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#the wayhaven chronicles
dtgreene · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i raised myself, my legs were weak; i prayed my mind be good to me. an awful noise filled the air, i heard a scream in the woods somewhere.
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tk0h · 2 hours ago
Listen so hear me out
The Detective is in the Library with Farah and they're chilling and they're sorta kinda reading mostly being a bit giggly
And Nat is just watching with the sweetest of smiles while reading all folded up on the couch
But then Nat needs something and the Detective is kinda leaning on the bookshelves where Nat needs to go
So Nat just. Casually lifts the Detective under the armpits like you do a cat....and sets them aside very super softly gently like one foot to the right
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homeformyheart · 2 hours ago
Huehuehuehue 😈 - for the nsfw prompt (the “not a bad porno” one) can I get the following? Action #23 for after battle sex and then the follow Words: “say please.” And “make me.”
thank you for the request @kelseaaa!! you made it a little easier by picking mason/ria 😏. explicit smut below, minors dni.
author’s note: how fitting that mason & ria were picked for this since they’re the only two i could see this scenario working, in an established relationship. hope you all enjoy! copyright: all characters, except the oc detective, are owned by mishka jenkins @seraphinitegames. series/pairing: the wayhaven chronicles – mason x f!detective (ria knight) rating/warnings: 18+; ns*w smut noted between the 🔥⚡ and ❄💧 icons (but if you don’t want to read smut, why are you here? xD) (minors dni) based on/prompt: nsfw prompts // 23. for after battle sex, “say please” & “make me.” (dialogue in bold) word count: 1.1k summary: ria is concerned about mason after a surprise battle and he reassures her that they are both very much alive (explicit smut).
ria groaned as she tightened the bandage around her bleeding wrist, flexing her fingers and wincing at the pain. she braced herself against the tree trunk that felix had hidden her behind before going for backup, trying to bring her breathing back under control and avoid collapsing onto herself. if she sat down, she didn’t think she’d get back up.
to say they were caught by surprise was an understatement.
it was supposed to be a standard meet up with a rogue group of demons that seemed open to negotiations.
low-to-medium risk.
which is why they only sent mason and felix with her.
apparently, no one considered that it might be a blatant trap. the agency really needed a better way to vet anonymous tips.
she gently stretched her wrist and flexed her fingers, wincing at the slight discomfort. it wasn’t so bad that she couldn’t fight through it. at least, it wasn’t as bad as the bruising she could feel purpling on her ribs.
ria rolled her shoulders and turned back to face the grove, where she could still hear the faint sounds of fighting.
how she wished she had vampire hearing. she knew mason was strong and had plenty of stamina, but they had been outnumbered.
and he was alone right now.
a sinking feeling lodged itself in her chest when the air suddenly quieted, and despite knowing she should stay put for her own good, she started running instead.
she needed to get to mason.
ria clutched her ribs and gritted her teeth as she ran, pausing for a moment when she saw his still form lying on the ground with no one else around.
“mason? babe?” ria cried out, trying not to trip over her feet as she ran to his side.
she fell to her knees and ran her hands over his body to check for broken bones or internal bleeding, momentarily forgetting that as long as he was alive, he would heal.
mason groaned when she touched a particularly tender spot on his ribs and ria moved immediately to cup his face.
“babe? you okay?” she asked, swallowing thickly.
he cracked one eye open. “i’m healing,” he grunted, mentally scanning his body to confirm his body was stitching itself back together.
ria stroked her thumbs against his cheeks gently before leaning in to kiss him desperately, nudging his mouth open so her tongue could taste his.
“if that’s the greeting i get for getting my ass kicked, i’d be open to it happening more often,” he chuckled, running his hands up her sides and pulling her on top of him.
she pulled back and punched him in the chest with her uninjured hand. “don’t fucking scare me like that again,” she glared, anger swirling with fear in her pale blue eyes.
“say please,” mason teased, watching carefully as the tension finally left her shoulders.
“this is serious, mason. i was so worried.”
“hey,” he said firmly, leaning up to kiss her over and over again. “i’m right here.”
