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#theodorus van gogh
acrispyapple · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Special Theo Mini Comic Strip
cute ♡
source: twitter / cyikemen_en
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lillybelle05 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Commission for @jessicawearsfezes
Theo x MC intimate moment~ <3
Please do not repost without permission.
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weird-profiterole · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Me in a nutshell
Thanks again to @delicateikemenmemes for allowing me to draw a comic with their memes 💖💖
Don't repost, only reblog
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incorrect-ikevamp-quotes · 4 months ago
MC: I’m immune to mean and hurtful things because Vincent says kind things to me every day and his love protects me.
Arthur: I’m immune to mean and hurtful things because Theo says mean and hurtful things to me every day so I’m prepared.
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acrispyapple · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a few samples of cards that came out recently. i really like that smiling theo. mozart looks really good from that series too~ ♡
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ladyrinielbright · 2 years ago
Ikemen Vampire Character Reference pt 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Find part 1 HERE
Please note: I scanned these from the official Ikevam artbook. All images belong to Cybird.
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saeryuart · a year ago
Tumblr media
Have a 2 for 1 Van Gogh special. Thank god for the img editing holy grail that is Adobe PS. I meant to get this out yesterday, but I uh.... underestimated the size of this thing lmfao orzzzz. It’s jarring to see something go from 25 in. in length go down to 14 slfkjsdlsd. 
Also how the fUCK do you draw the OOOOCEAN’S GRAY WAAAAVEEESSS-
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carnelianns · a year ago
(Ikesen and Ikevamp) Sorry if this has been asked before. But how about an MC who went back to her own time only to find out she was pregnant. How would the boys reaxt if she comes back somehow a few years later but with a young child she says is theirs.
im sorry for keeping u waiting this long anon huhu,, i only did the vamps but, if my askbox allows, i’ll come back to do the sen boys too ! i didn’t have a specific gender for their children so jus imagine the lil rascal any way u want
Napoleon Bonaparte
When you come back through that door with a fascinated child holding your hand, it’s him you meet first again, and the tears are already glossing his eyes over before you can say anything.
He literally has no words when you smile gently, saying it’s his. Napoleon swallows the bump in his throat before making his way to the both of you, holding the two of you in his arms for only god knows how long.
“I.. can’t wait to live my life with you both, nununche,” he mumbles into your hair, ears slightly tinged, only causing you to laugh at his adorable antics.
As a father, he isn’t very strict, and he isn’t all that good in child-rearing, either. But he tries — you have to keep reminding yourself of this when you catch them in a compromising position, usually when you see your child holding a foil with a goofy smile.
“Nunuche.. I can explain,” Napoleon says calmly when you first find the two of them — well, three; it seems Jean was in on this little practice, though he quickly bolted when he saw you — parading around the training room with the foils.
“Mamma, papa said he was the King! He teached me how to be King!” Your child exclaims, flailing the weapon around excitedly as your gaze only darkens.
“Well, you see, I meant emperor, but—” his words die down when he sees your unimpressed face practically dripping with the murderous intent he’s so used to fighting against on the battle field
Slowly kneeling down to meet your child’s eyes, you see him whispering something incoherent before the little one nods seriously, slowly putting down the foil.
Then, as if counting down ‘3, 2, 1′, Napoleon immediately hoists your child up in his arms, running out of the room as both his laughter and your child’s squeals echo throughout the halls.
“Napoleone di Buonaparte, get your ass back here right now!” You scream, running after them.
“3, 2, 1 — Vive L’Empereur!” The two of them scream back, before bursting into laughter. They’re always in sync. It’s exasperating.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
“That child is.. mine?” He asks, slightly jaw-slacked, pointing at the child that undeniably looks like him, if the identical beauty mark or violet eyes are anything to go by.
“Do you.. not want—”
“I never said that,” he instantly cuts you off, going over to kneel at the confused child. With a slight smile, in an attempt to hold his tears back, he manages, “So.. how was spending time with that clumsy mother of yours?”
Mozart doesn’t really know how to spend time with his child, though he’s clearly not opposed to carrying the little rascal around on his shoulders, or dragging the child clinging onto his leg around when stubbornness bites.
You often don’t know what he’s thinking whenever he spends time with your child, or the whole situation, but rest assured, he wouldn’t change it for the world, despite how he may look.
A clear example of this is when you once walked into the piano room only to see your little darling on top of the grand white piano itself, snoozing on top of a small comforter whilst your lover plays the soft tunes you’ve grown to love.
Shock holds you captive as you stare at the lovely sight, before finally trailing off, “Mozart..”
Without so much as glancing at you, he replies, voice hushed in a soft tone you don’t hear so often. The blissful smile on his face speaks thousands of words.
“I thought you were the only one foolish enough to let your guard down in front of me… It seems I was wrong.”
Leonardo da Vinci
He had an inkling the moment he saw the child sporting caramel eyes so similar to his own, tawny gaze regarding the large mansion with wonder.
