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thatonebrazilian · 4 months ago
Kingo: Hey girl, how's motherhood treating you?
Y/N: Great! I didn't expect this much crying though.
Druig: But isn't it perfectly normal for most babies? I mean, it's what they do most, is it not?
Y/N: What? No, the baby's fine, she's a sweetheart, I was talking about Thena.
Thena *sobbing from your child's nursery*: MAMA LOVES YOU SO MUCH!
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lenasvoid · 6 months ago
literally me every 10 minutes refreshing my homepage for new eternals fics
Tumblr media
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mossybank · 6 months ago
Being dommed by...
Tumblr media
Headcanons on being dommed by some of the marvel women.
Characters: Wanda Maximoff, Carol Danvers, Natasha Romanoff, Thena, Valkyrie, Hela Odinsdottir
x gender neutral reader
warnings: smut, dom/sub dynamic
@sweetestberryofthebunch the way I added Hela just for you 😳🏃🏃 (and me if I'm being honestly because 🥵🥵)
Tumblr media
Wanda Maximoff
Wanda is definitely a switch, personally I headcanon her as sub leaning so her moments of dominance tend to be scarce
She's definitely a softer dom, rarely punishing you and being heavy handed with her praises
Absolutely loves to remind you of how beautiful you look, smiling softly as you gasp beneath her, a blush rising to your cheeks as she mutters, "You're doing so well, draga.."
I can absolutely see the two of you experimenting with her powers during the act, using them to restrain you or maybe even have them pleasure you whilst Wanda watches
Aftercare is especially important after those sessions, Wanda cleaning you up and snuggling up to you as she whispers sweet nothings to you
Tumblr media
Carol Danvers
100% a brat tamer with what feels like infinite stamina
Carol likes someone she can share banter with in bed, someone who'll be a challenge for her; she never takes it easy in her daily life, why take things easy in bed too?
She loves nothing more than when you tease her all day knowing you'll be punished for it, her usual punishment is edging followed by overstimulation
She'll have you teetering on the edge for hours, begging for her to let you cum and then when she finally does she won't stop, next you'll be begging to stop cumming
Definitely has a thing for you calling her Cap/Captain in bed, whenever you whimper out that pet name her motivation goes through the roof
Tumblr media
Natasha Romanoff
Something about Natasha and thigh riding is just very personal and important to me — she likes to make you work for your orgasms and what better way than to have you get off on her thigh !
She'll have you grind on her or instruct you on how to touch yourself whilst she watches, occasionally teasing you with a hand on your hip or maybe tweaking your nipples
She's not really into nicknames, mainly wanting you to stick to calling her Nat/Natasha as opposed to mommy/mistress ect, and like wise she'll stick to your name (though she may throw in the occasional 'baby')
Natasha is definitely an ass gal, she constantly gives you teasing slaps on the ass when she walks by, smirking and giving you a wink when you blush, and spanking is by far her favourite punishment to give out
When spanking you she loves to make you count each spank, but she doesn't like to make it too easy, she'll often pleasure you with a toy too to keep you occupied, making you repeat numbers and adding more spanks to your total as moans interrupt/mess up your counting
Tumblr media
Despite her prowess and wrath on the battle field, Thena is a gentle lover behind closed doors
She just wants to please you and give you what you want, caressing you so softly it could never be wrong and smothering you in all the affection you could want
Adores calling you her Angel/Baby/Little One, especially in Greek once she notices how speaking the foreign language makes you melt
Though she tends to be more gentle, she will be rough if you ask, but be warned, when Thena goes rougher, she goes rougher — If you can still walk the next day consider yourself lucky
Loves to fuck you in public especially, under the stars/on the beach/beneath the trees where anyone could stumble across the two of you, your entwined bodies illuminated by the moonlight
Tumblr media
To say Valkyrie is skilled with her hands is an understatement, everything she does with them itches a scratch you never knew you had— her grip is firm, but not too firm, and she always lets her touches linger just short enough to leave you craving more
Semi-public sex is the norm, when Valkyrie's horny she wants release fast, she'll pull you into an alleyway and push you against the wall, one hand gripping your neck and warning you to be quiet, squeezing when you get too loud
However, when you're not fucking in public, you guys love to roleplay in the bedroom! Valkyrie is the valiant warrior and you the kingdoms royal, of whomst she's just saved from being kidnapped, thanking her for her service (with your body, of course)
When you misbehave, Valkyrie likes to punish you by having you watch her masturbate; you're not allowed to touch her or yourself, resigned to sitting at the end of the bed with a pout watching the fun you could be having if only you weren't disobedient
Tumblr media
Hela Odinsdottir
A hard dom, punishments come much more commonly than praise and you're expected to call her Mistress/Your Highness/Mommy ect, begging at her feet the minute she instructs you to
Her nicknames for you are Pet/Little One/Brat or Darling on days where she feels more affectionate, though she prefers to degrade and belittle you amongst her teasing
"Oh, darling.." The goddess hums with a smirk, bending down to your height where you're kneeled on the floor, "I've barely touched you and you've already made such a mess.." She says, referencing your arousal pooling on the floor.
Definitely pegs you, frankly it's one of her favourite things to do, she loves to ease a strap just slightly too big into you whilst berating you on your resistance, telling you to not be so dramatic as you wince (though that wincing very quickly becomes moans that the whole kingdom can hear)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tags — @tatesimper @evanmybeloved @crssjjh @peterskindacool @alexloveskili @copy-of-a-cheeto @michaellangdonscockslut @depressedvamp @kitsommers @quickiesgirl @de4ds0up @tubble-wubble @evilcr0ne @sapphimoff @michaelsmanbiddes
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bluecray0nn · 3 months ago
𝙈𝙖𝙧𝙫𝙚𝙡 𝘾𝙞𝙣𝙚𝙢𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙘 𝙐𝙣𝙞𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙨𝙚 𝙈𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩 𝙋𝙏1 [𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗽𝗹𝗲𝘁𝗲𝗱]
Tumblr media
𝗮 𝗺𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘁 𝗿𝗲𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗺𝗲𝗻𝗱𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝘀 𝗼𝗳 𝗮 𝗯𝘂𝗻𝗰𝗵 𝗼𝗳 𝗳𝗮𝗻𝗳𝗶𝗰𝘀 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗶 𝗽𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗹𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗱 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗲𝗻𝗷𝗼𝘆𝗲𝗱 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴! 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗰𝗮𝗻 𝗰𝗵𝗲𝗰𝗸 𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗳𝘂𝗹𝗹 𝗺𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗵𝗮𝘀 𝗼𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝗳𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗼𝗺𝘀 𝗼𝗻 𝗺𝘆 𝗯𝗹𝗼𝗴! 𝗶 𝗮𝗺 𝗱𝗼𝗻𝗲 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗺𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘁 𝗯𝗲𝗰𝗮𝘂𝘀𝗲 𝗶 𝗮𝗺 𝘂𝗻𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝘁𝗼 𝘁𝗮𝗴 𝗮𝗻𝘆𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝗰𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘀 𝗯𝘂𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲 𝗶𝘀 𝗮 𝘀𝗲𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗱 𝗽𝗮𝗿𝘁 𝘀𝗼 𝗳𝗲𝗲𝗹 𝗳𝗿𝗲𝗲 𝘁𝗼 𝗰𝗵𝗲𝗰𝗸 𝗶𝘁 𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗼𝗻 𝗺𝘆 𝗯𝗹𝗼𝗴 :𝗗
𝗱𝗿𝘂𝗶𝗴 𝘅 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗿:
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how could they not know? [fluff] @saintlike78
compliment me [fluff] @heartmix
pretty eyes [fluff] @hiraeth-maximoff
i wanted to kiss you [fluff] | a more beautiful bride [fluff] @siempre-bucky
some time [fluff] @crazyk-imagine
pregnant [fluff] @lovelybishop
lay it on me [angst] @misskatebishop
nightmares in eternity {angst] @endofthelinegang
disbelief [fluff] | troublemaker [fluff] @itsapeterthing
