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#the winter soldier
Forget Team Cap or Team Iron Man
Are you Team Sorcerer or Team Wizard?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Clearly the Avengers are very divided on this topic.
[Image Descriptions:
Image 1: Scene from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, episode 2. Sam and Bucky arguing
Bucky: There are no wizards.
Sam: Doctor Strange.
Bucky: a sorcerer.
Sam: Ah-ah! A sorcerer is a wizard without a hat.
Image 2: Scene from Avengers: Infinity War. Tony Stark talking to Bruce Banner, with Doctor Strange standing behind them. Tony is saying, "Dude, you're embarrassing me in front of the wizards."
Image 3: Scene from Thor: Ragnarok. Loki saying to Doctor Strange "You think you're some kind of sorcerer."
Image 4: Scene from Thor: Ragnarok. Thor asking Doctor Strange "So, Earth has wizards now?
End image descriptions.]
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oldgayseasoning · 2 days ago
The same arm that once carried Steve's symbol was the same arm Bucky lost and Hydra replaced with their own.
What was once symbolic of a choice he made out love and loyalty to the man behind the symbol was mutilated and destroyed, replaced with a symbol of the people who robbed him of his autonomy and the horrors he endured at their hands for 70 years.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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peterbarnes · 2 days ago
Finally Okay
Summary: You're a journalist who gets trapped in the GRC building the night the Flag Smashers attack it. What lengths will Bucky go to to get you back?
Word Count: 1.9k
Tumblr media
“Buck, we got a hit,” Sam told him over the phone. His usual childish humor was completely absent from his tone, instead replaced with a rare intensity.
“Where?” Bucky swiftly responded, picking himself up from your couch and running to the bedroom.
“Right in your backyard. The GRC is voting on the Patch Act tonight, the Flag Smashers are planning to pay them a little visit.”
Bucky froze right as he went to grab his suit from your closet.
“Shit. Sam, I’ll be there, but I gotta call you back,” he rushed, fumbling with the phone.
Bucky hit the red button on the screen aggressively with his metal thumb before clicking on your contact.
“Come on, come on, pick up,” he grumbled under his breath, his grip on the phone tightening. Any more pressure and it would crush between his fingers.
“This is [Y/N]. Sorry I missed your call-”
Bucky cursed, hanging up before calling again at least five times. He let out a frustrated sigh before deciding to leave a voicemail. He waited impatiently for the beep, his foot tapping against the wooden floor at an alarming pace.
“Hey, doll, it’s me. I know you said you were out working tonight and, knowing you, you went for the biggest story- the GRC. But look… Sam got intel that the Flag Smashers are going to be there tonight. I told you I wasn’t gonna get you involved in this shit, honey, and I plan to keep my promise. So please call me and tell me where you are so I can come and take care of you-”
The beep sounded and Bucky’s shaking voice was cut off. His heart started to race and the feeling was so debilitating that an airy feeling began to overcome his body. The world faded to blur around him as he tried to gain his barrings.
“Come on, soldier,” Bucky grumbled to himself, taking deep breaths and trying to get his panic to subside. Frightful images flashed through his mind- you getting shot, you getting tortured. So much blood. Anger bloomed in Bucky’s chest at the thought of someone hurting you. He gritted his teeth before snatching his suit from the closet and racing out the door.
“Maybe this wasn’t the best idea,” Jimmy said from next to you. He was still holding his camera, but his hands shook so much you thought he might drop it.
“Well, I didn’t exactly expect terrorists to show up out of fucking nowhere!” You scolded, trying to keep your voice as quiet as possible.
You were both cramped under one of the diplomat’s desks, trying to stay out of sight from the Flag Smashers that had just barged into the Meeting Hall. They circled around the room, guns in hand, ready to shoot the next person who steps out of line. When you first saw them you tried to make a run for it, but the doors were barricaded and the only way out was through the windows… a hundred stories above the ground.
“You should always expect terrorists to show up out of nowhere!” He freaked out.
You felt your phone keep buzzing in your pocket and you itched to grab it but with the way you were positioned in such a tight space, you couldn’t reach it.
“Jimmy,” you whispered to him.
“What?” He shot you a glare.