And when you did reveal that the child is actually his, he only pulled you close to his chest, hoisting the little one up with his other arm.
“Papa has a lot of time to make up to you, doesn’t he?”
Leonardo is good with children, if it isn’t obvious. Not in your conventional dad way wherein he brings the child to school — in fact, he probably fell asleep in the hallway just when the two were about to leave — but he's awfully good at keeping his child entertained.
Running around the mansions, creating new inventions, learning a new language — sometimes, you have to remind yourself that this child’s father is literally Leonardo da Vinci.
A position you often see them in, however, is snoozing on the floor, probably near the library, your child a small ball curled into Leonardo’s arms and head in the crook of his neck.
“Again? Really?” You can only huff, though that doesn’t stop the small smile from spreading on your face as you brush the locks of hair out of your lover’s face.
“Cara mia,” he rasps out, cracking a bleary eye open and gripping your wrist softly. Then, he smiles, all sorts of soft and lovely and.. unguarded.
“You two.. are the best things that have happened to me.”
Arthur Conan Doyle
Arthur tries swallowing back the lump in his throat when he sees you standing in front of that damned door, though to no avail as a tear slips.
He starts full-on crying when you say that you’re back for good and that the child is his, and he’ll have to be comforted by yours and your child’s tiny arms before he even plans to stop.
“Ah, crying like that on our first meeting… Don’t you think your fath — I’m a bit embarrassing?” He asks, sniffling as he musters a smile.
Your child giggles, blue eyes crinkling. “No! Mommy told me a whooooole lot about you, daddy!”
He has to stop himself from sobbing again.
Arthur wastes no time in making up for what he’s missed, and every single day is one you’d find the two of them either in town or messing about at home.
If not, then they’re probably just chilling in the comforts of his room, doing god knows what. The day you peek in to see what exactly they were up to was a blessed day.
Maneuvering yourself in a way that lets you see through the tiny crack of the open door, your jaw drops at the adorable sight of your child in a tiny deerstalker and trench coat far too big for his form, Arthur nodding with a serious look on his face.
“So, Watson, do you think crepes make mummy happier?” Your child asks, holding his magnifying glass up — one you’re sure is from Leonardo — like a mic in front of Arthur’s face.
He strokes his chin for a moment, before answering, “Seeing her reaction when we gave her the ones we bought yesterday, I deduce they do, Sherlock.”
“Good dedoo – deduck – deduction, Watson! I thought so too.”
Your heart literally melts. The two are far too cute for you, you having to calm yourself before walking in with the widest smile on your face. Dorks. 
Vincent van Gogh
When you meet those familiar, cerulean eyes from your place in front of the door, they’re already glossy in seconds, a flurry of emotions clear on Vincent’s face, though his smile says it all.
“Is it too much to say I’ve been waiting for you this whole time?”
Vincent would be practically wallowing in regret that he wasn’t able to be a part of his child’s life for the first few years, leading him to do any and everything that will cause his child to smile. In simpler terms, he’s basically wrapped around the little one’s finger.
He’s so adorable and happy that he’s blessed with your lovely child, and there’s an immediate smile on his face when he so much as thinks about the little blondie.
He literally makes the other residents question whether or not they want a child too.
Their bonding time is painting and, more often than not, it ends up with all three of you cramped in the shower, scrubbing furiously at the sticky paint on their skin.
“I’m sorry for having you do this all the time,” Vincent’s soft voice only makes you sigh in relaxation as he massages your shoulders from behind you, causing your fingers to halt in their journey of rubbing some blue paint off your child.
“It’ll take more than that if you wanna make it up to me,” you hum, leaning back into his chest and looking up into his bright eyes.
Your lips were just about to meet, when —
“Mam, I’m not clean yet!”
You groan, Vincent only laughing as you meet the crossed arms of your child pouting child.
“Don’t give your mammie too much of a hard time, okay?” He never forgets to take care of you above all, of course.
Theodorus van Gogh
When he first sees you after years with a child, his child, grasping your hand, Theo has to literally disappear to cool his head off because he’s angry.
Not at you, no, never, but at himself. That he wasn’t there for his child, for you, and god, even if he were, would he have been a good father?
“Hon — Schatje,” he starts, running his fingers through his already messy hair and staring at you with eyes that practically bleed insecurity, his voice breaking. “How am I supposed to take care of a child when I couldn’t even take care of you?”
After many reassuring words and gentle touches, Theo’s finally okay, holding up and scrutinising your child much like how he does a painting. He’s, well, awkward.
Theo is surprisingly very gentle with your child because he honestly doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.
He’s also very grounded and doesn’t fall for cute little tricks that much either, so out of the residents, he’d be one of the better fathers.
“Nee.” “Papje, pleaaase?” “No. Non. Nee.”
Your lover’s fixed refusal causes you to peek your head into a lovely picture. Theo was holding a chocolate bar high above his head, steely gaze fixed on your young child with his puppy dog eyes in full view.