who heals the healer? [angst, fluff] @waspswidows
our little paradise [angst, fluff] @dreaminginpastels
𝗺𝗮𝘁𝘁 𝗺𝘂𝗿𝗱𝗼𝗰𝗸 𝘅 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗿:
is this who i am? [angst, fluff] @undiscovered-horizon
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copy cats [fluff] @kram6496
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hot & cold [fluff] @bruitsdelaville
puberty [fluff] @chaoticparker
until you [fluff] @darling-i-read-it
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raggedy-dxctor · 4 months ago
eternals reacting to seeing themselves as your phone wallpapers
characters: thena, kingo, druig, sersi, makkari & gilgamesh (might do the others in a part 2)
pairing(s): ^^ x reader
Tumblr media
she probably doesn't know what it means but she loves seeing the photo of the both of you everytime
it makes her feel so much more safe and secure in the relationship because she finds it so wholesome and pure that you would parade your relationship with her
promises you that if she ever gets a phone you'll be her forever wallpaper, she'd probably match with you
if you ever mentioned wanting a mew one i feel like she'd suprise you with a painting of a different photo that has just as much value, so it's even more personal
he is absolutely speechless and gets super flustered when he sees the photo as your wallpaper, it makes him tear up, it's such a small gesture but it means so much
immediately changes his to one of you both that only he has, but he most likely takes forever deciding between the options
it boosts his confidence so much and he absolutely loves to brag about it with the eternals
or with your human friends
"y/n? what's your lockscreen again?" before you can even answer he just buts in with a giant grin "it's a picture of us on our first anniversary"
absolutely whipped when he sees it, he swears he'd do anything for you
immediately forces you to take another pick with him for his background, the more unprepared and hectic the better
he just loes the idea of any pursuers of either of you instantly backimg off when they see tue adoration and dedication im the picture
it just leaves her grinning all day, she absolutely adores the photo
and plus the thought of you loving the picture so much fills her with happiness
she suddenly messages you a few hours later while you're at work and asks you for your favourite picture of yourself, you get home a few hours later and notice it's her phone wallpaper, she edited kt slightly by writing "my love" underneath in her cursive and writing and the date she asked you to be her partner
it's an absolute blessing to him because he loves seeing your smile in the photo every time you open your phone
he loves your reaction everytime because it's almost like you've never looked at it before
when he first sees it he just smiles slightly and chuckles, wrapping an arm around you before kissing you on the head. the smile doesn't leave his face for days
she grins as soon as she sees it and wraps you in a hug
she's so over the moon that you treasure her enough to show her off to the world
asks you to send the exact photo to her so she can set it as hers to. she'll change it slightly though, she'll probably write "my forever darling" with a line eventually curling into a heart under it
looks at it everday, for a little linger each time, with literal heart eyes
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inklore · 6 months ago
a sonnet of love.
Tumblr media
premise: when you wake in the middle of the night to thena not next to you, you go looking for her.
pairing: thena x (f)eternal!reader
warnings: very very soft smut, light descriptions of foreplay (fingering), a bit of angst, a lot of fluff, slight eternals spoilers, pet names (ο άγγελός μου meaning ‘my angel’ in greek). you are in control of your reading consumption so if you don’t vibe with any of the above please do not go on. 18+ only minors dni, you will be blocked.
word count: 1.53k
etc: the greek translation came from google translate so if it’s wrong please let me know. but when i say i’m soft for thena, i mean i’m literally as soft as soft serve ice cream melting in a pot. this woman is queen, god, and i will not be taking any criticism on the manner.
It wasn’t out of the ordinary for you to wake up from the missing warmth at your side. To not feel the familiar slow breath of the body that was usually there now gone. The side of the bed becoming cold and desolate, something that you had become accustomed to. Something you understood. Something that always had you climbing out of bed and going in search of the missing warmth, the missing person.
Your Thena.
And she’s always in the same spot, always has the same mug of tea in her hands. Her night dress flowing slightly from the small breeze coming from the open window. The light of the moon shining across her face so beautiful, as if she could get anymore beautiful.
It had always been hard for Thena to sleep, especially at night. Her body was constantly ready for a fight making her more restless than not. And you couldn’t imagine all of the restless thoughts that must go through her busy mind. Thena making it almost impossible to read her, even after all these centuries together her stone cold features revealing little to what was going on within her. The woman only letting you see what she wanted you to see, only letting you inside, climb past her walls and guards only if she allowed, when she allowed.
It was something you never found yourself getting upset over. The two of you may have been polar opposites, but you made it work. Her hard edges fit perfectly with your soft ones, neither of you daring to, wanting to, having any desire to change the other. And would never think of it.
You walk up behind her, you know she had already sensed your presence from the doorway. So when you press your lips to the back of her exposed shoulder she doesn’t flinch, a soft hum coming from her pressed lips.
“Couldn’t sleep?” You ask softly, wrapping your arms around her midsection loosely, your chin settling atop her shoulder.
She sighs bringing her mug to her lips taking a small sip. “Got a few more hours than last night.” She inadvertently answers without really answering, something she’s amazing at. Something that makes you smile.
“I’m surprised Gil isn’t awake making you a morning feast right now,” you tease and it makes a soft chuckle cut through Thena’s hard features. The sound of her sweet chuckle, the pressed smile on her face as she turns her head to look at you sends a flurry of sparks through you, butterflies you once heard a human call it. No matter the name of it though, the feeling was other worldly, a feeling that nothing else could match, could feel as good as how it felt when Thena laughed, smiled, or touched you. The two of you had lived many lives, ones you didn’t even remember, ones you might live a million centuries down the road, and you couldn’t imagine yourself loving her more than you did right now. In these moments with her. The time shared with her, no matter how much of that time had gone by, would go by, it would never be enough and it would all be so much, so amazing all at the same time.
“He didn’t wake this time.” Thena sets her mug onto the windowsill before she turns her body towards you, leaving your arms wrapped around her. Her slim fingers meeting the soft skin of your cheek, “you should be asleep. There’s no need for both of us to suffer by moonlight.” The corner of her mouth quirks, her eyes glinting with softness as she traces your features with her fingers as if she needs proof you’re really here, that her sleep deprived mind hasn’t conjured you up or fallen into the routine of you always coming to find her even when you’re not really there. When her thumb brushes across your lips you press a quick kiss to the pad of it making her smile.
“If this is suffering than I very much like it.” You pick, smile. Shiver a little when her fingers come to rest at the top of your chest, her palm pressing to where she can feel your heart beating. The two of you stand like that for a while, swaying a little to silent music, heads pressed together, breathing the other in. You run your hand up and down the middle of Thena’s back slowly, the silence shared between the two of you saying more than either of you could right now. The softness of this moment in the late hours of the night one of your favorites with her. And you might suspect, despite her usual constant protest for you to go back to sleep, that it’s Thena’s as well. As if the dark of the night slows everything down, makes everything less loud.
