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#the world may never know
echodrops · 10 months ago
Someone please write me a Mandalorian fic where Din assumes the duties of the manda'lor, but having absolutely no idea how to lead a nation, the best he can do is default to his standard operating procedure: be begrudgingly helpful to everyone he meets and apply all 12 of his B+ parenting skills at once. (Will Bo-Katan learn anything from a long timeout? Stay tuned!)
Din, with misplaced optimism, fully believes that his incompetent leadership will inspire someone to challenge him for the Darksaber quickly, freeing him up to go chase after Grogu to the ends of the galaxy...
Except that (to Din's utter dismay), it turns out "grumpy dad who can and will fight god because there was nothing better to do on Tuesday" is the exact definition of the ideal manda'lor, and every Mandalorian who meets him ends up swearing fealty in about ten minutes flat.
Mandalore is thriving, the clans are flocking back to their home world, trade is booming, the New Republic is begging for an alliance, beskar is being repatriated left and right, hell, someone swears they just saw a living mythosaur...
And Din Djarin cannot stop space-googling "Ways to ghost an entire planet."
(If he fakes his own death enough times, maybe they'll stop sending Boba Fett after him??)
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teyvatdreams · 7 months ago
when they cry / show emotion in front of you
includes: childe, diluc, zhongli x gn!reader
Tumblr media
childe wasn’t exactly the type to hide his feelings
however, it’s different when it comes to fear or worry
especially when it comes to you
one night, you decided to wait outside for his arrival; he had been gone all day adventuring but promised to return before it got too late
but night had fallen, and of course you were starting to worry and craving to see him
of course, the universe had different plans. after some waiting, a group of hilichurls managed to find their way to you — you cursed under your breath for straying too far from the harbor’s entrance
you knew how to defend yourself, and you would, but it was still a nuisance
you defeated them easily, but failed to notice the pyro abyss mage that accompanied them until it was shooting fire towards you. it completely caught you off guard
you struggled to catch your footing for only a moment, but that was all it took to get a bit burnt
right as you go to fight back, you see the familiar sight of two hydro blades slashing at the mage, and it’s not long until he’s no longer a threat
and it’s not long until you feel childe’s arms around you
since you knew the weight of the situation, you weren’t worried, but thankful for childe’s swift appearance
you giggle in his arms until pulling away from his embrace and seeing his eyes brimmed with tears
“wait… why are you crying?”
you knew childe well enough to know that these tears were not coming from a place of sadness, it was coming from a place of anger or frustration — you couldn’t exact figure out which one.
“i’m not mad,” he says, wiping his eyes quickly. “not at you, atleast.”
you took a hold of his hand to calm him down as he explained the situation
he thought it was safe enough for him to stop and pick some flowers for you, except he had to go out of his way to find them. he felt as if you getting attacked was his fault — if he had stayed on track he would’ve arrived back sooner.
he doesn’t let the tears fall, but from the way he keeps wiping his eyes, you know he’s emotional
you have to spend a few minutes convincing him that it wasn’t his fault you got a bit hurt, and he finally calms down and cuts himself some slack
before returning back to the harbor, he picks up the flowers he managed to find and tucks one behind your ear.
“i know they aren’t your favorite, but i found a sweet flower. i decided to bring them back here because they’re just as sweet as you.” he says softly.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you were in the tavern with diluc as usual when you noticed he was acting a bit off
he seemed spaced out; whenever anyone tried it took them multiple attempts to get his attention
so when you got a chance to be alone with him you asked him if he was feeling okay
and of course, diluc being diluc said he was fine. but you weren’t dumb.
“let me close the tavern tonight,” you say softly. “go home, get some rest. you deserve it.”
diluc looks back at you and opens his mouth to protest but he immediately closes it. he closes his eyes and nods.
you lead him to the door and watched as he walked away, feeling uneasy.
after awhile, the drunkards found their way out of the tavern and you cleaned up before heading home.
the house you shared with diluc was quiet, a soft light across the room being the only indication that diluc was here as well.
you assumed by how quiet and dark it was that he had decided to go to bed
it’s not until you hear him sniffling that you realize he hadn’t
you find him sitting on the end of the bed you shared with him, shoulders slumped, head hanging
“diluc?” you say softly.
he lifts his head and looks at you, not bothering to move the hair hiding his tear-stained face out of the way.
you make your way to him and move his hair away, tucking it behind his ears. you gently wiped the tears off his face and gave him a moment to collect himself.
“do you want to talk about it?”
he takes a deep breath. “there’s not much to talk about. i’m just… in my own head. it’s almost the anniversary of…”
you nod, understanding his feelings. it was, in fact, almost his birthday, but you knew how he felt about that day.
