banker with that. Second, you are all…how shall I say this…physically fit. A quality most athletes have and considering the number of you; I doubt this is some kind of investment banker convention."
 "Ok, I'll give you that, though we could be bodybuilders or…" the lights on the billboard on the strip changed to a Thunder From Down Under ad and you saw a light bulb in his head go off. "Or male strippers." Shit, you almost spit your drink out on that one. "What, too much a stretch? Maybe it's your lucky day." He started to sway his hips in the pool, one of his friends joining him while you and Jade tried to contain your laughter.
 "Nah, it's already been (Y/N)'s lucky day with them. She knows them all rather intimately."
 "Jade!" you yelled at your friend, or ex-friend, though you weren't in a position to be losing anymore at the moment.
 "Oops." She at least had the decency to look embarrassed. Alcohol made everyone do some crazy things and Jade was no exception to the rule.
 "Intimately huh?" Jacob asked as you splashed water on Jade causing her to shriek and hide behind Jacob's friend who you learned was someone named Erik. "Have I lost the competition before it even starts?"
 "There's no competition."
 "So, you're single then?"
 "Yes, though you still haven't answered my question." As soon as Jacob heard you say yes, he slid a little closer to you.
 "What was that question again?" He said with laughter in his eyes and before you could get annoyed with him, though you doubted that would happen, he added. "I remember, just giving you a hard time. Anyhow, we play hockey."
 "Oh, nice. Like professional level? Or are there minors in that sport?" You really weren't one hundred percent sure. You'd taken in a game here and there but not really paid any particular attention to it.
 "We're in the NHL, playing for Vancouver. Just came out to do a little team bonding before the season starts. So, are we going to talk about this intimate encounter or why you think your maid of honor duties are getting revoked?"
 "I think I need another drink to talk about either of them."
 Jacob flagged down one of the personal waitresses for the area, requesting a couple of shots and drinks for you both, and you had to admit you liked the way he worked. "Now that that's taken care of…"
 You blew out a frustrated breath, more with yourself than anything else. "I said something stupid right before we came down here." He kept silent, his eyes totally focused on you and what you were saying. A refreshing change from some of the men you spoke to. "I just think she's rushing into things. They've only known each other a year and we are too young to get married. She's only twenty-five, we have our whole lives ahead of us. You know?" He simply nodded his agreement before you continued. "I want to see the world, go places, and do things before I'm strapped down to one man forever. Not to mention being tied down with kids. How can Kenny not want that too?"
 "I totally agree. I've gotten to see a lot with hockey but there's no way I want to be tied down just yet."
 "Exactly, you totally get me." Your drinks arrived then and Jacob took one shot and handed it to you before taking the other.
 "Well, I say we toast to being young and free with no commitments."
 "I'll drink to that." He clinked his glass to yours and the two of you downed the drinks. It seemed like the DJ noticed the change in your mood, as the music got louder and the energy seemed to kick up a notch. You got up and started to dance in the pool; the other girls joining in. It wasn't long before you felt Jacob behind you. His hips grinding into your backside, as his large hands encircled your waist.
 Drinks flowed freely the entire day, and if you were being honest, you couldn't remember a time you'd been that drunk before the sun had even set. You were laughing and dancing, and quite literally having the time of your life; your maid of honor duties completely forgotten at this point. Gretchen came up to you at some point and told you that she, Kennedy, and Kelsey were heading up and would catch up with the rest of you later. Everyone else was having too much fun with the Canucks to want to leave.
 A few more drinks and an hour later, the party was winding down. Most of your friends had headed up to their room to pass out, only a few stayed behind. Jacob had somehow maneuvered you into one of the bungalows that was empty. You shared a few kisses here and there out in the pool area, but now that you were out of view of prying eyes things were getting a bit more heated. Jacob's hands were on your ass, as his tongue was down your throat; not that yours wasn't doing the same thing to him. He moaned into your mouth, the sound going straight to your core. Your bikini bottom was no longer wet from the water of the pool, but the press of Jacob's cock against it.
 You both stumbled back, landing down on the large daybed in the bungalow, though somehow Jacob's reflexes softened your fall. His hands went straight to your breasts, kneading the flesh there. He was just about to untie the string of your bikini top when someone walked in. "Jesus, Marky! Take it upstairs would you!" You squinted trying to make out who it was but at this point not remembering anyone's name besides the man that was on top of you.
 "Oh, shit…thought I was in my room." It was funny, you thought the same thing. "Sorry, Jay."
 "His name is Jay? Like the letter?" you mumbled as Jacob helped you off the couch. "What comes after J?" Fuck you were drunk and when you were drunk you tended to ramble. You once actually talked to a damn parking meter because you thought it was a person, and you were pretty sure you could talk to one now if there was one around.
 "Doesn't matter, babe," Jacob said kissing your lips. "Wanna head up to my room?"
 You had to go up on your tiptoes to loop your arms around his neck. "Yes, I do." He planted a kiss on your lips then cupped your ass cheeks causing you to jump a bit.
 "Let's go," he finally said breaking the kiss. You had enough sense to grab your things and tell your friends not to worry that you'd catch up with them tomorrow. They all winked and nodded or at least that's what it looked like in your head because that's when things started to get hazy. You had vague recollections of making your way through the casino, stopping here and there. Part of you thought that the two of you even stopped to play roulette only so you could have another drink.
 You did remember tumbling through the door of Jacob's suite. His lips were on yours and neither of you were paying attention as he unlocked it. Thankfully his quick reflexes caught you; apparently, even when drunk, goalies couldn't lose some of those natural instincts.
 His hands, you remember them being everywhere on your body, and how incredible they made you feel. His calloused touch lit a fire inside you, that had nothing to do with the alcohol. He rid you of your white swim cover-up easily, flinging the garment across the room, and then his lips were all over your body. It was easy to recall the way he made you feel, as he softly bit down on your nipple through the fabric of your bikini. You'd craved this all afternoon. It had been a couple months since you'd been with a man and Jacob was everything you'd been waiting for.
 You ripped off his shirt. Your hands immediately going to his chest and roaming down his tattooed arms. He was all muscle, hard and lean everywhere, but when you slid your hand down inside his swim trunks to his cock; oh, it was hard all right, but lean was not a word you'd used to describe it. You were barely able to wrap your fingers around his girth, and as you stroked him, you realized God had not only blessed him with height but length as well. The man was made to star in a porno, you thought as you shoved his trunks down.
 Somehow, during that time Jacob had managed to get your bikini top off, though you supposed with its simple string ties it wasn't a hard feat to manage. You dropped to your knees, licking your lips before taking your tongue and swirling it around the head of Jacob's cock. "Det kanns sa bra min vackra prinsessa (that feels so good my beautiful princess)." Jacob's mumblings had you pulling back and looking up at him. "Don't stop, baby." This time you knew what he said as you slowly sucked him into your mouth. There was no way that you could take him all in, so you pumped the rest of him with your fist. You hollowed out your cheeks as you sucked him inside, using every trick in the book you knew. Jacob muttered more in Swedish to you, things you had no clue as to what they meant, but judging by his reaction they were things he was enjoying very much. He threaded his hands through your hair, pulling it back so you could look up at him with big doe eyes. "Jesus," he swore, his hips bucking into your mouth at the sight of you with his cock in it, looking like that. After a few more thrusts, he pulled out shouting," Tillrackligt, enough. I think you're trying to kill me, princess."
 There was something about the way he called you princess. It wasn't anything you'd been called before and most times you'd preferred babe or baby, but the way the word rolled off his tongue did things to your insides.
 Jacob helped you off the ground, his lips ghosting over yours before picking you up and tossing you onto the bed. His large form handled you easily, arranging your body just the way he wanted to before slipping off your bikini bottoms. His large hands worked their way from your ankles to your calves, all the way up to your thighs; spreading your legs as he went. "So beautiful." He traced his fingers lightly over your pussy lips and you quivered in anticipation of what was to come. One long finger slid between your folds all the way up to your clit, once, then twice, and then once again. "So wet, prinsessa, and all because of me."
 "Mmm, yes, Jacob." He dipped that same finger inside you then. The digit slipping in easily and so he added another. Then his mouth was there. Tongue flicking over your clit in a way that made you squirm with pleasure. "Oh yes," you moaned, caught up in the pleasure that was coursing through your veins. "Just like that." Your hips lifted up on their own accord, seeking more of what this giant of a man was doing to you. Jacob never let up, making a come-hither motion with his fingers and you found yourself unraveling around him; legs shaking, breath panting as your orgasm overtook you.
 “So pretty when you cum, prinsessa.” He pulled his fingers from your pussy then brought them to your lips. You opened without any thought, licking your juices off of them. Before you could get them clean, Jacob’s mouth joined yours, kissing you while you sucked on his index and middle fingers. Your tongues mingled together, as Jacob positioned himself between your thighs. The head of his cock nudged between your folds and you sighed into his mouth at just that first touch. Slowly, he filled your pussy, until he bottomed out. Only then did he release your lips. “Fuck you feel so good.”
 Jacob loved the feel of you clenching around him. It felt like he was in heaven. Part of him didn’t even want to move that’s how good your body felt, but then you shifted your hips up just a hair bit and he had to suck in a breath at the pleasure that went straight to his groin for fear he would spend inside you right then and there. He willed his body under control and only then started to move.
 With every snap of Jacob’s hips, a wave of pleasure crashed over you. Your nails raked down his back, probably leaving marks, but it seemed to only spur him on. “Yes, Prinsessa,” he moaned out, as you bent your knees allowing him to go deeper. You moaned as he hit that treasured spot that had you seeing stars. “You like that?” Another moan was his answer, as he continued to fuck you.
 That peculiar feeling started to wash over you. Your pussy fluttering around Jacob’s cock as the orgasm finally broke. Back arching, legs trembling, you were moaning out his name as the climax seemed to continue, as Jacob drove wildly into you. As you came down off your high, Jacob found his. With a few erratic thrusts, he was spending deep inside you with a loud groan. He slumped forward, his sweety forehead resting on yours. “Det dar var otroligt.” You looked at him curiously, your brain not working at all but also knowing he was speaking something in Swedish to you. He smiled, a glorious one that you found yourself getting lost in and you found yourself returning it. “I said that was amazing.”
 “Yes, it was,” you breathed out. Jacob rolled you both onto your sides, tucking you into his. It wasn’t long before both of you were passing out.
 Now here you were, finally putting most of the pieces together from last night. You looked back over at the sleeping man, who had given you such pleasure even in your inebriated state. He really was gorgeous. You honestly wouldn’t mind going for round two, after a couple of Tylenol, of course. Speaking of which you needed to get up and see if you had any in your bag. If only you could move him without waking him. You carefully took your right arm and went to move his left which was slung across you, but then something caught your eye. There on his ring finger was a ring. Oh, it wasn’t just any ring, it was a wedding ring! You knew he didn’t have it on when you were in the pool. You were not the type of woman to go hitting on a married man, let alone sleep with him.
 You pulled your other arm out from underneath him, fully intending to grab your stuff and get the hell out of there when you noticed a bright and shiny diamond on your ring finger. There was also a matching wedding band. Then like a tsunami hitting the beach of a small island a memory came flooding back to you of the two of you entering the hotel chapel. This man wasn’t married to just anyone, he was married to you!  
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lazydoodlesandfanfic · 4 months ago
New Start (Roy Harper X Male!Reader X Jason Todd)
Characters: Roy Harper X Male!Reader X Jason Todd
Universe: DC
Warnings: None
Request: Roy Harper/Male!Reader/Jason Todd. They've been together for a few years in a polyrelationship (started out Roy/M!R) and after all the vigilante drama the three of them just want to retire. So they're moving to a new countryside house together (Lian too) and they're going through all the stuff they've collected throughout their years of being vigilantes and 'people'. They realise Jason lost his favourite book, M!R lost his favourite sweater and Roy lost his cap. They all go search for it, to find Lian asleep on her new bed with the things, surrounded by her fathers' stuff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Alright little miss, let’s get you to bed.” You spoke up, getting up from your spot where you’d been unpacking after you spotted that Lian was falling asleep, resting her head on an unopened box. 
“Nooooo, I don’t want to!” She whined as you put your hands under her arms and picked her up and placing her down standing, before gently pushing her in the direction of her bedroom. She groaned the entire way to her bedroom, but didn’t actually stop to argue. 
“Get dressed and ready and I’ll come tuck you in.” Roy called after her as she went in her room. 
“Okay, let’s finish this box off and then we’ll go to bed as well.” Jason decided, cutting open a final box and opening the lid. You and Roy got closer to the box to help unpack it. The first thing on top was a familiar mask. A red mask, with little scuffs on some of the edges. You plucked it out, looking at it closely. 
“Where’s this going, huh?” You asked, glancing up at Jason before looking back at the mask. “Maybe we could put it on the wall.” You suggested.
“Yeah, right next to the baby pics of Lian.” Roy joked, making you and Jason laugh at the idea. Jason went back into the box, pulling out a quiver, with some arrows still inside. Roy took them, looking at one of the arrows. “I might put theses aside… maybe Lian will want to take up Archery when she’s older.” He considered. 
“Sound’s good.” Jason confirmed, diving back into the box. This time he pulled out a rather unique mask- one you used to wear daily, or more like nightly. He held the mask up to his own face, looking at you, and you cracked a smile. “This is going right next to mine on the wall.” 
“Where’s my domino mask? It can go up as well.” Roy suggeste, reaching over and pulling the box closer to look for his mask, soon finding it and presenting it as well. You all laid the masks down on the floor, and you all just stared at them for a moment. 
Looking at them made you realise just how surreal this moment really was. Just a week ago all of you had been in the midsts of you crime fighting night activity, working together as partners in crime, having each other’s back and keeping Gotham safe. You weren’t sure how exactly it started, but one night you had all gotten home, finding Lian waiting for you long after your bedtime, and while putting her to bed she expressed her fear of you three never coming home. That was the moment you all sat down, and mutually agreed it was time to retire.
You did it quickly and effectively. Jason gave a heads up to his family of his decision, who understood and Bruce even found you four a new home to settle down in. It was far from Gotham and any of the other cities full of crime, far from danger. It was in the countryside in a quiet town where everyone minded their own business for the most part, and had accepted you as the 3 dads of a little girl in the town. You’d all quickly found little jobs in town- Roy worked at the shooting range, Jason came into the local school to read to the kindergarteners and also to be a substitute for the older kids in English, and he also volunteered at the garage and library. You also had your own little jobs based around your hobbies.Everything seemed so… perfect.
“Say, I’ve yet to find my book. It’s not with the others.” Jason brought up, snapping you out your thoughts. You looked around your surroundings for it, when you realised something yourself. 
“Haven’t seen my favourite sweater either.” You mentioned. 
“Or my cap.” Roy interjected as well. You all looked at each other. “Did we forget to pack them?” 
“No, I remember packing them.” Jason assured, getting up to look around. “Roy, go tuck Lian in, we’ll look for them.” Jason ordered, Roy nodding and leaving to the little girl’s room. You started looking through all your belongings you’d unpacked- nothing had been put where it belonged, most if it in piles or moved to the rooms where they’d be properly put tomorrow. You looked again through the books and the clothes, with no such luck. Jason was looking for another box to unpack, though that box didn’t seem to exist. 
“Maybe the box got lost on the way or we left in in the car?” You suggested. You hoped you were wrong and that the tiredness of moving and unpacking was just getting to all three of you…
“Guys.” You turned, seeing Roy sticking his head out Lian’s door. He motioned his head for you both to come closer, and you did as told, quietly. You peered into Lian’s room to see what the fuss was about. 
Lian was fast asleep on her bed, curled up wearing your sweater, Roy’s hat on her favourite Teddy’s head, and Jason’s book hugged into her chest. Relief filled you knowing the objects were safe, and then your chest filled with love at the sight. All three of you smiled at the sight of her. You all walked into the room. Jason gently pried the book from her arms, resting it on the bedside table, you picked up Lian, and Roy pulled back the covers and you laid her underneath them. You took turns giving little kisses on her head, before you turned her lamp off, and you left her room.
Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please send them in! 
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agapantoblu · 8 months ago
Dick would swear on anything he’d be asked to, it all started with good and peaceful intentions. That it was meant to be a bonding occasion, a moment of normalcy, for Damian, yes, because he was still a kid, but also for all of them because none of them truly got to experience an average childhood.
Except Steph, maybe, which was why Dick had gone to her. In retrospective, an horrible idea.
She’d looked at him, blinking lazily, from above her plate of waffles and her cappuccino. He’d invited her out for breakfast, just the two of them, and she’d smelled the hidden purpose immediately, which meant she didn’t look too surprised. Calculating, rather.
“Let me get this straight,” she had enunciated, slowly, as she picked her mug up. “You think the best way to get Damian to loosen up and bond with the others is to…treat him like a child.”
Put it like that, his plan seemed dumb. He had caught himself grimacing at the mere hypothetical fit, but held his ground. “I just think it’d be much easier to get all along with each others if we sometimes did something that didn’t involve criminals and deadly situations.”
Steph had taken a sip, which somehow felt like a statement in itself. “And you immediately thought, kid games?”
“What’s wrong with kid games? Our entire careers are an elaborated hide and seek mixed with tag you’re it. It’d be a bit like…catching up. Tasting the experience.”
And Steph had seemed ready to object, her lips parting slightly, stained with little traces of milk foam, but she hadn’t. She’d remained quiet for a moment, blinked once again, then said, “Uh.”
“Alright,” she’d said.
“You rope the others in and I’ll make a list of games,” she’d said.
“You’re right, it might even be fun,” she’d said.
Dick was never, ever, trusting Stephanie again.
It was easy to rope Damian in. Dick only had to promise they’d spend some time together, an entire afternoon, and the kid was sold. Cass had just smiled and nodded when he’d asked if she wanted to play some games with them, and Jason, who had originally threatened to shoot him over the mere suggestion, for some reason showed up on the day of.
Dick had made sure to pick one of the afternoons off when Bruce was at WE and had forced Tim to take a break, then he’d sweet-talked Alfred in taking a few hours off to go that tearoom in Gotham he loved, to take a rest and read a book in peace.
Stephanie arrived at two on the dot with a two pages list. “Alright,“ she announced once they were all out in the gardens, some less reluctantly than others. Tim glared at her the very moment she began speaking. “Some of these are classics, some I found online. We’re going to work our way down the list depending on how much we like each, but we’re trying everything at least once, alright?”
Jason groaned. “I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.”
That, was a first to Dick’s ears. “Steph convinced you to come?” he asked, frowning, but it was her who waved him off.
“I just promised him chaos and mild physical damage, don’t worry about.”
“Don’t worry about—”
“First off!” she cheered. “Thought we’d started with something more common, like hide and seek—”
“The Manor’s grounds are eight acres wide,” Tim interrupted her. “The game could last days.”
“Then maybe not. Tag?”
“We play that every night with thugs,“ Jason countered. “Next.”
“Alright, peanut gallery,” she huffed. “Red Rover it is.“
Dick tilted his head to the side. “Don’t know that one.”
“It’s going to be real fun!” Stephanie said, with a smile that promised the very opposite.
Red Rover turned out to consist of two teams standing in as many lines facing each others. Dick and Jason had pulled age over the others to decide the teams, so Damian and Cass had joined team Blue and Stephanie and Tim team Red.
Red Hood holding Spoiler’s hand on a side and Red Robin’s on the other made for a comic picture, but Dick bit his lips not to laugh, holding tight on Damian on his left and Cass on his right. “Now?” she asked.
“Now, our team calls someone from yours with the rhyme I told before, and whoever we call has to run against our clasped hands to try and break them apart. If they manage, the cut off person joins you, if they fail they join us.”
“Alright,” Dick called. “Your move guys.”
Jason shared a look with Tim and Stephanie, and received identical small nods from each. Well then. “Let’s get this started on a bang. Red rover, red rover, send Cass right over!”
Tim groaned, but to his credit, he did square up.
Cass didn’t even hesitate. She shot off like a bullet, and Jason barely had time to cuss as she aimed straight at where his hand clasped Steph’s.
They pulled their arms taut, stretching apart just so, but the move that should have slingshotted Cass straight in the throat just caught her chest as she threw herself at them, jumping slightly.
She crashed through as if they were nothing but paper-cut figures.
Steph went flying off the side and landed hard on her ass. Jason cussed and shook his arm wildly, but Cass stood up and dusted herself off with bare care before marching to Stephanie and pulling her up in a hug.
Her smile was blinding. “Friend over!” she declared, and dragged her laughing to their line.
Tim stared at the four people in front of them with dispassionate eyes. “So, we already lost, uh.“
Jason shook him hard by the hand. “Ye of little faith!”
Dick giggled. “Red rover, red rover, send Tim right over.”
“Well, great, now we are fucked.” Tim attempted to run, at first seemingly aiming at the joint between Dick and Damian, but then he must have seen something on the kid’s face because Jason watched him pitifully swerve and land instead between Cass and Stephanie, who all but caught him in a hug. “Traitor!”
“What,” Stephanie dared. “You think you could have done better?”
Jason grinned back at her. “Red rover, red rover, send the mighty Jason right over.”
“Wait,” Tim squeaked, the moment he realised Jason’s aim, “That’s not how—“
Jason crashed straight into him, and they both were sent falling a few feet aback. Tim’s breath was squeezed out of his chest as he was clamped between the hard ground and his just as hard brother. He wheezed, even after the other had gotten up and Dick and Cass had helped him up in a sitting position.
“Would you look at that,” Jason commented, off-handedly. “That was fun.”
“Okay!” Dick cut in before Tim could do anything more than flipping his brother off. “New game!”
“But, Richard, I wouldn’t mind another round.”
“I said. New. Game.”
“But that’s basically tag,” Jason huffed. “With a stupid twist, at that.“
“Well, you should have thought about it before you almost killed Tim,“ Dick replied icily. “So, The Witch Touches Color. A witch calls a color and everyone must find something of that color. If they touch it, they’re safe; if the witch catches them first, it’s their turn to be the witch. Easy.”
“I agree with Todd,” Damian huffed. “The game is boring.”
“You haven’t even played it yet.”
“I don’t need to.”
“I think—”
“Why can’t we play Red Rover again?“ Damian tried again. Steph smacked him upside the head. “Whatever.”
“Alright, you know what,“ Dick smiled, sweet and kind, as he took three steps away from the group standing at the edge of the Manor’s forest. “I’ll be the witch first round. How does that sound?”
Cass jumped up from her position sitting on the ground with a bright a smile, and that was enough answer. “Color?” she asked, already jogging on the spot.
Dick smiled at her. “The Witch touches color Fuchsia.”
Jason frowned. “Fuchsia? How the hell are we supposed to—oh shit.”
Dick kept smiling. “Get running.”
Several rounds and more convoluted shades of cerulean and crimson and aqua later, Damian called purple. Less than a minute later, Dick stumbled into a clearing to find Stephanie holding both Cass and Tim up, one per arm, their legs crossed at her waist and arms around her neck. They were both also firmly anchored to her purple sweatshirt.
“I can do it!” she hurriedly hissed, taking big mouthfuls of air. “I’m strong!”
“How long have you been carrying them for?!”
“Purple is life!” she hissed. “Purple is salvation, and I am its emissary!” Somewhere east, Jason roared. “Oh, fuck.”
Tim and Cass jumped off, eyes wild. “What’s the new color?!”
“I don’t know! I was here with you!”
“You mean only Damian knows the color to save us?! He’s gonna let Jason maul us!”
Dick frowned. “There’s no mauling involved in the game.”
Steph gestured wildly in the direction the yell had come from. “It’s Jason.”
Fast feet forewarned the incoming person, and they all turned to see Damian’s sillhouette cutting in the clearing they were all in. He didn’t stop, passed them and kept running, but at least he dared to yell the salvation color to them.
“Perwinkle?!” Dick cried. They could hear another, heavier, body hurling fast in their direction and they took off running after Damian. “I don’t even know what shade periwinkle is!”
Cass clicked her teeth at him. “Then be faster.”
Steph checking behind herself when she heard Jason descend on Dick like an eagle put an end to the game, mostly because she crashed face first in one of the centenary oaks in her distraction.