“I need you to grab my phone from my pocket. I can’t reach and you’re right next to it.”
“Are you serious?! If you call 911, they’ll hear you!”
“Then it’s a good thing I’m not calling 911.”
You stared each other down for a few seconds, daring the other to back off. After a few seconds, Jimmy huffed and rolled his eyes.
“Fine, hold on.”
He shifted a bit, trying to wiggle his arms through the confined space towards your jacket. After a few failed attempts in which your phone almost dropped to the marble floor, he finally secured it in his hand, passing it towards you.
“Thanks,” you whispered before clicking on the screen.
The brightness nearly blinded you and you were quick to turn it down before it drew anyone else’s attention.
12 Missed Calls From Jamie
1 New Voicemail
20 Messages From Jamie
“Shit,” you whispered to yourself, hurriedly unlocking your phone and tapping on his messages. They were all somewhat similar: Where are you? Call me back. Please tell me if you’re okay.
Your chest ached as you thought of how panicked he must be. Bucky had the biggest heart of anyone you’d ever met, and the idea of someone he loved being in trouble scared him more than anything- especially if that someone was you.
You: I’m okay
Jamie: Doll, where are you?
You: Top floor with all the diplomats. Flag smashers are here. Doors barricaded.
Jamie: I’m coming to get you, don’t do anything stupid
You: Hey! I don’t do stupid things
Jamie: Are you being sarcastic? I can’t tell over text
“Jesus Christ,” you let out, slapping your forehead with your palm.
“Okay here’s the plan-”
“No time,” Bucky interrupted as he barged through the front doors to the GRC building.
“What do you mean no time? Bucky, there are lives on the line-”
“I know that. Which is why I need to get up there now.”
Bucky’s breaths were ragged as he climbed the steps three stairs at a time.
“Bucky,” Sam started with a certain softness in his tone. “Who’s up there?”
“What do you mean? There’s plenty of people up there-”
“Who do you know who’s up there? I haven’t seen you like this in the field before- panicked, erratic.”
Bucky took a deep breath, pausing his movements on the stairs and clutching onto the railing.
“I… Her name’s [Y/N]. We’ve been seeing each other for the past few months.” He grimaced, uncomfortable with the sudden emotional weight of their conversation. “She’s a journalist and she’s up there and… I can’t let anything happen to her, Sam, I can’t…”
His voice trailed off as the images flashed through his mind again. The lump in his throat grew and threatened to force a sob from his throat.
“Okay, I understand,” Sam whispered. “But rushing into it with no plan isn’t going to help her. It might even do the opposite. So, here’s what we’re going to do...”
You noticed a few things about the Meeting Hall you were stuck in: the cries of panicked people as they tried to hide throughout the room, the red lighting that sent a shiver down your spine because of how ominous it was. What you didn’t notice was the figure in red, white, and blue barreling towards the window closest to you. The impact was loud and sent glass shattering to the ground. You jumped at the sudden noise and shielded your face from the shards of glass. You peeked out from under the desk, Jimmy right alongside you, and your jaw dropped.
“That’s Falcon!” Jimmy gasped in relief.
“I don’t think he’s Falcon anymore, Jim.”
“Sharon, Bucky, what’s going on on your end?” Sam spoke into his comms.
“Bucky,” You whispered before shooting up from under the desk.
“[Y/N]! What the hell are you doing?!” Jimmy called after you.
You ducked and dodged through the masses of people in your way, rushing towards where Sam stood heroically, shield in hand.
“Falcon- or, uh, Captain America, sir?” You stumbled, adjusting your outfit that had become immensely wrinkled since you put it on earlier.
He looked at you curiously before noticing the lanyard that lay on your chest.
[Y/N] [Y/L/N]- The Daily Bugle
“You’re [Y/N]?” He asked.
“Yes, yes, that’s me,” you told him while nodding quickly. “I heard you say Bucky’s name. Is he here?”
“Downstairs. I unlocked the doors, so start heading down, I’ll tell him to meet you. Be careful, we don’t know how many there are,” he warned.
His attention was quickly pulled away from you as a Flag Smasher came charging at him, knife in hand. Sam threw the shield so precisely it hit him right in the front of his calves, knocking the man off his feet and slamming his head into the ground.