🔥⚡ she responded immediately, stealing breaths from his lungs so she wouldn’t have to break away. the twisting, gnawing feeling in her stomach dissipated as mason matched her desperate kisses and added heat of his own, hands slipping under her shirt and yanking her bra down so he could squeeze her breasts.
“i need you,” she finally gasped between kisses, pulling back and tugging at his jeans.
mason stood up in one swift motion and set her down on her feet, bringing her face back to meet his in a kiss while he undid both their jeans. he slipped his hands around her ass and lifted her by the thighs, walking forward until her back hit the closest tree.
he held her firmly against the tree with one hand, pulling out his cock with the other and lining himself up against her. ria moaned loudly as he pushed into her quickly, giving her no time to adjust before he started thrusting.
“you’re going to have to keep quiet or we might attract an audience,” mason murmured as kissed up her jaw and sucked on her earlobe.
“make me,” ria rasped, her eyes fluttering shut.
the feel of the bark digging into her back only seemed to amplify the pressure in her abdomen, spiraling and building with every thrust.
true to his word, mason covered her lips with hot kisses, matching the hurried pace of his thrusts before shifting his body to get access to her clit. she could feel him grinning at how wet and swollen it was. his touch was sure and deliberate, stroking her clockwise with his thumb.
ria keened at the contact, pulling away to gasp only to have mason follow and keep the gap between them nonexistent. the warm, tingling sensation snaked a fiery trail up her chest and filled her breaths until she finally had to pull back for air. she vaguely registered the sound of the wood beginning to crack behind her as mason picked up the pace, moving his thumb from her clit to her breast.
her senses were overwhelmed by him – this moment between them; the feel of how real and alive he was; and how real and alive she felt – but she still wanted more. her arms found purchase around his shoulders and she braced her body against him so she could match his thrusts.
mason groaned at the increased friction, her slick heat coating him over and over and pushing him close to the edge. ria sensed it too, feeling his cock stiffen even more inside her. she moved her hands up his neck to curl her fingers in his hair as the tension in her body exploded. her walls continued to flutter fiercely against his cock, coaxing him over the edge as she came.
he swore and called out her name in a raspy, jagged voice that made her walls clench even tighter until mason collapsed against her, head buried in the crook of her neck.
it took a few minutes, both breathing heavily against each other, before mason took a step back. his arm stayed wrapped around her waist until she was steady on her feet, the wide grin on her face identical to the one on his. ❄💧
“we can hear your heartbeats over here, but we’re not looking! tell us when you’re decent,” felix’s voice rang out through the trees.
mason chuckled and smoothed out the front of his jeans while ria double-checked they didn’t have any visible stains from their tryst.
he kissed her softly on the forehead, watching the fatigue settling in her eyes fade just a little before they started walking toward the team, hands wrapped around each others’ waists.
* * * * * taglist: @kelseaaa; @crackerdumortain; @gloynporslen; @sosolenoo; @anotherbeingsworld; @brooks-eden; @kat-tia801; @alyssalauren;   @ambrosykim; @honourlight (since you were curious about the wip, but lmk if you want off, no prob!)
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possumsunshine · 3 hours ago
SUPER BELATED WIP WEDNESDAY............AS IN, ITS THURSDAY EVENING BFGHNDFGHDFG THANK YOU to @kelseaaa @otherworldlypresents and avasaviators (miss pearl thank you so much if you see this, i do appreciate it its just that bc of the content of this, i didn’t feel comfortable tagging you bc i am not entirely sure of your age bdfghfbg)
after makin this post yesterday, @bosspigeon mentioned the detective leaving a shirt in m’s room for them to keep around and the brain worms IMMEDIATELY SET IN hdfgnsbfhjgnsfgfg so!!!!!!
this is uhhhh 16+! not quite mature, just older teens only dfbghdnfgdfg
"You want me to walk you out?" 
Levy holds back a laugh to the best of his abilities (Mason can tell from the way his impish grin spreads, pinches, then crinkles his eyes, and the little noise he makes in the back of his throat), but makes no attempt to hide his smile. "I don't have the time to wait for you to get dressed," he says as he hurriedly throws his back over his shoulder and scoops up the keys to the hatchback. "Unless you're willing to walk through the warehouse in your underwear."
