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lobotomizedskull · 3 months ago
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lthsource · 9 months ago
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Patches, one of the therapy dogs visiting Harry’s team in Chicago today!
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intothestacks · 5 months ago
Btw, y'all,
This is Loki, the resident therapy dog at the elementary school I work at.
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'He's been taking a break from going to the school lately because he's been getting chonky from the number of treats the kids bring him from home.
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through-rose-glasses · 9 months ago
I want a universe where Billy gets a therapy dog after Starcourt. And it’s this three legged, grumpy as hell, golden retriever that only responds to “sweetheart”. Billy both loves her and wants to kick her ass, but she’s a very good therapy dog. Plus she’s only sweet around one person and that’s Steve. Much like her owner, she lights up when she sees Steve.
(Steve calls both of them “his sweethearts”.)
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borderline-coraline · 7 months ago
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A psychiatrist once pulled me aside for a random assessment and I missed the pups for no reason and that’s how I knew god had abandoned me lmao
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victorlovesdogs · 3 months ago
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Golden Retriever
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marchment · 5 months ago
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[ID: seattlekraken's instagram caption: Introducing the goodest of boys & the first ever team dog of the #seakraken - Davy Jones! In partnership with our friends at @canidaepetfood, we'll share Davy's journey as the four month old husky rescue trains to become a therapy dog. /End ID]
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yourfaveisgoingtosuperhell · 11 months ago
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Therapy dogs are going to super hell to provide traumatized gays with support, and also for shenanigans in their puppyhood!!!
submitted by: @itsbaditsgood
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phoenix-flambe · 9 months ago
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mlentertainment · 4 months ago
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Therapy Dogs (2022) dir. Ethan Eng
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pawpatrolfangirl · 9 months ago
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This is my new assistance chase! I now have 2 build a bear chases! One who’s wearing his tv show uniform and my assistance chase who is always on hand for cuddles and help with anxiety 🤗 he has his assistance dog vest on and his build a bear “Hugs” t-shirt! He’s been a very good pup and has been very helpful with my anxiety 😊 we watched PAW Patrol: The Movie together the other day! I hope you guys like him 😄
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shapeshiftinterest · a year ago
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ol blue doodles!
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i-see-no-whump-up-here · 11 months ago
Whumpmas in July (Day 18): Support
I’m wayyy behind, but here’s general lot a whumpee recovering from a traumatic experience with the love and support of their teammates.
CW: wholesome content, hospitals, long term recovery, therapy, therapy dog, probably PTSD but not officially
It’s two weeks before whumpee is allowed out of the hospital. They hate hospitals, so those two weeks suck, but their teammates try their best to help. On day 2, someone wheeled a tv into their hospital room, and thus the team collectively engaged in watching the longest-running shows they could find. They brought snacks and popcorn and the whumpee’s favorite drinks. The whumpee didn’t always want those snacks, but they felt bad that their friends had brought them, so they ate them anyway. It was a secret ploy from the teammates to make sure they got food in their stomachs.
The day the whumpee left the hospital, their best friend brought their favorite sweatpants, shirt, and fluffy sweater. They borrowed a friend’s car to bring the whumpee back to their shared home, instead of just calling an Uber. The less stale, the better.
The whumpee hid around the base for a week, piling under blankets and watching even more movies. Their teammates didn’t push at first. They brought their own blankets, dimmed the lights, ordered fast food for lunch, and home-cooked the whumpee’s favorite meals for dinner
When it was time to push them out, the first trip was to the grocery store. A teammate took them to the store to get supplies for spaghetti bolognese. It was a simple recipe. The base already had most supplies, so all they needed to get was pasta, ground meat, and tomato sauce. The teammate stayed a pace behind the whumpee, letting them pick the speed. Usually, they wandered off and paced the aisles while the cooking-inclined teammates did the shopping. This time, they stayed close, making sure the whumpee knew they were there if needed.
“Can we make cookies?” The whumpee asked— their first request in a while. The teammate beamed, and they took some pressure off the whumpee by leading the way to the frozen cookie dough.
The whumpee sat in the waiting room of the therapist’s office, staring at the door. They wanted to leave. They wanted to run. A different teammate than the grocery store grabs their hand and squeezes it.
“It’s ok. You don’t have to talk more than you want to,” They promise. The therapist calls the both of them back. “I’ll leave after introductions, unless you want me to stay.”
