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whollesome · 2 days ago
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i hope you don’t forget how loved you are, even when you don’t feel like it.
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funeral · 2 days ago
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Irvin D. Yalom, Introduction, Existential Psychotherapy
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wonderfulwille · 20 hours ago
me: i love wille he's my comfort character
therapist: he's sad most of the time and can't control the things around him and in his life?
me: ...yes
therapist: you're that used to chaos till the point chaos feels like home
me: ...
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lust-plus-decay · 2 days ago
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Anything can change in literally the blink of an eye.
My life for the last 2 months?
Came out as lesbian and Enby.
Escaped the worst hurricane to hit the US and my home was in the center of it.
Left a very toxic and abusive 6 year heterosexual relationship that had me try and attempt suicide multiple times.
Found myself.
Fell in love with the most beautiful woman I have ever had the pleasure of breathing the same air as.
Bought myself a new home for my two kids and I.
Will be completely demolishing “new” home because it was destroyed in the hurricane. Almost all on my own except replacing the roof. (And with the help of my amazing partner, because she won’t let me do it alone 🖤)
Started mingling with friends! I haven’t hung out with a friend since 2020! I’ve been completely isolated until now.
Will finally be getting my business back on track.
Once enough money is saved, we plan to leave the state…..maybe even the country. 🖤
Life is so fucking good. Despite the disaster, I feel like all of this was meant to happen.
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Ron is getting so many flavors of therapy recently. Giving his dad nightmares, overcoming fears, talking to a therapist. Good for him.
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amateur-author597 · 2 days ago
Steve having some issues with his dad and needing advice: Hey Doux
Douxie (jokingly): What? Not good enough to be WizardBro or WizardDad anymore?
Steve: *on the verge of tears trying to keep it together*
Douxie abruptly getting very worried: heyheyhey what's going on?
Steve:....Do you ever feel abandoned?
Douxie with his heart breaking a little: Abandonment requires expectation
Steve: I don't expect anything...I just hope for it
Douxie smiling lightly: having hope is important but sometimes it's better to just give up when it only leads to disappointment
Steve: *hugs so right like the Merlin and Douxie in the afterlife*
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astrologicalz · a day ago
Inner child work is hard and upsetting:(
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evolvingessence · 2 months ago
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whollesome · 19 days ago
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this is the recovery bee popping in, gently booping your nose and landing on your shoulder to remind you that things will be okay, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. you’re loved, you’re worthy and you’re important.
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