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#there were a lot
lackadae23 days ago
I'm about to go to sleep and I just realized that there r probably plenty of people in the sanders sides fandom who watched the whole series AFTER SvS redux released so they just?? always knew Janus' name?? which is so weird to me to think that some of u didn't go thru that long period of time where we all had horribly incorrect guesses on what his name was gonna be and just theorized with absolutely no braincells involved. do u guys read older fics where his name is Dante or Dorian or fucking Ethan and just ponder in confusion of what the fuck were we thinking
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sophsun1a month ago
I always wonder why they never had britin discuss why justin broke up with ethan, he literally dumped him reunited with brian and they just picked up where they left off. I mean all justin said was that he didn't do boyfriends anymore and eternity isn't as long as it used to be. Not that he owed brian an explanation, but it does makes me laugh how ethan literally vanished from existence and conversation after he got dumped.
Another mystery they never solved is not having brian or anyone else find out about justin getting assaulted at sappersteins party and how they literally glossed over the trauma it would have caused. It wasn't a small thing they could've had him tell daphne at least it was traumatic to watch. Which now I'm on a roll they did again with the awful pink posse arc, cody was a literal creep and once he and justin shared a final scene and justin essentially quit, brian never asked him why he'd left and justin's trauma over chris hobbs just vanished again and into the cancer arc we went.
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bunn1cula2 months ago
rules: we鈥檙e snooping on your playlist. put your entire music library on shuffle and list the first ten songs and then choose 10 victims.
Tagged by @ennaih
1. Saint James Infirmary Blues - Jon Batiste
2. Motherfucker=Redeemer - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
3. The Eternal (Live) - Joy Division
4. Moment鈥檚 Notice - John Coltrane
5. In the Cold I鈥檓 Standing - M83
6. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle - The Smiths
7. Star Eyes - Charlie Parker and His Orchestra
8. Sexy Boy - Air
9. The Boy With the Arab Strap - Belle and Sebastian
10. Rag Doll - The Four Seasons
tagging: @foreignobjecticus @hotbunking-vacheads @eustacefrog @mariocki @thisbluespirit @captain-aralias @acitymadeofsong @ilsa-fireswan @bloggish @super-duper-twelve
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itstimeforstarwars6 days ago
I told my coworker 鈥済ood morning鈥 at 4pm and they just laughed and said 鈥渓ong day I take it?鈥
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yetanotherknittera year ago
do y'all realize how many times during yja I was like 'ah, yes, this is obvs when they discover the speed force' and then they just. didn't. and I can't tell if they were just teasing it like they did with slo-bo or if I just expected too much
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walrusplatypus2 years ago
horses are technically an invasive species in north america and i don鈥檛 like that information At All
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jessica-davisa year ago
Ok, what's with this sudden wave of pessimism here? We literally know nothing about about s4, we can't piece together a storyline from a few seconds of a trailer
its not JUST the trailer, it;s the rumours and leaks from filming. also i鈥檇 rather be pleasantly surprised when justin doesn't die in the last episode than completely heartbroken because i had convinced myself he was gonna live. #selfcare聽
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veliseraptora year ago
reminiscing with my sister about late 90s/early 2000s horse video games
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when are we gonna talk about all the gay jokes in Basically I鈥檓 Gay聽
because dan deserves some applause for that too
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babysdriversa year ago
Psst me and my friend made a ship name for Val and Seb and we鈥檙e trying to make it a thing. It鈥檚 Bottel 馃槀
bottel is cute, actually i think i made a post w all the possible seb/val names a while ago sksksjsk
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whomstsneka year ago
Anyone else remember the Weenies books??
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diamondseaside2 years ago
Is this one of your faves on the album? Or like one that stood out
oh definitely one of them
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authoratmidnight2 years ago
I had so so many Broken Bottles and I was finally able to turn them in to Swipp for Broken Penny Jars and I just, 69. That was my final total, I turned in enough for 69.
Technically it was 61, but after opening the Broken Penny Jars I got more empty jars and was able to get about 8 more.
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kottkrig2 years ago
Perhaps a bit out there on head cannon and I'm sure theyll never use it, but isnt there like a ton of empty space under org now? From garrosh and his nonsense? Imagine making under city 2.o under org
That鈥檚 what I鈥檇 love! We need our cold, dark, underground space. With skulls and slime.
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ladyloveandjustice2 years ago
After reading your thoughts on the 80's teen titans comics, namely your thoughts on Terra, I thought to myself, "a liveblog of the Judas contract arc would be the best thing ever."
i dunno if you mean one by me, but hey, if someone wants to fund it, I鈥檓 always down to do it. I certainly would have a lot of thoughts.
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resignedseraph5 months ago
Some of the notes in that one post about gen z and cults going around: 鈥淚 would start a cult but I don鈥檛 have money 馃様鈥 鈥渓ol new heavens gate here we come鈥 鈥渁ren鈥榯 fandoms cults already lol鈥
Me, a tired cult survivor: you have no idea what you鈥檙e talking about. shut tf up.
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haikkaia month ago
aaaaaa im sorry for being inactive today akfka my sisters are sick along with my cousin so aim茅e's playing doctor rn 馃鈥嶁殨锔忦煣戔嶁殨锔忦煣戔嶁殨锔
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