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absurdthirst · a month ago
Aftermath {Werewolf!Pero Tovar x F!Reader}
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 4.7k
Warnings: Mentions of dub-con, monster fucking, pregnancy, mentions of masturbation, oral (female receiving), 
Comments: After the man named Pero shows up and declares that you have been claimed by the wolf, things change. Until the next full moon comes around again. 
A/N: Part of The Wolf Series
DEAD DOVE - DO NOT EAT: This is a monster fucking fic. If you can’t handle the fact that non-con is a part of this, please roll on by. 
Tumblr media
Click Keep Reading only if you have read the Rating and Warnings and understand the warnings may not be complete to avoid listing spoilers. As AO3 says 'creator chooses not to use warnings'. You also agree that you're the right age to be consuming anything here.
Tumblr media
It’s strange. Having this man, this virtual stranger around you. You were used to your relative isolation of just yourself and your garden. You hadn’t thought about how different it would be to know that there is a set of eyes on you, watching you closely. 
Your response to his claim over you had been very anti-climatic. You didn’t know how to feel about it, what to do about it. It was as if you were talking about someone else, another circumstance rather than your own. You had simply stood there, watching him carefully and wondering what he was thinking. His eyes were bright and tinged with that yellow that you were starting to understand was the wolf. 
After a few moments, he pulled his hand away. Turning and walking away, disappearing into the trees without another word and leaving you staring after him, jaw slack with shock and maybe a little disappointment. 
Had he really just….left? You half expected to wake up in your bed, haunted by the dark brown eyes of the stranger who had been on your doorstep. Staring at the brush and woods that he had disappeared into for far longer than you should have before you shook yourself out of your stupor. 
Maybe he had meant that the wolf had claimed you. Not him. The puzzle rolls around in your head over and over again as you turn and go back into your cottage, needing to dress, although you could walk around in your shift without worry. No one else was here and it wasn’t like you were expecting him back now that he had walked away. Maybe he had meant that the wolf would show up during the next full moon. 
You dress, the simple dress is nothing more than functional. Meant to be as easy to work in as possible. The chores of living by yourself were long, from hauling water and chopping wood, to weeding the garden and braiding ropes of onions and garlic to dry. Pinning your hair up, under a scarf to keep it neat and start your day. 
Since there is no meat to preserve, you decide that bread will be a good breakfast for you to have. Your stomach is slightly queasy, rolling and churning beneath your skirts. You tell yourself that it’s just in your head. You are feeling ill because he’s told you that you should feel ill. After all, your ma had been sick the entire time that she had been carrying the babe that had taken her in childbirth, God rest her soul. 
You had just missed your menses, which could be attributed to stress, or your ordeal. Although you know in your heart that it’s not something you would consider an ordeal. Not the way that you continuously think about that night. 
Bolting down the bites of bread, you decide that you will start with the woodpile. The day will be warmer again, making it easiest to chop and stack at the steadily growing line of wood that will keep your cottage warm and cozy during the upcoming winter. 
“What the hell are you doing!?” The shout comes from the edge of the woodline, right as you bring your axe up and makes you jump. 
The man, Pero, his eyes dark and his frown fierce as he rushes towards you has you stepping back and nearly dropping the weapon in alarm. 
He’s dressed. That’s the first thing that you manage to register. No longer are you seeing swaths of skin, his flaccid cock or the dark hair around his groin. He’s dressed in breeches that have seen better days, worn leather boots that have been broken in and molded to his feet. The linen shirt is worn thin, nearly translucent and patched in several places. He looks like he is missing something. Perhaps armor. 
He was a soldier…..You can see it in his gait. The way that he moves as he continues towards you. You imagine that scowl on his face and sword in his hand as he rushes across a field towards an enemy. 
His horse stays where the reins are dropped, the bags and bundles over back of the large stallion seemed to be numerous. Instead of studying that, your attention is focused on the frowning man in front of you as he reaches down and snatches up the axe and hoists it up to show you as if you had not just dropped it. 
“What are you doing?” He demands again, shaking the tool in his hand as if it had personally offended him. “You should not be cutting wood.” 
You blink, unsure of why he is so angry about you chopping wood. It is something you have done nearly everyday of your life since you were old enough to lift the axe. “Why?” You ask softly, not wanting to upset him. You warily trust him, but he is still a stranger. 
“The baby.” He growls as if you are daft for not thinking of it yourself. It’s true that you don’t know much about children or carrying one, but the women in the village that were consistently popping out little ones for their husbands were doing chores around the house right up until the day they gave birth. Including chopping wood. 
“It- I am not weak.” You protest, making him frown even harder at you. You don’t understand why you doing the chores you have always done matters so much to him. “I have to live. To cook, to wash clothes. I need firewood. To add to the pile for winter.” 
“I will do it.” Pero tells you, his tone flat and brokering no argument. “I will chop wood and haul water.” 
With that, he turns back to walk towards his horse, whistling for his onyx colored  to come forward. The beast obeys him, trotting forward as if it’s happily meeting his human and ducking his head down and butts it up against his shoulder. 
You hear him grumble to the stallion, words that are too low for you to hear but is must be some kind of affectionate complaint because he pushes the large head back but his hand is running over his muzzle before he grabs the reins and leads him into the clearing. 
“Okay then.” You huff to yourself, still unaware of what in the hell is going on. But obviously he wasn’t going anywhere. 
Twenty-eight days. Twenty-eight days since the morning after the full moon and waking up to find a naked man on your doorstep. Twenty-eight days since Pero Tovar had swept into your life and completely turned it upside down. 
He lives in your clearing. Not inside, no, he’s not even asked to sleep inside the cottage you live in. Instead, he has set up a shelter for himself just off to the side of the cottage, close enough that he can protect and yet far enough away that you didn’t feel stifled. 
It was a clean little area, you had to admit that. The small shelter that he had put up for his horse was better than his own accommodations. He slept under the stars and the canopy of trees on a bedroll by the fire that he kept going at night, often up later than you were. He was awake when you went to bed and he was awake when you woke up in the morning. Eyes watching as you went into your cottage or emerged from it. 
He didn’t say much but things were changing around your little cottage. Your woodpile was getting bigger every single day, more wood than you would have ever been able to cut by yourself. More dead fall dragged to the edge of the clearing by his horse, quickly chopped into manageable chunks and limbs cleared. You saw him split some for boards, no clue what he planned to do with them. 
Every morning water was sitting at the door when you woke up, already drawn from the river. In addition to the way that he had completed so many little tasks around your little home. The shutters that had been broken last winter were fixed and ready to cover the windows in another barrier against the snow and cold. His mere presence had detracted a number of animals from using your garden as their personal food source, saving your vegetables from being nibbled on. 