“Go,” he repeated.
You quickly took off towards the stairs. Your legs moved so quickly, you were shocked that you didn’t fall at some point. They burned and begged you to stop but you refused. The only thing that was on your mind was Bucky.
Bucky. Bucky. Get to Bucky.
You were so caught up in finding him that you didn’t realize there was someone in front of you. You ran into them at full speed, smashing into their chest so hard it felt more like a wall.
“Ow,” you let out, closing your eyes and rubbing your forehead as you stumbled back. “Shit, sorry about that.”
All you got in response was a chuckle, which then led to them letting out the biggest, most beautiful laugh. One that you’d heard many times before.
Your eyes shot open as you took in the tall, broad, and dark-haired figure in front of you. Tears stained his eyes although you couldn’t tell if it was from his laughter or from his utter relief that you were safe. Maybe both. But you didn’t take the time to think about it before launching yourself in his arms.
The first time he ever held you, you came to the realization that you had never felt truly safe before, because this, him, was what true safety felt like.
His arms snaked around your waist holding you to him tightly. He pressed scattered kisses across any ounce of you he could touch- your hair, forehead, cheek, nose, eyes, lips.
When he kissed your lips, it was meant to be a quick peck before he moved onto a different area of your skin, but you moved your hands up, cupping his face gently and pulling him into you further. He melted into your embrace, his lips melding with your own. The fluttering of his eyelashes against your cheek was familiar, and for the first time in hours, your anxiety eased.
“I love you,” he mumbled against your lips. “Love you so much, babydoll.”
“Love you too, Buck,” you whispered back, smiling brightly.
“Maybe stick to smaller stories from now on, huh?” He joked.
“No promises,” you snorted, rolling your eyes and pressing your forehead against his.
For all you know you could have been standing there with him for hours. Time didn’t seem to pass when you were around him. The outside world would blur, but he was clearer than ever.
“Come on,” he told you. “Let’s go home.”
He removed his arms from your waist but you instinctively grabbed onto his metal one, interlacing his fingers with your own. His heart skipped a beat, as it always did when you went for that arm. He didn’t understand how you could love it, how you could love him. But at the end of the day, it didn’t matter, because you did.
“You okay?” You asked him softly, noticing his pensive expression.
“Yeah,” he responded, wearing a slight smile. “I think I’m finally okay.”
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roisindubhcosplay · 3 days ago
If I had a dollar for every one of my "they're guys who'd die for each other, one's blond, one's brunet, and one of them is called Buck" ships, then I'd have 2 dollars which isn't much but it's weird that it happened twice.
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James 'Bucky' Barnes x female reader
Summary: Bucky is always so focused on making you feel good that you decide it’s time to return the favor…
Words: 1.3k
Warnings: smut, minors dni, use of handcuffs, reader tries to be dominant (goes on top), oral, dirty talk, slight size kink, creampie, no actual plot lol (let me know if I missed anything)
Notes: read it on ao3! (My asks are open & requests are welcome. Make sure to check out my pinned post)
Tumblr media
You’re getting fed up. Bucky is always so focused on making you feel good during sex and every time you try to repay favors, it just gets turned around on you. 
Long story short, you decide to handcuff his vibranium arm on the bedpost while you two were making out... 
„Have you been into some stuff lately that I don’t know about?“, Bucky laughs almost nervously as he hears the handcuffs click. 
„It’s always you making me feel good“, you almost whisper, „I wanna make you feel good too…“ 
Raising an eyebrow, he looks at you in confusion. „Oh doll, but you’re always making me feel good.“ 
Not listening to his words, you strip out of your clothes in front of him, slowly, making him watch how each layer of clothing gets thrown on the floor. „You know I could just break these if I wanted?“, he chuckles, his arm making mechanical noises. But you just ignore him. Being completely naked in front of him isn’t a big deal for you anymore. He’s seen every inch of your body at least once, so you’re pretty confident in your actions, even without clothes on. You careful lay down on your elbows, face between his legs just above his crotch.
