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#them wear in canon
paramecie · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
This is for @randomstufffromotherblogs 's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl! What's better than remembering that wangxian are happy and married and will spend the rest of their lives together (T▽T) ♡
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averlym · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
i highkey didn’t want to do work so here’s jazzalil (-▽-,)
#firebringer!!!! cave wives!!! jazzalil!!!#i have so many emotions about them rewtching the show ugh ugh#they're gonna do it together kdsjfah#;O;;;;; i love them#fun fact: this was the first wlw couple which was canon that i was exposed to#aka i am very soft#exactly a year ago i was so obssessed w starkid and now im not i guess tastes change#it still makes me incredibly nostalgic going back to old fandoms#the songs are still good it's just??? no longer such strong attachment? (me with all my fandoms rn actl)#mmmm okay modern au hcs#it's not pictured here but i keep imagining jemilla in like bell-bottomed jeans and a crop top idk why#if you peer closely they have rings! bc they proposed to each other at the end of it?? i'm not sure if they're officially married in this au#i like to think it was enemies to friends to lovers and like in the friends stage they kinda did it as a semi-serious joke and now#you cant see it either but zazzalil is wearing shorts and a crop top bc its my head i can choose the designs#jemilla just trying to get work done and zazzalil randomly passes by and swoops in to kiss her on the cheek#'muah you're the best' except jemilla did it to her at first and now she does it back too#zazzalil still dreams a lot and imagines big big ideas and jemilla helps her try to make them realistic and achieve them#it's a very 'reach for the moon you'll end up on the stars' situation bc they're both highly capable :>#i can think of zero ways the heights in this make sense nvm#unless it's like those bar stools and a high table and zazz is walking by#i drew them kissing as well a v sketchy little doodle because i felt lowkey robbed of that at the end of the musical!!#but as characters they both change so much and like. that's good stuff right there character development my beloved#i adore their interactions both in canon and in fanon#jemilla is the go-to problem solver in the tribe and they all like room tgt and opposite the table is probably like keeri#she took this pic and not shown above is that she captioned it 'gay'#firebringer#jemilla#zazzalil#this is technically a redraw? but also the art hasnt really gotten better haha i just wanted to draw them again really badly#together?? 'together nothing's standing in our way' i am sobbing ;O;; skajdhf i want that relationship that's so amazing heart full
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el-im · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
rugal, from una mccormack’s the never ending sacrifice 
based on a 1903 engraving of joan of arc by albert lynch
#trek#star trek ds9#rugal#rugal pa'dar#my art#ALL ART#probably a bad idea to link to the book on this post but its like... one of three readable trek novels and is SO good and i want people to#know about it!!!! anyway.#artist's comments: 1. the armour is a mix between cardassian armour and the arm plating in the joan of arc image#2. the engraving on the armour obviously isnt from the show. but! rugal makes friends with ziyal and i thought: a. how cool would it be if#rugal had a set of armour from the cardassian army (though of course he was opposed to them) maybe he looted it off someone idk#and b. what if... ziyal (good friend and artist) personalized it for him? gave it the sentimental touch that was so removed from army wear?#3. that's a cardassian rifle! not a phase pistol. i needed him to be holding something significantly larger to fill the space of a sword so.#anyway the design of that is pretty close to how it appears in canon which is fun (excruciating)#4. the background is supposed to be cardassia after the dominion war. white flag isn't the cardassian flag (it helps that theres not a canon#design for the cardassian flag) but i figured a white flag = cardassia surrendering (not to the dominion but surrendering its old ways of#militancy and violence yada yada yada#what else. oh this was originally supposed to be garak but i made a sketch and then went 'that's not garak'#so by the time i'd started the final version i had a whole new plan about rugal re: cardassia/armour/legacy/whatever#also. from an Art Perspective i dont think this piece is particularly well balanced. i think his pants probably should be darker if i wanted#it to look better but ive been working on this for three days and its two times the size of the things ive been drawing lately#and .. my hand hurts. so. this is it!!!!#also. i did all this bc i got the sm*ths line 'and now i know how joan of arc felt. now i know how joan of arc felt!!!!' stuck in my head#and i didnt even use that in the caption bc i dont want people to know i listen to them#A L L A R T
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worstloki · 15 days ago
[loki's cell on asgard]
Thor: I miss you :(
Loki: I would miss me too, I'm the best.
