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#the winter soldier

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
AU: Fake Dating AU
Description: Natasha makes you feel bad about being single and how your apartment looks. Sam and Steve annoy Bucky about dating. Seems only fair that you both fake it to show them that it doesn’t make a difference. But what if it does?
Warnings: Fluff, food, smut, 18+, fingering, f/m smut, not beta read.

Masterlist // Spiral of Feelings Masterlist


In the last days you both were getting more used to the basic things a couple would do. Sleeping at each other’s apartments, kissing in front of other people, going on little dates like a long walk or swimming. Again, it felt good, natural, but was overshadowed by the knowledge of it not being a real thing. You were just faking it. None of it was going to have an influence on the future. Somehow that hurt to think about every evening when you were going to bed alone.

Today wasn’t one of those days. He was sleeping over again and you started to become a big fan of being randomly hugged from behind while you made yourself a snack or worked on your desk.
What you hadn’t seen as normal was kissing when nobody was watching, cause there was no need to. Why keep up the facade when nobody was there to see?
Bucky apparently didn’t care about that memo and greeted you with a kiss like it was the most natural thing ever and you reciprocated cause you had not enough self-restriction to stop yourself from doing so. It just felt good to be needed, even if it was just for a few weeks.
“Uh, hey.” He smiled three centimeters from your face.
“Hey.” You answered and felt his lips again. He just didn’t want to stop doing this, you felt good right where you were and you didn’t even know. Well, maybe you knew. It was kinda obvious since you both were the only people in the room.
“Bucky…” You chuckled.
“Hm?” He grinned.
“We’re alone.” You smiled with a hot face.
“And what about it?” He mumbled before kissing you again, begging internally that you would get the memo.
“Why would you kiss me when we’re alone?” You giggled at the way he held you.
“Hm, take a wild guess.” He chuckled before landing another kiss.
Wait, what did he mean? Did he have feelings for you? Was he dared to- no, nobody knew this was fake.
“James, I-” You frowned and he got concerned, “You shouldn’t- We shouldn’t-.”
You never called him by that name, something was on your mind and he let you speak.
“I don’t think I could do this without it being fake,” you whispered and looked down.
“That’s okay. I want you to be comfortable,” he answered caressing your face.
“I am. Well, I’m most of the time. It’s just-” you exhaled, “-I don’t want it to not work as soon as it’s actually real. I’d rather get murdered than feel all that shit again.”
“That won’t happen. You’re my ride or die,” he mumbled before kissing your forehead.
You looked up again, “Give us time, please?”
“Of course.” His hand caressed your face slowly.
“Can you kiss me again though? I kinda like that part of it.” You gave a little smirk.
With a chuckle he gently held you and leaned down for another kiss.

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pairing: bucky barnes x reader

warnings: descriptive violence, graphic descriptions of crime scenes, angst, slow burn

word count: 3k

description: au detective!bucky barnes x investigative journalist!reader;

still wet behind his ears, detective barnes is given his very first homicide case, a woman no one seems to care about had been murdered. it’s only when investigative journalist reader brings the small details to his attention that he realizes there’s a bigger problem. a serial killer no one was paying attention to.


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with all this time to kill thanks to quarantine, i’d love to start a stucky rp, if anyone is interested? i’m fine with writing for either steve or bucky (tho lately i’ve been wanting to write bucky) and am fine with a canon or au plot. message me if interested!

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pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader, social media au

summary: You’re a college student, you’re mad angry, Bucky ruins your paper, that’s not good is it?

chapter warnings: swearing, that’s all I guess, minor angst?


a/n: This is it. I finished it. I’m going to cry. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYONE THAT WAITED FOR NEW CHAPTERS, FOR EVERYONE THAT REBLOGGED AND COLLECTELY WENT MAD AND THAT CURSED ME AND THAT TOLD ME THEY LOVED THE STORY AND THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME! Thank you so much for always respecting when I needed time and for caring about me even if it meant not having an update. I recognize every single one of you who make commented reblogs. Thank you all for much! This is inspired by the amazing masterpieces of @sunmoonandbucky, @brooklyn-boy, @heli0s-writes, @seasaurusrrex, and others!