Her nose wasn’t broken, much to everyone’s relief, but it bleed for a short bit and they walked back to the Manor to get a handkerchief to dab it with. As soon as it seemed to have stopped, Jason raised his hand. “I have an idea.”
Dick didn’t hesitate. “Vetoed.”
“You don’t even know what I want to say!”
“I know we had two injuries already,” he retorted. “We’re finding something more relaxed for our next game, and that’s it.”
“Cool,” Jason replied, just as cold. “Because I meant to say, Bruce installed a playground behind the greenhouse.”
Steph blinked at him, lowering her towel in surprise. “What.”
Jason shrugged at her. “Bruce had zero idea of what was age appropriate entertainment for a twelve year old. His only other reference was Dick and Dick climbed chandeliers for fun at nine, he didn’t count.”
“And so he bought you a personal playground,” Steph repeated. “Like any normal person would do, no?” Jason made finger guns at her. “Wow.”
“Playground sounds calm enough,” Tim dared to hope. “Swing set, slider. I mean, what can happen?”
What could happen was, Jason’s Personal Playground included a seesaw, and from the smirk on his face that had been his aim all along.
“That’s a simple lever system,” Damian pointed out, arms crossed before his chest. “What would the point be?”
“Nothing.” Jason raised his hands innocently to his sides. “You just go up and down. Very relaxing.”
Jason was a rotten liar. Which was why Dick took the seat opposite to Damian before he could. There was a rapid exchange of looks, where one side said you’re no fun and the other conveyed your concept of fun is murder.
Damian glowered the entire time Dick made them swing gently up and down. “This is pointless.“
“That’s because Dick’s not doing it right,” Steph whined. She turned to take a look at Jason head to toe. “How much do you weight?”
“Enough, if you’re ready for it.”
“She just face-planted on a plant,” Dick cut in, stopping the seesaw in perfect balance. “You’re not doing that.”
“Me then,” Cass declared.
She’d climbed on the roof of the slider and jumped off with a twirl in air, landing elegantly on her feet. Dick had a feeling the display was mostly to remind him there was absolutely nothing to fear for them. With a sigh, he got off the seat.
Damian followed his example, but his eyes remained hawk-like on his siblings as they took their places.
Cass hedged lower and Jason raised. Once he was at maximum height, he grinned down at her, then shifted. He moved his whole body off the seat, with his stomach laid on the handles and his ass slightly raised. With a bit of effort, Cass kept them still despite the weight, her thighs straining in squatting position.
“You ready?” Jason asked her, with unbridled excitement in his voice. Dick’s heart ached to think that one of Gotham’s most horrific crime lords was actually bursting with joy playing on a children’ toy.
Cass’ smile was cutting like a shark’s row of teeth. “Go!”
Damian watched as she pushed herself off the ground at the same time as Jason slammed his weight back on his seat. The seesaw changed its inclination fast and the recoil made Jason yell something about his ass.
It seemed irrelevant compared to Cass’ delighted squeal as she was sent flying off the metal bar. She fell backward, but shifted her balance so she ended in a handspring and made a couple cartwheels until enough energy had been exhausted that she could safely stop.
Tim and Stephanie clapped, and she made a formal bow in their directions.
Dick got closer to lean his forearms on Jason’s shoulders. “Think you can still give Bruce grand-babies after this?”
Jason huffed what could have been a laughter, still slumped over the handle in front of him. “Never had any intention to,” he groaned. “But let me tell you, anal’s out of the question for a while.”
“Jason!” Dick hissed, but it seemed his brother had enough good sense to keep his voice low enough that their younger siblings wouldn’t hear. “You’re absolutely awful.”
“Thanks, it’s what I wanna be when I grow up.”
“Todd.” Dick turned, surprised, and was dislodged when Jason pulled up to look as well. Damian stood straight and firmly planted, regal stance and chin raised, as he stared at his brother. “I demand a turn.”
He knew it. For a moment, a vision of one of Alfred’s innumerable tirades about their lack of common sense flashed in front of his eyes. Oh well.
Jason, the enabler, just smirked. “Aren’t you eager to be slingshotted in the sky. And what’s the magic word, brat?“
Damian stared him down for endless seconds, either trying to wear him down or looking for a way out of the request. Dick looked on in curiosity until the kid settled his shoulders. He expected the prized please to come, but what he heard instead was, “Jason.”
Jason was just as surprised, for a moment seemingly unable to connect the name to his person. Finally, he scoffed. “I’ll be fucking damned. You’re a manipulative, conniving little shit. Truly B’s son. Get on, brat. We’re sending you so high you’ll run into that little super-friend of yours.”
God, no
Dick watched the entire process — Jason this time squatting and sending himself high enough to fall back on his seat heavily once he reached the top and giving the descent enough speed — with a single word hidden behind his lips.
Just in case.
Damian went a full foot higher than Cass and he laughed. His landing was less fluid than their sister, but he had an euphoric grin on his mouth the whole time.
Tim and Steph oh-ed and cheered and even tag-hugged him once he walked to them, and Dick caught himself giggling too.
It was worth the ten years shaved off his life-span, he decided.
“You won’t get me, Drake. Surrender now and spare yourself the indignity.”
“Funny you’d say that,“ Tim retorted. His unblinking eyes had long since stopped looking blue to Damian’s unflinching own; they were now endless plains of grey ice, silent and impossible to read. “Why are you sweating then?”
“I’m not!”
Three minutes of stare down, lost in a second. Damian’s shoulders itched as he hissed and Drake’s, well. He was so fast Damian couldn’t track his motion. A moment later, the back of his hands smarted like fire.
Damian’s hiss was more of rage than pain, and it was drowned by Tim’s victorious howling. Steph grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him, laughing, while Jason groaned and slipped a blue hairband from his wrist to pass off to Cass, who took it with a smug smile. Their gambling habit was getting out of hand if they were betting on a round of Hot Hands.
“Tough luck, Dami,” Dick offered gently, patting his head. Damian shook him off. “But hey, now we can try—”
“No. Again.”
“Again,” he glared in Drake’s direction, sat himself better on his swing, and offered his hands, palm up, in his brother’s direction. “My turn to catch you now.”
It pleased him to notice, Drake paled a bit.
Four hours went by. Four. Dick had never thought he’d be the one to be run into exhaustion by outside playing, but there he was, groaning as Steph yelled, “Alright, the next game is—”
“No,” Dick snatched the list out of her hand. “No more games. I can’t believe you’d do this to me. Alfred and Bruce will be home in another hour maximum; we need to hide injuries and damages at the best we can.”
“Jeez, you’re never happy.” Steph raised her nose at him, in challenge. “You said you wanted the true childhood experience. Well, kids love to try and get themselves killed. It’s an evolutionary process!“
“It’s darwinism, at most, and I’m not going to enable it with the risk of Bruce catching us in the act.”
Badly hidden from a cough, behind him, Dick heard someone mutter a single word. “Coward.”
He whipped around, eyes reduced to slits, but Tim, Damian and Cass had not bothered to help the charade. Jason, on his own, still had a fist raised in front of his mouth, and it didn’t even hide the smirk on his lips.
Dick glared at him. “Can you please try to be mature for once in your life?”
Of course, the answer would be no way. “What’s the problem, Dickie? They’re just kiddie games. A little fun between brothers, isn’t that what you wanted?”
Considering he knew that just behind himself, in full sight of Jason, was the toolshed that Cass had splashed with fuchsia paint during their first round at the witch game, Dick didn’t think he’d have to underline how much out of hand the entire afternoon had gone. “Not like this.”
Jason shrugged, expression shifting back into one of boredom. “Whatever. I think you’re just chickening out.”
“That’s so not the point and also, what are you, twelve?”
“Sorry, Dami.“
Jason fished a cigarette pack out of his pocket, and snapped it open. “As I said, chickening out.”
“I’m not— Can you not smoke directly in your little brother’s face?!”
A flick of the hand, zippo opened and closed, Jason took a drag making sure to exaggerate every motion, then blew the smoke out, slowly. “Chicken.”
“Cut it out.“
“Stop it, I mean it.”
“You’re testing me.”
Alright, Dick decided. That was it.
He crossed the distance between them too fast for Jason to react, and snatched the cigarette out of his lips with a fluid movement. He snapped it in half and dropped it down to stomp on it — he’d pick it up before going in, though, before Alfred could demand his head in retribution —. He stood, barely a inch away from his brother’s face, nose to nose. “Think you’re funny, don’t you?”
Jason didn’t look mad, though. Jason was grinning, and when he coed again, he puffed smoke in Dick’s eyes, the little shit.
“Okay, Jay,” he said, coating the name in sugar and poison. “I’ll play you. No, scratch that. I dare you to play me.”
Of course, the smug asshole didn’t even hesitate. “Just pick the game, Dick.”
Oh. He had the perfect choice for this.
“It’s a speed game,” he explained as he moved one of the kitchen chair to the wall by the door. It was the only wall bare enough of paintings and other rich people knick knacks, and it had the added plus of being real close to the refrigerator.
“I can’t believe you’ve willingly brought us inside, for once that we were all out in the sun,” Tim snorted. He’d found his perch sitting on the island and Cass and Steph had soon joined him, but Damian was standing firm beside Dick and puffing his chest proudly.
“Putting Jason back in his place is more important,” Dick quipped back, and ignored the middle finger flipped in his direction by the man in question. “Alright, now you sit here.”
Loose limbed, absolutely confident, Jason sat on the chair facing the wall. “Alright. Real difficult up to here, I have to say.”
“Save your braincells, you don’t have any to spare.” Dick fished the wallet from his back pocket, and pulled out a coin. “Alright, we’re set.”
“Richard, explain,” Damian huffed. “I cannot referee properly if I don’t know all the rules.”
Dick chuckled and resisted the impulse to ruffle the kid’s hair. Instead, he placed the coin with a face flat against the wall, a good twelve inches above Jason’s head, and held it there with a fingertip.
“I’m going to let the coin go,” he informed, looking at Jason and savouring the moment. “Your goal is to catch it with your forehead.”
For a moment, no one said anything. Jason stared at the coin for a brief second, then at the wall in front of him, then at Dick as if he’d lost his mind. “Are you kidding me?“
“Do you think I’m fucking dumb?! I’m not gonna headbutt a wall just because you disguised it as a game, you idiot.“
“I didn’t disguise anything,” Dick corrected. “That’s the real, whole game.“
“Well, it’s a stupid game.”
“After you do it—” not if, after, he was sure of it, “—it will be my turn and you’ll drop the coin. And we will keep going until one of us catches it.”
“Or gets a concussion,” Tim supplied from the back. “C’mon, guys, you can’t be really thinking about it?”
Little Timmy, poor thing, the voice of reason, was already too late. Dick could tell by the calculating look on Jason’s face as he estimated the distance from his face and the wall. “And you’ll do it? You’re not going to make me do this shit and then weasel your way out of your turn by yielding or shit like that?”
Now, that was almost offensive. As if too much pride wasn’t one of the many flaws they shared. “You have my word,” he swore, voice grave. “Until victory or first blood.”
“First— Dick!” Tim squeaked objection was drowned by Jason’s barked laughter.
“To Hell, then,” he grinned. “Let’s get this done. You’re proving to be fun, Dickiebird.”
Adrenaline begun pumping in Dick’s veins as he watched Jason set himself, thighs slightly spread and head titled forward toward the wall. They were doing this.
The last time he’d played the game, it had been with his dad in their trailer during a stop. They’d done it only once, Dick hadn’t really realised he was going to hit his head, too focused on the promise of an extra sweet, and John Grayson had burst out laughing when it had been over. Mary had come in to see what was going on and she’d tore his dad a new one. Dick had been secretly satisfied as he scrubbed at his reddened forehead.
He didn’t say any of that, though. Instead, he grinned. “Eyes on the target, Little Wing.”
His finger lifted, the coin dropped, Jason’s head smashed forward.
It was downright glorious.
They had run out of ice cubes at some point, and begun digging into the frozen vegetables. It had almost stopped them, but Tim had raised his bet on Jason of three packages of fuzzy worms and two twix bars and that was just insulting.
Tim shrugged at his offended glare. “He’s just that dumb, Dick.”
“Fuck you, Timbo.”
“Jay, you’re swaying.”
Jason, from where he was sitting slumped at the island, flipped him the bird. “Your face’s swaying.”
“What’s that even supposed to mean?!”
“Cain,” Damian called, eyes pensively on the wall. His forehead had smarted from the two rounds he’d played against Stephanie while Dick and Jason took a break to try and get their skulls to stop metaphorically rattling. “Would you be able to do it?”
Cass shrugged from her perch over the fridge, the Rocky Road tub firmly in her lap and a serving spoon in her hand. “Yes.”
“I dare you.”
“Hey,” Dick objected, though he had to admit he’d be curious to see her do it. That he could remember, he’d never seen someone actually doing it. Catching the coin, yes, even they had managed a few times, but usually immediately after came the pain and everyone recoiled from the wall, letting it fall and forfeiting the game. “Jay and I aren’t done yet.”
“I won’t deny that it’s amusing to watch you two grown-ass adults maiming yourselves on your macho pride,” Steph piped. She’d sat beside Tim and he’d slapped a bag of frozen peas to her forehead even though she’d only played a few rounds. “But I’m about to get bored, and Bored Stephanie can make some stupid ass decisions. Let the woman have a go!”
Tim rolled his eyes at her. “Just because she can, which none of us doubts, why would Cass want to— Cass!”
Cass just patted his cheek once as she left her ice cream beside him, and took the chair with a placid smile on her face. “First try,” she bet. “Marshmallow.”
Jason grinned. “How many?”
“You can’t hog the entire bag!” Cass made to stand up. “Alright! Geez, you’re lucky I wanna see it.”
“Wait, wait.” Steph there the cold bag in the sink unceremoniously and almost slipped on an empty bag of Jolly Ranchers in her hurry to get closer. She pushed Dick aside none too gently and adjusted her phone now higher now to the left to get the best angle on both Cass and the coin, by the side. “I want to post it on Twitter.”
“You can’t! Bruce’s gonna burst a coronary if you do that!” Tim hissed. Steph turned her head slowly in his direction. He slumped. “I realise now that this does nothing to your motivation.”
“Smart baby,” she cooed, but she was already turning back to her phone. “Wait, the lighting’s all— Jay, close the window— Not that one, the blind! Yes, the blind, of course I meant the blind, keep up with the program. No, only one blind, why would I mean both! Now it’s too dark! Are you really—”
Dick began suspecting a scheme behind Stephanie’s sudden delusions of directory as he noticed Tim shifting in his seat and frowning. After the third time she made Jason change something, he finally jumped off the island. “Oh my God, just give it to me! You’re going to get me in trouble anyway, might at least make Cass look cool.”
Cass laughed. “Am cool.”
“Yeah, well, cooler.” Tim snatched Steph’s phone, moved to Cass’ other side and bent over slightly to reach the height of her head. “Alright, on my count. When I get to three, you add one second more and then drop, alright?”
Dick saluted. “Yessir, Tim, sir.”
“Fuck off. Alright, one, two, three.“
She caught it. Her head barely made any sound touching the coin and the wall.
Jason upturned a tool while yelling a string of profanities.
Tim replayed the video twice, added some filter and then Stephanie stole her phone back to add the sunglasses and underlined a-hundred emojis, then she raised her bottle of red Gatorade in the air solemnly. “Boys and Goddess, it was an honour to play by your side,” and she posted it.
Dick’s phone rang three minutes later. He stared at it, where it rest on the cupboards. “We should answer that,” he said.
“Or—,” Damian countered, “—I can climb on your shoulders, Timothy can climb Jason’s and try the tandem team version.”
“I’ll drop,” Cass grinned. “Then Steph on me.“
“Oh, girl,” Steph grinned right back. “We’re gonne run over these guys. Let’s film this too, Twitter’s loving the WildWaynes tag.“
Jason stood from his apple-cross seat on the floor, white forelock held back with a pink bobby pin and forehead proudly painted in red rashes and round marks. “I’m down for it.”
Well now. If Damian asked, Dick couldn’t really say no.
“I don’t even have the words to express how unreasonable and dangerous and idiotic this unmotivated— what even was that? A dare, a challenge, what? Each one of you is injured some way or another for no explainable reason at all!”
Dick didn’t bother answering. There was no stopping Bruce once he launched on a rant like that, so he’d just let the man yell his lungs off until he got tired of it.
He couldn’t even say that he cared that much. They all been banned from the kitchen by a distressed Alfred and herded in the den for the group scolding, but now that they were all piled in the huge couch and pressed to each others, the exhaustion from the day was catching and, well. The warmth was nice.
Jason and Damian would deny it, but it was cuddle pile and Dick’s heart rejoiced at the thought. Who cared about Bruce, on the face of successful sibling bonding?
Dick met Steph’s eyes from where she was entangled with Cass. A little green at the grills as she was — too much candy, oh my god, so much candy —, she returned the look and grinned.
“Are you even listening to me?! You even posted it! Do you know how many retweets your videos have? This is unbelievable. The amount of recklessness and for what? Because unless you were looking for a concussion, I can’t fathom what’d make you do something that stupid!”
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heauxplesslydevoted · 5 months ago
Coming Down (Ethan x MC)
Summary: They break up. Dassit
A/N: I’ve been tired of this imposter Ethan, and the back of forth nature of his romance route for the entirety of book 3, so I wrote this.
Warnings: None
Title Inspo
Naomi’s fingernails tap impatiently against her leg as the shrill ring of her cell phone rings at her ear. It rings 5 long times before she’s sent to voicemail.
“Hello, you’ve reached Dr. Ethan Ramsey. I’m sorry for not answering your phone call, but leave a message, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you.”
“Ethan, it’s me...again. I haven’t heard from you in,” lifting her wrist, Naomi checks the time on her watch, “wow, in over 24 hours. I’ve been calling and calling, to no avail, and you just aren’t responding.”
The news of Ethan getting hit with a malpractice lawsuit hit her like a freight train. As soon as things started to feel good again, as soon as the diagnostics team started to find its rhythm with two new physicians, this torpedoes any chance of normalcy she could ever experience.
“If you could give me a call back and let me hear the sound of your voice, that’d be great. Bye.”
There’s a lot more that she wants to say, but she’s been given a limited window of time so Naomi hangs up.
Switching tactics, Naomi opens up her messages, and scrolls to her thread with Ethan.
Naomi: Hi
Naomi: Are you okay? I haven’t heard from you in a while.
Naomi: Can you at least reply, telling me to leave you alone?
Naomi: At this point, I’d settle for at least knowing if you’re alive.
She waits a few minutes, and when she gets no response, she shoves her phone into the pocket of her white coat. Anxiousness and worry pools in the pit of her stomach, and the only thing she can think about is Ethan’s well being. And this situation doesn’t bode well because Naomi is still in the middle of her shift.
Her thoughts are interrupted by the sound of quiet chatter as the door to the diagnostics team’s office opens and in walks Tobias and Harper. Their conversation is cut short once they notice the youngest member of the team.
“Hi, Naomi,” Tobias greets, an easygoing smile adorning his face. “What’s up?”
She wishes she could feel as casual as he looks, because every part of her body is twisted inside out and turned upside down.
“Have either of you talked to Ethan today?” Naomi asks, skipping the pleasantries.
“I spoke to him yesterday just to gauge how he was handling the malpractice suit,” Tobias answers. “Obviously, the conversation didn’t last long because he and I rarely interact outside of these four walls, but he seems…” he trails off when he notices Naomi’s face fall. “What’s wrong? Is everything alright?”
Any other time, Naomi would be ecstatic to hear about Tobias extending an olive branch, and Ethan actually accepting the support, but today isn’t that day. She’s been trying to get in touch with him all day with no success, but he answers a phone call from his sworn enemy?
“I haven’t heard from Ethan today, so I’m at least glad to know he’s breathing,” Naomi says, her voice tight.
Too caught up in her own pity party, Naomi misses the way Tobias and Harper exchange worried glances. The team has been through enough the past few months, the last thing they need is romantic friction between Ethan and Naomi seeping into the office.
“Maybe he’s turned his phone off since then?” Tobias suggests. “Times like this can force you into an introspective mood, and he’s probably going technology free.”
Naomi chuckles humorlessly. She appreciates Tobias’s effort to satiate her foul mood, but she can’t think of a single excuse short of death that could justify Ethan’s behavior.
She stands, dusting off her coat and straightening it out. “Thanks. I’m going to get some lab work done on our patient, page me if you need anything.”
“Will do.”
Without another word, Naomi exits the office.
Working helps slightly. For an hour or so, Naomi is successful in turning off her brain and focusing diligently on work. She manages to not think about Ethan at all.
Until she hears his name brought up in conversation. She’s strolling towards the nurse's station when she sees Sarah and another nurse, Ronnie huddled in a corner.
“Sounds like Dr. Ramsey’s not as perfect as everyone thinks, huh?”
“Screwing up a standard tracheotomy that way? Frankly, I’m just surprised it took the patient this long to sue!”
Naomi slows her steps before she stops walking all together. The nurses are so engrossed in their conversation, they don’t even notice her.
“I heard from Marlene that the patient wouldn’t have even needed a trach if they hadn’t dosed her wrong in the first place,” Sarah adds in an excited whisper.
“Seriously? That’s next level…”
Her first instinct is to stop this, to tell them to stop talking, the urge to protect Ethan still as strong as it’s always been.
But she stops herself from doing that. Because why should she? Why should she put forth the effort to defend the honor and reputation of a man that doesn’t even have the decency to answer her phone calls?
And just like that, she’s plunged back into her flurry of conflicting emotions: worry, fear, annoyance, and most of all, anger. The emotions war inside her, all fighting for dominance, and she hasn’t felt like this since her intern year when he left to go to South America without any sort of goodbye or correspondence.
That wasn’t a good period in her life. Naomi can still feel the cold grip of anxiety that plagued her chest when she came into work one day and he was nowhere to be seen. She heard through a LVN that he left before confirming it with Naveen. She can still taste the saltiness of the tears she shed after leaving her 5th unanswered voicemail. Experiencing such a high of beating her ethics trial and getting picked for the diagnostic team,  and the low of him leaving in that short amount of time left her spiraling and isolated, and it took entirely too much time clawing herself out of that dark place.
Turning on her heel, Naomi speed walks in the other direction, her original plan long forgotten. The hospital passes her by in a blur as her legs move, the rest of her body and brain moving on autopilot.
She doesn’t stop moving until she’s in front of the residents’ lounge. She spots Aurora, Bryce, and Sienna sitting at a table.
“Naomi, come join us!” Sienna exclaims. “We’re going to make cappuccinos with this fancy machine.”
“I’ll have to take a raincheck on that,” Naomi says. She turns to Bryce. “Can I borrow your car keys please?”
“Everything okay?”
“Yeah, I just have a couple errands to run and I don’t feel like taking the train. I’ll bring it back with a full tank of gas and everything.”
“I’m not gonna nitpick you about gas, Omi.” Bryce’s warm gaze sweeps across Naomi’s face, studying her. If he notices anything wrong with her, which he probably does because Bryce is a lot more perceptive than he gives himself credit for, he thankfully doesn’t mention it. He reaches into the pocket of his mint green scrub pants and pulls out his keys. He tosses the keys to Naomi with a wink, and she catches them mid air.
“I keep a shovel in the trunk in case you need to bury a body.”
Whether he realizes what is going on with her, or if he just cracked a joke to lighten the mood, Naomi is grateful either way.
Naomi spends an hour driving around Boston, people watching and attempting to collect her thoughts before she ends up in Back Bay at Ethan’s apartment complex. She didn’t want to go to his house in her previous state, guns blazing and emotions all over her place.
Even on the ride on the elevator up to his unit, her stomach is in knots and her heart beats faster than normal. She hasn’t been this nervous about seeing Ethan in a long time, and it dawns on her just how fucked this entire situation is. Why should she be nervous to talk to the man who claims to want to be with her?
Steeling her nerves, Naomi issues three sharp knocks to Ethan’s front door. Approximately 45 seconds pass before the door opens.
“Naomi!” Ethan’s eyes widen when he sees her standing there. “What are you doing here?”
“Are you going to let me in, or should we have this conversation in the hallway?” Naomi asks. Ethan steps aside, widening the door so Naomi can enter. “Thank you.”
