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#there's more on the other side

it’s !! my birthday !! @x-joie-x ’s bday !! 🥺 hbd to us and those who also have their birthday on oct. 28, we’re now a year older—i’m so thankful for everyone who’s been by our side !! whether it’s been years, or just a few months; regardless if we’re close, talk on a daily basis, or perhaps just mere acquaintances—thank you <3 once again, hbd to us hehe ♡

#birthday, #scheduling this for 12 am bcs i'm not sure if i'll stay up that late ehe, #anyways... i'm so excited for today !! i love my birthdays sm n sembreak also starts today so <3, #theres sm i want to do n have to do, #i'm going to start ffxiv later on !! n !! continue playing genshin n so much other games !!, #time flies by so fast—i can't believe that it's already october 28 !?@, #its our bday but by the time this was posted i wasn't born yet omg, #though when i wake up, #i'll definitely already be 14 bcs i don't think ill wake up at 7 am omg, #i want to wake up early... sm i want to do..., #i'm hesitant of growing up bcs i cherish my past sm but. i look forward sm to the future !! n i live n have fun in the present!!, #ill cherish every single moment of my life. and also... with u guys <3, #anyways 🥺👉🏼👈🏼🖤 i feel bad bcs i haven't done stuff for others' birthdays but since i'm already 14, #i'm planning to seriously be more responsible 😼, #i'm already vvv responsible but i promise that i'll live up to my true upmost potential this year !!, #it'll take a while to make it all a habit—but i want to change. i know i can change and how to change so i will !! do it !! <3, #and i know you guys will stay by my side and cheer for me—thank you so so so much everyone !!, #above all ofc... tysm tysm tysm to my family who's always been there w me ever since the very beginning <3, #also to joie !! we started this together eh? make sure u stay by my side till the very end ♡, #can you tell that i'm already super happy even though i'm currently writing this at 2 pm oct. 27 💀, #anyways nothing will stop me tomorrow !! it's my day !! joie's day !! i'll be the best ever !! <3, #i'll post again when its actually my bday omg, #but srsly i'm just so overwhelmed by sm things !! october rlly is my month <3 i love october sm n i love sm ppl n things sm its OVERWHELMING, #anywahs hbd <333, #i love oct. 28 sm 🥺🖤, #— jobros' 2020 bday <3
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CLOVIEEEEE !!!!!!!!!! 🥺💞✨ hi !!! ilysm !!! n i hope the floor is cozy n cool n that u have a great day !! ~ 👉👈✨ a-also 😳 tysm !!!!!!!!!! 😭 autumn is prolly my fave season ( its so dang cool n also !! my bday !! ayeee !! ) so hehehe i will take full advantage of this tysm ilysm !!!!!!!!!! 🥰💗✨ ( this is super duper late but tysm hehe i rlly appreciate it this was awesome ilysm !!!!!! 🥺💘 | under the cut since i got carried away ~ 😚💖 )


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#lovemail — ✎⋅⋅⋅, #; clovie !! 🍀💞, #sandy !! ✩, #i just thought of smth else. maybe sandy lending me his jacket... or smth. 😳👉👈✨, #( like... placing it over my shoulders... it being a lil big on me... n it smells of him... maybe... ), #O-OK ANYWAYS !!!!! 😖 I HOPE U HAVE A GREAT DAY CLOVIEEE ILYSM WOO HOO !!!!!!!!!! 🥰🥳🤩💞💖💘, #ack — jodi started the dragon knights side story so... im back in vane brainrot guys...! ~ 🥺💞✨, #ack — im also... listening to his solo ver of the dragon knights song... so im falling all over again...! 😌💗✨, #ack — oh shoot baking fall-themed cookies n snaccs w/ vane... oh gosh... i...! 😭💝✨, #TRIPLE ACK WOO HOOOO I LOVE VANE N SANDY SM !!!!!!!! 😚💕💝💓💘💖💗💞, #ah btw !! i just updated my f/o list a while ago ~ im yet to add more but added ffxiv + genshin impact + others !! ~ 😎✨, #my bday is in 2 days... thats so weird... omg... 😔 anyways have a great day everyone !! im still🤯 over everything..., #...since theres sm i wanna do n my brain is still messy - but ive made lots of progress today !! ily all sm !!!!! 🥳💖, #also clovie omg im srry i keep on rambling - ilysm tho hehehe ~ 🏴‍☠️🌊⚓️🐚 ur f/os lov u sm brooo !!!!! ✨, #( shoot i wanna be held in sandy's arms now . ), #( i now wanna make a cute lil sandie fall themed moodboard . but im busy so ill just soon share the one i alrdy made . ), #( ok this is getting too long hehe bye have a great day everyone ilysm . )
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The Other Side

A Mass Effect ghost story

Beta read by the lovely and super talented @tristinai.



At first, it was a ball of light.

It appeared one night in Shepard’s cabin just as she finally crawled into bed at the end of another long, frustrating day, and hovered in the air, small and bright, a few feet above the floor.

Shepard stared at her uninvited visitor, and for a brief, illogical moment, she wondered if one of her crew was playing a trick on her.

She discarded the idea as quickly as it had come. As far as she knew, no biotic, no matter how powerful, could summon such a concentrated energy field through the thick metal door of her room and the heavy plating of the ship. Besides, she didn’t think anybody on board was foolish enough to risk latrine duty for a stupid joke.

Perhaps it was some kind of optical illusion, then. Or… maybe it was simply a product of her exhausted, stressed-out brain.