Still, he did not make demands of you. The silent way he went about working around your cottage had you wondering if he ever planned on talking to you much. Beyond asking you how you were or what you needed, he didn’t speak much. His words saved for the horse that was never too far away from him while he had started to build a much more permanent building off to the side of the clearing near his area. A barn. 
You had never imagined a barn, your little shelter for the chickens long since disassembled for firewood one year since you had no longer kept them. Maybe he had felt it was best for his horse, since the temporary shelter he had built for the large stallion was not meant for cold weather. 
The swinging of the axe or the beating of a hammer is constantly ringing out in your clearing. Driving you crazy with the rhythmic sound and the view. 
He works shirtless. Honestly the way that he moves makes you think he would be more comfortable simply being naked while he goes about building. Sweat and sunshine making his skin glow with a golden hue that has you craving to taste it. It’s kept you from paying attention to your weeding of the gardens more often than you would like as you stare. 
Still, he doesn’t touch you. Has not once laid his hands on your stomach since that morning weeks ago. You wonder if the rough hands that deftly handle the axe and hammer, turn gentle or commanding with his companion, would touch you any differently. You wonder how they would feel on your bare skin, grazing over your flesh and soothing the burning ache that seems to constantly be under the surface. 
Your sexual appetite is growing. Perhaps it’s because you have a shirtless man who is constantly putting on a show for you to enjoy. Perhaps it’s because of your pregnancy - you have confirmed that you are expecting. Your menses never arrived and the nausea persists in the mornings along with a new tenderness and swelling of your breasts. 
You dream of the wolf, of Pero. Sometimes the images are combined, the wolf becoming Pero or perhaps Pero becoming the wolf. Both of them touching you, tasting you, taking you. You have woken up feverish with an ache between your thighs so great that it makes you whimper. Wishing for relief that isn’t from your own hand. Since Pero had arrived, there has been no revisiting that spot, no trips down to the lake to bathe in the cool, clean water. Although he has hauled plenty of water for baths and washing. 
You want. You don’t know exactly what you want - well you do, but you can never admit that to the only other man for miles around. To voice something so wicked, so forbidden, seems like it would be impossible. You want to be taken again, to feel the fur at your back and the snarls of the wolf while he uses you. 
From your spot in the vegetable garden, pulling weeds and some of the carrots that are ready,  you don’t see where Pero has started heading your way. Too lost in thought and feeling feverish from the heat that is blooming inside your veins. Until the shadow falling over you had you peering up from your knees, looking into the dark eyes of the man who has been your companion over the past twenty-eight days.
“The moon is full tonight.” You blink, a fissure of fear and anticipation zips down your spine. You hadn’t been watching the moon, hadn’t been outside after you had said your goodnights to Pero and gone inside your cottage. You knew that it was coming up, but you hadn’t realized it was so soon. 
“Oh.” You continue to stare up at him, wondering if he will order you to stay inside the cottage, to bar the door. Something you hadn’t been doing since the second night he has been camped outside your door. Despite every bit of common sense screaming at you to be wary, you felt safe with him. “Tonight?” 
He nods, still staring at you. His eyes are dark and you still cannot tell what he wants from you, if anything. His intensity is slightly unnerving and yet it never makes you look away. Always staring back at him until something breaks the spell that is cast between you. Flickers of yellow, of him, always show up when the two of you stare at each other. 
“Okay.” You bite your lip, hating and loving the way that your cunt immediately starts to throb, gushing with arousal at the mere thought that the beast might be released tonight. You wonder if he can smell it now or if that is something that he could only tell when he was changed into the werewolf. 
“Don’t come outside until after I’ve changed.” He warns you seriously, his hands on his hips. “I’ve never been around someone, other than Bastard when I have been changing.” 
Bastard. Your eyes widen when you realize that he named his horse Bastard. Your lips threaten to curl up but you fight it, instead you just nod. “Of course.” Like you weren’t dying to know how it looked, how it sounded when he changed. You have hundreds of questions, none of them being answered so far. “Okay.” You murmur softly, watching him turn and walk away again, taking up his work again before the sun sets. 
Pacing in your cottage, you try to ignore the rising tension. He had urged you inside nearly twenty minutes before the sun had disappeared over the horizon. You wondered if he would change right as the sun went down or if it was when the moon shone down on him. You feel as if he doesn’t have control over when he becomes the creature. 
Wearing a grove in the boards of your floor, you keep looking towards the door, the bar up but the thick oak door firmly shut against the outside. All that stands between you and seeing what would happen if you were outside when he changed. 
It was telling that you were already in your shift, stripped down. Bare beneath the thin muslin. If it didn’t give you away, you would walk out naked again. To see if the same thing from nearly four months ago would replay if you step out that door and face the creature who had planted its spawn in your womb. 
The sunlight slips over the horizon and the twilight starts to darken the cottage. The light giving way to darkness and the shadows looming from the flickering of the hearth. Your ears straining to hear anything beyond the crackling of the fire. 
There’s nothing. The silent sound of your feet on the wood and the rapid beat of your heart is all your heart as the minutes tick by, twisting your hands together as you wait. You wait. Until you hear it. 
The loud grunt, a cry, has your head whipping towards the door. Stepping closer to it almost involuntarily as your heart speeds up. You hear cracking, a sickening crunch and a nearly inhuman sound of pain. It sounds horrible, making you pause before you take another step closer. Drawn to it, as a loud growl rips out and travels through the walls of the cottage, straight to your ears. 
Long minutes pass, each one filled with sounds, grunts, cries, snarls. Until there is a loud thud and silence. By this time you are up against the door, your hand on the lever to let yourself out. Frozen and nearly faint with adrenaline, feeling like you first had when you spotted the beast four months ago. 
A howl makes you jump, a gasp breaks out of your mouth and your entire body trembles at the loud, calling of the wolf. It’s close, right outside the door and if you just pulled on it, you would be face to face with the creature. The werewolf that has haunted your dreams for months. 
This is it. Once that door opens, things change. Again. Now that it’s here,  you are half afraid that you are going to chicken out. That you are going to turn around and dive back into your bed and hide until the dawn breaks. 
You hear a new sound, a scratching, loud and against the seam of the door. Followed by another sound, making you envision claws, the ones that had been dug into the earth by your head, scraping down the thick barrier between you and the beast. Sniffing and shuffling outside that you can’t see, making you wonder if he’s trying to get into you. 
Taking a shuddering breath, you rip the door open and stare with wide eyes out into the night. Coming face to face with the wolf. 
If you had thought he was massive that night, from a distance by the lake, then he was enormous now. He filled the doorway, took up space to where there was no getting by him. His head was large, making you understand how you had felt like it could have torn you apart with those teeth. 
Yellow eyes bore into yours, watching you with the same intensity that Pero does, and you want to think that you see the man underneath the creature, but you can’t. You don’t see anything but the massive wall of muscle and sinew, claws and razor sharp teeth. Making you swallow and you hazard a look down to see if you can find that particular part of his anatomy that has been on your mind.