"I guess you're on your own today, handsome," Mason counters with a smirk, "For Nate's sake." 
"Guess so. How thoughtful of you." Though he pops up onto tiptoe, Mason still has to bend to meet him--he does so willingly, eagerly, broad hand placed at the small of Levy's back to draw him in closer. Just as he goes without protest, so does Levy, hands running over his hirsute freckled chest to wrap around his neck, capturing his mouth in a languid kiss that lingers far longer than either of them expect. 
The thought that Levy is running late because of him for the umpteenth time crosses his mind, but Mason can't bring himself to pull away until the smaller man moves first.
Levy sighs. "I'll text you when I'm leaving work," he murmurs, looking far more dejected.
"Text me before. I'll meet you." 
And in an instant, the smile is back, warm as sunshine. "Ooh, he's feeling sweet this morning."
i’m not tagging anyone!!!! its thursday!!!!!! its not even wednesday anymore bdfhgbfg please enjoy
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quietsphere · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
say hi to my new header, I cannot have ppl thinking that I'm normal
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deuchess · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Farah sketch before bed because what else would i be doing?
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ejunkiet · 5 hours ago
burn after reading
so it has been way too long since I have written about Emma and Nate, and after the sweetness of the Patreon special, I had to.
This is set in the gap between book one and book two. Enjoy. <3
Pairing: Detective Emma Kingston & Nathaniel Sewell Notes: 1.2k, ridiculously self-indulgent softness. Rated G for Goodness
It’s been two weeks since Emma last heard from Unit Bravo.
We can call, if that would be easier?
Another long pause follows, before her phone vibrates again.
twc masterlist
burn after reading.
In case of an emergency.
The phrasing of the note had been clear - as had been the following instruction to burn after reading, as if her life wasn’t crazy enough without the added element of being in a spy thriller.
Still, it’s the numbers listed after the message that have her attention. One for each member of the unit, identified by their respective letter: their official work phones, now that they had disposed of their burners.
N - xxx-xxx-xxxx
This wasn’t an emergency. This definitely wasn’t anything that could be classified as an emergency, but it has been two weeks since she’d last seen him - had last seen any of them actually, her mother included.
(Two weeks since she’d been discharged from the agency facility, the doctors there having performed magic - actual magic - to ensure her wounds were healed with barely a scar, and her only contact since then had been through these notes, slipped into her desk drawer or tucked between her files.)
Her thumb hovers over the entry containing his name - simply ‘Nate’, although she’d considered adding a book emoji - and thinks about it.
She could at least confirm that she had received their numbers? That would work.
Her resolve firming, she selects his name and shoots him a message before she can change her mind.
Hi Nate, this is Emma. Rebecca gave me your number.
A long moment passes, and she chews on her lower lip, wondering suddenly if she’d overstepped - but he hadn’t minded her contacting him before? - before her phone vibrates, and his name appears on her screen.
Hello EMma. I have
The message ends there.
Her phone vibrates again, her screen flashing with an alert for an incoming video call - that’s quickly cancelled before she can pick it up.
Another pause, before another message flashes onto her screen.
And it’s then that she remembers: that time with the computer in Murphy’s office, when she’d watched Nate unplug the monitor of the lab computer; the harried way he’d answered his phone when she’d called him last, and oh.
Stifling a smile, she shoots him another quick message.
We can call, if that would be easier?
Another long pause follows, before her phone vibrates again.
She’s unable to hold back her snort as she scrolls to open his contact info and selects the option to dial.
“Emma,” he says when he picks up, hushed and apologetic, but still as warm as she remembers, and she can picture his embarrassed smile. “I’m sorry. I’m still learning how to use these new devices.”
“It’s fine,” She assures him, and she sounds - she sounds breathless, and so she clears her throat and tries again, ignoring the flush that rises to warm her cheeks. “It’s good to hear you, Nate.”