“it’s alright. you’re still healing. it’s okay to feel this way.” you assure him.
you get him into bed and curl up next to him, making sure he knows his feelings are valid and that he doesn’t need to hide them from you, or anyone.
and as you look at him one last time before falling asleep, you swear you see a small smile creep onto his face.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you had spent a nice day with zhongli spending time together and walking around the harbor
after awhile, though, you both decided to go further out, making your way up to guili plains and wangshu inn
you both checked on xiao before deciding to make qingce village your final stop of the day.
it killed two birds with one stone — you got to spend time with zhongli and also collect the jueyun chilli’s you promised to get for xiangling
you both parted ways for a moment; zhongli offered to find a nice place to sit as you collected the chilli’s
however, something caught your eye as you did.
a blue flower — unmistakably a glaze lily.
you lean down to examine it. you weren’t a stranger to them despite them being much less common to come by.
the petals were closed, but you knew how to open them. at least, you knew how to try and open them.
you sang a tune to it. nothing crazy, just a song your mother had sang to you as a child that remained one of your favorites.
and to your surprise, the petals opened.
you stared at the flower. you didn’t expect it to open, but now it was. and it was beautiful.
you hear footsteps behind you and see zhongli staring at you, hand covering his mouth.
you silently look at him and then back at the flower to show him.
“i… found an area abundant with the chili’s you need.” he says. his voice trembles slightly.
“zhongli?” you stand up, concerned.
he must know that you’ve noticed. he clears his throat. “i apologize. i was just moved by your interest in the glaze lily’s, i suppose.”
“oh,” you say, standing up and making your way to him. his eyes were watery. “well… they are beautiful. of course i’m enamored by them…”
he smiles softly, sadly.
“there was someone who once loved these lilies more than anyone. i think i see them in you. it is truly a beautiful sight indeed.”
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paexie · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2018 Sketches that are finally colored to a point where I’m proud of them.
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static78 · a month ago
me n the wife driving six hours to san francisco to give my internet friend B E A N S
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junisfics · 7 months ago
good morning !!!
eren likes when you wear his sweatshirts while you ride him, if feeds his possessive nature so well. he especially loves to hold up the hem of it so he can watch the way his cock disappears inside you every time you sink back down onto him.
*bonus points if you're wearing lacy panties and he was just so desperate that he just pulled them aside and filled you up
*bonus points if you help him hold the sweatshirt out of his way and pull the hem up past ur tits
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secondbeatsongs · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
never a dull moment...
what do you guys think - is this a scammer, or a creep?
(I’m voting scammer, because with the date of birth on the license, Terry would actually be 61... 👀)
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blvckwidow · 19 days ago
I would personally like to thank Men’s Health for this fucking weird ass photo shoot
It’s the perfect weirdness level and Joey looks like a hot hobo lmfao
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ihatebnha · 6 months ago
Can you fucking imagine dating your older boyfriend and jokingly calling him a dilf all the time and he's like "stop calling me a dilf, I'm not even a dad" and they short circuit when you respond with "I could make you one" because you have not had any conversation yet about having kids but that definitely ignited some kind of desire in then they didn't know they had
whats funny is that i actually sorta had a draft for this from AGES ago... written right after my aizawa baby fever drabble (here!)... 
who knows if it’s accurate but... yes this scenario is 100% making me cry
“What if we had a baby?”
Bakugo halts, his graying hair almost prickling upward as a shudder runs through him at your words. 
He turns on his feet, chest expanding with breath as he faces you, slowly; one hand raising to cover the flat of his mouth and the warmth you know is blossoming on his cheeks, the other left twitching at his side. 
“What?” he asks, eyebrows lowering above the blistering red of his irises, his voice thick and rough in question. You can’t help but smile, innocently, knowingly… leaning back against the plush leather of your couch as if to welcome him right into your arms. 
“I said,” you continue, head tilting lazily, “what if we had a baby?” 
Despite his frozen stature, and the stiff posture he presumes, you admire Bakugo in his silence; shoulders worn with age yet still taut with energy, and hands course with calluses that are always calculated and delicate in their touch. 
You think he’d be the perfect father, and part of you knows he thinks so, too. 
Lips curling, he breathes, “a baby?”
To which you confirm. 
“A baby.”
Bakugo blinks, and his face is a dead giveaway. 
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scorpiofactsdaily · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
happy borth to my fav sagittarius
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gimmethemprimals · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My current aesthetic is: Do Nocturnes have a middle horn that trails down from their head or not?
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larissa-the-scribe · a month ago
Rest in Pieces
On an intellectual level, May had always known that getting hurt, well, hurt.
Still, she was not prepared for this, as the world froze around her, the glittering Mithec shard flashing through the air toward her futilely upraised arm. Everything snapped back to real-time as the blade slashed through her clothes and skin and flesh, biting into her, agony radiating like the rays of a sun thrust into her bones.
She screamed, collapsing to her knees. Within her mind, she yelled, warning herself to get out of the way before another attack came, before she died—but she couldn’t move. All strength was draining out of her with her blood. Blood, blood, blood, everywhere.
Dimly she registered a figure jumping in front of her, a shield of something extended in front of them, the Mithec blade from before clanging off of it.
Maybe it’s worse than normal because of Mithae, she thought, her brain trying to grasp at some semblance of thought—it slipped away from her, impossible to hold with blood-slicked fingers. The world had gone red.
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