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#there's a lot of parent stuff in here though and a lot of how the anger's rooted in insecurity
cuz-like-why-not · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tokyo Revengers Boys Trying To Impress Their S/o
(Toman x reader; Tenjiku x reader) tw: hot boys, mentions of smoking, mention of death as a joke
Tumblr media
>>Will go Overboard:
I’d say don’t expect a lot but I’d be lying- straight up. Mans will have you shocked.
Like you know those dates where a person takes their S/o to a carnival, yeah…he’ll probabaly own the entire carnival or have his gang members clear out the entire area, just for you.
I don’t entirely know but I sense some under-lying embarrassment from your side…
But c’mon, he did it for you.
Also, when I say overboard, I mean it.
The carnival isjust an example, what‘s canon is that he will by all chances be clingy- get ready for that.
Like a puppy, yes that.
And expect them to be over-protective. Not a lot though- probably just beating up people for looking at you bad.
✨✨Baji Keisuke; Kokonoi Hajime; Izana Kurokawa; Ran Haitani; Shion Madrame; Tetta Kisaki
Tumblr media
>>Like a normal Human Being:
You know, the normal people of their gangs.
The one that does not need help but gets it anyway.
Gets you flowers, opens doors for you, maintains eyes contact, cracks good jokes, has your back, helps you occasionally.
The good stuff.
He will probably have you falling hard, and very fast.
He is definitely that one friend people go to for advice and actually gives some good one.
Will stop doing some of his bad habits if asked for.
A real gentleman.
Will probably give you random nicknames and act all confident while squealing inside.
And lastly, give you that one smile unconsciously which is probably the reason you said yes.
✨✨Chifuyu Matsuno; Kakucho Hitto; Atushi Sendo; Naoto Tachibana; Rindou Haitani; Seishu Inui; Takashi Mitsuya; Takeomi Akashi
Tumblr media
>>Hopeless Boy:
Help him someone please.
Does not know how to feel or what to do.
Impress you? Please, he doesn’t even know why.
Just got forced to do so and now is realising that he probably liked you since a long time back.
Entirely expect nervous laughs and sudden sounds from him, he doesn’t know what to do.
For all he knows, he is trying to impress a different human right here.
And if you happen to be one of the ‘hard to get’, he is so dead.
Probably loses half his braincells and ego.
That is until his extra handsome friend takes over and helps him out.
Half expects you to go for his friend.
Which you might as well but he looks so cute with hos dorky expressions and cluelss talks that you just can’t.
Will be the happiest he’s been and relieved when you say yes.
✨✨Hakai Shiba; Kazushi Yamagishi; Takuya Yamamoto; Kazutora Hanemiya; Souya Kawata; Shinichiro Sano; Takemichi Hanagaki
Tumblr media
>>Oblivious Boy:
Doesn’t know shit.
Doesn’t care either.
Will Have you thinking that he probably playing with you.
Simultaneously thinks that you need to get yourself checked.
Does not pick up your hints.
Looks at you all weird and changes the topic.
Definitely is that handsome friend.
Impressing you is a far off thing, you’ll have to get him to know that he likes you enough for that.
Guilt trips himself when he realises what he’s been doing to you.
Now expect every moment to be great with him.
Uses all the tricks in the book.
Because, as stated, he doesn’t know shit.
I just imagine him still trying hard even after you guys have started dating.
Also probably tries one of those cool romance movie moves on you.
Gives you cards.
May or may not be clingy.
Has you overrall trapped in his fingers while everybody thinks its the other way around.
Have fun with him, would not get your hints but gets those suggestive jokes like a pro.
✨✨Manjiro Sano; Ken Ryuguji; idk why but Ran Haitani; Souya Kawata and…mans so busy that Wakasa Imaushi
Tumblr media
>>You gotta Impress him Bud:
To think he’d impress you a time waste.
He cares lesser than the parents in the entire anime.
While the other boys give you the heart eyes, he gives you that cold stare…yeah.
Human, this is a wild ride.
You will never know shit about him.
Dates? Forget those, he thinks walking to the shop is a date.
Don’t expect shit.
Unless you want drugs.
Then he can help-
But he will probably try to impress you by beating people up.
Showing off his bike you know?
Maybe he will even learn an entire Shakespeare line to speak in front of you.
And that is all the the literacy he has.
Maybe he will take you to his favourite spot, make you listen to his playlist and that is about it.
If his music doesn’t impress you then his personality definitely wouldn’t-
And yes, will smoke around you so you think he is cool.
C’mon he is probably that kid who hit adults for lolz.
But all the best for those impromtu date nights where he will save you from dying after he was half the reason of your almost death.
✨✨Hanma Shuji; Souya Kawata; Sanzu Haruchiyo; Baji Keisuke; Rindou Haitani; South
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading =)
Reblongs would be highly appreciated
Tumblr media
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pyroclastic727 · an hour ago
Anne, responsibility, and compliance
Tumblr media
If there’s anything to be said about Season Three Anne, it’s that she is doing so much better than Season One Anne. Well, maybe not in terms of trauma, but there is something to be said for how much positive change Anne’s personality has experienced.
Her parents agree: she has grown much more responsible. Even Anne acknowledges it. In five long months, she has grown so much. The Anne of the debut episode would never have done what Anne does now. 
Tumblr media
Yeah, no. 
Ever since her friend was skewered like the main course at an amphibian cookout, Anne has been going back to the same old things she used to do. This is really something she’s been doing for a while, something that she worked so hard to get rid of, that she went to the other extreme.
Anne is a pushover. Still.
Tumblr media
Allow me to explain. As the Protagonist, Anne has a lot of things to do. She has to hide the Plantars from the government, find a way to make an interdimensional portal, destroy a tyrannical and homicidal king, save her friends, make up with her friends, figure out what’s going on with her weird glowing blue powers, and return the Plantars back to Amphibia. 
That’s a difficult list, one that really has me wondering how she’s going to pull it off in 20 episodes--especially when she has already used up 3 of them and only found more problems.
But you see, that’s exactly the issue here. Anne has overcommitted. She has taken on too much. Because if she doesn’t do all this stuff, then she’s going to lose everything.
Sound familiar?
Tumblr media
Anne’s sense of responsibility for things hasn’t grown this drastically. She hasn’t done some grand heel-turn from a lazy slacker to a diligent soldier. She has just changed the things she was responsible for.
Before, her responsibility was to keep her friend group together. So she agreed with everything they said, doing things she didn’t want to do, just so that they would stay friends. She hid parts of her personality away, afraid of being mocked. And it worked, up until she gained a sense of self worth.
Tumblr media
Then, her responsibility was still to keep her friends together, but it changed. Now she was determined to make sure Marcy wouldn’t get herself horribly injured or die. She even extended that to Sasha, despite her past, offering her a chance at forgiveness and trying to work things out with her, even though Sasha was a known backstabber.
Tumblr media
As for now? Now, everything there has failed. Keeping the friend group together didn’t work. Marcy did die, despite Anne’s best efforts. Sasha did betray them again, despite Anne’s best efforts. And while neither intended to do that, the fact is there: staying friends with them that easily isn’t going to work.
But the thoughts are still there. Watching your friend die doesn’t get rid of bad thoughts, it worsens them. 
So now Anne has these ideas in her head. She has to do what is expected of her, or else she’ll lose what she has. She can’t do anything that would indicate that she’s struggling with her tasks. She can’t have people acknowledging her opinion, as that would make more problems and disrupt the fragile status quo. She can’t have people worrying about her, not when she should be prioritizing others and worrying about everybody else.
Just because she’s in another dimension doesn’t mean Anne isn’t still Anne.
That’s why we see her throwing herself into her responsibilities. Every time she’s alone, she looks scared--but she won’t show that in front of her family.
Tumblr media
She has this huge list of things to figure out, but she takes this on by herself, strictly keeping her parents out of it and only somewhat including the frogs.
Tumblr media
Anne isn’t being responsible, no. Not in a healthy way. Anne has allowed her responsibilities to completely surpass her boundaries, taking up every ounce of herself and leaving her no room to rest. Furthermore, she has become more and more secretive, refusing to let anyone even know what’s going on in her head. Her compartmentalization is in full effect, and it’s making it impossible for her to fully understand why she feels so awful.
It makes Anne unable to ask for help.
Now, difficulty asking for help is not a new thing for any of the Calamity Trio. We’ve seen it in Sasha, how she would rather fling herself off a cliff than admit her weakness--and even in redemption, she still won’t let anyone breach her walls. We’ve seen it in Marcy, how she would rather send her friends to another world than admit that she’s scared of losing them, because even if she did ask for her help, what’s the use? They can’t help her, not when her problems are this bad, and not when she believes she had them coming.
Anne has the same issue going on. For her, asking for help would destroy her carefully curated façade of composure and compliance. It would make her a problem, something that needs to be addressed. And in Anne’s world, there are already enough problems without her, too.
But what Anne doesn’t realize is that asking for help is exactly what she needs. If her parents can help her fight off robots, then she won’t have to hide from them. If the Plantars can help her search through the museum, then she can find a portal faster. And if she can communicate what she needs, it’ll make it so those big confrontations like Reunion and True Colors don’t happen--because Anne won’t hide her problems and try to solve them on her own.
