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americasgreatoutdoors4 months ago
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Why is this glacier ice at Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska blue?
Glacier ice is blue because the red (long wavelengths) part of white light is absorbed by ice. The blue (short wavelengths) light is transmitted and scattered. The longer the path that light travels in ice, the more blue it appears! The more you know 馃寛 馃幍
聽Photo by National Park Service. Photo description: A blue iceberg sits in the water with a large glacier and mountains in the background.聽
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519spunfun2267 months ago
WE NOW INTERRUPT YOUR DRUG USE TO BRING THESE IMPORTANT MESSAGE Someone posted this a long time ago, and I feel the need to share oncemore, even though I'm not sure where the original went
Supplements and shit to help during meth use (and the comedown)
1. WATER: keeps you hydrated. Drink Lots of Water. Keeps you alive.
2. Vitamin C: it鈥檚 needed to synthesize dopamine, clear meth from the body, and acts as an antioxidant
3. B VITAMINS: these help your body metabolize energy, promotes nervous system health, and ensures that your organs and shit are working properly like they should
4. PROTEIN: meat, eggs, dairy, beans, and protein shakes give you almost all of the amino acid family (like l-tyrosine, l-phenylalanine, tryptophan, lysine, etc). Amino acids are important in NEUROTRANSMITTER SUPPORT AND HEALTH. protein = dopamine
5. Magnesium: protects the brain against injury, reducing neurotoxicity.
6. N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) and selenium: meth depletes something called glutathione, which is important for oxidative stress defense. NAC and selenium replenish glutathione, increasing your meth defense points by like 15
7. Yogurt and cheese: both of these are more basic on the pH scale (meth is acidic duh), so it helps our bodies pH level normalize.
8. Mouthwash and toothpaste: biotene is a good brand that keeps your mouth from getting too dry (dryness = meth mouth = acid eats your enamel) swish that shit every now and then.
9. Green tea: Green tee has a lot of phytochemicals which are supposed to mitigate neurogenerative disease.
10. Apple cider vinegar: vinegar is really alkaline, so it neutralizes the acidity that meth causes to your beautiful self.
11. Hot water baths: sitting around smoking meth makes your blood flow and circulation stagnant and you feel like shit. Hot water baths helps with circulation and also pull out toxins.
12. Biotin and collagen: biotin is a vitamin B7 and helps keep your hair, nails, and skin healthy. Collagen does the same.
13. Astaxanthin and acai pills: both are very powerful antioxidants
14. Calcium and vitamin D: calcium prevents acid from leaking too many nutrients from your bones, vitamin D enhances our body鈥檚 defenses against dopaminergic damage
15. EAT: Eat big fat meals because you need ingredients to live you know. helps your body regulate itself. Fruits and veggies will help detoxify you. Meats = read #4.
16. All-around neurotransmitter support/health supplements will help you from becoming a zombie. These usually have a few of the ingredients above together so that鈥檚 pretty cool
17. Co-Q and SAM-e: both help in the neurotransmitter department
18. Aspirin (ibuprofen) - supposed to help with neuro defenses
19. Fans and maybe humidifiers: don鈥檛 use fans when you鈥檙e lighting up鈥 but when you鈥檙e not, fans will help push meth vapor away and maybe outside hopefully. They also keep you cool, because meth is a stim, and all stims cause your temperature to rise. High temps lead to increased chances of neurotoxity. Humidifiers add more moisture to your air because meth makes the air dry and that鈥檚 not good.
20. Omega 3s and omega 6s (fish): Omega fats/oils are required for healthy brain function: they can pass the blood brain barrier and are important in neuron plasticity.
21. Skin lotion: keep your skin hydrated and healthy
22. Melatonin: good to use 1-2 hours before you want to sleep. It鈥檚 also an antioxidant. Kava kava root, St. John鈥檚 wort, and lavender/chamomile all help relax you so you can sleep. 23. Try not to drink sugary acidic drinks - they can increase the acid effects from meth and slow your circulation 24. TUMS/calcium chews: helps fight acidity in mouth and settle your stomach 25. Cinnamon: pure cinnamon powder supplements are good for lowering blood pressure and easing circulation,and making sure importantly that your liver is filtering toxins out at a steady rate.
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hypnodolls19 hours ago
Aaaaand we鈥檙e back.