Eagerly you pull Buckys pants and boxers down, his erection slightly slaps your cheek and you blush from one ear to the other. “Damn...”, he whispers under his breath. „Keep your eyes on me“, you tease, as if Bucky would even think about breaking eye contact with you. 
When your hand reaches for his erected member, Bucky hums. You start your actions by pressing soft kisses on the tip, drawing circles with your tongue and slowly pumping his length, needing both of your hands. Bucky groans appreciatively while enjoying the show. 
After a few teasing minutes, you finally put the tip of his dick between your plump lips and carefully let him slide inside your mouth until your throat tightens around his entire length. You’re proud of yourself for showing him off how good you are at this. „Didn’t think you could take all that“, Bucky groans, satisfied with the way you look, with a mouth stuffed full of his cock. His words encourage you and try your best to take him a little deeper, but it only makes your eyes water and causes you to gag. „Fuck, be careful doll“, Bucky huffs, „Don’t want to hurt yourself on my cock, do you?“
After a while of slurping, licking and sucking on his cock like it was the last meal of your life, you pull out, gasping for air with drool dripping from your chin. You keep the rhythm for a few more minutes, until you taste enough of his salty pre-cum, knowing he’s about to cum. You back off a few more times to keep Bucky on the edge and simply because you enjoy hearing him cuss under his breath. You could do this all day. „F-Fuck, stop teasing already“, he curses, looking at you with piercing blue eyes. He's starting to sound angry and frustrated. „I don’t think you deserve it yet“, you giggle because you sound exactly like him and tighten the grip on his dick. Bucky lets out an annoyed groan. „Maybe if you ask me nicely, I will reward you.“
You definitely crossed all boundaries by now. Bucky wants to have control. He wants to be the one in charge over everything. And yet here you are, dominating him, taking control and making him fall apart because of your mouth and skilled tongue.
„Come on doll, let me fuck that pretty pussy of yours, I know you want it, just let me-"
You throw your legs on either side of his hips, straddling him to place his dick on your entrance and carefully let his tip slip in. As soon as you feel the head inside, you stop to let your body adjust to his size. „F-Fuuuck, you're killing me princess“, Bucky moans in response, lifting his hips to get himself just a little deeper but you pin him down again.
„N-Not so impatient“, you whisper, licking your lips. You take all the time you want until you finally let him slide further inside, moaning shamelessly the second your seated in his lap with his length entirely inside you. Your hands suddenly reach up to your breasts, roughly squeezing them, pinching your nipples, just like Bucky would do it. Meanwhile, he can’t do anything but lay there and enjoy the view. „You’re fucking beautiful like this, you know that? Sitting on my cock and squeezing your tits and putting on a show for me“, he moans, enjoying the little bulge on your lower belly when you lean back. „You’re so fucking tight princess I can see my cock hitting all your sweet spots, shit does it feel good?“
You lean further back while you bounce on him and rub on of your hands over the little bulge, knowing it drives him insane. „Yes, fuck Bucky, you’re so big“, you whine. You watch him struggle against the cuffs, he wants to touch you so bad, he can’t help it any longer and just breaks them in half.
„B-Bucky!“, you squeak before he suddenly rocks his hips against yours. „Keep moaning my name“, he hisses while setting the rhythm faster and rougher. His big hands are now holding your hips, pushing you down as he pounds up into you. The cold metal from his arm makes you shudder.
Everything feels so good, his hands on you, his length inside, the sucking and biting on your neck followed from deep hungry kisses, his tongue wrapped around yours. It’s like heaven. „Are you going to cum baby? Come on, squeeze my cock, you know how I like it, doll. You want to make me feel good, right? Gonna cum for me and make me feel good?“ His filthy words are giving you the rest.
It doesn’t take long for you until your legs are shaking, eyes rolling back into your head while your particularly scream and moan his name at the top of your lungs. „Where’d your confidence go, doll? Weren’t you going to ride me? Make me cum? Was it too hard for you? Oh doll…“ Bucky lets out a deep chuckle while your still crashing through your orgasm, squeezing his cock so tight it makes his hips stutter.  
