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#the winter solider
agirlwhoisaphantom · a day ago
First Thanksgiving - Bucky Barnes x Reader
Author's Note: Something short and sweet for today. Happy Thanksgiving!!
Warnings: None, Fluff
Tumblr media
It's eleven in the morning. You had been in the kitchen for the past hour making food.
Bucky walks into the kitchen as his senses are invaded with the smell of pumpkin pie.
He goes over to you, placing his left hand on your waist as you were making mashed and kissing you on your temple "that smells amazing Doll." he softly said as he walked away. "Do you need help with anything?"
"Can you grab the carrots and cut them? Thank you." you pointed to a sealed bag with the carrots as you smiled at him.
For years, you and Bucky weren't fans of the holidays since you both didn't have anyone to spend it with, but that changed when you two got together.
Bucky wanted to experience every little thing with you. Even if that meant going outside of his comfort zone. Of course, he would always tell you if he didn't want to do something, and you wouldn't push him to do it.
He grabbed a spoonful of the mashed potatoes you made and softly groaned in pleasure as he closed his eyes, tilting his head back ever so slightly. "I don't even want to share this with the rest of the others." he chuckled.
You couldn't help but giggle a little bit. "I'll make sure to serve you the biggest plate of mashed potatoes then."
Once you finished making the food, you went straight away to get ready. You did a simple makeup look with a baggy beige knitted sweater, blue jeans, and curly hair.
Meanwhile, Bucky was wearing a maroon undershirt with a black jean jacket and pants.
Walking out to the living room as you had your shoes on the on your hand. "Doll, I have a small surprise for you." He goes over to the kitchen, grabbing a small basket with a wine glass, your favorite candy, a small lotion, fussy socks, and a folded piece of paper.
As he walked in your direction, you were in a state of awe. Your eyebrows rose, your cheeks were a faint rosy color, and your hand was placed on your chest near your heart. "You didn't have to." you smiled at him as you grabbed the note, opening it up reading it.
Finishing the letter he wrote, you jumped into his arms and hugged him, trying your best not to tear up. "I'm thankful for you too."
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lanadelreyscokewhor3 · 19 hours ago
Pairing: MobBoss!Buckyx Female!Reader
Word Count: 1.1k
Summary: You’ve been teasing Bucky all day and he’s had enough. Meet him in his office at 11pm sharp... and don’t make him ask twice. 
Warnings:  swearing, pet names, daddy kink, degradation cock warming, restraints ( readers hands are tied) 
Tumblr media
“ Don’t make me ask twice.” 
The husky voice echoed in your head like a church bell, bouncing around your head, his whispers taunting you. His voice cut through your mind sharp as glass as you slowly peeled of the crimson satin dress, hands shaking with anticipation.
 Your reflection gazed back at you from the foggy mirror of your bathroom, your breasts heavy and aching for Bucky, thighs clenching at the thought of him, and what he would do to you tonight. He had told you not to tease him at his meetings, and yet that’s exactly what you did.
 You were always teasing him, craving his attention and his punishments. The things he’d do to you for disobeying you had you shutter softly, as you brushed your hair across your shoulders, freeing it of any small little tangles. With a shaky breath, you left the bathroom, shutting the door behind you softly. 
As you strutted down the hallway towards Bucky’s office at the end of the hall, you glanced over at the floor to ceiling windows that towered above you. The New York City lights shimmered below you like stars, the dim light lit by the chandeliers showcasing your reflection faintly through the glass. 
Black lace hugged your breasts, with a thong to match. Knee high socks muffled your footsteps as you trotted across the plush carpet towards the door looming at the end of the hall.
 Lets pray to god I haven't hurt his feelings too much… you thought, secretly hoping he’d be rougher with you. 
Like a kid eyeing the brightest sucker through the candy store window, you scurried along to see what was waiting for you on the other end of Bucky’s door.
Tap tap tap
 Your knuckles brazed against the mahogany door, waiting for his voice.
 “Come in.” a deep voiced called softly from the other side of the door. With a creak, you slipped inside the room, shutting the door softly behind you. 
