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youngskywalkersam · 4 months ago
I said it and I’ll say it again: Sam Winchester can be more intimidating to the demons or whatever they hunt than Dean. And we have instances in the show where even Dean was intimidated by what Sam could do. Even Sam himself was afraid of what he was capable of sometimes. Sam Winchester is a complex character the show never explored all its facets like it did with Dean’s character. I think that’s why he’ll remain the most interesting out of the two, at least for me.
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lizarin · 5 days ago
The thing I don’t get about antis is the complete lack of recognition that not everything is catered to them.
Of course different people have different needs. Someone in a wheelchair needs a ramp, not stairs. It’s not a personal attack, it’s a just a statement.
And no, that fic that you find offensive probably wasn’t written with you in mind.
And that’s OK.
That doesn’t mean other people don’t need that exact fic. That doesn’t mean the author is beholden to your exact standards, nor should they be.
And that’s OK.
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mindpalace05 · a month ago
I love Elain for Elain.
I love her thoughtfulness, the quiet strength she has shown again and again. The way she observes everyone around her, gaining a deeper understanding of them. She knew of Nesta's love to dance, Feyre's urge to paint. How Azriel gains headaches because of those around him. I love how she appreciates the twins, gets them both gifts for Solstice. I love how protective she was of Nesta, how open minded she was towards Feyre's change not only that but how she allowed the Bat boys to enter her home even though she was afraid of them.
Is Elain a perfect character? Absolutely not. She's made mistakes like everyone else in this series. She's flawed which adds a layer to her imperfection. We don't know much about her but from what we do know, she's wise and kind. Someone Feyre is proud to know and call a sister.
I care about Elain and her happiness. Her choice. Decisions she makes on her own.
I don't love her because she's a love interest for Azriel, that's not what I base her worth on.
I don't want Elain to be with Az for his sake, his happiness. I want Elain to be with him because she wants to. She chooses to choose Azriel.
For me, Elain comes first as a character before my preferred ship.
I value her as a person, I don't see Elain as the key to Azriel's happiness. I don't want elriel together because Azriel deserves Elain.
I don't want Elain to suffer for "character development", I want her to heal and come to terms with what has happened to her.
I see certain fans say they only tolerate Elain because she's the key to her mates happiness or because her mate deserves to finally have a happy ending. That Elain needs to suffer or go through heartbreak to understand the pain she's put Lucien through all these years. And just No.
Love a character for that Character.
Elain isn't a tool for anyone to utilise. She is her own person with her own feelings, that this fandom needs to start realising, are valid.
Elain deserves to be treated like a character with feelings, respect. She isn't a toy to be passed around.
I'm sick of coming onto certain platforms and seeing Elain become villainzed for no other reasons other then people being insecure. I'm sick and tired of this "deserving" arguement, "Elain doesn't deserve Lucien.." "She doesn't deserve azriel or her sisters or a happy ever after..."
I can't wait for Elain to prove everyone wrong in her book. To remind people not to judge a character for being quiet.
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pururin · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
who doesn’t want to hire me based on my cvs editor score
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pogcicle · 8 months ago
Quackity not only just dresses like a divorced dad but is NOW a divorced dad.
SBI who??
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mafaldaknows · 7 months ago
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Instagram: riptears
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leah-mantle · 7 months ago
It’s not “undignified” to demand an apology.
It’s not “rubbing in their face” to demand an apology.
It’s not “intruding” to demand an apology.
It’s totally selfish, totally self-centered, totally valid, and totally fine.
It’s self-care. It’s self-respect. And if they don’t follow, it’s their loss.
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tokyohobi · 10 months ago
the fact that in the video when the results were finally announced the first thing that namjoon said was "i told you" really shows that he was expecting that loss to happen😟
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pinkjiminssi · 4 months ago
I’m so in my feels right now 😭 Jikook is such a beautiful love story and bouncing back and forth between tumblr and twitter just looking at them (and listening to romantic music on spotify which isn’t helping) just has me a big puddle of goo
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worstloki · a year ago
My friend swapped her Disney Login for my Amazon Prime one and... Did you know there is a deleted scene in Gagnarok where Yondu interrupts an execution? They... they wasted film on a thing that belongs in a crack AU fic.
Yes I know about that and honestly they should’ve just put it in the movie 😤😤😤
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admiralgiggles · 3 months ago
I’m tired of people who only talk to me when they need a favor.
I’m so much more than my sweet ass ride.
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pathogenic · 2 months ago
Huh. Ended up loosing like 9 followers the past few days
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lauriel816 · 8 months ago
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Bayern Munich 20/21 goalkeeper away kit
This one is from Adidas AdiPro 20 template, where it’s joined with the other five, all sharing same style. The only difference between these kits is the choice of color. Personally I preferred this one because black and aquamarine works better than the other pairs from what I can tell. The distinction in brightness and saturation is huge enough to create a striking contrast but there’s also harmony there. The graphic pattern on the side is what I like best about this kit. The pattern is bold and eye-catching but it would be a visual disaster if it had been put all over the front or on the chest which is another word for ‘focal point’. If in that way this jersey would appear to be too sloppy and have an excess of superfluous ornaments which may tire our eyes. But in hiding it under the arms, it avoids that matter and at the same time could make the graphics as interesting as possible without worrying about making it into a bunch of annoying kids clamoring for attention.
#me and my highly questionable preference for certain football kits (3/?)
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dilfoswald · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Castiel in band what will he do
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lunapurplegreen · a year ago
thinking about how legion is one of the best marvel tv shows and people paid dust to it
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arctic-hands · 3 months ago
Two days ago my delivery app said my package was delivered, but when I went out I couldn't find it. Today my roommate comes in and says he found the giant envelope on the recycling bin, torn open, with the contents sloppily stuffed back in
Guess the thief didn't want all cotton plaid jammies 🤷‍♂️
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wilvarin-chan · 9 months ago
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~ Moira Brairdotten ~
A mage. She was not born in the Emberhold - or in any other avvar holds for that matter. When she was about 2 y/o one of the Emberhold hunters found her on the mountain path completely alone. There were no signs of her parents anywhere around - dead or alive - and the baby was wearing a pendant with an engraved M on it (hence the name starting with M). The hunter adopted her, and everyone in the hold pretty much assume that “the spirits brought her” (the belief that became only stronger when it became apparent the little girl is a mage).
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brazenbutch · 4 months ago
Turns out I've recently been twitter banned for saying all men can die like 2 years ago lmfao
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mhtyr · 5 months ago
Asking the important ones (and reinforcing false stereotypes 😂😂)
5, 17, 35
Tell me you're studying medicine without telling me you study medicine 😂😂
9: Have you ever given blood?*
I barley have any for myself T_T
17: Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how?
No mashallah never 😬
35: Have you ever been admitted to a hospital? Why?
Yea. Excessive bleeding/blood loss. nearly died lmao
Smiley ask
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ellsss · 6 months ago
lmao when you’re randomly blocked by someone you’ve never interacted with but then you see their profile from others and realise what a shitty person they are..😂😂
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