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myungknr · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
why hasn’t this au left my mind yet
here's more about it:
shinada and ryuji... so they play baseball together - jin wouldn't let ryuji join the team at school because of his status, so most of the time he just hangs out near the baseball practice place and watches the other kids play - shinada notices and he's like "aw :(". so shinada starts being kinda friendly to ryuji as first because he thinks he's there to pick on the other kids, turns out he just likes watching the other kids play and be happy - something he hadn't been given an opportunity to do. shinada's like "yo wanna learn how to play baseball from me instead?" and ryuji's like. shocked that someone would invite him to learn stuff bc no one did that before :( - so after practice they would both go to the batting center and go for a few rounds. ok so shinada in this au is a latchkey kid - his parents are constantly at work and most of the time just straight up ignore him, so he hates going home because he just feels lonely there - ryuji hates going home because of his dad so they both try to hang out as long as they can. soon enough they're both just bros and shinada usually mooches off ryuji for like, lunch money and stuff because he's so broke all the time :(.
mine and ryuji... mine's tutoring ryuji bc the school assigned him to - ryuji sucks at japanese and lit (he usually does a lot better at straightforward subjects like math, and he pays attention in class even though he doesn't look like he is - plus he's got inattentive adhd). mine's rlly good at all the subjects at school so that's why he's assigned to ryuji in the first place, plus he's the only one with enough guts to actually talk to him w/o being scared. at first ryuji's like "ugh i don't need help, go away" but soon enough he warms up to mine and he's like ":/ you're fine i guess, i'll try some stuff you're suggesting" mine is first indifferent too, but then he's a little more okay with hanging out with ryuji bc he's kinda nice. mine initially thinks that ryuji's using him for getting his grades up and that's it, but ryuji proves him wrong when he beats up a bunch of high schoolers who were trying to rob mine, and he leaves afterward without asking mine of anything bc he doesn't like asking for favors. since they're both kind of ostracized bc of their backgrounds, they find a middle ground and form an allyship of sorts where they both stick up for each other no matter what.
ryuji and daigo... so i imagine they just meet and kinda know each other from tojo and omi meetings, since their parents are both high ranking officials from both organizations. they're usually dragged along to the meetings because "they have to learn from a young age how these stuff work" but since they're the only people in the same age group in these long ass meetings so they both are forced to spend time with each other, and it starts off with like endless bickering and back and forth arguments. soon enough they both find enough things to complain about together so they just become reluctant friends.
daigo and shinada... so shinada's initially unaware of daigo's presence, and daigo's just a huge fan of the guy - and he's low-key jealous that ryuji hangs out with shinada all the time because he wants to do that. so they also have a rivalry where they fight over shinada all the time because they both think he's cool and they constantly compete over who could be a better friend to him.
mine and shinada... they're desk partners and mine's super annoyed that shinada's like a super chill person who doesn't care about his school standing bc he's one of the best players on the baseball team, while mine works his ass off for good grades and to be no. 1.
daigo and mine... daigo's usually no. 2 at school exams, and he wants to get better, so he asks mine if they could study together. mine's like "...okay" and he also thinks that daigo's using him to get better and that's it. however, daigo's not at all like that and teaches mine about subjects too, and mine's... touched by how suddenly nice daigo is outside of class and school.
idk i'll write more later these are just my thoughts so far
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tearview · 3 days ago
#i’m gonna go insane… my mom told me i had the privilege of having a semi absent father when her dad has basically loved and cherished her#her whole fucking life#this started bc we have this thing on friday that i’d rather skip ngl where we’re gonna take class pictures and then we sign our degrees#but there’s also this hour long section in which you go up on a stage and thank your parents which i mean i absolutely get bc here it’s#common for parents to pay for your degree etc but as much as i’m thankful to my parents for paying it i don’t wanna have to go up to do it??#idk i’d rather tell them in private and so i was reminding my dad about it this morning and he forgot but he’s obviously going even though#he already had other plans and it kinda stung a little bc he’ll pay for expenses and my tuition but he’s very absent overall#we’ve been seeing him more lately bc he picks me up from school and rehearsal and stuff but we weren’t in the best terms for a while#and i genuinely don’t know what he’s like or his beliefs or his stance on lgbt things or idk just random things and a lot of the time he’d#pressure me into a type of life i don’t want or scold me for things i do bc he doesn’t really know me#and i thought about writing my parents letters instead of saying thank you in front of everyone but now idk what to write bc i don’t really#know my dad and half the things i remember from my childhood are bittersweet now and were erased by recent years so idk what i’d even say#and i just kinda told my mom that i didn’t know how much it would affect me bc idk him and i’m not as emotionally attached to him as to her#and then she had to open her mouth with her opinions that are wrongly out of place and about something she doesn’t know anything about#now i don’t wanna write letters i just want it to be over with
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surrender-souls · 10 months ago
just finished the diabolical box
#IT GOT TO ME!!!!! though i couldn’t cry cause i wasn’t alone...#also i guess my theory about the box was close#i thought that the box was made of that new substance they found in the mines which was poisonous and when people opened the box it got too#but i was pretty close!#and i guess everyone saw anton as his younger self because that’s literally the only image they have of him around there#i also wish beluga and anton got to interact... at least the one picture in the credits is there#hmmm maybe i could try to make some sort of family tree out of the information given? cause i’m not sure how sammy is related here... idk i#i’ll have to look through the wiki pages about this#i don’t have the 3rd game yet cause we only had the first 2 of the trilogy but i might get it soon...#i wonder if the stuff with don paolo will get cleared up cause we still don’t know much about him 2 games in#though i love his theme!!! when he got revealed in this game i literally just walked around not doing anything in game cause i just wanted#it’s pacing music... music to pace to... or run around... same thing#i speak#i pace a lot idk if i’ve ever mentioned it... fast music is really good to pace to cause it makes me very energetic#wait is that stimming? cause for me i do it in the context that most people say they stim#yeah i guess it is a stim... for me i’d say it’s my most common or at least very common and very noticeable... my parents both noticed it a#i do other things but can’t remember them so well like i flap my hands but mostly at the wrists but that makes my wrists very tired quickly#it’s not that bad with most of the people in my classes cause we’re the same age (i’m probably one of the older kids cause my birthday was#but it makes me get really self conscious around the seniors cause they’re so much older than me... i’m getting off track this was about pr#this*
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dancing-vulcans · a year ago
It’s 9PM on a Tuesday night and I am now faced with having to properly answer the question, “What’d I do?” in regards to why I unfollowed someone on Instagram. I’m going to be honest and polite and say, “I never interacted with your posts and didn’t see a point in continuing to follow your account.” It isn’t a lie, but it’s not the whole truth, because the whole truth seems callous and rude, so I shouldn’t say it. But. I don’t think I have to.
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egregiousderp · 2 years ago
Jdndndndbdjjdndbd so we just got to the Sasuke background Angst shit with Itachi and my special-needs brother just squeaked in a child voice “Master Skywalker! There are too many of them! What are we going to do?”
#personal skuun#skuun watches naruto#HE GETS IT#I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON BUT I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING BECAUSE HE’S ABSOLUTELY RIGHT#Raikou Shimizu did it better in my opinion but okay.#i’m not going to lie though—the gratuitous emotional torture by family members who then seem to be fandom faves is hitting me a little bit?#not in a good way I mean. like. there’s a rough edge to Naruto you don’t get in like. One Piece.#One Piece will beat a person up after giving their backstory and you’re like ‘okay cool maybe they can be friends’ but here?#how do you get from a boy inchwormkng his way over to kill you when you were indestructible and say ‘yeah but he’ll forgive me’?#or ‘I killed our parents and forced you to watch as if walking in on me doing it wasn’t bad enough but we’re still good bros’?#it’s maybe because a part of me struggles with really forgiving.#Like. i can know intellectually thst I can treat a person very well even after they’ve wronged me but...I don’g trust them again.#I think they could probably work me towards it? but it’s also that being groomed into something by your family hits a soft point on me?#and so does that oppressive kind of bullied loneliness and isolation thing?#Great background for you if you’re a shonen hero and all but it’s rough watching another character spiral out and your siblings are laughing#and legit saying ‘look it’s you!’ because eyeliner and you think to yourself ‘man I’m glad I kept that from you.’#‘man am I so glad you never had thst expectation.’ and ‘I’m so glad I insulated you from the effects of that.’#and ‘Man I’m glad you were here because I’d probably be dead and never realized it until a lot later.’#Just...the Gaara and Naruto and Sasuke stuff going on now is hitting some not great points for me#where I could show you guys journals from elementary school and middle school where I was talking to myself? making up friends?#it’s no lie that that shit really deeply fucks you up and makes you desperate and weird in a way that’s difficult to articulate by any means#and sometimes the difference between you becoming a monster or not is one person or another who decides you’re okay to be around?#it’s not a good place to be in and I probably need a little but of time to process that so it feels less like it’s poking an old wound.#and it’s even weirder when you realize people look at you and have no idea this was what your life was. You pass for normal.#But I really don’t like thinking about what I could have been without a few crucially timed people (including my siblings) in my life.
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peachdoxie · 23 days ago
This wouldn't work because we already know that Phantom is Fenton, but imagine: a reboot from Valerie's perspective.
It's the same basic plot as the show but it's all about Valerie and her family's fall from grace and her being hired by Vlad and hunting ghosts and all that, balanced with her trying to keep up a social life and developing this crush on Danny, and all that stuff. And of course we see her deal with Phantom and how her hatred of him drives almost every decision she makes.
The show takes its course with Valerie hunting ghosts, hating Phantom, dating then breaking up with Danny, etc etc, but two things slowly become apparent to the audience: first, that Phantom is much more of an anti-villain than the villain Valerie thinks he is; and second, that Phantom has a massive secret. So as Valerie slowly starts to not view Phantom as evil so much as like, mischievous or something, she also starts to suspect something's up with him. A lot of this would be framed through Vlad's information and perspective on Phantom, so Valerie starts to suspect Vlad's meddling on something he shouldn't be.
Meanwhile, Danny's portrayed as this dorky kid who mostly tries to stay out of the spotlight and avoid ghost hunting as much as possible because he's embarrassed by his family, and he's portrayed as utterly terrified of ghosts, and maybe a little bit of a troublemaker, so he's never around when Phantom shows up. But the important thing is that these are seen by Valerie as just normal behavior from a D-student on the lowest tier of popularity and not suspicious of anything else. Maybe he's hunted down by ghosts but Valerie thinks it's revenge on his parents or something. Anything but that he's Phantom.
Because here's the kicker, and why this idea unfortunately wouldn't work: the show would need to present Danny as just some kid Valerie likes and make him 100% not suspicious of being Phantom or in any way involved in ghost hunting. None whatsoever. Valerie suspects nothing. She takes every excuse Danny makes if not at face value then of indicating something entirely else that's "obvious" to the audience. And Danny and Phantom are animated differently so they look similar but not the same and all the voice actors play multiple characters so it's not weird that they sound similar, and maybe Danny's not even that important of a character in the show compared to other teens in Valerie's life — all so the audience completely does not suspect Phantom is Fenton even on a meta level.
