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randomreasonstolive · 2 days ago
Reason to Live #6200
  To see me successful in therapy. – Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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whollesome · 2 days ago
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please take some time to do something fun and good for yourself today!!!!!  drawing or writing or baking or dancing around!!!! you deserve to celebrate your existence and your being!!!! i am so proud of you and you deserve to be too!!!
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In general, children from low-income families are at risk of being failed by schools because of the erroneous belief that their parents lack ambition for them.
- Mikki Kendall | Hood Feminism: Notes From the Women White Feminists Forgot
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strawberrybabydog · a day ago
tbh i just think a lot of various alterhuman spaces are very anti-psychology and anti-mental health treatment. its really painful being both alterhuman and a mental health worker. I've personally seen so much shit thrown at therapists, people saying that they are going to report their therapist for malpractice, or turning others against *their own* therapists, because the therapist said something the client didnt like or bc they question why the client wants a very specific and niche diagnosis. i desperately wish i was being sarcastic or dramatic but im not.
to be honest i never really noticed until reading this, but now after reading this, i totally see it :0/
the only thing i feel like i can attribute it to is the anti-kin "you're a clinical lycanthrope, this is a mental illness" days because holy shit did that do so much harm to our community, and apparently this too; i think a lot of alterhumans have a huge fear their therapist will reject their alterhumanity because of this, deeming it as a mental illness or flaw that needs to be treated, when that hasn't been my experience or the experience of literally so many other alterhumans. my old therapist actually thought it was really cool (that was when it was just a copinglink though.)
i think it also may just be because a lot of people dont understand how therapy works, mainly that the client is the one in charge. if the client doesnt want to talk about something, they dont have to talk about it. if theyre not ready to work on something... they dont have to. a lot of anons i get which ask about therapy seem to feel scared of their therapist when there really is no need, because the client is the one fully in control. you can literally sit in your therapists office for your entire session and be completely silent if you want to. when Bailey starts his own practice, he intends to offer kids an hour to nap if they seem like they need it (instead of a session.) cuz yknow what? it's about whats best for the client!
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typicalabdullah · a day ago
I wanna share something my therapist said about anger that blew my mind:
"Your anger is the part of you that knows your mistreatment and abuse are unacceptable. Your anger knows you deserve to be treated well, and with kindness. Your anger is a part of you that LOVES you."
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Tumblr media
A VERY quick doodle about what trying to deal with and recover from mental illness, ptsd etc feels like. (Wounds are symbolic.)
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bravelittletayster · 6 hours ago
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mentalhealthmedic · 2 days ago
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A new Trichotillomania (Hair-Pulling Disorder) Therapy group is starting for adults (18+) in California. We will have a few 8 week groups, starting in October and running until June 2022.
We are passionate about running this group for individuals who struggle with hair-pulling. Many who struggle with this disorder cannot find therapists who know how to treat Trichotillomania or they cannot afford the expensive targeted therapy for Trichotillomania. In addition to difficulty finding an affordable provider, individuals with trichotillomania also experience high experiential avoidance and high levels of shame, not addressed in traditional treatments.
Our group addresses these concerns by providing low-fee treatment utilizing evidence-based practices (with some emphasis on addressing avoidance). By delivering these interventions in a group setting, we can help more individuals at once, and help address the shame and stigma surrounding this disorder through group peer support.
Please pass this along, if you can! It would greatly help reach those who might not know about what resources are out there. If you’re interested in joining the group or want more information, please call 510-923-2241.
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whollesome · 13 hours ago
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i hope you remember you have the strength to handle this week ahead, and if you find that you need help, i hope you also remember that asking for help is another form of strength. i’m proud of you.
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I'm in need of fics that deal with Ian's past sexual abuse/grooming, it wasn't talked about in the show like at all really and I just wanna read about him actually opening up or I guess coming to realize that in fact he was a victim
Hi! ^^ Totally agree with you, this is definitely in my top “things that Shameless should’ve handled much better” list. We did some recs on Ian’s traumas, but I want to put the fics about this particalar issue together, plus, there are some new fics:
All You Wanna Do series - Explorations of Ian’s sexual trauma. Ian realizing he’s been sexually abused and going to therapy.
And that’s the thing about Illicit affairs... - Lip can’t stop seeing the parallels - the similarities between what happened to a teenaged Tami and what happened to a teenaged Ian. He needs to talk to him. (11x04 fill-in).
the moment when a memory aches - A Hall of Shame episode rewrite. Ned situation explored.
Makes Me Ill - In which Ian and Mickey keep running into Ian’s exes. Ian has some thoughts about being groomed when they run into Ned.
In Pieces - Ian’s Story: 3x12 through 4x08. A great character study through the time we don’t see him in S4. Ian’s progressing thoughts on Kash and Ned and how they influenced him.
Minding the Spiral - Eventually, the past catches up with everyone. Ian deals with the aftermath of his trauma that is largely ignored. AU after Ian comes back from his Monica trip.
life of the party - In which Ian and Mickey are domestic bitches, and deal with some of Ian’s memories of those lost months working in the clubs.
Not Everyone Wants Something From Me - Laying on his back on the pull out couch, Ian couldn’t get his own words out of his head. They sounded hollow even to him. 
Could be interesting for you too, even though it’s an AU:
The Art Of Maintaining Moral Ambiguity - AU where Mickey meets sex worker Ian on the street and gives him shelter.
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evolvingessence · 2 months ago
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