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#then just because i love him
iminye · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Nuin || The Father of Speech
@tolkienocweek - day six forgotten characters
The wizard Túvo told Nuin that the sleepers he had found were the new children of Ilúvatar and that they were waiting for light. He forbade any of the elves to wake them or visit those places, being frightened of the wrath of Ilúvatar, but despite this Nuin went there often and watched, sitting on a rock. Once he stumbled against a sleeper, who stirred but did not wake. At last, overcome by curiosity, he awakened two, named Ermon and Elmir, they were dumb* and very much afraid but he taught them much of the Ilkorin tongue, for which reason he is called Nuin Father of Speech.
- JRR Tolkien, Book of Lost Tales
*dumb = without language, apparently the men woke without the concept of language and needed someone, in this case Nuin, to teach them.
Honestly Nuin is such a fascinating character to me and I just love the concept of him coming across the still sleeping children of men and that he, despite the fact that his king forbade him and his people to go to them, still went back to watch them. He must have been truly fascinated by the aspect of there being new children of Ilúvatar soon and that he would be able to interact with them. And when he wakes up Ermon and Elmir he realises that they need his help and he teaches them language.
I like to think that he took on a father-role for the earlier generations of men, which might be also because the first men awoke as literal children, not quite teenagers. Nuin must have felt very protective of them, in a way that he didn't just teach them how to speak but also how to hunt, build weapons and shelter - how to survive essentially and that he only stops doing so because he died in the end. This also pairs nicely with my headcanon of him having a wife and a child at some point who both died prior to these events.
Although he gets forgotten by history and doesn't even get the credit he deserves I like to think that Nuin remains a myth amongst men that somehow survived until the Third Age, maybe as a nursery rhyme?
The origin story of the secondborn in general is super fascinating and I really really want to explore this unknown time a lot more in the future.
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cloudyyangel · 7 hours ago
just thinking about Natsuo who’s name is ‘summer’ and was born with red hair that he hides. Natsuo with a secret fire quirk- not frost like everyone believes. He never uses it, never acknowledges it because it came from him. Natsuo who prefers cold weather, who keeps the a/c blaring during winter, anything to extinguish the heat he feels coursing through his body. Natsuo with clenched fists and a heaving chest with steam rising from his pale skin as he fights back every instinct that was passed down to him when he gets angry or scared. Natsuo who hates everything about himself because he’s just a copy of his father in looks, in quirk, and he’s terrified in personality as well.
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we-all-horny-here · 5 hours ago
Man, can't wait for my brain to turn to mush at even the vaugest mention of Roman in the new asides
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emmaleewrites · 5 hours ago
Halfway through the war, something Force-related happens and suddenly  three Obi-Wan look-alikes appear. Like, let’s say Obi-Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka, Cody, and Rex are having a meeting about the upcoming battle and poof, there’s a flash of light and three people sitting on the floor looking just as confused as they are.
The three look-alikes are actually three of Ewan McGregor’s past characters, for this let’s say Roman Sionis (Birds of Prey), Dan Torrance (The Shining/Doctor Sleep), and Christopher Robin (Christopher Robin) because these are the only things I’ve watched with Ewan McGregor. Course all they know is that they happen to look and sound alike, and come to a conclusion of some weird inter-dimensional clone stuff happening (it’s not like they’re all going by the same name, so they can’t be the same person from different dimensions, right?).
Everyone is confused. They’re civilians, so they shouldn’t be brought onto the battlefield, but they probably shouldn’t be left to their own devices either. For plot’s sake, they’re each taken from after their respective films, and so Dan and Roman are inexplicably alive again but they aren’t questioning it.
Cody takes one look at Roman and just knows that This Man Has Something Wrong With Him. Roman is trying to act normal because while he might be a madman he knows when to play nice. Everyone knows he’s playing nice, but they don’t necessarily realize just how unhinged he is.
Christopher is super interested in all the technology-- sure, he knows magic, but space travel? He drives Anakin up the wall because he’ll act like the most normal, boring person in the world and then he’ll say the most bizarre thing Anakin has ever heard and there’s no in-between.
Meanwhile Dan is like. Vibing. This is the weirdest time of his life but it’s preferable to pretty much anything else he’s ever lived through. He spends ten minutes with Anakin and that ‘Same Hat’ meme flashes behind his eyes. Anakin doesn’t know why Dan is suddenly acting like he wants to be a big brother to him but he’s not against it...
Anyway the day is saved because the entire situation just derails things completely. Dan convinces Anakin he needs help, actually (Anakin listens because Dan isn’t shy about sharing his own traumas and mistakes). Christopher provides an interesting, new outlook on the war and politics and work vs life, utterly reminded about his old boss that overworked them while going on vacations (’you know,’ Ahsoka says, ‘you make a point about who is benefiting from the war’). Roman spends most of his time surrounded by a rotating set of guards so he can’t do anything nefarious (Cody: He has the General’s face but he is Worse Than Dooku, watch him with your lives) and afterwards every time one of the Troopers that have been on Roman Guard Duty is in the same room as Palpatine (it happens more often than you’d think, because Palpatine likes Anakin and Obi-Wan spends a lot of time with Anakin, which means the 212th are around Anakin, which means the 212th are around Palpatine) they realize the Vibes are the same.
Evidence against Palpatine grows, Dan has a dream about the chips and comes clean about his Shine, order 66 never happens and the war ends because three Obi-Wan lookalikes get stuck in the wrong dimension.
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five times Momo embodied our collective brain cell
Momo you had one (1) job 
Tumblr media
Zhao: *is a dramatic little bitch*
Tumblr media
Momo: “fuck you and your stupid sideburns, punk ass bitch” 
Tumblr media
*after spending 10 hours in a cave having to deal with one, the nomads and two, Sokka at full About To Combust On the Spot Mode(tm)* 
Momo, after he flies over to Appa: *HARCORE V E N T I N G* 
Tumblr media
(he’s so distressed, poor little lemur) 
Tumblr media
Spider: vibing 
Tumblr media
Momo’s brain: gotta....gotta grab.... GOTTA GRAB
Tumblr media
2 fancy 4 u
Tumblr media
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sansonrio · 9 months ago
i love that there’s a solid second where it’s so fuckin clear zuko’s like ‘hmm... what would uncle say...’
Tumblr media
and then says the funniest, most-unlike-zuko thing in the entire episode
Tumblr media
qqdhwsxxzuowo the sheer dumbassery. i love him
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mobiuspurpose · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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