The big plot twist, of course, is that Phantom is Fenton. Like any really good plot twist, it's not suspected but also fits in perfectly with all the foreshadowing that's both obviously and not obviously until it's recontextualized by the reveal. Because here's the thing: no one in the actual show suspected Phantom is Fenton because no one outside of the trio, Vlad, and the ghosts knows that half-ghosts exist. So why would they suspect that Phantom is actually also Fenton? And no one in the audience realizes it either unless they make a very good guess just based on possible tropes and no actual indications in the canon.
Then the show progresses differently because forget season three it's not about Danny's story, but about Valerie's. And instead of her confronting Danny about his secret, she instead starts to look at Phantom differently and slowly changes her mind on ghosts, or at least him, all the while keeping it a secret from him that she knows because, well she's kept her secret from him, and so she can understand with very good reason why he would keep his from her. Obviously, Valerie eventually finds out, and she and Danny become good friends and she apologizes to Sam and Tucker and now the trio is a quartet who takes down Vlad, who is of course the actual antagonist.
Like I said, though, this kind of plot twist wouldn't actually work in a reboot because we already know that Phantom is Fenton. But idk I just think it would neat to watch the show from Valerie's perspective but have it be biased and unreliable for what's really going on and have the showrunners play the meta game for a very excellent plot twist.
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scenemcbc · 10 months ago
god it is SO funny jumping from the cc plagiarism stuff and the forums then and people going “this is a shitty cliche pointless mess of a fanfiction that relies on pop culture quotes to hide the author’s lack of wit and originality” through emails directly to the author in between posting in every thread imaginable these Coy, Witty remarks that you thought made you look sooooo clever to say someone was a fuckhead and then going to present day where fan spaces are Like That. like i mean unwanted crit can be cruel and the overly harsh stuff can fucking suck, i posted smth on when i was nine and got a review telling me i was “monkeying around in the minefield of creative writing” that made me stop posting stuff i was having fun with but like if youre someone who makes writing fanfiction part of who you are, your Work, What You Do, Your Pride And Joy, i feel like perhaps you should grow up a bit
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useless-englandfacts · a month ago
I don’t know if you’ll be able to help out, but I support BLM and want to learn more about black people in the UK but most of the stuff out there is about America. Do you have any recommendations about British black people? Books or documentaries or resources?
I'd be happy to help out! I agree the US tends to dominate conversations about race, but happily there are quite a few British books out there too! Disclaimer that these are just off the top of my head so if anyone wants to add more then please go ahead!
Black and British: A Forgotten History by David Olusoga! He's a prominent Black historian and has also done multiple documentaries which aim to expand traditional narratives of British history to include people of colour who are so often written out. You can find a full list on his Wikipedia page of course, though I'm unsure as to how many are on iPlayer and such! There's a child-friendly version of Black and British here too for any parents/teachers who are interested!
Brit(ish) by Afua Hirsch is a more autobiographical book about Hirsch's experiences growing up as a mixed race woman in Britain. Hirsch attended Oxford University and works at the BBC, so it’s offers a good insight into what it's like for POC to exist in spaces that have traditionally been saved for rich white people. She's a journalist too so there are various articles of hers floating about covering a range of issues, some of which relate to race. She's also done a few documentaries that are worth checking out, including The Battle for Britain's Heroes which questions whether some of our 'heroes' (e.g. Churchill, Nelson) should really be honoured, and (not British but) African Renaissance which looks at Black culture in Ethiopia, Senegal and Kenya - maybe the first time I've seen African culture shown on its own terms.
Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire by Akala is another half autobiographical work, covering stuff like the far right in Britain, policing and education. It does a great job of cutting through the squeamishness I think Brits often have when talking about race.
Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge has become a sort of classic of its genre but I think it's totally worthy of all the praise it's received! It looks at how lots of white people in Britain (and more generally) equate racism with full-on hate crimes, meaning they don't consider themselves racist despite regularly committing micro-aggressions/other unintentional acts. Also an absolutely stellar insight into intersectionality throughout the book! Cannot recommend enough!
Feminism, Interrupted: Disrupting Power by Lola Olufemi is a must-read for feminists! It discusses modern-day feminism and how it needs to remove itself from that girlboss capitalist yuckiness, and should instead focus on marginalised issues within feminism such as transmisogyny, sex work, and - of course - racism. Has been praised by Angela Davis so that's a huge plus!
The Good Immigrant edited by Nikesh Shukla is a collection of essays by POC from across Britain sharing experiences of racism and immigration, and what it feels like to be constantly regarded as an 'other' or as an ambassador for your race.
Literally anything by Paul Gilroy! His work is slightly older and some of it is very ~academic~ but I don't want to suggest that it's therefore totally inaccessible. He talks a lot more about British national identity and our role in the world and how that has affected views on race and immigration. He's written lots (I recommend Googling him and having a better look yourself!) but There Ain't No Black in the Union Jack and After Empire: Melancholia or Convivial Culture are both fab.
If you're feeling brave then you could look at anything by Marxist darling Stuart Hall? Some of his writing is very difficult to penetrate imo, but it's worth it if you can. He's written a lot so I would recommend browsing his Wikipedia page first and seeing if there's anything that grabs you. Even if you don't feel up to reading his stuff cover to cover, he's still someone who every antiracist in Britain should know!
Honourary mention to Thinking Black: Britain, 1964-1985 by Rob Waters just because he taught me at university hehe! Obviously more of an academic history book, but again pretty accessible and a good insight into more radical Black politics in Britain in the era.
I haven't read it myself as I believe it's only just come out but David Harewood has a book called Maybe I Don't Belong Here: A Memoir of Race, Identity, Breakdown and Recovery which looks worth checking out! Foreword by our beloved David Olusoga too!
If you're still looking for more then a good tip with any of the academic books listed here is that you can browse the footnotes and/or bibliography to find further reading there!
If you're looking for documentaries then on the BBC you can browse for Black History Month stuff, (fictional) shows that centre Black British characters and narratives, and documentaries that do the same. There has been quite a lot done in the past year about all sorts of stuff - from Black people in the NHS, what it's like being Black in the church, more specific stuff on Stephen Lawrence, Windrush, the Newcross Fire, and even specials on Black celebrities such as Lenny Henry. There's also a Black and Proud section on Channel 4's website that does something similar (side note: cannot believe they've put Hollyoaks on there that's so funny).
I don't read much fiction myself, but it is important not just to see Black Britons as victims of racism, but also as… you know… complicated and fully rounded human beings who are able to experience the full spectrum of human emotion like everyone else. Like black people just… existing. Looking to others who do read fiction to help flesh out this section in particular but a couple again off the top of my head:
Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo
Love in Colour by Bolu Babalola (I know this isn’t about Britain per se, but she's a Black British writer so I think it counts).
This is probably more than you asked for and you can likely tell that my academic background is in history so it is skewed towards that but I hope this helps! And again, if anyone wants to add anything then feel free!
- Dominique
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Hello! Do you have any advice on writing enemies to friends to lovers? Thanks!
How to Write Enemies to Friends to Lovers Romance
Tumblr media
It's the dynamic we've all come to know and love. The pièce de résistance of romantic tropes that has ascended to popularity through various series like The Cruel Prince, These Violent Delights, Red White & Royal Blue.
Featuring couples that start off hating each others' guts (but eventually wind up together in the end), the enemies to friends to lovers trope is quite possibly the most sought-after romance at this current time, blowing away the era of the love triangle and childhood friends to lovers.
But the only problem is that, despite the demand, this trope is quite possibly the most difficult to write, as it involves were complicated and intertwined character relationships that can be easy to mess up or misrepresent.
Here are some tips to help your scuffling protagonists finally realize that they were meant to be!
1. Heavy on the "Enemies" Makes the "Lovers" All the Sweeter...but don't make it TOO heavy
Tumblr media
A lot of fanfiction and even some published books that feature Enemies to Friends to Lovers often fall into the trap of rushing the romance. The authors are desperate to make characters fall in love, and the constant dancing around and angry bantering between their characters is awfully exhausting to write.
However, without enough time to relish in the frustrating arguments, backstabbing, and almost-understandings that end in disaster, the readers won't have the full experience of appreciating when they finally give in and make out.
"Enemies" has to be more than "He bullied me in second grade and now I hate him and refuse to believe he's changed even though we're both 20 now."
Misunderstandings are NEVER a good conflict, even when it doesn't come to enemies to friends to lovers.
Have them both be at fault, doing each other wrong to the point where you can't possibly think it could be forgivable.
Here are some ways your future main pairing can rip each other apart:
Breaking/Stealing each other's stuff
Insulting/Threatening each other's friends/companions/family
Bringing up dead relatives/past tragedies in each other's lives
Attempted murder!
Sabotaging each other's plans
Pranking each other in mean ways (itching powder, salt bomb their food)
Embarrassing each other in front of other people
Making fun of things they like
Sure, all of these things are sure to make your characters seem like assholes, but in the end it's all forgivable to some degree, though most take longer than others (This also depends on exactly how they cross the line between Enemies and Friends, which will be discussed later).
However, even though this is all in good fun, you have to understand where it goes too far.
Some things really are well and truly unforgivable, and if the relationship continues it'll most likely viewed to be unhealthy or toxic rather than a genuine connection.
If Person A killed Person B's Parents/friends on purpose with the sole intent of hurting B...then I don't think they'll be eligible for redemption in their eyes.
(You can totally still write it! But the readers are gonna be a bit wary of their relationship and may not consider it to be healthy.)
2. The Most Crucial Part is the Transition from Enemies to Friends
Tumblr media
Friends can easily become lovers, but enemies cannot easily become friends.
Friendship is built on a foundation of trust and connection that romance can flourish in, but the barren grounds of archrivals are hardly a place for love to grow--sexual tension perhaps, but certainly not love.