„Thaaats it princess, just like that“, he whispers in your ear, kissing and licking the skin on your neck to taste the saltiness of your sweat, „You did so good for me, my perfect girl.“
Not even bothering to go slow, he’s holding you in place, hitting all your sweet spots while thrusting inside you as deep as possible. „Oh g-god yes Bucky“, you stutter between moans, completely overstimulated from your previous orgasm.
„S-shit, you feel so fucking good“, he moans, carefully biting down on one of your breast that’s been bouncing in front of his face and leaving his marks on your perfect skin. The way your walls tighten around him feels incredible, all the teasing and almost driving him over the edge- he can’t hold it in any longer.
„Gonna‘ make you mine. Ah- fuck, I‘m... gonna fill that wet pussy with my cum-” While he’s sucking bruises on your chest, you suddenly feel the buildup of your second orgasm. „You’re making me cum again“, you whimper and wrap your arms around his neck to allow him full control over you. Getting a good grip on your ass cheeks, he finally loses all control over himself.
You suddenly feel how his dick is pulsing and how his muscles flex with each rope of cum he shots into you, he’s filling you up like he’s trying to get you pregnant. You both hold tight onto each other, not speaking a word until you feel him soften inside you. 
„Sorry I broke your handcuffs“, he finally says, trying to hide his cocky grin. 
„You know“, he clears his throat, „I could buy you a new pair, if you want…“ 
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forgetful-nerd · a day ago
Sharon: Do you ever have the urge to tell someone to shut the fuck up even when they aren’t talking.
Sam, side eyeing Bucky: all the time.
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captain-samerica707 · 14 hours ago
Sam and Bucky share literally all their clothes (or more like..Bucky just steals all of Sam’s clothes) because they’re the same size and they have pretty much the same style so it pretty much goes like
Bucky: *walks out of their room*
Sam: Is that my hoodie?
Bucky: This is our hoodie now Samuel
Sam: 😑
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oldgayseasoning · 3 days ago
...from the meet cute to the tragic separation, their bond has all the elements of a classic romance. These two men love each other — as any pair of friends who faced exclusion, combat, inhumanity, and death would. Their bond stretches across half of the twentieth century. Steve and Bucky are each other’s soulmate, if you will, because no one on Earth understands what either of them has been through as well as the other does.
-Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely about Steve and Bucky (Captain America: White)
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etherealsaul · a day ago
Tumblr media
☔️ Bucky in Wakanda ☔️
(This painting is for sale here!)
(The process video of this painting is up on my Patreon for my $5+ Patrons!)
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„A tight situation“
The Winter Soldier x female reader
Summary: The two of you just got back to the Hydra Base after a successful mission and the Winter Soldier has to let you know how he feels about your new combat bodysuit.
Words: 3k
Warnings: explicit smut, minors dni, dirty talk, oral (f & m receiving), no actual plot
Notes: part 2 coming soon (?), read it on ao3
Tumblr media
„You really need to get rid of that fucking suit“, the Winter Soldier growled in between hungry kisses, „Can’t think straight anymore when you walk around in that tight thing the whole day… can’t concentrate on the target…“
„'m sorry“, you mumbled against his lips.
You really thought that your heart might beat out of your chest as the Soldier pressed you down to your knees at his feet. „All I could think of“, he leaned down to grab your face, „was that pretty little mouth around my cock before I get that damn thing off of you so I can fuck you against that table.“
The way his body was now towering above you made him seem even bigger compared to your tiny, small and -most of all- fragile silhouette.
Your breathing was unsteady, heat spreading from your collar down to your core as you looked up at him. His mouth was turned up into that smug, satisfied smirk, mask long gone as he pushed you into the room a few minutes ago, before anyone would notice the two of you together. Again.
You lost track to how often he had you, in almost every single room of the hydra base or during missions, until you became addicted to his touch.
The Soldier watched you, tracing from your ear to the corner of your mouth with his left hand, metal fingers brushing your bottom lip.
A soft sigh left your lips at the simple touch on your face, your eyes closed as the heat spread to your cheeks and you parted your lips to lick at his fingertips. You couldn’t help the quiet whine when he took that as an invitation and slipped two fingers into your mouth. You resisted not at all, eagerly taking his cold, metal fingers to the knuckle and sucking gently, twining your tongue between them until their temperature adjusted to your warmth.
