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#theatre kid
just-a-broadway-girl · 11 days ago
Just felt the need to share that I think the Tick...Tick...BOOM! movie may have just completely changed who I am as a person like I am mid-crisis as we speak
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theatrekidculture · 3 months ago
theatre kid culture is this
I swear on my life that it's not a rickroll
you're a national hero
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kkshowtunes · 4 months ago
Musical Theater Kid Ask Game!
💕- What is your favorite musical?
💖 - Favorite show you’ve been in?
❤️- What’s a show that makes you feel pumped up
🧡- What’s your favorite character from a musical?
💛- Favorite role you’ve had?
💚- What’s a show you don’t like the plot of?
💙- What’s a show that makes you really sad?
💜- What’s an unpopular opinion you have about a show?
🥴 - Tell us about a time you auditioned for something and didn’t get the role
🥰- Tell us about a time you auditioned for something and got the role
🌝- Have you ever had a stage kiss?
🤯 - Have you ever auditioned for a broadway show? If so, which one?
😍- Have you ever had a celebrity crush on a theatre star? If so, who was it?
🤪 - Have you ever sung showtunes in an ihop/applebees/food joint?
🧐 - Which musical do you think is overrated?
😴- Which musical do you think is underrated?
😕- What’s a show you used to be your favorite but isn’t anymore
💅- Have you ever had a crush on someone in your cast? If so, tell us about it
💧- Can you cry on cue?
🤣- Can you fake a laugh?
🎼- Can you sing?
🩰- Can you dance?
💭- What’s your dream role?
🏆- Is there a Tony win you thought wasn’t deserved / stolen?
🚿- What’s your favorite song to sing in the shower?
🚗 - What’s your favorite song to sing in the car?
⭐️- What’s your favorite broadway star?
📺- What’s your favorite movie musical/ musical tv show?
📜- What’s your opinion on Hamilton?
🍎- What’s your opinion on Dear Evan Hansen?
👑- What’s your opinion of SIX?
♟ - What’s your opinion on Falsettos?
📰- What’s your opinion on Newsies?
💊- What’s your opinion on Be More Chill?
🎶- What’s your favoite Sondheim musical?
🎵- What’s your favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical?
🎤- What’s your favortie Lin Manuel Musical/ Movie?
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a-little-fall-of-pain · 2 months ago
arguably one of the funniest things in the Les Mis concept album is how in “Voilà, le soir qui tombe”, Éponine refers to Montparnasse as “ce coquin de Montparnasse”.Its like, yes, technically “coquin” means a terrible person who does terrible things but given that nowadays its mostly only used towards children (roughly translating to “naughty”), its just INCREDIBLY FUNNY TO ME. It’s like,,,, this man KILLS PEOPLE and the only thing Eponine has to say about him is “oh that silly little Montparnasse hahah” like WHAT 😭 
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janekfan · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. Or close the wall up with our English dead!”
I call this “Jarchivist’s Last Stand” because I’d really just like to see him fuck everything up with his spooky eye powers. 
Tumblr media
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amb-bam · a month ago
guess who made another quiz >:-) this one is also playlist based, but it’s all playlists I’ve made about other content that I really love!!! feel free to reblog etc etc and I hope you enjoy!!! had a super fun time making it
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