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I edited these beautiful pics of Sebastian from Los Angeles-The Envelope 馃 The full part isn鈥檛 out yet.
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peter parker: fuck america
Y/N, staring at both steve and bucky: yea well im trying
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i鈥檓 so in love with him i don鈥檛 care.
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hiii, i've been binge reading your blog for a while now and its AMAZING, really, anyways, i've finally gathered the courage to make a request and I was wondering if you could do something, like, drabble, hc, idrk, writers choice, with Bucky dating a Widow, I think it would be a pretty interesting dinamic :)))
The Widow
a/n: omg thank you for requesting !! I think this idea lended really well to a headcanon post (it鈥檚 like a ramble of thoughts, vague plots and such) so I hope that鈥檚 okay! I鈥檓 so so glad you鈥檝e enjoyed my work, that means the world to me !!!! I love writing and im so glad others like reading it. Hope you enjoy this as well :) I hope it's not too short or anything idk it was kind of all over the place but that's what HCs can be sometimes lmao
When you and Bucky first met he hadn鈥檛 realized you were anything but a normal, average woman living a normal, average life
You two had met at a little coffee shop just around the block from Bucky鈥檚 apartment. He saw you there often and finally, one day, the stars aligned 鈥
Well, actually, what happened was you had accidentally spilled your iced coffee on Bucky because you were distracted by your cell phone.
Little did Bucky know at the time, you were engrossed in your phone because you just never had one before, you never had anything of your own, and technology immediately pulled you in.
But, anyways, after spilling your coffee and apologizing profusely nonstop for a good minute or so, Bucky assured you it was okay and even offered to buy you another drink. You agreed after some protest.
He then invited you to chat for a bit.
And that was that. A couple months and many dates later, you two were officially a couple
All was going pretty well until you got to the stage where you two really opened up about life and family and friends and everything.
It hadn鈥檛 taken Bucky long to realize that you were incredibly vague about your past.
On top of it, you held a keen fascination for certain things in a way that reminded Bucky of, well, himself.
Technology was a big one.
You enjoyed your phone and laptop and were very protective over them. They were encrypted just so, along with your smart home devices, which scared Bucky the first time he visited your place.
There was also the thing you had for fashion and decorating.
Much like technology, you were protective of your style and tweaked everything so it was just so. You appreciated it all, everything the shops had to offer. Bucky never missed how your eyes would move and your hands would glide.
Bucky couldn鈥檛 help but notice how you two could be so similar in that way. Things just seemed to surprise you both
Bucky found this a bit peculiar. He understood his situation but with you he couldn鈥檛 help but wonder what happened? What laid beneath the surface for you?
The answer was finally revealed one night when you two were out at a bar. You had had one too many vodka martinis and Bucky made a teasing remark about how you鈥檇 need assistance getting back to your apartment.
"I was a Widow, Buck, I think I can hold my own just fine," you had shot back. "Tipsy or not."
Once you made your comment, you went back to sipping your drink like nothing happened.
But Bucky had a hard time getting past this little factoid your tipsy brain decided to drop on him.
A Widow. You had been a goddamn Widow.
The lightbulb suddenly went off in his head. It explained鈥verything. The reason for your fascinations. The technology, the protectiveness, the indescribable past, the fashion. You were just starting to figure out your life.
Hell 鈥 you probably never even dated someone before him.
Bucky kept all these thoughts to himself for the rest of the night and for the next few days. You were oblivious to what you had let slip and Bucky, being a trained assassin himself, had no trouble keeping it a secret.
At least, that was until he was ready to confront you about it.
In hindsight, it was kind of a stupid, maybe cheesy idea, but Bucky had one day suggest you two work out together. Have a little gym date. You weren鈥檛 shy about the fact you worked out and neither was Bucky so the idea wasn鈥檛 weird. In fact, at the time, you wondered why you hadn鈥檛 suggested it before.
But when you arrived at the gym you realized it wasn鈥檛 going to be a normal workout full of cardio and weights.
Bucky had taken you to a boxing ring.
You looked at him weirdly. "We鈥檙e boxing?" You asked.
Bucky hopped in the ring and shrugged. "A little sparring."
"Oh, Buck鈥 I鈥擨鈥檓 not really鈥,"
"Humor me," he said with a smirk.
And you did. You didn鈥檛 hold back no matter how confused you were about this situation. You used your fight, pulling up moves from the deep depths of your brain. It was like riding a bike. You were surprised 鈥 and a little scared 鈥 to see that you still had it in you. But why would Bucky suggest this, you thought you had done well鈥
It wasn鈥檛 until you had Bucky pinned to the ground did it click for you. He muttered out a little, "I knew it" and all the puzzle pieces came together.
You rolled off him to catch your breath. You sat beside him in the ring. "I told you I was a Widow, huh?"
Bucky nodded. Your face went red with embarrassment as the memory finally came back to you. You could never be trusted around vodka.
You apologized for telling him that way but Bucky didn鈥檛 mind. In fact, he apologized for bringing you to a boxing ring but admitted he was greatly curious about whether you were telling the truth or just letting out drunken lies.
You said you weren鈥檛 lying and went into some vague version about how you were freed and struggled to begin a life that wasn鈥檛 about鈥our skills.
When you told him you haven鈥檛 done anything like that in years, he apologized profusely again, but you assured him it was okay. It was鈥nteresting to see what was still up there, what you still possessed. Frankly, you didn鈥檛 think you still had it in you.
From then on, you became Bucky鈥檚 workout buddy. You two regularly sparred together, helping you keep sharp and helping to keep Bucky on his toes. The sparring actually became very therapeutic. You were able to release your training in a safe, positive environment. Much different to the鈥acility.
You didn鈥檛 feel like someone鈥檚 weapon. You felt like a girlfriend working out with her boyfriend. And that was great, that was something you hadn鈥檛 realized you had been craving.
But it wasn鈥檛 just your fighting moves that intrigued Bucky 鈥 it was your mind, too.
Your interest in technology ran deep, having likely begun during your time as a Widow. There was鈥 lot of revolutionary technology you came across in your time and you had subconsciously formed an interest that was finally able to bloom in your newly discovered freedom.
This allowed you to assist Bucky with any missions he was assigned to. You didn鈥檛 formally work for anyone and instead operated as his independent contractor.
"Jesus," Bucky swore as he watched you work, "what else lives in that brain? Can you tell me the lottery numbers for next week?"
You just laughed. "Bucky, if I knew the lottery numbers, I wouldn鈥檛 be living in an apartment, would I?"
But sometimes it wasn鈥檛 always good. You could suffer from nightmares from time to time as memories never seemed to want to leave you alone. Bucky understood this very well and had no problem comforting you in the night. Often you both would be awake and need to lean on one another.
"I got you, doll," Bucky would mutter as he held in bed.
"I got you, too," you鈥檇 respond, placing a kiss on his cheek, making him blush.
Sparring with him, for as safe as you usually felt, could also be triggering and you鈥檇 have to walk away for a while. Bucky knew to leave you alone during times likes these as you could get quite intense. But he was always happy to welcome you back a couple of days later and you鈥檇 pick up like nothing happened.
"Ready to kick my ass today, sweetheart?" Bucky would teasingly ask.
You鈥檇 have to muster up a smile but wouldn鈥檛 be shy to respond. "Always, honey."
Really, you two would make such a good couple. You had more understanding for each other than any regular person could ever have. It wasn鈥檛 all smooth sailing and you would need different support from one another at different times but humor and some bit of optimism kept it all going.
Because every day was a reminder that you both were out of your situations. Free to make a life, especially together.
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based on
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Don't you ever find it weird that Marvel immediately started promoting Captain Carter when What If? aired but they didn't promote Sam Wilson, their new Captain America at all while The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was airing?
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Are we ever gonna talk about how similar Bucky鈥檚 CATFA suit and his TFATWS suit look?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Don鈥檛 mind the horrible horrible photo I was on my computer and I don鈥檛 remember my password :)
And how different they look to his Civil War and CATWS suits?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
In the first avenger he鈥檚 happy and young and ready to take on the world air his opinions and fight for what he believes in and you can see his freedom in his jacket with the diagonal lines where as with his winter soldier suit all the lines are horizontal and with the harness looking thingy it resembles a straight jacket and with his mask it makes him anonymous and acts as a mussel. All his freedom is taken away, every last bit his mind isn鈥檛 his own anymore all he knows is what hydra has taught 锟糷im.
In civil war we can see that he鈥檚 most likely disposed of the hydra suit (even though in TFATWS he wears it so he must鈥檝e still had it somewhere), he鈥檚 jacket looks like something you could buy at an army store (the same one Yelena got her vest from???) showing he can finally make choices for himself he can pick and choose what he wears, of course he still picks dark clothes because he has been wearing them for years the winter soldier is still a large part of him but the jacket has green in it meaning he remembers, he is on the right track to figuring out who he is.
The next time we see him play a big role he鈥檚 wearing blue again, the colour he started off in, he has finally found him self, the winter soldier is gone and he鈥檚 just Bucky. He still believes he鈥檚 a bad person but he finally feels more at home in himself he feels happy, ready to fight for what鈥檚 right, himself again.
Anyway really sorry but I needed to put this in writing so I wouldn鈥檛 forget later and it鈥檚 really really really badly worded but I thought I鈥檇 put it on here why not you know!
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i really appreciate any feedback on these yall 馃ズ馃
but as i finish up girls just wanna have fun, i need to plan the next series! i have some new ideas, and i鈥檝e scrapped a few others. like i said, pls feel free to tell me ur thoughts! <3
option one: like the dawn
ship: stucky x winged! reader
genre: angst to fluff
summary: you, steve rogers, and james 鈥渂ucky鈥 barnes have been best friends since kindergarten. when they go off to war and you pave your own path into the army, you never expected to lose them both. when you go missing on a search for their bodies and get taken by HYDRA, you become their latest experiment. the angel of death and the winter soldier are an assassin duo that haunt seven decades, but when you encounter a blond man on a bridge 70 years later, it stirs something you forgot was there.
basically a love story spanning the decades, with lots of reunions and relearning things about the people you love, and learning that while some things change, you鈥檒l love them anyways.
As you three entered the science fair, you spun around, dress swishing at your knees as you took in every invention on display. Even if Bucky was the nerd of your little trio, you could still appreciate good science.
However, when you turned back to smile at your best friends, the shorter one was gone.
鈥淥h my god. Bucky. Where鈥檚 Steve?鈥 The brunet whipped to his side, his hat nearly flying off his head in the process. Another reminder that he was leaving soon.
鈥淗oly shit. Steve?鈥 he yelled, peering over the crowd.
鈥淔uck, fuck, fuck,鈥 you whispered. Before you could panic any further, the blond stepped out of the crowd, a pamphlet in hand. 鈥淗oly shit, Steve, you can鈥檛 run off like that!鈥 you chided, checking him for any bruises.
鈥淵ou know she鈥檚 right, punk,鈥 Bucky added, frowning.
鈥淲hy do you two feel the need to chaperone me like I鈥檓 some kid?鈥 Steve asked, eyeing you and Bucky as the bright lights of the different booths sent spots across his vision. You rolled your eyes, setting a hand on your hip.
鈥淏ecause, Stevie,鈥 you sighed, drawing out your words. 鈥淵ou have little-to-no survival instincts, and your mother would smite us if we let you run around on your own.鈥
Bucky nodded. 鈥淐鈥檓on, Steve. I even got you a date.鈥 You whipped towards him, eyebrows raised.
鈥淵ou did? How?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 just that good, doll.鈥 He winked at a passing girl, who practically swooned and waved to him.
You scoffed, lightly smacking him on the chest and taking Steve by the hand. 鈥淟et鈥檚 go, before Buck manages to leave a trail of broken hearts behind him and you have an asthma attack.鈥
option two: hades and persephone
ship: bucky x plant powers!reader
genre: comedy, fluff
summary: you鈥檝e been in hiding in NYC ever since your escape from a HYDRA facility. in all honesty, it hasn鈥檛 been too bad. your power over plant life has made it laughably easy to establish yourself as a small-time florist in new york. you鈥檝e thought about trying to join the avengers, but you鈥檙e far from prepared when the whole group comes busting into your store after a bad mission involving a lot of poison ivy. turns out you hadn鈥檛 been hiding very well, they were just being polite. (no civil war)
basically a superhero comedy showcasing some fun plant-based powers. isabela madrigal who???