And when she whispers the soft words, “take me to bed, ο άγγελός μου.” Those butterflies come back. Thena pressing a soft kiss to your cheek as she pulls back to hold out her hand to you that you gladly take and hold onto, as if your life depended on it, as the two of you walk to your shared room.
Slipping under the covers, the returned warmth of having her body next to you makes you sink into the mattress a little more; at peace, at ease.
Her hands haven’t left your body—and she would surely wound you if you mentioned it out loud to the other members of your little family—that in private, even in passing when the others aren’t looking, Thena always has a part of her touching you at all times. She’s never let it known as to why she does it, if it’s just because she can’t help herself from touching you or if it’s more complex than that. As if you ground her, keep her here, present. That if she’s ever feeling lost all she needs to do is reach out and you’ll be there. Always.
You’d never ask her what it is, it being one of those things that if Thena wanted you to know she would let you know. And whatever it was you were grateful for it, thanked whatever God the humans were always praying to when good things happened, that this woman, this warrior, the great and beautiful Thena needed you. Needed to feel your skin on hers.
And maybe it was foolish for you to look at her touch as some sort of praise, notion of devotion and admiration. Or maybe it was something else entirely, something the poets in the streets of Greece used to go on about.
“Thena,” you don’t know what you’re going to say, what you want to say, but your brain is going fuzzy with the way she’s looking at you. Her stone features holding in what her eyes shine with; sweetness, fondness, something made up of more than just shared breath and touches. Something you want to whisper against her skin right now but instead find the distance between the two of you being closed, her soft lips pressed to yours in a slow passionate kiss that burns and soothes all at the same time.
And doesn’t stop even when she lifts your night dress from your body, hers following. Her kiss only faltering in the slightest when she feels your fingers skate across her breasts, a soft moan breathed against your lips, mixed with your breath, breathed in and settling inside that part of you where only Thena lives, owns; your heart.
Her lips never leave your body as they kiss, bite, and suck at any part of you within her reach. Any part she can praise and worship and make that breathy whimper release from your lungs that she loves so much.
When her hand slips between the two of you finding the spot where you are wet and aching for her, your body shakes and withers under her touch. Her skillful fingers bringing you pleasure that’s only she can bring. As if your body was built in the name of her, for her. “Thena.” Your moan is low and burns your throat. And her sweet gentle lips swallow it down with a deep kiss as she makes you cum with her fingers. Every praise, admiration, and devotion of her feelings written out with her lips onto yours.
And when the two of you have caught your breath, when all that can be heard are the soft breaths mixed between the two of you with your foreheads pressed together, you feel her fingers dance along your back. “ο άγγελός μου,” she says softly. Her hand moving from your back to your chin to lift it, meet her gaze as she moves her head from yours. You feel sleepy, sedated, but Thena looks as beautiful as before, as ever. Always so beautiful Thena, your Thena. “I love you.”
And with the tears in her eyes, the knowing that she’s only whispered those words to you and only will to you. You know for sure that the poets in Greece were talking about this; love. Your Thena.
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bytheseangie · 3 months ago
Y/N: You give me butterflies, Thena.
Thena: I don't remember giving you any butterflies?
Y/N: No, I mean in my stomach.
Thena: You ate them????
Tumblr media
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ohthena · 4 months ago
Little things they do to make you know they like you
Druig x reader , Thena x Reader , Makkari x reader
A/N: i rlly love these kinds of things pls .... LIKE THE SUBTLE THINGS PPL DO WHEN THEYRE INTO U its just so JSJSJJSJ anys enjoy hihi also thena in that gif CHUFFUICJFF
CONTENT: just fluff heh
Tumblr media
he always eats in the movie and its just so adorable
so i feel like he'd be the type of person who'd share his food and steal food from you often
its kind of your thing yk
you both try your best in stealing each other's food
one time you're talking with Sersi about the festivities, eating a local delicacy in your hands when Druig suddenly sneaks up behind you and grabs a bite before running off. You and Sersi can only stare in disbelief.
or that other time Druig was enjoying a meal with Makkari, the speedster already noticing your presence but can only prevent a smile from forming as she let you do whatever you needed to do. You immediately grab his plate before running off behind Thena. Druig marches after you, playfully trying to grab you from behind the warrior.
There are also times where he just slides food towards you or when you're near him, he'd just hold a piece near your mouth and its basically just him feeding you
people look at you like wow you're still not together after being this cringe
likes to mess with your hair
lowkey bullies you cuz he likes you but like not that extreme where u hate him or something
when its just you both, hes just very touchy
he gives long hugs and buries his face on ur neck cause its comfy
tells u its a recharge
unknowingly brushes off any dirt on you or fixes ur hair like its an instinct and goes ??? when people look at him with a knowing expression
when its a bad day and maybe you're the type of person who likes to vent, he's a really good listener
if not he just leans close to you or just sticks w you to let you know he's there
smiles a lot when you're around him
people KNOW he treats you differently
when he wants to get you a gift and the person who's lucky enough to get stuck with him (its mostly Makkari) will have to hear his endless "will Y/N like this? or this or this" "this looks like it'll match with their eyes but what about—"
yeah.... really talkative about you
likes to poke you in the most random of places
yeah hes like that
you get annoyed but he just calls you beautiful and then you're all lahdkfkfkdjamsmxkskkskcjf
hes very creative
you can have like a list of the different pet names he called you over the years
but eventually just sticks to hun, love, beautiful
people always think you're together but yeah no
i mean theres something but yk gotta go w the flow
in the end its druig who finally asks you out
Tumblr media
sugar mommy slash j
she always gives you stuff and you'd ask why and she always says it reminds her of you
but sometimes you're kind of scared fbi or cia would burst through your door bc most of the things she'd bring you looks expensive
Makkari assures you its not
but with Druigs tales about Makkari stealing stuff you're kinda skeptical about it
but nonetheless you have a cabinet in your home filled with the stuff she gives you
those are definitely artifacts worth billion of dollars if found
likes to bring you to places that are like hidden gems
you dont know how she found the place but its beautiful and shes beautiful and you're in love
likes the hidden romance between you two
the brush of hands when walking past each other, the lingering glances, inside jokes
y'all tryna be like romeo and juliet or smn EVERYONE KNOWS OKAY.
you guys leave post it notes or letters for each other when y'all are busy
Makkari just puts a post it on your mirror before going to wherever and it just puts a smile to your face
"Morning, my moon. Have a great day today :)"
Makkari reads a lot and likes to talk about it so whenever you guys hangout she just talks on and on and on and on and you're there like :)
always goes to you first
its either you or druig
you're attached to the hip..... Kingo is always tryna know if y'all r together or smthng
y'all r so fun together i swear
yk the bring me game
yeah but make it extreme
you ask her for something and just for the laugh of it she runs to the next country to get it for you
and you're like where is it this time
back to the artifact things, Makkari is usually pretty strict about her stuff and no one not even Druig can freely touch it or smn
well except you
this one time the eternals visited the two of you and they were talking about one of Makkari's artifact heists and you're like oh this one ? then proceeds to hold out said item and they're like WAIT PUT IT BACK W— and Makkari enters the room, stares at you before smiling
spoiled i cant
in the end you both ask each other out at the same time and its funny and u end up laughing abt it for days
Tumblr media
sorry shes just rlly beautiful
anys if you've read my one shot of her joining a hunt tysm
but basically she shows off whatever she's able to kill
ITS KIND OF ????? but like hear me out
Thena takes pride in her skills and whenever shes able to use it, she shows off her work
like for example, if you're an eternal, whenever she'd kill a deviant, she'd walk over to you and tell you what she achieved and you'd give her a praise and she melts.
