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#the witcher 3
levimoid · 2 days ago
Geralt: Are you mad at me?
Regis: No.
Geralt: Will you come down from the ceiling?
Regis: ...No.
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mutantenfisch · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I wanted to draw Dettlaff and my OC, Mayalen and also kinda wanted to try to do something in @wehavekookies ‘s style because i love it so much. Experiment successfully done, I’d say :D
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obsidian-thunder · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The wind ceased. The various debris, anything that wasn’t bolted down, settled almost immediately, the wind being unable to penetrate through the thick shield of magic. Triss gazed up at the woman in awe, a small smile of relief tugging at her lips.
Bless you, Yenna.
From “Shades of Violet” by BlastoffSir
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queenxxxsupreme · 9 hours ago
I love your Witcher!Dad stories! 💕 So cute!! Can you please do one where the Witcher!Dads are braiding their daughter’s hair? Thanks so much!!
A/N: This was so fun!! I love the dad!witchers so much!! I'm sorry it took so long to answer!
The house was silent, save for the sound of the crackling fire in the hearth. You sat in your favorite chair near the fireplace reading. Every now and again, your attention would be pulled away from the book and directed to your husband.
The witcher stood by the front windows, his arms crossed and his stance rigid as he stared out into the night. His brow was furrowed. A crinkle formed between his brow as he scowled.
You knew very well why he was angry. Hell, you were too. You just had a better grasp on maintaining your anger than him.
Both of you were furious and upset over hearing that your daughter had experienced her first heartbreak. Eva had come home after what was supposed to be a lovely day with her boyfriend of eight months with tear stained cheeks and red eyes. She had barely been able to utter the words broken up before rushing to her room.
You and Lambert had tried separately to comfort her, but she wasn’t for that yet. She was still mourning.
“I should find him.” Lambert spoke through clenched teeth.
“That won’t do you any good, love.” You liked the pad of your index finger and then turned the page in your book.
“I let him into my house, damn it!” He raised his voice.
You lifted your head, brows drawing together.
“Did he break your heart, Lambert?”
“What? No!”
“Then put your feelings aside for the moment, please. Eva doesn’t need your anger. She needs your love.”
Lambert let out a heavy breath, nodding his head. You were right. Of course you were right. You always knew what to say.
“I’ll throttle the fucker-,”
The second he heard his name, he turned his head in the direction of his little girl’s voice. She stood in the edge of the hallway with her arms crossed around herself.
“Yes, love?” His tone automatically softened, as did his gaze.
“Can you…. Can you braid my hair? I just want it out of my face.” She sniffled.
Your heart clenched at the sight of her so upset.
“Of course, kiddo.” Lambert nodded.
Without another word, Eva moved to get the stool that sat near the fireplace. She placed it in front of his chair and waited for him to sit down before she took a seat on the stool.
“I’ll go make us some tea.” You offered, placing your book down and excusing yourself from the room.
“How are you feeling?” Lambert asked as he began to brush his fingers through Eva’s hair to get a feel for how tangly or not tangly it was.
“I’m okay.” She tried to smile.
Though he couldn’t see her smile, Lambert knew it wasn’t an honest one. She was putting on a show for him. She was trying to let on that she was okay, that she was doing better than she actually was.
“Do you remember how to braid?” She turned her head to look at her father over her shoulder.
“Of course.” Lambert rolled his eyes.
“Well, you haven’t done it in a while. At least not for me.”
“‘Cause every time I offer, you say you’re too old.” He reminded her. It pained him when she did that too. His little seventeen-year-old telling him that she was too old for him to braid her hair was a terrible pain, worse than any he had been through before. He was sure he’d rather endure the witcher mutations again than hear that.
Eva turned her head around so that she was looking forward. Lambert began to section her thick hair into three parts.
“Are you ready to talk about it yet?”
“No, dad.”
“The way you came home…. crying and upset. It had your mom and me worried.” The witcher carefully moved his fingers through her hair, weaving the three pieces together.
“I’m sorry, dad.” Eva murmured.
“Don’t be sorry. I just…. I want to know that my girl’s okay.”
Eva wiped the fresh tears from her cheeks and nodded her head a little.
“M’okay, daddy. I promise.”
Lambert finished the braid, tying it with a band, and waited for Eva to turn to face him before he hugged her tightly.