Carefully making sure no one was watching, you ran a hand over the wilted orchids, watching as they returned to life with a mere touch. You smiled, setting the pots up on a shelf, perusing your store and keeping every plant in top shape. Flowers and houseplants alike lined your shelves, all perfectly healthy without a dead leaf in sight.
You sighed, relaxation taking over your mind. You felt your powers tingle, and when you glanced over to the mirror, you were met with a scattering of lavender flowers growing in your hair.
Frowning, you began to brush it out, waving a hand and dissipating the petals on the floor. Just as you managed to remove the last one, your door burst open with a loud bang, sending you jumping and causing begonias to bloom in place of the lavender.
You shrieked, ducking behind a shelf to furiously remove the pink-orange blooms.
鈥淪orry! Sorry, miss. You don鈥檛 have to hide, we know about your powers,鈥 a voice said. How did they know? You鈥檇 been so careful to keep it all secret.
You peeked out from behind the shelf, eyes widening when you saw who was standing in your shop.
The Avengers. Still in their mission gear, covered head-to-toe in rashes. Poison ivy. You were sure of it.
鈥淲hat the hell happened to you guys?鈥
option three: lonely is a man without love
ship: marc spector + steven grant x avenger! assassin! reader (no jake i鈥檓 sorry i just don鈥檛 have enough screen time to know how to write him馃槶)
genre: comedy, fluff, slight reverse comfort bc episode five
summary: when you went to london to check out rumors of a new vigilante superhero, you were very shocked to only find a mild-mannered gift shopist. you befriend him nonetheless, and are just about to call the tip a bust when one night, you hear loud noises in his apartment next door. when you break in to check on him, you don鈥檛 find your shy friend. instead, you come face-to-face with a snarky mercenary and his鈥 giant skeleton bird? (good ending to endgame, reader can see khonshu for reasons tbd lol. comedic effect??? idk)
basically a girlboss x malewife fic with angst. reader is badass and steven and marc are sweethearts with unresolved trauma.
鈥淲ait, wait, wait, wait, wait,鈥 you said, holding a hand up. Steven- no, Marc, sighed exasperatedly, waiting. 鈥淵ou are a mercenary?鈥
鈥淲hy do you need to know?鈥
鈥淛ust answer the damn question!鈥
He rolled his eyes. 鈥淔ine. Yes.鈥 You sighed, leaning against the bookshelf.
鈥淪o what? Was Steven just an alibi?鈥 you asked. You really hoped not. One, because he was sweet and kind and an absolute nerd. And two, because if he wasn鈥檛, then that meant that Marc鈥檚 dedication to a cover was better than yours. And that simply would not stand.
鈥淣o, it鈥檚 more complicated than that. He鈥檚, like, a facet of me. Another personality.鈥 You perked up, visibly relieved.
鈥淥h, so he鈥檚 an alter? Like, you have DID?鈥
鈥淚s that what it鈥檚 called?鈥
鈥淒o you鈥 Do you not know the name of your own personality disorder?鈥 His silence spoke volumes. You chuckled under your breath, watching him stammer to try and recover from his fumble. You removed the gun from your waistband, preparing to set it on the table. In an instant, Marc had your wrist in a death grip, attempting to jostle the gun from you.
On instinct, you twisted under his arms, kicking out his legs. He rolled over and stood back up, kicking the gun from your hands.
You took a moment to analyze his fighting style, scanning him as he circled you. He was good, yes, but his form was sloppy. Basic US military training, most likely nothing specialized.
Taking one out of Nat鈥檚 book, you leapt up, wrap your thighs around Marc鈥檚 head, and flip him over, holding him in place as he thrashed on the floor.
鈥淪hut up, holy fuck you are so damn loud Jesus fucking Christ,鈥 you hissed. Eventually, he tapped your leg, wheezing.
鈥淭ruce,鈥 he sighed. You rolled off of him, nodding.
鈥淵eah, truce.鈥
option four: the soldier and the scythe
ship: bucky x ex hydra! reader
genre: heavy angst, trauma, hurt and some comfort, healing
summary: all you鈥檝e ever known are the walls of HYDRA. you鈥檙e the first joint project between the red room and HYDRA, an assassin with a reputation for perfection. you鈥檝e been modified to resist conditions that would kill anyone else, trained to evaluate every situation and to slip away without a trace. you don鈥檛 have any weaknesses. except for your long-time partner. the winter soldier. and when a mission goes south and a man on a bridge stirs up memories in him, you鈥檙e stuck in the middle of a war between what you鈥檝e been trained and brainwashed to do, and the man you trust more than yourself.
basically a deep dive into what happened to bucky barnes in HYDRA that turned him into the winter soldier and the lingering hold it has on you both. warning: will discuss abuse, PTSD, torture, dehumanization, and possibly sexual assault. it鈥檚 gonna be a heavy one.
Your room was quite literally the only place you had any semblance of privacy in HYDRA. If you could even call it a room. Four concrete walls, bright fluorescent lights that went out at 12:00, a tiny cot, a toilet in the corner with a sink and tiny mirror.
No cameras though. And that was all you could hope for.
With a sigh, you stripped off your tactical suit, grabbing a thin shirt and pants. You slipped them on, running a bent and broken comb through your hair. Not for your appearance. Hell, HYDRA had trained any care for your looks out of you years ago. But untangled hair was easier to braid back, as you鈥檇 found after they鈥檇 chopped out a large chunk of your hair one time.
You spot a glimpse of the mirror. Dark, tired eyes stare back at you. Your skin is sunken and dull, although the cut across your nose had stopped bleeding and was already almost fully scabbed over.
You tore your gaze away from the machine in the reflection, opening your door slightly. A freedom not afforded to most HYDRA soldiers. But as one of HYDRA鈥檚 prized experiments, well, you got a few privileges.
鈥溞毿靶 褌褘 写褍屑邪械褕褜, 泻褍写邪 褌褘 懈写械褕褜? [Where do you think you鈥檙e going?]鈥 a guard asks. You kept your eyes low.
鈥溞 谐芯褋褌褟褏 褍 小芯谢写邪褌邪. [To visit The Soldier.]鈥 He begrudgingly nodded, and let you pass. Silently passing down the hallway, you stopped outside his door. Him. The Winter Soldier. Winter, as you knew him. One of HYDRA鈥檚 oldest and best assassins. They鈥檇 managed to drain most of the humanity out of him a long time ago. But not all of it.
You knocked.
He opened the door instantly. You both schooled your expressions as you stepped inside and he closed the door. Luckily, HYDRA didn鈥檛 care what it鈥檚 favorite killers did behind closed doors. As long as it didn鈥檛 interfere with your work.
鈥淎re you alright?鈥 he asked. Even though his memories were as jumbled as yours, he knew English was his first language. It was what he preferred to speak.
鈥淚 will be.鈥 He sat down on his cot and you joining him, the rough fabric bending under the combined weight. He rested his forehead against yours, both of you closing your eyes.
A moment of reprieve in all of the blood.
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Just Keep Swimming - part four
Tumblr media
Pairing: college!swimmer!Bucky x fem!swimmer!reader
Summary: Y/n keeps to herself, except for her cousin Courtney and her best friend Steve. As she navigates the maze of her Junior year in college, she realizes that branching out wouldn鈥檛 be too bad. Little does she know, she has a line of people wanting to be with her, some more than others.
Warnings: some angst, sweet bucky
a/n: I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK ME SO LONG TO POST. I have been so busy with work and family stuff and I'm still pretty new to this whole ordeal, so thank you to those who are being patient with me! I'm hoping to have part 5 out quicker than this one! let me know how you guys like it
The pounding of your headache was increasingly getting worse as the loud music blasted into the room, well gym, really. The swim team had rented out a small auditorium that the local high-schools used for basketball tournaments. There was a small DJ stand at the front of the room, and a few tables with food and drinks. You didn鈥檛 know everyone on the swim team, but you knew that a lot of the people in the gym weren鈥檛 swimmers.
After a person spilled their drink on you for the third time, you gave up. Walking outside the gym into the cool, night air. Sighing deeply, you sat on the stairs at the front of the room. You checked your phone, 8:37, Steve wouldn鈥檛 come out for another hour or so, and you didn鈥檛 want to leave him behind.
Why did I come here? This was stupid. No one even noticed that you left. Just go home, Steve鈥檒l just have to find a ride for himself.
While you were getting lost in your thoughts, you didn鈥檛 even hear the gym door open and close. You didn鈥檛 hear someone walking up behind you. You didn鈥檛 even notice them until they sat next to you and said hi.
Jumping back, startled, you looked to see who had scared you.
He smiled slightly when he saw that you had finally noticed him. Plus, startling you was a little funny.
鈥淛eez, Bucky鈥 you said after recollecting yourself, 鈥淒on鈥檛 do that to people鈥
鈥淪orry, doll. Didn鈥檛 mean to scare you鈥 he said lightly back.
He called you doll.
Did he even notice? It doesn鈥檛 look like it.
He鈥檚 probably drunk. Yeah, that鈥檚 it. He鈥檚 drunk, he can鈥檛 think straight.
Thoughts swirled in your brain a million miles an hour. Little did you know, the same was true for Bucky. He hadn鈥檛 meant to say doll, he just felt so at ease for some unknown reason 鈥 but it wasn鈥檛 alcohol, he knew at least. You just had this affect on him that reminded him of warmth. Of sunshine. Of comfort. Of home.
鈥淪o,鈥 he started nervously, 鈥淣ot a fan of the party, huh?鈥
You shrugged, 鈥淚t got too loud. I needed to come outside to clear my thoughts, plus I like being outdoors. Even if it is little cold鈥 you say the last part after wrapping your not-thick-enough sweater tighter around your arms.
Bucky noticed that small gesture and immediately reacted. He took of his jacket and draped it over your shoulders, ignoring your protests.
鈥淏ucky no! Take your jacket back, you鈥檙e going to get cold.鈥 You said in exasperation as he continued to cover you.
鈥淚鈥檒l be fine. You鈥檙e shivering. Take the jacket.鈥 He said with such finality that you stopped protesting.
The butterflies erupted again and you could feel your face flushing and heating up. Thankfully, you could just blame the cold for that.
鈥淪teve鈥檚 still in there?鈥 you asked, trying to keep the conversation light.
He nodded, 鈥淵eah, him and Nat were talking by one of the tables when I last saw him.鈥
Steve and Natasha. Huh. I鈥檒l make a note of that.
Bucky cleared his throat a little and looked at you. You turned and saw how nervous he looked, which was extremely odd. Bucky was normally seemed so confident and sure of what he was doing 鈥 so why did he look like a sudden breeze could blow him away?
鈥淚 was wondering,鈥 he started. He looked down at his hands for a second, he looked back up but didn鈥檛 say anything for a moment. You smiled and nodded, letting him know that he could say what he wanted to say, 鈥淚f you would want to grab dinner or see a movie or anything really? You don鈥檛 have to say yes, and I鈥檓 not expecting you to.鈥
You blinked.
Bucky wanted to go on a date with you.
With you.
Bucky did.
Your mind went still. You had no idea what to think. You had no idea what to feel. Happy? Sad? Relieved?
Your hesitation to say anything made Bucky nervous. Had he crossed a boundary? Was it too early? What if she didn鈥檛 like him?
鈥淵es鈥 you said without realizing. Bucky鈥檚 eyes snapped up to meet yours and you saw the relief flood his features.
鈥淩eally?鈥 he asked, still not believing that you actually agreed.
This time you actually thought about your answer, rationalizing the outcomes.
鈥淵es鈥 you said once more.
A smile bloomed on his face and you felt one forming on yours. Neither of you said anything. You didn鈥檛 know what to say.
鈥淲hat do you want-鈥 he started, before getting cut off by his phone vibrating. He looked down at the screen and cursed softly. 鈥淪orry, I got to take this. It鈥檚 my sister.鈥 You nodded and he walked away, talking quietly into the phone.
