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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Hey Tumblr!

I am in need of some assistance! Currently my English class is discussing/reading Frankenstein and I remembered seeing the production of Frankenstein that starred Johnny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch. I’ve searched everywhere and have not been able to find a full video of it. There used to be one on YouTube but it was taken down. Can y'all help me? It doesn’t matter who is in which role (though I am partial to Miller as TC).

Please let me know if you’ve found one or have one to gift!

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Journey to the past is actually such a Sanders Sides song

It includes all aspects of the sides all rolled in to one to create almsot an arc for Thomas

“Heart don’t fail me now”

“Courage don’t desert me”

“No one ever mentions fear”

“Years of dreams just can’t be wrong”

“I’ll be safe and wanted, finally home where I belong”

“I’m learning fast”

“Home, love, family”

“Who knows where this road may go”

“Things my HEART still needs to KNOW”

“And bring me home, at last”


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Carla Gugino as Carol in Alice Birch’s Anatomy of a Suicide

CAROL: I hope you live. Big. All the time. In every possible moment. With As Much as you possibly can. Like you do. Like you already do.”

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I have two settings: theatre and gay.

Gay is winning this week because “Check, Please!” (favorite webcomic that has gotten me through many hard times) is ending, but we should be getting back to theatre by Sunday or so.

(Real talk though, “Check, Please!” is literally the reason I got a tumblr account, and it’s ending this week, so I’m not really okay. I apologize in advance for the amount of this webcomic you’re going to see from me.)

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Le TMP ou théâtre municipal de Pibrac, petite ville du nord-ouest de l’agglomération toulousaine :) 
J’y ai fait de la chorale et quelques spectacles enfant, et ça reste de chouettes souvenirs <3

The theatre of Pibrac, a small town in the northwest of Toulouse in France. I had music lessons and some shows with friends there when I was a kid! So many great memories <3

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(på/i Oscarsteatern)

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Making tracks to Scarborough 

Actor and activist Michael Cashman started his acting career as a child, and went on to have a successful career on both stage and TV, most notably as series regular Colin Russell in EastEnders. Now Lord Cashman, he is a former Labour MEP and a co-founder of Stonewall, which works to ensure that LGBT people across all communities are valued, welcomed by all and can participate fully in society. His memoir, One of Them: From Albert Square to Parliament Square, was published in February 2020.

In our latest My SJT blog, Michael remembers being packed off to Scarborough by the redoubtable Peggy Ramsay… and a meeting that was to change his life. 

“You must go to Scarborough, dear,” said Peggy Ramsay, the renowned theatrical agent. Except with Peggy, it wasn’t a suggestion; it was an instruction.

Peggy had adopted me as one of her fledgling playwrights after having read one of my unproduced plays. In her usual blunt fashion, she had praised my skills but said I needed shaking up. She obviously thought Scarborough was the place for it to happen. What I didn’t know at the time was that she also represented Alan Ayckbourn.


A Trip to Scarborough, 1982: John Peters (under the lampshade!), Michael Cashman and Terence Booth 

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one of the best parts of newsies is near the end (in general) when you can see little bits of their hair all sweaty and dark like yes boys you worked hard we appreciate and are proud of you <3

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musical: the tosses to everyone? actually making the printing press go? perfection.

movie: running around the city to spread the word? asking if the kids can read and not just handing the papers to them? terrific

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im trying to find the name for this one specific newsie but i CANT cause alll but like 3 are white muscle boys but THIS ONE was in the group of three that davey sings seize the day to at the beginning. the middle one. 98% sure he also is the one that does the spinny spin spin on a newspaper solo.

send help

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