You glanced around, taking in your surroundings. You hadn't been in Bucky’s office many times, as he didn't like you to see him stress out with clients. The office was clean and crisp, well cut around the edges. The table lamp in the corner of his desk illuminated his figure dimly, as well as the papers sprawled across his desk in heaps. His piercing ocean blue eyes met yours, hazy and lust filled. His suit jacket was thrown across the couch nearing the wall, his tie laid across the mess of paperwork.
 “ Lock the door котенок.”
You gulped as he beckoned you over to him with his fingers, the rings gleaming in the pale light. You slowly let your hand off the door handle and took a small step forward. 
“ Oh don’t be shy now baby. You weren't so shy earlier today were you?” he taunted, and you shoke your head and looked at your feet. 
“ Come котенок. I don’t bite.”
You scurried over to him, not wanting to push his buttons anymore them you already had. His dark hair was messy, it looked so soft and delicate. You longed to run your fingers through it and tug gently. But you knew if you did you’d be punished even more.
 You liked when Bucky was rough, but when you pushed him too much, he wouldn't give you any attention at all. That was the worst punishment by far. 
He rolled up his crisp white sleeves, patting his knee as an invitation for you to take a seat. You happily listened, straddling his thigh. It was quiet enough you could hear a pin drop. The slow ticking of the clock echoed through the room, the musky, warm scent of Bucky’s cologne was all you could smell as you perched upon his thigh. 
“ Do you know why you're here sweetheart?” Bucky murmured softly and you nodded.
 “ Speak.”
“ Because I disobeyed you and distracted you today Daddy I’m so sor-”
“ Shhhhh” he cut you off with a slow delicate stroke to your cheek. You nuzzled into his touch, embracing the warmth. “ You’ve been very naughty today baby. Distracting me all day. You just couldn't keep that little whore of a cunt to yourself for an hour could ya sweets? Bending over with no panties on in front of me just to tease.” 
You whimpered softly as he began to bounce his knee slowly. Your slick began to leak onto his pants and he chuckled, his grin hungry.
 “ I know how you can make it up to me кукла. You desperate little whore, just begging to be used like a fucking toy.” he growled, bouncing his knee harder and you gripped onto his shirt, clinging for dear life. Suddenly he stopped. 
You stood up slowly, knees wobbling as you grabbed onto the desk for balance. He chuckled, reaching behind you to grab the black tie he had discarded earlier. 
“ You alright there Bambi?” he teased, starting to tie your hands together with his tie.
 “ Yes Daddy.”
 “Hmmm” he hummed, finishing up the knot with a tug. Bucky began to unbuckle his belt slowly, unbuttoning his pants and allowing his massive length to spring free. Your mouth watered at the sight, his thick cock swollen and dripping with pre cum. 
“ Sit.” Your eyes nearly bulged out of your head as he began to slip you out of your thong and urging your thighs to wrap around him.  “Wha- what?” “ You heard me. Don’t tell me that baby brain has gone dumb hmm?” he mocked, sinking you down in his lap.
 “ Don’t be shy honey.”
 With that you lined your self up, sinking down on him slowly as he filled you up. A loud moan escaped your lips as you threw your head back. He growled, kissing and biting along your neck. 
“ So warm and tight for me котенок. You’re dripping all over me.” You moaned loudly as he bottomed out inside you, and you wrapped your tied hands around his neck. You snuggled into his chest and rocked your hips slightly, causing a hiss to escape his lips.
 “ Feels so good daddy… Please let me move.” you murmured against his chest. He chuckled lowly. Oh no. 
“ No moving котенок. Not a single movement. You’re going to keep daddy warm while he finishes the work you made him behind on.” 
A whimper escaped your throat as he began to start scratching down words across the pages. This was going to be hell. You wanted nothing more than to ride him, feel him thrust deep into you hard and rough...
 “ No moving sweets. None. Or you wont be walking for a week.” 
Oh you were in for a very long night at the office indeed. 
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frankopop · 2 days ago
Bucky: I didn't drink that much vodka last night Steve-
Steve: You were flirting with Y/N.
Bucky: Ok, so what? He’s my boyfriend! I have all the reasons to flirt with him!
Steve: You asked if he were dating anyone at the time.
Steve: And then you cried and passed out on the floor when he said he weren't single.