Loki: But seriously, what do you need help with this time?
#in my head thor visited loki constantly in prison bc he 'needed' help with things#canon can get shot out back i've decided thor visits loki 4 times a day is equally sad each time and asks loki what soup he should drink#thor: there is a feast tonight#loki: ah yes how bad i feel on missing out on such dull observances#thor: should i wear the red or grey#loki: red obviously.#thor just sitting by loki's cell and talking to him about what he's done to restore peace in the realms today#loki obviously takes it as a pointed ''look at the mess you made that i have to fix'' but it's not really that and he enjoys the stories#they can both share meal times if thor times it right#maybe loki starts being less cynical towards thor as he tries to explain himself bc at the beginning when he'd show he wouldnt talk#maybe he starts asking questions and then they talk things out?#like. they never talked about loki being adopted or jotun or how thor may or may not know if he wants to be king anymore#maybe they joke about odin being so close to dying that he wouldn't notice if loki disguised them as each other for a while?#jokingly plan out odin's murder together#sibling stuff#loki telling thor he didn't think he would make a good king before but he's changed? and that he knows he'll fit the position well?#thor talking about how 'restoring peace in the nine realms' has had him see glimpses of things that could mean he's not doing the good?#loki who already knows about the imperialism trying to break the news to thor slowly by giving him hints to work it out himself#thor telling loki he knows he's worthy? maybe not in Father's eyes or to pick up mjolnir but he is?#eventually Loki admitting why he let go on the bifrost? about how he hated everything for a time? about his year in space?#thor saying that it's easier to see loki in this cell devolving into a mess over the months than thinking him dead? because he's here?#thor suggesting to break loki out after malekith after knowing his brother isn't guilty for everything? deciding that he's suffered enough?#and the others don't know he's been visiting loki#maybe heimdall but that's why he lets the plan slide - because he's caught patches of their conversations#thor being defensive of loki getting him out? knowing he only just found out about frigga's death? and them actually sharing their grief?#jane slaps him and loki's like i like her but thor being accusatory when he says 'Jane' after? like. jane. that was unnecessary.#thor pulling the ''he may have waged war on your realm but he is a prince of asgard and he is my brother'' excuse from avengers 1#loki who has told thor he doesn't retain his titles and was basically disowned not even knowing how to react#loki not knowing how to react because jane is meant to get priority here even if he'd been the one to convince thor to visit her again#JANE having to watch Thor and Loki getting along bc Loki's annoying commentary has Thor in a good mood????
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proxie-of-the-art · 6 months ago
OK but on a side note if you ever made ppg teen comics or them as adults I'd read all of them I love your style and how you adapted them feels very organic from the city of clipsville episode while still being fun, true to their original designs, and unique
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
AHHH thank you <3 I tried to make the script bearable >.< I have so many ideas for the girls if they were older and have much better writing, too bad I'm not good with keeping a project going have some older! puff girls doodles I'd like to think they'd each become their own heroes while occasionally teaming up with each other or other justice friends or something
#ask#powerpuff girls#i have so many ideas tho#better drama n stuff#some of it with aku but i dont wanna crossover too much#most of the drama would be them becoming their own hero with conflict from the other heroes in that show and people#still seeing them as 'cutesy girl heroes'#HIM n other villains become more serious cause so are the girls#princess becomes a real lex luthor type villain and tries to employ other villains to do her dirty business#blossom tries to become a more politically active hero n stay within the law#bubbles is a more social media hero while taking her animal rights activism far#buttercup tries to be a real punisher type hero and butts heads with blossom a lot for breaking the law#i justtttttttttttjhjwkdhsfj#have so much#sooo so so much i wanna do#that's barely scratching the surface#cartoon network please let me do an alternate universe this doesnt have to be canon i just wanna do my girls justice#yes they really do become the heroes they designed in that one episode#blossom wears it when she's doing publicity or team up stuff#bubbles wears it a lot for fun#buttercup obvs only at night n tries to take down big secret enemy groups that she believes is someone how controlled by princess#but she's able to hide her trails n blossom wont let her go after her cause she technically hasnt broken any laws#just lots n lots of drama#bubbles secretly tryna befriend her to get her from the inside#idkidk im rambling at this point#my art#proxies#i could talk forever about this
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ahkaraii · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Young adult!Cor as a Royal Guardsman! featuring a younger Dustin and Monica :3 I like to think they went on many missions together.