also for like survival purposes and she brings home the results of her hunt, she just smiles at you expecting you to praise them
you had to give her a lecture that she shouldn't do that anymore cause poor animals
very protective
both of you were doing groceries and someone managed to knock a couple of items off the shelf and she just summons a spear, ready to attack. the person almost died of a heart attack and you had to lecture Thena again
craves for your attention
just .... stares at you bc she can't find it in herself to tell you what she wants
you're confused at first but then it just clicks
thena is a v cute cat
Unintentionally sticks herself to you
Thena does not know personal space when it comes to you
She doesn't even notice it herself
you almost die from the shock when Thena suddenly appears next to you, very very close to your face
tells you everything
if you're curious about stuff, she tells you with no hesitation
however if its info from someone she trusts for example you'd want to know something about Gilgamesh or Druig or any of the Eternals
she'd try to give info but not fully disclose stuff bc she stays true to her word
Allows you to rest on her lap or lean against her
she is surprisingly comfortable to lean on
you'd fall asleep easily and not get disturbed bc she's on protect mode and glares at people who are too loud
she wants to try stuff for you
she stuck her hand in a toaster once bc she wanted to make you breakfast and you just screamed in terror
never again
anys shes the one who asks you out and u just kiss tf out of her
posted anotha one. TY FOR THE LOVE ON MY TWO WORKS. ill be posting more hehe hoped you enjoyed this lol
- artem
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beananacake · 4 months ago
Savior (Masterlist)
Ikaris x fem!guardian angel!reader
Tumblr media
Synopsis: Ikaris has felt a hum for millennia and he's never questioned it, until he found the source... or a retelling of Eternals with more at stake and more to lose.
Total Word Count: 50.7+k words
Warnings: MAJOR MOVIE SPOILERS, very much unedited and unbeta'd, mentions of rape and abuse, a touch of killings and death (not too explicit), major character death, blood, usage of coarse/vulgar words, talks of religion, talks of death, mentions of alcohol, mentions of mental illness, angst, major character undeath, bady written battle scenes (ONLY 18+!! IF YOU'RE 18 BELOW, DO NOT READ!)
Chapter Synopsis: Ikaris learns of the hum
Chapter Synopsis: You explain to Ikaris what you are
Chapter Synopsis: You meet another Eternal and you feel the weight of the millennia on your burdened shoulders
Chapter Synopsis: You meet Kingo and you explain more of your powers and your wings. Ikaris tries to apologize
Chapter Synopsis: Ikaris tries once again to apologize. You learn what happened to Thena
Chapter Synopsis: You learn the truth and you become haunted by your past
Chapter Synopsis: There's an ambush in Druig's camp
Chapter Synopsis: The Eternals learn of your past and you return to someone you haven't seen in a while
Chapter Synopsis: Truths are revealed
PART 10*
Chapter Synopsis: The final battle
One-Shot: Dear Diary
Synopsis: While you expected your past to come back and haunt you, you didn't realize it was not only a one-time thing.
[Main Masterlist]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Beautiful, wonderful art by @mentallyscreamingsincebirth 💙💙
Amazing video edit by @angelcvsmic (here is the original post!)💙💙
A little playlist to listen along while reading 🎶
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lovingjolie · 4 months ago
pairing .⭒ ۪ 𖥔 ˑ ִ ֗ thena x human!reader
request .⭒ ۪ 𖥔 ˑ ִ ֗ could you please write thena smut, but if you are not comfortable with it can you maybe write something with lisa and just loads of fluff?
warnings .⭒ ۪ 𖥔 ˑ ִ ֗ fluffy smut 18+, cussing.
lowercase intendent, not proof read!! so sorry for any mistakes!
A/N .⭒ ۪ 𖥔 ˑ ִ ֗ this is set when ikaris asked thena to have a drink with him but she declined. instead she went to see you. she’s wearing that dress from the group photo after ikaris and sersi wedding i think it was, i have to rewatch the movie anyways.
Tumblr media
you and thena had be seeing each other for a while. she was amazing, her need to always protect you. because you were a clumsy human.
you were absolutely perfect in her eyes, and her in yours. the idea that one day she would lose you hurt her. she wanted to be with you forever, to hold you forever.
there was currently a party going on, but you never liked those, interacting with people wasn’t something you were good at.
you were sitting on your bed, looking at the ceiling, hoping and waiting for thena to appear, she told you, she would come see you.
“y/n? honey? where are you?” you immediately jumped up to the sound of the voice, making your way out the room, to the living room where she was.
“thena.” you said softly, making your way to her.
“hi my love.” she said pulling you close to her.
you couldn’t help but feel a bubbling in your stomach, you love the way she looked at you.
“i missed you.” you said throwing your arms around her neck.
she hummed, looking down at your lips. you couldn’t help but feel a heat between your legs.
“thena.” you said lowly she almost couldn’t hear you.
she took her hand and ran her thumb over your lip.
“these lips of yours are absolutely perfect. so soft and sweet.” she said smirk.
your breathing began getting heavier, you started feeling weak in the knees. you wish this moment could last forever, you wished in this moment time would just stop.
she removed her hand and pulled away from you. holding out her hand,” come my sweet.”
you grabbed her hand, she led the two of you to the bedroom,“strip for me beautiful.”
doing as you were told you started with your dress. then your bra and underwear.
“god this body, is beyond perfect.” she said coming up to you wrapping her arms around you.
her hands moved from the small of your back, over your ass to your thighs. she took her hand off of you and pushed you into the bed.
“lay back.”
you did as you were told, moving up on the bed and laying back, you spread your legs for her, as she began to crawl in after you. she was still fully dressed. 
she liked this, you fully naked for her, while she’s fully clothed, it’s shows her how much you’re welling to give yourself to her.
“look at you” said said running her hand along your leg to your core.
she ran her fingers through your lips, “already so ready for me lovely.”
you let a small moan slip out when her fingers hit your clit.
she leaned down, her lips coming yours, bring you into a heated kiss, her fingers were ghosting over your clit.
she began teasing you, rubbing your clit with her thumb, while her fingers tease your entrance.
you began moaning into her mouth.
she plunged her fingers deep into you, causing a loud moan to come from you, but it was muffled by the fact that her lips were still pressed against yours.
she was tongue deep into your mouth, fucking you with two of her fingers.
you were moaning into her mouth, that only made her want you more.
she remembered that you were human and needed to breathe. she pulled away, letting you catch your breath.
she added a third finger, stretching you out, you could help but scream in pleasure, you felt that knot building up in you, it’s felt like it was ready to pop.
“please, please thena, i’m gonna cum.”
she just hummed.
pressing her lips against your neck, she began to speed up her fingers.