Bucky: I can explain-
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buzz-season · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
marvel cinematic universe? more like the bucky barnes getting annoyed when people throw things at him cinematic universe
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petersspideysense · 8 months ago
something about anthony and sebastian acting out different iconic characters from movies but sebastian not being able to make a straight face and anthony taking it so seriously is so iconic
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vi-trying-to-survive · a month ago
Mission Melancholy
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x f! Reader
Warnings: There’s some stabbing and hospital angst, but ends with lots of fluff :) 💖
Summary: (Y/N) gets hurt during a mission and wakes up to find Bucky waiting for her.
A/N: I hope you guys like this one !! 💖💖 Please let me know if you did or if you have any ideas on how I can improve my writing :) K hope you guys have a great day 💖💖💖
Ducking under the fist that flew through the air, (Y/N) blew a strand of hair that had come loose out of her face, bringing her head back up to kick the heavily-dressed man back, making him stagger backwards a few steps. Groaning, she glared furiously at her feet, flinging the glittering stilettos off them. Hearing a chuckle, she rolled her eyes at the man on her left, "Babe, don't even, you have no idea what those are like". A few painful thumps followed before he responded, clearly amused, "Whatever you say Doll".
Focusing her full attention back to the men in front of her, she yanked the weighted gun out from her hidden holster, confidently making shots, eardrums used to the familiar ringing. Spotting the leader escape through the glass doors into the pitch-black, her gaze flickered to Bucky, "Go".
He began to protest, torn between her and the target, "But I-".
"Bucky, shut up and go", she responded turning to face him, aiming and landing two bullets in the man behind him, giving him a pointed look, "I can handle myself".
Frowning, he groaned defeatedly, taking off in the same direction, leaving her to the henchmen.
Sighing, she shook her head, eying the men surrounding her, before running and throwing herself onto one of them, pointing and shooting with the other, causing two of them to go limp and fall to the ground, as he collapsed to the ground, the impact of his skull against the hard tile, creating an unpleasant thump. Pushing herself of the ground, she peered at the last one, squeezing the trigger as she lined up the shot, frowning profusely when she was met with blank clicking noises, "Oh come on". The man seeing her sudden weakness, lunged forward, sinking a sharp-edged blade deep into her stomach. Her eyes flickering to the worn handle that stuck out from her body, she scowled at him, "Rude", yanking it out, a blooming heat spreading from the wound, ramming herself toward him, knocking him to the ground. Flipping herself back up, she twisted her fingers around the first thing she saw, a broken chair leg, swinging it into his face.
Panting, she lowered herself to the ground, leaning on the pristine, cream-colored walls, pressing her palm against the gash, cursing when it stained her skin a deep crimson. Clutching the bloodied knife in her hands, she jaggedly cut the skirt of her dress, holding the silky, navy material against the blooming spot on her lower torso, a burning sting spreading through her body. Her eyes fluttered dangerously, the room beginning to blur and spin as her head lolled side to side, her mind cloudy and disobedient though she knew she should stay awake. "Just a second", she spoke in unusually hushed tones, shutting her eyes, the world around her going dark.
Tugging the seat closer to the bed, he couldn't help but slip his hand in hers, swiping his palm across his forehead in frustration and guilt, the sound of the dim, monotonous monitors beeping in the background mixed with voices of doctors and patients outside the room. They had told him that he could go back, wash up and return in the morning, but he couldn't bear to leave her, not like this, the thought of their shared apartment without her constant, endless giggles was like his own personal hell. The bed too big, too cold without her soft frame snuggled up to his, placing tender kisses against his skin.
The guilt he felt for leaving her poured over him, spilling out, the image of her lying on the patterned tile of the room still too raw in his mind. Crimson handprints marked all around the space around her, a lump of soaked cloth fallen to her side, her body limp on the ground, a dark, blooming stain on her torso, making his heart sink to the bottom of his chest. He scrambled towards her, lightly tapping her face, cursing under his breath at the lack of response, only hope the faint, airy breaths that still escaped her parted lips, as he scooped her into his arms.
