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#the witcher

We should let Aiden just… have cat ears. While we’re at it, have the Kaer Morons & Vesemir have wolf ears. Fuck it, give Jaskier wings since he’s a songbird. Let flowers grow on him since he’s named after buttercups. We deserve to have a bit of fun here

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WIP from my Instagram stories. Sharing it here just in case I fuck it up when I get to painting it 😂

Finally putting Jaskier in a hat with a feather, but in the way my brain first goes to 🎮

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Jaskier approaching Geralt in that tavern in Posada: You dropped something.

Geralt: What?

Jaskier: Your standards. Hi, I’m Jaskier.

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Straight players. Please, do tell me how you guys don’t just assume that this need of seeing Regis all the time during Blood and Wine is a crush? I mean… Amiright?

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Wifey told me Jask needs to meet Roach and fuck she was RIGHT

warnings: I… went a little horse girl on main? sorry? no triggers, just cuteness. also i was tipsy whilst writing the last half so like… im sorry if theres typos or its unreadable lol


“I’m sorry. I just have to go check on Roach before we go to dinner,” Geralt cringed as he turned away from the restaurant Jaskier had wanted to go to. 

Jaskier just put a foot on Geralt’s dash and made himself comfortable, “Oh what’s wrong with our baby?”

Our baby?” Geralt nearly swerved into a ditch. 

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I need to go to bed, and so may never return to and color this. But here it is, in all it’s glory. Please ignore everyone’s hands.

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Lambert: After all your posturing, your little speeches, you’re nothing but a common thief.

Aiden: I am an exceptional thief, wolf. And since I’m moving up to kidnapping, you should be more polite.

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unpopular opinion:

Kerry is a reincarnated Jaskier

(this explains why I ship him so much with the main character)

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Jaskier would use :3 :3c and >:3c fight me

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my keen weeb senses peg her as another tsundere lil fang type

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Aiden: *in Lambert’s lap* Pay attention to me.

Lambert: We we’re just making out two seconds ago…?

Aiden: I don’t see your point.

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Just to let everyone know, when Series 2 of ‘The Witcher’ is finally released, I’ll be cancelling everything else that day. Don’t bother trying to make plans or contact me when that day comes.

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Aiden: *unlacing shirt* Gods, it’s so hot in here.

Lambert: I know that but… why are you opening my shirt?

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