You let your mind dwell on what just happened. Bucky asked you out. You said yes. Normally this would make someone impossibly happy 鈥 their crush asking them out? Absolutely the best. But you weren鈥檛 so much elated as nervous. Immediately your mind went to the last time you went on a date.
It was freshman year at the University. And while you weren鈥檛 in your best place mentally, your heart decided to torture you even more by giving you a crush. Only this crush wasn鈥檛 as tormenting as most. Because this crush liked you back. Or, at least, you thought he did.
The first time you ever saw Gilmore Hodge(Gil for short, as he introduced himself) was at a party that Steve all but carried you to. He saw you standing in the corner, hood up and hands stuffed in the pocket of your hoodie, and decided to try and chip away at the massive wall you clearly had built around you. He talked to you the entire night, not leaving your side, even when random girls tried to drag him to one of the upstairs rooms. He was sweet, charming, and seemed to actually like you.
Weeks went by and the two of you continued talking. And one day after class, the two of you were walking to the library to study 鈥 like you had been doing all week, he asked the question you had been dreaming for.
鈥淲ould you want to get dinner sometime with me? I saw this Italian restaurant a few blocks down that I thought we should try.鈥 He said confidently, looking directly into your eyes.
You hadn鈥檛 even hesitated with your response. Yes. Of course you would want to go to dinner with him.
So a date was set and you never looked forward to something so much. Steve said he hadn鈥檛 seen you so excited since鈥
Since before.
When the day finally arrived, you never felt so nervous and anxious and excited before. You put on the outfit you had planned 鈥 nice, but still partially casual 鈥 and did your makeup. The entire ride to the restaurant you kept checking the time, you didn鈥檛 want to be late. You didn鈥檛 want him thinking you didn鈥檛 care.
And so, when you got there 15 minutes early for the reservation, you didn鈥檛 think anything of Gil not being outside the restaurant. You checked your phone for any texts from him, and to your surprise, there was.
鈥淗ey, I鈥檓 going to be a few minutes late- just tell the waitress that I鈥檒l be there soon and get our table鈥 you read. Some part of you sighed in relief, he was coming. But there was a small, burning thought of doubt. You ignored that thought, and stayed positive as you checked in for the reservation.
7:35. 5 minutes after the start of the reservation. No Gil. You thought nothing of it.
鈥淲here is he?鈥 you thought anxiously. Foot tapping nervously under the table.
A throat clears behind you. You jump and turn around, expecting to see your extremely late date. Surprisingly, and not at the same time, you instead saw your hostess.
鈥淓xcuse me ma鈥檃m, but are you planning on ordering anything? I鈥檓 so sorry, but if your partner doesn鈥檛 arrive in the next 10 minutes, I鈥檓 afraid I鈥檒l have to give your table to the next person on the wait list.鈥 The hostess said, pity evident in her eyes.
Embarrassment聽 flooded your cheeks as her words sunk in. Your mind was screaming oppositions on what to do. Finally deciding to listen to the once-small voice, you left.
You stood in shock outside of the restaurant, phone hanging in your arm limply by your side. Realization dawned on you. He stood you up. God, how could you be so stupid? Of course he stood you up.
In the weeks following that, you avoided all contact with him: blocking him, going out of your way to not walk past him on campus, freaking out and running out of the building when you saw him in the library. You also had to restrain Steve from doing anything to get himself in trouble, he was furious when he found out, and you could barely keep him from breaking that jerk鈥檚 nose.
After that incident, you closed up even more and stopped talking to anyone besides Steve. Your trust had been broken, you couldn鈥檛 risk having it taken advantage again.
So what made this different?
What made Bucky different?
You hoped you were wrong about how this would turn out.
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thepsychewrites 3 months ago
Little Lavender Friend | B. Barnes
Tumblr media
I didn鈥檛 mean to ruin your mood...
Roommate!Bucky Barnes x F!Reader
Summary: You and Bucky are best friends and have been roommates for the last few years, the two of you having your fair share of quarrels here and there. But what happens when Bucky finds something of yours he isn鈥檛 supposed to- something that keeps him up all night, tossing and turning and almost making him feeling鈥 jealous?
> Word Count: 5k
> Warnings: MINORS DO NOT INTERACT!! THIS IS AN 18+ FIC. Here鈥檚 the filth: oral (f receiving m giving), fingering (f receiving), unprotected penetrative sex (f receiving), praise (mainly f receiving), lil bit of boob worship, cum play, size kink, innocence kink (only a little bit), loss of virginity (f), potentially dark themes but only in thoughts!!, Bucky鈥檚 thoughts are mentioned quite a bit but its not in his pov, pet names (sweet-pea, angel, pretty girl, sweet girl), mutual pining, heavy language.
A/N: ROOMMATE BUCKY IS MY FAVORITE BUCKY, OKAY? PRETTY MUCH PURE FILTH IM SORRY. First Bucky fic I鈥檓 putting up, lmk what you guys think! ALSO- I鈥檓 thinking of making roommate!Bucky into a series??? They鈥檇 probably be separate one-shots, blurbs and head cannons that could be read as a collection or series, so lmk what y鈥檃ll think! Enjoy, whores <3
My Masterlist聽
Everyone says hate is a strong word.
But in this moment you needed a word stronger than hate.
Loathe. Abhor. Detest. Repulsed.
Even those weren鈥檛 good enough synonyms.
鈥淏ucky! Where the fuck did you put it?鈥 You screamed from the bathroom. Your chest was heaving, the grip you had on the porcelain sink not enough to calm you down. You kept quiet until you heard his door creak open, his footsteps heading for the bathroom the two of you shared. You faced the door, a hand on your hip while the other still gripped the sink, waiting to unleash hell on the man.
He came into view, a shit eating grin smeared on his face as he held his hands behind his back.
Oh, you were going to kill him.
鈥淵ou called?鈥 Bucky said, feigning innocence with puppy dog eyes and a gentle smile.
鈥淲here did you put it?鈥
His brows scrunched together. 鈥淲here did I put what?鈥
You rolled your eyes, your nails about to snap from how hard they were pressing into the sink. 鈥淵ou know exactly what I鈥檓 talking about. Where. Did. You. Put. It.鈥 You emphasized the question again.
His face lit up as if he had some sort of epiphany, a sly smirk pulling at his lips. 鈥淥h! Where did I put鈥︹ He brought his hands forward, dangling from them the item in question.
He held out your new lavender colored dildo, the one you had only purchased yesterday morning. You debated on buying it, but thought it was a good investment since you didn鈥檛 have much luck in the love department.
Or any luck, for that matter.
You had shoved the seven inch long toy in the cabinet under the sink after unboxing and cleaning it for the first time, hiding it under some towels for easy access whenever you wanted to use it.
Bucky had spotted it earlier this morning after his shower, taking it to piss you off. He was surprised it took you until nearly eleven at night to notice it鈥檚 absence.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e an asshole, Buck.鈥 You spat as you grabbed for the toy.
He pulled his arm back and held it up, the dildo now far from your reach. 鈥淎h ah ah, not so fast sweet-pea. Why did you get this?鈥
You groaned, pushing on your tippy toes as you tried to grab the toy from the air. Bucky swatted at your arms, grabbing them in his warm hand and holding them down on your stomach.
You would鈥檝e been embarrassed, mortified even, if you hadn鈥檛 known Bucky for as long as you did. The two of you met nearly six years ago now. You had been working with the Avengers as a recruited (now ex) agent and spy of S.H.I.E.L.D. Steve Rogers, another close friend of yours, had enlisted your help in hunting down a notorious assassin, the Winter Soldier. You obliged, of course, spending weeks tracking him down in hopes of stopping him.
Eventually, you did.
Finding out it was Bucky tore Steve apart. But he was able to pick up his pieces, as well as turn Bucky into the man he was before Hydra got to him. It was hard getting Bucky to be vulnerable around the team, but with the help of you and Steve, he came around. Not only that, but he quickly became one of your best friends.
Now, six years later, here you were in your shared apartment- trying to get your sex toy out of his metal grasp.
鈥淲hat do you think dildos are used for, idiot?鈥 You twisted in his hand, struggling to free yourself as he still held you down.
鈥淏ut why do you need it so bad, hmm?鈥 He poked, loving the reactions he got from you when he teased you like this. He couldn鈥檛 help it. The way you got mad so easily and how gorgeous you looked when you yelled at him made his stomach do flips. He couldn鈥檛 lie, though. He felt a little offended when he opened the cabinet earlier and saw the little thing just laying on the towels. He wasn鈥檛 going to let himself get jealous of a silicone dick, but he wasn鈥檛 super happy over it either.
You deserved real pleasure. Pleasure that Bucky would be more than willing to provide.
You sighed, now using your strength to push against him. It was useless, though. The man was as stable as a brick wall.
鈥淏ecause I get horny, Buck! Now give it to me!鈥 You whined, still pushing hard against his solid form, eliciting a hearty laugh that rumbled deep in his chest.
鈥淎lright, alright. Here, sweet-pea.鈥 He laughed, pulling down his arm and finally handing over the toy. You didn鈥檛 miss how his eyes stayed a little too long on your fingers as they wrapped around the base of it, holding it down to your side for a second before you huffed and placed it back under the sink- this time in a basket of your other belongings. You did miss how his eyes fell on your exposed legs, wishing he could just reach out and feel how soft they always were.
鈥淒on鈥檛 touch it again, please.鈥 You said much calmer, a hint of irritation on your tongue. You wanted to rip him a new one for pulling that little stunt, but you could never stay mad at Bucky for long.
Lucky bastard.
Bucky tilted his head. 鈥淥h come on, Y/n. I didn鈥檛 mean to ruin your mood-鈥 His voice was soft and sincere.
You shrugged, doing your best to avoid eye contact as you slipped between him and the door frame. 鈥淵eah well鈥 you kinda did, so鈥 I鈥檓 just gonna go to bed.鈥
You barely got your last word out before you felt his bionic fingers wrap around your wrist to pull you back. You did so reluctantly. You weren鈥檛 trying to make him feel bad, really. But you were looking forward to testing the pretty lavender toy out tonight- yet not so much after this altercation.
鈥淪weet-pea鈥 you know the rules.鈥 He mumbled as you rolled your eyes again.
鈥淚 swear I鈥檓 not mad at you, Buck.鈥 You let him guide you back to his body, your own being pulled close to his.
The two of you had drawn up some rules when you first moved in, and one of them was that neither of you could go to bed mad or upset at the other. If there was an issue, you had to work it out and make up before your head hit your pillow to go to sleep.
Despite insisting you weren鈥檛 angry with him, his arms wound around your torso, holding you against his chest for a hug. 鈥淲ell I don鈥檛 believe you.鈥
You let yourself melt against him, relishing in the feeling of his head atop yours, his fingers gliding over your thin black t-shirt across your back and up your spine.
Still, the warm knot in your tummy didn鈥檛 go away. If anything, it got worse. Especially as his grip got tighter, the musky scent of his cologne traveling through your nose and filling your lungs. You were the one to pull away, afraid that if you didn鈥檛 you would only pull closer.
鈥淚鈥檓 good.鈥 You promised.
His arms fell from your back, hanging down by his sides as the two of you went in opposite directions to your bedrooms for the night.
鈥淕oodnight, I love you.鈥 Bucky called as his hand turned his doorknob, holding it still until he heard your call back.
Despite saying it to each other every night for years, it never got old hearing it fall from his lips.
鈥淕oodnight, I love you too.鈥 You replied, a tiny smile on your face.
