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Just going to post some aesthetic photos of my cases and school supplies… and one of my art at-home tasks. We have to continually draw every week to make sure we don’t end up “losing our touch with the pencil” this is just a quick sketch but its better than a stick man i guess :/

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05.29.20 🐝
I wanted my journal cover for May to be a little more floral and bright….it needed to match the flowers that I’ve been taking care of since those April days (plus I think we could all use a little brightness right about now)

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May 26, 2020

It is literally so hot today, 32°C/90°F, my popsicle ( which was also yellow!) melted in the .33 seconds it took for me to unwrap it from the packaging.

All yellow post! May this please the sun, and may he have mercy on future-me; all she wants is to just eat popsicles in minor peace.

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May 20, 2020

Fell off the quarantine challenge because school ended! (Yay!) It was a really good semester, I’m very glad it ended all ok.

My break lasted a whole 3 days, and now I’m back on the work grind because there’s a lot of summer work to do. Recently, I’ve been reviewing a grad paper and I literally get through 2 paragraphs a day on this 25 page paper because each word is something that I don’t understand at all 😅 it’s fun tho!

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studyblr introduction!!!

hello everyone!! my name is milo & this is my new-ish studyblr—i’ve been on-and-off involved in the studyblr community for years and i wanted to get back into it! some info about me:

  • i’m 19 years old and nonbinary (he, she or they pronouns are okay!)
  • i’m an aquarius, entp, and enneagram type 7
  • i graduated from high school in january 2019
  • i’m not currently in school or classes, but i’m interested in philosophy, literature, and languages!
  • (currently i’m working on french because it’s what i took in high school but i’d like to learn spanish and maybe some other languages as well!)
  • i like tv shows + movies, bookbinding and handlettering, and i write poetry; i also like reading but it’s been a long time since i actually finished a book
  • there’s a little more info in my about page (linked in my bio) if you’re curious!

anyway, i’m excited to get involved in studyblr again & i hope it helps to motivate and inspire me to keep reading and learning and doing new things :-)

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