“And you,” He replies, his voice low and deep, humming with that rich timbre that makes her think of woodwind instruments, the classical music she’d grown up listening to as a child - and it’s comforting and familiar, in a way that it shouldn’t be, but is.
And, she realises - now that she has him on the phone, she doesn’t know what to say.
The silence sits for a moment as she spends a few seconds in quiet panic, before Nate returns with a question.
“How are you feeling?”
His voice is soft and sincere, the weight of his concern clear over the line, and she can’t help the warmth that swells within her chest at the thought.
“Better. Much better.” Not the least because I got to talk to you. She glances out the glass windows of her office to the main bullpen, watching as Tina winds her way through the desks towards the kitchen, where Verda sits with a steaming mug of coffee, before adding. “It’s my first day back in the office.”
He gives a soft exhale, and when he speaks again, his voice is warmer still, and she could curl up in it, she thinks. Listen to him all day. “I’m glad. We’d heard that you were doing well.”
The revelation hits her like a bucket of ice water. “Ah. Rebecca.”
He takes a moment before he replies, sensing the change in tone, and when he does, his voice is gentle. “From your mother, yes.”
She’s not sure how to process that. Especially in light of the lack of contact she’s had with the woman herself over the last few weeks.
Still, she thinks as she takes a breath, smothering the flickering flames of irritation before they can fully catch alight - that wasn’t his fault.
“How are you?” She asks instead, before she remembers herself and scrambles to add - “and the rest of the team, of course.”
Her cheeks are flushed as she hears him laugh, low and rolling.
“We’re fine.” And there’s that warmth again, even if she can still hear the edge of laughter in his voice. “Just settling in.”
Settling in? She files that little piece of information away for further investigation later, shifting forward in her seat. She hadn’t heard much about Unit Bravo’s future plans - or anything, really, beyond the fact that they’d planned to stay in Wayhaven a while longer.
But she has more pressing questions to ask.
“Will I see you soon?”
He laughs again, softer this time, fading into a soft sigh. “I hope so. But I cannot say when.”
She’d expected as much, but she can’t quite hide her disappointment at the confirmation.
“I understand.” Biting her lip, she glances at the clock. “It’s the end of my break. I should go.”
“Of course.” He takes in a breath and then he continues, the words spoken quickly, almost in a rush. “But please - know that you can call me. Anytime.”
Her smile grows. I miss talking with you too, she doesn’t say. “I will.”
She hesitates, reluctant to bring this to an end. But she can see the reminder blinking on her phone screen - she has an online meeting scheduled in ten, and she was hoping to get a coffee refill before it started.
Still, she can’t help but draw out the last few moments. “Goodbye, Nate.”
“Goodbye, Emma.” He echoes, voice soft, and she pulls the phone away from her ear.
Just as she’s going to hang up, she hears a series of beeps, followed by a muffled curse - and she ends the call with a smothered laugh, a wide grin splitting her cheeks.
“You look happy,” Tina comments from the door, causing Emma to jolt in her seat, nearly losing her grip on her phone. Pressing her hand against her chest, she narrows a half-hearted glare at Tina, the gesture ruined by her lingering smile.
“I am,” she admits, to Tina’s growing delight, before she grabs her coffee mug and gets to her feet. “How about another cup of coffee?”
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exn0bis · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Basically any time Sorin sees Felix, all thoughts leave his head to be replaced only with the insatiable need to smother that boy in affection (of various kinds). 
Anyway I haven’t drawn Felix in awhile, so yeah. 
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auroraswife · 6 hours ago
does anyone know what the estimated release date of book three because i need it like a burning
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diegohargreeved · 7 hours ago
She wonders, as they walk together and Farah chatters about the time Mason and Ava got in a wrestling match so intense that they broke a collective six bones, if this is what it might be like to be someone else. Someone friendlier. Funnier. Someone who goes to a party and just meets people and the whole thing is completely normal instead of some freakish anomaly. What a fucking life Farah must have, if this is just the way things are for her. If she can just do this without being terrified.
