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18. Tattoos, hmm. Oddly enough, I am a lot more comfortable with the concept of tattoos than piercings? it’s weird. 
I have a few that I would like to get over the next few years. Primarily, I have a sketch of all of Ophelia (Hamlet)’s flowers that I would love to get, because Ophelia and her story and representations helped me through a rough time, and I would like to honour her. 
I have a few other symbolic preferences, I think? But yeah. I have a few designs that I would like to get.

33. Let’s be honest, I would go full victorian. Just,,, the fashion then was awesome. I would also have a lot more sweaters, and some nice dresses, and a lot of suits. 

49. It’s fairly equally split between @ grumblingdragon, and my partner. My most recent non group text was to the latter though.

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Hmm… I dont really think I have a FAVORITE time of the day?? I mean maybe 2 or 3 PM?

Oh g o d- there’s so many favorite mythologies out there, its hard for me to choose even one- if we’re talkin myths as in mythological creatures/cryptids aha well, top 3 cryptids: Mothman, Wendigo annnd… Chupacabra

top 3 mythological creatures: Vampire, Werewolf, annnddd… Mermaids/Mermen

ANY ability hmm… I would say flying but honestly I’d be too terrified of heights for that, I mean if we’re talkin like superpower abilities here, if I could have any NORMAL abilities I’d definitely want the ability to draw ireallyjustneedmorepatienceinthatcasebutshh but superpowers? Definitely teleportation, I could go greet my friends or visit all the places I’ve dreamed of visiting

and actually, I cant even swim at all, I never properly learned how to swim but even if I knew I don’t think I’d like it all that much, it just ain’t my thing

side edit: I forgot the joke question! sorry- I mean its nothin special tho I know a lotta jokes and honestly there’s too many good ones out there

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Honestly? I’m kinda open to the thought like maybe there is other beings besides us out there in the universe that’s alien-like but who knows for sure, I mean if I could CHOOSE if there could be aliens or not? I will happily choose aliens

and I dont think I’d be a coffee person at least not a plain black coffee person but I’ve never tried any other types before- but tea is definitely a HUGE preference

I’ve tried to learn to play the violin but uh its not working out TOO well rn, I might go ahead n try for the piano one day instead but who knows, there’s plenty of time to try out instruments

I’ve never been to any concerts actually, I’m really not that active of a person and honestly, I don’t think my nerves would stand to go to a HUGE event like that- I’d probably run the risk of a panic attack if I did go

also the last picture in my camera roll is a friend’s art isaveditbciloveitverymuch and I don’t know if they’d be comfy with me postin it- I can however post this screenshot I took a good while back


I legit like paused it to switch tabs and talk to a friend but then I came back and saw something magical ….which was also my twitter icon for the longest time as well dsjfksljd

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That’s hard to really say… Honestly, I guess one of the MANY things I find endearing in people is when they can just ramble away bout the things they love most, even if I dont fully understand it or anything I am more than happy to always listen to a ramble, fuck it, you got some tea to spill on the subject? Lemme hear it

I just find it endearing when people talk about their passions, things their interested in or hell especially things their working on- like there’s just something so nice about it

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Bold of you to assume that I can also pun, Im fuckin horrible at puns lmao- I dont even know where to begin with that if im being honest

…d-does…. does a poptart count as a pastry…??

and ooh shit thats a tough question my friends n such, like- they’ve all done a lotta cute things for me and I appreciate p much every single thing that I can remember andevenifIcantrememberitatThemomentIwantThemtoknowthatI100%appreciateitifyouremindmeofitforsure

and I dont- think I eat a lot of pasta but listen, its g o t to be so cheesy i can feel my insides eroding away at the very seams- 

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Honestly? I dont like a n y kind of cereal, before its said- yes, I have legit tried p much ev e r y kinda cereal available in my grocery stores and I hate every single one of them, their just… so bland and gross eugh

uran- ….im sorry- I wont do that- no but my favorite planet, hmmm…  I like Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter

hmmm… honestly, I cant really think of nothing, Im not like- upset or feeling them gross icky feelings today, im just feeling neutral, like nothing bad is going on but nothing good is going on as well

and there is so much shit I’ve done with friends that I cant even name one thing like, I legit cant think of anything off the top of my head at the moment nothing that really stands out- I am a chaotic crackhead dumbass who says a looottaaaa shit

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I know of literally no songs that can “resonate to my soul” whenever I hear them but I can list a few I’ve been listening to recently

1: Slow Chemical (a cover by It Lives, It Breathes)

2: Metalingus (Alter Bridge)

3: Judas (Fozzy)

4: The Hearse Song (Chris Ray Gun)

5: It’s just a bunch of The Undertaker (that wwe superstar)’s songs- like the versions of his entrance music which is really good

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I dont really think it affects me- whenever it gets dark and the world p much gets misty, it just depends on what’s going through my head at the time, but a gloomy looking day usually just doesn’t affect me or I never really notice ya know?

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Like- Bohemian Rhapsody is an interesting song but its definitely not my cup of tea, im for heavy metal, rock, etc- but that song in particular just isn’t for me but I can definitely respect it

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Honestly I dont really think any food should be banned bc that’d be unfair to a person who actually likes said food- I myself might not like it but there’s other people in this world who do

and oh god I’ve never broken into any place, I just would never feel comfortable breaking into somewhere, it just feels wrong to me-

and there’s a few people out there I’d trust with all my secrets yeah, wont say who specifically but im sure y’all know who ya are-

I definitely sleep on my stomach, I turn and toss a lot in my sleep tho so who knows which position I will wind up in next lmao and for the final question I use anything I can so long as it wont mess the book itself up- usually I tear off a piece of paper and use it

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