He continued to watch her, unable to tear his eyes from her, raising a hand to tuck a strand of her hair behind her head, frowning at the small pieces that were still stiff and matted with blood. Digging around in the chipped, aged bedside table, he pulled a worn-out cloth, dampening it with his bottled water, lightly patting at the knotted, splotched strands, causing the fabric to turn a dreary red-brown color. He ran the wet strand of hair, curling due to the moisture, through his fingers, biting down hard on his lips, trying and failing to control the hot, salty tears that fell down his face, dripping and blotching the bed sheets. Distraughtly wiping his palms across his red-rimmed eyes, he laced his fingers with hers, pulling up her hand to his lips to place a kiss against it, pleading, "Please wake up".
She squinted her eyes, coming to focus on a bright white light in the center of the ceiling, raising a hand to block it out, wrinkling her nose at the clean, sterile smell that surrounded her. A dull ache in her lower stomach made her reach for it, grimacing as she pushed herself up with her elbows, eyes going wide as she felt the rough, textured mesh of gauze, thickly wrapped around her, the memories washing back over her. She smacked her palm against her forehead, how does one forget they got stabbed ?
Blinking rapidly, she urged herself to focus on the room around her, noticing another, empty bed opposite her, the sheets tucked in neatly. The couch in the corner of the room, was sunk in, vaguely making out the shape of another person, with a thin, dull blanket, tousled over it, half of it hanging on the floor, like someone had just left. Her suspicions confirmed when Bucky slugged in, rubbing at his eyes, dark circles under them, a cup of steaming coffee clutched loosely in between his fingers, quick to rush to her side when his gaze focused on her.
Pressing himself gently against her frame, careful not to hurt her, he sighed in relief, reaching a hand to stroke the back of her head, wanting to feel the touch of her skin on his, the image of her slack, unconscious body charred in his mind. Pulling back, the edges of his lips curled down into a frown, "I told you I should have stayed", rubbing along his face in frustration.
Shrugging her shoulders, she sent him a weak smile, "Its fine Buck, I'm fine", placing a hand on his, grimacing at the punctured IV needles under her skin.
"No it isn't, (Y/N) you got stabbed", he exclaimed, gesturing to the chunky bandage wrapped tightly across her torso.
"But you were there and I-", she began, trying to reassure the man who watched her with concern, only to be quickly cut off.
"And what if I wasn't ? What if I didn't get there on time ?", he snapped at her, eyebrows furrowed together, voice becoming for unsteady and hushed as he trailed on, "What if you-".
Cupping his cheek, she tilted his head down to meet her gaze, stroking gently, "Babe, it's a job hazard that can't be avoided, you know that just as well as me", her expression softening when she noticed his red, puffy eyes.
Glancing around the room, he shook his head, moving to sit on the edge of her bed, the cheap mattress sinking in under their collective weight, "I- I know, I just- I don't know what I would have done if- if you-", his words coming out cracked and hesitant, making her heart ache for him.
Shifting closer to him, she rested her forehead against his, delicately running her fingers through his mousy brown locks, whispering, "I- I'm sorry, I'll be more careful next time", tilting her head up to connect their lips, moving together delicately for a sweet kiss. Breaking the kiss, she rested her head on his shoulder, tugging his arm playfully, causing him to chuckle and climb onto the narrow bed with her, deliberately letting half of his body hand of the side, as to give her more room. "Plus one would have to work harder than a stab wound to get me away from you Barnes", she spoke in a mockingly serious manner, pressing her lips together tightly to stifle her giggles, which proved to be ineffective when he rolled his eyes lovingly causing her to burst out into laughter.
~ 1 week later ~
(Y/N) readjusted herself on the pillows, frowning furiously at the fluffy, misshapen lumps, as she tried to reshape them to better suit her needs, aggressively smacking her arms into them, creating dull thumping noises, that overpowered the soft chatter from the television.