And it’s weird, because Ivy knows that she should be terrified—logically, this is the sort of situation that scares her the most—but she’s not. Farah’s just the sort of person she feels like she’s known forever, and she hates her a little bit for it but she kind of loves her, too.
She’s making friends. Ivy thanks whatever God exists that she doesn’t have to see Tina’s smug face right now.
“Aha, there he is!” Farah begins pointing enthusiastically towards the kitchen, to a head that’s at least…well, at least a head above the rest of the crowd. “That’s the nice thing about going places with Natey. He’s like a giraffe, which is usually annoying but when you’re in a crowd it’s almost impossible to lose him. Nate!” she shouts, so loud that Ivy winces at the sound, but it works because the man turns around and—
That’s just…
Well then.
As it happens, because of course it fucking happens just when she was starting to get comfortable, Farah’s friend Nate also turns out to be the most beautiful man Ivy has seen in her entire life.
There is not a single hyperbole in that sentence.
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quietsphere · 7 hours ago
okay you got me all excited - that kiss my a** crop top you drew on remus BUT on adam?? and remus giving him a LOOK? ;)
Tumblr media
Oh u mean this top?
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Adam and Kione first picture ever. Probably taken by Felix.
“Yo birthday girl! Take a pic with our Great Leader over here!”
“SsssSuuuuuurrreee thing!”
@otherworldlypresents I know you wanted to see Kione and Adam together , @homeformyheart
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vitanithepure · 9 hours ago
Falling from heaven
Bear with me as I post one of my dribbles for the first time ever... I was in a sweet, awesome mood today and decided...hey, it might make someone else’s day better too so I don’t want my anxiety to stop me from doing it! So have some Farah x m!detective 450-ish word sweetness because they are my go-to pairing when in a good mood ^^
I barely heard my name and could not quite place who was calling me. It was so loud, the ringing in my ears drowned down all other sounds. I instantly regretted opening my eyes as my sight got battered with sunlight. Wincing in pain, I turned my head away from it. With no idea what happened, all I knew was that it hurt. A lot.
“Babe, are you all right?” That voice again, much clearer now. So familiar…
Before I knew it, there was a gentle touch on both sides of my head, warm but firm. Fingers brushing into my hair, a sweet, fruity smell reached me, and in an instant I knew.
“Of course it’s me, you must have really taken a nasty bump on the head if you think anyone else would outrun me here!”
I dared to open my eyes again, seeing hers was worth it, pain be damned. And indeed, what a sight it was, those two ambers, bright and sparkling. I could swear that the smile that graced her lips started to heal me from whatever harm I suffered.
“Detective!” In a blur or motion, another figure appears next to us, standing tall behind Farah. There was no mistaking Adam for anyone else, although the usual frown on his face was more worried than angry. “What were you thinking?”
“If you tell me what I was doing, I might…ah, damn...” I groaned as I tried to sit up, Farah immediately offered to support me. It would be so easy for me to be distracted, even now. Lean into her, allow myself a brief moment to smell her perfume again, to be soothed by her soft touch.
“We’ll get you back to the facility as soon as possible. You were pushed out of that building’s first floor,” Adam points up, following his finger I notice broken glass in the window-sill, “Morgan managed to seize and incapacitate the attacker, but you need medical attention.”
“The attention I got right now is out of this world,” I say, lifting my hand.
My fingers tangle into Farah’s curls, watching in awe as her eyes grow even brighter, her smile widens. So captivating, so beautiful. Something hurts a bit when she squeezes my shoulders, but I can’t possibly manage to care because it’s her… and her hug is the best thing that could happen to me right now.
“…you are obviously fine, detective.” Adam said tersely, and with a roll of his eyes marches away.
“I guess you answered the question if it hurts falling from heaven…”, Farah leaned in and placed a delicate kiss on the tip of my nose, “but don’t do this again, I need you in one, marvelous piece.”
And with that I fall for her again, every day in a new way.
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coochiescout3435 · 10 hours ago
Alright Mason it’s been fun and all but you can start loving MC now.... ❤️
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gingerbreton · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sunday Mornings
A free Sunday morning has always been a precious thing to Neve. She has a routine she's had down for years, though there are some adjustments she’s happy to make.