Whatever the source of the light was, it slowly moved closer, and came to a stop by the side of her bed.

Brows furrowed in puzzled bewilderment, Shepard sat up, and with the same cautious care she would use to approach a skittish animal back on the farm, she lifted her arm and reached for the orb.

The light vanished.

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Alright yeah at this point I’m gonna say I probably wont be able to make any post-able art for a while. I’ve got a lot going on and just have no time which I’m sad about but some things are getting close to release so that’s exciting at least!

I’ll still post some animation updates every so often, given I’m able to keep working on it though!

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Whilst I still enjoy drawing undertale art and still wanna make my own fan stuff with it, at the same time… it feels pretty discouraging to engage in the fandom knowing that one big content creator who was a massive ableist dickhead to my friends is still around and is STILL in the fandom…

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Man people genuinely don’t like Travis?? Like thinking he overperforms allyship?? I mean I didn’t even think he was cishet but regardless……. Yall don’t think that a man who naturally defies gender roles and such would want to be a good and outspoken ally to the LGBT community?? Like I’m not equating the two I don’t think nonconformance in any way equates being LGBT I think being lgbt is what equates being lgbt, I’m saying that wouldn’t you think someone who wants to live openly and honestly in regards to his gender (when others see him less of that gender because of who he is and how he looks like) would just naturally just be as open about lgbt support as he is about. Being himself?? Like am I the only one who presumed being enthusiastic about being welcoming and encouraging and goring safe spaces was uh………. The natural state? Something people would want to do naturally unless they didn’t understand, but Travis should understand and therefore his want to make sure everyone is comfortable and accepted is uh. Normal???

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@animalsofglass said: is this the down podcast that got indefinitely delayed after the 19th episode? Is it worth listening to the stuff they have out now? These posters are Super cool!!!

it IS that down podcast ! && ty!! - I guess if its worth listening depends on what /you/ like from a podcast, and if youre alright w the current ‘ending’/ep19 being a semi-cliffhanger? 

(i’ll readily admit that its a podcast that has everything *I* kinda want?; Antartica, weird fish monsters, ppl trapped in isolation together, and practically no one else in the world listening to it,, so I might v well be biased, tbc)

but if you are interested in that kinda thing then I think now would be a good time to get into it ngl? I think at least the first 10-12 eps are better binged, and I think the atmosphere and unnerving qualities are p good - seasonally appropriate atm too, lmao. They’re pretty short eps either way, and if youre not enjoying it too much by ep 4-5 then you’ll know if its not for you, I figure. 

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@shwarmi replied

as a third indigenous person (and also a white-passing mix eyo), you might find solace in the term Urban NDN?? theres a lot of contemporary indigenous lit and poetry, and a lot of creators use that term to help grapple with “i didnt grow up on the rez but my culture still important to my identity”. there isnt ONE way to grow up native. its complicated. i hope the introduction/reminder of the term helps ease your stiffness a little ♡♡♡ much love from a SoCal Urban NDN!!

Hey! I wanted to post this up too (if you don’t mind?) just in case anyone else wants to see it bc I’ve never heard of that term and is definitely something I’ll look into!

Also tbh that’s something I’d want to consider for my thesis too, gathering urban NDN resources for easier access too :D

Thank you!! I’ll look into it as an identifier for myself and in case anyone else sees this and thinks it might apply to them too :)

This is in reference to this post btw -> [link]

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the only part i think could be disputed is “if Thor 1 had been focusing on Lokis pov instead of Thors’ we would’ve seen the humane side of him and not the villainous act he put on“ because while the film was focused on Thor we do get to see that Loki is, relatively to everyone around him, a “good person” at the beginning, and even later in the film he’s clearly conflicted and feeling as if he has no other way to prove himself, and it shows, much more than any of Thor’s words or actions in the film because even though Loki gets half the screentime more of his characterisation is explored simply because for Loki the first Thor film is a time of crisis and he’s incredibly proactive about responding to the new information of being adopted which is trying to shift his entire worldview. 

#Loki WAS relatively compassionate through Thor 1 but this may be because I'm comparing him to Thor and Odin, #but Loki openly shows he cares through the entire start of Thor 1, #have you SEEN how he LOOKS at THOR? there's one part in the vault where Thor looks around the room, #and his eyes pass over Loki for a second and he doesn't even acknowledge him but the second he's looking around you know what loki does??, #he turns his full attention to Thor just in case Thor decides to address him and when Thor stops looking around he sulks, #its not even a proper sulk its more like he's just resigned and used to being looked over, #but he's still showing he cares, #not to mention even without the deleted scenes Loki demonstrates the most emotions in the film... which is how you see how conflicted he is, #he doesn't enjoy fighting and killing for fun like thor does, #he doesn't want to slay all the frost giants like thor does, #he doesn't want to have to put himself against thor to prove he's got worth, #he does all that because he feels its the only way to gain even a semblance of acceptance or sense of purpose and it SHOWS, #more screentime of loki would've been great but loki's side of the story was done pretty well in thor 1, #other than deleting the openning scene the audience gets to see the major points of loki's emotional changes and his plan coming into play, #its thor's pov that ends up less interesting because he's oblivious and needs to learn some humility and humanity in my opinion, #Loki puts on a show in Thor 1 and the best part of that is the audience can tell
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I really hope they speed up the process if i need surgery, but at this point idk what else there is.

The strongest dose of penicillin, and 4 allergy meds did nothing.

It’s just so annoying when you got one illness where you need a lot of sleep, but you can’t sleep because you need to be awake to breathe.

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