“come on, cum for me.” she mumbled against your skin.
that moment where she kissed that spot, that spot that made you completely fall apart.
she eased you though your orgasm, slowly pulling her fingers out of you. she brought them up to her lips and bringing them into her mouth.
you watched the whole time, “you taste amazing darling.”
you smiled, widely.
she climbed off the bed, getting a towel to clean you off.
once you were clean, she took her clothes off and climbed in bed with you, big spooning you.
“i love you, honey.” she said putting her head on your shoulder.
“i love you too thena.” you said turing over to her.
you kissed her, lovingly.
you slept peacefully that night, know even though she was an eternal and you were an average human and you wouldn’t have forever, you had right now.
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m1tskil0verr · 5 months ago
*The squad is over at Y/N's house*
Druig: Ohhhh, we each get our own oven?
Y/N: ... N-No...
Y/N, laughing: How many ovens do you think I have???
Druig, motioning to their kitchen: Three, I thought!
Thena: I see a-
Y/N, motioning to one device: This is a microwave.
Druig: Oh, well I-
Y/N: Hey wait wait, actually- hang on- *fiddles with the buttons on the microwave*
Y/N, amazed: Its got a bake setting!
Kingo: Ohoho, you learn something new every day!
Ikaris: Do we- Do we roshambo for who gets to pick first?
Y/N: Now I've just discovered I have more ovens than I thought, we don't have to roshambo nothin!
Y/N: I am someone who owns four ovens...
Y/N, louder and way too happy: I am someone... who owns FOUR OVENS...
Y/N: I didn't know I was so rich with ovens...
Sersi, pointing to another appliance: Also the toaster oven!
Druig: Ohhh, toasty boy! Four- Five ovens!
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thatonebrazilian · 4 months ago
Thena: Why are you smiling, darling?
Y/N: C’mon, my love, can't I just be happy?
Druig *also smiling*: Kingo tripped and fell in the parking lot.
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reallygoodjob · 4 months ago
Monopoly party
Kingo *sweep away all the pieces of the board* : You bitch I'm not givin you my money I quit this game
Druig : Just admit your defeat you're broke
Kingo : At least I'm not in real life
Druig *make the bank fly across the room* : Hey take that back !
Kingo : Or what you're going to make a report
Druig : Fine I'm leaving and I take Y/N with me
Kingo : Not in Hell, Y/N stays with me
'They continue arguing while you gently came across Thena to whisper'
Y/N : May I come with you instead ?
'Thena agree with a shy smile and Y/N thank her by kissing her on the cheek'
Ikaris in the background to Thena : Ahah you blush
'Thena throws the rest of the broken monopoly to him'
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herondales-and-heartstopper · 2 months ago
pov: you’re an eternal in modern times
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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onegayastronaut · 4 months ago
Dating Thena Would Include...
Tumblr media
Meeting Thena when she was out on one of her travels around the world
Thena was amused by the fact that you didn’t seem to be intimidated by her silence and would usually talk to her about your day
While everyone else might have assumed she would be bored by the trivialities of regular life, she wanted more of that with you and came back every day
Going out on dates and Thena insisting on paying for everything
Usually Thena just sits and watches you eat whenever you go out
She is a huge cuddler, but will deny it if asked
You knew that asking her for details about her life was useless, and that she would tell you about her life when she felt ready
She started developing feelings for you despite her hesitance, and eventually asked to move in with you
Teaching you how to fight because “you are currently pitiful at defending yourself”
She can get really quiet sometimes but you’ve gotten used to it
Gilgamesh is glad that someone other than him is around to take care of Thena
Phastos makes you special bracelets so you can defend yourself
Sersi ends up physically altering you so that you can also live forever and be able to travel with Thena
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vorsdany · 5 months ago
Who are you?
Thena x Witch!reader
Summary : A night with the Eternals led you to reveal your truth.
Words : 2609
Warning : nothing??
Part 1 of 2.
[ᴛʜᴇɴᴀ ᴍᴀꜱᴛᴇʀʟɪꜱᴛ]
Tumblr media
“Thanks a lot,” You muttered under your breath, glaring at the back of a rude man walking out of the store. Huffing, you bend down to start piling the books that fell, hoping no other customers would come in and find the mess that is your shop. Bad impression and all. The silence was fleeting, however, as a chime came from the door, alerting you of a customer. “A moment, please!” Holding your breath, you waved your hand discreetly and the books floated to their respective places in less than a second.
Thena’s eyes searched the small shop, and she swore she could see multiple books stacking themselves on the shelves. She wrung her fingers together, anxiety rising in the pit of her stomach at the unfamiliar setting. But as her eyes found your figure, a strange wave of calmness washed over her body, like she somehow knew you were a safe person to be in the presence of.
Your breath hitched when your eyes met, never in your long-lasting life had you seen such a Goddess. Breaking out of your head, you sent a smile at the new face, offering your help. She wasn’t much of a talker. As you left her be to tinker around, you went to work on the disarray that is your table. You would steal glances occasionally to check on her, only to find her eyes already on you more often than not that’d send the both of you into a blushing mess.
After that encounter, you couldn’t get your mind off of the beautiful golden haired woman, her beautiful eyes and naturally plump lips. You noticed there was something in the way she carry herself, easy and light, but you felt like there was a heaviness that she beared on her shoulders.
The woman came in often since the first visit, usually once every two or three days. You learned her name on her sixth, went to the small café across the shop with her after her eleventh. She was quite the history freak, no offense in nothing against, but it was interesting for her to talk about events in such detail, you’d think she was there to witness it herself.
She would falter when you ask about her childhood, so you guessed it was a sensitive topic and left it alone. For someone living in the 21St century, she seemed to have an interesting wardrobe. Soon after the café, though, her outfits changed a bit. It was as if she was trying to fit in.
You didn’t question it.
She doesn’t have a phone, which you went completely ballistic over. How does one just not own a phone? Luckily, she knew how to use a telephone, and you were glad she wasn’t a complete moron for not knowing shit about technology.
Strangely, she showed up with a new phone the next day.
Thena wasn’t quite sure what to make of the human she’d made friends with. Gilgamesh had suggested she goes out to ‘mingle’ with the humans, and along with the others’ persuasion, she gave in. She swore it was just once to prove a point that there was no point. But her heart pulled her into the bookstore, and before she knew it, she couldn’t stop her feet from going back to the same place.
The other eternals teased her relentlessly about her little date, as they called it, and Thena didn’t do anything to deny it. As she was preparing to leave for the day, Sersi showed up and shoved her a bag of new clothes. “Try and be more presentable, maybe.” She advised. Thena looked down at her simple white shirt and grey long pants, quirking her eyebrow. “What’s wrong with it?” Sersi only rolled her eyes, “It’s the modern world, Thena. People don’t wear simple robes anymore. It’s called fashion.”
So, now, her wardrobe consists of unnecessary pieces of clothing, as Thena puts it. And also an unnecessary device, that she claimed she didn’t need or will ever use. It wasn’t wrong, until she found out that she could listen to your voice everyday. She never stops calling, and when she does, it’d mean she was coming to your bookshop.
She told you on her 24th visit. Turned out, she calls herself- and a few others- the Eternals, and that they’re not human. Honestly, how did she expect you to react?
“How old are you again?” You blurted out when she finished explaining, because of course that’s the first thing that came out of your mouth. “More than 7000 years, give or take.” The Eternal provided, not quite sure where she stands with you. You took it quite well, surprisingly, better than anyone had anticipated. She’d show off her powers here and there, given she has no regards of hiding them, and you wondered how she managed to hide them for so long.