They enter the therapist’s office, and a fluffy dog wags their tail from a dog bed in the corner. “That’s Max,” The therapist says. “I heard you like dogs, so he’s here to help if you want him.” The dog lays their head and paws in the whumpee’s lap as they timidly recount some of the events before their captivity.
The next outing is to a favorite restaurant. The team chooses it because customers order and then sit down, so they get their food immediately, but they can leave whenever they want. There’s only one door that the whumpee needs to watch. The whumpee gets through most of their meal before it becomes too much, and they hide in the bathroom.
One teammate follows and quietly sits with them until they’re ready to go. They sheepishly apologizing for ruining the meal. “That’s ok,” The team lies. “We we’re about to leave anyway. We got your food boxed up.”
The whumpee slowly re-engages with the world, always on their own terms, and always with as many teammates as they want. Every step of the way, if they want to take a step back instead, it’s okay. They’ll recover when they’re ready. They start to attend team practices again, and nobody gets angry when they run out during drills that are mandatory for everyone else. When it’s time to go back in the field, every enemy who looks their way is taken down easily or beaten to a pulp for putting one scratch on the whumpee. After a couple months, the whumpee holds their own. Things are okay.
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gayandconfusedmotherfucker · 7 months ago
Tw: mention of sh and c*tting
I think I unintentionally trained my dog (her name is Amber) to be a service dog. Whenever I feel upset, she’ll come sit in my lap and lay her head on my chest (like put lots of pressure for a little dogs head). She’ll let me squeeze and rock with her until I feel better. She won’t let me do that unless I feel very upset. Whenever I self harmed in the past, the next day after she saw me do it she would always get in my lap or otherwise make it difficult to cut. I mostly cut on my thighs before I go to sleep, I’m a pretty routine oriented person so she can pretty accurately guess when I’m about to do it. She has pretty bad anxiety herself, but will brave all loud noises and scary people if she knows I’m upset. Whenever I was upset I would hold on to her for dear life, put her head on my chest for comfort, and just learned from there? Don’t know how she learned to try to stop me on the self harm tho, I have done different forms of it for as long as I can remember so maybe she learned I hurt myself and tried to find a way to stop me? I have no idea. I just know she has been the best girl she can be, and I love my sweet old woman to death.
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vetswithpets00 · a month ago
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source https://www.pinterest.com/pin/632755816408818586/
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quicksilvermad · 2 months ago
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There was a service dog in my therapist’s waiting area.
It’s been a while since I’ve done a life drawing.
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the-blunt-diaries · 3 months ago
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My babies waitin for me <3
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sadomasochistic-whump · 11 months ago
A Dog Named Green: Chapter 12
Intro | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11
CW: Dehumanization, Psychiatric hospital, Dissociative symptoms, Depressive symptoms, Police involvement, Anxiety symptoms
I don’t stop crying until we get there a long while later. By then, I’m just sniffling. They take me in and go through explaining things. They give me a new set of clothes and a new folder. They bring me to my new room. There’s only one bed; I don’t have a roommate. I sit on the bed.
“Hey, Markus,” a nurse comes by.
I don’t answer.
“When was the last time you had a shower?”
… I don’t know… Is a shower like a bath?
“Can you take a shower real quick? They’re just down the hall and we can get you a chair.”
“I’m gonna go get you some towels and soap.”
… I don’t have a choice, do I…?
They come back and wheel me to the showers; they have a chair, towels, and a little bottle. They take me to one, close the first curtain, and set the chair in the middle after the second curtain; “I’ll let you undress yourself; you can put the towels and your clothes on that ledge; and I’ll help you into the chair.”
I put the towels and clothes on the ledge, then get out of the wheelchair.
“Oh, you can stand. Doesn’t that hurt?” They help me into the other chair. I shake my head. “Alright, well, you turn on the water by flipping this up,” they point to a lever, “And adjust the temperature by moving it to either side, okay? I’ll be on the other side of this curtain to help after you’re done.” They close the curtain between us. I flip on the water.
It’s cold; I shiver a bit… but I use the soap and wash my hair and body like Master did. It didn’t bubble up like soap usually does. I rinse off and turn off the water.
“That must feel better, huh?” the nurse says.
I get off the chair and go past the curtain. They hand me a towel and I dry off; they use the other towel to dry off the chair. I get on the wheelchair and put my clothes back on.
“Do you wanna go back to your room, or go to one of the communal rooms?”
