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#the wicked powers
cassandraclare · 9 months ago
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A brand new flower card from CASSANDRA JEAN! THE MOSTEST ADORABLE MINA CARSTAIRS. She is just so cute, I am dead.
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rosqles · 2 years ago
we’re REALLY getting the “i havent seen you in years and its awkward and holy when did you become this attractive” trope with kit and ty in the wicked powers 
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Jem’s “house” in Devon?!
So Cassie mentioned that Jem’s house in Devon is called Cirenworth... and then I find this photo in Cassie’s TLH Pinterest board labelled Cirenworth Hall?! Bloody hell I was envisioning a small cottage NOT A FUCKING CASTLE 
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lariablog · 8 months ago
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I’m not american, but I have some friends that are in the USA and wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving :) Hope you all were able to stay safe and spend the day with your loved ones!
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