In order for this romance to be the most believable, you need to justify why these two characters decided to offer each other flowers instead of knives to the throat.
Here are some ways your characters can become friends:
Character A realizes that Character B was right the whole time and apologizes
One of them saves the other's life or the life of a loved one
They are forced to combine their efforts and realize they work very well as a team
Sexual/aesthetic attraction is irresistible, and once they get to know each other they can overlook past misdeeds (This is enemies to lovers, in case you wanted to ditch the whole "friend" part)
One of them helps the other on a whim, and that small act of kindness snowballs into multiple acts of kindness
They get to know each other and realizes their feud was childish
Of course, there are definitely more examples that I can't think of off the top of my head, but I would certainly suggest using the "one of them saves the other's life" for more severe cases of enemies. The bigger the trespasses, the more extreme the apologies must be.
3. Suggestion: Take It Slow...perhaps even in an "enemies to friends to lovers to enemies to lovers again" kind of way
Tumblr media
People who read enemies to friends to lovers are usually not looking for a quick fix. They're looking for heart, for dedication, for the endgame to be held tantalizingly out of reach.
Unless you well and truly don't feel like it, don't have your characters' relationship evolve linearly. They need ups and downs, stops and starts, fights and forgiveness.
I understand that people aiming to write professionally and need to keep their word count down cannot do this too much, but if you're doing fic, what's stopping you from making this the slowest burn possible? The kind of slow burn where they don't even become friends until 50k in?
Of course, you don't have to make it agonizingly slow just for it to be good, but consider how fantastically rewarding it will be when they finally confess their feelings for one another!
Hope this helped, and happy writing!
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missmentelle · 9 months ago
Why Smart People Believe Stupid Things
If you’ve been paying attention for the last couple of years, you might have noticed that the world has a bit of a misinformation problem. 
The problem isn’t just with the recent election conspiracies, either. The last couple of years has brought us the rise (and occasionally fall) of misinformation-based movements like:
Sandy Hook conspiracies
The MRA/incel/MGTOW movements
the birther movement
the Illuminati 
climate change denial
Holocaust denial 
COVID-19 denial 
5G panic 
But why do people believe this stuff?
It would be easy - too easy - to say that people fall for this stuff because they’re stupid. We all want to believe that smart people like us are immune from being taken in by deranged conspiracies. But it’s just not that simple. People from all walks of life are going down these rabbit holes - people with degrees and professional careers and rich lives have fallen for these theories, leaving their loved ones baffled. Decades-long relationships have splintered this year, as the number of people flocking to these conspiracies out of nowhere reaches a fever pitch. 
So why do smart people start believing some incredibly stupid things? It’s because:
Our brains are built to identify patterns. 
Our brains fucking love puzzles and patterns. This is a well-known phenomenon called apophenia, and at one point, it was probably helpful for our survival - the prehistoric human who noticed patterns in things like animal migration, plant life cycles and the movement of the stars was probably a lot more likely to survive than the human who couldn’t figure out how to use natural clues to navigate or find food. 
The problem, though, is that we can’t really turn this off. Even when we’re presented with completely random data, we’ll see patterns. We see patterns in everything, even when there’s no pattern there. This is why people see Jesus in a burnt piece of toast or get superstitious about hockey playoffs or insist on always playing at a certain slot machine - our brains look for patterns in the constant barrage of random information in our daily lives, and insist that those patterns are really there, even when they’re completely imagined. 
A lot of conspiracy theories have their roots in people making connections between things that aren’t really connected. The belief that “vaccines cause autism” was bolstered by the fact that the first recognizable symptoms of autism happen to appear at roughly the same time that children receive one of their rounds of childhood immunizations - the two things are completely unconnected, but our brains have a hard time letting go of the pattern they see there. Likewise, many people were quick to latch on to the fact that early maps of COVID infections were extremely similar to maps of 5G coverage -  the fact that there’s a reasonable explanation for this (major cities are more likely to have both high COVID cases AND 5G networks) doesn’t change the fact that our brains just really, really want to see a connection there. 
Our brains love proportionality. 
Specifically, our brains like effects to be directly proportional to their causes - in other words, we like it when big events have big causes, and small causes only lead to small events. It’s uncomfortable for us when the reverse is true. And so anytime we feel like a “big” event (celebrity death, global pandemic, your precious child is diagnosed with autism) has a small or unsatisfying cause (car accident, pandemics just sort of happen every few decades, people just get autism sometimes), we sometimes feel the need to start looking around for the bigger, more sinister, “true” cause of that event. 
Consider, for instance, the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II. In 1981, Pope John Paul II was shot four times by a Turkish member of a known Italian paramilitary secret society who’d recently escaped from prison - on the surface, it seems like the sort of thing conspiracy theorists salivate over, seeing how it was an actual multinational conspiracy. But they never had much interest in the assassination attempt. Why? Because the Pope didn’t die. He recovered from his injuries and went right back to Pope-ing. The event didn’t have a serious outcome, and so people are content with the idea that one extremist carried it out. The death of Princess Diana, however, has been fertile ground for conspiracy theories; even though a woman dying in a car accident is less weird than a man being shot four times by a paid political assassin, her death has attracted more conspiracy theories because it had a bigger outcome. A princess dying in a car accident doesn’t feel big enough. It’s unsatisfying. We want such a monumentous moment in history to have a bigger, more interesting cause. 
These theories prey on pre-existing fear and anger. 
Are you a terrified new parent who wants the best for their child and feels anxious about having them injected with a substance you don’t totally understand? Congrats, you’re a prime target for the anti-vaccine movement. Are you a young white male who doesn’t like seeing more and more games aimed at women and minorities, and is worried that “your” gaming culture is being stolen from you? You might have been very interested in something called Gamergate. Are you a right-wing white person who worries that “your” country and way of life is being stolen by immigrants, non-Christians and coastal liberals? You’re going to love the “all left-wingers are Satantic pedo baby-eaters” messaging of QAnon. 
Misinformation and conspiracy theories are often aimed strategically at the anxieties and fears that people are already experiencing. No one likes being told that their fears are insane or irrational; it’s not hard to see why people gravitate towards communities that say “yes, you were right all along, and everyone who told you that you were nuts to be worried about this is just a dumb sheep. We believe you, and we have evidence that you were right along, right here.” Fear is a powerful motivator, and you can make people believe and do some pretty extreme things if you just keep telling them “yes, that thing you’re afraid of is true, but also it’s way worse than you could have ever imagined.”
Real information is often complicated, hard to understand, and inherently unsatisfying. 
The information that comes from the scientific community is often very frustrating for a layperson; we want science to have hard-and-fast answers, but it doesn’t. The closest you get to a straight answer is often “it depends” or “we don’t know, but we think X might be likely”. Understanding the results of a scientific study with any confidence requires knowing about sampling practices, error types, effect sizes, confidence intervals and publishing biases. Even asking a simple question like “is X bad for my child” will usually get you a complicated, uncertain answer - in most cases, it really just depends. Not understanding complex topics makes people afraid - it makes it hard to trust that they’re being given the right information, and that they’re making the right choices. 
Conspiracy theories and misinformation, on the other hand, are often simple, and they are certain. Vaccines bad. Natural things good. 5G bad. Organic food good. The reason girls won’t date you isn’t a complex combination of your social skills, hygiene, appearance, projected values, personal circumstances, degree of extroversion, luck and life phase - girls won’t date you because feminism is bad, and if we got rid of feminism you’d have a girlfriend. The reason Donald Trump was an unpopular president wasn’t a complex combination of his public bigotry, lack of decorum, lack of qualifications, open incompetence, nepotism, corruption, loss of soft power, refusal to uphold the basic responsibilities of his position or his constant lying - they hated him because he was fighting a secret sex cult and they’re all in it. 
Instead of making you feel stupid because you’re overwhelmed with complex information, expert opinions and uncertain advice, conspiracy theories make you feel smart - smarter, in fact, than everyone who doesn’t believe in them. And that’s a powerful thing for people living in a credential-heavy world. 
Many conspiracy theories are unfalsifiable. 
It is very difficult to prove a negative. If I tell you, for instance, that there’s no such thing as a purple swan, it would be very difficult for me to actually prove that to you - I could spend the rest of my life photographing swans and looking for swans and talking to people who know a lot about swans, and yet the slim possibility would still exist that there was a purple swan out there somewhere that I just hadn’t found yet. That’s why, in most circumstances, the burden of proof lies with the person making the extraordinary claim - if you tell me that purple swans exist, we should continue to assume that they don’t until you actually produce a purple swan. 
Conspiracy theories, however, are built so that it’s nearly impossible to “prove” them wrong. Is there any proof that the world’s top-ranking politicians and celebrities are all in a giant child sex trafficking cult? No. But can you prove that they aren’t in a child sex-trafficking cult? No, not really. Even if I, again, spent the rest of my life investigating celebrities and following celebrities and talking to people who know celebrities, I still couldn’t definitely prove that this cult doesn’t exist - there’s always a chance that the specific celebrities I’ve investigated just aren’t in the cult (but other ones are!) or that they’re hiding evidence of the cult even better than we think. Lack of evidence for a conspiracy theory is always treated as more evidence for the theory - we can’t find anything because this goes even higher up than we think! They’re even more sophisticated at hiding this than we thought! People deeply entrenched in these theories don’t even realize that they are stuck in a circular loop where everything seems to prove their theory right - they just see a mountain of “evidence” for their side. 
Our brains are very attached to information that we “learned” by ourselves.
Learning accurate information is not a particularly interactive or exciting experience. An expert or reliable source just presents the information to you in its entirety, you read or watch the information, and that’s the end of it. You can look for more information or look for clarification of something, but it’s a one-way street - the information is just laid out for you, you take what you need, end of story. 
