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blackthornwinter · 8 months ago
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From the book “The Wolf's Secret“, written by Myriam Dahman and Nicolas Digard, illustrated by Júlia Sardà.
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reve-generale · 9 months ago
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from The Wolf's Secret - Nicolas Digard - Myriam Dahman & Julia Sarda Portabella
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spookberry · 6 months ago
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After finding out about being a werewolf, Tucker’s mom took him to go visit some old family friends!!
#danny phantom#monster high#half normie au#I have like a whole thing about this in my head fyi#Angela's siblings are both werewolves and The Wolfs were friends with them back in high school#Angela was the only one who went to Normie school so was never as close with the Wolfs but nonetheless on good terms with them#After Angela married Maurice and had Tucker though it became common place to pretend to be human around the Foleys#because Maurice didnt know monsters were real and then Tucker was born and rather than revealing monster existence to her husband too#she just decided to keep up the ruse for both of them#ya know unlike with adjl where jake and haley both know about the magical world and its just a secret from their dad#plus it just wasnt a problem most the time#and also in this au Howleen was a bit of a late bloomer too up until like fifth grade#its why shes a bit more awkward about fitting in than her siblings are#just a lil hc for ya#that shapeshifter type monsters like Werewolves are capable of disguising as humans or as big fluffy wolfs if they so desire#but imbetween states typically come more naturally to them#and for whatever reason 'late bloomers' are werewolves that arent born in that inbetween state#and as such have a harder time learning how to get out of it#most werewolves are pretty split culturally on whether its better to squeeze into human society ya know fake it til ya make it#or to just hide from humans and live freely in monster society#tho monster society is already inherently secret from most normies#tho its more of an Open Secret sorta thing#like how everyone in Amity knows ghosts are real#but if you go one town over theyll scoff and say its all some kinda publicity stunt
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sterekcraptrash · 5 months ago
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ignore me, just sketching
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0hheytherebigbadwolf · 3 months ago
More Teen Derek being a failwolf who does not know How to Person. He's not so dumb as to flat out discuss pack matters or anything obviously supernatural, but he also has zero reference point as to what's normal to discuss with humans. Meaning he's casually mentioning things Not To Be Said To Outsiders. Like, he's absolutely sitting with Stiles at lunch and talking about how Nana Hale is insisting the way the lunar calendar lines up with the solstices this year is supposed to be unlucky and predicts a change in telluric currents around the Nemeton, so they should all be on their toes as the natural energies shift. Peter, visiting for lunch, eavesdrops for 0.7 seconds and has to immediately leave and have a meltdown in private because what the entire fuck, Derek, no.
Cue the Hales collectively stressing TF out because oh God, oh fuck, not good, what if this kid figures out the family, he's supposed to be smart, his dad's the Sheriff, oh damn it.
But they forget that Stiles is a teenager living in 21st century California, in Beacon Hills. He's used to weird. He likes weird. He is weird. Just embrace the strange, bro. He just thinks the Hales are just...very New Age. Hell, they already live way out in the middle of the woods and grow their own food, so what if Derek has the lunar calendar memorized and talks about a sacred grove and knows literally every form of wildlife living in the Preserve? Neo-paganism is a thing. It's no crazier than any other religion, he ain't gonna judge.
So Laura is sitting on the other side of the cafeteria, listening in on her dumbass brother and his pet, almost audibly sweating, thinking, oh fuck, Mom is gonna kill him, literally kill him, I'm about to be a sibling short.
Derek: *yammering about how Nana is definitely right about the solstice, the forest has felt very strange the past few days*
Stiles, internally, only half-listening: I am so gonna wife this hippie.
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feelsforsterek · 9 months ago
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TYLER HOECHLIN  photographed by Max Montgomery (2016)
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wheredidhiseyebrowsgo · 2 months ago
Hey do you know any fics where Stiles is dating Peter or Derek secretly, and Peter/Derek is actually Scott's dad/bro or maybe the Sheriff's friend/colleague? So they have to date secretly? Preferably somewhere in the story they are found out though
Anonymous asked:
Hi, I wanna know if you or someone have recs on Sterek secret relationship or some Sterek with Scientist/CSI Stiles?
Thank you for all the work you do ❤️
blissfullycamren02 asked:
Do you know any steter secret relationship fics or stetopher secret relationship fics
For sure!
Tumblr media
When Nothing Else Works by hannah_baker 
(1/1 I 5,915 I Teen I Sterek)
Sheriff Stilinski is slowly and begrudgingly accepting the fact that werewolves exist, regular bad things still do happen sometimes, and his son may or may not be dating Derek Hale behind his back.
Or, the one where having Derek Hale in his bed is the only way Stiles can get to sleep. Much to his father's annoyance.
Sugarcoated by Shey 
(6/6 I 36,806 I Explicit I Steter)
Stiles doesn't want to admit it, but his dad is right—he's trying to pack way too many minimum-wage hours into the five-week break before the new semester starts. But what else is a screwed over college student with a budget tighter than his worn-out skinny jeans supposed to do?
At least he's found some nice, distracting eye-candy to keep his mind off of his problems.
All I Need Is You (And Cookies) by SincerelyLittle
(13/13 I 18,196 I General I Steter)
“Daddy Stiles!” those are the words that ring out the Hale’s backyard, everything seems to stand still for a moment while Stiles opens his eyes to the sight of long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes and a freckled face. He doesn’t blame anyone for believing the kid when she looks so convincingly like a daughter of his own would.