A pleased rumble leaves him, and his smirk curled further. „You’re so eager, doll. And i thought I was the desperate one today…“
You just looked up at him with hooded eyes, releasing his hand to lick at his thumb. And you didn’t deny what he said. You were suffering under his gaze for the past 8 hours, waiting to finally be touched. Waiting for him to finally do all the things that were on his mind all day, while his eyes were glued to your body. You were eager and didn’t care if he knew. On the contrary, it pleased him and you lived to turn him on.
“Such a good girl,” the winter soldier purred above you, raking his human hand through your bangs to watch you worship him.
His words made you shift on her knees, squirming at the praise. It was so satisfying to know he enjoyed your efforts, enjoyed you. After all, no one else got to be so close to him like you did. Since you first joined Hydra, you couldn’t help watching the Winter Soldier. He was attractive and powerful and unapologetic.
Your heart skipped at the growl from above and the way his hips shifted, when your hands rubbed his hard member through his combat pants.
You looked up at him, a plea in your eyes as you tugged at his pants. His eyes were on you, mercurial as he looked down, but his lips had gone slack and parted. As he read your face, he smirked again.
“What do you want, doll?”, the Soldier asked, voice a husky drawl. He knew it but he wanted you to say it. He wanted you to beg for it.
You felt no shame, pressing your cheek to the erection framed by his pants.
“You…I want you. Please.“
The Soldier growled, shifting to hold the back of your neck and moving into your touch with his hips, “Yeah? You wanna suck my dick, pretty girl?”
You eagerly nod. Almost pathetically.
He chuckled, the sound dark and satisfied, moving his fingers into the hair at the base of your skull and tugging just a little, „Go ahead, princess.“
With trembling fingers and unsteady breath, you moved your hands around to unbuckle his belt. You let it hang open as you moved to the button and zipper, a little clumsy as you tried once, twice, three times to get the damned things open. You heard him laugh a little as you finally succeeded on the third try, which choked off into a pleased hum as you got a hand around him to tug him out.
Your mouth watered as you gave him an appreciative stroke with a small hand, impressed as always by him. His dick was proportionate to the rest of him, so it was larger and thicker than average, that made it difficult for you to fully close your hand around him. On the upstroke, you let your fingers brush over his slit that’s already leaking pre-cum, shivering at the snarl and little pump of his hips.
Unable to stand it any longer, you didn’t even wait for him to tug you to him by the hair, you just leaned forward and stroked him from base to head, flicking your tongue with a quiet moan. You loved doing this, pleasing him on your knees, taking him into your throat and hanging onto him when he lost his patience and thrust into your mouth.
The Winter Soldiers hips rolled and his breath was coming heavier now as you used your mouth to worship him, using your tongue to tease the sensitive ridge under the head, leaving wet, reverent kisses up the side. As you released the head with a wet pop, you looked at him like a prize just as he twitched, producing another pearly drop of precum.
You eagerly ducked your head to flick your tongue at the liquid.
The Soldier groaned and his hand fisted in the hairs at the back of your head, hips jolting at the sharp stimulation, “I think you’ve teased me enough, кукла.”
You almost expected it but couldn’t help the shivery moan that escaped you when he thrust forward, sheathing the rest of himself between your lips. He filled your mouth, the end of his cock down the back of your throat.
“Fuck, you’re getting better at this every time. You took my whole cock without choking today… Such a good girl. You like the way I feel in your throat, кукла?“
The Soldier growled, hips circling to move himself in your mouth, human hand tangled in your hair and the metal one holding your chin, guiding it and to keep your mouth open wide.
You clutched at the back of his thighs, squeezing your own together to sooth the ache at his voice and the taste of his cock. You shifted back, pulling off his dick when he let you move, diving back down when you reached the head.
“Fuck, doll. Your mouth... So fucking hot, so wet“, his voice was gravel now, a husky growl that raked up her spine and left her shivering. So did his words. And the dirty praises didn’t stop as you kept it up.
“You look so fucking good like this, on your knees for me. You suck my dick like you can’t get enough. Is that it, babe? Are you gonna’ go crazy if you can’t have your mouth on me?”