Conspiracy theories, on the other hand, almost never show their hand all at once. They drop little breadcrumbs of information that slowly lead you where they want you to go. This is why conspiracy theorists are forever telling you to “do your research” - they know that if they tell you everything at once, you won’t believe them. Instead, they want you to indoctrinate yourself slowly over time, by taking the little hints they give you and running off to find or invent evidence that matches that clue. If I tell you that celebrities often wear symbols that identify them as part of a cult and that you should “do your research” about it, you can absolutely find evidence that substantiates my claim - there are literally millions of photos of celebrities out there, and anyone who looks hard enough is guaranteed to find common shapes, poses and themes that might just mean something (they don’t - eyes and triangles are incredibly common design elements, and if I took enough pictures of you, I could also “prove” that you also clearly display symbols that signal you’re in the cult). 
The fact that you “found” the evidence on your own, however, makes it more meaningful to you. We trust ourselves, and we trust that the patterns we uncover by ourselves are true. It doesn’t feel like you’re being fed misinformation - it feels like you’ve discovered an important truth that “they” didn’t want you to find, and you’ll hang onto that for dear life. 
Older people have not learned to be media-literate in a digital world. 
Fifty years ago, not just anyone could access popular media. All of this stuff had a huge barrier to entry - if you wanted to be on TV or be in the papers or have a radio show, you had to be a professional affiliated with a major media brand. Consumers didn’t have easy access to niche communities or alternative information - your sources of information were basically your local paper, the nightly news, and your morning radio show, and they all more or less agreed on the same set of facts. For decades, if it looked official and it appeared in print, you could probably trust that it was true. 
Of course, we live in a very different world today - today, any asshole can accumulate an audience of millions, even if they have no credentials and nothing they say is actually true (like “The Food Babe”, a blogger with no credentials in medicine, nutrition, health sciences, biology or chemistry who peddles health misinformation to the 3 million people who visit her blog every month). It’s very tough for older people (and some younger people) to get their heads around the fact that it’s very easy to create an “official-looking” news source, and that they can’t necessarily trust everything they find on the internet. When you combine that with a tendency toward “clickbait headlines” that often misrepresent the information in the article, you have a generation struggling to determine who they can trust in a media landscape that doesn’t at all resemble the media landscape they once knew. 
These beliefs become a part of someone’s identity. 
A person doesn’t tell you that they believe in anti-vaxx information - they tell you that they ARE an anti-vaxxer. Likewise, people will tell you that they ARE a flat-earther, a birther, or a Gamergater. By design, these beliefs are not meant to be something you have a casual relationship with, like your opinion of pizza toppings or how much you trust local weather forecasts - they are meant to form a core part of your identity. 
And once something becomes a core part of your identity, trying to make you stop believing it becomes almost impossible. Once we’ve formed an initial impression of something, facts just don’t change our minds. If you identify as an antivaxxer and I present evidence that disproves your beliefs, in your mind, I’m not correcting inaccurate information - I am launching a very personal attack against a core part of who you are. In fact, the more evidence I present, the more you will burrow down into your antivaxx beliefs, more confident than ever that you are right. Admitting that you are wrong about something that is important to you is painful, and your brain would prefer to simply deflect conflicting information rather than subject you to that pain.
We can see this at work with something called the confirmation bias. Simply put, once we believe something, our brains hold on to all evidence that that belief is true, and ignore evidence that it’s false. If I show you 100 articles that disprove your pet theory and 3 articles that confirm it, you’ll cling to those 3 articles and forget about the rest. Even if I show you nothing but articles that disprove your theory, you’ll likely go through them and pick out any ambiguous or conflicting information as evidence for “your side”, even if the conclusion of the article shows that you are wrong - our brains simply care about feeling right more than they care about what is actually true.  
There is a strong community aspect to these theories. 
There is no one quite as supportive or as understanding as a conspiracy theorist - provided, of course, that you believe in the same conspiracy theories that they do. People who start looking into these conspiracy theories are told that they aren’t crazy, and that their fears are totally valid. They’re told that the people in their lives who doubted them were just brainwashed sheep, but that they’ve finally found a community of people who get where they’re coming from. Whenever they report back to the group with the “evidence” they’ve found or the new elaborations on the conspiracy theory that they’ve been thinking of (“what if it’s even worse than we thought??”), they are given praise for their valuable contributions. These conspiracy groups often become important parts of people’s social networks - they can spend hours every day talking with like-minded people from these communities and sharing their ideas. 
Of course, the flipside of this is that anyone who starts to doubt or move away from the conspiracy immediately loses that community and social support. People who have broken away from antivaxx and QAnon often say that the hardest part of leaving was losing the community and friendships they’d built - not necessarily giving up on the theory itself. Many people are rejected by their real-life friends and family once they start to get entrenched in conspiracy theories; the friendships they build online in the course of researching these theories often become the only social supports they have left, and losing those supports means having no one to turn to at all. This is by design - the threat of losing your community has kept people trapped in abusive religious sects and cults for as long as those things have existed. 
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personasintro · 5 months ago
bad word | kth drabble
Tumblr media
⇢ 𝒔𝒚𝒏𝒐𝒑𝒔𝒊𝒔; one of the kids in your class curses and you make it your responsibility to break it to her dad, luckily you know him better than your co-workers
⇢ 𝒈𝒆𝒏𝒓𝒆: fluff, smut, dilf!taehyung
⇢ 𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔: protected sex, explicit language, age gap; taehyung is 35 and reader is 28 (although their age is not mentioned in the story, just the age difference of 7 years), mentions of smut, slight biting
⇢ 𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅 𝒄𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒕: 6.4k+
𝒂/𝒏: commissioned anonymously! this was supposed to be 4k but here we go again, another proof that it's a challenge for me to write something short haha
𝒎.𝒍𝒊𝒔𝒕 | ☕️ | © 𝒑𝒆𝒓𝒔𝒐𝒏𝒂𝒔𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒓𝒐 (𝒏𝒐 𝒓𝒆𝒑𝒐𝒔𝒕𝒔 𝒐𝒓 𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒔𝒍𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 𝒂𝒓𝒆 𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒐𝒘𝒆𝒅)
Tumblr media
“You're doing amazing, Jihoon.” you praise the little boy, patting the top of his head as you glance at his coloring book. The coloring is a little bit off, actually a lot, but you can't really tell him that, can you? He seems to be encouraged by your praise, your heart beaming when he looks up at you and gives you a grin, his two front teeth missing.
You praise other kids at the table, somehow content how silent the room is. Well, apart from the occasional squeals, laughs and toys crashing down the floor every few seconds, but that's just something you got used to very quickly. Now it's just a noise you can listen to without having the need to go somewhere quiet. However, headaches make an occasional appearance once you get back home, the place empty from all the kids noises and their presence. You can't say you hate it though, you actually miss them a lot.
You wouldn't do this job if you didn't like kids. And these particular amazing and cute kids that you get to see five days a week somehow sneaked their way into your heart, so you easily have grown attached to them. You could not see them for one week and feel like they’ve grown too quickly. Not for nothing people say you can see the real time passing by on kids. It's true.
Making your way back to the teachers table, you reach for your bottle of water as you join your co-workers, having a heated conversation while kids have their own play-time without you interfering.
“No, no, no. Mr. Kim has to be the first. Hands down.” Sara says, shaking her head while your other co-worker Katana just chuckles mumbling something along the lines “You've got a point”.
“What are you guys talking about?” you ask them, opening the bottle while taking a few gulps.
“Just ranking the hottest daddies. Kim, Ivy's father is definitely and successfully holding the first place.” Sara waves her hand as if she's talking about weather and not about one of the kids' fathers that is in this very same room.
You choke up, a few droplets of water spilling down your chin as you quickly wipe it with the back of your hand. Katana and Sara burst into laughter, enjoying your sudden and shocked reaction while you glare at them.
“Y/N agrees for sure.” Katana smirks, causing you to frown at her.
“Don't you guys have something else to do?” you mutter, closing the bottle as you feel your heart racing, eyes silently searching for Ivy who's playing with one of the dolls putting them into a kids stroller.
Your heart softens at the sight, her pigtails still successfully holding, the ones you made her once she woke up from her nap time. She always asks you to do them, she can be very persistent when she wants to.
“Loosen up, Y/N. It's not like you don't think Mr. Kim is the perfect dilf out of all daddies here.”
Your head snaps towards Sara, eyes bulge out as you feel your whole face flash while your co-workers laugh at your reaction once again. Your heart beats harshly against your ribcage, feeling their eyes on you as you straighten yourself and clear your throat. Just as you're about to say something, Katana cuts you off before you even have a chance, her eyebrows lifted confidently. Maybe you should be happy they're continuing with the conversation rather than laughing at your reaction and finding you being more frustrated and red with each passing minute.
“He has someone. He clearly isn't with Ivy's mother,”
That's true. Ivy's mother is coming to pick her every second week and it's quite known they're not together. It's not like Ivy's father hides it and besides, Ivy's mother likes to show her frustration towards her ex-husband at every occasion and she definitely doesn't mind if she's doing it in front of her kid's teachers or in the kindergarten her kid is going into. This is definitely not the place to voice out her annoyance towards her kid's father, especially not in front of her even though it seems Ivy has her own little bubble and luckily, doesn't put too much attention to whatever her mother has to say whenever she comes to pick her up, trying to discreetly speak not so fondly about her ex-husband. However, you know better.
Her ex-husband is a very friendly and polite man, loving his daughter like no one else. It warms everyone's heart whenever he comes to pick her up, not because he's handsome or a perfect dilf as your co-workers named him (which to be honest you don't know how to feel about it). Maybe that's why she seems so envious of him because he has a perfect relationship with their daughter. Well, at least that could be one of the other reasons for sure.
However, as soon as those words leave Katana's mouth you feel yourself getting tense all over again as you stare at her with a neutral look. Sara frowns, seeing displeased by the new information and how Katana sounds so sure of herself.
“How do you know that? Has he told you anything?”
Would it be too awkward if you just stepped away from this conversation? Why out of all time, one of the kids can't do something that would require your whole attention and presence? Just like on purpose, there's a complete calm yet cheerful atmosphere in the classroom.
“No,” Katana snickers, “But a man like him has to have someone. I mean, take one look at him. He can't be single.”