Balancing a bowl of popcorn in his arms, Bucky couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the battle that unfolded on their bed, his girlfriend angrily chopping the pillows, oblivious to his figure behind her. Clearing his throat, she spun around to face him, giving him a dead-panned look, "Its not doing its job", promptly going back to the task at hand. Moving closer to her, he set the bowl down on the bedside table, trying hard to push down the growing laughter in his throat, "Doll, I think the pillows had enough conviction for now", lowering himself into the clean, silky sheets, next to her. Grinning widely, she lightly smacked his arm, moving to snuggle in closer to his side, rummaging her hand through the bowl, collecting a large heap of popcorn before stuffing it into her mouth. He couldn’t help but admire her, thick locks pulled up into a messy bun, a few loose strands framing her face, a piece of popcorn sticking to the side of her lips, eyes glittering as she turned to peck his cheek tenderly. Using a free hand he tilted her face back to his, connecting their lips gingerly, before letting his other hand trail up her leg, gently squeezing, causing her to gasp, allowing him to deepen the kiss. She moaned softly into it, curling closer into his frame, letting her fingers tangle themselves in his deep, umber locks, causing a confident smirk to spread across his face.
Pulling away, she nestled closer into his side, tucking her head in the crook of his neck, her arms resting on his chest. Tugging her closer to him, he intertwined their legs, humming contently at the warmth that she radiated, wrapping his arms around her body delicately, pecking the top of her head, whispering “I love you”. An affectionate smile spread across her face, as she cranes her neck to cup his cheek, lovingly stroking the flushed skin, “Love you too, darling”.
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lanadelreyscokewhor3 · 8 days ago
Pairing: Roommate!Buckyx FemaleVirgin!Reader
Word Count: 2.3k
Summary: After a stressful long day at work, your roommate Bucky knows just what you need to ease the tension.
Warnings:  swearing, pet names, SMUT, size kink, daddy kink, fingering, oral ( female receiving), loss of virginity, teasing, cuddles.. uhh i think thats about it!
Tumblr media
 If one more fucking person gets in my way, I am going to kill someone! your thoughts screamed at you so loud you were terrified some of your neighbours would hear them from the front lobby. All day you had been swamped with meetings, phone calls, and endless amounts of numbers. The most painful, long, and boring workday had finally ended at the long-awaited 4 o clock, but so far you had been greeted with an infinite amount of traffic and a pounding headache that just wouldn’t go away.
 All you wanted after your terrible day was to crawl into some cozy pyjamas and cuddle up with your roommate Bucky on the couch. The bunches of people at the very crowded foyer were preventing you from doing just that. You sighed in annoyance, wanting to scream at the top of your lungs.
 Looking up at the crystal chandelier that glimmered above you, you counted backward from ten in your head to try and calm down. Once you saw a path was cleared enough for you to squeeze through, you clutched your dark red handbag tightly over your shoulder and strutted through- booking it for the silver elevators which gleamed like a finish line at the end of the room. After a dozen nudges and “ excuse me’s” later, you had finally clicked the up arrow button blue. It opened slowly and you stepped inside eagerly, thankful for the quiet. You clicked your floor, floor seven, and heard the voices diminish and murmur away into nothing as the firm doors shut with a thud. 
You let go a breath you didn’t even know you had and slumped against the wall. You hated Christmas time. All the families coming to visit from the thousand residents you had in the building. Attempting to push past the mob of people with your little shoes on was a huge pain in the ass. God your feet were killing you from the heels you wore. What you needed was a long hot shower and to see Bucky.
  Ahh yes, you thought with a sigh, humming. Bucky. You recalled the way his big, veined hands would grip the counter ever so slightly whenever the football game was too intense. You wanted them around your throat, grazing all over your body. The way the towel would hang loose on his hips as he’d walk out of the bathroom, his hair wet and messy. His abs were shaped from the gods themselves, chiselled perfectly. His arms were massive you ached for them to carry you. And his eyes. God, you could get lost in his eyes forever, the ocean shade of blue drowning you. The way they gleamed in the sun like millions of crystals-
The ding of the elevator broke you out of your hazy thoughts, the door opening slowly. You stepped out quickly, wanting nothing more than to sit down. You paced down the hallway, the dim lights flickering across your features. Finally, you made it to the end of the hall, and you fumbled for your keys. You opened the door with a creak, the sound of some 80s sitcom playing softly through the tv. 
You stepped inside quietly, not wanting to intrude on anything Bucky was watching. A head of long black tussled hair peeked from over the couch and you smiled, leaning on the wall to slide off your shoes. “ Hey you!” you taunted, him being the first person you were actually happy to see that day. “ I missed you my кролик.” he sighed with a smile as you threw your bag on the kitchen island to scurry over to the couch.