“I love you, daddy.”
“Love you more, kiddo.”
Eskel moved as quickly through the cottage as he could, though he was careful not to spill the hot tea he carried in his hands.
He entered Nadia’s room, a little disappointed that he could still sense her illness in the air. He had hoped that upon his return, her fever would be gone, but as he neared her bedside, he could feel the heat coming off of her and smell whatever viral infection ran through her blood.
“Alright, love.” Eskel placed the tea down on to the stand next to her bed.
The twelve-year-old was laying down with her head propped up by a few pillows. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her hand that rested on her stomach was clenched into a fist.
Nadia stirred at the sound of her father’s voice, but said nothing.
“Can you sit up for just a moment, love?”
“No.” She groaned.
Eskel sat down on the edge of her bed. He pulled one of his sleeves up so he could check her temperature with his forearm. Did she feel any warmer than when he last checked her, or was he just panicking?
“Nadia, you have to drink this, love.”
“I can’t, daddy.”
“I can help you sit up. I know you’re hurting, but I need you to drink this, please.” Eskel practically begged.
He was perhaps one of the most level-headed and calm witchers to come out of Kaer Morhen. He very rarely lost his cool, but he was struggling to hide the panic in his voice.
A fever too high could cause Nadia’s organs to begin to shut down.
“Daddy, it hurts.” She cried.
Eskel wiped the tears off of her cheeks and then brushed a few pieces of hair back from her damp forehead. Seeing that she was in so much pain made the witcher sick and weak in the knees and stomach himself.
Feeling as though he had no other option, he signed Axii to calm her down. Almost immediately, Eskel regretted doing so. He had promised to never use his witcher abilities on his daughter. His stomach churned.
However, it appeared to be having positive effects on Nadia. She no longer writhed on the bed or had a pained, tense expression on her face. She was relaxed and almost appeared to be sleeping.
“Hm?” She opened her eyes, though it looked like it took a lot of effort on her part.
“Can you sit up please?”
“It’s going to taste vile.” She scrunched her nose up.
“It’s honey and ginger tea. It isn’t bad.”
Nadia hesitated, but agreed to comply.
Eskel helped her sit up, tucking a few pillows behind her so that she could lean back against them.
“It doesn’t smell bad.” She observed as she sniffed the tea.
“You don’t have to drink it fast.” Eskel told her, taking note of the way her hair was falling down from the ponytail it had been in. “Why don’t you sip on it while I braid your hair?”
“Okay.” Nadia nodded her head. “Do you need me to move?”
“Maybe just a little.”
After some adjusting, pillows were placed against Eskel’s chest so that Nadia didn’t have to use so much energy to sit up, but also so that she didn’t have to lean directly against Eskel. If she had been leaning against him, this would make braiding her hair difficult.
Eskel parted her hair down the middle and then began to section one half into three parts so that he could create two braids.
“Will you tell me about how you met mom?”
“You’ve heard that story a hundred times.”
The witcher was ever so gentle with his touch, making sure not to pull or tug Nadia’s hair at all.
“But I do enjoy it.”
Eskel smiled.
“She saved me from a forktail.”
“Daddy!” Lana cried from her room.
Knowing the difference between her in danger cry and her frustrated cry, Geralt could tell this was a frustrated one.
The White Wolf made his way towards the hall, listening to the sounds of his five-year-old huffing and puffing at something.
“What’s the matter, little dove?” He stopped in the doorway of her room.
“My hair!” She grumbled. The long strands covered her face and formed tangles here and there.
Though she wasn’t happy, Geralt couldn’t help but chuckle.
“It isn’t funny, daddy!” Lana stamped her foot and swiped her hair back messily.
“Alright, little goat. Let’s fix that mess of hair.” Geralt moved into her room to get the hairbrush off of her dresser.
“Have a seat on the floor, little dove.” He sat down on the edge of her bed and waited for Lana to sit down on the floor between his feet. “How did you get your hair so knotted up and tangled while you were sleeping?”
“Momma says that I try to fight in my sleep.”
Geralt began to carefully brush out the tangles from her hair, starting at the ends and working his way to the roots.
“Perhaps we can give you a haircut like Zoltan. That would solve this.” He teased.
“No!” Lana squealed, covering her head with her hands.
“Well, what if mice make their home in this?”