You lost track of the numbers since her 35th visit. Some time and many, many dates later, she suggested dinner at her house. What you didn’t expect, was for her house to be so.. packed. A woman with curly hair opened the door and shot you a smile, and you didn’t know how to react when she pulled you into the house by your arm.
“Welcome! It’s nice to meet you.” The girl signed with excitement clear in her eyes, and you grinned despite not knowing who she might be. “Nice to meet you, too.” You signed back, confusion written over your face. “I’m Makkari.” She spelled out her name, and you nodded, your mouth forming an o shape as the name you often heard now has a face.
“I know who you are.” She signed again before you could even lift your hands, smiling sheepishly. “Come!” Again, you were pulled by the arm, going off to the direction of god knows where. Before you could reach the destination though, you were stopped by another girl. You wondered how many people lived in this house, and how many more you’d have to meet before seeing Thena.
Sersi sensed your questioning glance around the house and chuckled. “Thena’s in the kitchen.” You smiled in gratitude, following their lead.
The kitchen was in chaos. Thena was the one trying to cook, and a man you guessed was Gilgamesh instructing her from the counter. It didn’t seem like she was doing well, his face was red from frustration and you can’t help but giggle at the way Thena fleeted around like a lost child.
Reaching into your small bag, you pulled out an old camera and snatched a few pictures. No one would know what you might need on a night like this, right?
You frowned when you felt a prodding in the back of your brain, like someone was trying to get in your head. What the hell?
You turned your head to find a shorter man looking over his shoulder at you, and somehow, you could sense something different about him. His gaze hardens when he met your eyes, and you can’t help but scrunch your eyebrows in confusion.
Turning to Sersi, you gestured to him, “Who’s that?” The brunette turned to find a glaring man, “Oh! That’s Druig.” You only nodded in understanding, having heard Thena mention him once or twice, so you threw him a smile. “Stop glaring at her. C’mon.” You raised your brows when his eyes softens and a smile crept up his face at Makkari. Oh.
“They a thing?” You asked Sersi again. “Yup.” She gave a short answer, her focus entirely on the scene in front of her.
It was a mess, and you didn’t actually see any dish that was good enough to be edible. But, you heart warmed at the scene, the fact that Thena would try and cook for you even when she knew she could’ve burned down the whole house. Thankfully, she had her family by her side to prevent that from happening.
You teased her endlessly for it, that she wasn’t even good enough to cook some eggs. And you remembered vaguely mentioning a crave for apple pies, so the mess of dough and apple on the counter couldn’t be an coincidence.
Your eyes light up as an idea popped into your mind, Thena was too engrossed in her task to even notice that you’ve arrived. Grabbing your phone, you dialed her number and stood behind Sersi to hide. You had to hold in a snort when Thena left all of the instructions given when she heard the ring, practically running to get the small device.
“Hello?” You grinned like a fool as you heard her voice clear. “Hey, beautiful. Whatcha cookin’?” Her eyes squinted at the choice of words you used. “Uh, food. Are you almost here?” You giggled quietly, watching Gilgamesh giving up and stepping into the kitchen to fix her mess.
“You look ravishing tonight.” If the woman was confused before, she’s even more puzzled now. “What?” You took your time walking towards her, before stopping behind her, leaning your arms on the counter separating the two of you. “I appreciate your effort, Thena. Truly.” She turned around, gasping as she saw your smug face. “But you’re a terrible cook, my dear.” You added with a smirk and winked, phone still pressed on your ear.
Thena glanced around with her mouth agape, finding the rest of her family gathered to see the exchange. She slapped your shoulder lightly as a light blush crept up her face. You had to resist yourself from pecking her lips right there, mindful of the company.
Her efforts were unfortunately thrown into the trash later, and they ordered a takeout for dinner. You all had a great time, chatting like you’ve known each other for an eternity. Except Druig wouldn’t stop glaring at you in distrust and the nagging feeling in your brain wouldn’t go away.
Though he was glad to see Thena so carefree, as he’s sure to have never seen her laugh so freely before, he couldn’t shake the unease that your presence brought because there’s something blocking him out from your mind. No one’s able to do that before.
Everyone went around and showed off their abilities while you gaped in awe, and you admitted that you might’ve fangirled a slightest bit at Sersi. “So, um, what’s your power?” Everyone turned to Druig, but it’s not like he could show them off. “I control minds,” He started with a low voice. “Read them, too.” You nodded at his curt answer, not feeling it best to prod him any further.
That wasn’t what he thought, though. “So, tell me, human girl. Why is your mind empty?” You gulped, “I- I don’t-” “You’ve been blocking me off. How do you explain that, hm?”
You eyed Thena, whose brows were furrowed. Your heart thumped painfully in your chest, and if someone looked closely, they could see your hands trembling. She threw a glare at Druig, as if to say ‘don’t mess with her head.’ Everyone, including you, was surprised to see her display of protectiveness. The warrior walked outside and gestured you to follow, which you did with little hesitation.
“I have to tell you something.” You began. She hummed, folding her arms and leaned on the railing of the porch. “I planned to tell you soon, I promise. It’s just, a lot, and with everything going on, I- I couldn’t get myself to.. to say it. I guess I was scared. I mean, with you being an Eternal there’s literally nothing more bizzare than that fact, but. I just-” You stopped yourself and grimaced, realizing you’ve gone into a full on ramble.
Thena’s eyes softened at your obvious state of anxiety, and she hoped whatever it is you’ve got to tell her, it wouldn’t be so bad that she couldn’t forgive you. After all, you’ve planted yourself in her heart and it would be a shame to have a human shaped hole in it.
“I’m a witch.” You confirmed, wringing your fingers nervously as you tried to gauge her reaction. The golden haired woman pressed her lips together, amusement clear in her eyes. “I know that,” She inquired, and you thought your eyes might jump out of its sockets by how wide they went. “Kind of.” She added. “I suspected something when I stepped into the store.” Your mouth opened and closed like a fish. “What?” You voiced out weakly.
Thena chuckled, unfolding her arms and moving to you. “You weren’t as discreet as you thought. Honestly, I thought it was just a hint I was supposed to catch.” She explained, which send your mind reeling and overthinking every move you’ve ever done around her. “I might’ve seen things floating around every now and then.”
You pinched the bridge of your nose. “You didn’t think it was strange? Why didn’t you ask about it?” She shrugged at your question, “Thought you’d tell me when you’re ready.” You inhaled shakily, rubbing your eyes with your palms. You don’t understand, you should feel relieved that she already knew, but you were afraid that you’d fractured her trust. She trusted you enough to let you into her life, yet you weren’t willing to give her yours.
“I’m sorry.” Tears welled up in your eyes and you tried to blink them away, only for them to slide down your cheek. Frustratingly, you wiped them away and sniffled, looking down at your feet.
“Hey, hey.” She grabbed ahold of your hands, the trait you discovered that once she was comfortable enough to touch you, going around without your hands attached would be a rare occurrence. “It’s okay. I’m not angry.” You breathed heavily, trying to stop the tears from falling. God, why are you so pathetic?
When you’ve calmed down, you looked up to see her eyes cast down on your intertwined hands, her thumb rubbing circles on the back of your hand. “Sorry.” You whispered, referring to the sudden breakdown you had. She smiled and shook her head in reassurance, her eyes gentle and you swore you could feel the warmth spread down your body just from her gaze.