The apartment is stale, like Ethan hasn’t opened the windows in a few days. He looks disheveled, the bags under his eyes are extremely pronounced like he hasn’t gotten a wink of sleep.
For lack of a better word, Ethan is a mess. And she wants nothing more than to just...wrap her arms around him and make everything better. But she doesn’t. She keeps her distance.
Ethan shuts the door before turning back to her. “Can I get you something to drink?”
“Well let’s sit down.”
“No, I think I’d rather stand because I don’t plan on being here long.”
The coldness stuns Ethan. Naomi almost seems indifferent towards him, something he’s never experienced before. It doesn’t go unnoticed that she didn’t bother greeting him warmly, no hug or kiss, no excitement in her voice, nothing.
“I needed to see with my own two eyes that you were alive and well,” Naomi starts. “Because you’ve gone radio silent on me. I know you’ve seen me calling and texting. Your phone works just fine because you picked up a call from Tobias of all people.”
He averts his gaze, ashamed of himself. “I’m sorry, I–”
She holds up a hand, stopping him mid-sentence. Naomi doesn’t believe for one second that he’s apologizing due to actual remorse. “I have spent the entire day wracked with intense worry. I feel like I’ve been turned upside down, and I could barely focus on work. Every time I thought I could be productive, something or someone was there to remind me of you. And then I’d spend more time ruminating over you and your situation, and the fact that you’re ignoring me, and then I’d feel like absolute shit. And earlier today, as I listened to the nurses gossip about you, I realized that this feels so much like your two month sabbatical to the Amazon, and our relationship hasn’t changed at all since then.”
“That’s not true,” Ethan argues.
“It is,” Naomi insists. “One step forward doesn’t mean anything if we end up taking two steps back immediately afterwards. A year and a half later, you’re still holding me at arms length, keeping yourself closed off, ignoring my calls.”
“I don’t mean to do this, to be this way.”
“But you continue to do it, so at this point you have to see it’s a pattern. You won’t even open up and talk to me about this lawsuit that’s being waged against you.”
“I just don’t want you getting needlessly involved.”
“While it’s a noble excuse, it’s complete and utter bullshit. If you think you’re doing something to save my reputation, remember nothing you do will ever top me almost losing my medical license my intern year, and then having a resident face a malpractice lawsuit a few months later. So come on, give me another excuse.”
“I’m doing this for you!”
“How? How could this possibly be for me?”
“Everything I touch becomes tainted!” Ethan snaps. “Because there is something wrong, in which everyone arounds me leaves or dies, or everything falls apart. I don’t have control or autonomy over anything, so yes, the one precious thing in my life, I’m too scared to touch.”
“But I have been right here with you! I was right here in this exact same spot when we worked on Naveen’s case. I sat by your side while we watched over Dolores’s son. I was there when they wheeled your mother into the hospital, and when you took her to rehab. Time and time again, I’ve proven to you that my loyalty is steadfast, and not once have I ever wavered, so you don’t get to stand here and punish me for some unrealized fear. You don’t get to treat me like I’m a passenger in this relationship, if you can even call it that.”
That’s what gives him pause. “Of course this is a relationship.”
“This isn’t a relationship, I am just a woman you sleep with. Occasionally you open up to me, we share a cute moment and promises, and then you clam up and up goes the barriers, and it starts all over again. And every single time, we’re a little bit deeper into this thing we’re in. I’ve shared more, I’ve let myself be more vulnerable with you, emotionally and physically, I’ve deluded myself into thinking ‘This time it’s the real thing,’. And I’m afraid that this is going to be our reality. One day I wake up, 3 years in, tentatively living with you, trying to settle into the pieces of a life I’ve scrounged up with you, and you do this again.”
“I don’t speak on it, and I don’t like to because I try to keep it all together, but you don’t understand the toll it takes on me every time we do this back and forth. I was a train wreck when you quit. I had the trial looming over my head, Landry, a guy I considered one of my closest friends betrayed me in the worst possible way, you weren’t the only person scared of losing Naveen, and I couldn’t even verbalize any of it to you because you slammed a door in my face when I tried to bring it up, and then you left me. And then you did it again, and I spent two months worried that you might not even come home because you could contract the deadly disease you were off fighting. And then you go on national television declaring your relationship status, and you made promises to me on my deathbed that led nowhere, and then finally we make some headway in Hawaii and establish what we have going on, and then I come home to this. So while you say one thing to me, time and time again, your actions say otherwise. It’s clear I’m not a priority.” 
This conversation triggers Ethan’s fight or flight response. He doesn’t know where this conversation is headed, but he’s smart enough to know it’s nowhere good.
“Naomi, what are you saying? Spell it out to me like I’m a preschooler.”
“I think we need a break,” Naomi says in one breath, afraid she’ll break if she prolongs this any further. The six words leave a sour taste in her mouth that she has to choke back.
“No,” Ethan’s tone is gruff, and the seriousness almost startled Naomi. “No, we’re not breaking up.”
“From where I’m standing, we already have,” Naomi retorts. “I’m just confirming it.”
Ethan takes one long stride towards Naomi, but she takes a step back. “Look, I am a daft asshole to put it mildly, and I know I have a lot of work to do, but this is by no means a reason for us to break up.” He takes another step forward, and now Naomi is backed up against the door. He tugs her forward, wrapping his arms around her. “I am sorry. I know the words probably sound hollow, but trust me when I say I mean it. I’ll fix this, I’ll do whatever it takes. You’re the only person I want, the only one I’ll ever want, and I’m not losing you. Not now, not ever.”
Through this right embrace, Naomi can feel just how rapidly his heart is beating. He’s scared.
A tear slips from the corner of her eye, and she’s too drained to even wipe it away. “This is reactionary. You’re saying all of this because you’re panicked, but if you meant any of what you just said, it wouldn’t take the threat of a breakup in order to want to change things.”
“It shouldn’t have taken me this long to realize what a fool I’ve been,” Ethan says. He refuses to let go of her, his arms still wrapped so tightly around her petite frame, he almost worries about crushing her.
“I agree.” What does that even mean? She gives him nothing more than that, and Ethan is left to stew in his own doubt and worry. Naomi breaks free of his embrace and presses a palm to his chest, signaling him to give her some space. “But I still think we need some space.”
“You don’t mean that.”
“Trust me, I do.”
It becomes hard to breathe. When Ethan woke up this morning, the last thing he expected was Naomi to dump him. “What can I do? Tell me how to fix this. Do you want consistency? Done, I’ll talk to you every single day, multiple times a day. Transparency? Sit down right now, and I’ll explain this entire lawsuit top to bottom. You want proof that I’m never going to up and leave again, you can take my fucking passport. Naomi, I don’t care what I have to do, I will do it, but I will not accept you walking out of that door.”
Naomi inhales deeply, trying to stop a full son from bursting out of her chest. He’s saying all the right things, but at the wrong time. It’s too late now. “I’ve warred with myself all day about this decision. You’re clearly not in the right space to sustain a healthy relationship, and that’s fine. I just need to remove myself from the situation, for my own health and well-being. And I think you need to do the same.”
“So...what? This is it? It’s over?”
“Let’s be honest Ethan, you never gave us the opportunity to begin.” She wants to touch him so badly, reach out a run her hand through his hair or stroke his beard one more time. It takes everything in her to not. “You’re a great doctor, one of the best ones I know, so I really hope you beat this entire lawsuit and I get to see you back at Edenbrook. Take care of yourself, Ethan.
Ethan shakes his head in denial. He refuses to let things end like this, and for her to give him the same cool professionalism she extends to every other coworker.
“Naomi, wait–”
She’s out of his apartment before he can convince her to stay. It doesn’t register until he hears the soft click of her door shutting that she’s actually gone. And another minute passes before the gravity of the situation finally dawns on him.
For the first time in a long time, he’s truly alone.
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english8muffin · 7 months ago
Building Castles in The Sky, Prologue
Tumblr media
Summary: Twenty five year old Lily Yu loves her job, living in a cottage right outside the small village of Rosewood and becoming a kindergarten teacher was better than she ever could have dreamed of; but when little Oliver Cavill and his dad Henry waltz into her life, she realizes what was missing from that dream. 
Warning: pure fluff, (single)dad! Henry
Tag list: @cherry-piee // @gabrieladm28 // @mansaaay // @actuallybigcavill // @allthingsatlanta13 // @bbgirl003 // @hehehehannahthings // @crazybutconfidentaf​ // @joupmyn // @laufeysodinson // @keanureevesisbae // @omgkatinka // @nostalgicb-txh // @thereisa8ella // @funfickgirl22
Word count: 5.2K! ☻
A/N: I missed writing fluff so much! This is the first time I’m trying to write a series so I really hope you’ll enjoy it!
ALSO, I know one of Henry’s nephews is called Oliver, but I liked the name and I refuse to change it lol. Happy readings! 💕
Tumblr media
The first time Henry sees Lily is on a local train. She was sat at a window, hair tied in a low bun, wearing a thick knitted turtleneck with a long waist coat to keep the cold out. She looked really cute all bundled up and nose deep in a worn out book. The pages were yellow and wrinkly, a few post-its sticking out from the side, indicating it had been well loved. The moment she felt his stare on her, she looked up and made eye contact. He was taken aback by how kind her eyes were, like a nice hug, warming him in the January cold. But it was soon broken with a small smile from her and she got off the train. Leaving him with a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach. 
Being a new student is always hard, especially when you transfer in the middle of the school year. Oliver was really nervous, trying to tie his yellow shoelaces, pouting when one loop turns out much longer than the other. He recently got a new pair of big boy shoes, not with the velcro, no, his had real shoelaces, like his daddy’s. Heavy footsteps coming from the kitchen near him, his dad having a proud smile plastered on his face.
“Come on, mate, first day!”
For Henry it was a bittersweet moment, his little bubby was slowly but surely growing up. He knew it wasn’t the best idea to send his four year old to a new school, once again. But he didn’t have any other option with his work being all over the place. Even though he was surprised with how fast time had past since he had Olly, he was unbelievably happy and thankful his son turned out this way, even without a mother figure present. After Henry helps Oliver with tying his laces, he lifts his baby in the car and fastens him securely in the booster seat, his favorite blush pink octopus plushy, Theodore, protectively tucked under his chin. 
Yesterday evening there were some tears. Henry knew his son was scared for his first day, being a bit more introverted than other children. It broke his heart seeing the fat crocodile tears staining his round cheeks. Now he was a lot calmer, what wonders a good cuddle and warm chocolate couldn’t do. Henry opens the other side of the backseat, guiding Kal inside so he could say bye to his best friend. The large bear enthusiastically wags his tail in the air and starts showering the toddler with licks and gentle headbutts, receiving loud giggles in return. Seeing it was already seven fifty and they needed to be there by eight thirty, Henry pulls Kal away and leads him back inside, ordering him to be good and jogging back to the vehicle.
The car ride was filled with the to two of them singing to ABBA and even a few songs from The Sound of Music, which was Oliver’s favorite movie ever. The movie reminded him of Christmas since they always watched it during that season. Zooming past acres and acres of flowers and cornfields, they make it just in time. Henry parks in front of the school, the fences around the playground painted in the colors of the rainbow. 
“Daddy?” Oliver speaks up, voice going higher. 
“Yeah, bub?” Henry clicks his seatbelt off and turns around so he can see the little one’s face, “you alright, darling?” Worry makes its way into his chest, already thinking the worst. If he would cry now, Henry knew he would just take him back home. The boy had him wrapped around around his finger.
“Can you take Kal with you when school ’s done? I wanna show him where I was because he is probably worried,” the toddler says with a slight lisp, brows furrowed when he thinks about his trusty companion all alone at home. Chuckling his dad nods, rubbing his eyes, relieved it was only that. He helps Oliver out of his booster and holds out the straps of his rocket shaped backpack.
One hand tightly holding onto Henry’s and the other wrapped around Theodore, he walks to the building, eyes wide with wonder. As scary as it was, he felt excitement bubbling up in his tummy. The same feeling when he hand his dad would go on ‘an adventure’ (Henry’s business trips). A loud bell sounds and all the kids on the playground scramble around to stand in the right colored line that was painted on the concrete, at the front of every line was a number written of the class. Henry was pleased to see nobody of the kids and parents recognized ‘Superman’. He wanted to give his son his undivided attention, and being swarmed by everyone asking about your dad’s job was probably not the most peaceful welcome. Oliver looks up at his daddy when he lays a hand on his shoulder.
“I love you,” Henry says, crouching down and pressing a kiss to the boys cheek. 
“Love you, daddy! Give Kal a kissy when you get back, okay?” Olly asks, still anxious for the dog at home, instead of worrying about himself. Henry lovingly looks down at his baby, always stunned by his caring personality and good communication skills.
“I will, darling, gonna give Kal a big smooch from you, ‘kay?” Henry soothes.
As most of the parents starts to return to his car, he gives Oliver one last kiss and a hug, before returning as well. But on the way he gets a few hungry glances from some mothers and subtly tries to hide his annoyance. 
Tumblr media
Soon the kids were led inside, a few of Olly’s new classmates looking him up and down, curious who the new boy was and why he missed so many days of school already. One petite girl with two pig tails and a pair of thick round glasses looks at him and taps his arm. 
“I like your plushy,” she giggles, a chubby hand pointing at his octopus. “My name ’s Poppy.”
Oliver’s eyes light up in delight at hearing the compliment, “Thank you, I’m Oliver, but everyone calls me Olly,” he whispers back, “My daddy bought him for me, his name is Theodore, I wanna be a marine scientist when I’m older.” His cheeks turn a little rosy after his last confession. He once saw a documentary at his grandparents house, and ever since then he was obsessed with underwater creatures. He always thought other kids his age would think he was lame if he would say something like that, most of them not even understanding what it meant and wanting to be a knight or a superhero. At least my daddy is a superhero, the best superhero, he thinks, but quickly shuts those thoughts down when he remembers his dad telling him to be humble and kind to others. Which meant no bragging about daddy’s job. Not that he was going to, he was too scared to share him.
The girl let’s out a shocked gasp, making Oliver already regret what he said, but she surprises him, “Is that where you look at fishies?” Enthusiastically he nods his head. 
“I want to be a writer like my mommy, she writes lots’a books,” Poppy replies, pushing her glasses higher up her button nose. “I don’t understand them, but it has to do with scary stuffs, she says they make people feel like deti-detecti-“ she blows out a frustrated groan, not being able to pronounce the word her mother had explained to her.
“Detectives?” Oliver tries, grinning amused at her slight outburst.
“Yeah! That!” She squeals, her pig tails happily bouncing all over the place.
A woman wearing a long summer dress with flowers all over, walks up to the line of four year olds and gives them all a bright smile, eyes lingering a bit longer on the small boy with the mob of curls and sending him a playful wink. Oliver notices her hair, a thick, dark braid wrapped around her head like a crown. She’s probably a princess, he thinks to himself.
“Good morning everyone, let’s get inside. I got a special surprise for all of you!” The woman says with a warm smile, raising her eyebrows in expectation and receiving cheers from the twenty toddlers. She leads all the kids to her classroom, the door was painted in a vibrant yellow. Beside the door was a row of hangers with above each hook a different drawing of an animal or an object.
“Mines a ladybug,” Poppy informs Oliver when she sees him staring at all the squared pieces of paper. He didn’t know which one he could use, nervously he looks around for the lady in the flower dress. 
“You must be Oliver,” a gentle voice says behind him, making him turn around. “My name is miss Yu, I’m your teacher this year,” she says. The racing of his heart slows down, thankful he found her. Oliver nods his head, curls bouncing in place, “Good morning, miss Yu,” he answers politely, like his dad told him to. Lily sends him an adoring smile, the child was a literal angel already. 
“You can choose something you want to put on your hook, I still have a few pictures left, but if you have a certain preference I can go and print it out for you,” she suggests, pointing to the hangers. Oliver scans over the other labels, seeing someone had chosen a fish already and someone else had a birthday cake. But then he notices one with Spiderman on it and a lightbulb turns on in his head.
“Is it okay if I have Superman?” 
“Of course it is okay, pumpkin, pick a hook to hang your bag. I will print a Superman for you during playtime,” Lily watches as Oliver takes off his backpack, Poppy offering to hold his octopus for him, since ‘he will get sad without cuddles’. 
“You can take the one next to mine,” she offers happily, the plushy hugged close to her chest to keep him safe.
This was exactly why Lily wanted to be a teacher, seeing her students be helpful and kind to each other was the most heartwarming thing and it was very important to learn that from an early age. Once all the children are seated on the soft pillows and blankets, Lily takes hold of Olivers hand, to guide him to the front. 
“Alright everyone, we have a very special someone here today,” Lily introduces the child, a comforting hand on his shoulder, she knew standing in front of a group of people is scary and she wanted to make her new student feel at home. Startled, Oliver looks up at his teacher, ‘she thinks I am special’ he smiles to himself, not as nervous as he was a moment ago. All the kids silently look at miss Yu and then back at him, Poppy cheerfully waves from the other side of the room, her eyes enlarged and sparkling by the strength of her glasses. The second Lily finishes her introduction, all the kids jump up to give their new friend a warm hug, making Oliver feel very loved and cared for. Miss Yu encourages him to sit with new friends in what they called ‘the cuddle corner’ and shows him a cube where he could put all his belongings.
“Now because it’s such a special day today,” Lily starts, sensing the curiosity in all the glances she was getting, “I brought an extra surprise for each of you!” Turning around to grab the large Tupperware box, and lifting the lid to let everyone get a peak of the freshly baked pastries she made. Little gasps fill her ears as she hears excited ‘Cupcakes!’ and ‘yummy!’ Making her laugh with joy. She hands out polka dotted napkins and after everyone had one she claps in her hands, “alright my loves, it’s cupcake time!” Lily says over-enthusiastically, as the kids squirm in excitement.
“They’re all gluten free and have no nuts so you don’t have to worry, Poppy,” miss Yu informs the girl, earning herself a big toothy grin. In no time all the baked goods are devoured and all the kids sport a crumb-covered smile. From the corner of her eye she sees Oliver sneakily hide the berry cupcake behind his plushy, but decides to keep quiet, not wanting to question him in front of his classmates. Instead she takes out the paints and toilet rolls for their art class, ordering all her students to go wash their hands when they’re done. 
Tumblr media
When Henry returned home Kal was patiently waiting at the door, but the moment the canine didn’t see his play buddy, he started whining and pawing at the wood of the door. So Henry, being the softie he is, decided to take him on a longer walk, trying to distract the dog and himself as much as possible. Later in the day he went around, cleaning the house, which was much needed, three men alone sure left its tracks. He began vacuuming upstairs in the master bedroom, followed by the landing and Oliver’s room. Big, chunky, wooden letters spelled out his name on the door with a glittery Nemo sticker as the dot on the ‘I’.
Carefully he vacuums over the multi-colored carpet, once in a while having to pick up a toy or a crayon so it wouldn’t disappear in the machine. When Henry bought the house he made sure Oliver had bedroom with big windows and plenty of space to play in. He always wanted to have kids but he wasn’t exactly prepared to have to raise one all on his own without a partner present.
The day Oliver’s mother, Clara, decided she didn’t want anything to do with the baby, she left the bundled up bub at his house. He was just looking in the baby bag, trying to find the diaper cream. And when he turned back around, the front door closed with a bang and she never returned after. Being totally helpless with a hungry, crying new born, he ringed his mother, tears streaming down his face. 
But come to think of it, it was without a doubt the best day of Henry’s life. He was sure he could give Oliver enough love for both parents. Little chubby hands latching onto his finger and making cooing noises, Oliver was almost an exact replica of Henry. Same curly brown hair, same dimple in his chin, only that he had one blue and one light brown eye, not just a peck like his father. At almost five years old, Oliver had already discovered not everyone had two eye colors like his daddy and himself, but it didn’t bother him to be ‘different’, mainly because it made him ‘unique’ and ‘special’ said Marianne. Henry chuckles at the memory of Olly’s face when he heard it, puffing out his chest with pride because his nana called him a special boy. 
Tumblr media
“Alright, my loves,” Lily tries to get everyone’s attention, “put your hand up if you’ve made a rocket ship so I can help you attach all the pieces. The one’s who made planets can start drawing the faces on them, alright? If you want me to help you, let me know.”
The rest of the day all the four year olds had been learning about space and the different celestial bodies, which they all seemed to enjoy. Yesterday Lily printed out a few exercises, which were just drawings of the planets that the kids had to put in the right order and color in. They learned that if it was night here, it was day somewhere else and that the sun was much larger than earth, which blew their minds.
While painting his rocket ship, Oliver turns to Poppy. “On tv I saw they know more about space than about the sea,” he informs her. 
Frowning Poppy regards him, not knowing if this information was trustworthy. “Really?” She says a little skeptical.
“I knew it!” With a splash she throws her paintbrush in a blob of pink paint, startling him. 
“What?” He says worried, looking her up and down to see if there was something wrong. 
“There is still a possibility mermaids are real!”
Tumblr media
At three o’clock Henry gets ready to go pick up his son, plucking Kal’s leash from the hanger by the door, planning on taking him with, like he promised. On his walk he had bought a present for Oliver as a reward for being such a trooper his first day. Being at the beginning of spring he thought it would be a good idea to start a small kitchen garden with tomatoes, berries and herbs. He already knew his son was going to love it, being the little scientist and nature lover.
“Come ‘ere Kal, we’re going to get Olly,” Henry whistles towards the akita. Hearing the promise of seeing his friend, Kal quickly sprints to the door, letting out an excited bark, turning up his head as if to say ‘come on, put the leash on, we need to go places!’
In front of the school building Henry impatiently rocks from one leg to another, petting Kal behind his ear in the hopes to try and find comfort. The loud bell sounds again, indicating school was out. A sea of children scatters all over the place and Henry tries to find the messy head of curls from his son. 
A sudden grumbling ‘woof’ from Kal signaling he was faster than his owner in finding Oliver.
Quickly crouching down Henry tries to catch the small ball of energy, slight happy-tears clouding his view and burying his nose on top of Olly’s head, he was worried sick all day. 
“Hey, bubby, I missed you,” he whispers, pressing multiple kisses to his cheerful face, “did you have fun?”
“I missed you too, daddy! It was super fun, I made a lot ‘a friends,” he giggles from his dad’s light scuff tickling him and giving Kal a hug. 
“Look, Kal. I was here all day,” Olly explains, pointing towards the building behind them, “I missed you though, maybe I can ask miss Yu if you can come visit some time.” The last part he whispers in the dog’s ear, making sure his daddy couldn’t hear him. 
“Look! I made a rocket ship, it matches my bag!”
“That’s really cool, love,” Henry says as excited as his son, “maybe we can hang it above your bed?”
They walk back to the car, Henry loading dog, kid and backpack in the backseat, face completely relaxed now that they were complete again, being the real protective papa bear he is.
“Kal and I got you a present today, darling,” his dad whispers, wiggling his eyebrows. “Really?” Oliver squeals, legs kicking in the air with impatience. 
“What is it?”
“It’s called a present, darling. You have to wait and see,” Henry sing-songs, owning a small huff.
Back home he helps Oliver out of his shoes, which were already full with mud, making him whine because his freshly cleaned floors were now ruined. 
“Okay, mate, close your eyes,” Henry directs, lifting his son in his arms and taking him to the backdoor patio. The different gardening supplies were carefully displayed on the table, a light blue apron with a smiling daisy and matching rubber boots beside it.
Carefully he sets Olly on one of the chairs. “You can look.” Pulling his lip between thumb and forefinger he anxiously awaits his boy’s reaction. It was getting warmer, only being the beginning of March, but he thought it would be a good idea to buy Oliver a gardening set instead of a video game. He was still a kid, and kids need to play outside and since he already had a bike, a trampoline, a kiddy pool and various others toys for outside, this was the best he could come up with.
Oliver slowly opens his eyes and scans over the objects in front of him, eyes growing large.
“Are we getting a veggie garden?” He screams, alarming Kal who came running outside to protect his caregiver. 
His dad laughs, calming Kal down.
“Yeah, thought you’d like it. We can get some tomato plants and stuff.”