“Je mama said no chocolate, right?” Your heart warms when you realise he remembered your scoldings, though you can’t help but to feel bad for your whining baby.
“Theo,” you say, both their heads turning towards you. “How about you give the little baby some chocolate and we all enjoy some pancakes, yeah?”
The way both their eyes shine almost identically is adorable.
Dazai Osamu
When you showed up again with the child in hand, one he knows is his, his first thought, first wish, is that for that tiny thing to not be his. Because no one knows how harsh this world is more than the man who wished to end it all, so much more than once.
But Dazai makes up his mind when he sees you and your — his child staring up at him with those eyes that look so much like your own. He makes up his mind, despite his own continuous suffering, that he’ll never let this child go through what he had to.
“Was I staring too much?” He smiles, slightly sad and, well, empty. “I suppose it’s because the little one looks far too much like you.” Bright. Too bright for me.
As a father, he’s surprisingly really good with children? He quite enjoys seeing your child smile more than anything, and one way he knows how to do so is by perching the little one on his shoulders, running around the mansion as his hands intertwine with small, tiny fingers.
You don’t know whether to yell at him and his close-eyed grin, or simply laugh at the resonating giggles of your child. Probably both as you chase the two down the halls.
Dazai often zones out whenever he’s playing with your child, a look you can only describe as pure bliss on those handsome features of his. As you stare up at him, confusion clear on your features, you ask, “Hey, Dazai, why do you.. Zone out so much? Whenever you’re with, you know,” you motion to the snoozing one in between the both of you.
“Why do I zone out, you ask?” He gives you a smile, a real one this time, and gently pokes at the little ones cheeks. “I think.. I’ve found a wonderful reason to live, is all.”
Isaac Newton
“That’s… mine??” “That?” “... It?” “It?” “The.. child?”
Isaac is very flustered, for lack of better terms. He can barely manage the children he and Napoleon go see intermittently, but his own child? Lord, help him.
He gets awfully flushed whenever he’s carrying his child around the mansion because even then, he isn’t spared by Arthur and Dazai’s teasing remarks — in fact, it only seems to have gotten worse.
Isaac is surprisingly good at getting your rascal child to sleep with his bedtime stories, which are usually all his unsaid rambles.
“And did daddy get that bruise on his forehead because he slipped while chasing Uncle Dazai and Uncle Arthur?”
Your child nods, bright eyes sparkling and toothy grin showing. “Daddy also said, ‘Get back here, you devilish imbeciles!’”
Your accusatory gaze turns towards Isaac, who averts his eyes, holding an ice pack to his bruising forehead.
“I-In my defense, they were—”
“One more time, Isaac, and I’m changing this baby’s legal godfathers to the two imbeciles you love so much.”
Gaping, his eyes widen to the size of saucers, “You wouldn’t.”
“Try me.”
He is now a grumbling mess when the two are around his child, but the lack of chasing them around with a stick in hand can be counted as an upgrade.
Jean d’Arc
When you walk through that door once more, nervously telling your lover that this child is his, you’re afraid of his reaction — after all, Jean is, despite his vampiric aging, barely an adult himself.
His jaw drops and he can’t stop staring at you nor the child with his inky locks, and you have to help him sit and calm down.
“Papa?” Your child asks, staring up at the still slightly panicked Jean as you hold your breath.
He stares for a moment, mouth wide, before finally, finally smiling, albeit a little awkward and rough around the edges. “Yes, little one?”
He’s extremely unaccustomed to this whole parent thing and can barely do anything without asking you first, so he feels bad quite often for having to lean on you so much.
Although he barely knows how to handle a sobbing child, nor can he entertain the child very well, you find that the both of them are quite content in each other’s presence as is.
Jean, well, looks ethereal as the sun shines through the windows in his room, a gentle smile gracing his face as he stares at his sleeping child.
He utters your name, causing you to look up, only to find him tracing circles around your child’s soft skin.
“Is this.. how it’s like to be happy?”
William Shakespeare
When Shakespeare wakes up to the news that you are, in fact, back at the mansion with a little surprise, he’s already there in no time.
He didn’t expect the little surprise to be a little child that’s practically an identical copy of him. But he’s always been more of a shoot first, ask questions later type of guy, so he immediately whisks you off to his manor, much to the exasperation of the residents who were surprisingly enjoying their time with the little Shakespeare lookalike.
Except he doesn’t really need to ask questions, because he’s already figured everything out through your soft, slightly nervous gaze, and your lovely little mannerisms.
“Alas, it seems the Heavens were kind enough to grant my wish,” he says as he stares at your child, only smiling to meet your confused gaze. “For I only wished you weren’t too lonely without my presence.”
William is always with his child, whatever the circumstances. Though he quite enjoys showing off his child, he’s also keen on spending his every waking second with the little tyke because he knows how it feels like to grow up lonely, and he wouldn't bestow that upon his own little one.
“Darling, it appears I has’t gotten myself into a slight predicament.”
If you could, you would have snapped a picture of your smiling lover practically itching to get up, yet unable to do so due to the sleeping child in his lap.
