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hardcoresweet45 · a year ago
Alone No More
Tumblr media
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"What do you mean you can't come now?!" You screamed at your boyfriend threw the phone.
You and your boyfriend of 2 years made plans to go together to the Jericho Cruise, something you both wanted to go to. Well, at least you wanted to go.
"I'm sorry babe, something came up."
You gritted your teeth and closed your eyes.
"It's always "something", but you know what fuck you and whatever came up. It's over." And with that, you ended the call. This was supposed to be time for both of you. But he always canceled last minute.
You were tired of it, tired of it all. But nothing you can do now. You looked down at your bag and then up at the beautiful boat you were about to get on. You signed and hopped onto the boat.
Once you found your room you flopped onto the bed, not even bothering to cry you just laid there. Thinking about what to do with your life. But it didn't matter, you were on a fucking cruise with Fozzy and AEW. You were gonna have the time of your life.
You started to change into some comfy, a black bikini top, black baggy, and loose cotton pants. You looked at yourself in a mirror and smiled at yourself. You then put on some black shades and walked out of your room.
It wasn't too packed on the boat, but enough people to question why'd you come alone. As you made your way to the beck, the boat pulls off. You smile once again look at the beautiful blue sky. The wind felt nice on your skin, you were almost at peace. Almost...
Your phone was going crazy in your pocket, you go and reach for it and see that you're getting text messages from your now ex.
*Come on babe, don't be like that.*
*Let's just talk this out like adults.*
*I don't know why you're so upset about me not coming to a stupid show. You do know it's fake right*
You could feel your blood boiling in your veins. Oh, how you hated hearing that ever since you were a kid you hated hearing that.
*Do me a huge favor and fuck off and die, you baby dick piece of shit*
After sending that ice-cold text, you let out a scream and threw your phone into the water. Fuck that phone, you can always get a new one.
Lifting the shades from your face, you let a few tears fall. You covered your face and shook your head in your hands.
" trip was ruined." You whispered.
"My my, at least I have someone to share my misery with."
You didn't bother to look at the stranger that was talking to you.
"Misery you say? No no, I'm in hell right now."
He laughs, you could feel him stand next to you.
You raise your head up and whip away the tears, you then turn to look at the stranger. Your eyes go wide for a bit but then you smile.
"My, I'm sharing hell with the bastard Pac."
"You know me then, why don't I know you?" He smirked.
You chucked.
"My name is (Y/N)." You tell him.
He smiled and looks at the water.
"Well my lovely (Y/N), my day hasn't been so well either. I don't do boats, but here I am." He said.
"My now ex-boyfriend ditched me. He was supposed to be on this cruise with me." You said.
He hums and then looks back at you.
"Why don't we spend some together? Me and you, maybe you can help brighten my day." He asked as he holds at his hand for you to take.
You smile again and take his hand.
"I would like that and I'll try to brighten your day if you can brighten mine."
And from that moment on, you and Pac spent the whole day together. You talked about your hobbies, favorite food, your fears, and so on.
"So you're an artist." He says as he takes a sip of his drink.
You blush and start to play with your food.
"Yeah I am, I mostly paint though." You said.
You tell him you post your art on your Instagram, but since you no longer have a phone he had to pull you up from his phone.
He smiled as he scrolls threw your page, telling you that he loves your work. But as he scrolls, he stops and frowns.
"What's wrong?" You ask him.
He hands you his phone and sighs.
"Ya painted me back when I was in the WWE." He said.
The painting he was talking about was when he was still baby faced in the WWE, he smiled and he really looked happy. Back then he was known as Neville, a superhero to all the kids and a sweetheart. But once he lost that title to Enzo, he changed.
"If you don't mind me asking, what happened?" You asked as you handed him back his phone.
He scratched at his beard and looked down at his lap.
"You don't have to tell me." You tell him.
He shakes his head and looks back at you.
"I hated how they treated me. Like I was washed up and useless. I knew the fans believed in me but Vince didn't. One minute I was a star, next I was a joke. Losing to that freak Enzo."
You could see him ball up his fist on the table, you reached over and held onto his hand until he relaxed. You thought you saw tears forming in his eyes, so you placed your other hand on his face.
"Pac, I have and always will believe in you. You are by far an amazing wrestler and you should have been treated better by the WWE. But now you're in AEW, and they are treating you so much better and I see the life back in your eyes again." You smiled at him.
For a man that you just meant today, you were already getting the hots for him.
"Thank ya, love. That made me feel so much better." He said as he places one of his hand's on top of yours.
You blushed and looked away, but Pac placed a hand on your chin and made you face him again. You both say nothing but start to lean into each other. In a matter of seconds, you both kiss. It's slow and steady, but it's hot. Making your body shake and heat up, your core starts to drip.
You both pull away and Pac smirks at you.
"Let's go to my room" He whispered to you.
You smirk back, you get up and take his hand. He then stands up and places his hand on one of your ass cheeks and gives it a firm squeeze.
You both make it up to his room, which happened to be across from yours. Once you're in his room, he turns away from you and locks the door.
"Strip." He orders you.
With a second thought, you begin to strip yourself of your clothing. He smiles once he sees you in your naked glory.
"Good girl, now suck my cock."
As you lower yourself onto your knees, Pac stands in front of you. You look up at him and pull down his black sweat pants and his boxers. His cock springs free and you gasped. Before you could prase his huge and thick cock, he shoves himself into your mouth.
His hands are then tangled in your hair and face fucks you. Your eyes fill up with tears and spit runs down your face, your pussy tingles with excitement. You couldn't wait for him to fuck you.
"Fuck, I knew your mouth would feel so good around my cock. Wounder is your cunts feels just as good."
He pushes you off and picks you up by the hair, he walks you over to the bed and throws you onto it. He rips and kicks off his clothing and gets on top of you. He kisses you rough and sloppy, not even caring that you had his cock in your mouth just a few seconds ago.
"After today, your mine." Pac says against your lips.
"Make me yours then, you bastard." You smirked.
He lets out an animalist and slams his cock into your wet pussy. You let out a scream but it's hushed by his hand that he slams into your mouth.
"Oh shit (Y/N), our cunt is so tight." He groans in your ear.
You moan into his hand, you could feel your walls stretch out because of his length. Not only was he long but he was thick too. It was driving ou insane.
He removed his hand from your mouth and placed it on your throat, giving it a squeeze.
"Fucking cum for me you little slut. Cum for me and be mine forever." He moans out.
This thrust becomes sloppy and he soon cums deep inside your pussy. As you feel his cum inside you, you start to come to. But to surprise you both, you squirt all over him. Your juices running both your thighs and running down his.
You both laugh and lay next to each other.
"A squirter, never been with one before." He smirks as he kisses you on the head.
"If it helps, I've never squirted before." You tell him honestly.
"Well then, I guess I did something right."
You smirk and reach down to stroke his cock, making him jump.
"Oh baby, you did everything right."
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