It was not a good night.聽
You tossed and turned for a solid hour, rubbing your legs together in hopes that it would provide some relief. Any relief at this point would help. It didn鈥檛 do any good, though.聽You laid there for a bit longer, a hand lazily strewn across your chest as you stared up at the ceiling. With a huff and a groan you got up, throwing your comforter to the side and slowly climbing out of bed to get a drink.聽
Maybe an ice cold glass of water would fix you for the night.聽
You rounded the corner to the kitchen, standing on your tippy toes to grab a glass cup from the cabinet before turning on the tap and filling it up. As you started to gulp it down, a voice called from behind you, nearly making you choke to death.聽
鈥淐an鈥檛 sleep?鈥澛
You tapped against your chest to aid in your swallow, gasping for air as it finally made it down.聽鈥淔or fucks sake, Bucky! You can鈥檛 do that shit to me.鈥澛
Bucky laughed as you swatted his arm, feigning hurt even though you hit the metal one.聽鈥淗ey now, no need to get aggressive.鈥 He grinned, playfully hitting you back. You didn鈥檛 back down, though, punching softly against him a few more times, and Bucky saw it as a perfect opportunity.聽鈥淎lright, that鈥檚 it-鈥
In a swift motion Bucky had picked you up, throwing your chest over his shoulder and holding you there as if you weighed nothing. He swung you around as he turned to leave the kitchen, nearly bumping your head against the lighting fixture above the counter.聽
鈥淏uck! Put me down!鈥 You giggled, your legs squirming against him as you tried to escape his iron grip. He stomped to the living room, finally letting you go and tossing you onto the large suede couch.聽
What you didn鈥檛 expect, though, was for Bucky to settle in on top of you, pressing his heavy chest right up against yours. His legs fit between yours like the last piece to a thousand-count puzzle, something that made the heat swell back up in your tummy. He leaned in close, his nose ghosting over yours.聽鈥淲hy are you still up, sweet-pea?鈥澛
Your breath came out in a shutter, your words stuck in your throat.聽鈥淟ike you said... couldn鈥檛 sleep.鈥澛
The switch that had flipped in Bucky wasn鈥檛 unnoticed. There was a lull, and it seemed like he was contemplating something in his head before he settled on a decision. He lifted his hand to your face, using his thumb to trace over your cheek.聽鈥淚 think I know of a way to fix that.鈥 His words came out like silk despite how low and gruff his voice had gotten, his pupils blown wide as he stared down at you.聽
It didn鈥檛 hit you right away, but when it did鈥
All you could give was a nod.聽聽
It wasn鈥檛 enough for Bucky.聽
鈥淚 need to hear you say you want it, sweet-pea. If you don鈥檛, we can both just go to bed and forget this ever happened.鈥 His lips were a hair鈥檚 width from yours, his peppermint breath finding its way into your mouth.聽
His touch was tantalizing and it sparked a desire deep in your core.聽
鈥淚 want it.鈥 You whispered, still not entirely sure this was actually happening.聽
Bucky hummed, the vibrations from his chest nearly sending a whine from your mouth.聽鈥淚 need you to be specific. What do you want?鈥澛
You were close to coming in your shorts already from his words alone.聽鈥淵ou. I want you, Buck.鈥澛
The four words you were always too nervous to say. The four words you鈥檝e been keeping to yourself for the last six years, falling from you so confidently as if you say them everyday. He could hear you say them everyday. He wants to hear you say them everyday.
And fuck, if he got to taste you on his tongue tonight and feel his cock stretching you out, those sickly sweet whimpers drawing from your throat as he did it- he鈥檒l make you say them everyday.聽
Bucky didn鈥檛 waste any time before his lips finally found yours. They were soft and warm, just like you had imagined on many sleepless nights. He tasted like the toothpaste you shared in the bathroom upstairs, yet you were sure his saliva was laced with heroin with how quickly you craved more of it. His thigh pushed against your heat, sending a trail of goosebumps up your chest as you softly moaned into his mouth. Your noises only encouraged him, his tongue sliding over yours in a desperate attempt to feel more of you.聽
The sheer desperation to be so intertwined with you in this intimate way drove him insane, a low growl scratching at his throat as he pulled away.聽鈥淕et this damn thing off.鈥 He nearly shouted, fisting at your lousy black sleep shirt- his lousy black sleep shirt you stole from his dresser years ago- his heart thumping wildly inside his ribcage.聽
Being the smart girl you are, you promptly followed his orders, shoving off the tee in a single motion, the frigid living room air hitting your nipples as you never wore a bra to bed anymore. Bucky pulled his own shirt off as you did yours- not noticing your upper half was completely bare already until he went to kiss you again, stopping dead in his tracks as his eyes landed on your breasts.聽
鈥淥h, sweet-pea, you鈥檙e gonna send this old man into cardiac arrest with a body like that.鈥 He cooed, hooking a hand behind your back as he shimmied you both down the couch, laying your body flat beneath him. Bucky was mesmerized, his mouth open and yearning as he leaned down to suck on your breast, his tongue swirling over your taut nipple. The sheer heat of his mouth was enough to elicit a moan from you, his teeth coming to graze over the sensitive skin as he smiled against you. He paid close attention to both breasts, suckling on one peak as his fingers toyed with the other. If you鈥檇 allow it- Bucky would gladly spend all day and night with his mouth suctioned on you like this, already enough to ruin his boxers with his leaking seed.聽
Maybe another day.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so pretty for me like this, sweet-pea, I can鈥檛 get enough of you.鈥 He panted, finally coming up for air. You smiled up at him, his lips dark pink and swollen.聽
Alluring, warm and wet.
鈥淧lease, Buck. I need more.鈥 The apples of your cheeks were flushed and the room was starting to sway around you from the sheer amount of pleasure that was coursing through your veins. You felt Bucky everywhere but the place you needed him most.聽
A breathy laugh fanned over your chest.聽鈥淏e patient, pretty girl...鈥 He trailed off, pressing sloppy kisses over your collarbones and neck.聽鈥淢y pretty girl.鈥 He whispered as he nipped at your earlobe, sealing it with a single kiss at your lips.聽
It was a declaration. A fact. Bucky gave no room for question or interpretation. You were聽his girl, his聽pretty girl, and he couldn鈥檛 wait to shout it from every rooftop in Brooklyn after tonight. He has wanted this moment for as long as he can remember, and he鈥檇 be damned if he didn鈥檛 spend the next few hours with you underneath him, looking like a fucking angel with those big bright eyes of yours.聽
Those watery little doe eyes brought some filthy thoughts to Bucky鈥檚 mind, explicit cravings that only you鈥檇 be able to satisfy him with. Tonight, though, was all about you- despite how badly he wanted to fuck you silly on every surface in the apartment and in every position possible. Despite how he longed to fuck your beautiful mouth, squeezing your throat so he could feel his tip sliding in and out with every thrust, his other on your cheek to wipe away the tears that would inevitably slip down. Despite how terribly bad he wanted to make you come so many times you鈥檇 be an incoherent babbling mess under him, unable to speak for at least an hour after while he cleaned up your soft body- giving you a bath, combing through your hair, brushing your teeth, slipping you into bed beside him as he kissed your tender skin until the two of you fell asleep.聽
But right here, right now, he wanted to give you slow and soft, knowing you hadn鈥檛 ventured into this kind of territory yet.聽
Shit- the reminder that Bucky would be your first sent a sweltering throb right to his groin, a low groan rumbling deep in his throat.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檙e doing so good for me, so... so... good.鈥 He mumbled between kisses against your hips, slowly sinking down your body so he could finally get a taste of your sweet cunt. The metal tips of his fingers snaked over your tummy before latching onto the waistband of your pajama shorts, slipping the fabric down your aching thighs and bent knees. He held the material in his hand as he stared down at your pussy, the silky blue underwear you wore nearly dripping with how wet they were.聽
He traced his tan fingers over your thigh, swirling over the skin until it led to your heat, his thumb rubbing over your clothed clit.聽
鈥淏ucky...鈥 You whined, your right hand settling between the valley of your breasts, your left gently scratching at his arm.聽
You were quivering, your body鈥檚 reaction to Bucky nothing more than exactly what you expected.聽
鈥淚 think my little angel is excited.鈥 He groaned as he kept swiping his thumb over the wet patch, his eyes locked on for as long as he could before he made one final trip to meet your face.聽鈥淎re you sure this is okay? I will not be mad if you don鈥檛 want this.鈥澛 He needed utmost assurance that this is exactly what you wanted before he devoured you entirely.聽
鈥淚 swear to God, Buck, if you stop right now I will kill you. I want this so bad, please, Buck. I need to feel you. Please... please.鈥 Your threat was light hearted but he knew you鈥檇 be upset all the same if he left you high and dry. But hearing you practically beg for him? He's gonna need to get on Medicare after this, super soldier or not.聽
鈥淵our wish is my command, sweet-pea.鈥 With those simple words he was back down between your thighs, his hand pulling down your underwear in an instant. An animalistic groan was ripped from his throat at the sight of your cunt, beautifully glistening under the moonlit room, your lips parted so gently just for his view. Not a second was wasted as he knelt down closer, his tongue slipping between your folds to open you further, loud moans being pulled from you both simultaneously.
He sucked at your arousal, drinking it down like a man starved while his middle finger traced the tight ring of your heat, slipping around it easily from the gathered slick. His mouth attached to your clit, sucking harshly for a few seconds, letting his velvety tongue rub over it for a few seconds after. He kept this pace while his middle finger gained entrance, sliding inside your soaking pussy with ease, only stopping when he found the spot that would drive you crazy. The pad of his long finger circled over the spongy patch, a back-arching, mouth-watering movement that nearly had you in tears. His bionic hand was quick to push down your hips, holding tight over your pelvic bone and belly to keep you in place.聽
鈥淭astes just like honey, my little angel. You鈥檙e gonna get me addicted, I鈥檒l never want to leave.鈥 He whispered, his lips shining with your slick as he spoke. He promptly got back to work, adding in his equally-long ring finger to your cunt.聽
Your eyes were watering and you were so close to seeing stars, mind-numbing moans and whines tearing from your mouth every few seconds, pants of his name and soft pleas falling between.聽鈥淏uck... feels so g-good Buck... oh- shit... please, Buck..鈥澛
There was no warning as your first orgasm tore through you, a white hot light bursting low in your tummy and deep within your cunt.聽You鈥檝e made yourself cum plenty of times before, but no orgasm you could give yourself came close to the one Bucky was giving you now. It filled your sight with static, sent your ears ringing, your heart thumping like a hummingbird鈥檚. 鈥淭here you go Y/n- just like that. I got you. I got you.鈥 Bucky assured, still pumping his fingers in you slowly as you came down from your high.聽鈥淵ou did so good, sweet girl. M鈥檚o proud. You鈥檙e so beautiful... God you鈥檙e gonna wreck me.鈥 He kissed over your thighs as your trembling died down, finally pulling his fingers out of you.聽
Your cum clung to his slender digits like silky cream on a humid summer鈥檚 day. He admired how it looked for a moment before looking up at you, a devilish smirk tugging up his lips.聽
鈥淗ere angel, open up a little.鈥 Bucky purred as he climbed over you, small beads of sweat lathering both of your chests. Even though you were still blissed out, you let your mouth hang open, welcoming his fingers up to the first knuckle. He tapped your chin with his thumb, closing it slightly to let you suckle off your spend. It didn鈥檛 taste quite like honey, but knowing that it was caused by Bucky made it that much sweeter. He wiggled out just a second later, wiping away some of it that dripped down your lips before bringing his still coated fingers up to his own mouth, repeating the process with a flutter of his eyes.聽
You stared up at him, your mouth still ajar, remnants of your spend coating your tongue. The sight of him greedily sucking on his fingers just to taste you was going to send you into another orgasm. You weren鈥檛 able to enjoy the view for too long before Bucky was shoving down his boxers, wanting to be inside of you as soon as possible.
A breathy whine fell from you as you watched his cock hit against his toned stomach and you wanted the image seared into your brain. Your mouth flooded, a buzz returning to you as you reached out for it. It was huge, bigger than the dildo you had purchased by at least two inches- possibly even three- and incredibly thick. A single vein was protruding from the side, leading all the way up to his tip, which was painfully pink. Two beads of pre-cum trailed down it, evidence that Bucky was just as needy as you were. Your core clenched just from looking and you weren鈥檛 sure he could stretch you that far without breaking you entirely.
鈥淗oly shit.鈥 You breathed, your fingers gently wrapping around the middle of it, your thumb ghosting over the sticky tip. It was so heavy in your hand and you wondered how he walked around with this thing in his pants everyday.
Bucky鈥檚 head fell back instantly, the loudest groan yet nearly choking him. He was quick to stop you, his hand wrapping harshly around your wrist.