“And how did you get yourself into this predicament, my love?” You tease, your own smile on your face. He has a habit of reading his writings aloud, and it seems the little one fell asleep to William’s gentle voice.
“My works seem to be but a mere bedtime story to this little one,” he motions to the child, his smile softening. “I wonder why it does not dishearten me.”
Comte de Saint-Germain
“I was hoping you’d be back, ma chérie.” His perfunctory smile betrays the inner flurry of emotions inside him as he glances towards the child. “With a lovely little thing in hand.”
“Your lovely little thing,” you say gently, and the surprise outlining his normally composed face is something you’d forever save in your mind.
Comte is wrapped around the little one’s finger, his rotten spoiling being the effect of not being in your child’s life for a good while, and, of course, his indispensable regret for having you come back to him.
Many times have you asked Sebastian the whereabouts of your lover and your child, only for him to give you the look, responding that they were out yet again, and are probably not coming back without a few shopping bags in hand.
Then, to finally put a stop to it all, you decided to conduct a harmless experiment.
Placing a few coins on one side of his desk, a toy in the middle, and a beloved fruit on the side. After explaining to him that it’s to see what your child’s fate would be — picking between fortune, fun, and, well, snacks, you think — he simply leans back, interest shining in those eyes of his.
Unsurprisingly for you, your child pushes all these away in a second, opting to hug the wide-eyed man on the soft armchair behind the desk.
“And what.. does this mean, ma chérie?” He asks, honest-to-god confused as his hands slowly wrap around your child’s form.
You smile softly, “Isn’t it obvious, silly? The little rascal loves you more than anything.”
His eyes are suspiciously glossy before he laughs it off, preparing for yet another shopping spree — you regret everything.
He only gives you a knowing smile when you pass through the door with a young child gripping your hand.
“So.. this is the little one, is it?” He asks, tone soft as he walks towards you, wrapping a sturdy arm around your waist and meeting eyes with his child. “I’m a strict father, mind you.”
“Sebastian!” “I was joking. Slightly.”
Despite being a father, Sebastian is as strict and precise as ever around the mansion, rarely having to leave either his work or his family unattended due to his impeccable time management skills.
And if he struggles with both, well, he just has to merge them into one task, doesn’t he? Many are the times wherein the residents catch Sebastian working, his little runt on his tail or on his hip.
“They’re at it again, you know,” Mozart says in passing, only causing you to groan.
“Sebastian! How many times have I told you not in the kitchen?” You exclaim, walking into the kitchen to find your lover and your child tackling yet another chore together.
It seemed to be baking this time, if the flour on both of their faces says anything.
“Mama!” Your child exclaims with powdered hands as Sebastian says blankly, “We’re doing chores.”
You merely roll your eyes, sighing as you walk out the room. Your apology comes later when a sloppy cupcake makes its way into your view.
Your eyes move up to your proud looking child, hair obviously patted down in an attempt to look presentable while your lover sports a tiny grin on his own face.
“We made this for you, mom! Papa said he wanted to make you reaaaally happy.”
Sebastian’s head instantly snaps down, eyes narrowing, “Hey.”
You can only laugh at your two babies, taking a bite of the surprisingly good and sweeter than an average cupcake.
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dear-mrs-otome · 2 years ago
In Defense of Theo...
Tumblr media
Nobody asked for this, and probably nobody even wants this, but somewhere out there is at least one person wondering….how can anyone actually like this asshole? He’s a sadistic prick that belittles MC left and right, and I gotta admit  - I was right there with you. When I first started playing Ikemen Vampire, I could barely stand Theo. The ‘dog’ thing was grating, the smug smirk didn’t seem as if it could possibly cover any softer sides, and especially with the sweetheart Vincent always nearby - why would anyone even look twice at his little brother?
Then I played one route with a Theo cameo. And then a second. And I started to notice a pattern...that when MC needed someone to lean on, Theo was always there. That somehow, quietly and with every bit of solid advice he dispensed, he forced me to think that maybe, just maybe, I’d misjudged him.
Maybe you’ve already made up your mind. Maybe he’ll never win you over. But for those curious as to why he torpedoed every preconception I had about him, feel free to read on - just be forewarned that after the cut, there will be unavoidable spoilers. I tried to keep things fairly vague, but some specifics are impossible to skirt when you’re talking about Theo and his motivations.
Starting with a simple list of Theo’s traits, so we can get those laid out right off the bat:
Theo’s strengths
Observant/Good at reading people
Theo’s weaknesses
Doesn’t value self/Bases value on others
Bad Communicator re:Emotions
Just like the vast majority of people, Theo’s strengths and weaknesses are often just reflections of each other - a trait when taken to its extreme becomes a flaw. Passion and idealism can become an inability to focus on anything outside of your values, selflessness can be taken to rash lengths, a desire to protect those we love can result in us smothering them and restricting their own efforts to grow.
