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the-s-m-experience · 34 minutes ago
Joel Billy remembers the time he was a part of Billy Joel's crew in today's monologue!
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mst3kgifs · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Marlon Brando arrives for the Larry King interview.
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nogooddeetz · an hour ago
i spontaneously ended up watching wicked tonight (ft. stephanie j. block, annaleigh ashford & sebastian arcelus) and it just won’t stop feeling like home/comfort to me? 10 years on. it still makes me so happy. also ohmygod i love stephanie and sebastian’s performance of alaym??? it’s so emotional and sweet!!
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mewshuuartblog · an hour ago
Me: *sees a small Negati that Lance was using to lure me into the theater* Aww! You’re so cute! I’ll take you home with me! *picks it up and takes it to my house* You’ll love it here in my... *sees Lance lounging on the couch, staring at me* ....home?
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hello human, mind giving me that negati back?
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mewshuuartblog · 2 hours ago
Balan , why do you like humans so much ?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lance: balan, i think they asked why you like ‘humans’ not ‘miu’ Balan: !!! I-I WAS TALKING ABOUT HUMANS!!!! Lance: suuuure you was
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commarogue · 2 hours ago
Rules: we’re snooping on your playlist. Put your entire music library on shuffle and list the first ten songs and then choose 10 victims! Tagged by @sdwolfpup
1. moments of pleasure - kate bush (link) 2. f delano - kishi bashi (link) 3. leader of the pack - sleigh bells (link) 4. unknown (a little louder, love) - connie converse (link) 5. dance or die - janelle monae (link) 6. ibeyi (outro) - ibeyi (link) 7. this is not for you - blood red shoes (link) 8. goldberg variations, bwv 988: variation 20 a 2 clav. - glenn gould/johann sebastian bach (link) please watch this one even if you don't click on any of the others omg watching gould play and hearing him hum is a delight everyone deserves in their lives 9. hello, little girl - into the woods original broadway cast recording: robert westenberd & danielle ferland (link) do not speak to me of that disney mess youtube get that ad away from me ew 10. freak nasty - megan thee stallion (link)
If you feel like doing this one just blame me, friends 💗
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planetgrapeshow · 2 hours ago
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mcdannowave · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#h50 1x12#hawaii five 0#mcdanno#alex o'loughlin#cargument#scott caan#h50 bloopers#steve mcgarrett#danny williams#O'Caan#goofy mcgoofy#oh how i love how apologetic Alex is here 🤣🤣 He goes so naturally on those.And almost always makes a face#lightening the mood for the scene. specially when it's not about missing lines but other interruptions#and Scott..oh're adorable and the camera timing him was impeccable w/ his response on the last gif#and..i mean. being completely honest and not kidding anyone.that's Scott off cam vibes anyway(except w/ Dot there in the open)#S1 Danny is so energetic.And Scott just gives his soul for characters (He does theater *for fun* if u know what i'm saying)#but he's still a L.A. people.and in Hawaii it's for the paycheck. it timing rly well the more Danny gets 'less vibrating' with#when he decides to do less Ep and more L.A. time#and it here shows as an example#Of course some things are from Directing''More yell&rant.Need to sell ship/queerbaitting.Need replicate iconic bromances.Go crazy w/ Alex''#and then '''s S2/3 now.The island is expanding.less Ranting so loud bc there's other focus points now''#what i'm saying is..that tiny moment here just sums up so well him.Specially w/ all the stan info you have after many yrs#Oh!I forgot to comment. love the tiny bits of dif dialogue they do on each how Scott added ''My friend'' on the2nd gif#but in the final wasn't there/different take..Those things make my heart ache of all the footage getting dusty of fid takes#those two being Goofs.or Tryin dif things like hugging instead of handshake or BroHugs..Maybe winks?Glad they kept goodies like The Cudling#love those goofs#mine#*note to myself: Googles 'who is Rain Man'*
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readwithjoy · 2 hours ago
More delightful folks wandering in the Garden!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Get your FREE ticket here – Lost Immersive Website
And donate to the Go Fund Me here – Lost Garden GFM
You know you want to!! You’ll be supporting so many artists and staff that you know. We have received a bunch of applications from folks who are struggling financially. This pandemic isn’t over, and jobs have not returned. It’ll will be a while before the NYC theater community is back.
Can you give the equivalent of a ticket to Sleep No More to these people we all love? $120 would really help! After all, how much would we have all spent on theater over the past 13 months? (Actually, any amount helps! But the price of one ticket would be great!)
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mewshuuartblog · 3 hours ago
Balan :Good job on finishing this level , visitor .
Me : Thanks mo- Maestro
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theatergirl06 · 3 hours ago
Tyzula and “Enamor Me” for the ask meme 😊
Enamour Me = A fluffy drabble about characters trying to woo one another.
Sorry this took a while! It actually took me a while to come up with an idea for this one.