It’s no more than a few seconds before your eyes are locked with his again, your entire body feeling as if it is on fire. You wonder if it is always that big in this state, or if it is hard again. He’s obviously smelled you like Pero had said he smelled you the night that you were at the lake, although you are not breedable anymore. 
There is a rumble in his chest, one that makes your heartbeat spike again. Pick up in reaction to the very primal noise. Unsure of what it means as the slight shift of the creature brings him closer. He’s crowding you, towering over you and it’s only a reaction to that when you step back. Pull away from him. 
He growls, low and deep. Making you freeze again like you had the night that he had been trying to line his cock up to sink into your smaller body. Your cunt clenches and you feel the rush of heat in your core. Making you wish you could slide your thighs together for friction, but you don’t dare to move again. 
Until he ducks his head, barely fitting his wide shoulders through the door of your cottage, your eyes widen when you realize he’s coming inside. Realistically, you know he’s been in this space, you had woken up in your bed and there was no way you had walked yourself into your home that night. You know he had carried you into your cottage and laid you down on your bed instead of leaving you on that mossy forest floor. 
Inhaling harshly, you take another step back, giving him room and watching as he seems to grow even larger as he pushes into your space. Luckily the cottage had a high pitched roof so he could avoid hitting his head, although he didn’t stretch to his full height. Instead he dropped down to all fours and prowled closer. Edging towards you slowly as a predator stalks prey. 
You don’t know what makes you wetter, the fact that you know how he feels inside you, or the fact that it could happen again. Shame would be the prevalent feeling in your body if it weren’t spiked with adrenaline and still the slight edge of fear. You’ve wondered about the beast for months, obsessing over it since Pero’s arrival and now it’s here. 
His eyes still pin you down with their gaze, making the shallow breaths you are taking ring loudly in your ears. Until he is right in front of you. His head is still to your breast, the mass of him an immovable object between you and the door. 
He doesn’t pounce, doesn’t attack you. There is no chase because you are already caught. Instead his nose comes down, presses against your belly and there is a loud sniff. Making your eyes widen in wonder. Can he smell the baby now, can he smell your arousal? You know he can but his nose presses against your skin through your shift and moves every few seconds. Seemingly inhaling the scent of your body and the offspring in your womb. 
Another growl, low and rumbly against your skin. And a small whine? You don’t know where to put your hands, even though you want to touch the fur. To see if it was as soft as it looks. If the ears were sensitive like the few hounds you pet when you are in town. Instead of finding out, you hold your hands at your side, curled into fists, watching as he does exactly what he wants.
Minutes tick by, the sounds of his exploration of your stomach and your heartbeat are the only things that you can hear. Nothing else exists beyond that. This werewolf nuzzling your stomach and poking at it with its snout as if it were the most common thing in the world. 
Until his head ducks down, bumping at your legs and pushing you back. Growling at you and nearly knocking your feet out from under you. You don’t know exactly what he wants, but you don’t want to fall, so you slowly sink down to your knees, wondering what is happening. 
The second your knees are on the wooden planks of the floor, his head hits your shoulder, knocking you flat on your back. Making you sprawl out on the worn smooth wood and gasp when you see him looming over you. This is different, you can see him. See the yellow eyes when his mouth lowers, his tongue sliding out to press against your pulse that is hammering in your throat. 
Claws click and scratch against the floors, braced on either side of your head and you’d be lying if you didn’t acknowledge that the little whimper that escapes you is mostly arousal. Only a tinge of fear coloring it. 
You don’t move, don’t breathe as the wolf continues to peruse your body. Sniffing and poking, making your bite your lip when you feel him at your crotch. The wet slide of his nose dragging against the material and pressing up against you. Pushing his head down until your cunt clenches and you whimper again. 
His head comes up, yellow eyes finding yours again for another second before the great beast throws his head back, rearing up to his haunches and howling as loud as he had that night when he was driving his cock deep into your core. 
When he lowers his head, the flurry of movement makes you yelp out. Thrown off guard by the quickness in which he moves, down your body and suddenly the way that your cunt throbs is answered. 
Your cry is loud, surprised and yet needy when you feel his teeth on the thin fabric of your shift, ripping it open and the massive shoulders wrench your thighs apart. You shiver, goosebumps breaking out over your entire body when you feel his hot breath against your equally heated cunt, cooling the wet folds and making you whimper. 
His tongue, oh fuck you hadn’t expected his tongue. You should have, but your eyes spring open wide and you give a strangled cry when the wolf’s rough tongue swipes over the sensitive cunt that is aching between your thighs. 
His growl makes you close your eyes tight again, trembling when he makes another pass, licking your little bundle of nerves. The breadth of his tongue managing to engulf your entire sex with its wide strokes. Making your hips jerk up and your knees try to close around his head but the shoulders wedged between them makes that impossible. Gasping at how wickedly good this feels even though it’s not the punching drilling of his cock you had craved. 
It’s indulgent, like the wolf is licking clean every bit of meat and gristle from a kill, that’s how targeted his tongue is. Over and over as it laps at your cunt and makes pleasure race down your spine and make your hole flutter and clench around nothing. Wishing you dared to speak out and beg that he stuffs you full. 
Until that tongue pushes inside you. Back bowing up off the floor in surprise and your hand striking out blindly and landing on thick, soft fur under your fingertips. Making you whine when your fingers curl into the tufts and the wolf growls, pushing his tongue deeper and feeling like he’s touching the back wall of your cunt. Just like he had been hammering against it with that cock buried inside you. 
The beams of your roof are all you can really see, black dots spotting your vision every time that tongue curls and twists inside you. Stealing the air from your lungs and causing the softest squeaks to push from your lips while he tastes you. Growls vibrate your core and you feel it deep in the pit of your stomach, tightening that knot that is growing even tighter. 
Your hips rock down on their own, chasing the deep plunge of his tongue when he folds it back. Trying to fuck yourself on a werewolf’s tongue. Needing the sweet, sharp snap of release. Your next breath is sobbing, shuddering as you exhale. Trying to keep yourself from yanking on the creature’s fur. Not sure how the beast would react to it. 
His shoulders shove your legs apart wider, his tongue pulling out of you and lapping at your cunt even harder. Licking into you like a starved hound until your entire body stiffens. 
Your vision goes white, the scream that echoes in your ears is sharp, short. Seeped from your lungs and then extinguished by the pure pleasure that pours from you. Flooding your veins and making your entire body shudder and buck up against the wide tongue still lapping at you frantically. Pushing you through it until your entire body slumps on the floor of your cottage and with a low whine, the creature pushes his tongue back inside your fluttering walls. Nails scratching against the floor while he curls it up again and huffs into you, apparently pleased with the slick that you are flooding his taste buds with. 