But at heart, what to keep in mind when trying to understand Theo boils down to two things: 1) he will give anything, and I do mean anything - up to and including his very life - in service of those people and things he cares about and 2) deep down he undervalues himself criminally, no matter how arrogant and full of swagger he seems on the surface. More than once he says he’s just a ‘regular man’ and nothing in comparison to the geniuses and great figures that fill the mansion.
When MC first interacts with Theo in his own route, she’s terrified of him. He’s gruff, intimidating and intense, and strong-arms her into a working partnership she has little to no interest in initially. But over time she begins to see him for what he really is, and how her first impression of him was so far off the mark. She falls in love with his enthusiasm, his enduring love for art, and his dedication to artistic expression and frankly that’s very relatable. Who hasn’t been swayed by witnessing someone else’s passion and activism? His example inspires her to find her own commitment to a cause and the determination to stand up for things she believes worth preserving, no matter the cost.
Later on in his route is when the revelation comes to light that for certain reasons, Theo feels intensely responsible for her presence in the mansion. Everything he does, both in his own route from the very start, and the hints we see in other people’s, points to his sense of obligation to her and his desire to protect her and be a support she can rely on.
Despite all his talk of her being the ‘dog’, it’s Theo who is the real dog - a guard dog, fiercely loyal and committed to those he loves and incredibly protective of them. He grills Arthur’s MC to be sure that she cares about his friend for the right reasons, he jumps to Vincent’s defense at the slightest provocation (the same way he has ever since they were children and he defended him from bullies), and he is ready and willing to sacrifice everything he’s known and valued to preserve MC’s happiness - going so far as to choose to travel to the future with her in one of his endings so that she doesn’t have to give up the things that are important to her for his sake.
One of the things I find fascinating about Theo is that unlike the vast majority of tsunderes, his ‘walls’ and his outwardly off-putting behavior aren’t the result of some traumatic experience. His special brand of asshole-ism isn’t a reaction but more a proactive, conscious choice - it’s a role he’s opted to mold himself into. In Theo’s route, Vincent confesses to MC that their parents favored Theo, and he believes Theo has always pushed himself to act the way that he has so that their parents would hate him and love Vincent more. It’s easy to see how this is a pattern that has extended itself into adulthood, with Theo ready, willing, and able to make himself the ‘devil’ to Vincent’s ‘angel’ if it makes Vincent look better by comparison.
That’s not to say that he doesn’t naturally struggle with being open emotionally, in the other grand tsundere tradition. Theo often is tripped up by the fact that he’s so very adept at reading other people (in his own route, he’s clearly aware of MC’s affection long before she tries to tell him, and says as much to Arthur) that it seems to him as if the way he feels should be obvious, without being stated. He’s a man of actions and to him, they hold far more weight than words ever could. He struggles to comprehend that MC especially needs vocal, concise affirmation of his feelings...but anytime his errors or flaws are pointed out to him he takes quick action to rectify them and reassure her of her importance to him, and that’s a consistent trait across his route and events.
And, important she is. Theo repeatedly expresses the sentiment that MC has saved him, or is his salvation (we’re keeping with the devil theme here clearly) - that he’d be damned without her. His second life is dead-set on a disastrous, tragic course when she comes crashing into it, and through nothing more than recognizing his good qualities and supporting his ideals she eventually proves to him that his life is worth something. That he is worth something. She gives him a new definition by which to value himself, and he is impossibly and eternally grateful to her for that.
As a couple, they come to find support and strength in each other, and truly realize that they can be and do far greater things together than apart. It’s refreshing to see an otome couple that goes through hell and comes out the other side not just lovers but partners in every best sense of the word, because that is what real lasting love is built on - not the chemistry and the passion of moments, but the enduring commitment to face the world and its hardships together and realizing that unified...there’s nothing that can you can’t conquer.
There’s a vast amount more I could unpack about Theo - the relationship between him and Vincent alone is complex and borderline toxic, as much as I adore it, and it deserves an entire essay as well. But in the interest of not completely spoiling his route I’m going to save that rambling for another time and place...although if anyone wants to discuss that or anything else I’d mentioned here, please feel free to hit me up anytime to chat. I’m always happy to blather about my favorite fang-faced asshole.
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dirtydoesgood · a year ago
Like the Bonfire of Awe, Which His Thirst Burns In
Tumblr media
Author: @assomoir​​ Fandom: Ikemen Vampire Character(s): Theodorus van Gogh / Female MC Rating: E - Explicit Warnings: Smut, Mirror Sex
Prompt: Jealousy Summary: Sometimes all she needed was a reminder about how helplessly in love he was. Theo knew this better than anyone, and got a little creative in the process.
Tumblr media
“I think you should visit tomorrow, too.”
Theo inwardly sighed at the saccharine-sweet voice. Madelaine Godefroi slowly entered his line of sight, and he politely looked up from the files he had been putting inside his suitcase.
They were only supposed to drop a painting off at this mansion and leave. What the hell happened?