“Miss Yu also has a garden, daddy. She showed us pictures of all the flowers and fruits. And we learned about space!” Oliver rambles, finally being able to tell his dad what happened today.
“And she said I was a special boy, like nana does, and me and Poppy, she’s my friend, daddy. Poppy and I talked about our favorite animals, and guess what, she also likes The Sound of Music. She said she likes Theodore, and wants to become a writer like her momma because she writes scary stuffs.”
Honestly, Henry couldn’t keep up with all the information, but happily smiled and nodded his head, encouraging Oliver to keep on telling him about his first day, loving how excited he seemed about it. 
“Really? That’s a fun job.”
“Yeah, and miss Yu is also really good at drawing. She draws us coloring pages, we painted today and she gave everyone cupcakes, daddy! She made them herself, and they were sooooo yummy,” Olly says, licking his lips at the memory of the sugary pastries. 
“That’s very nice of her, did you say thank you?” 
“Of course!” Reverently nodding his head, proving his dad that he was ‘a proper gentleman’ and continues with his rambling.
“I secretly took the one with berries home for you and Kal, ‘cuz only one sweet a day, right.” Henry throws his head back in amusement and lets out a rumbling laugh. It was indeed a rule at home, only one sweet a day. 
“Oh, my darling, you didn’t have to do that, you don’t always have to share with me, you know that.” Oliver doesn’t say anything, just shrugging his shoulders, letting his dad know he didn’t mind sharing. 
“I am almost a billion eight thousand and five thirteen percent sure that miss Yu a princess, because she has flowers everywhere and she’s really nice and her hair was like a crown, you know, like a princess,” he suddenly says in a very serious tone, flailing his arm like a madmen, trying to convince someone of their crazy theories.
“Wow, bub, a billion eight thousand and five thirteen you say? That’s a lot huh, maybe you should ask her tomorrow,” Henry suggest, trying to hold back an adoring chuckle.
“Let’s get some food in you, bud,” Henry says after a while and lifts Olly setting him on his hip and walking back inside to help him wash his hands. They eat some pasta Henry prepares for the two of them, Oliver carefully watching his dad and adding some ingredients into the pan when told so. 
When their bellies are full and they watch some tv together, Olly starts to get sleepy. Henry decides it is time for bed, since he needed to be up early tomorrow for another day of school. “Oliver, it’s time to get ready for bed, darling.” The toddler silently nods and brings his empty plate to the kitchen sink and walks up the stairs into the bathroom. His dad follows him and grabs a small duck shaped bath bomb and throws it in the filling tub. 
“Daddy, I want to plant flowers in our garden,” Oliver informs, eyes almost falling closed because of the warm water that seemed to lull him into dream land. 
“Why’s that?”
“Because they’re pretty and I want to make miss Yu a bouquet,” he mumbles, now distracted by all the bubbles that appeared on the water. He is such a sweet kid, Henry thinks, looking at his son and caressing his head. 
“Well, she’s a very lucky lady, having such a dapper young man like you giving her flowers,” he teases, poking the dimple in Olivers cheek, seeing the bright red blush on his cheeks, glossy eyes looking into his.
Freshly washed and smelling of baby shampoo, Henry’s favorite smell, Oliver is tucked in his bed underneath the Superman duvet he insisted on having. Secretly it filled Henry with pride, knowing his baby was his biggest fan, always trying to support his dad and being the one cheering him up after a long day of filming. After many cuddles and goodnight-kisses, tiny snores could be heard. Apparently school was very tiring. Giving him one last kiss, Henry stands up and walks out to the hall, but not before plugging in a nightlight and guiding Kal in to go and lie with Oliver.
Back downstairs, he grabs a beer from the fridge, and the ingredients to prepare Oliver’s lunch for tomorrow. Taking the rocket shaped backpack, Henry notices a little handmade clay name tag that was attached to the zipper, not remembering ever buying it, he frowns. Taking the cloud shaped hanger with his son’s name between his fingers. Miss Yu is very dedicated to her job it seems, he thinks.
Opening the bag, the first thing he sees is the small lunchbox that was haphazardly shoved in there, wrinkling some drawings that were underneath it. Taking out the box, he opens the lid, confused why is weighed that much. A very tempting looking cupcake was nicely place in there, making his mouth water. Putting his bottle of beer aside and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, he takes a big bite of the treat.
“Fuck.” Shocked, he looks down at the pastry with widened eyes. Oliver was right, it was indeed very ‘yummy’. No wonder his son was already in love with his teacher, everyone would fall in love after eating this deliciousness. 
Slowly chewing, to savor the taste, he folds open the drawings, being met with messy splatters of paint that were strewn all over, his son clearly having difficulty to stay between the lines of the astronaut drawing. At the bottom right corner was ‘Oliver’ written, some letters a bit more lopsided than others. Endeared Henry smiles at the artwork and turns around to hang it on the fridge and starts to prepare lunch for tomorrow. 
Tumblr media
Every day Oliver comes home with a smile on his face, telling his dad the stories they heard that day and the things they did. By now, there was no space empty on the fridge, buried underneath the layers and layers of drawings. Henry was very thankful, almost forgetting how scared he was the first day he dropped his son off. Yet he still had to get acquainted with Oliver’s teacher, miss Yu, always being stopped by Olly himself who came running in his arms, ushering them to the car to go see Kal. 
But that changed the moment Henry’s phone rang during a meeting. He frowns, Oliver would be going to the park with his class today. 
“Hello,” he answers after the first ring, worrying what might have happened.
“I’m sorry for bothering, you’re speaking with Lily Yu. Am I speaking with Oliver’s caregiver?” A soothing voice questions from the other side, he couldn’t really put a face to the voice, since she was speaking in a hushed tone.
“Yes, I’m his father. Is everything alright?” Henry asks, already taking his jacket and keys, ready to bolt through the door.
“I’m calling since he requested to go home, mister Cavill. He fell and cut open his knees, I took him back to the classroom, he’s resting right now after having a bit of a scare,” she explains, sadness laced in her voice.
“Okay, I’ll come get him, I should be there in about thirty minutes.”
On the other side of the line, Lily was sat in the corner of her classroom, slumped back, the little boy sleepily snuggled on her lap and thumb in his mouth. She was scared seeing him take a tumble on the concrete, immediately sprinting towards him and cuddling him to her chest as he cried seeing his own bloody knees. 
“Alright, we will see you then.” She replies, never taking her gaze off of Olivers tearstained face.
Tumblr media
As soon as Henry arrives at the kindergarten, he jumps out of the car and starts running like a crazy person to the school building. A few kids that were playing outside hastily get out of the way, scared of the man that suddenly bolted over the playground. Inside he bumps into some people, instantly apologizing as he continues his search for the yellow painted door Oliver mentioned several times. 
Olly’s backpack hung in front of the classroom, letting him know he was at the right place. Henry goes to knock on the door, but it was already slight ajar, leaving just enough space to let him peak inside. 
Soft, airy tunes were played from a portable bluetooth speaker, adding to the cosy vibe that was his son’s classroom. Everywhere you looked were warm colors and patterns, a thousand plants and flowers were scattered around in weirdly shaped pots, one of a tiger head staring him right in the eye. Posters explaining the color wheel and all kinds of butterflies were hung up above a corner where a sea of pillows and blankets laid, so that was the famous ‘cuddle corner’, Henry thinks. Now he understood why Oliver liked his class so much, the room had a very welcoming, almost homey feel. 
But what he was most stunned about was seeing the person who held his boy, half asleep, cuddled on her lap, eyes lazily blinking up at her while she was speaking to him in a hushed tone. The woman was perched in a rocking chair, holding Oliver close, trying to soothe him as best as possible. Two scuffed up knees with rainbow bandaids peaking out of a fluffy throw blanket with stars scattered all over. It all seemed to work, seeing as the child was completely relaxed, thumb tucked between his pouty lips and staring up at her face like she hung the moon and stars. He only sucked his thumb when he was in pain, really sad or extremely tuckered out. Oliver always wanted to be a big boy, like daddy and big boys don’t use pacifiers anymore and they surely didn’t suck their thumbs.
Henry was very taken aback with the fact the infamous ‘miss Yu’ was the same woman he saw a few months back on the train when he got back from filming in Ireland. Seeing Oliver so comfortable with her, a tinge shoots through his heart making him feel bad to not being able to give the boy a mother figure in his life. The only people he saw Oliver this serene with was with his mother and with him. Even his uncles weren’t allowed to coddle him like that. Lost in thought and having forgotten he put the backpack by his feet, Henry almost falls forward, face first on the tiled floor.
Alarmed by the ruckus Lily and Oliver’s eyes shoot towards the door. 
And that’s the second time his two blue eyes lock with two green ones, like at the beginning of December.
🥳🥳🥳 first piece done! Please let me know what you thought of it 🤍 Nahmi xxx
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sunny-bunnny · 7 months ago
hey if i could make a request of maraudersxfem!reader and what a fight between them all would be like, like if they pick sides or if everyone is against everyone and how they would solve it thanks!💕
Word Count: 1535
Warnings/Content: Angst, hurt/comfort kinda, fighting, a break up (they get back together) and talking about break ups, war, Remus being an ass, swearing, Polyamory
Pairings: Marauders x Reader, James Potter x Reader, Sirius Black x Reader, Remus Lupin x Reader, Sirius Black x Remus Lupin
It truly depends upon what the fight is about. 
I do think it would be quite common (though yes, toxic) for teaming up to happen during fights.
The boys against you when you say you want to fight in the war, though they know that you can handle yourself just fine, their worry and anxiety over the possibility of losing you is handled poorly by them all.
This fight would be solved by you yelling at them till they understood your side.
“You do understand that you fools aren’t the only ones with a stake in this war--No! Don’t pull that ‘we’re worried about you’ bullshit on me! I am a gifted witch who can take care of herself, I can hex all of your arses off so you can’t tell me that I’d be a liability!”  
They all stand silently, like scolded children, waiting for you to continue.
“Don’t you think I’ll worry too! Would you really rather me be all alone worrying about if my boyfriends are going to come home? Or would you rather I fight at your side, protecting you and letting you protect me?”
After that, they didn’t push the point any further.
Another time when it would seem as though teaming up is happening is when you, James, and Sirius are worried about Remus’ well-being.
All three of them would have defaults they fell into when they fought.
Remus would yell and dominate the conversation leaving no room for anyone to argue, then he’d shut himself away, he’d never let himself be the first to apologize after real fights. Luckily he would pick very few fights. 
If his anger had been caused by built-up emotions and hormones from the full moon, he’d apologize the morning after the full moon while you all sat around him at the infirmary.
Sirius would shut down for fear that if he spoke he’d explode. He’d become irritable and his grip on your hand, waist, or thigh would become tighter. He’d be less likely to initiate any romantic or sexual intimacy if he was angry with any of you.
He’d wait for someone else to initiate any conflict solving, and it would probably go best if you or James initiated it, especially if Remus was in an angry headspace. 
He’d react very differently to each person. He’d try his best not to anger you, if you said something in a fight that really got to him he would try to hold it in, but if you went too far, he would not hesitate to use the things he picks up (because he is very observant) against you.
With Remus, Sirius would try to calm him down, and if that didn’t work he’d match his energy or leave. With James, he’d behave like a hurt puppy because he knows he can probably get away with anything with James.
James is the mediator, he will do whatever it takes to keep the peace. But the one thing that will get him angry is broken promises. James is incredibly loyal and will not break a promise so if you do he will need space.
James gets quite angry, and it’s scary. He doesn’t shut down but he talks very deeply and quietly and I will not stress this enough: he embodies “I’m not angry I’m just disappointed”
Remus’ pessimistic outlook on life would also cause some arguments, specifically when it came to the future of your relationship when you weren’t in a contained environment.
Remus wouldn’t want to rely on you, James, and Sirius for the rest of his life, and he wouldn’t want to be a burden, knowing he would struggle to find employment in the wizarding and muggle world. 
In the spring of your seventh year, Remus suggested that you all either break up or that he leaves the three of you. This had been when James had been trying to have an optimistic conversation about the possibility of a life together, so it killed the mood
You get very teary-eyed. “Rem, why would you say that?” you ask.
James goes into ‘fix everything’ mode and wraps his arms around you tightly in an attempt to comfort you.
Sirius’ jaw tightens and he waits for the next words to be said, ready to run from the room if it got to be too much.
Remus refuses to meet your eyes, knowing he’d be met by your tear-stained face. “It’ll be best, you’ll all get over it.” 
Sirius’ black painted nails dig into his palms as he holds back tears at the assumption that he could live without Remus, without any of you.
James is dumbstruck and slightly loosens his grip on you, he could live without being romantically inclined with Remus, but he never even considered that he’d lose Remus entirely, especially by his own volition.
You tear out of James’s grasp and fall to the ground in front of Remus who's sitting with his hands in his lap, trying to stay as still as possible.
You grab his much larger hands in yours. He still refuses to meet your eyes, so you stare down at his scarred hands as your fiddle with them. “It won’t be easier Remus. I’d never get over it,” you say softly.
At that Remus jolts up quickly and paces away from you, “Grow up Y/N! Did you really think this would last? It's fucking teenage love!” He yells.
Sirius cuts you off, “Princess c’mon, let's go, obviously, he doesn’t care about us as much as we do.” Sirius then helps you up from the floor and starts to walk towards the dorm door with you.
James is panicking at your tears and the ones that go unshed in Sirius’s eyes. Sirius would pull you from the room in his attempt to protect you, but Remus’ screams at James can be heard as you walk down the steps to the common room.
James knows that this is Remus trying to protect you all in some twisted way so he continually tries to mediate a solution
  Sirius is furious, he takes this out on Remus by having you by his side constantly. He knows that you’d be the first to forgive Remus out of the two of you and he is desperate for Remus to beg for forgiveness.
You, of course, can sense this, but having been just left by your boyfriend your despair is too great to tell Sirius to leave you be for just a moment. 
Remus finds you alone staring at a book in the library, eyes not reading, during Quidditch practice.
He sits beside you, after many talkings to and reassurances that he is not a burden and can be loved by James, he knows that for the first time in his life he needs to be the one to apologize first. 
“I’m sorry,” though you know this is a big step for him, you reserve the right to be petty.
“For what, Remus?” you say without looking up from your book.
He sighs and moves his hand gently to your jaw to tilt it so you’ll look him in the eye. He’s shocked when you move away from his hand, you’ve always leaned into it. You still hold his eye contact and wait for him to answer you.
“I- I was afraid and I thought it would be easier to hurt you now and let you get over it, than hurt you later.”
“Who said you’d hurt us later?”
“Remus, there is no guarantee that you’ll hurt us, the hurt that you’ve set in stone is what you’ve done now.”
“I know- Love, I know.” Remus grasps your hand tightly as his lifeline. Tears are forming in both of your eyes at the first intimate touch shared between you in days. “I didn’t want to hurt you, or Sirius, or James”
“You only wanted to hurt yourself, which I hate,” you sniffle, “I can’t bear to see you in pain, and I can’t bear to be without you, I miss you so much.”
Remus presses a soft kiss to your hand.
You both run down the hill towards the Quidditch pitch in the twilight. Desperate to go back to the goodness of your relationship. James spots you first and motions for the team to keep practicing drills, then he and Sirius shoot towards the ground.
Sirius lands and immediately ditches his broom and storms towards you and Remus, James jogs up to keep space between them.
“What the hell Remus! You can’t just waltz back in like you aren’t going to leave us in a couple of months.” “I swear I’m not-” “How do I know you aren’t fucking lying? You said you love us forever? Obviously, that wasn’t true if you had already decided you were done with us in a couple of months!”
Remus all but begs on his knees for Sirius to understand that he was absolutely terrified, that he was misleading himself, and that he would love you all forever.
In short, just like everything else, with four people fights are more complicated, but that by no means that most of the relationship isn’t full of love, joy, mischief, and passion.
Taglist: @randomoutsiders @quindolyn @ftwert @pinkteapotwriting 
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yesokaythatsfine69 · 10 months ago
The Beach (Levi Ackerman x reader)
Description: During the beach scene in attack on titan. I changed this scene a bit because I felt it could be more light hearted and more fun after the cut. So be aware that it may not be that exact scene (in terms of what gets said) but roughly the same idea.
Characters: Y/n, Levi, Hange, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Sasha, Connie
Pov: third person
Warnings: none, this is pure fluff and just chill vibes.
A/n: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEVI ACKERMAN! Hello! As of right now I'll be focusing the next several pieces on AOT. This is the third and the final piece I'll be writing about Levi. Feel free to request any Levi Ackerman writings at any time though. Have a good read!
Word Count:
Song suggestion: This has nothing to do with this piece but I've been jamming to Judas by Lady Gaga so if ur not a nerd listen to it.
*none of the Gifs used are mine, full credit goes to the maker
Tumblr media
The dust that Scout's horses picked up enclosed around them, swallowing them up in a thick cloud of brown. The air was similarly thick around them.
Her hands were shaking, clutching the reigns of her horse, pulling them close to her chest. Y/n wasn't scared though. The things she'd experienced in the almost four years since she'd joined the scouts had changed what the concept of fear was for her. She felt tense- anxiety ridden. She felt like something was about to happen, and the way Eren spoke- it definitely was.
They passed a wall, and Eren's voice cut through the long silence. "I'm sure of it. This is the place where they turned the Eldians titan, which means just up there."
He beckoned them on, rushing his horse forward. Armin swallowed harshly, his eyes meeting y/n's for a beat. They shared a look, that displayed their mutual concerns before it broke.
Y/n had kept close to Armin, whose presence often calmed her. It was strange, but Armin never hid his emotions or disguised his fear (something her friends did so often.) And there was comfort in that. It made her feel less vulnerable.
Levi often teased her for that- but she knew he respected their friendship. Y/n looked to where he rode ahead of her. His hands were steady, expression focused. It unnerved her how he could be so calm.
She blinked away her focus, returning her gaze back to looking straight ahead. Eren led the group to what appeared to be a cliff, and when they reached the top...they saw.
The group seemed to all stop at once, realizing what they found. It was silent, except for the blowing of the waves before them. It was water- the ocean. They all stared, stunned.
Sasha and Connie had mutual expressions of open mouth wonder. Y/n just stared, aghast. Eren on the other hand looked unsurprised and almost bored.
One by one they slipped off the backs of their horses, most rolling up their pant legs and trodding into the water.
Y/n did a little dance in the water, laughing as Connie playfully splashed Sasha in the eyes. Sasha screamed in pain, "my eyes!" After she recovered, she splashed Connie back. Or tried to. At the last second Connie ducked and the salty sea spray hit y/n dead in the face instead.
"Sasha!" Her friend giggled sheepishly. Y/n tackled her into the water, the two becoming completely soaked. Connie chuckled at their antics, pointing his index finger at them with his right hand and keeping his left to his chest. The two girls shared a mischievous look which caused Connie's laughter to die out immediately.
"Take him down!" "Hiya!" Working in sync the two tackled him into the water. The three resurfaced and giggled at each other's soaked expressions. "It's so salty!" Jean was a few paces ahead of them and had just drank some of the water.
"Jean what the fuck. You really need to stop putting things into your mouth if you don't know what's in them." Y/n stood up, twisting her hair to relieve it of some water. Raising a brow, Jean leaned towards her. "Says the girl deep diving into it. Armin says there's nothing in here but salt anyway, and besides someone was bound to drink from here. I just saved them the extra hassle." Y/n flicked water at him. "How gallant of you."
Eren's monologue interrupted them then, they way he sounded close to tears, his voice creaking at the last sentence begged for their concentration. "Will we finally be free?" No one spoke, whatever light mood that existed now diminished.
"way to kill the mood Jaeger." Jean muttered, but he seemed just as solemn as Eren. "Don't worry, I'll lighten it up." Y/n shoved Jean down, and into the water. He landed with a surprised yelp and everyone turned, broken out of their private misery.
"Really y/l/n!" Jean spat, his cheeks dusted with blush. Y/n giggled, until she was cut off by Jean grabbing her and pulling her down into the water. "Shit!" She gasped out, landing in the water beside him.
"Are you serious! Jean, I just rang out my hair!" Jean opened his mouth to retort when sasha and Connie interrupted, shouting "Dog pile!" Jean and Y/n's eyes widened. "No!" "Wait-!" As Kenny once said, kaboom.
Now, all four of them were completely soaked, but none of them really cared. They bursted out laughing, each pointing at one another in amusement. The reflex seemed almost unnatural- it'd been so long since her last belly laugh. Connie, Sasha, and Jean felt similar and the tears they shed weren't just from their chuckles, but something deeper.
Y/n left the three to splash each other, waddling over to Armin, Mikasa, and Eren. Eren still looked off into the horizon but the tenseness in his shoulders seemed lighter. "What do you have there, Armin." She spoke softly to her friend, marveling at the shell he had gently lying in his palms. "Some sort of shell..." His gaze met hers. "I'm sure there have to be hundreds here." Y/n smiled.
"Did you think it'd be like this? Big, breezy, and beautiful?" Armin looked up, looking beyond Eren. "Maybe something close...I just never expected to actually see it...let alone feel it." They shared another look before they turned to Mikasa. She had gotten closer to Eren, but her gaze was in the water. She was kicking at it, her expression unreadable.
"hmmm." Y/n hummed, tapping her chin. She took off, running past Eren and to the left of him. "Hey! Y/l/n, don't go out too far!" Levi called after her. At the left edge, she stopped, bending down and searching fervently in the waters.
"There must be hundreds..."she mumbled to herself, brow furrowed in concentration. "Ah hah!" She straightened, a single white shell lying in the palm of her hand. She ran back, to armin, mikasa, and Eren. She skidded to a stop directly in front of Mikasa, who gave her an amused look.
Y/n dropped to a knee, sticking up her palm. "For my favorite Ackerman!" "Oi!" Levi grunted from behind her and Mikasa blushed. "Thank you, y/n." The young girl smiled, gently picking up the shell. "You are my favorite y/l/n." Y/n crossed her arms. "I'm the only y/l/n." Mikasa smiled a bit brighter.
Eren had turned towards them, snapping out of his gaze from the unusual commotion. He had watched the two interact and the way Mikasa had gently lifted the shell and just as gently cradled it caused the corner of his lips to upturn.
Y/n noticed. "I can find you one too, Eren. Although I'm afraid finding one as pretty as Armin's is impossible and thus out of the question." Eren softened and shook his head. "No, thank you, y/n." She stood up from her position, and was immediately wrapped in a quick hug from Mikasa.
"Oh! What's this?" Hanje lifted something reminiscent of a burnt rock from the water, gently rubbing her fingers over it. Y/n drew closer, allowing Hanje to explain all of the oddities she found. Y/n nodded along, only half understanding what her friend was ranting about.
Finally Hanje gasped with delight- cutting herself off. "there's more over here!" She pranced away from y/n, pausing several steps away and bending down to search for more.
Finally y/n turned to Levi, who had already been watching her. He seemed so out of place it was funny. His arms were crossed and he looked disinterested...but y/n knew that he was just uncomfortable. They watched each other, taking their differences in.
Really Levi couldn't believe how different two people could be. There y/n stood, a breeze sifting through her hair, her entire outfit completely soaked, and a stupid grin on her face. She was some brat- he'd admit it.
"You're going to get sick, y/n." She smiled, wading through the low tide to where he stood. "You'd love the chance to take care of me." "Tch, I deal with you enough as is." The two had shortened the distance between each other.
The wind ruffled his undercut. "It's a lot less scary than it looks." Y/n gently nudged him with her shoulder. "I'm not scared." Levi gave her a sharp look and anyone one else would've slinked away, but y/n wasn't anyone else- especially not to Levi.
Gently she took his hand in hers, squeezing it softly. He narrowed his eyes, the silver orbs twinkling against the sunset. He interlaced his fingers with her own though, his deep admiration for y/n often undermined his "tough guy" resolve.
Y/n smiled at him, "Okay old man are you going to roll up those pants or will I have to?" Levi sighed, grumbling under his breath as he bent down. "If I get sick from this-" she rolled her eyes. "Levi it's water. The thing you bathe in, clean with, drink. You will not get sick."