You shake your head at her statement, even though partly you'd agree if you didn't know any better. Sara sighs, mumbling a few words of how unfortunate it is that every hot man is either married or dating someone. Not going to lie, you're not blind and it's hard to resist Taehyung's charms. That's what his name is. Kim Taehyung. It sounds nice even in your head. But not even once you were thirsting about him so publicly, especially not in a classroom full of kids even though they can't hear the conversation that's been clearly going on way before you made your way here.
Luckily, someone up there has listened to your silent pleas when two of the kids start to bicker, your clue to turn around and leave from the conversation as you assure Sara and Katana you got it. By the time you kindly explain to the kids bickering isn't nice and give them the pep-talk, Sara and Katana have separated and are playing with other kids.
Later in the day when a few of the kids have already gone home and got picked up by their parents, you're closing the classroom's door while bidding goodbye to one of the kids and their mom. You're opening your mouth, ready to talk to Sara (since Katana already went home because there's no need for the three of you to be here when most of the kids went already home) but before you can, the usual chirpy and soft voice calls out something you'd never expect you'd hear again.
You and Sara stare with wide eyes at each other before you glance at the four year old Ivy, her brows furrowed as one of the toys she was trying to reach fell down on the floor with a loud bang. She seems completely oblivious that whatever she said is bad, her small and neaty hands picking up the toy as she glares at the poor plastic pink car for dolls.
“I got it.” You mouth to Sara, seeing her finger pointing between her and you, her silent way of asking who's going to deal with it.
“Ivy, honey,” you call out to the little girl, her round eyes glancing at you as she sits on the wooden stool taking the car with her as she sets it onto the table where her dolls are sitting.
Should you tell her something? She seems oblivious to the curse word that so freely let out her small mouth. Reminding her and trying to explain to her that she shouldn't be talking like that would just put more attention to it. However, this is not the first time you've heard this word because the same thing happened yesterday. You've no idea where she heard it from, well the most likely option is that she heard it at home. But you also know her father is very serious about language around kids, especially around his own kid to be precise. You mean… stuff like that can happen to anyone. People often curse before they realize they did it, it happened to you a lot – not in front of kids or in your job though.
Did he and his ex-wife maybe get into an argument? Maybe one of them cursed and Ivy obviously heard it.
“What did you say just a moment ago?” you ask her, letting her think about it. Okay, if she doesn't remember you'll let it go and act as if it didn't happen. But if she--
“Fuck,” she shrugs innocently, your eyes widening once more as you look around to see if any of the kids heard her. Luckily, they haven't.
Sara stands nearby, not really hearing your conversation but she definitely heard the word “fuck” coming out of Ivy with no problem. She stares at you, somehow looking both worried and amused at the same time as you take a deep breath.
Oh, fuck. She's not even your kid and you feel your palms getting sweaty. You don't want to cross any lines or interfere with the way she is being raised, you know not many parents appreciate when one of the teachers gets involved. However, it's your job to explain to her certain things when it directly happens in the kindergarten and in front of other kids. The last thing you need is one of the kids to hear her and repeat it after her.
“Ivy, you can't say that word. It's naughty and nice kids don't talk like that,” you start, seeing her tilting her head slightly at you as she thinks about your words for a moment. “I thought you're a nice kid.” you tell her softly, purposely saying it knowing she's always determined to prove that she's nice whenever her dad comes to pick her up and mentions ice-cream. Or even if he asks one of you, the teachers, if she was nice. Ivy is usually the first one to respond which always makes everyone laugh.
She's a good kid. Polite one too. She treats other kids nicely and always shares her toys. So naturally, you're even more surprised to hear her saying such a word that definitely shouldn't belong to the dictionary of a four year old.
“I am!” she insists, frowning as she pouts slightly.
“Well, nice and good kids don't talk like that. It's very naughty.”
“Sorry.” she mumbles apologetically, looking down at her lap.
“I don't want to hear you saying that again, okay? You're a very cute and pretty lady.” you tell her, trying to lighten her sour mood as you tap her cute round nose.
She giggles, nodding as you chuckle at her. “Okay.” she tells you softly once she calms down.
Half an hour later, close to the closing time, Sara informs you Ivy's mother is coming to pick her up as she just parked her car. It doesn't faze you, it's pretty usual for her to come pick up her daughter at this hour. However, even though she's not very nice towards her ex-husband, having bitter remarks which are usually muttered underneath her breath but you – or Sara and Katana – always hear them. She's not trying to mask it that much, even though she thinks she's being sleek with the whole act “I hate my ex-husband”. But she's not a bad mom. She comes this late because she owns a boutique but whenever she sees her daughter, an almost identical copy of her father, she always has a warm smile on her lips. She's nice towards teachers (which obviously includes you as well) and you've never really had any trouble with her.
That can't be said about Ivy's father though.
You know your daily task is to fill up parents about their kids' day and how they behaved, but before Sara can make her way towards the door and open it, you catch her wrist and glance at her nervously.
“Don't say anything about what Ivy said today, please.”
Sara looks a little taken aback by your request, not hiding a mere confusion and probably wonders why are you even asking this of her. It's pretty usual you'd tell whichever of the parents would pick up the kid, the truth. The last time Ivy said clear and soundable “fuck”, you brushed it off after talking to the girls. But now that has happened a second time, you'd usually just have to say it to the parent.
“Are you sure? She should probably know about this.” Sara says, voice quiet and confused.
“Yeah, she should. But she'll just blame Ivy's father for it and the poor kid already listens to that every time she finds something against him. I think her dad will explain this stuff to her better, Ivy listens to him more. We can tell him next week when it's his turn to pick her up.”
Sara is not surprised to hear your reason, she can easily tell the difference of the two parents as well. She's very attentive and knows, even though Ivy loves both her parents, she's way more cheerful when her dad comes to pick her up and he's actually the one that is more strict. Ivy is just a kid and even though she has a good heart and is raised well, she has her own tantrums sometimes. You, Sara and Katana were witnesses to him putting her back in her place whenever she threw a tantrum in the dressing room with his deep and stern voice.
“Okay, I think you're right.” she nods, agreeing with you but before she can say something else, Ivy's mother opens the door and greets you before she calls out to Ivy.
The little girl runs to her and hugs her long legs before she lets go and goes back into the room, cleaning up the toys she played with just a few seconds ago and putting them back to their place. It makes your heart bloom with softness and warmness and when you look at her mother, you see the same look in her eyes as she waits for her daughter, taking her small hand into hers when she finally makes it back to her mother.
Tumblr media
The apartment smells delicious when you enter the spacious entryway, a silent curse leaving your mouth as soon as you take off your shoes and step onto a wooden toy that makes your foot ache. Putting away your thin jacket onto the rack, you make your way through the house, following the little rumble sounds and amazing smell of food that makes your mouth water.
You smile as soon as you see him, standing with his back while stirring something on the pot. You make your way towards him, hugging him from the back as he slightly jumps from the sudden touch but smiles once he looks down and sees it's you.
“Hey, love.”
Heart warming at the pet name, you let out a soft “hi” before he turns around and kisses you on the lips, cupping your cheeks for a moment.
“Ivy?” he asks in assurance, causing you to chuckle as you lean against the kitchen counter, seeing him still wearing one of his work attires, a light blue button-up and black slacks.
He must've come home and straight went to prepare dinner for the two of you.
“Hyerim picked her up.” you answer, seeing him nod even though he already knows the answer to that. He's just in his dad's protective and caring mode, he needs assurement.
“Good, how was your day?”
So you chat, watching him cook as he refuses your help whenever you offer yourself. Once the food is ready, you move to the dining room with a few crayons still sitting on top of the table messily as he apologizes and quickly puts them away.
“Sorry, didn't have enough time to make this place clean.” he apologizes, but it only makes you chuckle because he's acting as if you're not spending your free time here every second week.
Throughout the dinner, you talk and eat in a peaceful silence – something you've grown used to as well. Sometimes you wonder how it'd feel like with Ivy's presence here, considering it feels like she is here but in reality she isn't. Her drawings are attached to the fridge and around the house, clearly making her dad a proud one. And her toys are almost everywhere, even though they're neatly placed in the living room.
It makes you miss her, knowing she is probably having a great time with her mom because apparently, she never complains and always talks fondly whenever she comes back home. It only makes you think of what happened today, wondering if by now the little girl didn't listen to you and already said “fuck” again, this time in front of her mother.
“Taehyung?” you ask softly, putting down your fork as you glance at your boyfriend who's just putting a bite into his mouth as he hums in response, eyes set upon you.
“Did you and Hyerim fight by any chance recently?” you ask him, seeing his brows furrowing, the same way like Ivy did today.
“No,” he answers, looking a little puzzled as he thinks it through for a second before answering more confidently. “No, I told you we haven't fought in months. I think she prefers talking behind my back and in front of Ivy's teachers.” he jokes a little, the corner of his lips curving to a slight smirk.
It makes you chuckle and look down at your plate, obviously knowing you're the reason why he knows all of this in the first place. As much as Sara and Katana daydream about him, they wouldn't go as far as telling him such an uncomfortable and private thing, even if it includes him as well. It's impolite.
Perks of him being your boyfriend, so you can tell him anything you want.
You nod along his words, reaching for the glass of wine as you take a decent sip before he keeps his eyes on you, a silent curiosity and interest crossing his face. “Is there a reason why you're asking? Has she said something about me again?”
“Ah, no. She was actually very polite this time...” you trail off, avoiding his eyes for a moment and you've no idea why.
Maybe it's the way he's staring at you with his dark eyes across the table, or the fact that he looks so hot and stern all of a sudden while he analyzes the way you're acting. Obviously, a few months of dating him, he already knows when there's something you're not telling him.
“Come on, love. Tell me, I'm not gonna bite. At least not now.” he smirks, laughing when you exclaim his name and start laughing too, momentarily hiding your face with your hands as you feel the heat rushing to your face.
“Alright,” you breathe out once you calm down, looking him in the eyes. “Ivy said 'fuck' today.”
Taehyung's brows shoot up in surprise, opening his mouth slightly. “She said what?”
