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reasons to end a relationship by @/millennial.therapist | Sara Kuburic
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Therapy 27.06.22 // what to do?
We got straight down business, with T saying “We said this week we would do a review of this ending process so far. How do you feel it’s going?”
Going straight in as well, I said “Uh… I don’t feel it’s really working for me. Two weeks between sessions is too long for me to stay feeling connected.” I was feeling fed and angry with where therapy has ended up, on a background of having a hard time in daily life at the moment, so I’m in a bit of a “fuck it” state.
T agreed she doesn’t think it’s working either. “So how do you want to change it? We could meet weekly until Christmas and finish, or meet weekly for two months and then stop…?”
I wasn’t expecting her to offer this so easily, like it was no big deal, when it had been such a massive argument originally that she wouldn’t budge on at all. I felt really irritated at this point. This is what I wanted to do originally, when she told me no we can’t possibly do it like that. Yet now she’s offering the very thing that she said absolutely wouldn’t work. And not only wouldn’t work but shouldn’t work. She implied that being able to end a deep emotional relationship continuing with weekly sessions and then just a few weeks to round off the ending wasn’t healthy.
I shrugged. “I don’t know. But you pushed us into this meeting every two weeks! I didn’t want to do it but I went with it because you said it would be the best way. Now it’s not working… you decide what to do!”
T shot back “Well, I don’t want to make the same mistake twice”
I think maybe because I’m so stressed with life in general, I don’t have any brain space to worry about what other people think. I’ve noticed it on occasions the last few days, that I’m filtering what I say (or almost say) less. It’s helpful in therapy because it means I can say what I’m really thinking more easily. “I don’t know, I feel so disconnected from our sessions that I think, shall we just say next week we’re done? I didn’t want to end like this, I didn’t imagine we would end like this. I wanted it to still feel emotional, to hurt a bit. There were things I imagined saying and talking about, that now I feel too disconnected to want to say or to be able to say… I don’t know if I have the capacity to go back and find that emotional connection to be able to have that ending, or whether to just go with where we are and end.”
I told her it feels a bit like a romantic relationship that’s come to its natural end but just drags on because neither of the couple want to end it. And you can’t go back and recreate something that isn’t there anymore.
T said “Yes but this isn’t a romantic relationship. This is therapy, and part of therapy is learning that you can recover these situations.” That statement hit home. I paused to think about it. I do see that recovering this situation would be doing things differently. Maybe it’s possible. But then I shrugged and said in a bit of a defeated way “Maybe I am just that person at the party that decides they’re going to leave, and just walks out of the door.”
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May you live an existence that doesn’t require constant resilience.
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I’m loathe to link to the Daily Dot, but this article (and the TikTok content) gives a good overview of why BetterHelp is a hot mess in so many ways.
I used the service for a while myself, and during that, saw three different “therapists.” The first therapist seemed to think that therapy meant just having a chat an allowing me to vent, which was largely unhelpful.
She was a Christian, but kept bringing that up, which also irked me because I’d rather not have religion part of my therapy goals. She wasn’t overly pushy, but it did bother me when she said, “As a therapist I have to say that this witchcraft stuff is your choice, but as a Christian I don’t approve.”
I cancelled and requested a new person after that.The second therapist seemed alright at first, but would regularly go on tangents about politics and her own life. I cancelled and requested a new therapist after a disturbing incident where she did the entire session (on cam, as usual) while loudly and angrily doing dishes in her kitchen.
In both of those cases, it felt like these people thought “therapist” means “online friend” or something, and never seemed to have real treatment plans or much to offer.
The third therapist I saw via BetterHelp was just for a single session. Despite consistently telling them, “I would prefer a non-religious therapist,” I was matched with someone who incessantly quoted the Bible. She kept repeatedly asking me if I was a “Bible believer” or had “accepted Jesus.” She also praised me to not standing up for myself, weirdly. She said it was best to let my husband take the lead because submission is a good quality or something like that.
It was ridiculous, and at that point I requested a full refund for that month. Around that time, I learned that BetterHelp doesn’t actually vet their “therapists.” In fact, scrolling their list of offerings, I came across “therapists” with such dubious credentials as graduating from Liberty University with a degree in “marriage” and specializing in “maladaptive sexual behaviors.”
I had to call their offices to get the refund. I’ll be honest; I wasn’t exactly polite during that call, and essentially said, “What you are doing is sick - some people do actually need help, y’know. You’ve wasted my time and money.”
If you want online therapy, I recommend looking for therapists who are semi-local and offer online sessions. Many do these days, and it’s much better than rolling the dice with BetterHelp. That and, y’know, they won’t sell your data.
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I mean, that's fair.
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Pov: your archivist has been spending a lot of time scrolling tumblr lately but you're flexible
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OP what.is.mental.illness [Instagram]
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So glad for the multiple therapy sessions Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman was able to provide to his fellow spiders.
They all need it
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I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes you get these rare moments of peace where you’re aware that things are good (maybe you realize you’re not overly anxious, or you’re grateful for some relaxation before bed), and it’s like a breath of fresh air. I think we work hard for those moments, so it’s just nice to treasure them and be really present in them!  (⸝⸝´︶` ⸝⸝) Hopefully we all get more of these golden moments in our life.
Chibird store | Positive pin club | Webtoon
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Have I lost the plot? x
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