He pulled a sock off. "Tch, I once saw you find a piece of uneaten bread hidden behind books in the library, and watched you eat it without question. I don't believe anything you say about what's healthy and what's not, brat." Y/n helped him fold his socks neatly next to his shoes. "That was one time!" He paused. "And it's scarred into my memory."
Again, y/n rolled her eyes. However, the smile on her never even flinched. She grabbed Levi's hand and yanked him forward. He gasped, but y/n only sped up. "Oi, oi, oi, wait! You're going to fast, we'll-" They splashed into the water, splashing it up to their faces.
Levi's eyes were wide, and he seemed absolutely at a loss for what to do with himself. Finally he met her gaze, and saw how she looked at him. Levi felt his cheeks flush. "Tch, fine it's not as bad as I thought." He turned to leave, but she yanked him back to her.
"hey, hey, hey mateo, mateo." She pulled him so that his side was resting against her, he turned back to y/n. "Stay awhile." She said gently. Her smile had changed now, and Levi noticed. His shoulders relaxed. He realized now why this was so important to her. This could be the last chance they had.
Then she kicked water at him.
"Y/n!" She laughed and backed deeper into the water. "You may be humanity's greatest titan fighter..." She began to move her arms around wildly. "But I am humanity's greatest Levi Ackerman fighter." Levi sighed, unamused. "You got water on my pants!" He moved towards her.
"The target approaches, seemingly irritated." She backed away. "Tch, Seemingly?" Levi's hand balled into fists. "He's going deeper into enemy territory, what will y/n do?" "Y/n should run." Levi got closer.
He jumped at her, and she tackled him, the two landing into the water. Once again y/n became instantly soaked, and Levi was now in the same boat, wet completely from head to toe. "It is salty!" Levi gasped out, his arms still wrapped around y/n. "Did you think we were all lying before?" Y/n laughed, watching as Levi struggled to get salty water from his eyes.
He pulled his fist from his eye, finally looking at y/n. She was soaked, probably more than he was, but she was as radiant as could be, her eyes shining, her smile wide, and her hair blowing softly. He stared at her several seconds, lost in how beautiful she was. Sometimes he had a difficult time believing that someone like her could ever be interested in someone like him. "I love you." He clutched her tighter to him.
Her face became more serious, and she closed her mouth. Y/n gently put a wet thumb on his cheek. "I love you too, Levi." They stayed there, in that moment together.
"and yet I'm only your second favorite Ackerman." Y/n sighed, going to pull away, but Levi grabbed her and to her surprise he laughed.
"What's so funny?" Levi and y/n turned, Connie, Sasha, Jean, Hanje, Eren, Armin, and Mikasa all stood over them.
"None of your business, brats." Levi said, crossing his arms. The group shared a glance. "Oh, no, guys wait-" Connie, Sasha, Jean, Hanje, and Mikasa attacked, jumping to tackle them, splashing and creating a mini hurricane.
Armin and Eren watched, still standing. Armin was smiling, whilst Eren's expression still remained cautious. The tension he had carried moments before abandoned him though, and it seemed as though now for the small moment they had, they all realized- only now could they truly live it.
Today was today and that was all they had for certain.
"There's water in a place where water should definitely not be!"
"Don't make me drown you!"
"Who's foot is this?"
"What's gonna happen when we leave? Will we still be wet?"
"you all are no match for my skills- I am unconquerable!"
"Yeah, I'm never doing this again."
Armin turned to Eren. "Sometimes... sometimes I believe that it'll never get better than this." He took a breath and Eren put a hand on his shoulder. "Right now...I think...I think you may be right, Armin."
A/n: hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this, feel free to request more Levi Ackerman or to give critism. Merry Christmas!
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klinenovakwinchester · 10 months ago
intelligence & issues (Hotch x Fem!Reader) -- chapter twenty
Hello!! As usual, here is a new chapter and, here is an update on the update schedule for this fic: how does Mondays and Fridays sound? I wanted to keep updating on Mondays because so many of you have said these chapters make you actually look forward to Mondays (which is beyond sweet by the way, thank you so much) and then Fridays are a nice lil present for the end of the week/before the weekend! Lmk what you guys think xx.
Warnings: just angst for this one (related to her PTSD and then the case), Hotch yells at the end (but I know we like that)
Tumblr media
Chapter Twenty: You know all that, still you stay
You’re not sure when you are lulled to sleep. All you know is you hadn’t planned on it, so you wake with a start.
The sudden movement scares the shit out of you and Hotch who looks up from a file. He’s sat on the couch, already dressed, but without his tie and jacket, and now he’s gazing at you with concern.
“What time is it?” You ask, already throwing the comforter off your body. It’s way too bright outside to be six a.m. You head toward the bathroom, ready to get on with the day.
“Eight,” he says. “You can sleep more if you need to.”
“Eight?” You nearly scream, poking your head out from the bathroom. “The hell did you let me sleep so late for?”
“You needed it,” he replies, looking back down at the file. “I had the rest of the team go ahead to the precinct half an hour ago.” He pauses, knowing the question that’s on your lips. “There aren’t any new bodies.”
“Thank God,” you breathe, splashing some water on your face.
You’re well aware of why Hotch let you sleep later than usual, and it’s not because there aren’t any new bodies this morning -- even if you want to believe that’s the sole reason.
You remember clearly what happened last night. You remember standing on the balcony to clear your head. You remember that plan failing miserably as you began to spiral. You remember zoning out as some memories came flooding back. You remember being nineteen again--
And then Hotch tried to put his arms around your waist. And you kneed him right where it hurts the most.
You grip the bathroom counter, closing your eyes with a sigh. It’s been a long time since something like that has happened. Last time something close to it happened was when a friend snuck up behind you, thinking it would be funny to scare you, and you nearly fractured their nose. You would have, if they hadn’t leaned back at the right moment.
Not your finest moment. And neither was last night, but thankfully, no real damage was done. You don’t think you could physically harm Hotch even if you wanted to. He seems like he’s made of straight steel.
Still, the thought plagues you. Hitting him. Hurting him. His surprised groan of pain echoes in your ears.
You’re not like this unsub. Not at all. And you won’t be. She’s hurting, too, but you’re better. You know how to cope better than hurting people. You help. And you need to help her, too.
Finishing the pep talk with a small nod to yourself in the mirror, you turn and head back into the room.
You almost go straight to your bag to get dressed for the day, but you stop, turning and plopping down right next to Hotch on the couch.
He shifts, lifting his arm to make room for you against his chest. You tilt your head up at him, smiling softly.
And you kiss him. You lean in first this time. You pull his face to yours, and you coax his lips open. At the first brush of your tongue, he finally relaxes, taking control once more, case file forgotten on his lap.
You pull back after a moment, resting your forehead on his, savoring this feeling. His fingers stroke a soothing rhythm on your arm.
“Thank you,” you finally say. “For what you did last night.”
“You don’t need to thank me,” he murmurs. “I was just taking care of you.”
“You don’t have to.”
“I want to,” he replies, “and you’re not going to argue with me about it.”
You poke out your bottom lip, accepting your defeat. “Okay.” You pause, stopping the pout to nearly glare at him. “Thank you for letting me sleep in, but you really didn’t need to.”
He gives you a look right back. “It was half past four before you finally calmed down and fell asleep.”
“You need your rest,” he says firmly. “And I was not going to let you work on this case with less than an hour of decent sleep.”
“I’ve come to work on less.”
“And you won’t be doing it again. Do you understand?”
You clench your jaw, stopping the (no doubt) bratty words from tumbling out of your lips. “Yes.”
He raises an eyebrow.
You sigh. “Yes, sir.”
“Thank you,” he says, turning his head back to the file in his lap. “Next time without the attitude.”
You almost say something else, but you settle for rolling your eyes.
As you’re grabbing your go bag and tossing it onto the bed, though, Aaron says, “I saw that.”
You offer a sheepish smile before going into the bathroom to get dressed.
You and Hotch finally make it to the precinct around nine. You find the team in the conference room while Hotch goes to talk to the sheriff.
And of course when you walk into the conference room, the first thing out of Morgan’s mouth is, “Long night?”
You glare at him. “Yes. And not because of what your nasty mind is thinking.”
“Woah,” Morgan raises his hands in surrender, all teasing having disappeared from his voice quickly upon seeing the look on your face. “You good?”
The rest of the team watches on for your reply.
“Yeah,” you sigh, sinking down into a chair next to read. “Just peachy. Make any breakthroughs?”
Thankfully, Reid takes your question as an opportunity to ramble about the new things he found out from the handwriting on the letter. The rest of the team must’ve already heard this because they either roll their eyes, look at something else, and Rossi left the room entirely.
You’re glad for a distraction, though, so you listen intently as Reid fills you in.
“Her writing is very neat and by very neat I mean, she must handwrite daily or something. Take a look at this--”
“Wait, pause,” you nudge his arm to get his attention. “She writes daily? Like in a journal or something?”
“It’s possible,” Reid nods. “See how her letters are evenly spaced and some of the lines curl together. It’s a mix of print and cursive, which means she’s educated. She also wrote this in a hurry because it doesn’t appear that she picked up her pen from one word to another in some places.” He points them out.
You nod slowly, seeing what he’s saying. “That’s great and all, but what does that tell us?”
“A lot actually,” Reid replies. “We knew she was clever, but this handwriting suggests she might be not only street smart but also book smart--”
“So she has a degree.”
“It’s very likely,” he nods. “And since this was written in a hurry, we know that she might be beginning to devolve. She’s getting nervous, and she’ll make more mistakes.”
“Like the two bodies yesterday.”
“Exactly,” he says. “In a way,” he shrugs, leaning back in the chair, “I think she left this note because she knew she made a huge mistake by also killing the wife. But she knew she’d be caught if she let the wife live. She knows things are coming to an end. That’s evident even in her writing, look. See how she’s bearing down more with the pen here?”
You nod, wondering if you just missed this lesson in your training, or if this is one of Reid’s random hobbies. Maybe both.
“So she’s scared,” you offer.
“Maybe,” he shrugs. “It’s hard to tell what she’s feeling exactly. I just know it isn’t how someone who is feeling hopeful writes. It worries me that I can’t pinpoint it, I mean, it’s not chicken scratch, so it doesn’t visibly suggest a psychotic break on some level, but…”
“With everything else we know, it might.”
“Yeah,” he grimaces.
You sigh and turn your head to find that Hotch is looking through the window at you, so you offer a small smile. He returns it, and you look down, messing with your fingers.
Meanwhile, Reid is glancing between you and Hotch, while the latter has gone back to talking with Rossi.
Still, the look in your eyes just then, now fiddling with your fingers, the two of you sharing a room -- all of it clicks instantly, and Spencer’s eyes widen dramatically.
You raise your eyes to see he’s staring at you like a deer in the headlights. “Reid?”
He blinks once. Twice. “Um.”
You furrow your eyebrows. “Are you okay?”
At this point, JJ and Emily have looked up from their respective files and Morgan is shaking Reid’s shoulder a little.
“Kid? You good?”
“Yeah,” Spencer finally says, clearing his throat, returning his eyes to a normal size. “Yeah, yeah, I’m good.”
He abruptly stands and goes to the whiteboard while you share a look with the rest of the team, wondering what the hell got into him all of the sudden.
Outside of the conference room, Rossi catches Hotch once the latter is done speaking to the sheriff.
“Hey. Everything okay?”
Hotch pauses, raising his eyebrows. “Yes… I was just giving the sheriff my apologies for coming in a little later than usual.” Which is true, and Hotch did it completely out of courtesy to the sheriff. Thankfully, she didn’t care and said apologies aren’t necessary. Hotch didn’t really mean the apology, anyway. “Why?”
“I was just curious,” Dave shrugs, hands in his pockets.
“What is it?”
“How is she doing?” Dave asks finally, lowering his voice a little.
Before Aaron went to sleep, he turned off his first few alarms and sent a text to Dave. It was brief, but he let Dave know and told him to let the rest of the team know that they’d start today a little later than usual. Aaron framed it as everyone needing rest, but Dave knew something was wrong.
So, when Dave woke up and replied to the text, he asked Hotch if you were alright.
Aaron caved. He had never seen you as broken as you were last night. He didn’t know how to handle it, if he even handled it correctly. He was acting blindly, doing what he thought felt right because you weren’t able to form any words anyway to tell him what you needed. All he could think to do was hold you.
He’s the unit chief of the FBI’s BAU, and all he could think to do for his inconsolable girlfriend -- is that who you are now? -- was hold her. That’s it.
Dave talked Aaron down, told him that he did what you needed most. Aaron believed him. And when you thanked him this morning, Aaron finally relaxed.
“She’s better,” Hotch replies slowly. “She’s not talking about it.”
“That’s understandable,” Rossi exhales. “She’ll talk about it when she’s ready.”
And Hotch knows that. But he wants you to talk about it now. He wants to fix it, even though he knows that he can’t. He still wants to try.
“What are you so worried about?” Rossi asks, noticing the strain on Hotch’s face. “That she won’t be able to do her job?”
It’s a subtle hint at their arguments in the past. Hotch feels it.
He shakes his head. “No. I know she can. That’s what worries me. That she can just forget about taking care of herself.”
“She’s taking care of herself just fine.”
“She almost didn’t sleep at all last night, Dave,” Hotch argues. “She was planning on staying awake all night, I know it.”
“But she didn’t,” Dave reminds him. “Because she has you.”
Aaron nods, turning his head to look at you in the conference room. You’re sitting next to Reid, the note from the unsub on the table in front of you both.
Then, like you’re in tune with when he’s thinking about you, you turn your head, catching his eyes. And you smile.
It melts his worries away for only a moment, and he returns your soft smile, wishing he could give you a kiss right now.
But you both agreed to be professional, so you both look away.
Rossi watches. He knows.
He knows Aaron is already in love with you.
So he asks, “How long?”
And Aaron furrows his eyebrows. “How long until what?”
So he doesn’t know yet. But he’ll figure it out soon.
“Nothing,” Rossi shakes his head. “I’m gonna grab a coffee, want one?”
“Sure,” Aaron nods, following his oldest friend to the coffee machine, stealing one more glance back at you. You’re laughing and trying to steal Morgan’s coffee.
He doesn’t know how you do it. You were so haunted last night. And now you look like you’re back to normal.
Things are strange at the precinct. Officers have canvassed all areas possible, even though all of you understood how useless it was. The unsub strikes at night, so even if they did happen to see her walking on the sidewalk, they wouldn’t know that it’s her. She’d just look like any random citizen. And they can’t possibly question every single average height brunette in the area.
Still, as the sun begins to set and the Chinese food containers are thrown away, nothing new appears. No new leads. No new information. Reid exhausted every grain of ink in the letter. You’ve all exhausted every avenue of speculation, even with Garcia.
There’s nothing. Square one.
Hotch has refused to sit next to you, and while you know he’s doing it because you both agreed to a level of professionalism, it still doesn’t make you feel any better. You’re tired and it’s showing. You just want to curl into his chest, but you can’t. At least not right now.
You’re two seconds away from kicking Hotch’s leg under the table to get his attention just so you can give him your best pouty eyes so he’ll dismiss everyone for the day.
Until your phone starts buzzing on the table, sending vibrations up everyone’s arms.
Hotch’s eyebrows raise. So do yours.
From the laptop Garcia says, “What’s going on? Why are we all looking like that?”
You flip your phone over and see that it’s an unknown number calling you. Normally, you’d excuse the number as spam and roll your eyes. But this time feels different.
“Garcia, who’s calling my cell right now?”
She already has it pulled up and traced by the time you finish your question. “Can’t really tell. Looks like a disposable cell.”
“Okay,” you nod. It’s still ringing.
“Answer it,” Hotch says suddenly. “Everyone be quiet. JJ, shut the door.”
She does, shutting it and standing in front of it so no one comes in.
Hotch nods to you. The phone is still ringing. Whoever it is, they’re insistent.
Hesitantly, you accept the call, pressing the speaker button. “Hello?”
“Is this Agent Y/N L/N?” It’s a female voice.
You stare at Hotch as you answer, needing his eyes to ground you. “It is. Who is this?”
“You know who I am,” she replies easily. “You’ve been looking for me.”
“I don’t know who you are,” you reply just as easily, your tone leveled. “What’s your name?”
“Savannah Rimes,” she says, making your eyes widen. You look to the rest of your team, their expressions showing the same surprise. Garcia is typing away, no doubt getting everything she can on the unsub.
“Savannah, it’s nice to finally meet you,” you say, realizing you left a long pause. “Why are you calling?”
“I wanted to talk to you,” she says. “That’s why I took your card. That’s why I came to every meeting. You don’t remember seeing me?”
You think for a moment, remembering faces, trying to remember one that was more frequent than another.
And you remember her. “You have bangs, right?” You say. “Brown eyes. Long brown hair, it was curled one day. You were wearing a red skirt.”
You almost hear her smile in her words. “You do remember.”
“Of course I do,” you say, even though the memory is vague. “How could I not?”
Stroke her ego. Boost her confidence. Make her think you’re actually on her side.
“I’d love to meet you in person,” you blurt, ignoring Morgan’s sudden death stare and clenched jaw. “Is there somewhere we could meet up?”
“You want to turn me in?” Savannah’s tone sounds dangerously angry.
“No, no, no,” you lean closer to the phone. “Why would I want to do that? You’re my...Savannah, you’re my hero.”
“I am?”
“You are,” you nod. “You’re taking out the bad guys. You’re getting rid of them. You’re doing what all of us wish we were strong enough to do.”
She’s quiet.
“I’d love to meet you, to thank you in person,” you keep going, closing your eyes, hating how smoothly this is all coming out. “And I kind of need to ask you a favor.”
“A favor?” She’s instantly more perked up than before. All heads around the conference table turn to you.
“Yeah,” you open your eyes, staring down at the phone. “I don’t want to ask over the phone, though. I’d like to ask in person.”
“Yes, yeah, of course.” She fumbles with something on the other end. “I can send you an address and we can meet eight?”
Eight. Two hours. Well, more like one and a half.
“Perfect. Just text it to me and I’ll meet you at eight.”
“Just you?”
“Just me,” you confirm, even though you’re obviously lying. You send a look to Hotch so he knows you’re not serious about going alone. The look he sends back is damn near lethal.
He’s pissed.
“Okay,” Savannah replies. “I’ll text you. See you soon.”
“See you soon, friend.”
You end the call and all Hell breaks loose.
The first remark comes from Morgan. “Are you fucking kidding me?” He nearly yells, and if it weren’t for the room full of officers on just the other side of the door, you know he would have.
“Don’t Derek me,” he interrupts, pointing at you. “What did I tell you? You’re not sacrificing yourself. We talked about this.”
“I’m not sacrificing myself!”
But Hotch jumps in, Morgan’s comment setting him off, and he stands from his chair. “The two of you talked about this?”
You nod. No sense in lying. “Yes. We did.”
“And when were you planning on telling me?”
“I told her not to,” Morgan jumps to your defense, but then he looks pointedly back at you. “Because it’s a stupid idea and we’re not doin’ it.”
“Oh come on!”
“This unsub is dangerous, Y/N!” Morgan yells. “We are not sending you in there when you could get seriously hurt! It’s too risky!”
“I’ll be wearing a vest!”
“Oh, what, after you told her it’ll be just the two of you? How’s that gonna look when you walk in with a giant FBI strapped to your chest?” He motions across his own chest for emphasis. “So much for her trust, right?”
“We have discreet ones, genius.”
“You better watch your tone--”
“Both of you, shut the hell up!” Hotch booms, causing everyone’s eyes to go wide, and your mouth to immediately snap closed. “Listen to me,” he says, voice lower, but still commanding. “We have less than two hours to get a plan together and to get a team to the location. Arguing like children isn’t going to move this forward any faster, so the arguing stops. Right now. Are we clear?”
Morgan nods, accepting defeat. “Understood.”
Hotch looks at you, eyebrows raised.
“Yes, sir.”
“Thank you,” Hotch mutters, hardly meaning it. “JJ, find the sheriff and let her know what’s going on. Get her to gather anyone she can, call people in if she needs.”
JJ nods, opening the door and rushing out to find the sheriff.
“The rest of us need to get together a plan. Y/N, you and I will have a conversation later about this. But right now, we can’t change it, so we need to run with it.” He pauses. “And it isn’t a bad idea, but there will be changes, and I would have preferred more warning.”
You nod, not saying a word, knowing it’s a mute point.
“Garcia, are you looking up the address?”
“I am, sir,” Garcia replies. “It looks like an abandoned warehouse of some sort? It’s not residential or commercial. The last lease I have on it ended six months ago.”
“Oh, great,” Morgan deadpans.
You send him a glare. He returns it.
“Focus,” Hotch reminds you. “We need to figure this out quickly. Which means I need you both here and not at each other’s throats. Got it? I’m not asking again.”
“Yes, sir,” you say.
Let the planning begin.
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ghostyfacey · 2 months ago
New Light
A/N: Here's the one shot I've been working on! I was originally just going to write a prompt fill to "I can't keep playing pretend" and I just kind of got carried away and now here we are. All names are randomly made up and all mistakes are mine.
Reader in this case is butch, it's not explicitly stated but there are some hints just FYI.
Also I made a little playlist for this story, you can check it out here.
Pairings: Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Word Count approx 7.3k
Warnings: Alcohol, nicotine use, cursing, maybe suggestive themes?
"How does an Avenger even get cast in a movie?" Wanda asks, plopping down on the couch next to you.
"It's easy when you look like a movie star already," you wink at Wanda and she pretends to gag.
"So are you free?"
"It's just for the weekend?"
"Yep," you say, popping the p, "first Los Angeles, a pit stop in Vegas and then we end up back here in New York--all expenses paid," you lean over and give her your trademark smile, the one you know Wanda can't resist. You needed a date for your movie premiere weekend and you waited until the last minute to even start asking around before deciding to ask Wanda, your best friend.
"So I just have to be your arm candy the whole time?"
"Pretty much."
Wanda bites her lip and pauses, your eyebrows raise in anticipation until she finally says, "okay, I'm in."
"Thank fuck--you're the best, Wanda," you jump off the couch and stretch, "come on, we gotta pack, and practice."
You take the rest of the night to prep Wanda on who is who and walk her through the red carpet process.
“There’s so many names and trivial facts to remember about these people,” she groans into your mattress.
“If anything,” you said leaning against your dresser, “I’m over-prepping you, I’ll probably do most of the talking and you can just stand there and look pretty.”
“Why not ask a random girl to be your date?”
“Why not ask my best friend to be my date instead? It’s way less awkward and we’ve travelled together before. You’re the only one I can share a room without wanting to self-destruct”
“Steve really did you dirty huh?” she props herself on her elbows.
“Who does burpees at four in the morning? That’s villainy in its purest form and he knows it. Besides, you already agreed so, no takesies backsies...unless you really don’t want to go,” you're serious, watching Wanda carefully. It’s something Wanda appreciates about you--you’re all about seizing the moment, but only if everyone is included and comfortable with it.
“No, I want to go,” a tired smile tugging at her lips, “as if I’d miss an opportunity to support my best friend on something she worked hard on!”
“You’re the best, Wanda.”
You managed to make the whole trip from the airport to the hotel without paparazzi tailing you.
When you arrive at your room, you both marvel at how extravagant it is...only there's one issue.
"Just one bed?" Wanda tries to stifle her laughter while you pick up the phone to call the front desk.
"They said they're all booked up, with the movie premiere this weekend and some huge concert tonight--we're stuck here," you stand next to Wanda with your hands on your hips, assessing the situation.
"We'll be okay--we'll be okay it's a king sized bed, it's just for tonight, besides it'll be like old times when we first got recruited to the team," you give Wanda a pat on her shoulder before you start to unpack. She thinks back to the first month you two were Avengers. The campus was under renovations, leaving only one room with a single bed. The first night was painfully awkward and you had made sure that wasn't going to happen again. It was you who made it a point to get to know Wanda, late nights playing cards and filling the small space with conversation--uncovering bit by bit about your pasts, your fears, dreams, and aspirations.
Training camp had flown by and Wanda had wondered if it was because of the jam-packed days or because of your company. It was obvious to the rest of the team that you were a duo, your chemistry in the field was unmatched. Wanda likes when you get paired off for missions, it makes the time go by a lot faster and she knows you have her back the same way she has yours.