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                   Chapters 1-25   Chapter 26   Chapter 27  

                              Chapter 28   Read It On AO3

Bucky and Joss finally got their chance to pilot a quinjet together on their way from New Zealand to Australia.  Since it was Joss’s first time flying a quinjet, she acted as Bucky’s copilot, although she suspected that she would always have trouble getting Bucky to let her fly left seat.  She didn’t care.  She just wanted to enjoy the experience.  

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“Kneel down.”

The asset kneels.

“Why does it do that?”


“Obey you.”

“It’s designed to obey.”

“But why does it obey when it knows it’s going to be punished?”

Rumlow doesn’t answer him, turns back to the asset. “Neck.”

The asset bares its throat. Rumlow prods him with the stun baton and grins as its body convulses and falls forwards onto its hands.

“Get up.”

The asset obeys, limbs trembling and breath stuttered.


The asset bares its throat once again. Rumlow pets its cheek briefly before lining up the baton again.

“See, it knows where its loyalties lie.”

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From Hydra to Hero - Chapter 1 (Avengers x Blue!OC)

Next Chapter / From Hydra to Hero-Masterlist

Summary: This is the first diary entry of Blue, an 18-year old girl, who got recruited by the world’s mightiest heroes: The Avengers. She’s writing down her story so you know how she became the person she is today.

Words: 1,667

Warnings: language (you should know by now), strict father, strict childhood, Hydra (is that a warning?)

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pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader, social media au

summary: You’re a college student, you’re mad angry, Bucky ruins your paper, that’s not good is it?

chapter warnings: swearing, that’s all I guess, minor angst?


a/n: Just ONE MORE CHAPTER LEFT EHEHHE DO YALL THINK THERE’LL BE TIME FOR A HAPPY ENDING? jk is gonna have a happy ending bc i can’t have smth end bad don’t worry yall! This is inspired by the amazing masterpieces of @sunmoonandbucky, @brooklyn-boy, @heli0s-writes, @seasaurusrrex, and others!



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another week done, another set of recommendations. i hope you’re into these and i really hope you guys check these writers out if you haven’t already. honestly didn’t read a lot this week because i was a little depressed, but we are here now and we are gonna have a good week!


1. Fernweh Collection by @captain-kelli - this one-shot series about travelling to different places in the world is absolute gold and has given me the itch to go back out and travel. i can’t wait for this quarantine to be over because i’m getting restless wanting to see the world. what a cool concept and i’m excited to read the other places this one shot series takes me. you’re brilliant babe ✈

2. Rainy Day Cuddles by @southerngracela - i was having a really bad day and i needed some love and affection and this really pulled through. it’s sweet and soft and i just want to cuddle now. and i might re-read it after this because i’m feeling a little soft today and i just need some love. thank you for sending this to me  🤍

3. catch me if i fall by @dolce-peach - it’s literally my favorite trope and i will never get tired of someone getting injured and the mass of feelings that follow. ever. if i ever say i’m sick of people doing this, please seek help for me because i have lost all happiness in life. i loved this, good job 💘

4. Kiss Goodbye by @jbbarnesnnoble - do you need a good cry? because when i tell you i was sobbing reading this. i mean like it’s going to hurt a lot… so proceed with caution because this really hurt me and i cried and then i told mel that she doesn’t have the right to do that to me. but it’s good either way and sometimes you just need to cry you know? (but seriously who gave you the right) 😭

all can be found on my ficrecs page and if you have any recommendations please send them in! 

the weather is getting nice, soak up some sun, vitamin d helps with depression 🌞

drink some water, and go to your yearly doctor’s visits guys. you wanna catch everything before it actually becomes a problem 💘

much love, 


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Stages — James Buchanan Barnes.