Long seconds pass before you slowly come back to yourself. Panting and trying to uncurl your fingers from the iron tight grip you have in his fur. Joints aching as you slowly release them from the locked position and gently petting the soft, short hair that covers his head and ears. 
Only when his tongue pulls out of you again and swipes at your cunt one last time do you look down. Yellow eyes staring intensely at you for a moment, a hint of something you want to say is pride in their depths before he is looking away again, his head lowering and scrubbing along your stomach above your mound. Rubbing against your womb and that deep, rumbly sound starts up again. 
It’s surreal, laying on the floor spent from an orgasm with a werewolf nuzzling against your belly. Perhaps scenting you with himself, or just trying to get close to the thing he had planted in your womb months ago. The aftermath of that night still resonates through you, just like the slow clench of your cunt from the aftershocks of your pleasure. 
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they are all just little creatures
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Tumblr media
A sinister style mystery with a smile
It’s so strange to hear and see our original ghouls back in stores. I can’t wait to see what Mattel decides to do with this new new reboot. These girls were such a huge part of my growing up so I had to post a drawing of the main 6+abbey to welcome monster high back!
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OHHHH, you mean steroids.
Are you on steroids?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Magical girls are just the fairy version of werewolves
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Tumblr media
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Bisexuals be like, I got three looks and that's it. I got:
Awkward spaz, goofy, finger guns and bad puns, monumental nerd, DISASTER BI PANIC, too many flannels, is a literal child.
Angry, sarcastic, intimidating, knife wielding, leather jacket wearing devious lethal weapon. Do NOT fuck around cause you don't wanna find out.
Repressed trauma, anxiety, repressed trauma, anxiety, repressed trauma, anxiety, repressed trauma, anxiety, repressed trauma, anxiety, repre-
And that's all I know how to do.
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“I’m no longer the Winter Soldier. I’m James ‘Bucky’ Barnes and you’re part of my efforts to make amends” 
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Tumblr media
“This definitely wasn’t part of the sacred timeline…”
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The Wolf Series {Werewolf!Pero Tovar x F!Reader}
In the wood there a creature, supposed to be a story to keep naughty children in their beds. A creature eager to eat men if they venture out under the full moon. You decide to not heed the stories and end up learning that the wolf is real.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
**Warnings are individual to each chapter. Does include non-con monster fucking
Full Moon
Through the Eyes of the Wolf
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Just wondering how much of the Teen Wolf movie budget is going towards paying for Dylan O’Brien’s chiropractor as he once again carries this franchise on his back
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Clawdeen Wolf Redesign!
She’s probably my favorite of the designs.
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Tumblr media
Silent Hill charas i've never drawn or haven't drawn for a while part 1
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Forbidden Love - S.S. AU Pt. 2
Author: @herscrunchiehairtie​
Words: +7.5k
Warnings: first kiss, gentle foreplay, finger tracing, fingering, first time sex, unprotected sex (obviously since this takes place in the 1600′s), multiple orgasm
A/N: Part two of Forbidden Love for you guys! I had to rewrite the intimite part, because I wasn’t happy with it. It didn’t feel like the two of them were inexperienced. But I hope you liike it! 
Do you want to be added to the taglist? Let me know!
Masterlist - Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
"Y/N where are you?"
You hadn't been hiding there for long, and you wondered how quickly Stiles could find you already. You tried to be as quiet as possible, but your heart was beating way too fast and way too loud, your breathing was also very unsteady from running around the castle.
You put your hand over your mouth to block out any possible sounds. After all, Stiles could always find you, no matter where. Within no time, he always knew exactly where you were hiding.
"I know you're here somewhere in the room. I heard the door slam. No one else comes in here."
You gulped and peeked through the narrow crack of the closet you'd been hiding in. Stiles stood in the middle of the room, slowly turning over his right shoulder. He inspected the entire room, wondering where you might have been hiding. His eyes fell on the closet you were in, and as if looking directly into your eyes, he sprinted straight for you. Before he could even open the closet door, a low screech escaped your lips, the fear that he could crush you along with the closet door was greater than the fear of finding you. Stiles pulled open the door and smiled at you.
"It’s your turn now," he laughed and ran right out of the room. You grabbed the skirt of your dress and lifted it to run faster after him. Your short legs didn't make it any easier. You watched as Stiles ran all the way down the hall and disappeared shortly after. Even though you couldn't count, Stiles didn't care that you always begged not to have to search. He always said that you could just stop for a while before you went looking for him.
"Y/N, what are you doing here? I told you, you can't be in the hallways of the castle in public," you heard your father's voice behind you. You turned around and looked into the tired and worn out eyes of your father, who was carrying heavy wooden slats through the castle. He didn't give you an evil look, more a worried one. Since he always brought you to the castle and you were less and less around him, he worried about you every day. He didn't know what was happening to you while you were sneaking around the castle.
"Stiles and I are playing hide and seek," you replied simply, pointing in the direction Stiles had just disappeared. "It's my turn to search now."
"Honey, I've told you several times not to play with Stiles. There are the other girls downstairs in the kitchen. I'm sure they can play with you, or you can help the ladies with the kitchen chores. How does that sound to you?"
"I don't want to do that, though. I want to play with Stiles. Stiles is the only one here who is nice to me and doesn't laugh at me for not being able to read and count. Everyone else is always making fun of me," you explained to your dad, giving him the best pout you could manage.
Your father put down the wooden slats and squatted down to be at your eye level. "Y/N, I know that you want to play with Stiles the most and I also understand that he is the nicest to you. But that may change with time. Stiles is not like us, sweetie. Stiles will eventually rule this castle and this country, unless something comes up."
"Maybe I can become a princess?!" you asked your father full of hope, already jumping up and down slightly, but your father held you by your shoulders and tried to calm you down. "Sometimes, unfortunately, dreams remain dreams. Now be a good girl and go to the kitchen to Katherine, I'm sure she can use your help."
Tumblr media
There was a knock at the kitchen door and Katherine looked up. One of the castle boys, friends of Stiles, came into the kitchen and looked around briefly. "Can I help you, young man?" asked Katherine when he couldn't seem to find what he was looking for. "Because I think you're lost, aren't you?"
"No, I'm looking for Y/N," he replied, seeing you standing behind Katherine.
"May I ask why?"
"I have something for her," he said, pulling out a small piece of parchment from his pants pocket. "This is from Stiles."
You looked at Katherine questioningly until she nods, letting you know it would be okay to get closer to him. After all, you had experienced it yourself a few times now, what it was like to be nastily picked on by the people who lived in the castle. Only a few days ago you were pulled by your braided hair by a lord until he dragged you on your knees behind him. The injuries on your knees were still healing. Why he did that to you was something you didn't know at the time. Even now, not really. But according to the employees in the kitchen, you should not have approached him so easily, and meanwhile you had asked quite nicely for the way to the queen. You were now better aware that you were not allowed to do that.