You two are unstoppable.
"Premiere is at 8 and the limo is picking us up at 7 so we should start getting ready in a few?"
"I'm just here to look pretty," Wanda says with a smirk.
"Atta girl--I'm going to call my agent, gotta make sure we don't share anymore beds this weekend," you leave the room, chuckling to yourself while Wanda watches you go.
When you emerge from the bedroom, dressed in your sleek black suit, Wanda is waiting in the main room.
"Wow, now you look like a movie star," you're beaming as much as she is when you step in front of her, holding your hand out to twirl her around so you could see her outfit in its entirety. It's an elegant red dress that hugs every curve of her body, with a slit going up the right side of her leg.
"I am so excited to look like a bag of trash next to you," you both laugh and she playfully swats at your chest.
"Stop it, you're not so bad yourself," she jokes and you pretend to roll your eyes into another galaxy. Wanda's fingers move deftly, straightening your tie and lapel of your coat. You nod your head to thank her and hold the door to the hallway open.
"After you."
You start to notice the beginnings of a crowd of people waiting to greet you and your co-stars. When the limo pulls up to the theater, flashing lights fog your vision for a moment until your eyes can focus on the red carpet just outside the door, and the horde of people behind the barricade. You rub your hands along your pants before cracking your knuckles and shaking off some nervous energy.
"Show time!" you clap your hands together and straighten out your tie and coat. You look over at Wanda and you give her your signature smile.
"Ready," with that, you step out of the car first, offering your hand to Wanda to bring her to her feet. Despite the crowd and media yelling for your attention, it's all focused on Wanda right now as you give her your arm and she slips hers through yours. Only then do you really take notice of your surroundings, you are at your own movie premiere, something you had been dreaming of ever since you were a little girl.
You start waving at the crowd until you get to the area where your co-stars are posing and talking to the media.
"Shit, I totally forgot you have to talk to people at these things--I'll handle it."
"Wait, what are you going to say-"
"Y/N! Y/N! Over here please!" you look to see a man with a microphone in his hand and you oblige, moving towards him as you tug Wanda along.
"Good to see you, Y/N--who's this lovely lady on your arm tonight?"
"This..." you look at Wanda for a few beats but not long enough to make things awkward as your mind moves fast enough to put words in your mouth, "is my girlfriend, Wanda Maximoff."
"The Scarlet Witch?"
"To the public, yes--but to me, she's an absolute angel," you look at Wanda and pull her into your side, feeling relief when she pats your chest.
"Lovely to meet you, Wanda. Y/N, what's going through your mind tonight as you wait for the world to watch your acting debut?"
"Little nervous, but I'm overall excited to see everybody enjoy the movie--everyone really worked hard on this film and it's going to be a blast tonight."
"We can’t wait so we’ll send you on your way--thank you for taking the time to talk to us here, have a good night," the reporter shakes your hand and you feel someone tap on your shoulder.
"Miss Y/N, let's have you take a few photos over here," they try to escort you but you make sure to grab Wanda before making your way over to where they want you to go.
"I'm going to take a few photos with the cast, stay close," you have to say it into her ear as the crowd continues to roar. Wanda watches you greet your co stars and pose for a few pictures before everyone disperses. You’re almost floating to meet the crowd against the barricade. Wanda watches you in awe as you sign posters, shake hands, give hugs, and take selfies with fans.
Star quality doesn’t even begin to describe you. Your laugh is booming, and your smile is infectious. You’ve always been kind--always been good at making people feel special. Wanda thinks about how proud she is to know you as you soak in the limelight.
You're at Wanda's side again, bringing her over to where you just were. You pose with her for a bit before stepping to the side and making a grand gesture of showing off your date. Wanda laughs and pulls you back to her side. You're still laughing until you catch her eyes, staying like that for a few moments, caught in each other's gaze--the noise of the crowd fading away and the lights of the cameras dying down to a mere glow. If your agent hadn't called out your name, you don't know how long you could have stayed there with Wanda.
"Y/N, come talk to the press some more," your agent takes you by the hand and you hold onto Wanda's until you're square in front of another reporter.
"There she is! The woman of the hour with--oh my god Wanda Maximoff it's so good to see you! Wow, you two are a lovely couple," the reporter is gushing over you both and you can't stop smiling. Wanda is a little surprised that she didn't have to introduce herself but being a hero sometimes has that perk.
"Who are you both wearing if I may ask?"
"Uh-whatever my agent threw at me honestly."
"Vera Wang!" your agent sings over your shoulder and you chuckle, "there you go."
"And Wanda?"
"A designer from my home country of Sokovia, I'd give you the name but it's long and a journey to spell," she shares a laugh with the reporter.
"Well let's get you two on the Glam Cam, on the count of three it's going to come at you pretty fast so just have a pose in mind and hit it when you see the camera coming at you, got it?"
"Let's do it!" you clap your hands and position yourself with Wanda in front of the camera. The reporter was right, it was fast. She lets you both leave with a handshake and a hug and you turn on your heel to walk into the theater with Wanda.
"Who is the designer in Sokovia?" you lean over, whispering into Wanda's ear.
"Me, of course."
"No way."
"You're not the only one with a dream, Y/N," you can't help but laugh as you pull her in close, walking into the theater, hand in hand.
It's a little late when you emerge from the theater, your limo is waiting for you outside and you hold the door open, helping Wanda in before you slump into the seat next to her, drained.
"What'd you think?"
"That movie is amazing--I knew you were working towards becoming an actor but wow, Y/N this is incredible!"
"Thank you, I'm glad I was able to do something productive in my free time," you breathe out a laugh and fall back against the seat, kicking your feet up on the seat across from you. You look outside and watch the scene of Sunset Boulevard come alive even at this time of night, you think you can get used to this.
"You hungry?" you ask Wanda but your stomach growls in response.
"Starving," she groans.
"You got it, hey--can you pull over here?" The driver nods and parks along the curb in front of a big truck with a small chalkboard titled "menu" next to it.
"Where are we going?"
"We're getting tacos, duh."
"These are amazing," Wanda hums into the next bite of her taco.
"I would never steer you wrong when it comes to food."
"Even if this was wrong, I don't think I'd ever want to be right," you laugh and turn to see just the tiniest bit of food on the side of Wanda's cheek.
"You got a little-" you motion to your own face and Wanda tries to wipe at it but fails.
"Here, I got you," your thumb swipes the food away and you both are looking at each other again.
"You know," you finally break the silence, "there's no one else I would have wanted to share this experience with, so...thank you for coming with me."
"Always," Wanda breathes, "so, I'm your girlfriend for the weekend huh?"
"I knew you would do this," you pretend to scoff offended-ly, "it seemed like the best thing to say, and I was on the spot--is that okay?" you search for some hint of approval in her eyes, she smiles at you and you let out a breath you didn't realize you were holding.
"Of course it is, I got your back, remember?"
"Always," you grin, the limo driver honks and that's your cue to head back to the hotel.
The trip to Las Vegas went a lot smoother than expected, you step off the private jet carrying both of your bags and there's a car waiting. You're taken to the Bellagio where there's a small herd of paparazzi waiting for you and the rest of the cast.
You wave and say hello but you quickly throw your arm around Wanda's shoulders and let security escort you both up to your suite.
"Wow, this is crazy," you survey the suite in awe, it has stunning views of the strip and-
"Two bedrooms!" you laugh, gesturing wildly to the extra room and Wanda rolls her eyes at you. There's even a private pool and hot tub on the giant deck. You were never one to gravitate towards luxury but being able to have a taste was truly something you couldn't even believe was happening to you.
"Well, we have pretty much the whole day until I got that interview with the cast and another red carpet gig," you watch Wanda fall onto the bed with a thud before you propel yourself into the bed, landing right next to her.
"We could go sky-diving," you can barely contain your excitement.
"I'm barely a fan of flying, why would I like falling?"
"Parachutes are essential, you know."
"Who needs a parachute when you have these?" Wanda smirks as scarlet tendrils dance around her fingers.
"You have a point," you grunt, shifting onto your back, "how about a show? Shopping? Gambling? Anything you want to do, let's do it!"
"How do you have all this energy? I'm spent already," Wanda groans, falling into your side.
"This is just so new and exciting, I never thought I'd be in a penthouse suite in Vegas or having crowds of people scream my name," you move your arm and Wanda gets more comfortable. Thoughts pull you into a trance and you begin to mindlessly trace shapes onto Wanda's shoulder.
"How did you even get into acting?" she asks, looking out at the view beyond the window so her eyes aren't glued to what your fingers are doing.
"That first long break we had from the Avengers, I was kind of wandering around aimlessly, not sure of what to do with all my free time. I started taking improv and other classes, thinking it would be fun. One day I'm in a coffee shop not too far from class and a friend of mine waltzes in with a major casting director. We sit down and chat and next thing you know, I'm auditioning for this film and we are."
"Wow, you worked your ass off, Y/N."
"To an extent, being an Avenger probably got me the role anyway."
"Hey, you earned this," Wanda soothes, her hand cupping your jaw for a moment.
"You think so?"
"I know so," she pokes your chest and you give a lopsided grin before yawning.
"Guess I'm pretty beat too, how about a nap before brunch?" Wanda nods and begins to settle into you until she realizes you're already halfway out of the room.
"See you in a bit, thanks for the pep talk, Wanda," your retreating form calls out to her and she lays back down on the bed, alone.
Going to brunch was a bit of an expedition, having to navigate small whirlpools of people and media that tried to suck you in along the way. You both finally make it to a table overlooking the strip and breathe a sigh of relief.
"Let's play a game," you say as soon as the server leaves with your drink order, "five sentence stories, we look around, find someone and make up a story about them in five sentences or less."
"My creative side is still napping at the hotel," Wanda grumbles.
"You're funny, here I'll go first," you rub your hands together in thought as you look around the patio until you find two men in suits chatting up their server.
"Alright those guys are affectionately named the bamboozle brothers. That's the first sentence this one doesn't count, it's for educational purposes. Second sentence, they're out here to try and beat the house and definitely see Celine Dion. Barney is the guy on the right, he hates feet. Barry is the other guy and he really wanted to be a zookeeper when he grows up. They're fraternal twins bumbling through a midlife crisis together. And that's all there is to it," you throw your hands up as soon as the server returns with your drinks, thanking her.
"Wow, guess you don't need your coffee," Wanda teases.
"Please," you wave off your grumpy friend and take a sip from the mug in front of you.
"Excuse me, are you Y/N?" you turn towards the small voice and see a little girl with a pen in her hand.
"I am!"
"Could you...could you--you sign this please?" the girl hands you a crumpled up paper, "of course I can," you try to smooth out the paper and scribble your signature before handing the paper and pen back.
"Who's this?" the girl asks, staring at Wanda.
"That's the Scarlet Witch."
"Who is she?"
"Only the coolest and most powerful Avenger on the planet!" you boast, although you're a lot more excited than the kid is, but only for a moment. You and Wanda get to watch this girl's eyes light up in amazement and she quickly pulls out her wad of paper and pen again.
"Can you sign this too?" she holds out what's in her hands and Wanda gently takes them from her.
"I thought you'd never ask," she says so sweetly to the girl as she gingerly takes the pen and paper to sign. The girl suddenly loses her bravado and runs off with her newly acquired autographs, you both laugh.
"Wow, I didn't know you were such a softy, Wanda."
"You act like I'm not nice, ever."
"You are nice, I just haven't seen you be that nice."
"It happens, Y/N--maybe if you play your cards right you'll get a taste eventually."
"Sounds like a challenge to me," you lean back, crossing your arms.
"More like an invitation," Wanda mutters under her breath.
"What's up?" you ask while waving to a few starstruck fans on the strip below.
"Uh--what do you wanna do today before the premiere?"
"Easy, let's catch a show, hang out at a pool, and shop around?"
"Sounds like a plan," Wanda smiles at you as the server returns with your brunch. The two of you don't talk much, sharing a comfortable silence until you're on the way to the show. Talking has always been one of your strengths--but you're always thankful to have Wanda, the kind of friend that isn't insistent on talking all the time or being entertained for that matter. You reminisce on those nights where all you wanted to do was put on a movie or show and Wanda was without fail there to keep you company. You look across from you, watching Wanda enjoy the sights of the strip, unaware that your lips have pulled into a smile until she catches you staring.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing, just glad you're here," your fingers tap nervously on your knees, "the cast is meeting us at Encore, we don't have to stay the whole time, it will save me the embarrassment of showing up to the interview drunk off my ass."
"I'll keep you in check, Y/N, so no worries there."
"What would I do without you?" you give Wanda a crooked smile and hop out of the car to hold the door for her.
"You wouldn't have a hot date for the weekend, for starters," she takes your hand and begins to pull you towards the hotel entrance, your smile growing with each step.
Encore is packed.
You see your co-stars in a VIP section so you make your way over, pulling Wanda through the crowd until she isn't holding your hand anymore. You turn around to see some guy holding onto her, talking her ear off. Something ignites in you, your body growing hot the longer you stare at the man. Wanda looks uneasy trying to be polite and get away from the guy but he moves to put his hand behind her neck.
And that’s when you snap.
"Do you want problems or what?" you get in his face and he tries to wave you off. You waste no time in tossing Wanda over your shoulder and walking away from the now confused guy.
"You can put me down now, Hercules."
"I like the view from here," you joke and she smacks your back. You put her down just before the steps of the VIP section.
"Sorry, I just--it was either get you away from him or I knock his teeth out," you look away from Wanda, wincing over the scene you probably caused. Wanda is arguably tougher than you, she could have probably handled herself a lot better than you did-
"So you picked me?"
Your head snaps back towards her voice, she has the faintest of smiles on her face and it’s enough to make you feel less embarrassed about what you did.
"Duh, I'll always pick you,” you grin.
"I can't be mad at you for sweeping me off my feet I guess," she laughs.
"Glad I could be of service," you step aside, letting her lead you to where your co-stars are.
Wanda keeps you from getting drunk but you're definitely tipsy after a few celebratory shots with your cast. It all feels like a dream, you dance with Wanda, bodies pumping to the music. Your hands gripping her hips like they were yours. She turns around to face the crowd and the stage, you keep dancing behind her, arms bouncing to the rhythm over her shoulders.
"You guys are so cute," your co-star Alyssa practically has to yell at you over the roaring scene.
"That's all her," you yell back pointing down at Wanda. Your other co-star, Val walks up.
"Funny thing though, I haven't seen you guys kiss all weekend," she says, crossing her arms.
"What? We do it all the time."
"We definitely would have seen it by now, then."
"What are you trying to say?"
"Nothing, I just think it's weird especially with how hot you are! If I was your girlfriend I wouldn't be able to keep my hands or lips to myself."
Wanda can hear the conversation going on behind her and thinks fast, feeling guilty for not doing a better job of being your fake date while at the same time not wanting to cross any boundaries you might have. She turns around, liquid courage pumping through her as she turns you around, grabs your jaw and pulls you into a kiss, her lips blazing against yours. You decide to really sell the kiss as best as you can and Wanda feels your arms wrap around her and she squeals a little when she realizes you're picking her up. It feels natural though, like you two have been doing this forever.
Wanda's lips are so soft and the kiss is so, so electrifying. If there was any way to get closer to her in this moment you would do it in a heartbeat. It was everything you dreamed of from the moment you met her.
Until you realize it's not real.
You set her down, pecking a final kiss to her lips before turning around to face your co-stars.
"How's that?"
"Get a room," Alyssa playfully swats at you as you giggle, realizing that Val must have left as soon as Wanda kissed you. You turn around and see that Wanda hasn't moved, eyes locked on you.
"Thank you," your words pull her from her reverie and she subtly nods. You notice something in her eyes but can't quite figure out what it is.
"We should probably head back and get you ready for that interview," she turns away from you, looking for the nearest exit.
"I was thinking dinner first?"
"Sure, Y/N, whatever you want," she gives you half a smile, her body may be next to yours but everything else about her is distant.
She looks like she wants to run.
Dinner was silent, uncomfortably silent. You're thankful that some of your cast decided to join you because Wanda still seemed so far away after the kiss and it seemed like she was only drifting farther.
When you get back to the suite, she disappears into her room for a while. It's a few minutes until the car is supposed to pick you up and she still hasn't emerged.
"Wanda? You ready to go?"
"I'll meet you there," her voice is barely loud enough for you to hear it through the door.
"Wanda, are you okay?" you knock again and she opens the door, her eyes a little puffy. Your arms ache to reach out and comfort her but they stay glued to your sides. You always know what to do and say to Wanda in every given situation, but this seemed like uncharted territory and you weren’t sure if it was safe to venture into it.
"Yeah, just tired is all."
"Okay, okay," your fingers card through your air and you let out a sigh, "just call for the car and they'll take you to where I'm at," you turn to leave but stop.
"You don't have to go if you don't want to, you know?"
"Why would I do that, Y/N?" she gets defensive, cocking one eyebrow at you.
"I just-"
"Do you not want me to go?"
"No!" your arms betray you, reaching out and rubbing the lengths of her arms, "of course I want you to go, I just don't want you feeling uncomfortable at all-about any of this. I feel awful about what happened at Encore, I know you only did it to shut Val up but I should have just told her to fuck off."
"No, that's my fault," Wanda looks away from you, one arm crossing to hug the other, "I haven't been a good fake date, you're doing all the work and I'm not even meeting you halfway-I can't blame Val for calling my bluff."
"Hey," you tip Wanda's head up with your finger, you feel your phone buzzing in your pocket with a call from the driver but you keep your focus on the redhead.
"You're the best fake girlfriend I could have asked for," you grin and Wanda doesn't say anything, only pulling you into a tight hug. You feel your phone start to buzz again and you groan before taking the call.
"I'll be right down, thank you," you turn to Wanda, "I'll see you soon right?"
"Right," Wanda gives you a small smile.
"Perfect,” you quickly lean forward, planting a kiss on her cheek, “I gotta go-see ya!" you dash out the door and Wanda is still standing in the doorway, her smile fading.
“Alright y’all, we’re going to wrap up with a couple questions from fans,” the host pulls out a few cards and shuffles through them while you run your hands across the length of your thighs a few times to wipe off the sweat. Wanda hasn’t shown up and your mind is tugging you down a stream of moments from the weekend where you might have done something wrong. Did you step on her dress? Maybe you didn’t introduce her enough to people? Maybe she doesn’t want to do this anymore? Maybe it was too much? You’re deep in thought, not paying much attention to the rumblings between your co-stars and the host until Alyssa pats your leg and you realize the host is talking to you.
“Y/N, you’re shiny and new to Hollywood--but you’re also an Avenger so you’re no stranger to the spotlight--how have you been managing with both worlds?”
“That’s a great question, I want to know the answer myself actually,” everyone laughs as you quickly try to gather your thoughts, “ah, ‘me time’ is really important--I have a couple hobbies that keep me sane when I have some down time-” your eyes fall on copper hair and red lipstick, Wanda is sitting close by with the film crew, giving you an encouraging smile.
“But I really don’t think I would have been able to do this without the support of my friends, the team,” you gesture around the room and your gaze falls back on Wanda, “and my wonderful, wonderful girlfriend, Wanda Maximoff,” there’s a profound silence and for the moment, it seems like you and Wanda are the only ones in the room. You feel yourself falling, it’s always been Wanda, you can’t imagine your life with anyone else and you need her to know that, but when? Does it even make sense to act on these feelings at this point or is it too late or worse--unrequited?
“And snacks, definitely snacks,” you joke, snapping yourself from your abstraction. Everyone laughs again and it’s only a few minutes after when the interview finally wraps up. You find your way over to Wanda and open your mouth to say something but stop yourself, not here, not now you think.
“You made it.”
“Of course I did,” her lips pull into a smile but her eyes look a little less joyful than they should. You think it’s nothing, maybe she’s still tired like she told you earlier.
The premiere feels like you hit rewind on the first night. It’s the same song and dance, you’re watching it play out in front of you on a screen but you can’t help but notice something’s missing as the night goes on. You don’t really watch the movie this time, fading in and out of a haze. When you emerge from the theater, you're wrapped up in the arms of your producer. He’s praising you and definitely a little drunk at this point--he makes a grand gesture of inviting everyone to his penthouse for an after party. When he lets you go, you reach out for Wanda, gently taking her hand in yours. You make a move to say something but she beats you to it.
“Ready for the after party? Or do you need to go back to the room for something?” she looks up at you and it seems like she’s only saying that so you don’t give her the option to go back to the room.
“No, I’m good to go,” you offer a stiff smile and she starts towards the limo and you hang back, wondering if this was a good idea after all.
The penthouse is already buzzing by the time you two arrive. Sweaty bodies flooding every inch of the suite. Your hand finds Wanda’s immediately and you cut through the crowd, grabby hands slapping you on the back for a job well done while you try to find another familiar face. You find the rest of the cast sitting on a comically large sectional and take a seat next to Alyssa.
“You made it!” she slurs, pulling you into a sloppy hug.
“How are you this drunk already?”
“We pre-gamed on the party bus,” another co-star added.
“Party bus?”
“Producer’s idea,” you nod, laughing.
“Wanna get a drink?” you ask Wanda, squeezing her hand.
“Sure-” you both try to get up from the couch but Alyssa grabs your hand with a strong grip and pulls you down.
“Got you covered,” she says, shoving drinks into your hands. She raises her glass and everyone, including you both do the same.
“To wrapping, putting on an awesome performance, and to Y/N for her Hollywood debut!” glasses clink and you’re all smiles. A woman walks up with a tray full of shots and everyone takes one, Alyssa doesn’t give you and Wanda much of a chance to say no, somehow the glasses magically end up in your hands before you can even form the words.
“Shots!” someone yells and before you know it, the alcohol is burning your throat. Wanda can’t help but laugh at you as you gag, you’re not really a fan of hard alcohol. Tony’s parties usually ended up with you falling asleep next to the toilet and Wanda coming in to drape a blanket over you at some point. Saying “no” to most things was your biggest weakness.
Conversations flowed as freely as the alcohol did and you were already buzzed when you turned to Wanda, a goofy grin plastered on your face.
“Wanna dance?”
“Can you even stand?”
“Of course I can,” you make a show of standing, your legs feel a little wobbly anyway but you reach out your hand, anxiously waiting for Wanda to take it. She gives you a once over before finally putting her hand in yours. You drag her over to where people are dancing and you both fall into a groove. Your hands naturally fall to her hips as she puts her hands on your chest. You stay like that for a while, the booze tightening its grip on you both. Your faces drifting closer to one another with each beat. Wanda’s perfume is enticing, strong, you’re in so deep and you’re not sure if you want to get out. Her lips can brush yours with just a single tilt of your head and-
Wanda pulls away.
You collect yourself, like anything was going to actually happen between you and your best friend.
“I’m gonna go get some fresh air-” and she pushes past you before you even have a chance to say anything. You feel a hand on your arm to see another woman in front of you.
“Wanna dance?” she leans in, her perfume isn’t as alluring as Wanda’s, but you couldn’t follow her now.
“Sure,” you oblige and she wraps her arms around your neck. You let yourself get lost in the rhythm once more while Wanda gasps for air on the deck of the suite.
It was too much, you’re just drunk, there’s no real feelings there, she thinks to herself. The whole point of this trip was to create an illusion for your sake. You would never feel for Wanda the same way she feels for you and she believes that with her whole heart.
“Hey,” it’s Val, she leans up against the railing next to you, “where’s Y/N?”
“Dancing,” Wanda mutters, putting another glass to her lips.
“You’re okay with that?”
“I trust her,” she doesn’t miss a beat, hoping the short replies would shoo Val away.
“I wouldn’t let any woman get within a mile radius of Y/N if I were you, she’s the whole package,” Val is hardly slurring her words and Wanda gets suspicious.
“Are drunk?”
“Just buzzed, can’t get too messy at these things, there’s always a camera somewhere,” Val pulls out a cigarette and offers another one to Wanda but she declines.
“I just think it’s interesting that one moment Y/N is spending the night at my place and the next she’s got a girlfriend that no one on the team has heard about.”