Summary: When Andromeda suddenly appear in the 40’s, she has to deal with how things turn upside down. Different country, different language, different behaviours, she has to rely on this very, very sweet family to learn and adapt to her new life.

Warnings: TW //: Mentions to rape, pedophilia and rape, but nothing actually graphic.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Mutant!OC

Words: 1,1K

A/N: I’ve been wanting to do this project a long time ago and I finally had the gut to do so. Basically happens trough all of Bucky’s stages, from the Brooklyn kid to the war survivor and avenger alongside with Sam. Each part of him will have from two to three chapters but it’ll all be a big work that will be posted in longer chapter on AO3 soon enough. Kudos and feedback are always welcome! 🍑✨


Part One

The first time it happened, she was nothing but a child, fourteen and naive.

Winds roared over the pines’s crown, crows stopped their cawing as the pale light of the moon downed upon the earth, sending it’s shadows all around. The winter breeze seeps trough the cracks of the house and the floor boards creaks under the weight of feet. It’s hunting season, auntie Jackie once told her, when animals gather inside their dens, under the earth and inside hollow trunks, and the steam of boiling water cause kettles to whistle. Her mother must’ve been making tea for her father, an habit she longed to have with her own significant other in the future.

That specific night she felt oddly aware of everything surrounding her: the coldness clinging to her skin that seemed to never absorb the heat, those shivers running down her spine from time to time, the smallest of sounds from outside. It was overwhelming and started to weight on her limbs. Troughout the entirety of the day she felt numb, only to feel everything come together and crumbling over her with a dizzying sensation.

When everything started spinning, she got up and tried to reach for the door, her tongue heaved when she dared to try and scream for her mother and than it happened. It was so quick. In the blink of an eye, she was somewhere else.

Rain poured on her, cold and aching with thick droplets soaking her hair and pajamas, sticking it everywhere. It was still dark, but the snow was gone and so was the forest. Looking around, the rough stone street felt familiar yet she knew that she never set foot there ever before, lamps barely illuminated the starless night but she could still distinguish the enlistment posts hanging from every wall. Her eyes snapped open. The date and the overly patriotic papers everywhere, they were in war. What a strange dream.

Barefoot, she hugged her form to try and stay at least a bit warmer and started to walk down the sinuous streets. Although unknown, that place held that familiarity that crushed the girl’s bones, and, turning the first corner, she’s met with the faint light of burning cigarettes and soft jazz slipping from the closed windows of the building behind. She walked until the group came into better view and a relieved sigh left her lungs.

“Hello?” She calls out, strong accent dripping from her tongue, poor english and chattering teeth did not help much. “I need help.”

Only two of them turned, grinning rather wickedly, the tallest bending over to match her height and reaching out to her shoulder with bony fingers. He was now at eye level with her and they wondered down her body, seeing trough the cream fabric of her clothes. She gulped, trying to ignore he lump forming in her throat, already regretting her decision when he parted his lips and the smell of cheap liquor hit her.

“Are you lost, little one?” He chants, almost kneeling now. She flinches, taking a careful step back as another chill runs down her spine. “What now, don’t be rude, love.”

The other then grabs her wrist, pulling her closer to them abruptly.

“There’s nothing to be scared of, bunny. We’re not going to hurt you.”

“Let go of me!” She blurts out, closing her eyes when she automatically kicks one in his groin and pulls her arm from the other. The man screams, falling to his side with his hands between his legs and she runs away.

The others pretended nothing happened. They just stood there, smoking from their their cigarettes, sipping from their glasses. Even when she looked over to them with a silent plead for help, they only turned away. Tears streamed down her face, every ounce of courage dying with her energy as her steps became wobly and uncertain, obliging her into a slower pace.

Streets now looked all the same, just like the panick coursing trough her body, their yelling a few meters behind filling her head and mixing with billions of thoughts that fought for space. It was confusing. She couldn’t even concentrate or think straight.