鈥淣ext time, sweet-pea. I want to cum in you, not on your hand.鈥 He said, being gentle as he lightened his grip, setting your hand on your tummy.
Good God.
The thought of Bucky cumming inside of you sent you reeling. He wasn鈥檛 a stupid man- he knew you took birth control to help regulate your periods. Hell, he was the one to pick it up from the pharmacy most months. But hearing him say it? The man you鈥檝e been best friends with for six years and the man you鈥檝e harbored feelings for during all of them wanting to make you his in the most intimate way? He might have to resuscitate you after.
With his knees dug into the suede cushion he adjusted your body, turning around to grab a flat pillow behind him and nudging it under your hips, pulling you closer to his pelvis. Bucky waited as your body relaxed further into the couch, nudging your shaky knees closer to your torso and guiding you to wrap your legs around his waist.
Bucky鈥檚 left hand slipped into your right, fingers intertwining and clutching together as he lined himself up at your entrance. 鈥淚鈥檓 going to go slow, Y/n, but tell me if it鈥檚 too much and I鈥檒l stop, okay?鈥 His silver eyes softened, not daring to leave yours.
鈥淥kay.鈥 You nodded, holding his hand in a death grip, not that it hurt him in the slightest.
The anticipation was well worth it as Bucky鈥檚 tip finally entered you, pornographic sounds coming from both of you at the tight, warm feeling. Your hand clamped down on his as he pushed in painfully slow, finally stopping when he bottomed out. You were whimpering under him, the burn still registering despite the adrenaline pumping through you. You couldn鈥檛 lie, it hurt like hell. His cock was nearly splitting you in half and you could feel a dull heartbeat where his tip was nestled at your cervix.
Bucky was still looking down at you, waiting for the go to start moving. With a gentle nod of your head he finally pulled back, slowly retreating out of you all the way until he pushed right back in.
鈥淏uck鈥 oh- that feels good.鈥 You mumbled, eyes fluttering shut at the high you were getting from his cock stretching you so sinfully. You felt like you were floating, laying somewhere above the clouds from the bliss he was providing. His movements sped up, coaxing moans from both of you.
Bucky looked down at where the two of you were connected, bringing your hand down to the bulge that formed each time he bottomed out. 鈥淵ou feel that angel? Does that feel good?鈥
鈥淔eels s鈥檊ood, Buck.鈥 You slurred, mouth open at the tender warmth that was replacing the burn.
鈥淵ou deserve to feel real pleasure. Not the pathetic orgasm your little lavender friend would鈥檝e left you with. You deserve this, you understand me?鈥 He said with a stern voice, leaning over your jolting body.
Your free hand connected on his face, your nails scraping over the stubble on his jawline. 鈥淵es鈥︹ You agreed, losing yourself in how pretty he was as he pounded into you relentlessly.
鈥淪ay that you deserve this. Say it.鈥 Bucky commanded, peppering kisses over your flushed face.
You nodded over and over as you spoke, willing to do anything Bucky says. 鈥淚 deserve this. I deserve you.鈥
The added remark of you deserving Bucky made his heart stop, the realization of just how crazy he was for you hitting him all at once.
Of course he knew he was head over heels for you. Anyone of your friends could see it plain as day- even Sam teased the two of you about it all the time. But he never thought he鈥檇 be in this moment with you, making love to the woman he鈥檚 been dying to have since the day you met.
He sucked and bit at your neck as he pumped into your cunt, entirely too excited to see the marks they鈥檇 form later on. You had released your grip on his hand, opting to scratch up his back instead. He snaked his free hand between your bodies, using the pad of his thumb to push circles on your aching and swollen clit. Your back arched at the motion, your chest rubbing against his as your body bounced from the force of his cock slamming in and out of you.
鈥淔uck Bucky鈥 I鈥檓 close.鈥 You mewled, heavy pants coming between moans. You were on the edge of your orgasm and Bucky was determined to get you there.
He hummed into your neck, multitasking like a pro so he could take care of you in every way possible. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e squeezing the life outta me, angel. Feels incredible鈥︹ He moved to your mouth, wrapping his tongue over yours as he swallowed your melodic sounds. Backing off once he felt your walls contract harder, he whispered, 鈥淕o ahead, cum for me sweet-pea.鈥
His face was loomed over yours, eyes connected to every contort of your features as you came, the most intense orgasm flooding your body. Your limbs were trembling and his grip on your side was going to leave dents and bruises, but you couldn鈥檛 care less as you clenched down on his shaft, your walls pulsing around him. The adoration you felt was holding up your soul, keeping it in place while Bucky never once lost rhythm.
His orgasm wasn鈥檛 far behind. You felt his tip swell as it glided up to your cervix over and over, right before he was wrecked. Hot ropes of semen flooded your pussy, filling you up to the brim as you coaxed every last drop from him. Bucky huffed and grunted against your mouth and cheek, echoes of your name falling out when he started to slow. His arms gave out and he let his body fall gently on yours, his head settling in the crook of your neck. Your nails continued to trace up and down both of his shoulders, metal and flesh, just enough to keep him tingling inside.
It was a minute later when Bucky finally picked his head up to look at you. 鈥淗i.鈥
You giggled, your face heating up from his strained voice. 鈥淗i.鈥
He brought his hand up, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. 鈥淵ou did so good, Y/n. Was that alright?鈥
鈥淢ore than.鈥 You assured, relishing in the weight of him on top of you and inside you.
鈥淵ou better throw that damn dildo away then, because we鈥檙e just getting started here sweet-pea.鈥
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geeky-politics-46 a month ago
Deserve Better
Smut - Explicit content - NSFW - 18+ only!
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Another blow to your confidence tips you over the edge when a guy ditches you. Bucky is determined to show you that you derserve so much better.
Warnings: Smut (NSFW) - 18+ ONLY - oral sex, fingering, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, dirty talk, pet names, language, alcohol use, negative self image, general filth
More of this story than I would like to admit is based on real experience, at least all the crappy stuff. Alcohol was involved while writing. I suck at spelling & grammar but correct things as I find them. Hope you enjoy the results of my shitty evening.
Tumblr media
Well this felt really pathetic. If you started crying could this count as a temper tantrum not a breakdown? You didn't really get stood up or dumped. Your friends with benefits bailed on you... Again.
You weren't mad. He had given you good reasons. Granted you had no idea if they were true or not, but if they were they were reasons you would have cited too.
You were diaappointed though. You had pretty much given up on dating, it seemed the only guys who were ever interested were nut jobs or people you would have to be paid to touch, & you didn't do one night stands. They just didn't feel safe. So this had been your last chance to get laid for a few months. You had also passed up the chance to go to a Rangers game to meet up with your FWB.
You sat waiting for your to-go order running through the options in your head, quickly realizing your best option was once again your vibrator. You inwardly sighed as you threw down the rest of your gin & tonic way too fast. You realized you were actually sick of fucking yourself, the thought of another night with your own hand & even your favorite toy made you groan, & not in a good way.
The waiter dropped your bag next to you & you paid for your drink. You tipped an extra dollar since he was nice enough to ignore that you probably looked like you were about to cry when you had ordered it.
As you were pulling a couple ones out of your wallet a cute-ish seeming guy came in by himself. Clearly from out of town with a slight European accent. You figured what the hell? & said hi pulling out your flirty yet coy smile. He totally ignored you.
Well that was close enough to 3 strikes you're out. You tilted your glass as far back as you could, hoping for even the tiniest amount of gin, & grabbed you bag of food. You headed back to the tower with your tail tucked between your legs, pity tears pickling at your eyes, & your new lingerie you had bought just because feeling like it was an irritant on your skin.
At least it was windy. You could play off the stray tear as being caused by that or picking at your mascara. Your only stop was a drugstore where you grabbed a bottle of wine.
As you stepped into the elevator you opened the twist top on the glass bottle & let the first couple real tears fall. All your life you had never felt good enough, pretty enough. You were never anyone's first choice. Now you weren't even good enough to just screw & leave.
You didn't think you were asking a lot, you really didn't care if this ever became anything beyond sex. But for the first time in your life, at nearly 32, you were finally having good sex. The thought of going another 4 years, your longest dry spell, untouched made you want to throw yourself off the roof.
Thank God the elevator doors opened & pulled you from your own destructive thoughts. There was no one in the living room or the kitchen & it was basically silent, because of course it was. It was a Friday night & everyone had their own things to do. So you wandered into the kitchen grabbed a fork from the utensil drawer & the new pack of AA batteries from the junk drawer.
Sinking into the couch you displayed your sad little picnic on the coffee table in front of you. Burger & fries, screw top wine bottle already part way empty, & batteries that were now your date for the night. You collapsed forward onto your own thighs letting your arms wirelessly drape over so your knuckles brushed the floor & sighed in complete defeat before muttering a "just kill me" into your leggings.
Sure you wanted a relationship, not necessarily with your FWB, but you were also very aware that beggers can't be choosers. You were a begger & you always had been, which is why you were where you were now. Horny, a little drunk, & on the verge of tears.
"But what if I kinda like having you around?" A deep but light hearted voice answered you softly from the hallway. Clearly trying not to startle you. Ending his statement with a chuckle, seemingly to apologize for eavesdropping.
With a groan you lifted your upper body back up to a seated position before flopping back into back of the couch. Looking up at the man who had spoke you felt your heart lift slightly. You should have guessed Bucky would be there. He wssn't a big fan of going out on the weekends, there were too many people out.
He cautiously moved forward, not 100% sure if he was welcome or not. You noticed his hesitancy & moved a few inches to your right signalling it was fine to join you. To reinforce your comfort with him joining you you told him "sorry Buck, if I knew you were here I would have gotten you food, but you can have mine if you want. I'm not that hungry anymore. Just don't touch my wine."
You forced a small laugh past your lips & tried not to come off too sad. As he sat down next to you, Bucky wasn't buying it. He could see the pain in your eyes. He wanted you to tell him what was wrong. He wanted you to tell him everything.
He knew you had plans tonight with that guy, the one that he really didn't like, but now you were here with tears in your eyes. He wanted to punch him for putting that look on your face. You had told Bucky you had no intention of getting serious with this guy, that you were friends from forever ago, that it just made you feel good someone was actually interested in you that way. You said you were so sick of dating & heartbreak, you just wanted to have fun. Well you didn't look like you were having much fun, & it didn't look like you felt particularly good. That tore him up inside.
You curled your legs up underneath you & pulled the blanket off the back of the couch onto your shoulders. You tried to ignore the way Bucky kept glancing at you as he picked at the fries. Every couple minutes he would hold one out to you & you would accept it. Eventually you softened enough that you finally said with a little bit of a shaky breath "he bailed on me at the last minute, again."
All Bucky could do was nod in understanding & turn to look at you. You were still staring at your hands, tears sparkling at the corners of your eyes. Finally letting them fall as you spoke again.
"I'm now consistently getting blown off by my friend with benefits. I can't even keep a guy interested when the only thing I'm asking him for is sex. How pathetic is that? I'm not even good enough to just be a regular fuck buddy for someone I guess."
You choked back a small sob. It wasn't about that particular guy, it was about all of them. How they had all beaten you down & made you feel worthless.
You had confided in Bucky one night after a particularly terrible date how you hadn't even gone on a date until college. That you had spent so much time watching all the other girls in high school get asked on dates, go to dances, & fall in love. While you were left to wonder what was so wrong with you. It's a wonder you had managed to lose your virginity at 19. Especially considering only one other guy had even so much as kissed you before that.
You had spent all your life being the girl who felt passed over, so when the opportunity of having a friend with benefits opened up you jumped at it. Not that you were overly attracted to the guy, which in a sex only relationship was a good thing, but you felt desired & that felt great. It was also the best sex, & really the only good sex, you'd ever had. So you put up with all the little inequalities & things.
Bucky wanted to grab you & hold you. Tell you how much time he spent thinking about you. Wanting you. How you deserved so much more. How he wanted to spend the rest of his life trying to give that to you.
The straw the finally broke the camel's back was when you stood up to go to your room. The wine bottle now mostly empty but most of the food still untouched. You shrugged off the blanket as you got up & started to wiggle your shoulders & reach back behind you with Bucky watching on in confusion.