 You let your long hair fall down, grazing your back. He leaned over to turn down the volume on the tv as you unbuttoned your white blouse slightly, needing sweet relief. He reached his arms out, dragging up down to the couch with him and you giggled as he brought you close. “ I missed you too I suppose.” You felt a playful smack to your thigh and you laughed. “ You suppose.” he nuzzled into your hair, spooning you closer to him. The two of you chatted about your day and how utterly terrible it was, Bucky laughing softly when you’d mention the spilled coffee on your desk and the annoying calls that would be forwarded to you. He held you as you rambled about every little issue, stroking your thigh delicately with his fingers, tracing circles. That’s when you noticed. 
Your black pencil skirt had risen quite a bit, and his hand was inching ever so closely upwards. The slit which showcased your thighs did not make matters any better. Heat crashed over your body, butterflies filling your stomach. Bucky was so close to you, stroking you like a violin. You felt him kiss your neck softly, and your breath hitched. You bit your lip enough to draw blood as he nuzzled closer to you, breathing in the sweet sickly smell of your perfume. With another kiss to your neck, you began to squirm, hips bucking involuntarily. He chuckled softly, and you felt it deep in your bones. 
Heat began to pool down to your panties, as you rubbed your thighs slowly for friction that you so desperately needed. Your high-rise knee socks brushed against each other as you tilted your neck back, your hair falling to the side- giving him full access to your neck. “ Oh baby.” He sighed softly, kissing your neck swiftly. You felt as if your skin was on fire as his fingers trailed up to rest on your inner thighs. “ Bucky-” You panted softly and he grinned. “ Yes kitty?” he sympathised, getting you right where he wanted you. Needy and desperate. “ It tingles.” you gasped as he nipped gently at your neck. He loved your innocence, he craved it like a drug. Bucky had wanted this for so long, and now that he finally had you in his arms moldable as putty? He’d never let you go.
“ You poor little thing.” He whispered into your ear, tugging it with his teeth with a nip. “ You want me to make it feel better hmm?”  You nodded frantically, and he pushed you close against him. Oh. He was big. Really fuckin big. He slapped your ass and you moaned so loudly it was embarrassing. His presence had this crazy effect on you, he could barely even touch you and you’d soak down your thighs, just as you were doing now.
 “ Words kitty. Use em and tell daddy what you want.” You instantly tightened around nothing, your hips bucking. His arm held you down firmly in place as you whispered sweet as honey. “ I want you to make the tingles better daddy.” And with that, his hand slid under your skirt, rubbing small circles on your clothed cunt. You cried and he licked and sucked at your neck, leaving bruises that would last for days. “ Shhh кролик.. I’ll give you what you need. Be patient honey.” You moaned loudly as he teased you with the pad of his thumb, applying pressure slightly. “ Daddy... want you-” you murmured, suddenly being picked up by strong arms and thrown across Buckys shoulder as he stood up with a start. 
A desperate cry left your lips, breath getting knocked out of you as he spanked your ass harshly. “ So fuckin needy.” he growled, carrying you to his bedroom. With a thud, you were sprawled across his sheets, panting and cheeks flushed. You felt as if you were going to burn up you wanted him so badly. Your clit was throbbing with need as he slowly unbuttoned your white blouse and shimmed you out of your skirt, eyes filled with hunger as he drank you in. “ My beautiful girl..” he breathed, his gaze staring you down as you unclasped your bra, tossing the black lace down on the floor with the rest of your clothes. 
“ Need you..” You whispered as he pulled off his black tee, showcasing his perfectly toned chest, tattoos littering his collarbone. You couldn’t help but drool as you took him in. Holy shit, you thought with a gasp. He was so beautiful, towering over you like a god.
 “ You know it’s not nice to stare bunny. I’d say you’ve wanted this as long as I have.” 
“ Longer.”
 You confessed, looking down to try and cover your blushing cheeks.
 “ That’s not possible.” He murmured, gripping your legs and jerking you over to the end of the bed. An “oh” escaped your mouth as he dropped to his knees and slowly tugged your panties off. 
“ Because I’ve wanted you since the very first second we met.”
