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i wouldnt mind those non-human dandelion aus so much if they’d just actually use dandelion and not j*skier for one and for two make him a bimbo. like ive said it before i wouldnt mind it if he was just some slutty annoying mermaid but it has to be fun and sexy

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Awww thanks so much 💕 I developed this idea in my most recent Jaskel fic (with some minor Lambert/Aiden scenes sprinkled in between), and that’s when it hit me. What if?

I love the idea of empath Aiden hiding how sensitive he is to other people’s energies because of the whole Cat School stygma, and also not wanting people to touch his bare skin. There are exceptions - they are Lambert (because Aiden has a deep connection with him), children (because most kids have this innocence about them that leaves Aiden feeling soft) and animals (because they’re very easy to read).

More to follow in my WIP probably, I just love empath Aiden 😍

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Honestly, you know what I want in season two?

A scene with Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri all fighting a horde of enemies together.

Like, you know that scene from Rare Species (no not that one) where Yen and Geralt fought together against the Reavers? Something like that, but instead of just the two of them being a Power Couple, they’re a Power Couple of Parents. Mom ‘n Dad kickin’ ass with their Powerful Daughter. Nothing says Fun Family Outing like slaying a horde of monsters.

Like, we’ve seen the three of them Fuck Shit Up, but I want to see them Fuck Shit Up as a family.

Bonus: Yen and Geralt do another kiss like the one in the cave but this time Ciri’s in the background fighting a bunch of enemies and yelling “Do you have to do that now?”

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A present for Duanna

Ever since I read chapter 2 of @clydethistles Had We But World Enough and Time I couldn’t help but imagine Tissaia’s furrowed brow with Leus urging her to leave a feather for Yennefer. So here’s a simple drawing of just that :) 

Hope you enjoy it!

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Lambert: When we first met, I gave my crush my favorite knife.

Aiden: That’s sweet. You gave me your knife when we first met too! I think it’s cute you give all your friends knives.

Coën, confused: You never gave me a knife when we first met?

Lambert: *gives Coën a “god fucking shit god damnit” look*

Coën, realizing what’s happening: Oh. OH.

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modern witcher au where geralt is still a witcher and yennefer is still a sorceress

but jaskier is a magician. yenn and geralt have NO IDEA how he does magic. they know it’s not real. they know there’s a trick. but they can’t figure it out and it pisses them off

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hi just a question…. in the first episode of the witcher is the only weapon renfri leaves geralt with his silver sword…… pls someone say yes and let me break my own heart

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Jaskier, the son of a powerful crime family, hires Geralt, the best contract killer money can buy, to protect him from his father, who is angered by Jaskier’s refusal to join the family business.

The John Wick AU only me and two others asked for.

CW: discussions of potentially major character death but no actual killing happens (which is weird for a John Wick AU, I think)


Geralt knew the day was going to be a shitshow from how weak the barista had made his tea, wincing at the taste as he sat down at a table at the back corner of the coffee shop, his back and left side covered by the walls.

The poor-quality drink was in good company, as the middle of the egg and ham sandwich he ordered for his breakfast was still frozen in the middle. Geralt tried not to feel too frustrated at the kid behind the counter. Geralt didn’t recognize him and seeing as he came in for breakfast weekly to this little hole-in-the-wall coffee place and since he hadn’t had any recent out of town contracts, the kid had to be new.

And was clearly still learning the ropes, Geralt thought, grimacing as he took another sip of his tea.

Geralt also knew the day was going to be a shitshow from the nervous way a young man, stood outside the cafe and stared, searching, into the large bank of windows into the shop.

He held a piece of paper in his hands and would go from reading at what was written on it, to staring up at the sign above the building, before looking back inside the place. Geralt hadn’t been in this profession for as long as had, hadn’t been as well trained as he was to not know instinctually that the man was probably looking for him. 

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I have no clue which I prefer, but!! MY SON! I have never painted leather before and thank god for photoshop texture brushes! I have never designed armor before either, but I am so happy about this! The bottom isn’t quite there, but I’m very close!

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Okay real quick, I’ve seen like 5 canon-verse fics where the prospect of Geralt drawing gets brought up and he’s terrible at it and he did it as a joke.

BUT I WOULD LIKE TO RAISE YOU: someone has to illustrate those bestiaries, and we’ve got two options; either the Witcher+Feral Artist dynamic goes back MUCH further than Geralt and Jaskier or some witchers had to learn how to fucking draw.

Anyway I’m just saying it’s entirely possible at least one of the wolves is able to draw really fucking well and there is no reason it can’t be Geralt.

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super duper funny to think of witchers being good at like, housework. nobody but those scary sons of bitches at kaer morhen and you gotta do stuff to keep a house in shape so someone has to bake bread and do laundry and sweep

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What happens when you rewatch The Witcher while flipping through The Dragon Prince art book? And happen upon the drawing of Ethari playing the lute?

You start to imagine him singing an elf version of “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” to his hubby Runaan, that’s what!

And the song is called “Toss a Coin to Your Assassin” btw. Because it’s 10 pm and I don’t have enough brain cells to come up with something more creative. 

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A/N: I’d love for this to be longer and more elaborate, but I currently don’t have the time to make this a masterpiece our community deserves, I’m really sorry about that. I do hope you enjoy this little oneshot though!

“For goodness sake, Yennefer, you are chasing after a myth. A myth that might very well get you killed. And for what? So you can have a child?“ Tissaia asked incredulously, still refusing to believe she found herself in a situation where she tried to talk Yennefer out of doing something reckless – again.

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