Since said child is so cute, he can forgive her for potentially starting world war 3 - or at least he thought he could until the next words were "Daddy Peter and I brought cookies!" At least he'll have cookies in the middle of battle.
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Escalate the Problem by Julibean19
(1/1 I 4,300 I Mature I Steter)
“I didn’t tell you because I knew what you were going to say,” Stiles hedges, shrugging his shoulders.
“And what am I going to say?” John challenges, raising his eyebrows.
“That he’s too old for me and you hate him.”
Peter pushes the screen door open with one hand, the other balancing a perfectly browned quiche. He’s dressed in a dark blue cashmere sweater and grey slacks. To Stiles, he looks like a dream. To his father, he’s sure to look like his worst nightmare.
“He’s too old for you and I hate him,” John says immediately.
Trick or Treat? by steterismylife
(2/2 I 7,898 I Explicit I Sterer)
Stiles has to do a dare and dress up as Red Riding Hood to Lydia's party but they don't know he's dating the big bad wolf. When they find out is when things get ugly.
Disposition by Tulikettu
(7/7 I 56,104 I Explicit I Sterek)
Stiles has an itch. A kinky, kinda dirty itch he needs to scratch.
So why not go on the Internet and look for a complete stranger to scratch it?
Derek needs a partner for his rut.
What a coincidence.
What We Called Love by jadore_hale
(8/8 I 105,140 I Explicit I Sterek)
He’d guessed that if Derek wasn’t paying him for the sex, then he was obviously paying him for the conversation. So Stiles made it a point to talk and never stop. Stiles rambled and Derek sometimes listened. Stiles shouted about X-Men and porn in fancy restaurants, and Derek sometimes grunted in response. Every now and then, Derek would even look up from his phone and make eye contact and blink, which Stiles would always take as a positive and real acknowledgment to his existence.   And they never had sex. Not ever. No matter how badly Stiles wanted them to, and he wanted them to, oh so badly.
Stiles Stilinski has been Derek Hale’s sugar baby for the last three years, and just can’t understand why the man pays him so much damn money.
Or the one where Danny is Miley Cyrus, Dylan Sprouse, Justin Beiber, and Kanye West all in one.
Lovely Penmanship by DLanaDHZ
(31/31 I 110,743 I Explicit I Sterek)
To use a scribe to write your letters is a sign of privilege. To be a scribe is... mildly better than a servant. When Stiles, scribe to Lady Kate Argent, is instructed to write a love letter to Lord Derek Hale in her stead, he has no idea just how far from plan things will go. He has no idea that this series of letters will begin a secret affair under the noses of his employers, will lead to him discovering the truth about his past family tragedy, and will make his head spin for both good and bad reasons. All he knows is 'Dear Derek' has some very lovely penmanship.
@anowlnamedpig suggested this one!
The Long Way Home by MyChemicalRachel
(6/6 I 19,846 I Explicit I Sterek)
Stiles didn’t plan to sleep with his best friend’s dad. It just kind of happened. And then it happened again. And again. And again…
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theseussscamander · 3 months ago
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he looks so young lmao this looks like an end-of-school-year selfie with all his favourite teachers
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alliumduo · a month ago
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after the movie (marie howe) // the secret history (donna tartt) // jennifer’s body (2009) (dir. karyn kusama) // parasomnia (teen wolf) // us against you (fredrik backman) // status asthmaticus (teen wolf) // the life and times of aaron burr (james parton) // heathers (1988) (dir. michael lehmann) // after the movie (marie howe) // goldeneye (1995) (dir. martin campbell) // julius caesar (william shakespeare) // the secret history (donna tartt) // revenge of the sith (2005) (dir. george lucas) // a new hope (1977) (dir. george lucas) // after the movie (marie howe)
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chonistars · 6 months ago
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moodboard・teen wolf characters as taylor swift albums
holdin' my breath slowly I said,  you don't need to save me but would you run away with me
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erualthewild · 6 months ago
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Joey Batey in
Learning to play the lute | Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies | Royal Shakespeare Company
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python-vibes · 27 days ago
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ok. ok hear me out. bna au
apollo wakes up one day as a hare and cant turn back. so he freaks out and runs to the beastman city, where he runs into trucy and phoenix. long story short he ends up having to stay w them and work for them while they try and figure out why he turned beast mode and how to control it :^)
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aherdofbees · 7 months ago
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mr-moose-man · 5 months ago
Them <3
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sterekcraptrash · a year ago
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this is for the secret garden au where kate captures and collects creatures (mostly turns her victims into stone).. stiles is some sort of mermaid, nymph? swamp creature/? kept in a pond of said garden, derek ended up in the pond and he’s still missing his right arm 💔 if you have any fic recs like this leave them in the replies, id love to read them bc i cant write ꆤॄꆤ
i forgot stiles was green in my previous drawing for this au 🤡
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0hheytherebigbadwolf · a month ago
Claudia Gajos being one of Talia Hale's bridesmaids and making no fewer than 22 werewolf puns in her wedding speech.
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feelsforsterek · 9 months ago
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Tyler Hoechlin for Flaunt Magazine (2016)
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