You ate up the praise and whimpered in agreement, pressing yourself against his legs and sucking him desperately. As you wound up at his words and the heady feel of his cock in your mouth, you lost some of the finesse, sucking him with more enthusiasm than skill.
The Soldier groaned at the desperate noises you made, the way you grew almost frantic to prove his words.
Clutching his right hand on the table he’s leaning on to avoid breaking your bones under his metal hand, he got a better grip on your hair and tugged you to a stop and off his dick. He smirked widely at the little whine that left your mouth as he pulled you away from him.
“Don’t worry, I’m not done with that mouth yet,” he drawled, tugging your head back a bit as he shifted his stance to give himself more leverage.
Your eyes were hazy with lust as you parted your mouth and left kisses and little licks on him.
“Open up, doll.”
Without hesitation, your mouth dropped open, eager for him. He laughed darkly, guiding his cock back into your mouth and watching with lidded eyes as you closed your eyes and sucked at him. You tried to lean forward to get more of him into your mouth, but he tightened his fist in your hair and held her there, not wanting you to choke.
“Such a filthy girl,” he huffed, enjoying the way your eyes fluttered. At a slow, even pace, he thrust forward until you’d taken him back to the base. With a groan, he withdrew and did it again. Panting, he looked back down to watch himself disappear between your lips. He caught your eyes, and his dick twitched at the way you looked up at him.
With a possessive growl, he picked up the pace just a bit, drinking up the filthy sounds as your jaw went slack and you let him do what he wanted.
“You like it when I fuck your mouth, don’t you, doll?”, the Soldier said roughly, his voice a seductive rasp, as he punctuated his question with a harder thrust.
You made a little noise, sucking harder as if in agreement. You moaned, dropping a hand to your own thigh for a second, squeezing in an attempt to resist, but after a few sharp thrusts you couldn’t help it… Your fingers reaching between your legs, trying to release the pleasure that’s been building for a while now.
The winter soldier watches you and his control slipped a little more. With a final thrust a little harder than before, he held himself there in your throat and tugged your hair for your attention. „Oh котенок, can’t wait any longer? Already so desperate to be touched just from sucking my cock?“ The smirk no longer on his mouth, he looked down at you with not much more than carnal hunger in his face.
The musky taste of his precum grew stronger the longer it went like that, until suddenly he bent forward just slightly.
His weight was braced on the table and he still held you by the hair as he slipped into short, quick thrusts.
“Fuck, it’s too good. Gonna’ come in that pretty little mouth. You want that, doll? You want me to hold you still and fuck your mouth til I come down your throat?”, the Soldiers teeth were gritted in pleasure, his words almost sounding like a threat and all you could do was moan and whimper and suck greedily.
“Swallow,” he suddenly commanded.
You had no choice but to obey, swallowing around him. Your cunt throbbed as you watched him bare his teeth in pleasure and tilt his head back a little, twisting his hips.
“Fuck princess, your mouth was made for this,” he groaned, „Made for me.“ He groaned, loud and long and satisfied, as his cock twitched hard and he spilled down your throat. After a few seconds, he released your hair. A mixture of his cum and your salvia dripped down on your bodysuit when his cock left your lips with a pop.
Your legs shook with weakness from the previous position on the hard floor, so he picked you up and set you down on the table.
Without hesitation, he tangled his hand back into your hair and slanted his mouth over yours in a demanding kiss. You parted your lips for his tongue, arms winding around his chest as you pressed yourself against him.
The Soldier hummed in pleasure, tasting himself on your tongue. He enjoyed the way you responded to him.
When your breath was getting frantic through your nose, the Soldier released you, pulling back to look at you. He couldn’t help the smug smirk.
Your eyes were glazed and blown, lips swollen from his kiss and his cock, chest heaving as you panted for breath.
“You’ve been so good for me,” he purred, “I think I should reward you for a job so well done. I know I said I’d fuck you against that table afterwards but“, he shifted one of your spread thighs higher with his metal arm while he stroked gently over your clothed cunt, “I think you deserve the same attention you gave me after that fucking phenomenal performance.”