“… My room…”
“Okay.” They wheel me to my room. I sit on the bed.
  “I just feel really bad… He sobbed the entire way to State…” Dr. Wilson says.
“Yeah, the way he was sobbing just at the shelter… Nearly made me cry…” Sam says.
“I don’t know if I made the right decision…”
“We both know the pain of closure is easier to heal.”
“I know, I know! It’s just… he looked so broken… … Maybe if we got a nurse or someone to adopt the dogs, then take care of him, that’d be the best outcome… Haah… If only…”
“Hey, you know I’ve got my nursing license and I’m just looking for a practice to work at… Maybe I could do that.”
“Heh… I doubt they’ll go for that…”
“Yeah… but it’s a thought…”
  The days are mostly the same… We wake up, eat breakfast, go to group, eat lunch, go to group, go outside, eat dinner, visitation, eat snack, and go to bed… I don’t know how long I’ve been here, or how long I’ll stay. They’ve increased my medication, and put me on others. They don’t call me by my name… I don’t talk to them. Every day is the same here… I miss my family… but I know I’ll never see them again… I feel hollow inside…
I stare out the window whenever I’m in the communal room. Sometimes I sit there after a meal and suddenly it’s the next meal time. No one really talks to me. My hair reaches my chest now; it used to go only to my chin.
One day they ask, “Is anyone triggered by large dogs, like German shepherds, golden retrievers, Labradors, etcetera; or are allergic to dogs?”
No one is.
“Okay, good. We’re going to bring in some therapy dogs and have you guys interact with them.”
I… I want to see my family…
“If you don’t want to interact with the dogs at any time, you can just go and chill in your room for a bit.”
I wonder if I should go back to my room…
“Also, there’s one therapy dog in training, so he will have a leash and trainer on him at all times.”
… I’ll just stay here…
The nurse comes back, “Okay, guys, so, we have 5 dogs here with us; 4 are fully trained and 1 is in training. They’re from various households, and most are from the Washington county animal shelter…”
Wait… Isn’t that the animal shelter my family went to…?
“We have 2 Labradors, Coco and Shelly; we have a golden retriever, Jamie; and we have 2 German Shepherds, Lola and Teddy.”
Teddy… I start to tear up… Could he…?
“Teddy’s the one in training, he started about 5 months ago; his handler is Sam, and he’ll be on a leash with him for the duration of this visit.”
I… If I can see him… I’ll be able to tell if it is him.
“Let’s bring them in. Come on guys!”
The dogs come in… I wheel over more towards the middle of the room… I see Teddy… It… it really is him! And, Sam, I think he worked for the shelter!
Teddy sees me, looks surprised, then looks really happy and comes over! Sam looks surprised too.
“Hey, Teddy…!” I pet his ears, “It’s been so long…!”
“I… didn’t expect you to be here still…” Sam says.
I get down from my wheelchair so Teddy can get to me easier, “You’re such a good boy, Teddy…! I thought I’d never see you again…”
“Hey, Green…” Sam says. He, he said my name…! I look up at him. “Just so you know, I adopted Blaze, Rudy, and Max too; that way, they’ll never have to be separated.”
I’m nearly crying; “Thank you…” Teddy licks my cheek, “I’ve missed you, Teddy… I love you…” I pet him all over; he’s such a good boy! He’s happy! My tears fall, but, I’m not sad really… I’m happy for them; my family wasn’t separated from each other, and Teddy still recognizes me! … I can’t see the others anymore, but… I can still see Teddy!
Another patient comes over and pets him, “This guy’s name is Teddy?”
“Yeah; he’s doing really well in his training,” Sam says.
“He’s beautiful.”
Teddy’s always liked getting pets; he’s really happy. I remember he had a spot he really liked getting pet; right at the base of his tail. I pet there and he smiles and shakes his leg.
“Aw, he had an itchy spot!” He pets Teddy’s ears, “What a good boy!”
They eventually have to leave, but… I’m not as sad as I was before… when I said goodbye. I know they’re safe and happy, and I can at least see Teddy again. I’ve missed them.
  “Hey, Jake! Teddy went to the state hospital today,” Sam says into his phone.
“Oh, really? How’d he do?”
“He did really well, and you’ll never guess who he saw!”
“Green…? Wait… The guy who got kidnapped and was found with him!? He’s still at State…? It’s been, like, six months…”
“Yeah; that part’s sad… But Teddy got to see him! And he got to pet him! Green looked so happy to see him again… When we had to leave, he didn’t start sobbing, so that’s good! He’s improving! One of the nurses said he’s always looking out the window or in his room. That was the most active he’s been since he got there!”
