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#there MUST be a meme for it out there

trying to think abt what set of images i could put to this caption to make it really resonate but. im thinkin

the dental hygienist, disappointed in me because my gums hurt and bleed when she pokes them with a sharp stick:

me, a touch-starved dyke, just trying to be normal about a woman having her fingers in my mouth:

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#♔ ▐  IN CHARACTER.  ╱  if you act you take responsibility for your actions.#♔ ▐  MEMES.  ╱ the fact that you only want to joke is already a crime.#♔ ▐  DRABBLES.  ╱ from the horizon you can say with pride I know you.#♔ ▐  STARTER CALL.  ╱ the thorns of an ice rose.#♔ ▐  INBOX CALL.  ╱  it might be a good time to play.#♔ ▐  ANALYSIS.  ╱ the flaming crimson will never go out even though the snow falls.#♔ ▐  WISHLIST.  ╱  to the countdown you must act of course.#♔ ▐  VISAGE.  ╱ ravages of a spiral from the abyss.#♔ ▐  HEADCANON. ╱ an icy look that calls for revenge.#♔ ▐  SKILLS.  ╱ and then only then will I scream from hell triumphant.#♔ ▐  WARDROBE.  ╱ so magnificent so unique and absolutely beautiful figure.#♔ ▐  MUSIC.  ╱  hope shines in diffusion next to broken dreams.#♔ ▐  AESTHETICS.  ╱ my eyes fell on that work of art a magnificent vision.#♔ ▐  MUSINGS.  ╱ those who watch can judge free.#♔ ▐  OUT OF CHARACTER.  ╱  an hourglass of infinite sand.#❆ 𝐕. GENSHIN IMPACT ⤻ even when you were thrown to.#❆ 𝐕. ONE PIECE ⤻ when the shadow of the past is trodden with deeds.#❆ 𝐕. TWISTED WONDERLAND ⤻ a wonderful world of strange nightmares.#❆ 𝐕. HAIKYUU!! ⤻ dreams that strangely dance among snowflakes.#❆ 𝐕. DIABOLIK LOVERS ⤻ blood can be a sad curse.#❆ 𝐕. A!3 ⤻ a melodic passion that comes with unexpected acts.#❆ 𝐕. SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN ⤻ strength comes from the sacrifice of the happy future.#❆ 𝐕. SPOKONS ⤻ the magic of chasing your dreams.#❆ 𝐕. PROJECT SCARD ⤻ and in a blizzard she was born.#❆ 𝐕. OWARI NO SERPAH ⤻ i wish to end this torture called eternal life.#❆ 𝐕. JOJO’S ⤻ mysterious completely bizarre ice figure.
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Thought I’d be on tonight, but there was a bit of an incident at the ranch and I was there for almost 3 hours, instead of the 30 minutes I’d planned. So I’m very exhausted haha. I’d love to do some casual rp stuff on discord or text on wire. Hmu if you’re interested ❤

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Tagged by @foxmagpie thank youu!

You can usually tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to.

Put your favorite playlist on shuffle and list the first 10 songs then tag ten people! No skipping! (or maybe some skipping. I’m not your dad, do what feels right)

well most of my playlists have been overtaken by folklore/evermore songs so i’m gonna shuffle my 1000+ liked songs. i wonder what is hidden in there

  1. All My Heroes — Bleachers
  2. Boyfriend — Tegan and Sara
  3. Bitter — FLETCHER
  4. Naked — Avril Lavigne
  5. There Are Worse Things I Could Do (From “Grease Live!”) — Vanessa Hudgens
  6. With You — Aly & AJ
  7. Taste — Betty Who
  8. august - the long pond studio sessions — Taylor Swift
  9. Without You — Keith Urban
  10. Almost (Sweet Music) — Hozier

Tagging: i was asleep when this thing was going around. so if you see this and wanna do it pls tag me

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I hate how I somehow end up finding out the biggest news in the weirdest of ways on tumblr.

I’m at work.


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