So you walked with careful steps to the boy, who was about your age, and took the parchment from his hand. You opened it and found several characters on it. But since you couldn't read and no one had ever taught you, you looked at Katherine again and reached out to give it to her. Katherine was one of the only ones in the kitchen who was lucky enough to read. She smiled at you and read the message once silently to herself before deciding to read it to you as well, but not before kindly asking the boy out of the kitchen. "He writes that he is proud of you for getting a job here in the kitchen and he wants to meet you later by the magnolia tree, then when the sun is between the owl tower and the big willow."
Your eyes sparkled as Katherine read you the message from Stiles. For a long time you had hoped that you would finally be allowed to work in the kitchen. And yesterday was the day. You were officially appointed as a kitchen servant. Your father was immensely proud of you when you broke the news to him late that evening.
"Y/N, you have to be careful. I told you before not to keep seeing our prince," Katherine said as she handed you the parchment. Even though you couldn't read what was written on it, you looked at the characters again. Stiles had never written to you before, after all, he didn't know where to deliver it so it could reach you. But now he could always send you something.
"And you're not the only one," you laughed, tucking the parchment into one of the pockets of your apron. "But yeah, I know I shouldn't see him. But I've known Stiles for eight years now, ever since Father first brought me to the castle."
"You were both only 7 years old then, Y/N. Stiles didn't know who you were yet."
"And he still doesn't care. Stiles isn't like everyone else," you tried to defend him and you knew Katherine knew that too judging by her look, yet the features on her face were one of concern.
"Oh Y/N, your soul is far too kind for this," she sighed, gently pushing you outside. "I think it's almost time. Go outside to the courtyard and see where the sun is setting. I don't think it will be long now."
"Thank you, Katherine," you thanked her and smiled at the older lady before heading outside where the other servants were already making their rounds and returning with the freshly harvested fruits and vegetables to prepare the evening meal. "I won't be gone long, I promise."
"You know where to find us," Katherine called after you as you were already running away. The sun was already behind the tower, and indeed it wasn't long before it was between the owl tower and the willow. And since the way to the magnolia tree was not exactly short, you decided to make your way there already now.
The magnolia tree had been your hiding place for years. Even though it was one of the most beautiful trees, it was little visited, it was too far away for the ladies of the court and surrounded by bushes and undergrowth. Most would have been more afraid of destroying their garment there. You didn't care of course, most of your dresses already had holes and were not the most beautiful. Well, and Stiles, Stiles didn't care about his clothes either. He had his own tailors, after all, who were only busy making him and his family new clothes.
"Y/N," you heard Stiles' voice behind you. It was very quiet, even though no one was around, but you could still recognize his voice, even from miles away.  You quickly turned around and saw him standing there in his everyday clothes, a simple pair of dark pants with black boots and a white shirt. He had left his tunic off, out here in the sun it seemed far too warm for it.
"Stiles," you breathed out, running the last few steps towards him. Stiles smile grew until he wrapped his arms around you and lifted you off the ground. "I haven't seen you in so long."
"I know," he replied, setting you back down on the ground, but keeping his arms around your body. "I've been with my dad a lot. We fought together with the sword for the first time today. Otherwise it was always Louis I had practiced with."
"That sounds like fun," you countered, playing with the ribbons of his blouse.
"It was, but I want to know more about your day, what's it like to finally get to work here?" he asked, slowly breaking away from you. Immediately you missed his warmth and wanted to get back into his arms, however Stiles pointed directly at the trunk of the magnolia and sat on the ground before leaning against the tree. He made room for you to sit next to him and so you used his shoulder as a backrest. And as you leaned against him and pulled your knees towards you, your robe slipped off your knees and your injuries on your knees were visible. Quickly you pulled the robe back over your knees, but Stiles had already seen them. He stopped you by grabbing your hand and looked at you, startled. With his other hand he grabbed your dress and said softly, "May I?"
You nodded and watched as Stiles carefully pulled your dress off your knees to get a better look at the injuries. "Damn, Y/N, that doesn't look good at all," he said after seeing the red knees. The wounds were already crusted over and looked pretty bad, but crusting always meant it was already healing, after all. "How did this happen?"
"Can we maybe talk about something else? We certainly don't have that much time," you replied, pulling the dress back over your knees so he couldn't see it.
"Y/N, please tell me how this happened. It doesn't look like a simple fall to me. What happened?"
You took a deep breath before reading out a loud sigh, "I wanted to thank your mother for the job in the kitchen... I know now that was just stupid and rash of me. Lord Westbrook made that clear to me when I asked him for directions. It's really not as bad as it looks Stiles-"
"It looks pretty bad to me, Y/N. Your knees are all red around the wounds, which means it's infected. You should have the medicus here look at it, if it gets worse I can't forgive myself," he asked.
"I can't just go to the Medicus here in the castle. I have no rights for that and I don't have enough money for the herbalist in the village. Clarissa, the woman who still lives in our house, said that cold compresses and sage help. So that's what I've been doing the last few evenings."
"Doesn't really seem to help if it still looks like that, though," Stiles countered.
"Can we maybe not argue about this right now and just enjoy the short time we have?" you asked him, resting your head on his shoulder. Stiles sighed and put his hand on your head to run through your hair. "Of course."
But Stiles didn't quite settle down, he rummaged around in the pocket of his pants until he found a few silver pennies and placed them in the pockets of your apron. "Please do me a favor and take it to the herbalist. I don't want it to get any more infected."
"Stiles, I can't accept that, it will stand out if I suddenly show up there with so many coins."
"Can you turn your head off for a moment? The herbalist won't care where you got the coins. She only cares about the value and less about where it all came from. Please Y/N, please go there. If you don't go there I'll just worry until I see you next time and you mean way too much to me for that."
"Yes what?"
"That I mean that much to you?"
"You don't even know how much," he murmured, stroking your hair once more.
"You mean a lot to me too, Stiles," you replied, smiling at him.
"Good," Stiles said, smiling before doing something he had never done before. He put his hand on your cheek and turned your head in his direction so you could just look at him. This time you couldn't read him, something you were always very good at. Stiles was easy for you to see through but probably only because you knew him so long and well. But this time you couldn't guess what he was up to.
Stiles moistened his lips before coming dangerously close to your face, only to finally place his lips on yours. Never before had you kissed anyone and you weren't sure how to react. His lips were soft and warm, not that you've ever had any to compare them to, but still, you could already tell that they were the softest lips you could ever get to feel.
After gathering your thoughts and being able to process that Stiles was kissing you, something you had been hoping for for a very long time, you finally kissed him back. You could feel that Stiles was relieved and smiled into the kiss, he smiled so much that he pulled away from you slightly. This also gave you a chance to gasp for air. "Stiles..."
