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Niente da fare, le ho prese anche oggi, largo ai giovani….

#quarantena #karate #actor #attore #theater #theaterlife #teatro #passion #life #theaterlife #cinema #videocamera #photo #photographer #castingdirector #direttorecasting #movieproduction #produzionecinema #regista #regia #filmmaker #spettacolo #sipario #dancer #universallanguage #movies #filmfest

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It happened y’all on @illaghee2k directed series @nyminute_series which is now on @youtube! You can watch the season finale and get some questions answered on what’s happening with all of the characters and everything that is transpiring into S3!

Spend your quarantine weekend with a #quarantineandchill on the series go hurry and watch it.

#HipHop #Brooklyn #NYC #Hood #Drama #Theater #ActorLife #Cinema #FrankKnight (at Brooklyn, New York)

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hello all!

i’m very sorry for not posting any soundlists. the quarantine has sort of sapped me of my energy, despite being free to do whatever i like. if any of you have requests for specific shows you’d like me to make a list for, please send me an ask! i’d be happy to do it, and maybe if i have something specific i’ll actually get to it. i’m hoping to do at least one list this week!


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I love it when actors or actresses have to do a different accent for Musicals/plays/films and whenever they meet fans in public who want to hear them say a specific line they start laughing because they can’t keep a straight face when doing it. It’s just so adorable to see them try and get in character but they break when the fans laugh or say something and they get awkward.

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I had so much fun doing this, plus on the bright side it kept the crippling loneliness and boredom out of my head lmao. I haven’t seen a real life person in around a week or so so if y'all have any suggestions on what to do pls comment below. I’m currently stuck on college campus so any advice is appreciated :( Will definitely upload more. Maybe… Blood in the Water from Legally Blonde? ;)

No glasses/grey pot: Aaron Burr
Glasses/Silver pot: Alexander Hamilton (the pots are their law hats, whatever that means lmao)
Orange blanket #1: Judge guy
Book on head: Judge guy #2
Orange blanket: Angelica Schuyler
 Ponytail: Elizabeth Schuyler
Blue blazer: George Washington
Black Hat: John Jay
Flannel Jacket: James Madison

 Also, pls don’t take this video too seriously LOL, I did this out of complete boredom as a joke. Thanks for watching!!!

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 All music belongs to Lin Manuel Miranda and the Hamilton cast; the only thing that belongs to me is my voice and footage!!

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Tag yourself (and your friends) as things I’ve heard professional actors say.

“I know you think you’re Christine Daae, but I’m going to need you to cease and desist immediately.”

“You think I know what pants are?”

“Dayquil is the only reason I’m alive right now.”

“That’s the thing about children: you have to bully them.”

“Go away, it’s vibe time.“

“The braincell is not with you.”

“Catch me over here taking shots of ketchup.”

“How about instead of a cast party, we just watch Cats (2019) for a third time?”

“Okay people, holster your finger guns.”

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These circles are 30 inches in diameter …. Some people might not realize that Not all #dichroic #borosilicate #glass can go through the flame or heat .. in that case it was developed as an #optical dichroic used as #filters #scientific applications, #theater gels and #lighting of course. Because of the hardness factor of coe33 it is the optimum glass to use in lamination like what Jack does with his projects etc …. full sheets, half sheets and quarter sheets private message me …. #colorblind #scorpio #artist #steven #michael with #synesthesia #sensory #asheville #insta #instagram #instaartist #instapic #artforsale #artoninstagram #artistsoninstagram #homedecor #homedesign

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hello! my friends and i have made an academic/humanities discord! 16+ only please! there’s lots of channels that cover history, literature, art, languages, religion and others!

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