Pairing:  Adam x f!detective
It's been a long year y'all and I am missing going for brunch with my friends back home. So here is just some comfort fluff.
Rating:  G    Word Count:  668
[Read on AO3]  [Series link]
To Neve, Sunday mornings are sacred.
She allows the sun to soothe her awake—a rare indulgence—enjoying the way it streams in through her apartment’s large windows, bathing the rooms in warm light.  
Bleary eyed and still adorned in pyjamas, Neve pads to her kitchen, sets the coffee machine to work and leans against the counter as it does.  She smells the vase of whichever seasonal flowers she’s bought to brighten the space and looks over the open plan living area—at the way light spilling through the old industrial windows bends and fractures into rainbows across her walls.
Neve sets about making breakfast—eggs benedict is the sunday special in her household.  She sips that first coffee as she delicately swirls the poaching water.
She settles on one of the stools which line the counter with her breakfast and a second coffee to hand.  She skims the headlines of the local sunday paper.  A content smile spreads across her lips as the yolk of the perfectly poached egg drips across her meal.  
Breakfast done with, Neve curls up in the corner of the plush and unnecessarily large corner-sofa which claims a large portion of the footprint in her living space.  Her third coffee balances on a tray resting atop the cushioned ottoman which acts as a coffee table—a lucky find at an antiques fair that she’s unashamedly proud of.  She continues to read the paper, but not before carefully tearing out Bobby’s gossip sheets, screwing them up and tossing them, without looking, towards the bin.  It catches them without fail—this is a routine she has down.
With the trash taken care of, she picks up a pen and sets about the crossword before deciding what to do with the rest of her day.
That was before.
Sunday mornings are sacred.
Neve allows the sun to soothe her awake—if a shift in the mattress hasn’t already done so.  She lies there a few moments longer, allowing her bleary eyes to adjust to the warm light streaming through tall windows.  
Padding out to the kitchen, she finds a coffee already set on the counter waiting for her.  She smiles at the attempted image in the froth, feeling green eyes on her as she does.
Neve turns her smile on Adam who lounges in his joggers in her corner of the couch—one arm draped along the back, bare feet, crossed at the ankle, up on the coffee table.  He looks completely at home.  He’s even claimed the paper.
She smells the flowers in the vase—ones Adam has bought for her.  Somehow, they smell even better for it.  She takes a sip of her coffee and smiles at the way old glass makes the light dance in even older eyes.
Neve sets about making breakfast.  She always offers some to Adam, he always declines.  She sips her coffee and stirs the hollandaise on the hob.
Adam moves quietly.  She barely knows he’s there before her hair is brushed aside and he bends to press a soft kiss across her shoulder.  When she turns to look at him, he steals another from her lips—taking over stirring duties with a smirk when the distraction inevitably drives every thought of cooking from Neve’s mind.
They sit together at the counter while Neve eats.  The paper sits untouched on the coffee table.  She listens to Adam talk instead—anything but work, that’s the sunday morning rule.  Her smiles are content even if the yolks are no longer perfect.
With breakfast done, they settle on the couch.  Adam takes the corner and Neve curls into his side, her head resting on his shoulder, his lips brushing kisses to her temple as they peruse the headlines.
Neve carefully tears out the gossip sheets and expertly tosses them into the bin.  Adam chuckles.
With the trash taken care of, Neve picks up a pen and they set about the crossword before deciding what to do with the rest of their day.
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kittlesandbugs · 14 hours ago
Rating: G (but some trauma lol) Pairing: Female Detective & Tina Poname, Nate Sewell/Female Detective (Pre-relationship) Description: The detective struggles with a return to normalcy after surviving her encounter with Murphy.  Tina tries to get her to open up about what's bothering her.  Set early in the break between Books 1 and 2.
A hand waving in front of her eyes makes her swear and almost fall out of her chair as she lurches back. 
"Quincey, are you okay?" 
"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Everything's fine."  Quincey says too quickly and straightens to find Tina frowning down at her, disbelief plain on her face.  Douglas lurks in the doorway behind her. "Something up?" 