“Fuck,” you tell him, even though you know he heard you the first time. “One of the toys fell when she was trying to grab it. I talked to her but obviously, I thought you should know. I didn't say anything to Hyerim, we both know why…” you tell him and he nods, understanding that Hyerim might've overreacted and just put more blame on him than it's necessarily.
“I don't understand… I don't curse in front of her, neither does Hyerim. We're both very careful about that.”
“You never know, it might've slipped. It doesn't really matter who's to blame for this, but she can't speak like that. Thank god none of the kids heard her. This is actually the second time she said it, the first time she said it was a few days ago.”
“What? Why didn't you tell me?” he asks, surprised, not sounding accusingly at all.
“I wanted to tell you in private and since you had Ivy last week, there was no time. I wasn't about to discuss it in a dressing room where other parents were.” you explain.
Taehyung nods understandably, giving you a slight smile in appreciation before he looks a little disappointed by the news as he sighs. “I'll talk to her when she comes back from Hyerim. Where could she possibly hear it from? I don't understand…”
You shrug, not sure what to answer as he thinks about it for a moment, deciding that he has no answer for that and just lets it go for tonight. Shaking his head, he continues eating while you do the same, a casual talk filling the dining room once again while throwing knowing and flirtatious glances at each other.
Tumblr media
You often think about what you did in your past life to deserve such a man in your life, to have that privilege of snatching not just one of the hottest men in the world but also the kindest and most attentive boyfriend. It was one year ago when you started working at the kindergarten where you're working till this day. You had been working there barely for a week when a new three year old started attending kindergarten for the first time. You can still remember the way Ivy's big eyes were full of curiosity and fear at the same time, her both hands clutching her father's big one. He stayed for a few minutes, lingering close to the wall as he watched his daughter playing with toys and drawing him a picture. Despite his fond eyes that were filled with nothing but love, you could see him looking worried just as equal as Ivy when the door of the classroom full of other kids opened.
The only difference is, that he waited until his daughter wasn't watching him and was too occupied while drawing him a picture of butterflies, house and other random things that the three year old could think of.
And despite you working there barely a week, you already encountered similar situations with other parents as well. You're not going to lie, he did look slightly intimidating from the moment you first saw him. It's not like he was expressionless or coldly looked around himself, he was quite the opposite. One of the kids brought him a toy and he crouched down to the kid, ruffled his black hair and thanked him with a cute boxy smile which later on, you found Ivy has a very similar smile.
So you approached him, listened to him as he explained that he's probably overreacting but ever since she was born, he was with her most of the time and now is the time for her to come here, so he can work and she can finally attend kindergarten like every other kid. Ever since then, you both chatted a lot whenever he came to pick her up. Nothing too serious and you never crossed any boundaries, especially when he informed you Ivy's mother will pick her up every second week. Later on, when he came to pick up Ivy one day, you assumed they're married but busy to come together to pick her up. You assumed they just came to an arrangement to take turns.
You were surprised – okay, maybe even pleased – to hear that they've been divorced and separated for a year already. You kept your reaction low, just nodding in understatement. You remember the way he subtly smirked at you when you shyly looked away.
Somehow over the months, you both became close – friends maybe. He'd always talk to you about his day while waiting for Ivy to tie her shoes because “she's a big girl and she can do it alone”. Ivy's words, not her father's. He went along with it, taking that time to lean against the kids lockers while chatting to you whenever you had the time.
Until one day he finally grew some balls – Taehyung's words again – and finally asked you out. And the rest is a history, bringing you back to present time as you've been dating for five months now.
Taehyung's broad shoulders and the way he's eye-fucking you is definitely worth of not thinking about history, but get ready for present. He cockily smirks at you, standing above you while you're sprawled on his bed completely naked while he takes the last article of his clothes which happens to be boxers.
Oh, you're definitely lucky.
If only Sara and Katana could see you right now, they'd never believe you've been dating this man the whole time they kept talking about him, or more like thirsting over him. He's more than that though.
There are many things you appreciate about Taehyung, being mature is one of them. Him being older than you, seven years difference to be exact, makes him more mature than any of the boys you were dating previously. There weren't that many but even if there were, you know no one could compete with Taehyung.
Even your friendly and blunt co-workers can't keep their eyes off him whenever it's his turn of the custody. Even when it's not, they talk about him on a daily basis. And apparently giving him a nickname that has been sticking to him for a few months now.
Taehyung is in the middle of rolling a condom down his length when you giggle amusingly as your eyes scrunch. He chuckles, even though he glances at you in confusion wondering why the hell you're giggling all of a sudden.
“What?” he asks, breathing out a chuckle as he glances down at his length and gives himself a few testing tugs. As much as he wants three more kids (apparently – it's something he spilled when you had a date night at his house while drinking lots of wine), you still have a long way to go until you go that route.
“You know that Sara and Katana call you dilf?” you giggle, covering your mouth with your palm while Taehyung's eyebrows shoot up in shock.
For the first time since he has slowly led you to his bedroom and pleasured you with his mouth until you were begging for him to stop and let you breathe for a second, he looks quite shocked and taken aback. It's only now that you see the back of his neck flash as he sheepishly rubs it with his hand.
He's no stranger to the names of your co-workers, he hears about them all the time. However, it's the first time you revealed the nickname they gave him, even though he knows they're thirsting over him. Something you spilled that time on your date night.
But Taehyung is not caught off guard for too long, hovering over you for a second as he pulls you closer to the edge of bed, hands on your ass as he lifts it up. His length pokes you right into your clit causing you to stop giggling as you moan.
“Dilf, is it?” he hums, causing you to nod while silent pleas of him filling you up resounds from your mouth. In times like these, you can barely function and control yourself at the same time.
Taehyung listens to you, guiding his thick length into your wet and tight hole as he enters you with a slow yet shallow thrust. You groan, mouth opening and eyes shutting, falling apart from the single feeling of him stretching you out. You missed him. It's been something over a week since you got to have some alone time with him, which includes a lot of sex of course.
“Do they know this dilf gets to fuck you?” he hums against your neck, causing you to realize he's hovering over you once again as he gently bites into the crook of your neck, slowly thrusting in and out.
“Ah, fuck,” you moan out once he pulls back, grabbing you by your thighs as he hoasts your lower body up to his liking. It's just a matter of seconds before he starts fucking you just like he promised a few minutes ago when you entered his bedroom.
His thick length brushes your wet and tight walls, hitting all the right places as you can't keep your moans silent. Taehyung's eyes are focused on your breasts that bounce with each thrust he makes, eyes glancing down at your stomach to see it bulging thanks to his length inside you.
“Shit, love. You're killing me.” he groans, the sight being one of his weaknesses as it ushers him to pound into you even more.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Tae…” you whimper, feeling yourself getting close as his nails dig into the meat of your thighs. But the pain is nothing but pleasing and arousing you even more.
Soon enough, you're falling apart and cumming around his thick length that makes him groan, making it harder for him to move inside you. But somehow he does, pounding into you and following you a minute later while he spills into the condom.
Both breathing heavy, you're not surprised when Taehyung falls down on you as you hug him closer while he peppers your neck and chest with kisses. He slowly slips out of you, groaning at the feeling as he forces himself to stand up and dispose of the condom. He tells you he'll be right back, bringing one of his shirts that he without a doubt found in the bathroom. He cleans you up, tossing it down the floor you scoot further to the bed, finally laying down onto his soft pillows. He cuddles to you, tossing a duvet over your naked and warm buddies as he nuzzles to your neck.
“I want to tell Ivy,” he suddenly mumbles, his hands slowly rubbing your stomach under the duvet. “About us, about you.”
That makes you surprised, your heart skipping a beat and causing you to feel excited.
Ivy doesn't know that you're dating her father. It's something you respected from the moment you felt things between you and Taehyung aren't just about the casual talks between a parent and a teacher. From Taehyung's positions, it definitely makes sense that he didn't want to break it to his daughter that he's dating one of her teachers. You both wanted to make sure you're very serious about each other before he breaks the news to her. It makes sense. You're her teacher and even though it won't affect your work or can get you into trouble, you didn't want to be introduced to her as her dad's girlfriend just yet. No one knows about your relationship, that's one of the reasons.
Ivy is a sweet kid but she's still a kid and she would obviously spill the news. You both can't expect the four year old will keep your relationship a secret before you decide to just announce it to the world. You don't know how Hyerim, Taehyung's ex, will react to the news. Even though you don't care that much about her because she has nothing to do with Taehyung, not anymore – she's still Ivy's mother and probably won't have a pleasant reaction.
There are a lot of things you and Taehyung had to think through before you came to the conclusion that this is nice and you want to be in each other's life like this. Your parents know about Taehyung, and so does his parents know about you. But telling Ivy means that you'll be openly dating and it no longer will be a secret, in other words it’s a bigger step than telling your or Taehyung’s parents. This means Sara and Katana will find out eventually too, however you're not worried about that.
They might feel embarrassed that they've been thirsting about your boyfriend this whole time, but it'll be finally your time to laugh at them and see them frustrated.
Taehyung isn't scared of Ivy's reaction, the reason he didn't tell her about the two of you isn't about that. She loves you. Apparently, she talks about you at home too and according to Taehyung, you're her favorite teacher. Teachers shouldn't have a favorite kid but they always do. Your favorite kid is Ivy. Not because you're dating her dad, she's been your favorite from the moment Taehyung went to work and left her there for the first time alone. She came up to you and clutched to your hand, talking to you sweetly as she drew you a picture. The first one she drew in a class was already took by Taehyung as she made sure she gave it to him before he had to depart.
“Are you sure?” you ask, not hiding the smile in your voice that makes Taehyung smile as he kisses your collarbone.
“I've been sure for quite some time,” he tells you softly, “I don't want to hide anymore. She loves you, I love you and I want to spend my time with both of you. I want you to be here when she's home too, I want my both girls here.”
Your heart softens, heart blooming with love and warmness as your fingers play with Taehyung's dark wavy hair.
“I'd be more than happy about that,” you confess, “I feel like it's the right time too.”