“Stop apologizing.” She soothed, trying to put rest to the conversation, for now. You both know there’s a lot more to talk about, but you weren’t going to do it on her porch. “So, what can a witch do?” She teased, lightening the mood a little bit. “Besides blocking out a mind reader, that is.” She raised an eyebrow, a feeling of pride settling in her chest at your ability that she couldn’t quite understand.
“Wouldn’t you love to find out?” A mischievous glint appeared in your eyes, and in a second, the pair of lovers disappeared from the porch, leaving the occupants of the house confused.
You caught Thena in your arms before she could fall, her eyes closed as she breathed through her nose. “Don’t throw up on me, babe.” You goofed on her, though your tone carried genuine worry. You earned a slap to the stomach for that, too caught up in making sure she didn’t actually throw up to notice the slip of the pet name.
Meanwhile, Thena’s heart skipped and her stomach was doing flip flops that didn’t help with her nausea at all. As she finally saw her surroundings, though, she wondered where you’ve brought her.
Clutching her hand once more, you lift out your other and muttered something under your breath.
“Come on. I’ll show you my world.” You walked in through the invisible gate hand in hand, wishing for her to get to know you all over again through this side.
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moonlit-imagines · 6 months ago
Among Monsters and Men
Thena x reader
prompt: anonymous: “Hey could I request a fluff one shot with thena x reader where reader is a vampire? Who even helps out too with the eternals And like since thena isnt the type to usually fall in love, she happens meets reader, who's lived for centuries just like her but obviously not as long as her, but is a immortal vampire and she falls in love and reader meets her through sersi who didn't even know she was a vampire 😆 and reader flirts with thena a lot too? And thena is surprised at first but eventually flirts back? And eventually, through some flirting and after finding out what reader is along w reader finding out who they are, thena longs for something more and reader ends up asking her out? And thena admits her feelings/attraction and so does reader Hope that's okay! (Sorry this is long)”
Tumblr media
You’d been working at the Natural History Museum of London for some time now, the perfect place for you to put down your roots. Dark rooms all day, gloomy more often than not outside, surrounded by artifacts you’d seen created hundreds of years ago, only you couldn’t say that.
The life of a vampire was not so simple, but it was quite interesting. Your lifespan granted you the ability to gain knowledge others could only dream of. Enemies, too, but you’d been hidden for a long, long time, deciding to keep your eye on a “Dane Whitman,” relative to the old Black Knight. Not a threat as of yet, just a curiosity.
But along the way you met your coworker, Sersi, who was a delight to be around. And she seemed pretty normal up until the earthquake. You hadn’t fret much, only helped young ones away from danger, but you were the only one in the room to see Sersi work her magic, and her eyes widened when she knew you saw.
“Who are you?” You pulled her aside, getting close to her face and waiting for her to deny it all.
“What do you mean, y/n? Sersi? Your coworker?” She furrowed her brows and backed up, a bit scared of what you’d do with the information you’d gathered.
“Don’t play dumb with me, Sersi, I know what I saw and I’ve seen more than you think in this lifetime.” You pointed to her, nearly cornering her in the hall, but backing up and acting normal when visitors walked by.
“Y/N, what do you mean by that?” She whispered and you smirked, flashing your fangs real quick and giving her quite the shock. “A vampire? Are you trying to tell me you’re a vampire?!” Sersi whisper-yelled.
“A secret for a secret, let it out.” You crossed your arms and awaited her response, causing her to finally break and let you know.
“I’m from another planet, I’ve lived here for about seven thousand years.” Sersi explained to you, surprising you with what she had to say. You don’t meet many immortals these days, especially not in London. “My powers come from a divine being, a Celestial who sent me here. I can change things from one form to another. Hence why the rock turned to dust. But Dane doesn’t know, so don’t say anything to him.” She requested and you nodded.
“Does anyone else know?” You asked her, curious as to how deep her cover really was. You really wanted to know what she had been doing throughout her life. A mission, but what else? Where was she before London?
“Sprite, but only because she’s just like me.” She admitted and your jaw dropped.
“Sprite is seven thousand years old? That’s rough.” You bared your teeth out of pity and stuff your hands in your suit pockets. “Well, what now? Seems we have a lot in common, huh?” You chuckled and Sersi agreed.
“It feels nice to be able to tell someone else that,” she ran her fingers through her hair to scratch her scalp, “Dane, Sprite, and I are going out tonight, you’re welcome to come with us.” You smiled at the offer, revealing your fangs once again.
“I’d love to, text me the address when you can. And good luck explaining the fossil situation to the boss.” You waved goodbye and went back to your office to get away from everything for a while. It was there you could truly work in the dark, a perfect workspace for yourself.
Later on, you’d get a little more active than you expected for the night upon a monster attack that prompted you to join Sersi’s ranks. “Come on, Sers! I’m a vampire, I’m immortal, I’m nearly invincible, I have powers. I can help!” You reasoned with her after fending off the beast without a single scratch.
“I can’t ask you to join this fight, it’s not your duty.” She tried to push the idea, but you persisted.
“Wait—you’re a vampire?” Dane cut in real quick.
“Come on, man, catch up.” Sprite scoffed and you continued with Sersi.
“You aren’t asking me, I’m offering you. I’ve lived centuries without any purpose, this would be perfect for me. And you could use the help.” You explained and Sersi turned to her ex-lover, who shrugged at the idea, neither here nor there. “I’m here for you guys.”
“Fine, we could use some help.” Sersi caved and Sprite actually high-fived you out of joy. “But we’re still going to need more help. The Deviants were supposed to be extinguished from this world, we need to see Ajak.”
It took a while to really get the ball rolling on this mission, and unfortunately, you’d had to get involved in some “family drama.” You tried your best to show your support, but there was only so much you could do for these people. Carrying on, you found yourself in Australia before a beautiful, beautiful woman. Blonde hair, striking eyes, naturally pursed lips, she was completely captivating and slightly mad. With some effort, the Eternal, Gilgamesh, had cooled her down enough for introductions.
“You’re new here, I see,” Thena raised a hand for a handshake, but you gladly took it and gave her a kiss on her knuckles, a politeness you’d picked up from your many years, “I’m Thena.” She smiled at your gesture.
“It’s nice to meet you, m’lady.” You greeted her and admired her facial expressions, grateful to have witnessed them with your own eyes. “I’m y/n, and might I just say? You are stunning.”
“Y/N, if you’re a vampire, how are you okay in this light?” Kingo called you out before everyone and Thena learned of your being and was a bit enticed.
“I get special sunblock from Scotland!” You announced and a few of them managed to giggle.
“A vampire?” Thena asked and you nodded a confirmation. “Well, let’s get you inside, poor thing.” She escorted you inside and the others exchanged glances, wondering if she’d already taken a liking to you.
“Looks like someone has a crush.” Kingo commented and followed inside. A few hours passed that weren’t so dramatic, you sat beside Thena and exchanged your stories, hers of war and the monsters you’d just met, along with tales of the family you had and hadn’t met and what they were like back when she knew them. Your stories were about how you became a vampire, what you did to accommodate for the changing times, why you decided to join society, and why you were also in hiding.
“So there’s a man hunting for vampires at the moment?” Thena wanted to get her story straight. “Do you know any others like yourself.”