"You wanna know the really pathetic thing? If it weren't for the fact that he's the only guy who's ever made me cum I don't think I'd put up with it... Or spend the money. There's $75 I'm never gonna see again." You chuckled in absurdity as you pulled your bra out through your sleeve & let the metallic maroon lace dangle from your fingers.
You said goodnight & shuffled away to your room dragging the see through bra behind you, leaving Bucky a jumble of emotions. On one hand he genuinely cared for you. In truth he was head over heels for you, & he didn't want to leave you feeling so down on yourself. You were kind, & smart, & funny, & my god you were so sexy.
He was also furious that not only had all these other guys treated you so badly, apparently they couldn't even mange to please you either. You were overdo probably at least a couple thousand orgasms & Bucky would happily give his right arm to be the one to remedy that.
Between your admission that none of your worthless ex's could make you cum & pulling your bra off like some dirty magic trick Bucky was also now really turned on. He didn't want to seem like he was taking advantage of you, especially since he really wanted you to be his girl, but he wanted you so bad right now. He looked at the table trying to formulate what to do.
The batteries. You had probably meant to take them with you. He could bring them to you. Although if his plan didn't work & he had to listen to you play with yourself with that fucking toy tonight thru the wall he might just explode. His hand lingered over the packet, it was now or never.
Before he could second guess himself he snatched the packet & quickly walked down the hall to your door. Knocking on the door before his brain could register the sound of the shower from the other side. He cringed as he heard you sniffle fumbling toward the door, cursing as you tripped over something before opening it
"Sorry for interrupting. You... You forgot these." He extended his vibranium hand & you noticed the batteries. Truth be told you had forgotten about them completely. You had been wrapped up in thinking about the man that now stood in front of you. You adored Bucky, but you didn't want to jeopardize your friendship when you were sure he didn't feel the same way. Secretly you dreamed of him whisking you off your feet like your very own Prince Charming, but you wouldn't take the risk of losing him completely.聽
Now here you were, with your dream guy standing at your door. In your grungy sweatshirt, fancy new very tiny lace panties, & mascara tinted tears on your face. You moved back from the door & sat on the edge of your bed pulling your hands into your sleeves & staring at your fingers. You let the dark thoughts take over.
"Thanks you can just throw them on my nightstand. Umm.... Can I ask you a question Buck? As a guy... What's wrong with me? Why am I so unwantable? What makes me so unsexy? It's not even about him, I just..."
You finally broke. Dissolving into sobs completely forgetting the shower running. You held one hand to your face, trying to hide, & wrapped your other right around your waist.
Bucky's heart shattered & he scrambled into the room shutting the door behind him. Dropping to kneel in front of you, sliding your legs apart to slot himself between them without even thinking. He grabbed your hands away from your body & cradled your face in his hands. Quietly shushing you & kissing the tears away from your cheeks. Trying his best to soothe & calm you.
"Hey, hey, hey. Look at me sweetheart. There is not a god damn thing wrong with you, y/n. It's all those fucking guys that have something wrong with them. Okay? I wish I knew what to tell you to make you believe this, but you are so fucking sexy & incredible. Any guy that doesn't spend every moment of everyday wanting you is insane or stupid. I can't stand to hear you talk like this, watch you feel like this. I wish you could see what I see."
He pulled you flush to his chest & let you wrap your arms tight around his neck, fingernails digging into his shoulders. He let you heave & squeak out a few more sobs into his neck, complete with several hiccups & hurried anxious breaths. He rocked you side to side, gently kissed your head, & tried to hold back his own tears. His heart ached for you, to love you, & he had let you down by even letting you feel this way in the first place.
Your breathing slowly leveled out & your arms released their death grip. Bucky let you pull back from his chest & pressed his forehead to your's. Your eyes puffy & your cheeks red. He had to tell you how he loved you. He had to show you how amazing & beautiful you were. Hopefully you would let him. Even if it was only for the night, he was determined to make you feel like the goddess you were to him.
Your soft sniffles continued & your eyes were still closed, but the tears had now subsided. He let his hands slide from your waist to the outside of your thighs rubbing his thumbs up & down against your soft skin. He suddenly became aware that he was on his knees between your bare legs, a place he thought he would only dream of ever getting to be. He started to speak & he knew there was no stopping.
"Listen I know that you are in a bad frame of mind right now, & I need you to know that I would never take advantage of you. If you tell me to leave I will. Just say the word. But... I want you to know that I mean every word okay? You are the sexiest woman in the world & you drive me absolutely insane. You have no idea how bad I want you. All you have to do is smile at me & I turn to goo. You can be dressed up or in this ratty sweatshirt & all I want to do is take you to bed & worship you. When you pulled that trick with your bra out there, oh my god, I nearly passed out with how fast my blood left my brain."
That statement made you giggle. It was only then that you realized you were holding your breath. You couldn't believe what you were hearing. This couldn't be happening. It was too perfect. You let your hands rest on the back of his neck & play with his short chestnut brown hair. The muscles of your stomach clenched & your heart jumped when his fingertips pressed into your hips just below the thin waistband of your panties.
"It's not just physically either. I mean you are fucking gorgeous but God I love all of you so much, y/n. Your sense of humor, the way you think, the way you get along with everyone. I can't believe I'm actually telling you this, but I love you & I have loved you for so long. It has killed me watching you be with all those idiots. The fact that they made you feel this way, & didn't even put your pleasure first, makes me want to rip them limb from limb. You deserve so much better than them, you deserve so much better than me. You deserve the entire fucking universe at your feet. Right now I don't care if I'm making the biggest mistake ever & if you never want to even look at me after this, but please even just for the night, let me show you how much I love you & how incredible you are. Please just let me make love to you. Let me make you feel good. Let me try to give you what you deserve."
Your eyes had opened at some point during his confession & you were now staring deep into his gentle blue eyes. You bit your bottom lip as you gazed at him looking for any hint of hesitation or lies. You found none.
"Please y/n, just say something. You're killing me here." He pleaded, trying to steal his feelings. Now fearing the worst.
You moved your face just a little bit closer to his & began to pull his body into you. "Yes please Bucky. Make love to me."
Your mouths finally met in a soft but passionate kiss. His plump lips running over yours slowly caressing your skin. His tongue slow slid against your bottom lip asking to deepen the kiss, to let him in. You quickly obliged & he began to massage your tongue with his.
As you pulled apart you both panted out of breath. Pressing light kisses on each other & nuzzling your faces together it was your turn to confess.
"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that. I love you too Buck. I just thought there was no way you could love me."
He moved his hands to grip your ass & yanked you forward on the mattress. Groaning as he felt your bare ass cheeks separate by the delicate lace g-string. "I'm gonna spend all night showing you how much I love you, y/n. I'm gonna make you cum so many times you will forget anyone else exists."
He smashed his lips to yours & began clawing at the plush flesh of your hips. He pulled your sweatshirt over your head leaving you in just your panties. He dropped his gaze to look down at your body & inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of your warm body & your now apparent arousal for him. The sound of him making you nipples stiffen in anticipation.
Bucky began placing hungry open mouthed kisses up & down your neck & throat as you wrapped your legs around his waist making his hips start to grind against you. You could feel his large hard bulge through the rough material of his jeans & the feeling of it only spurred you on. Your hands scraping up his side's to pull his shirt off.
"You are so sexy Bucky." You marveled at his body as you ran your hands up & down his chest. He smiled & sweetly kissed your lips.
"You're sexier baby. Now, since you've already got the shower running, why don't we go clean up before we run out of hot water. Plus if we keep going like this I'm gonna rip these tiny fucking panties right off of you, & if I remember right you said they weren't cheap."
Moaning at his suggestion you looked at him through lust heavy eyelids, now blissfully unaware of your smudged makeup. You nodded enthusiastically & squeaked in surprise as he effortlessly hoisted you up off the mattress, his hands under your thighs & carried you into the bathroom that was now clouded with steam.
He gently lowered you to your feet. Taking his time as his hands caressed slowly up your body. He looked at you like you were a precious piece of art. Your mouth fell open & you stood speechless at the man before you who in a single moment in a single touch had nurtured your heart, your mind, & your body in a way no one ever had.
He softly pressed his lips to yours as he pulled your hair loose & brushed it back. He started making his way down your body. Pressing kiss after kiss to your skin that was now buzzing like a live wire.
First he kissed your neck & whispered in your ear how beautiful you were. Then your collarbone, the top of each breast & between them. He let his lips ghost over your nipples without providing direct stimulation. He chuckled as you whined in protest & tried to angle a nipple back towards his mouth.
He pressed his face to the center of your ribcage & gently scolded you, "not just yet babydoll. I wanna take my time with you." Once he had reached your hips he kissed the top of each hipbine before placed a kiss right onto your mound over your panties.
Hooking his thumb under each side strap he gazed up & you for permission to take them off. You let your hands thread through his hair & whispered "please Buck".
He gave you a lopsided slightly goofy grin & said "as incredibly sexy as these are doll, & I definitely want to see you in the whole set sometime, I think you will be fucking delicious with them off." With that he slowly slid them down your legs, pausing momentarily as the wet fabric separated from your slick pussy. A groan was pulled deep from somewhere in his chest as he got his first good view of your sex. You were soaked.
"So wet doll. Can't wait to taste you later. All this really for me?" He inhaled your sweet scent & had to fight the urge to devour you right then & there. He dropped your panties to the floor & you stepped out of them as he stood back up bringing his hand to pop the button & pull down the fly of his jeans.
You took his hands & moved them to your waist before taking over where he had left off. Sliding your hands inside the denim fabric at his sides & catching your thumb in the waistband of his boxer briefs you tilted your head up & whispered into his throat. "All for you Buck. Just for you."
Placing a wet sucking kiss on his Adam's apple as you pushed the fabric of both layers down his muscular frame. Feeling the resistance of his hard cock against the elastic band of his underwear, you dropped your head down to see him as he sprung free. You both gasped in unison, him at the delicious bit of friction & you at the magnificent sight of him bare before you.
Dragging your fingers across his low belly you let yourself run your hand along the underside of his thick cock before stroking him up & down several times. As if reading your mind he leaned down to whisper in your ear "All for you babydoll. All because of you." & placed a kiss on the sweet spot under your lobe.聽
Relishing each other's touch for a moment longer you stood on the balls of your feet & sunk into his kiss once more. As an anxious as you were for him to take you straight to bed you did want to wash the lingering stress from your body. So you reluctantly pulled apart & stepped into the shower under the warm water with Bucky's firm body pressed up behind you.
Between the heat of the water & the comfort of Bucky's arms around you, your muscles melted & you immediately felt even better. You grabbed your face wash & proceeded to scrub the remainder of ruined makeup for your eyes & cheeks.
Bucky's lips had yet to stop dragging along the skin of your neck, shoulders, & upper back. One flesh palm & one vibranium held tight against the curve of your soft stomach. If this was any other man you would cringe & move his hands away from your most insecure spot, but with Bucky it felt right. You extended your arms backwards to give his thighs a squeeze, telling him to soften his grasp momentarily so could reach to grab the body wash.
He gladly obliged & grabbed the bottle from your delicate fingers. He deftly flipped the cap & squirted a line of gel down the center of your torso. Your hands met & spread the slick substance over your frame in tandem. The heady scent of berries, patchouli, rose, & amber quickly enveloped you both adding to the eroticism.
His large hands groped & kneaded your breasts. For the first time his fingers began to toy with your nipples. Swirling the pads of his fingers around them before gently pinching them. The sweet sudden pressure caused your hips to buck back grinding your ass against him. His now leaking head making contact with your low back & his shaft sliding between your cheeks.
The touch of him so needy against you sparked a flame in your chest & you spun around in his arms to face him. You spent several more minutes running the fragrant suds over each other, seemingly trying to memorize the curves & planes of each other's bodies. Lips locked in heated contact.
It was you who reached the end of your rope first, pulling him under the stream to rinse you both as you began to beg him for more.
"Please James, I can't wait any longer. I need you to fuck me."
Between hearing you call him by his real name, & your desperate plea for him, his own resolve snapped. Quickly turning off the water & grabbing a towel to hurriedly dry you both. He picked you up once more, your legs wrapping around him & your dripping cunt pressed to his abdomen, & he carried you to your bed.