“Papa Vesemir said that’s just a metaphor and it isn’t real.”
“Hmm.” Geralt nodded. “What else does Papa say?”
“You’re full of hot air.”
The wolf rolled his eyes.
Once he was finished brushing Lana’s hair, he began to braid it in hopes that it wouldn’t end up a mess again.
“Daddy? When will mommy be back?”
“Soon, little dove.”
“I miss her.”
“As do I.” Geralt nodded softly. “Uncle Lambert is bringing over Eva tonight for a sleepover.”
“Yay! Will Uncle Lambchop stay?” Lana tried to turn her head to look but Geralt stopped her.
“Keep your head straight, little dove. I’m not finished yet. As for Uncle Lambchop staying the night, you’ll have to ask him.”
Geralt tried not to snicker at the name. He and Eskel had done a good job at teaching their kids to mispronounce Lambert’s name when they were younger.
Once the braid was complete, Geralt kissed the back of Lana’s head.
“There you go, little dove. No more homes for the mice.”
Lana giggled as she stood up.
“Now I get to braid your hair!”
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astriddraws · a day ago
Me playing the witcher 3: why can’t i run >:(
Also me:
Tumblr media
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fraeulein-elster · a day ago
spent some more time playing The Witcher 3 today and guess what I brought back? some more screenshots of Regis and also Dettlaff, who is the love of my life 💖
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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srapsodia · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think Jaskier should be able to give Geralt an extra die when he sings. Or, you know, the closest videogame equivalent.
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jxthics · a day ago
Tumblr media
i was in a bad mood so i drew dettlaff in the autism vampire shirt. so. take it with you on your travels? idk
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queenxxxsupreme · a day ago
Meteor Showers (Eskel x f!reader)
A/N: This is for an ask that I got way too long ago by 🌻 anon! I am so so sorry it has taken this long to get this out! I am starting to clean out and answer my asks so hopefully we will have some new witcher content soon! My Witcher masterlist can be found here.
Warnings: none, fluffy
Word Count: 2.3k
Summary: Eskel enjoys a meteor shower with a new friend
Eskel turned his head, listening to the sound of an owl in the distance. To his right, a mouse scurried through the underbrush. A few moments later, a white fox followed.
The witcher took in a breath and lifted his gaze to the sky above. It was a clear night with not a single cloud in the sky. Billions of stars and a couple planets could be seen.
Eskel continued on down the path, pulling his cloak tighter around his shoulders. It wasn’t a particularly cold night, but the air was a bit chilly.
Within ten minutes, he arrived at his destination: the ruins of an old castle. The castle hadn’t stood for many centuries. When Eskel had asked his mentor, Vesemir answered that the castle fell long before he came to Kaer Morhen. Now all that stood were a few stone walls and the south tower.
This was where Eskel came when he couldn’t sleep, when he needed space from those in the Keep, or when he needed to think. This was his favorite place to be in the Blue Mountains.
He moved to gather a few pieces of wood from the edge of the forest, wanting to build a very small fire to ward off any wolves or creatures in the area. As he was placing an armful of kindling down at the center of the ruins, a twig snapped, catching the wolf’s attention. He froze, lifting his head slowly.
The sound came from just ahead and to his right. He couldn’t see anything just yet, but the heartbeat didn’t belong to an animal or a monster. It was human.
The wind shifted, blowing a gentle breeze in his direction. This allowed for the scent of the human to be carried to him. Whoever it was, they wore a sweet perfume. Rose and jasmine.
Movement caught his eye. Just beyond one of the walls, he could see a figure moving towards the ruins. You seemed unsure of every step you took, your head down and eyes focused on where you stepped. The witcher was positive that you couldn’t see anything in the dark. You were a human after all. He could sense no magic qualities about you.
You moved around one of the pieces of walls that remained, your hand using it as a guide. When you were comfortable with where you stood, you tilted your head up and looked towards the sky.
Eskel furrowed his brows for a moment, curious. What were you looking at? Were you looking for something? What was a human doing this far out in the middle of the woods of the Blue Mountains?
Thanks to his catlike eyes and the ability to see in the dark granted to him by the witcher mutations, Eskel was able to catch a glimpse of the smile that graced your lips as you gazed up at the starry night sky.
He decided that he had lurked in the shadows for long enough.