"I know," he said, placing his lips on yours again. He pulled you closer to him as he did so, and grabbed your legs to lay them across his lap. That way you could sit much more comfortably and didn't have to twist your body like that. He left his hands on your legs after that and gently stroked from your ankles up to your knees while your hands were completely engulfed in his blouse where you held on so tightly as if you were standing off a cliff.
"Stiles we can't do this," you said as you pulled away from him. His lips were swollen and now bright red, far too tempting for you and so you had to look away before you got any further into the mess.
"We can't do this in the castle, but no one will see us out here, Y/N."
"And what if they do?"
"Don't worry, you'll be my secret."
Tumblr media
"How is your father?" you asked Stiles when you first saw him after the terrible news. The news had made its rounds some time ago, but now a few days ago the royal couple had made it public. The king was ill and you didn't know how soon he would be well again, and if he would be well at all. What exactly he had was not disclosed to you in order to protect him.
"Sometimes better, sometimes worse. Lately, though, he's had more bad days than good," he sighed, opening his eyes again. Stiles had put his head in your lap while you had been resting against the magnolia tree.
"I'm very sorry about that, Stiles," you replied, lightly stroking his head.
"You have nothing to be sorry about, Y/N. It's least of all your fault. I'm saying he's been under a lot of stress lately and he's already been pretty banged up. I think that's taken its toll on him now and his body has signaled that it's too much now."
"Are you afraid that he's going to...? You know, die?" you asked.
Stiles reached for your other hand and intertwined your fingers. "Sometimes I am. I lie awake at night every once in a while wondering what if. I haven't been by his side long enough to be able to rule the country on my own. Mother would step in and take over for that time anyway. But I know how the people feel about my mother, or you do too. You're just afraid to go near her, and I don't want a country to live in fear and anxiety."
"How can I take your mind off of it, Stiles? I don't want to see you suffer like this," you said as you now played with his fingers.
"Well, I'm distracted enough now, but at night I often have trouble falling asleep. As long as I'm with you I'm fine," he answered and gave your hand a gentle kiss. And while he had his lips on the back of your hand, you could see that he was thinking about something. His dreamy look told you that.
"What is it?"
"What if you came over tonight?"
"Stiles!" you warned him, taking your hand from his. The movement was so jerky that Stiles startled and sat down on his knees beside you. "We can't do that!"
"Why not?"
"Did you actually turn your little head on with that idea? How am I supposed to get in? What am I supposed to tell my dad where I am? What if I get caught? Your mother would immediately throw me in the dungeon and let me starve there. And what if-"
"Hey, hey, hey, slow down. Your head's about to start smoking if you don't slow down. Have you forgotten already? The tunnels under the castle, there's an entrance right down the hall from my room. I could make sure that no guard is on the way and you sneak past into my room. And don't worry about your father, I can handle that," he said, pushing himself off the floor with his hands. He gave you a quick kiss on the lips before he could clean his pants from the dirt and got ready to leave you alone again. But before that he reached into the pocket of his pants and pulled out something small, round and golden. He reached out and helped you back to your feet as well, before placing the small golden something in your hands.
"This here is a Petrus Hehle, also known as a clock. My father was given this by Peter Henlein when he was traveling through the East by ship. He managed to turn time into this little movement. So we don't always have to look at how the sun is standing to know what time it is."
"Stiles, I can't read that, though."
"Yes you can, look. I taught you the numbers, didn't I? Do you recognize them here? You just have to keep turning it so you can see the numbers right and they're not upside down. When the little hand is on IX and the big hand is on XII, then it's 9 o'clock in the evening. Then I'll make sure the entrance to the tunnel is unguarded, okay? Do you trust me?" he asked, closing your hand around the little Peter throat, as he had called it.
"Always," you replied, just looking him in the eye.
"Okay, see you later then," he said and ran off. "Ah wait a minute! You have to use the tunnel entrance behind the orchard, I'll mark the rest of the way for you!"
So, full of nervousness, you were now standing in front of the door that led to the underground tunnels. There had been no one in the kitchen for some time. After dinner, everything was quickly cleaned and then all the servants went home, except for the one person who usually stayed at the castle overnight, should be an emergency overnight. But for that person a little hat was provided to spend the night. You told them that you were waiting for your father, who was working a little later than usual, and then he would pick you up. So no one asked questions why you were there longer than everyone else.
The little golden something in your hand showed shortly before 9 o'clock. The sun had already set and the castle showed itself from the dark side. You walked to the entrance of the tunnel in the dark so as not to attract attention and then lit the small oil lamp that Stiles had placed at the door. The door opened a little harder than you thought, but in no time you were standing in the cold corridors, following the markings on the wall that Stiles had probably painted there with the help of stones.
A short time later, you found yourself at another door that you passed. You assumed that must be the door into the castle, and you were right. You could see your name on the door. Now that Stiles had taught you to read a few months ago, it was easy for you to recognize it.
With the back of your sleeve you wiped your name off the door in case someone came by and saw it. You blew out the oil lamp and placed it back on the floor before slowly opening the door. The dark hallway quickly filled with the light coming from the castle, bringing in a bit of warmth. Immediately you recognized Stiles' voice from further away. He seemed to be talking to someone. With one last look at the clock Stiles had given you, you saw that it must have been just after 9 o'clock, because the big hand had already passed XII.
"Can you make sure no one goes into my room tonight? Since I'm not so dazzling, I don't want anyone to disturb me and see me that way either, do you understand?"
Stiles' voice sounded different than usual and not as cordial, it had a stern tone, something you weren't used to hearing from him like that.
"May I ask you one more question, Sir?" asked the guard Stiles may have been talking at.
"But of course," Stiles replied.
Taking this as a chance, you made your way into the hallway before letting the door slam shut behind you and quickly slipped into the hallway next door, where Stiles' room was located. The door was ajar and you dashed inside.
Your mouth watered when you finally saw the inside of his room, until now you had only seen him from downstairs at his window and you only knew the room from stories. His bed stood in the middle of the large room, which was already lit with a few candles. In front of the bed was a small chest with several skins on it to keep Stiles warm probably during the night. You wanted to inspect every millimeter of his room, but unfortunately you didn't get the chance, because the door opened. You startled and hid behind the bed, hoping no one had seen you.
"Y/N? Are you here?" asked Stiles after he had safely closed the door to his room.
"I'm here," you replied, coming out of your hiding place. Stiles was already in his sleeping garb and free of any clothing that made him a prince. You could almost say he was a normal citizen.
Stiles came up to you in five quick and big steps and grabbed your face with his big hands before bringing it closer to yours and kissing you deeply. You hadn't shared many kisses in the long time since he first kissed you. Too often the danger was too high that someone could catch you. The only place where you could always be undisturbed was the magnolia tree. But you two didn't always manage to meet there. There was a lot to do in the kitchen, and Stiles couldn't leave the castle without excusing himself very often. His mother noticed that he was missing more and more often.