Taehyung agrees, lifting his head off your body as he looks at you and purses his lips, silently asking for a kiss. You chuckle, finding him cute and different than from the man that pounded you into his mattress just a moment ago. You kiss him, letting your mouths mold together for a few minutes until you're forced to pull apart to properly breathe.
“I know where Ivy heard the bad word.”
The bad word. That makes you chuckle as you turn to him with an interest in your eyes. “Really?”
“Yeah,” he nods, smirking a little. “From you.”
You open your mouth. “Excuse me? I don't curse in front of her.”
“Uhm, it might not have been completely in front of her, but you know when you curse the most.”
“No, tell me.” you tell him, narrowing your eyes at him.
“When we have sex.” he smirks, causing your mouth to open.
“You remember the last time when we had sex? I called you over after we both couldn't sleep, Ivy was in her room sleeping back then,” Taehyung starts, causing your heart to stop for a moment as a horrific expression makes a way to your face.
Like Taehyung said, it was one of the nights when you texted and couldn't sleep, the texts becoming slightly explicit and needy which caused Taehyung to call you over. It was the first and only time you sneaked to his house while Ivy was in it too, supposedly soundlessly sleeping in her room while her father fucked you in his own. He assured you she's sleeping and you had to sneak away the next morning before she woke up, like a damn teenager.
You both acted like teenagers that night to be fair. The whole sneaking thing had its own spice though.
“Apparently, the little lovebug was awake or we must've woke her up.” Taehyung says, laughing as he seems amused by the whole situation.
“But--how do you know? Maybe she heard it somewhere else, this doesn't mean anything.” you tell him, not believing your own words too.
Taehyung raises his brow at you, “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck,” he starts mimics you from that night when he took you from behind, your face heating up right away as you slap him in the chest. “You know how I know that?” he asks, voice amused and cocky which makes you roll your eyes.
“Spill it out.” you tell him, ready to hide behind the duvet but he gently takes it away from you and keeps his hold onto it.
“She asked me the next morning who was at our house. Apparently, she heard some noises.”
Okay, now you certainly look mortified. Taehyung laughs, enjoying the way you squeal in embarrassment.
“And you're telling me that just now?” you exclaim, repeating his words from earlier as he laughs with eyes scrunched shut.
“Well, telling you over a text or in a kindergarten with a bunch of parents and kids around wasn't the best option. I forgot to tell you, to be honest.”
“Oh my god,” you groan, rubbing your forehead in embarrassment. “What did you tell her?”
“That she must've had a bad dream.” Taehyung chuckles causing you to laugh.
“And she believed that?”
“Does it matter?”
No, it doesn't.
Taehyung suddenly cuddles you again, leg slouched over your own as his mouth is on your collarbone against, slowly making his way down to your breast as he starts sucking your nipple. You gasp, looking down at him as he keeps his attention to your nipple before he looks up with a smirk.
“Look at you, teaching my kid a bad word and you haven't even been introduced as my girlfriend.”
“It wasn't on purpose.” you gasp, whimpering when he gently bites onto your breast, chuckling lowly.
“I know,” he adds, assuring you that he's not mad or putting a blame on you. It was your both's fault. If you just waited and weren't horny like teenagers, this wouldn't have happened.
He lets go of your nipple with a loud plop, staring you in the eyes while his hands move down your stomach. You already know where this is heading, soon feeling him between your legs. But before he fully touches you where you're aching for him the most, he licks his lips and bites into them before a loving gaze makes its way to his eyes.
“Good thing I love you.”
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laudthingcat · 4 months ago
I love your stuff omfg! Could you pllllease do one where they find out you're pregnant with - Naoya - Geto *before he went dark*- Choso - Sukuna - Gojo
JJK/ They find out you're pregnant
Thank you sooo much jcnswkjn🥺 Hearing that means a lot to me so thank you. Hope you had a great day ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ♡
Here's your request~ I really hope you like it💙
Tumblr media
You really had no idea how was he going to react when you were to tell him that you’re pregnant
It’s not like he warned you to take care so it won’t happen
It was an accident after all
You made sure he’s in a good mood before approaching him. He was sitting on his throne, looking like he was in pretty good spirits. Still at the base of the throne, you took in a deep breath. “Baby. I have something to tell you”. He hummed as he tapped on his thigh, wordlessly telling you to go and sit on it. Once you were comfortably sitting on it, he gave you an expecting look. “Please don’t be mad, but... I am pregnant...” You were looking down at your hands, not knowing what was to happen next. But what happened sure took you by surprise. He started laughing, loudly. Turning your head in his direction, you gave him a puzzled look. “Oh this is great news. I am going to teach our kid to be such a good warrior.” Grabbing you by the shoulder, he leaned in for a kiss. You could feel him smile through it. You both were. Both a wave of relief and panic took over your body at the same time. Of course, you were really happy he was so excited, but.. uh.. the warrior part; you weren’t totally fine with it. But that was a problem to take care of later.
You were sure he was going to be happy to hear this
Knowing that he loves his brothers so much, he sure was going to love his own kid
You were outside, having lunch in the garden with him. You felt like there couldn’t be a better moment to give him the big news. “Wanna take a walk?” you asked while reaching for one of the delicious looking strawberries on the table. He nodded his head in response as he rose from his seat, offering you his hand. You gladly accepted it and you slowly started walking. After a short while he stopped. “Wait here a bit”. And with that, he disappeared for a few minutes, before returning with a few flowers he probably picked while he was gone. He gave them to you, quickly taking back your hand in his. He wanted to continue walking but you didn’t move. He drew closer, clearly confused. “What’s the matter? You don’t like the flowers?” He was so cute. So caring and thoughtful. “No. It’s not that. I love them. I have something to tell you”. His confused face turned into a concerned one. He was afraid you were about to give some bad news, or even worse, break up with him. You could see the concern in his eyes so you quickly calmed him down. “It’s nothing bad. It’s.. I am pregnant”. He started blinking rapidly. “We’re going to have a baby?” he asked, sounding like he wasn’t totally sure it was real. “We’re going to have our own baby?”, he kept asking, still shocked. You took his hands in yours, giving him a soft smile. “Our own baby. We will have our own baby”. He lifted and started spinning you around extremely happy with the news you gave him. Letting you down, he kissed you passionately, telling you how excited he was.
Bonus: During the entire pregnancy, he has always been around you, making sure you were eating properly, getting enough sleep, that you were not feeling sick and that you had everything you needed. Even though he had brothers, and you were sure he was going to be a good father, he read over 5 parenting books, since he really wanted to make sure he would take good care of his future child.
I guess it was only a matter of time for it to happen
Since he had both a breeding and a daddy kink
But neither of you ever expected for it to happen so soon
You started looking for him immediately after taking the test. He was sitting on the couch in the living room, legs crossed, looking through his phone. Rushing to the couch, you took a seat next to him, distracting his attention from the phone. He tilted his head without saying a thing. “Baby, you won’t believe this”. He was now paying you full attention as it seemed to be either some spicy news or something important. Not wasting another second, you took the test out of your back pocket, showing him the result. “I am pregnant.” He looked at you from under his glasses, not saying anything. You were starting to get nervous, not sure if he’s upset or happy. “This isn’t a prank, is it?”; “Noo”, you responded immediately, while running a hand through your hair. “It is real. I really am expecting a baby”. His face drew closer as a big smile appeared on his face. Cupping your face with his hands he started kissing you with only a few very short breaks, during which he said “I”, “am”, “so”, “ happy”. When he was finally done, he took you into his arms and started talking about how inpatient and delighted he is, and how he is really good when it comes to children (Megumi disagrees, RIP)
Oh you were terrified of telling him you were pregnant
You really had no idea how was he going to react
But you couldn't really hide it, so...
You knocked softly on his door, entering once he gave you permission. Raising his head from the book he was reading, he shifted his gaze to you. “What do you want?”. You took a few steps forward, until you were standing in front of him. Facing your feet, you softly spoke. “I am pregnant.” You were afraid of his reaction, thinking that he would be incredibly mad. You only had to do what he was telling you to, and he clearly didn’t tell you to get pregnant. It was your fault you didn’t make sure this wouldn't happen. You heard him close his book and place it on a small stand near his chair. Still looking at your feet, not daring to look him in the eye, you realized he stood up. “Raise your head” he commanded, waiting for you to answer some of his questions. “How long since you found out?”; “Just now”. He hummed, lifting his hand so he could hold his chin. “Interesting”. You were still unsure of how he felt about it. “It will be a boy”. Your eyes widened hearing that. The kid’s gender wasn’t something you could really choose. “He will be my heir. I will raise him to be the strongest sorcerer.” he continued, clearly excited at the thought. “What if the child will be a girl..?” you asked, wishing to know what was to happen to you and the kid if that was the situation. He laughed shortly, as if the answer was obvious. “Then we will try again. And again. Until you will get a boy”. Oh boy. Let’s hope it will be a boy first try🤞
You had no idea how to let him know
Oh well, you had to tell him eventually, as you can't avoid it forever
The two of you went out on a date. You wanted to tell him for a few days now, but you didn't seem to find the right moment. That day you decided you won’t keep the secret anymore. Walking along the beach, you cleared your throat. “I got something to tell you”. He turned his head in your direction and raised a brow. He didn’t question you about it, allowing you to take the time you needed. Finally ready, while playing with a lock of your hair out of anxiety, you spoke. “I am pregnant”. He stopped walking, still holding your hand. You tried deciphering his expression; useless though, as his face was very neutral. “Is it for real?”, he finally spoke, looking you straight in the eye. “Yes”. When he got the confirmation, a smile made its way on his face. It was a calm and affectionate smile, that was warming your heart. “You’re not upset about it?”, you questioned him, trying to make sure he really was fine with it. “Far from that. We’re gonna have a baby~” All your fears had disappeared hearing him say that with such joy. Leaning down, he pressed a kiss on your forehead, squeezing your hand softly.
Later that day: “So, you’ll now have a milf as girlfriend huh”, said Gojo, his good friend. “I guess I will”
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