He laid you down on the soft blankets like you were a priceless piece of porcelain & gingerly lowered his large frame to rest on top of you. Your legs spreading open to slot his body flush against you.
He let his weight balance on his vibranium forearm & ran his flesh fingers over the curves of your right side. Cutting across the crease of your hip he stopped just short of where you body was screaming for his touch. He locked eyes with you one more time to confirm that聽 you still wanted this. That you still wanted him. As if there was any stopping the cascade of need for each other that had been set in motion.
You brushed your thumb across his cheek & grinned with a single nod. With that his fingers finally slid past your mound & down to caress the supple wet lips of your pussy. Initially ghosting over them with a single digit,聽but on feeling how drenched you were Bucky moaned a breathy "fuck" & pressed 3 fingers firmly to your slit.
The pressure he finally made against your cunt caused your back to arch & your eyes to snap shut. You legs pulled back farther to grant your soldier even better access to your sex & your hips were starting to rut against his fingertips. Bucky couldn't help but smile, never in his wildest dreams had he ever thought you would react like this to his touch.
He gently slid his long middle finger inside you as he brought his thumb to dance along the edges of your clit. He wanted to memorize every noise you made, from the whimpers coming from your plush lips to the wet suctioning against his finger each time it plunged back into you.
Without any warning he added his index finger to action, feeling your tight hole stretch to accommodate his second finger had his own control hanging by a thread. His vibranium hand gripping onto the pillow beneath your head.
"Fuck so tight babydoll." He praised under his breath as he bit his lower lip trying to keep focused on the pleasure he was wringing from you.
He quickly added his ring finger to his assault. Dragging all 3 three fingers in & out of your fluttering heat as he let his thumb draw more direct circles on your now throbbing clit. He could tell you were quickly hurtling towards the point of no return as he added a flick upwards in his wrist.
"Oh god Buck! Gonna cum, don't stop. Fuck yes James. Please don't stop!"
You now gazed slack jawed back into his sparkling blue eyes that were entirely focused on seeing you fall apart beneath him. Eyes that belonged to the sweetest man you had ever met, who was now responsible for the filthiest noises falling from your lips. You couldn't help but plead for him not to stop as your body began shaking & squeezing his fingers even tighter. Letting the wave of your orgasm crash against you.
You let him coax you back down slowly, stroking your hair with his metal finger tips as his flesh ones began to still inside you. Placing small kisses on your lips as fingers slipped from your wet depths, teasing along your now swollen sensitive pussy feeling how your orgasm had left you dripping. The thought that he was responsible for your wrecked state made a pride flourish in his chest.
Making sure you were watching his movements, he pulled his fingers to his mouth & took his time licking your juices from each one. It may only be his first real taste of you, but he knew right then that he would never get enough.
The sight of Bucky savoring the taste of your cunt on his fingers was almost too much to take. You felt empty & the only thing that could possibly make you feel full was Bucky's cock. You slid your hand down his sculpted abdomen & trailed a finger around his swollen leaking head working to spred his pre-cum around his ridge before closing your hand around his thick shaft & starting to pump him.
The feeling of him made your mouth water & your walls clench in anticipation. His cock was perfectly veined & silky to the touch. So solid & thick your fingers barely touched when wrapped around him. He began to needily thrust up into your fist when you added a twist at the end of each stroke. When he started to whimper you released his shaft & started to roll his balls between your fingers.
He eventually pulled your hands away from his cock & pinned them to the bed beside your head. He pressed his forehead to yours in between slow deep kisses as he tried to gather his composure. Panting as he looked at you laid out under him.
"I wanted to take my time with you doll, make you cum over & over before I let myself fuck you. Make you see stars with my fingers & my tongue, god so many times with my tongue, before I let you have my cock. But, fuck, you & this pretty little pussy are driving me nuts here. Don't think I can wait any longer."
You wrapped your legs around his hips & pulled his pelvis down to yours, managing to angle your hips just right so the tip of his cock was slotted just inside your opening.
"Then don't wait Bucky. Fuck me." Your expression softened for a moment, from one of passion to one of love, & you added, "wanna be your girl Buck."
Without a moment's hesitation he plunged his cock all the way inside of you. Eliciting a moan from both of you. Bracing & holding himself in place while your body adjusted to the stretch of him. While he waited he cupped your cheek with his left palm, the coolness of the vibranium a sharp contrast from the rest of his body.
"I've dreampt of hearing you say that. My girl."
Bucky placed one last sweet kiss on your lips before he started slowly thrusting in & out of you. Each push & pull dragging deliciously against your walls allowing you to feel every milimeter he gave you. Slowing all the more as the top of his cock head slid against your g-spot.
"Oh god Buck, you're so big. So fucking deep! Fuck me harder baby!"
You were gripping onto his shoulders, burying your face into his scar where his metal arm connected to his body. Making a conscious effort to place extra licks & kisses along the mared skin to show him how much you loved even the spot he sometimes hated.
"Yeah? You want it harder doll? Here I wanted to be all soft & sweet with you the first time. Should have known you were really a dirty little girl. Let me hear you baby. Tell me how my princess wants me to fuck her tight little pussy."
He punctuated his statement with a bite your neck & started thrusting harder into you, but he purposely kept his pace slow to let you get your words out. Even though he wanted to plow you into next week.
"Soft & sweet later James, right now I want it hard & fast. Been teasing me all night. Turning me into your little slut. You know what you're doing to me. Fuck me hard."
Bucky moaned loudly into your neck the moment he heard you call yourself his little slut. It took every ounce of strength he had not to cum right there. You were an absolute minx & he was the luckiest son of a bitch alive.
"Well if you're my little slut then why am I doing all the work?" He quickly rolled so you were on top of him & before you could react he brought his right hand to slap your ass.
"Now be a good little slut & ride my cock. Take what you want baby. Make yourself cum & let me watch. There's my good girl."
Bucky had been so incredible to you already, even though you knew your night was no where near over, you wanted to give him a good show. You sat up nice & straight as you started to bounce on him. Letting your breasts jiggle up & down as the sound of you ass hitting his thighs richoted around the room.
You rolled your hips forward & backward as you rode his cock creating an extra friction on your clit. When that friction started to build & throb you let your head drop back & your eyes squeeze closed. Your hips thrust faster & shallower as you chased your orgasm.
Little squeaks & grunts coming from your lips as you fucked yourself on Bucky's cock. Your body was thrown over the cliff's edge as you felt his hips buck up from underneath you & your weight fell forward onto his chest as you shuttered & wailed.
He kept fucking you through your orgasm, thrusting into you from below. Each time his tip brushed your sweet spot a new firework burst behind your eyelids. Your mewls & whines pushing him right to his edge & he was chanting "so close baby."
As you started to come down you wanted to feel him even closer. Knowing his orgasm was just around the corner you wrapped your arms under his neck & pressed your lips to his ear as you whispered "Cum in my pussy James. Want you to fill me up."
Something snapped in Bucky's brain when you said that. Something animal took over & he threw you hard on your back before frantically rutting into you like his very life depended on it. His face was pressed into your neck & his teeth clenched when you heard him growl as he came.
Feeling his thick warm cum fill you spray by spray you sighed in pleasure & wiggled your hips to milk even more from him. Cooing in his ear about how good it felt being full of his cum, & it did.
He slowly leaned back & pulled himself from your body much to your reluctance. Watching as his cum began to trickle from you. He grabbed his shirt off the floor from were you had thrown it earlier & quickly wiped you down. It wasn't the best job but it was good enough for now. He wanted to hold you for a bit before either of you did anything else.
He dropped the shirt back to the side & pulled you tight to his chest. He knew what you said about being his girl, but his mind kept telling him maybe you just said it in the heat of the moment. So as you snuggled into his chest eyes closed with a content smile he began to open & close his mouth like a fish gasping for air.
From your comfy spot you said with a chuckle "I smell the gears starting to smoke Buck. Stop worrying. I meant it. I wanna be your girl. It took you long enough to ask."
You lifted your head up & kissed him. Staring into his eyes once more. Both full of passion & boyish charm. He couldn't help but a sheepish shrug & replied "well, I thought you deserve better than me."
Tilting his chin up slightly with your index finger you answered, "James Buchanan Barnes, there is no one better for me than you. I love you Bucky."
A genuine smile crossed Bucky's face & after so long the feeling of being honestly happy & in love felt brand new again. It was a feeling he could get used to.
"I love you more, y/n."
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old avengers fics were all thor loves pop tarts, tony Literally Never Sleeps, bucky used to be a fisherman or worked at the docks and now lives with steve, coulson loves SuperNanny and idolized Jo, the only degree bruce uses is his M.D, the kitchen is never used for cooking purposes, and clint travels exclusively through the vents
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chained to the rhythm
summary: sebastian accidentally wears that little heart necklace home with him after his photoshoot, much to your surprise... and pleasure.
a/n: i hate myself i hate myself i hate myself this was meant to be barely a drabble but it is 2.5k words :) title is that song by katy perry <3
warnings: smut (18+ only!!!聽fingering, orgasm denial, unprotected p in v, slightly rough sex, necklace pulling/sucking is a thing) teeny praise kink if you squint? cocky sebastian, swearing
no beta/loosely proofread so please excuse errors!
my main masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
When Sebastian brought you along to his latest photoshoot, you weren鈥檛 prepared to witness him in all his glory once again, and you definitely were not expecting to come back to the hotel with ruined panties.聽
After the many risky projects he鈥檚 been a part of lately, Sebastian鈥檚 self esteem has really been knocked down a few pegs. He鈥檚 received plenty of backlash; some of it is justified, but plenty is not. From picking apart projects he鈥檚 worked so hard on, to the outpouring of negative comments about his body, to those stupid critics claiming he only has 鈥榣imited talent鈥 on the screen, Sebastian鈥檚 been feeling down on himself, that鈥檚 for sure.
So to see him so confident in front of a camera again, to see the proud way he presents himself, it makes you so happy. And in more ways than one.聽
Obviously, some of the outfits he was styled in would not have been your first choice of apparel. Apparently obnoxiously mixed patterns and unnecessary layering is considered high-fashion nowadays.聽
But no matter what Sebastian wears (or doesn鈥檛 wear), he always looks incredible to you. And just the way he acts when he鈥檚 comfortable in his own skin is enough to get you worked up.聽
And just his presence wasn鈥檛 enough to get you going, the close proximity would have done it.聽
You got to watch him change into each new outfit, and you knew he knew you were watching. Each time he changed into a different set of clothes, he made sure to catch your eye and practically gave you a strip tease, before his manager told him to hurry up.聽
As he鈥檇 pose, the flirty, sultry stares he gave the camera went straight to your core, and before you know it, you were completely soaked and completely mortified to let Sebastian find out, although you suppose it would boost his self esteem a little.
But the thing that got you going the most, other than the perfect little view of his happy trail headed south from his delicious abs, or his juicy thighs, or his sexy stares鈥 it was that necklace. That stupid piece of silver dangling from around his neck. That adorable, pure, inherently wholesome little heart necklace.聽
One moment, you鈥檙e watching him sprawl across a table. The next, you鈥檙e lost in the filth of your own mind鈥
You imagine tugging on it as he鈥檚 railing you back at the hotel room鈥 sucking on it as he pounds into you mercilessly鈥 using it to stifle back your moans so you don鈥檛 get a noise complaint from your hotel neighbors down the hall, or upstairs, or downstairs鈥β
鈥淵ou ready to go, Sweetheart?鈥 Sebastian鈥檚 voice breaks you from the sinful thoughts you鈥檙e having.聽
鈥淢hm,鈥 you whimper out, swallowing thickly as you let him take your hand in his large one to guide you out of the studio.