"I'll be able to sleep a lot better tonight with you here," he mumbled against your lips, and then finally detached himself completely. "You're completely freezing, come with me."
He grabbed your hand and pulled you to the other end of the room, where there were several dressers and closets. He pulled one of his nightgowns from the dresser and handed it to you. "Your clothes are damp and cold from the tunnel. If I had known it was this cold down there, I wouldn't have sent you through there."
"It's okay, Stiles," you assured him, taking off the cloak you had thrown around your shoulders.
"Let me put that away. Preferably near the fire, so it can dry quickly. I'll give you a little quick time to change, okay?"
You nodded and disappeared behind the small movable wall that was set up there to have some privacy while you changed. Stiles was standing by the fire and had placed your cloak there on one of the stools and was watching you through the wall. There wasn't much to see, because the wall covered some things, but he could visibly see your figure behind it.
A little later you came out from behind the wall again and stood quite uncomfortably on the spot. In your head you had been imagining all evening what I would talk about, how you would spend the evening together, but suddenly your head went blank, you didn't know what to say anymore.
Stiles looked you up and down once. Your bare legs shone in the light of the fire and your open hair, which was usually braided into a tight braid, now reached down to your back. But what distracted Stiles most was something else. You didn't seem to realize it at first, but because of the cold you felt, your nipples could be clearly seen through Stiles' nightgown. Stiles caught himself staring at it for too long, trying to look at your beautiful face.
You looked down at yourself to see what Stiles had been watching the whole time and were startled to see what he was looking at. You quickly crossed your arms over your chest and made yourself small by looking down at the floor.
Stiles quickly walked up to you and took your hands in his. "Don't, you don't have to hide. Not from me."
You nodded and watched him run his fingers up your arms, sliding them along your shoulders and stopped right over your chest. Your breath stopped and you couldn't even tell exactly how your body was reacting. "May I?" he asked softly, looking up from his fingers into your eyes. You weren't sure if this was really the right thing to do and if you should step in here and now. But you listened to your heart and not your head this time. "Do you trust me?"
"Yes," you replied, nodding to signal to him that it was okay with you. Stiles fingers slowly danced across your chest, hitting your hard nipples. A wave of euphoria ran through your body and your arms and legs were marked by the goosebumps that spread across your skin. "You're all sensitive."
"Stiles, I don't know if this is right what we're doing," you confessed to him as his fingers slid further down to your belly.
"We can stop this anytime you want, Y/N. I don't want to force you to do anything."
"Trust me Stiles, this all feels so right, but what if-"
"When was the last time you bled?"
"When was the last time you bled, Y/N?"
"Just a few days ago, why?"
"Then you don't have to worry about it. Come with me," he said, leading you by his hand to his bed. He laid you down on the bed first and put your legs a little apart so he could get comfortable between them. You were still a bit unsure, because the whole situation was not familiar to you. Seeing Stiles sitting there between your legs was at first a little uncomfortable. But when he started to move his fingers slowly from your feet up to your knees, your thoughts disappeared immediately.
Stiles stopped at your knees and kissed both of your knees. The wounds had long since healed, though the scars were still clearly visible. You had always hidden them. Not even your father or sister knew about the scars. Only Stiles and the herbalist in the village who had helped you knew about them. Stiles was relieved when you showed him the healed scars for the first time. He was sure that you would not dare to go to the herbalist.
Carefully he drove his fingers further and further up, first along the top of your thighs, then again from the front but this time on the inside. Your whole body started to tingle and you caught yourself longing for his touch. Stiles saw your reaction and grinned down at you. He knew exactly how shy you were and how virginal. He wasn't a bit less so, but he had no qualms about you. He knew you were the person who knew him best.
Stiles reached for the collar of his nightgown and pulled it over his head until he was clad only in his linen underwear. "Give me your hand."
As instructed, you reached your hand out to him and Stiles took it in his. To loosen you up a bit, he started running your fingers over his stomach to get to know his body. His chest was overlooked by a few individual hairs, but they were already quite thick for his young age. The hairs tickled your fingers and you had to smile as you ran your fingers over his chest. Stiles let go after a while when he noticed that you were starting to feel comfortable with what you were doing.
You dropped your hands and propped yourself up on them to sit up a bit. With your legs wrapped around Stiles' waist, you too reached for the nightgown and pulled it over your head. Stiles took the robe from you and put it with his before looking at you. "You're beautiful, Y/N."
Your cheeks flushed and you bit your bottom lip. Stiles held you by the shoulders and gently laid you back on your back as he engaged you in a kiss. You could feel his tongue on your lips and so you opened your lips a little more to give him the kiss. Stiles didn't wait long and deepened the kiss in no time while he wrapped one of your legs around his waist and snuggled up to you even more. As if Stiles had done this many times before, he moved his hips against yours, creating friction between your underwear. A feeling you couldn't describe ran through your body and you had to pull away from his lips to let out a slight moan.
"You like that?" whispered Stiles, placing his lips on your neck where he gently began to suck on your tender skin.
"Mmm," you moaned, wrapping your arms around his torso. "Stiles..."
"Shh," he murmured against your skin, his lips moving further down until he reached your breasts. He looked up at you one last time to make sure you were okay before he saw your flushed expression and placed his lips around your left nipple.
Immediately you reacted to this and pressed your chest closer to his head, his arms wrapped around your torso and held you tightly while he made circling movements around your nipple with his tongue. Over and over again he heard you moaning softly, but that wasn't enough for him, he wanted to hear you much louder. With his left hand he reached for your free breast and pinched your nipple. You had not expected this action and so you screamed out briefly, but not from pain, but more from excitement. You had never felt anything like this before. Your whole body trembled and tingled, from your toes up to your ears and you didn't want Stiles to stop.
But as if Stiles could read your mind, he detached himself from your breasts and licked his lips once before bending down again and this time putting your other nipple between his lips and gently biting it. Again you moaned loudly and pressed your upper body against his. Stiles took his other arm from under you and searched for the loop of your linen underwear. After finding it, he blindly undid the knot and pulled on the string until it came loose. He sat up and left you lying back there on the bed all excited as he looked at what he had done. Your breasts were all red and purple, clear marks of what he had done were now on those and it made him a little proud that he had done that.
"Stiles, are you sure you want to take this step with me and not with someone more made for you?" you asked him, hoping he would say yes.
"If not with you, then with no one else," he replied, kissing you deeply. While you pressed your tongue against his lips this time and deepened the kiss, Stiles continued to make a pass at your underwear, pulling them off your legs. You helped him do this and took turns pulling your legs on to make it easier for him.
"Was that the picture in your head of distraction today?" you asked him with a light chuckle as he finally pulled the last piece of clothing off of you and was now going after his underwear.
