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#the white man
rustyjnails · 6 months ago
And once again all the problems are caused by a white man
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clonehub · 7 months ago
There's no way that tcw Stan Twitter had a vote for best clone and CROSSHAIR WON??? OVER LITERALLY EVERY MEMBER OF THE 501ST???
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egoschwank · a year ago
al things considered — when i post my masterpiece #780
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first posted in facebook december 20, 2019
lyonel feininger -- "der weiße mann" [i.e., the white man] (1907)
"there is no foreground or background, only a continuity of interlacing relationships" ... lyonel feininger
"white youth, black youth better find another solution why not phone up a'robin hood and ask him for some wealth distribution?" ... joe strummer
"where i used to strive for movement and restlessness i now attempt to sense and express the complete total calm of objects and the surrounding air" ... lyonel feininger
"a south politician preaches to the poor white man 'you got more than the blacks, don't complain you're better than them, you been born with white skin,' they explain and the negro's name is used, it is plain for the politician's gain as he rises to fame and the poor white remains on the caboose of the train but it ain't him to blame he's only a pawn in their game" ... bob dylan
"each individual work serves as an expression of our most personal state of mind at that particular moment and of the inescapable, imperative need for release by means of an appropriate act of creation: in the rhythm, form, colour and mood of a picture" ... lyonel feininger
"all over people changin' their votes along with their overcoats if adolf hitler flew in today they'd send a limousine anyway" ... joe strummer
"the real victim of bigotry is the white man who hides his weakness under his myth of superiority" ... james baldwin
"i'm just ... only lookin' for some fun ... maybe a little game of hide and seek ... or maybe tag ... we're it!" ... al janik
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arinewman7 · 3 years ago
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The White Man Lyonel Feininger 1907 Oil on canvas 68.3 x 52.3 cm
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alienglidder · 2 years ago
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Alright so this happened today here in Vienna, Austria - roughly translated it says: How much Columbus is in you? North America from 409€ and above. The advertisement is from a German airline called Lufthansa. I just wanted to share it here and see if it is as problematic as I felt it was. Seeing that it's actually Natives Day? in the USA today - I thought I'd share it and show how much ignorance, and white colonialism is still present in media or if it is just my overreaction? (My caption on the pic is of course sarcasm)
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ineedskyecrandall · 3 months ago
My mood is ruined
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I see a concerning number of men using the term 'Karen' to dismiss their wives' concerns over...any number of things. Work, chores, respectful behavior, any sort of argument that arises.
To reiterate:
'Karen' refers to a type of entitlement, rudeness, and obnoxious behavior, typically of older white women, typically towards people of color working in retail & service industries.
'Karen' does not refer to a woman feeling entitled to respect from a spouse or partner.
'Karen' is not a soft substitute for calling any woman you don't like a 'bitch'. It is especially not a substitute for calling your wife a bitch.
Learn what words mean. And stop being shitty to the people you claim to love.
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bittergirlboy · 3 months ago
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The Gay Manifesto, Carl Wittman, 1969
[ID: "4. Gay 'stereotypes': The straights' image of the gay world is defined largely by those of us who have violated straight roles. There is a tendency among 'homophile' groups to deplore gays who play visible roles - the queens and the nellies. As liberated gays, we much take a clear stand. 1. Gays who stand out have become our first martyrs. They came out and withstood disapproval before the rest of us did. 2. If they have suffered from being open, it is straight society whom we much indict, not the queen." /]
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loveisbraveandwild · 6 months ago
harry explaining learning about racism and unconscious bias by saying “but my god it doesn’t take very long to become aware of it”.... like thats it....... thats the tweet...... im so goddamn over people being like “i wasn’t raised in a diverse area therefore i dont know how to not be racist” glkfjds literally like take .2 seconds and you will know what racism looks like and how not to do it! 
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mumblesplash · 5 months ago
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uh sir what catering company did you say you’re from again
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