“We do have another appointment with your father, but not until the 15th. Besides, he won’t even return to Paris until next week.”
“… Well, yes,” she seemed surprised that he knew about it, before quickly composing herself again, “but you don’t need to see him. I’ll be here to hear more about this new art movement you’re campaigning for, and maybe purchase a painting or two in the process.”
Theo resisted the urge to roll his eyes. He wasn't stupid – he'd seen how the young noblewoman was actually interested in him and definitely not the painting they brought for her father. But the fact that Marquis Godefroi was one of their loyal clients and main investors in Vincent’s biggest exhibition yet really got him choosing his words carefully. Everyone knew how spoiled the girl was, and who could say what would happen if he just straight-up said no?
From across the table, he saw his dear little apprentice quietly observing the exchange. They exchanged a glance, and she nodded in wordless understanding before opening her notebook, making a show of checking their schedule.
“Mademoiselle,” she started, “unfortunately, our schedule is fully booked tomorrow. If you don’t mind, we can visit you next Monday?”
“Goodness, dear!" Madelaine's amused laughter rang loudly in the spacious living room, surprising them both. "I almost forgot you were here too! Sure, sure!”
Oh, shit.
There was no way he could have missed the amalgamation of shock and annoyance that flitted across her face for a split second before breaking into her usual smile.
(In hindsight, he really should have seen it coming.)
Tumblr media
Later that night, Theo returned from the thermae to find her brushing her hair in front of the vanity. There was an undercurrent of stiffness in the set of her shoulders when he approached, and he stopped short of embracing her when he saw how deep in thought she seemed to be. It wasn't until she put the brush down and their eyes met through the vanity mirror that he got up and kissed the top of her head, letting her sweet – almost sinfully so – scent fill his senses. Hunger had manifested itself in him for some time now, but resolving her bad mood took precedence over everything else.
“What’s wrong?"
The way she leaned back onto his chest was almost unconscious, just like how his arms immediately wrapped themselves around her. He could practically feel the exhaustion seeping away from his bones the longer they lingered in that position.
"I know you’re upset,” he repeated in a murmur, “but please talk to me.”
She hummed a thoughtful sound. It was not an answer, but he knew from experience that at the very least, it meant she would eventually be willing to talk.
Just not immediately.
So they stayed like that for a while, the distant, restless twinkle of Mozart’s piano playing in the background. He knew the shapes of everything even in the darkness of her bedroom – the way her hair framed her face and cascading down to her hips, the caramel sheen of her nightgown, or the slightly downward curve of her lips, bitten far too often but still soft and plush and so pretty. Theo looked down to where his lover was swaying slightly in his arms, counting his own heartbeats, and closed his eyes to where it was darker still.
“The Godefroi heiress really likes you."
This proved his guess right: she was indeed jealous. Yet his guts told him she wasn’t telling the full story, and something about the whole atmosphere felt really off. Like the calm before the storm, unnerving him in a way he couldn't explain.
“… That's it? That's all you've got to say?” she sighed. "Never mind then."
“No, I meant it. You're not telling me everything.” She had been jealous before, but not like this. Never like this.
Another bout of silence followed.
Then in a small voice, she whispered: “My birthday is coming soon, remember?”
He opened his eyes and straightened himself, now more than a little lost. Why did she speak like that was a bad thing? And what did her birthday have to do with this? “Of course. What about it?”
“Theo,” she took an exasperated breath and turned, but nothing could have prepared him for the way she looked into his eyes – like she was desperately, hopelessly, searching for something, and with every passing second she failed to find it her eyes slowly clouded over with resignation. “You do realize I’m getting older every day, right?”
He definitely did not like where this was going.
“Liefje. What are you talking about?”
“Just—” she faltered at the nickname but still chose to turn her back on him, like she was trying to remove herself from the conversation. “I’m obviously a year older than when I first came here, and— and I really can’t tell how much I’ve changed? Birthdays are like reminders that I will keep getting older and there’s nothing I can do to stop it,” she said, carefully curbing the bitterness in the back of her tongue even in anger. “Obviously little Miss Madeleine and her cute flirting aren’t helping my case.”
In the heavy silence following her outburst, his mind raced back through the last couple of months. This Godefroi incident might be the last straw, but this was not the first time they had clients flirting with either of them. Something must have changed – something so subtle that even he’d missed it, yet big enough to leave them in this entangled and unsettling mess of emotions in its wake.
She hastily rummaged through the shelf and brushed her hair once again in what seemed like an attempt to calm herself down, all while refusing to spare him a glance. It took a few more seconds before his head cleared up enough for him to take action, and when it finally did, he took her reluctant hand, leading her to sit next to him on the bed.
“How long have you been feeling this way?”
A sigh. “I don’t know.”
He grabbed the hands that were fidgeting restlessly on her lap and studied the lines of her palm, like they could yield the answers to all her troubles.
"I'm so sorry. I should have noticed it sooner."
She wasn’t crying, but he just realized that the bags under her eyes looked a bit more striking than usual. He caressed them pensively, wondering how on earth did he miss this.