He moved, intentionally stepping on to one of the sticks he had retrieved for kindling.
You jumped, eyes widening in an attempt to see anything in the pitch dark.
The scent of fear laced with your sweet perfume and traveled through the air via the gentle breeze blowing through the ruins.
Your hand went to something on your belt. There, you carried a dagger. It was partially concealed by the satchel that was strapped across your shoulders.
The witcher stepped back from the pile of kindling and with a gesture of his hand, Eskel signed Igni onto the sticks.
Flames immediately engulfed the wood.
You gasped, unaware that there had been someone standing within such close proximity to you. Your fingers tightened around the dagger but you did not draw it. He hadn’t proved to be a threat just yet.
“Who are you?” Eskel spoke, his voice deep but quiet. There was no need to speak loud, to intimidate you. “What are you doing here?”
“Y/N. My…. My name is Y/N.” You replied, keeping your eyes on him. You took note of the sword on his back, of how it glinted in the moonlight and how it added to his looming, unnerving shadow on the wall behind the man that was created by the fire. “There is going to be a meteor shower tonight.”
“How do you know of these ruins?”
“I found them a few months ago.”
Though your voice was even and you stood firmly in place, you were still unsure of him- and rightfully so.
“What is your name, sir?” You cocked her head to the side a bit.
“What are you doing here, Eskel?”
“I couldn’t sleep.”
You smiled softly. Your hand fell from the hilt of the dagger that rested on your hip.
“Would you like to watch the show with me?”
He didn’t answer you immediately, thinking that he had misheard you.
Were you serious?
“Miss, this valley is no place for someone like you.”
The smile fell from your lips.
“For…. For a woman, you mean?”
“For a human.” He corrected you.
Eskel did not want to tell you what he was. Yet on the other hand, he didn’t want you to think that he was rude and prejudiced against you and your abilities due to your gender.
“Then…. I suppose you shouldn’t be here either.”
She must not be able to see me very well with the firelight.
Eskel shook his head just slightly.
“I am a witcher, miss.”
You nodded, your eyes remaining on him.
“Then I am safe here. If you are a witcher, you can protect me from anything in these woods. Am I correct in assuming that?”
Eskel hesitated, but nodded his head nonetheless.
“So, Master Eskel. Would you like to watch the show with me?”
He assumed that when you heard he was a witcher, you would turn and leave. Maybe even be one of the more dramatic folks and flee as if he’d just growled at you.
But then again, you were out in the middle of the Kaedweni forest by yourself in the night with nothing more than a dagger to protect yourself. Perhaps you didn’t scare easily.
“I’d like that.” Eskel nodded his head.
“Would you mind getting rid of that fire? The light from it will mess with our ability to see the shower.”
“I can. But I must warn you, it will be rather loud. Stand behind me.” He gestured to the space behind him.
You nodded and followed his direction, moving past the witcher to stand a few feet behind him. You watched as he signed Aard. A thunderous boom echoed and the ground beneath your boots trembled.
The fire was extinguished, leaving you in total darkness.
“Thank you, Master Eskel.”
“Eskel is just fine.” He watched you as you began to take a few steps towards the center of the ruins, one of your hands cautiously reaching out in front of you. “Can you see anything in front of you, miss?”
“Not a bloody thing.” You laughed softly, a bit embarrassed. You knew he could see well in the dark and he could probably see you looking like an absolute buffoon as you tried to navigate the ruins.
“Would you like some assistance?”
“Would you?”
“If you hold your hand out, I can, um, I can take your hand.” Eskel offered.
You held your hand out in his direction and waited patiently for him to take a few steps towards you.
“Where are you from, Master Eskel? Your accent isn’t native to Kaedwen.”
He placed his hand beneath yours. Your fingers clasped his. You took note of how warm he was and how big his hand was compared to yours.
“Um, where I am from…. The village no longer exists. Towards me, miss.”
“Oh, that’s a shame. I’m sorry to hear that.”
“It was a long time ago.” He waited until you were close enough to him before he began to walk towards the center of the ruins. He took each step carefully and patiently waited for you. “Your accent isn’t of Kaedwen either.”
“So, what brings you all the way up here to the Blue Mountains when you could be in Toussaint?”