“We just...happened,” Wanda starts to fiddle with the glass in her hands, you never mentioned any of this to Wanda even before you asked her to be your date. She tries to read Val’s mind, quickly pulling out of it when she’s bombarded with explicit thoughts of you with Val. Wanda follows her gaze until she realizes Val is looking right at you.
“I don’t think you’re actually dating,” she says, not taking her eyes off of you.
“We are,” Wanda can see you smiling at the woman dancing with you and it makes her gut twist into something awful, feeling stupid advocating for something that has no chance of being real.
You know that face, it’s the same one Wanda makes when she’s beyond uncomfortable. Like the first time she ever rode on the quinjet. It was entertaining for a brief moment until you realized that she was white-knuckling it, digging her nails into the pleather seat. You wasted no time in telling Wanda stories and jokes to distract her, softly reassuring her whenever the jet jumped from turbulence.
You’ve always had her back.
You will always have her back.
And this time was no different.
You excuse yourself from the dance floor, ignoring the woman’s protests. You sidestep everyone trying to get in your path until you’re in front of Wanda and Val.
“Hey you two,” you look cautiously between the two women, trying to gauge the situation.
“Hey handsome,” Val puts her cigarette out and saunters over, “care to dance?”
“I’m kind of beat,” you lie, and Wanda crosses her arms in the corner of your eye--something’s definitely wrong.
“I bet,” Val leans in and you can smell the cocktail of cigarettes and booze heavy on her breath, “you know where to find me,” she pats your chest and lets her fingers linger for a few moments before slinking away into the crowd. You’re alone with Wanda now, but it feels like you’re alone with a complete stranger. She’s halfway across the universe and you’re just standing in some random penthouse in Vegas trying to figure out where it all went wrong.
“I’m sorry,” you break the silence, Wanda turns her head in your direction but isn’t looking at you.
‘For what?”
“For Val and--I don’t know,” you sigh, settling down on the patio chair nearby. You become painfully aware of how tight your bow-tie is, you make haste undoing it and run a frustrated hand through your hair.
“This isn’t how I envisioned the weekend playing out,” you frown for the first time in a long time, Wanda notices.
“Life isn’t like a movie, you know.”
“I know, I would never expect you to script,” you’re in front of Wanda now, arms twitching at your sides, it feels like you’re just meeting for the first time and you hate it.
“Let me into your head for once. Don’t think about the party, don’t think about the weekend, it’s just me and you here,” Wanda finally meets your eyes and you can see the tears beginning to pool, you look around--there’s no way you can leave without someone spotting you and asking a load of questions they don’t deserve answers to. You just want to get Wanda out of here and-
“I can’t, Y/N” a small sob escapes her throat, “I can’t keep playing pretend.”
It doesn’t compute in your thick skull, “let me take you home,” you reach for her hand and give it a squeeze, “you’ve already made this weekend so amazing and special being my fake date-”
“That’s the problem!” she retracts her hand and you wince, “when you look at me like that and hold my hand like this, it doesn’t mean the same thing to me,” your stomach turns sour as you try to make peace with the hard truth that your feelings are unrequited.
“I don’t want to be your fake date,” she interrupts, “I want to be your real date.”
Real date?
You look up, confused as all hell. Quickly rewinding the weekend’s events in your brain and it all suddenly smacking you upside the head for being so oblivious.
“Oh,” you finally say and Wanda doesn’t like the way it sounds.
“I love you, Y/N. I have loved you for a while, and even if you don’t say it back, even if you don’t feel the same--I needed to say it, I needed you to know.”
“Oh my god,” escapes your lips and you kick yourself into saying something else before Wanda decides to throw you over the deck, “I’m an idiot.”
“This whole time I thought you were just upset about having to be my fake date--not because you were upset about having to be my fake date,” you laugh and the nervous just pour out of your body, your hand betraying you and smacking into your forehead for good measure.
Wanda is looking at you like you just suggested a midnight hike in the Nevada mountains, you step closer to her, taking her hands back into yours.
“Wanda, this whole weekend has been a dream come true, I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather share it with. I actually don’t think about anyone else, period.”
“It’s you,” you breathe, “just you.”
“What about Val?”
“What about her? She can’t cope with the idea of somebody not fawning over her.”
“Val said you slept together,” Wanda’s lips tightening into a straight line.
“She’s a good actress, but an awful liar. I barely even talk to her, I know she just said it to get under your skin, she did the same thing at Encore.”
Wanda searches for something, anything that would tell her you’re lying--almost crossing the boundary of reading your mind but she draws back, reminding herself that there’s no one else on this planet that she trusts more than you.
“Yeah, Y/N?”
“I love you too,” as soon as you say the words, everything feels lighter, feels right. You only get a few seconds to soak it in before Wands lips are against yours. It’s different this time, it’s everything like the movies you watched growing up made it out to be.
The first breath you take after holding it underwater for so long.
When you finally reach the summit of a high mountain.
It’s everything.
Her arms are around your neck, scratching it with her nails as your grip on her hips tighten. For a few moments, there’s no one else around, nothing else matters beyond the curve and taste of Wanda’s lips. That’s your home, that’s where you want to stay.
You hear footsteps coming towards you but you make no move to break the kiss until Wanda finally does, begrudgingly.
“You guys have a room, you know,” Alyssa jokes, she’s hanging off the arm of another co-star and you look over at Wanda who’s wrapped around your arm.
“Wanna get out of here?”
“I thought you’d never ask.”
That night, after everything is said and done, you fall asleep in each other's arms, in the same bed of course.
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keanureevesisbae · 7 months ago
sugar sugar - december.
Tumblr media
Summary: Becky finally is debt free and enjoying her new life.
Sugar Daddy!Henry Cavill x Becky Kim (asian OFC)
Warnings: Mentions of vibrators and dildo’s and fleshlights (what have I done?) and periods.
Wordcount: 6.4k (remember when I said it was around 5k ha-ha-ha)
Masterlist // Sugar Sugar Masterlist // Previous chapter // Next chapter
December 3rd 2 p.m.
After we got back from Paris, Henry has been pretty busy. Meaning: we haven’t spend any time together the second we both went into our respective apartments after we got off the plane. He did what he promised though, he arranged a table at Eleven Madison Park for Genevieve’s birthday. Her family desperately wanted to know how I was able to make these arrangements, but thankfully her boyfriend Greg (who is well aware of the type of relationship I have with Henry) saved the day and told them that someone owed me big time.
However, Henry and I only called around four times. He transferred money to my account and when I finally told him about my debt at the bank, he assured me he would take care of it.
And just like that, I was debt free. I mean, if I were rich, I’d obviously be the same. I feel like I would be that type of woman that would speech at a college graduation ceremony and miraculously turn into Oprah.
You are debt free after college. You are debt free after college. You are debt free after college.
I’d probably be poor again before I reach the age of thirty.
While I kinda missed Henry, it did gave me plenty of time to do other things. Continue writing for example (it’s going really well), organizing the archives some more and meeting up with my friends. We’ve been shopping at the most luxurious boutiques and it feels great to be able to buy my friends stuff. To pay for the things they want, especially after all the things they did for me.
Of course Genevieve pushes the limit, but I could’ve expected that.
New clothes, new lingerie, new make-up. It’s all part of my inventory now. I even bought my first vibrator when my friends and I were in town, buying lingerie. Genevieve tried to convince me to buy myself a dildo as well, trying to see if we could find one that would resemble Henry’s, but seeing those things in front of me, made me extremely uncomfortable. It’s not that I have a dick phobia or something (I mean, I’ve seen a few in my life), but seeing those silicon things, while thinking about Henry’s, made the entire experience nearly agonizing and never ending.
I do have to admit, the vibrator does its work, especially in combination with a fantasy where Henry Cavill and I are the main characters. I mean, sure, it might not be smart to have very very dirty dreams about your sugar daddy, but I simply cannot help it. He is gorgeous, I am horny and desperate, whilst in the possession of a vibrator.
Can you blame me?
I’m at the archives, but when I look at the clock, I realize I’ve been working quite some time now, so I think I’ll be calling it a day very soon. I do have a hard time taking breaks still and I find it difficult to stop when I want to stop. The progress is very slowly, but still noticeable. I took two half hour breaks today, which is in indication that I’m growing.
Stapling these papers together and moving those boxes should be the last thing. Ten minutes tops, probably.
‘Can I come in?’ I hear Henry’s deep voice behind me, pulling me out of my thoughts.
I look up from my work and see my ever so handsome sugar daddy in the doorway. He looks pretty tired, like he has been working non stop for days on end now. He is wearing a dark grey turtleneck, that is doing things to my panties.
These dirty dreams I’ve been having are not helping.
‘Henry!’ I exclaim, dropping the paper and the stapler, rushing up to him. I wrap my arms around his waist and as he pulls me in a hug, I place my chin on his strong chest. ‘You can always come in,’ I say. ‘I am so glad you are here. You should totally check out the way I’ve been organizing. It was kinda messy and I had written it down in a notebook, but I decided to transfer it to Excel. I never knew I would be such a sucker for Excel sheets.’ I grab his sleeve and drag him with me to my desk. ‘Look, this is the notebook and right here you see the sketch of how I want it to look like and then I put it in these— Henry, why are you laughing at me?’
He shakes his head. ‘I’m not laughing at you.’
‘What are you doing then?’
‘I’m proud of you.’ He places his hand in the back of my neck and says: ‘I can always smile in adoration, can’t I?’
Adoration? Because of me? I can’t hide my blush. ‘You can,’ I mumble. ‘What are you doing here anyway?’
‘I was checking up on my favorite employee,’ he says, adding a simply shrug. ‘I also feel like I haven’t seen you in such a long time.’
‘That’s true,’ I say. ‘I might’ve slightly missed you.’
He raises his eyebrows. ‘Oh, really now?’
‘Yeah, just a little bit,’ I confess. ‘Admit it: you missed me too.’
‘I did,’ he chuckles. ‘You ready to get out of here?’
‘Almost,’ I say. ‘Maybe you can help me out? Those boxes need to go over there.’ I point to the cabinet and while I could do it, I feel like it would be a lot easier if Henry did it. Besides that would be quite the treat for the eye, but that’s a side issue. ‘Then I can finish this file and after that I’m all set and done and we could get out of here.’
He nods and immediately gets to work. He carries the boxes like it’s nothing and I have to try and not get severely distracted by him carrying around those carton boxes.
But boy, do his arms look enormous and strong and totally delicious.
Once everything is in place, Henry grabs my bag and together we walk out of the archives towards the elevator. ‘Where are you taking me?’ I ask him.
‘Wherever you want to go,’ he says. We get in the elevator and he presses the button with the P on it, leading us to the parking lot underneath the building. He places his hand on my shoulder, furthest from him and asks if I have any ideas.
‘We could go for a late lunch,’ I suggest. ‘If you don’t mind, of course.’
‘A late lunch it is,’ Henry says.
He drives us to this nice new place I’ve never heard about and we’re seated on the upper floor, watching over the city. Henry and I sit next to each other. We’re that close that our thighs touch. I know I said to him I only slightly missed him, but as we’re sitting here, I realized I missed him a lot more than I’d like to admit.
‘I am going really well with my book,’ I say.
‘Really?’ he asks me. ‘Are you finally gonna tell me what it’s about?’
I shake my head. ‘No, still not gonna to share.’
‘I’m almost thinking about paying you less until you tell me.’
I fake gasp. ‘You wouldn’t.’
‘No, I wouldn’t,’ he chuckles. ‘Just messing with you. As if I could ever say no to you.’ He places his hand on the backrest of my chair and his thumb drawing circles on my shoulder. ‘Have I already told you, that you look very pretty today?’
I look down at my light blue dress, one that I bought a few days ago with Genevieve and Viola on our shopping spree. ‘No,’ I whisper. ‘And you don’t have to do that either.’
He frowns. ‘Why not, darling?’
‘Because I don’t feel beautiful.’
Henry sighs deeply. ‘Shame,’ he says. ‘Because you have every reason to feel beautiful.’ He takes a sip of his espresso and thankfully changes the subject by saying: ‘Wanna go shopping after lunch?’
I chuckle. He knows exactly how to cheer me up. ‘Shopping for what?’
‘Well, Christmas shopping for example. I should know what you want, right?’
I shouldn’t blush, but I still do anyways. ‘You’re thinking about spending Christmas with me?’
He clears his throat. ‘I was wondering if maybe we could.’
I shrug, while internally I am screaming with excitement. Spending Christmas with Henry instead of alone? I’ll take it. ‘Sure, I mean, I don’t have other plans anyway,’ I try to say, as casual as possible. ‘My friends are gonna spend it with family and I… I don’t have that.’
‘Does that bother you?’
I shake my head. ‘I feel like it would bother me to actually spend time with them. Be basically obligated to pretend nothing bad has ever happened to us.’ A flood of memories of my mom yelling at me, my dad slamming the door in my face, my siblings doing everything they possibly can to make my life even more miserable. ‘Don’t you want it to spend it with family, though?’
‘No,’ he simply says.
I wonder what his family situation is like. I never heard him talk about his parents. Are they not around? Deceased?
‘So, it’s a deal then, we’re Christmas together,’ Henry says, not giving me a chance to ask him about his family situation.
‘Yes, it’s a deal. I’m already working on my gifts for you.’
‘No,’ he sternly says, ‘you don’t have to do that.’
‘Of course I’m gonna do that,’ I laugh. ‘It’s Christmas, silly.’
‘Becky, you don’t need to buy me gifts.’
‘I already know what I’m gonna get you, so you’re getting it anyway. Promise me you’ll accept it.’
He sighs deeply, before he lets out a chuckle. ‘I will gracefully accept it, darling, don’t you worry,’ he says.
For a brief moment I wonder what people around us think. While Henry is really handsome for someone who is 46, thus nearing the fifty, it must be obvious to everyone that there is an age gap between us. It also must be obvious that maybe I am his sugar baby, because why would a man like Henry be around a girl like me?
I look at my hands, as I nervously pick my nails, my mind on overdrive, with worries and doubts.
Henry places his heavy hand on mine, causing me to meet his gaze. He smiles, almost as if he wants to make me feel better, without me telling him about my worries. Maybe he feels the same.
‘Thank you,’ I say nearly breathless.
‘Of course, Becky,’ he says. ‘Everything for you.’
December 10th 10 p.m.
‘So, you are one hundred percent positive your daddy can’t join us today?’ Viola asks, as we are all sitting in our pajamas around the coffee table in my apartment.
It’s useless to remind them to stop calling him daddy and simply refer to him as Henry, so I stopped doing that all together. I almost got used to it, not gonna lie. ‘Yes, he has a lot of things to do,’ I say. ‘According to him, it’s always very busy in December.’
Viola nods. ‘So, what did you get him for Christmas?’
They screamed when I told them I was gonna spend Christmas with him and they continued to bug me about the fact we were already such a couple. Sure, I was excited as well, but that was mostly because I don’t have to spend it alone.
Not because we are such a couple.
‘Well, I got him a new watch,’ I say. ‘It’s really beautiful. He always has watches in more darker shades, but I felt like a golden watch would look really good on him, especially with the matching cufflinks I bought him.’
‘Look at our Becky,’ Genevieve says, as she wraps her arm around my shoulders. ‘Shopping like a rich person. It’s like you were made for this lifestyle.’
‘Shut up,’ I chuckle. ‘It’s not me buying it for him though. Basically Henry is paying for these gifts himself.’ I run my fingers through my hair as I take a sip of my wine. It’s always like this when Genevieve, Viola and I have a sleepover. Wine, chips, pajamas and non stop talking.
I love spending my nights like this.
‘I also made him something,’ I say.
‘Let me guess,’ Genevieve interrupts me. This can’t be good. ‘You recorded yourself masturbating with your vibrator and a dildo identical to his manhood, moaning ‘daddy Henry’ as you orgasm.’
I hate her sometimes.
‘No,’ I groan. ‘Never mind, I’m not telling you about it.’
‘Come on,’ Viola laughs, ‘we’re just messing with you. Tell us, what did you make him?’
I am such a pushover, I give in way too easily. ‘A photo album of us in Paris. We made so many pictures, it’s a shame if they just sit on our phones.’
‘You are so romantic,’ Genevieve notes. ‘I mean, admit it: you are totally falling for him.’
‘No, I’m not,’ I retort.
While the two of them end up in a discussion about when exactly I will admit my true feelings about him (that will be never), my phone rings and I check the screen.
Henry: January 4th I have a business meeting.
Henry: It’s at night and I know that’s way passed your bedtime
Henry: But to make it up to you, you don’t have to work January 5th.
Becky: And you’re just automatically assuming I’m joining you?
Henry: Of course 😉
Henry: If you don’t kill my business partners, I’ll pay you double
Becky: You sure know how to persuade me
‘Oh, Gen, would you look at that,’ Viola squeals. ‘Exhibit A of Becky falling for her sugar daddy. That smile on her face as she is probably texting him.’
‘I am not falling for him,’ I defend myself.
Clearly it doesn’t have any effect, because they both start laughing. ‘Hear me out,’ Genevieve says, ‘as I present to you exhibit B of Becky falling for her sugar daddy: she’s making him a photo album.’
I glare at Genevieve. ‘Don’t be so ridiculous. Just because I’m making that for him, doesn’t automatically mean that I am falling for him.’
Genevieve and Viola exchange looks. ‘Honey,’ Viola then says, ‘we know you. You only go out of your way for someone, when you genuinely like them. Also, you talk non stop about the guy and when you two barely saw each other, you were sad and actually missed him.’
‘Not funny,’ I say, drinking some wine, because they may be right, though I don’t want to admit it.
‘Still not over the fact you didn’t buy any lingerie and showed him in Paris,’ Genevieve says. ‘Such a missed opportunity. If you actually did that, you two were totally boning now, mark my words.’
‘I don’t want sex with my sugar daddy,’ I say.
‘Liar,’ Viola exclaims. ‘Everyone wants to have sex with your sugar daddy. Besides, he totally sees you as more than a sugar baby. You told us that his bestie Peter told you that daddy Henry was sold the second he saw your picture. He continuously tells you that you deserve this lifestyle, that he wants to show you the world and that you’re beautiful. You don’t do that for just a sugar baby.’
I blush, because… Is that true? I don’t want to further think about it, so I get up and ask: ‘Who wants some more chips?’
December 15th 8 p.m.
Today I spend my night at Henry’s place. It’s also actually the first time I’m at his penthouse and I would lie if I said I liked the way he decorated it. It’s plain, lot of darker colors, all more on the neutral side. I mean, to each their own, sure. I just wish the place was a bit more vibrant, with colored details for example.
I walk on my socks over the soft carpet and am very tempted to do a cartwheel, because there is room enough. I take a deep breath in preparation for showing off my gymnastic talents, when Henry sneaks up behind me and places his hands on my hips. ‘Dinner is ready, darling.’
I let out a squeal. ‘What did you make?’ I ask him.
‘Beef bourguignon,’ he says. ‘Because it has come to my attention that my barbaric sugar baby has never had that.’
I turn around to slap him on his chest. ‘That’s totally not funny,’ I say, though I can’t hide my chuckle.
He smiles and walks with me to the dining table. He pulls out my chair and once I sit, he disappears into the kitchen, telling me to wait. I wiggle my feet, patiently waiting for him to serve us dinner.
He places our plates on the table and sits down as well. ‘Bon appetite,’ he says.
‘We barbarics tend to say: dig in.’
The food is absolutely exquisite and Henry only becomes more and more desirable. I’ve known him since December and I have yet to discover something he cannot do. There must be something this man can’t do, right?
I eat like I haven’t eaten in days. ‘It’s delicious,’ I note.
‘Glad you like it.’ He holds out his hand and with his thumb, he wipes the corner of my mouth clean. ‘You pig.’
‘First I’m a barbaric sugar baby, now I’m a pig,’ I sum up. ‘Henry, December is supposed to be festive. Why are you being mean to me then?’ I pout.
‘Don’t make that face,’ he says. ‘I’m feeling sorry for you now.’
‘That means it working.’
He smiles and gets up to grab dessert. Can’t believe he prepared that too. Henry sure knows the easiest way to my heart: ice cream with way too much chocolate sauce on it.  
‘So,’ I say, grabbing my spoon, ‘did you buy me a present yet? For Christmas?’
Henry nods. ‘I have,’ he says.
‘What is it?’
‘I’m not gonna tell you.’
I sigh as if I’m annoyed. ‘Gosh, I hate you.’
Henry sticks out his tongue, causing me to laugh. ‘Tell me this then, what did you buy me?’
‘I’m not gonna tell you,’ I say in a mocking tone. ‘It’s a two way street, Cavill.’
I don’t think I’ll be able to eat until this time tomorrow. I think I might’ve overate. I say to Henry I’m going to the bathroom, as he cleans up the dishes.
The second I sit on the toilet, I discover the horrible.
I just got my period.
And I’m at Henry’s.
Without my pads.
After a quick check, I see I haven’t leaked through my pants nor my underwear (imagine me bleeding on his chairs with the white seat covers! Oh no, only the idea makes me die of embarrassment), but time is ticking. I put some toilet paper between my legs, yank up my pants and quickly flush the toilet. I just need to go to my own place, get myself some pads and he’ll never notice.
Unless of course he asks me what I’m going to do and he is the type of guy that would do that.
If I say I am going to get some painkillers, he’ll say that he has some. If I say I want something different to wear, he suggests going up my apartment to get me some or he’d offer me his clothes.
As I’m contemplating how I should respond to it, my legs walk me out of the bathroom and I see him just finishing up putting everything in the dishwasher.
‘I need to go to my own place.’
‘Why?’ Henry asks.
I clear my throat. ‘I need to get something.’
‘What is it? I can get it for you, if I don’t have it here already.’
I know him too damn well. ‘No, no,’ I say, but I fear I know I’m not going to talk myself out of this. ‘I can walk myself.’
Henry opens his mouth and he has this look in his eyes that is such a prediction of what he is going to say next, so I interrupt him. ‘Henry, I just need to get my pads, because I just got my period and do you really want to go through my bathroom cabinet and accidentally see the vibrator I keep there?’
I shouldn’t have said that. Well, the first part was okay, not my best work of course, but that last part… That’s where it went downhill. I stammer a bit, but I can’t seem to speak out any syllables. Let alone words that could form a decent sentence.
Henry doesn’t seem fazed at all, because he only nods. ‘I’ll be right back,’ he says, as he grabs my keys and walks out of the penthouse.
Is this the moment where I realize I am involved in something with a man and not a boy? Is this that exact moment? I mean, I once dropped a tampon in class and all the boys acted like I dropped a hand grenade.
My brain can’t seem to wrap itself around what just happened.
There is only one thing I really regret and that is mentioning I have a vibrator. But maybe he doesn’t mind? I mean, he didn’t seemed bothered by me mentioning that I’m on my period and in need of pads, let alone me mentioning I own a vibrator. Maybe he thinks it’s very sexually liberating of me to have a sex toy.
Masturbation is only normal. I bet he masturbates. I feel like he is too rich to use a sock. Maybe he has one of those things. What are they called again? It feels like a vagina…
A fleshlight! That’s the word.
Oh, I could look around, to see if I find— Oh dear gosh, he is back, just like my conscious telling me not to snoop around.
‘I brought back a few,’ he says, holding up three pads. ‘Here you go.’
I don’t detect a blush, nor a nervous twitch near his eye meaning… Meaning what?
He wasn’t fazed by my pads nor my vibrator?
This man…
‘Thanks,’ I say, as I take them out of his hands. ‘I’ll be right back.’
‘I didn’t know if you wanted a change of clothes,’ he says, ‘and it seemed rude to go through your closet, but if you want you can wear some of mine.’
This is the moment where I perish. That is honestly one of the most domestic things ever. Me in his clothes? ‘Yeah, that would be nice,’ I whisper. I walk towards the bathroom again, placing the other two pads on the cabinet.
Once I exchanged the toilet paper for a pad, I hear a knock on the door. When I open it, I see Henry with some folded clothes in his hands. ‘Here you go, it might be a bit more comfortable.’
‘Thanks,’ I say with a smile. ‘I’ll be right out.’
I change into his clothes and I can’t even deny the fact that I look adorable. I roll up the bottom of his grey sweats and with floppy sleeves I rush to the couch, where Henry’s already trying to pick a movie.
