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#there he goes! there he goes. hes going
bauliya · 3 months ago
I made jokey posts about james mcavoy not giving a shit about professor x canon but it's truuuuuuly. you watch the first class era interviews and michael fassbender, whenever asked about magneto goes 😃! ah yes! Erik! my best friend! what a maChiaveLLaN character. he's so NUANCED. and he's RIGHT. I read 500 comics so I could do his character justice. I have so many opinionated rants that I'm barely holding back because I have to look cool for this press tour. if you say the name chris claremont I'll start sobbing right here. and then they cut to mcavoy and he's just. charles who? we don't respect english billionaires here. i do know he chokes on erik's cock every day tho. and said i love you to him in the ocean when they met ❤️. now I'm going to talk about how I tried to kill fassbender with a BB gun
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zroem · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*jolts awake at 4am* Venti’s flying castle AU
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#genshin impact#genshin fanart#venti#xiao#xiaoven#been having fun thinking more abt the setting of the AU it’s still vague but here’s what I’ve got#so like mondstadt and liyue have been all but overtaken by the fatui whose regime is getting more and more oppressive#Strict rules and regulations? Yes. Conscripting people to their forces? Absolutey.#Great mistrust directed at any mages who aren’t directly affiliated with them? You got it.#There’s growing unrest among ppl but aside from some small resistance groups chances of a bigger revolution happening seem slim#especially in the absence of clear leadership/cooperation between the two countries#anyway xiao is working in an inn on the border between liyue and mondstadt/also definitely fighting fatui enforcers as a masked vigilante#(sorry to steal diluc’s thunder. he can be doing that in mondstadt)#a fight goes bad after a run in with the fatui and xiao gets almost killed and cursed by la signora “to become the demon he pretends to be”#something like that anyway his mask merges with him and there’s definitely some dark karma stuff going on it’s all very bad#well guess whose castle he finds while fleeing wounded from the battle#y’all know this part#don't think xiao would offer to do any cleaning tho more like venti talks him into being his bodyguard#there’s also a whole Situation going on with venti and a young bard who was trying to start a revolution before he died#and the Fatui/ la signora specifically#definitely no fun Calcifer analogue hanging out in the castle sorry#which I haven’t thought all the way through yet but it’s tense and sad trust me#more like the echo of a sad song carried by the night winds outside the castle#venti has a heart the problem is he doesn't think he deserves it#anyway zhongli is turniphead#he’s a liyuen general long thought dead/assassinated by the fatui but he’s actually been turned into a living dragon statue whoops
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8stepshigh · 3 months ago
ranboo is the next victim of the tommyinnit tom simons vlogs disease. he thinks he’s safe with tubbo playing video games and watching movies until tommy walks into tubbo’s house with a camera, a pack of wolves behind him and no sense of fear
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mokutone · 27 days ago
see i think its like this.
kakashi, hyping himself up to go out: you're a freak. you're a freak and a weirdo, you read gross lit in public, you cover your entire expression aside from one eye with bags under it so deep they could hold yourself inside like an ouroboros of sleep deprivation. you're late to everything, and you can't disappoint anyone because they look at you and aren't totally sure what theyre seeing is even a real human being. they see you sitting on the little cement stakes outside the grocery store and think "jeeze i want him to move but i don't want to talk to him in case he looks at me." and they leave you alone and you like it. you like that.
Yamato, hyping himself up to go out: You're normal, and you have had a normal life. You had a normal childhood, where you ate normal foods, like eggs without shells and walnuts. People walk up to you, and then think better of it and walk past you, because you are so normal and average they have nothing to say, and like a normal person, you don't feel any way about this. It is a normal occurrence for you in your very normal life. You laugh at jokes. Remember that. Remember to laugh at jokes. You're normal. You're so normal and the intervals at which you blink are perfectly average for an adult.
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unfortunatelyevent · 4 months ago
someone probably already talked about this but, can I just say how the way yasha is being so protective with caleb is giving me FEELINGS
first it's adorable but also, I keep thinking about how Ashley and Liam said many times that caleb and yasha have that understanding and kinda connect with each other a lot bc of the things they've been through and the guilt they feel about hurting people they love and all that, and we've all seen yasha growing these last several episodes thanks to all the love and acceptance the m9 has been showing her, and her personal growth with the stormlord and all, we can see she's letting herself feel some happiness with beau
BUT MY POINT IS she's finally starting to feel how it is like to forgive herself and damn she wants this for caleb so bad, it's like in her super protective way she's trying to say "hey this is happening to me and fuck me if I won't fight everything to try to protect you so you can survive this and maybe you'll have this too, bc if fucked up me can feel like this after everything, you can bet your ass that I'll try everything I can to make you feel this too!" and fuck me now I'm crying
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anna-scribbles · 2 months ago
yeah so the line “hey you, show me that solvable problem/we can get though this, i’ll do the hardest part with you” still hits like absolutely nothing else
#i might have listened to the steven universe soundtrack tonight#this show is just. i am filled with so much joy whenever i think about it#it’s so good#this line sums up so much of the movie and steven’s character in general#endlessly impulsively painfully helpful#the hardest part is on him. it’s always on him.#show him that solvable problem (every problem is solvable because it has to be. every problem is his because he is the Problem Solver)#and just.. the vision of him singing this bit while climbing up that impossibly high geoweapon#with nothing but his fading humanity and desperately bleak grasp at optimism#to a fight he didn’t start with a person whose issues have nothing to do with him#and he just. he goes anyway. every single time he goes anyway#every problem is a solvable problem because it has to be#because who is he if not the problem solver. what is he for if not to go through the hardest part of everything with everyone all the time#his helpfulness builds him up and eats away at him in the same stride#su is not perfect but man do i love the way they pushed steven’s ‘good’ character qualities to their extremes#helpfulness is good until it is all you know how to be. problem solving is important until there are no problems left to solve.#selflessness is good until you lose your sense of self in all the years you’ve sacrificed to someone else#i love steven’s character a lot. he is so important to me#okay that’s all#i painted a deck with my dad and brother tonight and we listened to su songs and i had a great time#what a good show#su#anna rambles
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