You bit your lip, muscles clenching up as you lifted your hips into his hand. You were sure that meant he was going to put his mouth on you, and you were going to fucking die from the pleasure. The Winter Soldier was a champion pussy eater and didn’t stop until his partner was screaming.
With a smirk, he shifted your legs higher so he could tug sharply enough to remove the gear around your waist, followed by your tight bodysuit and underwear.
With hot eyes, he spread your thighs again. Your cunt was already glistening, slick and desperate from sucking him off.
He shifted his eyes back to your face, watching the way your mouth dropped open with a gasp as he caressed down your thigh and stroked his thumb between your folds.
“Already so wet for me,” he cooed, moving his thumb higher to your clit, circling it slowly.
Your hips moved into the touch, and he sank his middle finger to the knuckle inside. He watched in satisfaction as you made a strangled noise in your throat and bucked into his hand.
You moaned, hips rocking, so turned on your blood felt like it was on fire.
“Mmm,” he smiled dangerously, “I can’t wait to taste you, make you scream and beg for my cock so the whole base knows who you belong to.”
“Oh fu-… please,” you begged, head falling back into your neck to bear your throat and arching your back.
His smile was full of dark promise as he spread your legs wide, bracing his elbows on the table as he leaned over your cunt.
He leaned far enough forward to stroke his tongue in one long lick up your wet slit. The first moan almost exploded from you in a cry, and you immediately lifted your hips to chase his mouth.
The Soldier chuckled, pinning you easily to the table before bending his head to his task. He didn’t tease this time, going straight to long, slow strokes of his tongue and easing his lips against your swollen clit.
He enjoyed your choked cries and uncontrolled moans as he drew closer and engaged his whole mouth, eating you out with a groan of gratification. You keened and arched your hips as much as you could against his grip, clutching the table over your head desperately.
With a chuckle, he complied with your silent plea and thrust his tongue into you.
The Soldier had to hold your hips down as you cried out and arched, muscles contracting as you tried to buck against his mouth. He didn’t let up, fucking into you with his tongue like he promised.
“Oh god, fuck”, you shouted, unable to keep the words in.
He watched your head roll back and forth on the table, thrusting his tongue as far as he could into your cunt to hear you keep begging.
“Please, ah! Oh my god, please, fuck, pleasepleaseplease,” your words began to run together as the pleasure grew so sharp it almost hurt. You scratched grooves into the table, spreading your thighs as far as you could and straining against his grip.
„Thats what I want to hear, принцесса.“, he moaned against your cunt, his hot breath against your flesh adding to your pleasure, „продолжай шуметь.“
He pulled back with a husky laugh, leaning his weight onto your leg to keep you pinned so he could use his left hand to help get you off, “How can I say no when you beg so nicely?”
You moaned loud and long when he put his mouth back and simultaneously rubbed his thumb over your clit. You panted desperately as he worked with his tongue and fingers, the heat building to a fever pitch in your abdomen.
You whimpered, high-pitched and loud when you felt the sharp lick of pleasure in your core that preceded a devastating orgasm, “Ah! Fuck, ah, I’m gonna’ come! Gonna’ come-!”
The Soldier growled against you, pressing closer to you, uncaring of your slick getting on his chin and cheeks. He sped up the circles on your clit as he felt your inner walls tighten around his tongue.
You inhaled unsteadily as your body locked up, head falling back as he brought you to the edge. With a sudden suck at whatever flesh he could suction into his mouth, he sent the orgasm crashing on you.
Your breath was ripped from you in a short, sharp scream, body arched hard as he kept going, working you through it. He could feel your whole cunt contracting around him and you gushed against his mouth, making him groan in contentment.
You rode the shockwaves that had your muscles twitching as best as you could, whimpering and whining as the men continued, until you were almost crying from overstimulation.
When your breathing shifted into sobs, he finally lifted his head. He panted with you, looking over to you with lidded eyes. You looked thoroughly fucked out, arms limp above your head, face slack with pleasure, thighs spread around his arms, and pussy pink and wet from arousal and his saliva.
With a smirk he released your legs, making quick work of his pants to let them fall to his ankles.
The winter soldier glanced down at you and smiled darkly, “Think about this before you decide to wear so fucking tight clothes to a mission again. Now spread yourself for me, doll.“
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