"Quite possibly," he answered your question and sat back on his heels as he finally got rid of the fabric. His excited member jumped up against his belly and beamed happily at you there. In your abdomen everything contracted at the thought that you were about to become intimate with each other and a little you were afraid that his penis would not fit inside you, after all it was huge and very thick, the vein on his penis already throbbing with excitement.
"Don't worry," Stiles whispered as he reached for his member and pumped it two or three times. "I'll make sure you're okay, I promise."
You nodded and watched as Stiles opened your legs a little wider. If you felt too naked earlier, you felt even more so now. Lying stark naked like that with your legs spread in front of a boy was very foreign to you, but you weren't afraid of Stiles. Just as he had said, if not with him, then with no one else.
Stiles fingers again traveled from your knee up along your inner thigh until he stopped at your vagina and took one deep breath. This was new to him too, he had never done this before either. He had only ever heard about it when the visitors to the castle talked about it, when they were once again in one of the certain houses in the village.
With one finger he collected your juices as he passed through your lips and stopped at your clitoris. An unknown feeling permeated your body as his finger came into contact with it. You too had heard of women and girls pleasuring themselves before, but you were too shy for that.
Stiles liked your reaction to his actions and so he repeated what he had just done, but made sure to pay more attention to your clit and rubbed it a little longer. With a moan, you arched your back up and pressed your hips more into Stiles' hand. Stiles grinned and watched you loll and stretch in his bed while he rubbed your clit as sensitively as he could with circular motions.
"Stiles," you moaned again and this time managed to say his name. Stiles could feel how he and his penis liked it too, because it twitched at your moan. He bit his lip and switched his fingers. With his thumb, he now rubbed your nub and carefully penetrated your vagina with one finger. A much louder moan escaped your lips and you couldn't control yourself anymore, so Stiles, although he didn't like to do that now, had to pray you to be a little quieter. After all, he didn't want to get caught and enjoy every minute with you.
"Please," you begged, pushing your hips further and further into his hand so that Stiles now had his finger completely engulfed and was slowly starting to pump with it. He loved the feeling of your warm walls around his finger and he wondered how it would feel to add another one. So carefully he played around with your hole with another finger until he inserted this one and was now making scissor-like motions inside you with two fingers. "Don't stop," he heard you whimper softly and saw your hand resting on your breast, playing with your nipple. It turned him on much more and he was sure he wanted to do it much more often.
Stiles felt your walls start to spasm around his fingers and he increased the pace of his fingers inside you and also on your clit. The combination of the two eventually managed to spread through your entire body, starting in the tips of your feet, a twitching and insanely crazy sensation, something you had never experienced before and you were sure that Stiles had just created your first orgasm. The sensation became so enormous that you had to literally slap Stiles' hand off of you and catch your breath.
Stiles could see the sweat on your forehead, your chest was also shining in the light of the fire and was covered with a light layer of sweat. He grinned, proud of himself for having just done that to you. "How are you feeling?"
"Better than ever," you replied, pulling him back over you to kiss him. Stiles laid back between your legs as you did so, wrapping one of them around his waist. You could feel his aroused member seeking its way between your now wet lips. Your hips moved with his and that alone was enough to get a moan out of Stiles. He detached himself from your lips and looked between your bodies for a moment before taking his penis in his hand and gently pushing it into the entrance of your vagina.
You immediately felt that this was a little more uncomfortable than his fingers had been just a moment ago, but since you were still so marked and wet from your high, you again pushed your hips towards him and watched as his penis disappeared and penetrated further and further inside you. You could feel a slight tugging in your genital area and so you squeezed your eyes shut a bit. Stiles noticed this immediately and stopped his movements to make sure you were okay.
"Everything's okay, I just have to get used to it. Keep going," you whispered and nodded to show him that everything was really okay.
So Stiles continued, penetrating you further and further until he was completely engulfed in you. He struggled with it too, because the feeling was way too powerful for him too. You were so tight that he felt like he was already going to burst at any moment and he didn't know how he could move even an inch further without coming immediately.
Carefully he shifted his weight to his right arm and stroked your cheek with his left hand, watching you as your face slowly relaxed and you opened your eyes again. You grinned at him, letting him know everything was okay. "Please Stiles, move. I can't take this anymore."
"As you wish," he murmured, pulling his hips back until his penis was almost completely out of you again before thrusting once deep inside you. Stiles and you both moaned at the same time, the sensation too much for the two of you. If you thought that felt great earlier, you were completely wrong. Stiles' penis was filling you much better than his fingers and he was reaching places inside you that he couldn't reach earlier.
The room filled with the sound of bare skin hitting each other over and over again and the moans from both of you. Stiles silenced you by putting his lips on yours and kissing you. However, the kiss was far too sloppy as you both concentrated on making love.
You now wrapped your other leg around his waist as well and he penetrated you even deeper, the moan from him you successfully engulfed with your lips, though you couldn't help it either and broke away from him to whimper loudly once yourself. "Damn that feels good," he groaned, dropping his head on your chest.
His slow movements were slowly turning into fast and shorter thrusts and he had to lean on both arms again to keep going like this. Stiles felt himself getting closer and closer to his own orgasm. He already knew the feeling, more often he had given it to himself. You too could feel his thrusts getting sloppier, but still, thanks to the new position of your legs around his hips, he was hitting new places in you that made you feel way too good.
"Come with me, Y/N, please come with me, I can't take much more," Stiles begged, resting his forehead on yours. He looked deep into your eyes while one of his hands found its way between you and he was now playing with your clit again. You let out a painful whimper as you realized what this was doing to you. With one last effort, you struggled not to close your eyes and let yourself go here and now and looked him in the eyes as well. Your walls caved in around Stiles’ dick as the knot grew tighter. Your toes curled and you held the sheet beneath you as tight as you could as your release came over you. You let go of the knot, letting your nerves ignite with pleasure, screaming for Stiles as you rolled your eyes.
Stiles couldn't hold it in any longer either and shot his entire load he had into you. Your juices dripping out of you as he continued his pace and his eyes closed. His whole body shook with pleasure. Your senses are overfilling as his cock twitches inside and you could feel exactly that he had just come.
He stopped inside you, his heart beating loudly and forcefully against your chest as he carefully laid himself on top of you. "Damn," he groaned, wiping the sweat from your forehead once with the back of his hand.
You stroked his bare back with your hands while you both steadied your breathing again and slowly your pulse returned to normal. But still, you felt like your heart was about to jump out of your chest, not from excitement, but from love for the boy who had just taken your virginity.
"My heart belongs only to you, no matter what," you confessed to him, pressing a kiss to the top of his head. Stiles turned his head so he was looking at you and smiled at you. He pressed his lips to yours and kissed you again before saying, "You've had mine for years."
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They say there’s no such place as Paradise. At the ends of the earth, there is nothing at all. No matter how far you walk, the same road just keeps on going on and on. But in spite of that, why am I so driven to find it?
WOLF’S RAIN Episode #1 “City of Howls“
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