They're primarily a reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering team, first formed to infiltrate the budding Imperial bases in Duscae and Leide and then destroy them.
Dustin's a bit Ignis-esq, in that he's mild-mannered, well-educated, and secretly a fucking badass ninja assassin. He can wield pretty much any weapon more than adequately but he's fond of poison and crossbows for the silent-kill-at-a-distance. He prefers not to be credited for his successes. Kind of a sub lol.
Monica is the infiltration specialist, she's low-born like Cor and grew up robbing rich people's houses and getting around their security, so she's rough around the edges and damn scrappy in a fight. Her preference is for daggers but is handy with a gun. At first she's a punkass kid that talks back and takes no shit (which Clarus likes to remind Cor that he was just like that whenever he bitches about it), but she eventually mellows into a more compassionate while still passionate leader-type.
Cor's the hard-hitter and the expert at getting out of any dicey situation alive and kicking. He's technically team leader by rank but defers to Monica and Dustin's expertise while they remain undetected-- the moment they're spotted, though, he's barking orders and leaving a bloodtrail. Over those several months-long missions abroad Monica and Dustin get to know him very well, and become self-proclaimed experts at telling apart his scowls (he scowls whenever they say that). They also get quite good at making him quirk a smile, and laugh on occasion :3
I like to think they're the team that rescued Prompto ^^
Eventually they are eased out of this joint field work and brought back home separately, and shuffled into the Crownsguard positions they hold in canon. Cor at first distances himself from them simply because he's no longer around them 24/7, but when Dustin continues sending him intelligence reports and Monica continues doing favours for him when he needs it, he starts orbiting them again even off-duty. They become his friends.
Monica and Dustin become a lowkey item (they never marry and are very good at avoiding PDA, but they're a Thing), and Cor eventually becomes their kinda on-again off-again satellite. In my HC Cor's aromantic demisexual, with a very low sex drive, but whenever he does get an urge or a need, he turns to them to get it over with. He's not into romance, he's not into big gestures, he's not really even into staying over for the night, but they're cool with it. They respect him (and each other) immensely, so no hard feelings, and they always put the job first before pleasure anyway.
They're workaholics is what I'm getting at.
When Insomnia falls and Cor becomes de-facto leader of what remains of the Crownsguard, they unite once more to keep the whole mess standing and recruit Hunters and trained civilians to their cause. They keep Cor grounded and going and stop him from falling into a suicidal demon-killing spree on many an occasion over the years, so he's very grateful to them, in his own gruff way. When Dustin grows too old for the field and Monica semi-retires with him, Cor lowkey moves in, too.
I have a lot of endgame OT3 feels ok!!
Anyway here's a tentative age and height chart:
Tumblr media
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acruxwave · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is what TFP!Starscream looks like. If you disagree then you are wrong🌟
I came up with this idea after seeing people call Starscream “little bird.” And so he became a bird. A seagull specifically. They’re annoying so I thought it would suit him. Also I see a lot of fanart of of him where people give him a crown and blush. Boom here’s my contribution.
You can either interpret this as Starscream (derogatory) or (affectionate)
Also I added the transparent versions in case you want to add onto seagull stupidity. Have fun :)
Let me know if I should add more to the TF:Seagull universe.
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