"It wasn't your fault."
"No, really. It's… not anyone's fault," she huffed. "At least I know you're not flirting back."
The idea was so absurd in his head that he couldn't help rolling his eyes. "You would never have to worry about that."
"Shut up."
"I'm serious."
"Riiight." She shot him a playful smile, yet the slight disbelief in that single syllable bothered him to no end.
"You don't believe me, hondje?"
"Hmm… and if I don’t?" She laughed then, but Theo felt his chest ache at that answer. "No, no, I’m just kidding. Of course I trust you. It's just that— hmm…" She looked up, hesitant, like she was whispering it into the aether. "I just needed to hear it. We've been so busy lately, you know?"
—and then it hit him.
So busy was an understatement. They practically hadn’t had a proper conversation in almost two months; and it all started when the final preparations for Vincent’s latest exhibition were set in motion.
Theo had been so busy organizing the whole thing that they didn’t get the chance to talk as much as they usually did. The typical leisurely conversation on rides to and from the city became mostly business, with him scribbling things away in his notebooks, managing his schedule with investors and her double-checking their to-do list while occasionally fretting that he might get sick from all the intense reading inside the moving carriage. Their weekly dates were exchanged for venue hunting, meetings, or even modelling for his brother’s paintings. Most nights, he stayed up so late that she couldn’t keep up no matter how much she wanted to – more than once, he caught her falling asleep on his desk, in the middle of sorting letters or cataloguing Vincent’s paintings.
He had been so sure that the drastic change of pace would not affect them much, and instead thought that it was somewhat adorable to see her just as invested as he was in this whole affair. Had foolishly assumed that just because she never complained, everything was – and would be – just fine.
Had somehow forgotten that sometimes, all she needed from him was simply spoken reassurances, and nothing more.
(And now he’d gladly give them to her, no holds barred.)
“I see. Wait here.”
There was a huge standing mirror in the corner of her room, an oval-shaped thing with golden frame courtesy of the Comte. Theo had never thought much about it, until tonight’s event gave him a completely different idea in mind.
As someone who believed that action spoke louder than words, how else would he drive the point home?
She eyed him warily as he turned the nightlight on and dragged the mirror to the bedside. The apprehension lasted even after Theo sat down on the bed himself, facing the mirror, and gestured for her to sit in front of him. “What? What do you mean? What is it for?”
“Just come here. I know you like surprises.”
“…  I don’t know about this one,” she retorted drily.
Yet she complied anyway, sitting with her knees folded up, allowing him to see the smooth expanse of her thigh through the reflection. With her back against his chest he could feel the warmth of her skin against his own despite too many layers still separating them. He brushed her hair back with his fingers and kissed the first inch of exposed skin on her neck, his breath vividly hot in the cold night air.
A quick glance into the mirror told him she had her eyes closed, and that wouldn’t do. He tugged on her hair, instantly opening her eyes and eliciting a surprised gasp that went straight to his groin.
“Keep your eyes open,” he whispered in her ear, low and tempting, “I want you to watch.”
The room was dimly lit, yet the scarlet flush on her body was clear for him to see. With one hand, he traced the rosy path from the valley of her breasts, up to the outline of her collarbone, before finally closing around her throat – tight enough to excite her, just how she loved it. When his fingers dug into her skin just right, the way her body arched so wonderfully against him was definitely something worthy of a painter’s brush.
Too bad the mere thought of anyone seeing her in this state was enough to make his blood boil.
“Listen to me. Look into the mirror.”
“No. Theo, stop, please—”
“You really want me to stop?” It was half-threat, half-question. Theo nibbled on the skin of her neck, savoring the heated moans he pulled out of her lips and shuddered when the sounds she made chased their way down his spine like gaslit flames.
“Yes or no?”
“It’s embarrassing…”
Exactly, he thought. She didn’t want him to stop; she just needed to get over that initial embarrassment.
“You know your safe word. If you want me to stop, say it.” One. Two. Three. A small chuckle escaped him when he noticed the pout resting on her face, yet she said nothing. “I’ll take that as a no, then.”
His other hand moved to slide the straps of her nightgown off her shoulders, one by one, and as he did so she tried to turn her head away. It was no match to his strength though, and when she whined in embarrassment he couldn’t hold back his smile any longer.
Look, he wanted to tell her, to make her understand. Look at you.
How can I look at others, when I have you?
Her breasts were heaving rapidly as her breath quickened, and Theo couldn’t resist squeezing them. She moaned loudly, throwing her head back as his fingers played with them – pulling, massaging, pinching, or worse: bouncing them up and down, all while staring right into her eyes.
“What are you—!”
“Oh, but you like it, don’t you?” He parted her legs and slid her panties off, exposing her damp center. “See? It’s already soaked through.”
His fingers rubbed the wet slit up and down in an agonizingly slow yet firm caress, and it worked like magic – her legs opened even wider, leaving his throat dry. He had previously been ignoring how hard his own cock was but the sight really made the throbbing more insistent that it was almost painful; not to mention how his fangs were already out and itching for a taste of her.