It doesn鈥檛 help that he has his hand splayed on your thigh the entire time he鈥檚 driving back to the hotel, squeezing the muscle every now and again as if to make sure you鈥檙e still with him. When you flinch at the first contraction of his fingers, he chuckles lowly in response. He must sense your dazed-out, horny mood, but you don鈥檛 think he realizes it鈥檚 his fault.聽
It doesn鈥檛 help that he has his hand splayed on your thigh the entire time he鈥檚 driving back to the hotel, squeezing the muscle every now and again as if to make sure you鈥檙e still with him. When you flinch at the first contraction of his fingers, he chuckles lowly in response. He must sense your dazed-out, horny mood, but you don鈥檛 think he realizes it鈥檚 his fault.聽
鈥淵ou feelin鈥 okay, Sweetheart?鈥 he asks innocently when he takes note of your flushed appearance and the way that you鈥檙e standing so far away from him in the elevator ride up to your suite.
鈥淗uh?鈥 you come out of your daze for a brief moment.
鈥淵ou look鈥 off,鈥 he notes aloud, but there鈥檚 a small smile on his lips that lets you know he may not be as innocent as he鈥檚 putting on. 鈥淒o you feel alright?鈥澛
鈥淔ine,鈥 you answer in an elevated tone, giving him all the more reason to be suspicious of you.聽
He鈥檚 picking up on each little clue you unintentionally leave for him. And now he thinks he鈥檚 cracked the code.
The final piece of evidence he collects is the moan you have to stifle back when he presses his lips just under the shell of your ear as you fumble with the key card to your room.
Sebastian is a menace, truly.
鈥淪o how鈥檇 you like comin鈥 with me today, Sweetheart?鈥 he asks in an attempt to get more out of you.
鈥淚t was fun,鈥 you give your simple answer, accompanied by a shallow nodding of your head.
鈥淵eah?鈥 he chuckles, taking a step closer to you.聽
鈥淵eah,鈥 you can barely say as your voice gives out on you.
鈥淲hat was your favorite part?鈥 he asks in a low volume as he plants his body in front of yours and wraps his arms around you.
His hands are heavy and firm yet simultaneously feathery and delicate all across your back, and you already feel weak with arousal.
鈥淒efinitely not the leopard print,鈥 you giggle nervously.聽
鈥淢m. Didn鈥檛 ask what you didn鈥檛 like, Sweetheart. Wanna know whatcha did like,鈥 he taunts, moving his hands to grasp your waist firmly as he bends over to press a few soft, slow kisses to the skin of your neck.
鈥淛ust like watching you, Seb. You know that,鈥 you breathe.
鈥淵ou just liked watchin鈥 me? That鈥檚 all?鈥 he mumbles into your neck, already hard under his jeans as he rubs teasingly into your thigh, and you moan at the feeling of that all too familiar bulge pressing into you.
鈥淪eb, please,鈥 you whimper.
鈥淕onna let me see just how much you liked it, pretty girl?鈥 he taunts, and you begin to nod furiously.
The two of you stumble to the bed, lips locked, gasping for air and grasping for each other. He makes quick work to get rid of your cozy cardigan, but opts to leave your shirt and his clothes on for a little while longer. His goal right now is to take care of you.
After teasing, of course.
鈥淥h, Sweetheart,鈥 he tsks, sliding his fingers between your hips and your leggings to expose your soaked panties. 鈥淲ho made you this wet?鈥 he asks, gliding his thick fingers over your covered folds, spreading around your arousal within the fabric.
鈥淵ou did, Sebastian,鈥 you groan as he rubs his thumb over your clothed clit.
Even blindly, the man can still find it.聽
鈥淭hat鈥檚 right I fuckin鈥 did,鈥 he growls, and you just know this has got to be making him feel so good right now. As embarrassed as you are, you do love making him feel proud.聽
鈥淢hm,鈥 is all you can let out.
鈥淎nd so quickly, too, huh? Y鈥檓ust need me almost as much as I need you,鈥 he teases as his large, controlling hands grasp and squeeze harshly at your thighs to keep them apart.
鈥淪ebastian, please,鈥 you moan, feeling the bulge in his pants and the way he tauntingly ruts down into your heat.
鈥淧lease what, pretty girl?鈥 he taunts, caressing your face in a devilishly sweet manner.
鈥淧lease, Seba. Need you t鈥檛ouch me. Need you inside鈥檃 me,鈥 you finally answer.
鈥淭here we go,鈥 he coos, finally tugging off your panties. 鈥淪ee? Wasn鈥檛 so hard after all.鈥
It already seems like too much as he pushes his middle and pointer finger into your entrance, keeping his thumb in place to rub at your clit. Those long, thick fingers reach far inside of you, and he curls them at just the right moment to get a reaction out of you.
鈥淵eah? You like my fingers in your pussy, don鈥檛 you, pretty girl?鈥 Sebastian whispers, voice filthy and proud.聽
鈥淥h, fuck, yes,鈥 you whimper, 鈥淔eels so good, Seb.鈥
His fingers slide in and out of you mercilessly, and if you weren鈥檛 so focused on your impending orgasm, you鈥檇 worry about the state of his thumb that hasn鈥檛 let up its movements, either.
Before long, you feel your high about to wash over you, legs trembling and heart pounding, you let out a groan and Sebastian smirks, knowing it鈥檚 all him.
He knows he鈥檚 the one that makes your heartbeat pick up. He knows he鈥檚 the one who makes the heat pool between your thighs. And he sure as hell knows he鈥檚 the only one who can give you orgasms like this.
And because it鈥檚 all him, he鈥檚 also knows he鈥檚 the one in control.
He feels your walls clench around his fingers, and at the very last second, he pulls his fingers out of you and removes all other physical contact just before your climax.
With a gasp and a high-pitched moan, you watch as he instead brings his hand to his mouth, sliding the digits past his lips to suck your arousal off his fingers.聽
鈥淪o fuckin鈥 sweet,鈥 he groans teasingly.
鈥淪ebastian! I was so close,鈥 you can barely squeak out.
鈥淢m, you were gonna come already? I don鈥檛 think so,鈥 he says, working to get his pants and boxers off and sliding onto the bed in between your legs. 鈥淲anna be inside you when that happens, pretty girl. Wanna feel that tight little pussy come 鈥榬ound my cock. That alright with you?鈥
Nodding desperately, you smile as he dives down to kiss you sweetly, such a juxtaposition to the way he was mercilessly finger fucking you just seconds before.
With such gentleness, he lifts your shirt off of your body, gaping at the beauty you present in just a lacy, pink bralette. Next, you help him get the hoodie off his rock solid body, only to reveal the object that started it all: that shimmery, silver heart necklace.
鈥淪hoot. Forgot to take this off when we left,鈥 he hums, but makes a mental note of the way you bite your lip when your eyes find the necklace dangling on his chest. 鈥淥h. But you don鈥檛 seem to mind it, do you?鈥
With a quiet moan, you shake your head almost shamefully.
鈥淎h,鈥 he chuckles proudly. 鈥淪o it鈥檚 the necklace that鈥檚 gotcha all wound up?鈥
You nod frantically, and his breathy, cocky laughter only continues.
鈥淭his little thing? This pretty little heart necklace? Oh, what a dirty girl you are,鈥 he teases, reaching up to hold your face, then rubbing his thumb against your cheek.聽
Without warning, he pushes his impossibly hard cock into your heat. You feel every ridge, every vein, every single divot and curve against your walls, and for a second, your breath is caught in your throat, unable to say anything. Sebastian doesn鈥檛 wait to start his thrusts, and they鈥檙e harsh, desperate, and uncalculated. And right now, you wouldn鈥檛 want it any other way.
鈥淔uck, honey,鈥 he grumbles from above you, and your eyes are fixed on that silver chain dangling from around his neck each time he pounds into you. 鈥淟ove the way you take me,鈥 he groans, massaging your thighs with his large hands.
His motions never ease up; it鈥檚 the same rapid, bruising pace of his hips slamming into yours, hands planted on your thighs to press them up and keep you nice and wide for him. With every thrust he gives you, that little heart swings in front of your eyes, and you finally give in to the temptation.
You grab him and press him down close enough to you so you can begin kissing his shoulders and collarbone, and when your lips graze the chain, you take it into your mouth with a sultry moan, gazing up at him as you begin to play with the little charm in your mouth. Rolling it around on your tongue, you let your pink muscle slide into the silver frame of the shape before grabbing the sides of the chain to physically pull him closer into you.
鈥淥h, fuck, (Y/n),鈥 Sebastian moans above you, ocean-blue eyes blown wide with lust from watching you suck on the little pendant. 鈥淕onna make me come so fast lookin鈥 like that. You鈥檙e such a dirty girl. You鈥檙e my dirty girl.鈥
Although you can barely keep your eyes open, you buck your hips up even further to meet his downward thrusts, and with a cry, you feel his thick cock tap right up against your cervix. He reaches down to where your bodies join together, bringing you closer to the edge. All you can do is whimper around the little silver heart in your mouth, keeping Sebastian close to you.
鈥淐鈥檓on, pretty girl. Come on my cock. Lemme see how good I make you feel,鈥 he breathes as his rough thumb assaults your clit.聽
鈥淪eb鈥 m鈥檛here,鈥 is all you can pant out, fingers letting go of the chain and instead going to the rolling muscles of his back, digging your nails into his flesh.
鈥淥h, I know,鈥 Sebastian says, letting out a small whimper when your nails pinch a little too harshly against his skin. But he loves it. 鈥淚 feel you, Honey. Tight pussy鈥檚 beggin鈥 to come. Go ahead and come for me,鈥 he encourages.聽
It only takes a few more of his thrusts before you feel the fire in your belly absolutely explode, and you can鈥檛 contain the screams that exit your throat. Finally, you release the little chain from the warm confines of your mouth as you throw your head back against the pillows.
鈥淔uck!鈥 you curse, followed by a scream as your heavily built up, long awaited orgasm rips through your body, making your entire body a quivering mess.
Sebastian also comes undone with a shout of his own, and you feel surge after surge of his white hot release shoot inside of you, covering your interior walls.
He snakes his hands behind your back to pull you up and hold you close to him, not bothering to pull out just yet, but still wanting to be close. The coolness of the chain presses against your bare chest, making you whimper. And when you feel his spend leak out of you and drip down your thigh, and you shudder at the feeling.
鈥淕ood girl,鈥 he praises, rubbing your tired thighs before moving up to caress your sweat-sparkling face, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e my sweet girl, aren鈥檛 you?鈥
You can鈥檛 help the tears that escape, from the way you were overstimulated, and the care Sebastian takes for you. It鈥檚 all so overwhelming. But you feel so blissed out.
鈥(Y/n)?鈥 he asks when he sees the tears leave your eyes, 鈥淥h, fuck, did I hurt you, Sweetheart?鈥
鈥淣o, it felt鈥 incredible, Seb,鈥 you reassure him, managing to pull a smile onto your lips as you try to catch your breath.
鈥淵ou sure?鈥 he asks nervously and with a pant, fearful he may have gone overboard with the teasing or that he was too rough with you.
鈥淧ositive. Just鈥 Just need a moment,鈥 you breathe.聽
鈥淥h, okay,鈥 he smiles and nods back, grabbing your face in his hands and his thumbs run over your cheeks. 鈥淚t wasn鈥檛 too much for ya?鈥
鈥淣o. God no,鈥 you chuckle breathily. 鈥淚 love seeing you like this, Seb. Love seeing you so comfortable in your own skin and confident in your many鈥 talents,鈥 you smile, grabbing his cheeks and pulling him into you for a kiss.
鈥淵eah?鈥 he wonders, and you nod in return. 鈥淲ell, maybe you should come to my photoshoots more often.鈥
鈥淚 wouldn鈥檛 be opposed to that,鈥 you breathe as a smirk plays on his lips.
鈥淚 also don鈥檛 think I鈥檒l be returning this necklace anytime soon,鈥 he teases, leaning down to kiss you once more.
鈥淵ou鈥檇 better not.鈥
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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bill-weasley 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) 鈥 dir. Joe Russo & Anthony Russo
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Steve (grey) texting Bucky (blue)
Tumblr media
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nkp1981 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Who will impress the judge Nick Fury and win 'Masterchef Avengers'鈥?
Tumblr media
Part 2: https://bit.ly/3JNHRzn
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if you look closely you can see how she got less sexualized in every movie
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sad that it took nearly 10 years
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Morally ambiguous character with long hair and a tragic backstory: [exists]
Tumblr media
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smol-bean-buchanan a year ago
Tumblr media
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