“I am an astrologist. Well, an aspiring one at least. Unfortunately, the field is dominated by a bunch of lousy assholes. They refuse to listen to anything I have to say. So, I’ve taken it into my own hands to do my own research.”
Eskel stopped once you both reached the center of the ruins. From there, the satchel that was over your shoulders was taken off and placed on the ground. You dug around blindly inside before pulling out a blanket.
“And you hope to produce results from traveling into the forest of the Blue Mountains alone in the dead of night with no form of protection?” He asked, genuinely curious.
“This is hardly my first time traveling into unsafe territory, Master Eskel.” You grinned as you sat down on one side of the blanket. You gestured to the other side, unsure of where to look since you couldn’t see him, so you settled with just looking straight ahead. “Please, have a seat.”
Eskel hesitated.
You heard no movement and felt no presence beside you, so you assumed he had yet to sit next to you.
“Master Eskel? Are you still there?”
“Yes, I-I am.”
“Have I said something?”
“No, no.” Eskel shook his head, taking the sheath from his shoulders and placing it on the ground next to him so that in the case he needed it, he could access his sword quickly.
“You’re quiet.” You murmured, turning your head in his direction but keeping your eyes down. “Are you sure it wasn’t something I said? I have been told I can be rather blunt.”
“No, miss. You said nothing. I am just…. Frankly, I am wondering if my brother put something into my ale.” Eskel rubbed the back of his head.
You laughed gently, turning your head to look up at the sky.
“And why is that?”
“You are perhaps the only person in the world that will stumble across a witcher and treat him as you are treating me.”
“And how is it I am treating you?”
Eskel looked at you, his head turned to the side. He admired your profile, the shape of your nose and your lips, the way your eyes peered up curiously at the sky.
“As if we have been friends for ages and haven’t just met.”
You looked down as if to look at your hands and then turned your head as if to look at him.
“As if you didn’t stumble into me here just a few moments ago. No one has treated me like that in all my life.” Eskel admitted with a soft shake of his head.
You were quiet for a few moments, taking in soft breaths through your nose and letting them out the same way.
A smile came to your lips and your attention returned to the sky above, eyes searching for the first signs of the meteor shower.
“I have been all over the Continent, Master Eskel, as I am sure you have been. Reading a person and the feeling they give off has become second nature to me. I had to become good at it. If I didn’t, I would have ended up dead a long time ago. And all that traveling…. Well, it gets lonely sometimes, if I’m honest.” You smiled shyly, tucking pieces of hair behind your ears. “You become good at making friends with those characters who don’t give you bad feelings.”
“You’ve only just met me. You haven’t had enough time to judge my character.” Eskel quietly spoke.
“Oh, I think I made my decision when I realized you knew I was practically blind out here.” You shifted around, uncrossing your legs and instead bending your knees just slightly out in front of yourself. “You knew I was helpless and an easy target, yet you made yourself known. You didn’t want to hurt me. You could have. You had the chance, but you didn’t. That right there is plenty for me to judge your character on.”
Eskel sat there in silence. He hadn’t thought of that. But you took his silence as something else. Perhaps he didn’t believe you.
“I know plenty of men- witcher or not -that would have taken full advantage of an easy target. There are dangerous people out there in the world, Eskel.” Your voice was gentle and sweet. The sound of you saying his name alone and without the Master title made his chest tighten. “You are not one of them.”
As Eskel continued to watch you, your eyes found the sky.
You gasped suddenly, pointing to the heavens above.
“Did you see that!” You exclaimed, reaching over blindly for the witcher next to you. Luckily, your hand found his arm.
Eskel was pulled from his thoughts by the feeling of your hand on his arm.
“Absolutely magnificent!” Your lips were parted in awe as you stared up at the sky.
Eskel followed your gaze, wanting to witness what was making you so happy and ecstatic that your heart was racing.
The next one shot across the sky just a few moments later. Your hand on his arm tightened just a little. It wasn’t enough to be uncomfortable, but it was amusing to Eskel. The stars were beautiful of course, but he found it more captivating how you were reacting to them.
“My gods! That one was gigantic.” You whispered in awe.
Your hand left his arm as you moved to sit on your knees with your hands folded in your lap.
“Have you seen one before?” Eskel asked. “A meteor shower?”
“Yes, of course. I travel to all of the hot spots to see the annual ones.”
Fascinating. You were fascinating.
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