“Can’t you see how ravishing you look right now?” he lightly bit her earlobe. “Or do I need to reveal more so you can see better?”
To his surprise she suddenly grabbed the back of his head and pulled him down for a fierce kiss. Long fingers winding roughly into his hair to forcefully tilt his head to the side, giving her a better angle to suck on his tongue and lick on the inside of his mouth as she pleased. If she was doing this to distract him from looking into the mirror, then it definitely worked because right now the only thing he could think about was how good everything felt; how the helpless moans she sighed into the kiss turned him on so much that it was a miracle he hadn't come out of sheer frustration alone.
When she finally broke the kiss first, gasping for air, he wasted no time in forcing her to look into the mirror once again with one hand before rubbing her clit in a harsh, repeated motion with the other. She let out a surprised squeal that almost immediately turned into broken gasps, desperately grabbing the messed-up bedsheets for purchase while her hips bucked uncontrollably.
"Does it feel that good?" He forced the words out despite wanting nothing more than to wreck her senseless right then and there. "Look at how gorgeous you are. I love how your body is always so honest to me."
Just as her legs started to tremble, he stopped the ministrations altogether – earning a loud whine from her. He was about to tease her several more times when she looked up at him with those doe eyes of hers; teary from the pleasure and face pink from ecstasy.
Theo knew a losing battle when he saw one.
"Nooo, don't stop now," her hand guìded his fingers back to her dripping center. The gesture was so impossibly hot that Theo had to bury his face in her shoulder and take deep breaths to keep from biting her. "Please? I'm so close…"
His own arousal felt like it was about to burst anyway. There's no way he would say no.
Theo stroked the length of her fold with a finger before it sought out the source of her wetness to slowly dip inside. It was only halfway in when she started grabbing his forearms impatiently and whining for more, so he added one more finger and immediately pushed them deep. Curling, scissoring, his palm rubbing against her clit with every motion as he plunged the digits in and out of her wet heat. At first he kept a leisurely pace, secretly enjoying the way her hips kept thrusting up to seek for more. Only when she started clawing on his arms hard enough to leave scratch marks that he decided to pick up the speed, pulling desperate moans out of her that went straight to his leaking cock.
The more he watched her wanton reflection in the mirror, the more the thought of fucking her became dizzying. When it culminated into something almost unbearable Theo finally gave in and sank his fangs into the soft skin of her neck, carelessly gulping down her blood in an attempt to quench his seemingly endless thirst for everything about her. The stimulation was apparently a little bit too much for her, though, because she suddenly cried out in a loud pathetic whimper; a rush of liquid gushing out of her and splattering the bed and mirror.
"Hahh— fuck, fuck that was so hot. That's it, don't hold back."
Still trembling, she let him guide her down on all fours. Through the mirror she caught him opening his zipper to stroke his erect cock and moaned in appreciation.
"Like what you see?"
"Yes," she answered without missing a beat, amusing him. “Yes, you look hot."
He slapped her ass hard, a little annoyed. "Exactly what I thought when I saw you. Do you understand now?"
Her only response was a shaky laugh, a little shy, and his heart felt so full like it was about to burst.
With his patience running out, Theo rammed into her so suddenly that her body jolted forward from the impact. The pace he set was relentless, punishing, and it didn't take long until her still-sensitive walls clenched down so tightly around his cock as she came again. Hot liquid of pleasure tightened low in his stomach, making his body rigid with tension that bordered on painful and it was almost too much but also not enough— until everything was released from him all at once, and all he could see was white.
But he wasn't finished.
Theo sneaked his hands below her knees and hoisted her up, facing the mirror one last time, before pulling his cock out. Too weak to resist, all she could do was watch as his cum and her own slick dripped down on them both – it was so stupidly erotic that Theo felt his arousal twitched back to life.
(Now's not the time, though.)
He put her down and mustered all the strength he had left to find the washcloth and clean them up. She'd want to take a bath again, but it would probably have to wait – seeing how limp and pliant she was in his arms.
"You okay?"
"Mmhm. Never better," she answered, giving a thumbs-up and earning her a very Theo-esque snort.
(She was most beautiful like this, he thought. Luxuriating in pleasure, being completely immersed in bliss while allowing himself to take care of her.)
As he finished wiping the inside of her thighs, she pulled herself up to give his cheek a kiss. Her lips brushed his throat as she spoke, knuckles grazing his waist as she leaned close enough to whisper: "Thank you, Theo."
But there was a glimmer in her eyes, like the moonlight reflected, that spoke more than her hesitant words ever could. Maybe this would be enough for now, but not for later. Maybe they would make another mistake in the long run, missing another red flag and forgetting how much they've been through. Maybe there would be times where his words ring hollow to her, or where his doubts and demons win over them both.
It's okay.
He didn't mind. They could always fix it together – they had all the time in the world.
"You're welcome."
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