I sit next to him and without looking at him I say: ‘I’m sorry.’
‘Don’t be,’ he chuckles. ‘You look precious.’
‘Shut up,’ I say with a smile, totally not minding that he called me precious.
During the movie, I can’t seem to find a good way to sit. Without even thinking about it, I place my head on his thigh. Henry doesn’t respond, making me believe he might not like this, but then he covers me with a blanket, placing on hand on my upper arm and the other on top of my head, his thumb drawing soft circles on my scalp.
For a moment I forget we’re in contract with each other. The fact I get money to spend time with him. I look up, only to see him staring at the screen, all of his concentration focused on what’s happening.
Could I see myself falling for Henry? Eventually dating him? But even if we would ever date, would we mind the way people look at us? Would we ourselves mind the age gap between us? It’s not just five years difference, not ten, but a whole twenty four years. Nearly a quarter of a century.
I gently squeeze my hand between the couch and his thigh, as I try to focus on the movie.
It’s just not working.
I can’t stop thinking about us, which is annoying, because I know that him being in my life as my sugar daddy is only temporary.
It just doesn’t help that I am so comfortable around him and the way he acts towards me. He does all the things I never experienced in life. Not by my family, not by any flings. I’ve never felt worthy, smart or beautiful.
Unless I’m with him.
I hate Genevieve and Viola for putting these thoughts in my head.
I sit up straight and rub my eyes.
‘What’s wrong?’ Henry asks.
‘Just changing my posture,’ I say, stretching out my back. I want to scoot closer to him, to curl up against his side and be engulfed in his arms. I almost do it.
But I can’t, as something blocks my brain, therefore my body.
He only then holds out his arm, an invitation for me to lean against him.
‘Sure?’ I ask him, as I sit closer to him.
He nods. ‘Very sure.’
And that’s all it takes for me to place my head on his shoulder and wrap my arm around his waist.
It’s only temporary.
December 25th 4 p.m.
‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year,’ I sing, probably in the wrong key when Henry opens the door of his penthouse. ‘So, what do you think?’ I ask. ‘I dressed up all Christmasy for the occasion.’ I spin around and let out a laugh. It’s a dark green dress, with white ruffles at the hem and sleeves. I thought it was cute and perfect for Christmas.
Henry smiles. ‘You look lovely. Especially with those slippers.’
I look at my feet. ‘I was too lazy to put on shoes.’
‘I think they’re cute and I might want a pair of my own,’ Henry says, stepping aside.
I walk into his penthouse and when I reach the living room, I see he has a decorated Christmas tree in the corner. ‘When did you get that?’
‘Three days ago,’ he says. ‘It’s not a real one, because of the carpet.’
‘Why didn’t you let me know?’ I ask him. ‘I could’ve helped you decorate it.’
‘There you go again with the pouting,’ Henry says.
I chuckle. ‘You should feel bad,’ I say. ‘I haven’t decorated a tree in years.’
‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ he asks. ‘We could’ve bought one for you.’
We. This shouldn’t make me giggly, but it does. ‘I don’t know. I figured you didn’t want one either. Besides, I wanted to buy one, but then I had to drag it with me for around an hour to bring it back home.’
‘You should’ve told me,’ he says.
I want to say something, but I can’t. What can I say to that? I’m sorry? It’s too late for that. We could get one now? It’s too late for that as well.
‘Want something to drink?’ Henry asks.
‘Hot chocolate,’ I answer, as I place my bag with presents underneath the tree, where I also spot three packed packages that are probably for me.
I can’t wait.
It has been awhile since I celebrated Christmas and the shelter might’ve been the last time. I never was able to afford anything and I even pretended for a long time I wasn’t into Christmas, when in reality I was just too poor to buy myself something, let alone someone else.
I follow Henry to the kitchen and I stand next to him. I watch how he is stirring in a pan and I look up to him. ‘What is it, darling?’ Henry asks.
‘Thank you,’ I say, ‘for spending Christmas with me. It has been a while since I last spend Christmas.’
He looks to the side and smiles. ‘It has been a while for me too,’ he says in a soft tone.
‘Too busy.’
‘Aren’t you too busy now?’
He shakes his head. ‘When it comes to you, I’m never too busy.’
I bite my lip as I walk to the fridge, grabbing some whipped cream. When I stand next to him again, I can’t help but let my eyes wander over his arms. It’s the black turtleneck that accentuates his torso and well shaped arms. I wonder how much Henry works out to maintain this physic, especially because he already works a lot and spends a lot of time with me.
He puts some whipped cream on top of the drink after he poured it in and hands it to me. ‘I’ll be right out,’ he says.
I walk back to the tree and sit close to it. I take a sip of my hot chocolate and shivers run down my spine, the good kind. It’s delicious. I hate that there isn’t something that Henry can’t do. I bet he made a fantastic Christmas dinner and it’s so unfair that he is good at everything, on top of being good looking.
No wonder he is so successful.
He walks into the living room and sits next to me, with his back against the couch. He stretches out his legs, causing me to chuckle when I see the difference in our legs.
‘It’s good,’ I say to him. ‘I hate you for being talented at everything.’
He smiles. ‘I’m not talented at everything.’
‘Tell me something you’re not good at then.’
‘You’ll find out one day,’ he chuckles. ‘Want to open up your gifts?’
I nod and I place my mug on the coffee table, needing me to place my hand on his thigh, to lean over him. I get up to grab the three gifts wrapped in a lightish pink color. Not very Christmasy, very me though. When I sit close to him again, I cross my legs and ask: ‘All for me?’
He nods. ‘All for you.’
The first present is a bracelet, one that matches the necklace he gave me in Paris. Together with the ring, I wear the necklace daily, because I love them that much. Henry helps me to put on the bracelet and says: ‘I bought it back in Paris, but I feared that you would be a bit overwhelmed if I gave it to you then.’
‘Thank you,’ I say, as I look at the golden bracelet. ‘It’s beautiful.’
The second and third present are a notebook and an entire stationary set, with washi tape, stickers, different colors of pens. This shouldn’t make me teary eyed, but it still does anyway. ‘You remembered,’ I chuckle, when I see the notebook with the sky and stars as cover. When we went shopping in the beginning of December, I showed him this one. It was severely overpriced, but I told him about how I would look up at the sky when I was in the shelter, staring at the stars and that it always made me feel safe.
And now he bought it for me.
‘Of course I remembered,’ he says.
‘I love it, Henry.’ I look up, but my vision is a bit blurry. Oh no, you baby, you’re not crying because of this. ‘I’m sorry,’ I chuckle, as I try dry my eyes.
He chuckles, as his thumb runs over my cheek, to wipe away the left over tears. ‘Don’t feel sorry for this,’ he says. ‘It lets me know you love the present.’
‘I do,’ I say. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and whisper a soft ‘thank you’ in his ear. I let out a nervous laugh when I pull back, before I actually burst into tears. Henry tilts his head, before he gives me my hot chocolate.
I sometimes wonder, how this man understands me so well. If he had met me in different circumstances, would he still be talking to me? Would he still appreciate me for who I am? Is that really what he is doing right now? Does he care?
I take a sip of my drink and I fear I’m getting in my head. All these questions run through my mind. Why does he spend Christmas with me? Doesn’t he have other people to spend it with? Is it because he feels sorry for me for spending it alone?
‘Darling, what’s wrong?’ he asks.
‘Nothing,’ I say, but my voice cracks. I sigh deeply. ‘Can I ask you something?’
‘Don’t you want a family?’ I ask him. ‘Like a family of your own? Wife, kids, dogs, I don’t know.’
Henry places his hand on my knee. ‘Eventually,’ he says, ‘but I am in no rush.’
‘Why not?’
‘I can have kids for awhile,’ he says. ‘Besides, I… I haven’t met the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.’
I shouldn’t be disappointed, yet I feel disappointed. I curse my brain for thinking about all those scenarios, where Henry falls in love with me, proposes to me and marries me. The stuff that would never happen. ‘Hm, I see.’
‘Besides, how do I explain our agreement to my wife?’
‘You’ve got a point,’ I chuckle, but that is more to hide my pain. Aren’t I the one who keeps bugging him about how December is a festive month? Why am I killing the mood?
‘How about you?’ Henry asks. ‘Do you want a family?’
‘Eventually, I guess so,’ I say. ‘I just fear that I am gonna be a horrible mom.’
‘Why would you say that?’ he asks me, before removing his hand from my knee, to place it on my back.
‘I’ve had the most terrible example,’ I say. ‘I spend my time in juvie, I was nearly homeless. Those aren’t qualities for a good mom.’
‘Why would that make you a horrible mother?’ Henry asks. ‘You know what does and does not work when raising your own children. You know how to survive in the real world. Besides, you are the cutest anyways,’ he says, ‘your kids and all their friends will absolutely love you.’
I blush, as I let out a chuckle ‘I am so sorry, I’m turning this into an impromptu therapy session and you don’t pay me for that. I was just wondering if you shouldn’t be spending Christmas with the people you love, people who you are friends with, people that are important.’
I hate myself for not listening to my own ‘December is supposed to be festive’ statement.
‘I’m spending my Christmas with you,’ he says, ‘for the same reason I spend my time with you. I am lonely.’
‘But shouldn’t a girlfriend help then?’ I ask him. ‘Or friends?’
‘It’s hard to make friends or meet someone, when you have the amount of money I have,’ Henry states. ‘When you and I met, I knew one thing: the only reason we were even on this date, was because you needed money and I had that. It’s just that I really like it when you are around.’
‘I like being around you too,’ I admit. ‘Money or not. I really owe you big time.’
He smiles. ‘You don’t owe me anything, darling.’
There is so much I want to say to him, starting with an apology, but the second I open my mouth, Henry says: ‘Don’t apologize.’
Is he a mindreader?
‘Why not?’
‘Just because you showed me what’s going on inside your heart and mind, doesn’t mean you owe me an apology. I get that it can be hard,’ he says, ‘to show people your worries, your fears.’
‘I just sound so whiney when I do,’ I say.
‘You sound sincere, genuine.’ Henry tilts his head and says: ‘We can stop talking about it if you want. I could open my gifts for example.’
I simply nod, not sure how to respond to him. I hate that he is so caring and lovely about this. Back home I could never tell my parents the stuff that was pressing on my heart, let alone in juvie or at the shelter.
I grab the gift bag from behind me and scoot closer to him. ‘Merry Christmas.’
‘Thank you, darling.’ He pulls out the one on top, which are the watch and cufflinks. He carefully peels off the wrapping paper and smiles. ‘This is amazing,’ he says as he looks at the watch. ‘I have yet to own a gold one, let alone one with matching cufflinks.’ He holds out his arm and gently pulls me in a hug.
It’s these types of physical affection that make me rethink this entire agreement. Not because I don’t like it, but because I feel some slipping from my side. I feel connecting, in a way I didn’t think was allowed. This is supposed to be a business arrangement, right? Not with this emotional connection.
‘I have another gift for you,’ I say, as I pull back.
‘Really? Darling, you already got me a watch and cuff links. That’s enough.’
‘No, this is different. I barely spend any money on it.’
He cocks an eyebrow, before carefully pulling away the wrapping paper. ‘What’s this?’
‘A photo album,’ I say with a smile. ‘We made a lot of pictures in Paris and I thought to compile them and… Oh no, this is too much isn’t it?’ I ask, when I sense his lack of reaction. ‘I mean, especially with what we have… Oh, I crossed a line, I’m sorry. Damn it, I’ll just—’
‘What are you talking about?’ Henry asks, as he flips the pages, looking at the pictures. ‘I love it.’
Huh? ‘You do?’
‘Yes,’ he says. ‘It’s not crossing a line, don’t you worry about that.’ He wraps an arm around my waist, pulling me closer to his body. ‘Thank you, darling.’
I am confused. ‘You like it?’
‘I love it.’ He smiles and says: ‘I’m such a good photographer. The model is okay, but me…’
‘Oh, we’re being mean again,’ I say with a laugh, as I shove his side. ‘It’s Christmas, Henry, be nice.’
He chuckles. ‘Sorry.’
I place my head against his shoulder, ignoring all those and say: ‘You really like it?’
‘I totally love it. You know, Becky, I like spending my Christmas like this.’
I nod. ‘Yeah, me too.’
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shut in [6]
Summary: When your high profile mission goes terribly wrong, you’re forced to hide in a safehouse with a man you’ve never met before. With seemingly nowhere else to go, you’re forced to work together to figure out who is trying to have you assassinated before it’s too late. (Sam Wilson x Reader, Hitman AU)
Warnings: cursing, implied abuse, 21 questions 
Word count: 2.5k
A/N: i honestly didn’t update last week bc i forgot dfkjhgdjkfhg but yes hello how are we all doing!!
i also appreciate feedback so if you would like to, please consider dropping me an ask or comment ly guys!! also if you want to be on the taglist, it’s mentioned at the bottom of the chapter.
here’s my ko-fi if you’d like to support my writing <333
Tumblr media
Previous Part || Shut In Masterlist
You didn’t find Sam in the house when you strolled into the living room that evening after your run.
You found it unusual. You had woken up earlier than him but you just assumed you would catch him at lunch.  Even if he was out the entire day you’d generally see him for at least 5 minutes at the dining table at noon or on the couch for what he called a “much needed powernap” in the evening.
You had spent the morning and most of the afternoon trying to catch up on all the training you had missed, along with a walk to just clear your mind. You had reached as far as the highway before you returned.
You don’t want to give it too much thought. He was a grown man, more than capable of handling himself if things went south.  But it was beginning to feel like maybe your day would be incomplete if there wasn’t at least one smartass remark from him about any given topic.
You found a can of soup left outside with a spoon beside it. Initially you both attempted to act like civilized citizens, eating your sandwiches on a plate or your soup in a bowl. Then it became too much effort to wash the dishes over and over; it seemed like an endless task. How could two people use so many plates? The heathen inside you just encouraged you to eat from the can like a primate so that became the tradition you followed.
You appreciated the spoon left out for you. The inconvenience of 3 seconds going out of your schedule to grab one from the drawer was clearly too much to bear.
The house was quiet as it always was. A layer of dust had settled on the furniture and you decided that a cleaning day was something you had to bring up soon.
The day outside had been beautiful. It was picturesquely bright, and occasionally you’d hear a bird chirp from the woods ahead of you. It seemed like something straight out of a book.
You discarded your empty can in the trash, noting at least a jar or two of jelly and peanut butter that rested under it. Two and half weeks worth of sandwiches.
You tugged your shoes on once more, intending to make a day out of target practicing. You grabbed a knife, holstering it at your thigh just as a precaution before leaving through the backdoor.
Almost immediately movement on your left caught your eye.
Sam was on a step ladder that leaned against one of the pillars that supported the corners of the back porch, screwdriver in his mouth. A backpack was swung on the front of his chest, bearing down with the weight of whatever was inside it. This itself you considered odd, but what you found more amusing was the utility shorts he had cut out of one of the several pairs of tactical pants available at your disposal.
“You startin’ your own collection, Wilson?” you called out, grabbing his attention as you made your way towards him. 
He turned to you, looking at you from his vantage point. He glanced down at his shorts and gave a small laugh, letting the screwdriver drop into the bag. “Yeah, ‘m getting all geared up for the Met Gala. You interested in modelling for me?”
“Maybe. This face doesn't come cheap.” You extended your hand to ask for his bag. He shimmied it off his shoulders, handing it to you without a question.
“Wouldn’t expect it to.”  
Your eyebrows quirked up at his statement but he had already moved on to more important things.
“Security’s not very good here,” he informed you, looking up at the house, “By that I mean it’s non existent. Thought we could fix some cameras up.”
“They’re battery powered, right?” You peered into the bag, finding roughly 4 of them along with some microphones.
“Unlike Pierce, the rest of the world doesn’t live in the 1600s. Even if the power goes out, they’ll work.” Sam gestured to the other end of the house where one was already set up. “Got one up already. You wanna help set up the rest of them?”
“Of course.” You reached in, grabbing one of the cameras along with a few screws.
He took it from you, climbing up the stairs once more to figure out the best place to put it. Once he did, you returned the screwdriver to him, watching him tighten it into place.
It didn’t slip past you how his muscles flexed while he worked, skin glistening under the sun. You just chose to ignore it. With difficulty.
“You know, it feels like I know more about you than anyone else in the gang.” He interrupted your train of thought, dragging your concentration away from his biceps.
“Do you now?” You tried not to sound too curious. It was the first time he had brought this up with you.
“Ransone used to mention you a lot.” He finally tightened the last screw, descending from the ladder. “It was always ‘Y/N this’ or ‘Y/N that’. Heard your name more than anyone else’s.”
“Why?”  You know you were recruited a lot younger than the rest of them. Adopted from across the country and then made to disappear from the system like you never existed in the first place. Less evidence of you existing would mean less chances of you getting caught. The practice wasn’t limited only to your organization.
Ransone did tend to be more protective over you since he’d known you the longest, but you were unaware of how vocal he was about it.
“Don’t know. I heard that you joined when you were 8, got your big break at 17. It was a big one too, really pushed you up the ranks-”
If only he knew how that hit went.
“He tries to celebrate a few birthdays around the cartel because you convinced him. Word is you were the reason he stopped wearing that fuckin’ ugly purple suit, which has never happened before or since.”
He had taken inspiration from a 90s Jim Carrey movie and the sole basis of your interference was because it was mortally embarrassing to be seen with him in that.
“We know your favourite colour because it’s always the first one he suggested when we needed an option for something. We realised where you were recruited from because he always sends the biggest recruitment team to that city to find more. Also, it’s well established that he called you Buttercup.”
“Fuck,” you groaned, a cringe following suit soon enough, “That was so long ago, how do you know that?”
He only laughed, picking up the ladder and proceeding to the other side of the house. “You’re class favourite. Everyone knows that.”
You repeated the same process as before, handing him a camera and a screw as he made his way up the ladder again.
You didn’t contribute anything for a while, mulling over the new piece of information you had received. It only made you feel worse about everything you were keeping from him now.
“I… I don’t really know much about you,” you admitted to Sam. “Ransone’s only mentioned you a few times.”
“That sick fuck doesn’t particularly like me.” He shrugged, not really surprising you considering the tone in which Ransone talked to him in your update calls. “Never made it easy for him either. The hatred is mutual.”
“Don’t like takin’ orders, especially if they’re pointless. He doesn’t like that.” He held his hand out for the screwdriver, which you obliged.
“He kept you around, though.”
“Because he knows I’m good at what I do.”
You agreed with him. He continued with the fixture, adjusting to see if it was secure. When it was, he returned back down, folding the ladder before taking it to the next point.
You had an idea but you weren’t sure what he’d think of it, considering that you hadn’t known him that long.
“Can I ask you a few questions?” you spoke. He tilted his head to look at you quizzingly. “You seem to know a lot more about me than I do you.”
“What, like 21 questions?” A good natured smile appeared on his face. “Right back to high school with that one.”
“Except all questions are for you,” you clarified, quickly adding, “Are you comfortable with that?”
“If I answer that, does it count as the first question?” Sam set the ladder down again.
“So you’re in.” You didn’t hide your surprise at his agreement. Hiding personal details was one of the many cautions in your line of work.
“Ask away.”
“Full name?”
“Samuel T. Wilson.”
“Where are you from?”
“Harlem, born and raised.” Starting easy, basic info. 
You had fallen into a routine by now with the process of attaching the surveillance cameras. You didn’t think twice about what you were giving him.
“How’d you get involved with Ransone?”
“Recruited,” he said plainly, not elaborating further but you didn’t require him to. It was the same as you.
“Scariest thing you’ve done?” You thought he’d have some fun story to tell, some fun anecdote of a fuckup.
Instead his body went stiff. He stopped what he was doing for a moment.
“Pass.” He shook his head, once again going back to screwing it into place.
He stepped down, picking up the ladder to carry it around to the next site.
“Favourite food?” you asked, trying to shift the tone back to what it was before. Maybe surface level questions were the best option right now. Nothing related to the past.
“Could really go for some seafood right now,” Sam groaned. “I think I might go into a sugar coma soon.”
“Embarrassing nicknames?”
“Sneaky.” Sam laughed, letting relief flood your system knowing that he wasn’t upset. “Pass.”
“Oh, c’mon. You know mine.”
“Everyone knows yours. It’s not a big secret. ”
“That doesn’t sound very fair.” You had covered all four sides of the house but one camera was still left. “Where are we putting the last one?”
“The woods in the back. In case someone wants to perv on us from the trees.”
Both of you walked side by side to the back porch in silence. You were inspecting the area around you, looking for possible places to set up the camera.
“If you were someone trying to spy on us, where would you wait?”
You pointed to a tree a few feet away. “Clear sight of the house, not too close that we’d be able to see if we weren’t looking specifically and far enough that they can disappear instantly if they want.”
“Perfect.” He nodded, following where you were pointing to. “You done with your questions?”
“Didn’t know what else to ask.”
“Must be something swimming around in that head of yours. C’mon, spit it out.”
Truth be told, you really didn’t have any but you forced yourself to come up with one on the spot.
“If you weren’t doing... this, what would you be doing?”
“I’d be halfway through the best damn nap of my life.” He flicked his gaze up towards the top of the tree, adjusting the height of the ladder.
That wasn’t what you were asking, but you didn’t voice it out. It was a loaded question anyway.
Because let’s face it, no one really wanted to do this job. The toll it took on you was something you could never have foreseen when you were a kid. No one got up and decided they wanted to kill people for a living, no matter how wickedly terrible said people were.
“‘m kidding. I know what you meant.” He looked back down at you before continuing his way up. “How about you? What would you do?”
You hesitated, fingers fidgeting  with the strap of the backpack.
“I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember. I’ve never seen myself in anything else.” You didn't bother hiding the truth, as miserable as it sounded. “My resumé would be a hell of a read.”
He gave a short laugh. “You tellin’ me that espionage and trash talk aren’t good skillsets to possess?”
“Add in your sense of fashion and I bet you’ll make it far.” You noticed how he didn’t provide an answer.
An anticipatory quiet washed over you as he finished attaching his last camera. You lent him your hand as he hopped down from the last two steps of the ladder, looking up to see if it was high enough to be hidden from view.  
Once he was satisfied he folded the ladder over and tucked it under his arm, turning around to leave.
“I’d want to work with teens,” he spoke up. “Troubled teens. Some of us didn’t have a chance at a life outside this.”
He mentions between the both of you.
“Maybe if some of my friends had someone to help them, they wouldn’t have made the choices they did. Don’t want anyone following in their footsteps.”
You didn’t expect that to be his answer. A pilot or something mundane like that maybe. Not a counsellor.
But the longer you sat with it, the more right it felt. It made sense.
“I could see that, yeah,” you agreed, nodding. “For what it’s worth, I think they’d really like you.”
You could see, from the corner of your eye, his mouth pulled into a half smile.
The walk back home was short. The sun was beginning to come down, bringing with it the sense of peace of a day spent productively.
The sounds of twigs and dry leaves crunching under your feet was satisfying. A few roots stuck out from the ground but you avoided it by hopping over it.
It had been long since you’d had calmness. You couldn’t remember the last time you spent time with another human that wasn’t on a hit.
“We gotta have a cleaning day soon,” you commented, discarding your shoes near the door, not wanting to bring in the trail of mud with you.
“Roger that.” He was behind you, waiting for you to finish before doing the same himself. “What’s on the menu for dinner tonight?”
You ventured into the kitchen, reaching for the cabinet that was partially open from that morning. “Pasta, the oldest bottle of wine I have, and a good ol’ slice of pie.”
You dropped a can of soup in front of where he was seated at the table.
“Just as good as my ma’s.”
"Now don't you go around insulting mama Wilson.” You handed him a spoon as he peeled the lid of the can off.
“Wouldn’t dream of it.”
You grabbed your own can and spoon, ready to make your way to the living room couch to follow your nightly tradition. Your steps faltered.
You didn’t contemplate your next move too much; instead you turned around on your heel and pulled a chair out, sitting diagonally to Sam at the dining table.
His eyes snapped to you, a hint of surprise on his face that he quickly did away with.
Neither of you said anything; just ate dinner together. A new normal that maybe you could get used to.
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