 Slick was running down your thighs, and he hummed in content as you shivered against his grasp. “ Gotta get you ready before I can fuck your brains out sweets.” Bucky lifted your legs round his big shoulders, nuzzling closer to your dripping core. With a smirk plastered upon his face, he blew ever so slightly on your cunt and you wiggled, not used to the sensations. “ Hold still my кролик.” he cooed against your weeping hole and licked a clean swipe across your pussy.
 Your back arched with a loud moan, your toes curling. He began to lick and suck on you like a man starved as you gasped and shuttered in his grasp. You felt as you were floating, desperately needing something to hold onto. By instinct, you ran your fingers through his long dark hair and tugged as he applied kitten licks to your core. A moan escaped him as you tugged tighter, needing him to center you. Oh he liked that, you thought with a shiver, gripping harder. He looked up at you, his ocean blue eyes piercing yours.
 The lust emitted off of him like a second aura and you gasped as he brought his finger up to your cunt and stroked it along your entrance, teasing you. “ Look at me кролик. Look at me as your greedy little cunt takes all that I give her.” he growled, plunging his two fingers in. You cried out, panting as his lips twisted into a cruel smirk. He scissored and pumped into you, your cunt clinging onto him like a vice. 
Your eyes widened as he leaned closer to your clit, and with a dazzling smile, he sucked and nibbled on the little bundle of nerves. You were losing it. You couldn’t hold on anymore, you were flying and tumbling into the core of the earth.
 “ James I’m goin-” 
You squirted all over his face with a scream. He placed little kitten licks along your clit as you shoke from your high, stroking your thighs gently. Bucky stood up slowly, his chin covered in your slick. He began to free himself, sliding down his boxers. Your mouth watered at his length. Jesus he was HUGE. He stroked himself as he lined himself up and- “ OH GOD!” You cried as he thrusted into you.
 “ So tight for me kitten. Prettiest little pussy I’ve ever seen.” He bottomed out into you slowly and you felt yourself clench him tightly. “ Would cha look at that kitty?” he cooed, placing his hand over the bulge in your stomach.
 “ So deep in your guts. Right where I belong.” 
You squeezed him tightly and he chuckled. “ Oh she liked that didn’t she? Needly lil thing.” You whimpered, clawing at his back. “ Buc- Bucky?” “ Yes honey? So cockdruck you can’t even speak huh?” You shoke your head frantically and he growled. “ Mo- move please?” you gasped against him and he chuckled. “ Well, why didn’t you just say so кролик? I’ll always give you what you need.” 
And with that he began to thrust in and out, sucking and biting down your neck to your breasts. You felt your legs shake, arching your back as he swirled his tongue around each nipple, giving your tits the attention they so desperately needed. “ God. I. Love. You.” He murmured against your skin with each thrust. You cried and moaned, squirming as he pounded into you with no mercy.
 The bed shook each time he entered you, so hard you thought it was going to break. But you didn’t care. All you cared about was Bucky, and the way he played your body like an instrument. You began to feel the coil in your stomach start to unravel and stretch, threatening to break. “ Daddy I cant, too much...too good-” you cried, tears leaking out of your eyes.
 “ God honey you look so pretty like this” He cooed, hitting your g-spot harder and harder. “ M’ not goin last too much longer baby your grippin me so tight-”
 You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, tongues and teeth clashing. He swallowed your screams as you came so hard you thought you had died and had gone to heaven. “ Such a good girl.” he praised and you peered up at him with innocent eyes.
 “ Fill me up Daddy?” you whispered, voice horse from crying out his name so many times.
 That was all it took for him to rutt into you and spill his seed into your cunt, cursing in Russian as he filled you up. He caged you in his arms and kissed your neck as the two of you came down from your highs. Your legs were shaking, your mind foggy filled in a haze. Cum seeped out of you as he pulled out gently, and he chuckled as it dripped over on the white linen.
 “ I love you James.” you whispered, placing a hand on his cheek. 
He purred like a cat as you stroked it with your thumb, melting into your embrace. Bucky held you tightly in his arms, stroking your hair gently as you felt your eyes start to droop. 
“ I love you too my ангел. Now close those pretty little eyes and rest, I’ll be right here with you. You did so good for me honey.” he cooed and you sighed, sleep slowly dragging you under its peaceful waves.
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