“I haven’t crossed paths with another vampire on years, but word does spread. There’s a character at my work that might be connected, so I’m keeping close to make sure I don’t get stabbed in the back by a wooden stake.” You laughed at the morbid joke, as did she. “So, tell me of your powers. They looked quite interesting.” You tossed a bit of food in your mouth. “Gilgamesh, you are an amazing cook. Thank you.”
“You’re welcome! I wish you guys were as nice as the vampire.” He told the rest of the Eternals and mostly got enjoyment from the comment.
“Yes, my powers. I can create weapons, nearly unbreakable. They’re an extension of myself, as well.” She explained vaguely and you were just fascinated by it. “So, can you turn into a bat?” She asked and everyone went silent, along with the clattering if dishes, eager to learn the truth they were hesitant to ask. You awkwardly looked around the room and looked back to her, patiently waiting with her cheek leaned against her hand.
“…Yes.” You timidly answered and everyone began yelling over each other.
“I wanna see!” Sprite shouted.
“Yeah, what are you waiting for?” Kingo asked, extending his arm with a mug held at the end.
“I’d love to see that.” Sersi added with a smirk.
“I would, too.” Ikaris agreed.
“Please? A gift to your host?” Gilgamesh requested and you looked back at Thena, who’s smirk pushed you to a:
“Fineee.” You wiped your mouth with a napkin and got out of your seat, pushing your chair in before you took a deep breath and made the seamless transformation, earning a chorus of cheers, whistles, and clapping. A fair trade for the lovely meal you’d been served and the chance to impress a quite beautiful woman. You quickly changed back and fixed your messy hair at once. “Happy?”
“Oh, so very happy.” Thena reached for your arm and rubbed it up and down as you sat back in your seat. It’d been so long since you felt a connection to someone. Not since you’d become undead.
“I’m glad.” You replied and exchanged sweet glances for a few moments too long, admiring each other’s looks and company. It’d been a long, long time since she’d met anyone new, especially one that she was comfortable around. But when her mind began to wander, she realized that a relationship wouldn’t be so bad, and one with an immortal being? It was almost meant to be at that point. Almost like you were equals from different sides of the tracks.
The mission carried on and you and Thena continued your flirting with one another, making the Eternals happy for you both. Sersi had known you a long time and never saw you smile the way you did with her. And Gilgamesh knew that Thena was lonely, despite his companionship over the years. It was a tragedy when he passed, but fortunately for Thena, you were there for her in every sense of the phrase. As his funeral commenced, you rested your hand on her shoulder and felt her grasp it with her own as she stared at the blaze reflecting in your eyes.
“This isn’t hurting you, is it?” Thena worriedly asked about the bright light before the two of you.
“I can take it.” You gently told her and let her lean on you as the flames continued to live, slightly sizzling your exposed skin. But you’d be okay, you’d be okay for her.
This mission continued on and you became her shoulder to lean on, her support through this hard, changing times. But you were infatuated with the woman, you’d do whatever it was that she needed. You’d figure out a way to keep her grounded, you’d hold her as she cried, you’d stand beside her as she fought. And you fought until the world nearly ended.
“Y/N, are you alright?” She rushed to you once the madness was over and you held her in your arms.
“I’m okay, I’m okay.” You exhaled a sigh of relief. “Are you?”
“I’m alright.” Thena felt your hand reach for her cheek and opened her eyes, looking right at you.
“Thena, now that the weight of the world is no longer on our shoulders, I’ve something to ask you.” You told her and she smiled with tears in her eyes.
“Just do it, please.” She accepted and you brought your lips against hers, knowing the Eternals were positively shocked behind you, only because they thought you two were just going to flirt to no end. “Y/N?”
“Yes?” You asked her after parting.
“Come with me aboard our ship. I think there’s something going on between Druig and Makkari, I’ll only be a third wheel.” She chuckled with you and you nodded. “And I don’t want to live without you.”
“You had me at ‘come with me.’” You kissed her once more and dragged your hand down her shoulder and arm until it met her soft hand and entwined with it. You two finished your display of affection and walked back to the group hand in hand, ready to face the galaxy together.
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bytheseangie · 3 months ago
Y/N: Hey, Thena…
*Thena wakes up*
Thena: What...What happened?
Y/N: Do you like me?
Thena: It’s five o’clock in the morning! AND I MARRIED YOU!
Y/N: Yeah...But did you marry me as a friend or as a wife?
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thenaswife · 6 months ago
Dating Thena Headcanons
╰┈➤ ft. the eternals
listened to diet mountain dew while writing this just cause. also reader is an eternal
Tumblr media
Ajak encouraging your relationship, being the one to push you into confessing
Mostly ‘cause everyone was fed up
If Ajak didn’t say anything you were sure Druig would’ve controlled the both of you to say something
Making pies w/Gilgamesh for her
You and Gilgamesh secretly making it a competition on who’s pie she likes better
Considering she only finishes yours, you win
Talking to Makkari about date plans. She always has better ideas
Teaching her how to dance since you were the only one who’d interact with the “outside world”
After that there was no escaping 4AM living room waltzing
Being the first person to learn how to calm her down
Teaching Gilgamesh how to do so incase you were gone
Kingo purposefully walking into both of you kissing to yell “get a room!”
You may or may not have slapped him once… or twice for that.
Smiling at each other from across the room
You both were hopeless romantics
She gets nightmares often
Her shaking wakes you up every time
When you wake her up she’s shivering
You don’t ask, just start humming to calm her down
The sound of your voice was one of her favorite attributes of yours
Assuring her nothing’s gonna hurt her and she’s safe
Running your fingers through her hair to keep her calm
Whispering reassuring words to easily lull her to sleep
Oh! Can’t forget the forehead kiss. Very essential.
When she does fall asleep, you’re still fully awake incase it happens again
It never does. But you needed an excuse to watch over her
Buying her a record player to play her favorite songs
Her hair being your personal stress toy
Whether you were twirling it around or braiding it, it doesn’t matter
Hugs from behind
She’d surprise you with them mid conversations or while doing anything really
*Cue Kingo’s get a room shout*
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fictionalwh0ree · a month ago
🌧 reader teaching the eternals how to use technology?
Tumblr media
✧600 follower celebration -> closed
✧ bullet points: 28
taglist | characters i write for
the eternals are absolutely clueless when it comes to modern technology
excluding phastos, sprite and sersi, that is
the rest of them have no clue what they're doing
when you're all together, it's chaos
"y/n, what does 'hu' mean?"
"y/n, how do i take a screen shot?"
"y/n, how do i send an emoji to someone?"
they're all like old ladies when it comes to using phones and computers
one day, you decide that sitting them all down and trying to teach them is easiest
so you try
problem is, none of them can focus for that long
excpet maybe ajak
so your little seminar becomes you being bombarded with questions
this is absolutely hilarious to phastos, sprite and sersi
who are sitting nearby watching
you decide to take another approach
you tell them all to be quiet
and then you start from the basics
and slowly move your way up to harder stuff
and then when you're done
you let them ask questions
one by one
it was like teaching kindergarteners
thankfully, they seemed to get it
after that day, you got much less questions on basic things like how to turn on the flashlight
but you still got questions on slang and apps
but it was significantly easier to handle
taglist: @rafecameronswhore | @bytheseangie | @swagyaf | @nataliasknife | @ofherscarlettwitchways | @instabull | @garfieldsladybird | @poisxnedmind |
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