So she enters an alley, the first one she sees because she could feel them getting closer but there was no way out on the end of it. She presses her back flat against the wall, trying desperately to become part of it, nails digging trough the slime on the wet bricks, scratching the hard surface as their shadows towered over her from the entry of the alley.

“Really tought you could hide from us, bunny?”

“Stay down, you little shit!” The thug screams, hitting the blonde boy right in the ribs. The sun was bright after a stormy night, and again, Steve Rogers tried to be a hero. People walked on the streets but nobody payed attention to the boy being beaten. He rises from the ground and put his fists in front of his face, bloody smirk blooming with his confident yet shaky stance.

“I can do this all day.” He breathes out, mocking them. And the next thing he knows is his body crumbling over the trash cans and falling on top of something that winced and hissed. Steve, yet slim and almost weightless, was enough to make her squirm in her unconscious state. He falls on his back and rolls, another set of punches are thrown and another voice comes up, scowling at the thug beating someone half of his size, but Steve was too caught up to even listen.

“You need to stop doing this, punk. I’m not gonna be here to save your skinny ass all times and-”

He stops in his tracks, voice jumping in the cliff of his throat. Steve is bent over this girl’s body, and she didn’t look very well.


There’s a moment of silence and she can identify pieces of paper and plastic being lifted from her face and shoulders.

“What did they do to her?” Bucky kneels down beside her and touches her face where it still hurts when she squint her eyes. His voice filled with disgust.

Supporting the nape of her neck, he pulls her up. It’s better to breathe when her back is not pressed on the cold ground, the warmth of his hands around her body helping her start to come to her senses.

“It wasn’t them.”

“Miss?” He calls, touching her cheek to make her look at him. Her eyes were glossy and unfocused. “Do you understand me?”

She blinks sometimes, mouth dry and blinded by the sunlight, but slowly, a pair of pretty safire eyes hover over hers. She turns, the tiny guy smiles but flinches a bit when he takes in how ragged her form is. With a nod, she tries to get up but her knees falter. Bucky immediately lifts her up in his arms and she finally feels how much her limbs ache, barely being able to stay conscious.

“Let’s take her to ma. She’ll know what to do.

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Bullies: *beating up skinny Steve*

Steve: you guys had better stop, or I’ll call for help!

Bullies: oh yeah, who ya gonna call?

Steve: ghost busters

Bucky, appearing out of nowhere and punching a guy in the face: dun un un un un un

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Hi there I’m a bisexual and muslim woman of color so mistreatment of minorities is an issue very close to me. I’m also a big ass marvel fan so here’s the rest of the post:

Shout-out to Steve Rogers who in some world is fighting for my acceptance and my rights as a minority in many senses. Somewhere Captain America is fighting for me by fighting for women’s rights, LGBT rights, the acceptance of Muslims in the US, and against white privelege. Now I know it’s not ideal to have a white male be the hero in this situation, but he’d be the one protecting the protesters from being hurt by police and honestly, if that’s getting done then who fucking cares if it’s a white dude if he’s helping that much and making such a difference. It’s a comfort to think about a world where I’d have that. I can’t help but wonder what things would be like if he were in the real world and what he’d do about everything going on. Such a shame he isn’t here. Guess we have to be our own heros and each other’s heros. Be safe everyone.

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Concept: These three men starring in a movie together.


Nothing too action filled, but dramatic in a thrilling way. I have no clue what the plot would actually be, however, I know it would be a masterpiece.

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Author: coffeencontemplation

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 750

Warnings: Angst if you squint. Super brief references to violence. Mention of nightmares, caused by said violence. Some gentle soft comfort fluffy slightly angsty stuff.

A/N: I wrote this last night, with the intent of waking up and posting it today but! Things happened and now its 1 am again so.. Here we are! 


Originally posted by buckythefarmer

Waking up and rolling over, instinctively reaching out in search of warmth, only to find the other side of the bed cold and desolate always stung.

But it was a common occurrence.

James Buchanan Barnes had seen a lot in his lifetime.

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