“He needs those dogs; I wish we could get you to be a caretaker for him… They’ll probably just send him to a group home, but he needs one on one care… with the dogs…” A noise comes from the other end, “Sam?”
“Yes, Max, I love you too! Stop licking my phone! Aaah! ACK! That was my mouth! Maaax!”
“Hahaha! They want your attention! I let you go so you can give them pets. Talk to you later!”
“Yeah! Bye! ACK!!!” Sam keeps getting licked in the face as he hangs up the phone, “Max! Okay! Okay! I can give you pets now! You big baby!”
Blaze and Rudy play tug in the background and Teddy itches his back by rolling on the floor.
“Who’s a big baby? Is it you? Is it you, Max? Yes it is!” He rubs and pets Max all over, especially behind his ears. “You’re so cute! You’re such a cute baby boy!”
  Some time has passed since I saw Teddy; he’s a really good boy! He’s got a job! He’s an extra good boy!
“Hey, Markus!” a nurse says.
That’s not my name… They won’t listen when I tell them, though… I turn my head anyway.
“There’s a couple police officers who want to talk to you…”
Police…? Why…?
“If you could just come to one of the meeting rooms…”
I wheel up to and follow her. A couple officers are waiting in an empty room with a table. I go up to the table.
“Markus Black, correct?” one says.
“Yes… but I usually go by Green… The people here don’t call me that, though…” I say.
“Okay. We need to ask you; are you willing to testify in court against Dr. William Johnson?”
“Um… was that the name of my vet…?” I can’t remember his name clearly…
He pulls out a picture… I shudder… “Do you recognize him?” he asks.
“Y-yes… That was my vet…”
“That’s who we’re here about. We need to know if you’re willing to come to the courthouse and testify against him. You won’t be the only one there; he has other victims who will speak too. Your voice in this case could help put him in prison.”
“He won’t be able to hurt me, will he…?”
“No, he won’t be able to hurt you… And if we get him in prison, he won’t be able to hurt anyone else.”
“… Okay… I’ll, I’ll testify…”
“Okay, good. We’ll be in contact with the nurses about when you need to come, alright? Take care.”
I go back to my room and sit on the bed. I shake for a while until I calm down.
  “I don’t even know a Markus Black!” Dr. Johnson exclaims.
“He said he also goes by Green, and that you were his vet!” an officer retorts.
“I’m not a damn vet! I’m a surgeon! I don’t take care of animals!”
“Well, he is a human shaped, and keeps saying that his Master made sure that he knew he was a dog!”
“Sounds like he’s delusional.”
“More like conditioned and traumatized after being kidnapped and held captive for eight years by your friend Charles.” The officer leans over the table, “He agreed to testify against you.”
“Oh, bullshit! I never had contact with this guy! He’s obviously in some sort of psychotic episode!”
“We’ll see…” The officer gets up, “Let’s take you back to your cell…”
“This is bullshit…”
  For a long time, everything’s the same; but once every calendar page, we get to see some dogs! Teddy’s not always there, but it’s still nice.
The hospital got a donation of clothes and they gave me a pair of pants, a pack of underwear, and a shirt with a cool looking design on the front; they were the only things that fit me. I wear them every day, but sometimes they give me the other clothes so they can wash them. I can shower mostly on my own, but someone has to get the chair and help me into it. Sometimes I forget, but I usually do it after breakfast. My hair’s been getting in my face a lot lately; maybe I should ask them to cut it… Yeah, I might do that… ----- Chapter 12!!! Hope you guys like this! He’s finally starting to recover! And he finally got proper clothes!
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theparaphoenix · 4 months ago
Hello, I'd like to ask you for a small favor. Is it possible for you to post about my dog on my blog? I'm in desperate need of financial help as well as prayers. Thank you for your time, and please keep yourself safe!
I'm not sure if it'll do much help but I'll try
This person's dog needs to pay for surgery and here's the link on their blog: +
Help them out if you can or boost this
I would also recommend to the asker to try posting on reddit, there's a lot of charity communities like r/redditcharity and others. I've heard there's a lot of people willing to donate over there if you'd like to try. I'll also reblog the original post
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mlentertainment · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Therapy Dogs (2022), dir. Ethan Eng
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