"Douglas had a message for you, and couldn't seem to get your attention. But that can wait."  Tina turns and gestures for the boy to leave. 
He looks like he wants to argue, but something in her face must scare him into compliance. He slinks back to the front desk and Tina closes the door behind him. 
Her brows knit with concern. "You've been staring at nothing for like fifteen minutes, what is going on with you?  You haven't really been yourself since you got back from the city." 
Quincey stiffens and stares down at her hands, picking at the fingerless glove that covers her bandaged wrist.  It's almost healed, but the fingers of her right hand still tingle from nerve damage caused by Murphy's savage bite.  She resists the urge to flex them. 
"Don't think I haven't noticed that either."  Tina perches on the edge of her desk, arms crossed, intent clear. She wasn't leaving without some kind of answer.  "So, what's going on? That Nate guy dump you?"
"I don't even know that we really have a thing to be dumped," Quincey says with a small laugh. "But no, he's just… busy with their transfer, I guess."  Unit Bravo's permanent posting was no secret to the police or mayor's office. "They should be back soon."  
I hope.  
It's so much harder without them than she thought it would be. She doesn't know if it's because she just got used to having them around or something more. Maybe her mother is right and it is for the best that she tries to get on with life as normal for a while, but really, how can she? The whole fabric of her reality is raw and new and she has no one she can talk with to iron it out.  Her mother only cuts things short when she actually answers calls. Quincey knows she can call Unit Bravo in an emergency, that was made clear to her at least, but… this isn't an emergency. So she doesn't. As much as she wants to. As much as it hurts not to. 
"Hey!" Tina snaps her fingers in front of Quincey's nose. "You didn't hear a word I just said, did you? You keep zoning out like that. So, what is it, if it's not the guy?" 
Quincey flinches. Maybe a little truth would get Tina off her case about her weird behavior?  "I… was injured. Bringing in the murderer. He um—" she stumbles over how to explain it. "He got the jump on me."
"Oh, Quinn…" Tina's hands drop to hers. "Why didn't you say anything?" 
Quincey can't meet her gaze. "I'm okay. Really. I'm just… I guess I just need some time to process it all."
"How bad was it?" Tina asks quietly. 
"I don't want to…" 
"Of course, forget I asked."  She smiles apologetically. 
"I had to spend some time in the hospital.  That's why I was gone for so long."  Quincey picks at the glove again unconsciously. "If Unit Bravo hadn't come when they did…" She shudders at the memory of Murphy's words.  They still haunt her dreams, weeks later. 
"I want years of use from you, Detective."
"Oh, Quinn…" 
She can't burden Tina with that. Even without the Agency's rules of secrecy, it's just not something she can really talk about yet to someone who wasn't there.  To someone who doesn't know what the murderer really was after. 
She shakes the thoughts from her mind.  "I'll be fine, Tina. Really. It's just… something I need to get over."  She tries to shrug it off. "Wayhaven's always been so safe, we've never had to cope with things like this."
"And it's safe again thanks to you and Unit Bravo."  Tina gives her hand a squeeze. "Look, you don't have to tell me about what happened. But I'm here if you need an ear. And I know Verda feels the same way. You don't have to bottle this all up and carry it alone."
That's exactly what I have to do.  
She shoves the thought aside to give Tina a grateful smile. "Thanks, I appreciate it. But I can deal with it. I just need a little more time to sort myself out."
Tina gives her a skeptical look, but nods and rises from her perch on the desk. "Alright. Let me know if you need anything."
"I will."  They both know she won't. 
Tina pauses by the door. "You should head out early. Relax tonight."
Quincey chuckles and picks up a packet on her desk. "This paperwork won't do itself."  It's already backed up thanks to her weeks-long absence. 
Tina rolls her eyes almost hard enough to lose her balance and opens the door to leave. 
"Hey, Tina?" 
She pauses with a glance over her shoulder. 
"Thanks. I mean it."  Quincey sighs under the weight of her secrets.  "Sorry for worrying you."
Tina shakes her head at the sentiment, but smiles as she leaves. 
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