Azula glared at her reflection in the mirror. Why was this so utterly challenging? Azula was a hard worker and willing to tackle any problem, but this left her speechless, without answers. And she hated it.
She’d never asked anyone to the Firelight Festival before. As a child, she’d been obligated to go with her family. She had no idea how to go about this, especially not when said person that she wanted to ask was her best friend.
Azula had already nearly destroyed their friendship during the war. How could she ask Ty Lee to the Firelight Festival without ruining it again?
As if summoned by her thoughts, Ty Lee bounced into the room, only offering a quick knock on the door before entering. Usually, the quick entry without much warning would have annoyed Azula, but not when it was Ty Lee. Never with Ty Lee.
« Hey, Zula! » her best friend’s tone of voice matched her bubbly personality, as it always did. It made Azula feel like she was transported to a world where everything was suddenly okay. « I can’t wait for the Firelight Festival later today! The lights are gonna be so pretty and the food’s gonna be amazing, and there’s going to be dancing! I wait for this every year! »
« Really? » Azula’s voice was practically shaking as she struggled to contain her nerves. « I don’t remember you going when we were children. »
« That’s because I couldn’t see you. You were always with your family when we were kids. »
Azula sighed. « That I remember. »
Ty Lee swung around the chair that Azula was sitting in and cocked her head. « Ooh, I wonder who’s gonna go together. I saw so many adorable couples in town today! »
Azula felt her face grow hot. « I’m sure. » A pause. There was no way around this. « going with anyone? »
To her dismay, Ty Lee nodded enthusiastically. « Yeah! Mai and Zuko and I are going as a group. You should come with us! »
Azula sighed. She would pretty much rather die than go to the Firelight Festival with her brother, but if Ty Lee was going to be there...  « I’d like that. »
Even if an offer to go as a group meant Ty Lee didn’t feel the same way about her (and honestly, she couldn’t blame her)...well, Azula wasn’t letting her friend go a second time.
At the festival.
Ty Lee sighed. She wasn’t used to being nervous around people that she liked. Maybe that was because she’d never really liked anyone before. Not like this.
An offer to go as a group? What sort of message did that send? What had she been thinking?
She’d wanted to ask the Fire Nation princess to go with her, but she’d gotten nervous. It had taken her by surprise, and she’d just spit out the first words that had come into her brain.
Still, she thought as she wandered through the streets with Azula, Zuko, and Mai, this wasn’t so bad. She loved spending time with her friends, and the festival was one of the loveliest things she’d ever seen.
The night went on, and Ty Lee felt her hopes falling. Azula seemed no closer to her than to Zuko or Mai, perfectly friendly (for Azula) but nothing more. Even as the fireworks began, she felt her usual smile dwindle a little. She’d been silly to think a princess would ever like her that way. She was a girl from the circus, after all, strange and un memorable all at once.
But tonight was not a night to think about her insecurities, and Ty Lee forced a smile as they watched the fireworks. All around them, the streets erupted into cheers and music. People began to dance.
She felt a nudge on her left shoulder. Turning, she saw Azula beckoning to her. The princess was uncharacteristically quiet, almost as though she was afraid to speak. Wordlessly, she led the acrobat over to a stand selling fire lilies.
Ty Lee squealed. « Oh Azula, look how pretty they are! » Azula offered her a smile in return, exchanging a gold piece and a strange glance with the merchant. Nodding, he handed a flower to Ty Lee.
Ty Lee grinned, disappointment temporarily forgotten. « Oh, Zula! This is gorgeous! » She hugged the flower close to her chest.
« Open the petals, » said Azula, a strange tremor in her voice. Wait...was she blushing?
Ty Lee carefully opened the petals of the red flower. Inside sat a note, written in a neat cursive Ty Lee recognized as belonging to Azula.
Will you dance with me?
Ty Lee gasped! « Oh, Zula! » She threw herself into a hug, and was happily surprised when Azula hugged her back. « I’ve been trying to ask you something like this all day, but I got so nervous and I just spit out random words! I’m sorry! »
Azula laughed, truly smiling for the first time all night. « Me too. But I got so nervous that I could barely speak. It was strange and I hated it. »
Ty Lee laughed. « Well, you found a way to ask without speaking! You were always so smart. »
Azula was definitely blushing now. « Well, now that all our silly little nerves are out of the way... » she turned to Ty Lee and held out her hand, « may I have this dance? »
« It would be my honor. »
Not sure if this is actually a drabble, but I had so much fun writing it that I don’t care. I love Tyzula.
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classycoffeesublime · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
The good die young but not always. The wicked prevail but not consistently. I am confused by life, and I feel safe within the confines of the theatre. ~Helen Hayes
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tamamoarts · 3 hours ago
Hey guys I had an idea.
If I made an ask blog/comic for Hatty after the events of BattleBlock Theater and Pit People, would you guys check it out?
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