PSA: Don鈥檛 post any links to the site 鈥淏eady Essem Lurr鈥 or the Tumblr algorithm will IMMEDIATELY terminate your account. Took聽鈥榚m a week to restore it, but you can request your account be restored. :P
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bimmertips12 days ago
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Nearly 1,000 M12/13 Formula 1 race engines were used ranging from 1.5L to 2.3L, from turbocharged to naturally aspirated. The 1986 engine was claimed to have a 1,400hp maximum power output. : 鉁 Visit for wiring diagrams, paint codes, owner鈥檚 manuals and other useful reference information in addition to helpful tips and tricks. Link in Bio. 鉁 Visit for original BMW parts, aftermarket parts, dealership brochures, vintage magazine ads, posters and more. Link in Bio. : #bmw #bimmer #mpower #bmwclassic #bmwworld #theultimatedrivingmachine #bmwfamily #bmwclub #bmwmrepost #bmwm #germancars #themoreyouknow #funfact #bmwgram #bmwrepost #bmwformula1
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ferrarisonline2 months ago
So what do you know about 328s? Check out out new youtube video up now! #ferrari328 #carfacts #328gts #328gtb #ferrari #classicferrari #themoreyouknow #ferraris #knowlege #carknowledge #cargirl #308gts #308gtb #german #germany #import #deutschland #imports #car #cars (at Newport Beach, California)
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lesliejoelle3 months ago
#GENDERFAE (also called #Genderdoe or #Genderthil) is a form of #genderfluidity聽that never encompasses feeling #masculine. This is different from the binary gender聽female聽because it may include genders other than male & female (#aporagender). It can be between male and female (#androgyne), the feeling of no gender (#agender), or any other #nonbinary聽gender. Genderfae/doe/thil is not the same as #antiboy聽because, while antiboy may be a single static identity, this is a #fluid one, changing from multiple different genders. #TheMoreYouKnow #L毛slieKNOWLEDGE #L毛slieWISDOM #PRIDE2021 #PRIDEmonth2021 #HappyPride2021 #L毛slieMAGICK #MagickalPride #CelebrateYOURSELF #LGBTQIA2plus #ThanksForCreating @millennialincantations (at Hell's Kitchen)
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y-you馃サkinda馃えsmell馃あlike馃挴a馃拃baka馃ゴE檀虜虝虦踏r檀蛻虈胎E谭蜖蛬蛶n檀虓胎蛿馃槦 谈蛢虝袒蛨y谭蛣蛠蛵苔E谈虊踏a谈蜐胎虡G潭處虒蛥e潭虉虨虠R谈蛡蛠太虩鉁
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realmenreallifea year ago
You shouldn鈥檛 have to reach your 40s or 50s (or beyond) to finally be yourself, and realize that all those opinions about you were nothing more than people wanting to make you behave in ways that served them. But better late than never!
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smallswolecinnamonroll4 months ago
Hamburgers are Meat Pancakes.
That is all. 馃崝
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awesomedifferentproud5 months ago
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Be careful, be safe, and be prepared. Let鈥檚 protect one another. @staff
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mysteryinmisery4 months ago
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dairymoosa year ago
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Do cows like to be Milked?
If you could ask a cow if she enjoys being milked she would probably tell you yes. The milk barn is quite comfortable. There is shade and cooling fans to keep her cool. Usually, there is some music to keep her relaxed. The whole process only takes about 12 minutes. A cow will spend only 24-36 minutes a day 鈥渨orking.鈥 The rest of the time she is eating, relaxing, and socializing with friends. Truly an enviable lifestyle.
Cows are creatures of habit and love the routine . If you鈥檙e late to milking they will be waiting by the gate tapping their hooves. If you鈥檙e really late they will be very annoyed. It鈥檚 uncanny that they can know the exact hour of milking time. When you open the gate, it鈥檚 a great sight seeing them all walking and moooving to the milk barn
The milking process includes washing her teats and stimulating them. By stimulating her teats before milking, it allows a hormonal release of oxytocin that encourages her to let down her milk. Oxytocin is a feel good hormone that produces antidepressant-like effects. It鈥檚 got to be a great release.
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theunicornfloridian4 days ago
Please visit: for trail information as some trails may be closed. #floridalife #caloosahatcheeregionalpark is situated along the #caloosahatcheeriver in #alva and is rich in natural history. In the 鈥60鈥檚, the State of #Florida purchased the land and turned it into the Caloosahatchee Regional Park. The park is managed by #LeeCounty and a #pineflatwoods #scruboak #cypressswamps and #oakhammock #park spanning over 768 acres, with over 20 miles is dedicated to hiking, mountain biking and equestrian trails. On-site you鈥檒l find picnic pavilions, a lodge, barbeque grills, kayaking, park programs, a river overlook, a fishing pier and the ability to camp with tents. The #trail and trail loops located south of CR 78 are for #hikers only, with the north side trails for #mountainbiking #hiking and #equestrianuse Instrumental in the maintenance of the trail system is provided by the #CaloosaSaddleClub and the #FloridaMudcutters #mountainbike club. The course of the Caloosahatche River was altered in the 鈥50s so workers moved the muddy land to the northern bank of the river, found in East Lee County. Unknown at the time, they helped set the groundwork for a future recreational treasure. The Northern part of the park is 400 acres of hard-packed clay, with 15-foot ridges in spots, which is covered with exotic grasses and trees. Six recreational mountain bikers recognized the obvious and with some work, the overlooked patch of land was transformed into incredible mountain-biking terrain. #themoreyouknow #floridafacts #flogrown #beautiful #mothernature #theunicornfloridian #swfl #fortmyers #peaceful #floridavibes #video (at Caloosahatchee Regional Park)
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