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#there's too much to unpack here
bastardbeewoman · a month ago
Yknow, it is a funny vampire show, but it’s also a show where since the beggining we see people who are so open and comfortable with their sexuality; it is a funny vampire show full of sex jokes and words as poopoo and peepee but it is also a show where people loudly speak about what they like and about their wants and have main couple who is one of the healthiest things I have ever seen in a piece of media before, who have been married for centuries in an open relationship and always make clear how much they love and care for each other; it IS a funny vampire show but between the goofy and silly moments you have to show that you care, you have to show that you respect the ones around you and you have to actively know your boundaries and others boundaries, or else you will end up hurting them and yourself; it is, at its core, a fucking funny vampire show and there is this one human main character, who never felt like he fitted in society, who never felt like he was welcomed among humans, but has found in this little fucked up group of vampires a family of his own.
It is a funny vampire show, but it is also about founding a place you belong to; finding your happiness not on other people or other places, but in yourself; it is about embracing what is inside you and not trying to become what you are not; it is about being goofy and silly and maybe kinda fucked up, but treating your friends and family right and being there when they need you.
I could write lots and lots more and honestly porbably all of this sounds like gibberish, but at this point I just have so much on my mind regarding this show that I had to put it out somehow so, yeah. I love the funny vampire show with my whole heart and show.
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polymatthews · 8 months ago
Ive been haunted by this idea for a while.
Like everyones at the apartment, the whole gang. Up to idk what..
But jack suddenly forgot something, and just remembered.
Like oh shit i forgot to turn my essay in to mr. Feeny or something
And eric is casually like oh i saw him in the student union a bit ago hes still takin em
And in his excitement and gratitude jack is like thank u!
And he quickly grabs erics face and kisses him and then runs out the door
And everyone is like
Tumblr media
And jack realizing what hes done walks back in like
Tumblr media
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shweshishweh · 7 months ago
Another instance of eye color changing - and its significance
After episode 2, it seems the eye-color changing scene has struck manga readers and anime-onlies alike.
Tumblr media
A common interpretation I’ve seen is that it shows the nameless boy’s influence, or the shift from animalistic to more human tendencies.  However, I personally find this logic a bit shaky.  The nameless boy has clearly passed on, and Fushi’s eye-color changing eventually stops completely despite Fushi becoming more and more human.
I was skimming through the earlier chapters of the manga, and to my surprise found what looks to be possibly yet another instance of Fushi's eyes changing back to the color of the nameless boy's.  It then got me thinking about what its significance could be. (Said manga panel is directly under the cut.  Fairly minor spoilers.)
non-spoiler tl;dr: The change in eye color represents how Fushi is directly carrying out the boy’s wishes.  For example, in this first case, experiencing the sweet taste of fruit.
More explanation below.  Manga spoiler warning.
Tumblr media
It's a bit more subtle here, but the ring pattern in the eyes more closely matches the boy's, as opposed to Fushi/Joaan's where there is none.
I think its kind of funny and also fascinating that none of us have really noticed or payed much attention to this detail until the anime pointed it out. I had previously thought it might have been a blunder, but now after seeing this I'm starting to think it was purposeful.
Which makes me wonder, why would Ooima choose to show this, especially when after a certain point it doesn't happen again? Well, what comes to my mind first is that this might be a way of conveying that Fushi is directly carrying out the boy's wishes. He's letting the boy see the world with his own eyes, so to speak. As previously stated, in the first instance we see the eyes change color, Fushi was able to experience the sweet taste of fruit, something the boy had expressed that he wanted to do. And similarly here in Yanome, Fushi is being flooded with new sensations. As the boy had wished, he is meeting all sorts of people, and feeling all sorts of things.
(heavier spoiler warning from here on.)
It also makes me wonder if this could be possible with Fushi’s other forms.  We haven’t seen it again - but it makes sense, because in the later cases, it wouldn’t really be possible to fulfill the vessel’s wishes.  That, or Fushi never had the opportunity.  For example, we cannot see Gugu’s face, so there would be no way to tell.  It would not be possible to see Parona’s dead sister again (going off of the anime OP, that was likely her wish).  Meanwhile, theoretically, if Fushi had become a mother using March’s body, or become king using Bon’s, would his eyes have changed?  Something to think about.
Another mark against the “vessel’s influence” idea that I wanted to point out can be observed from the scene in which Kahak hugs Fushi in Parona’s body.  After becoming sick from the advance, Fushi states that being in Parona’s body likely influenced his reaction.  However, his eyes remain yellow throughout the entire ordeal.
There could be more interpretations, or maybe even some more moments throughout the manga where a color change happens that I missed (OR I could be entirely wrong about this part, we'll see what the anime does lol). Either way, I just think its really interesting!
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omg-snakes · 3 months ago
I have worked in the reptile breeding industry for over 10 years and have mentored under one of the greats, Vin Russo, if you know anything about snakes you'd know who that is.
So being someone thats literally been in facilities that the public can only dream about being in, it is incorrect to say deformities and such will die at birth/hatch. I personally have mutiple snakes with one eye, I've also had snakes whose necks were completely twisted backwards and still were able to live, eat and potentially breed. You'd be absolutely surprised what will live and also it doesnt always have to do with the genetics of the parents. When talking about live birth such as in Boa Constrictors there are far more deformities simply because a baby is weaker and beat out by the other babies incubating. Thats why they'll have 20 babies in a go. Its just how nature works, even in captivity.
Properly understanding genetics isnt learned overnight, im sure even you dont have the full understanding of geneology or herpetology. And if you do please post your degree. Point being, lets not act as a supreme overlord on animal husbandry.
TL;DR. I gave up after, "Oh, you like snake? NAME EVERY SNAKE BREEDER."
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pepprs · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#probably a bad idea to just straight up post room pics but yeah here it is. also it’s so hot in here and there’s a weird repetitive#pinging noise outside that won’t stop and also my blinds are broken and i can’t figure out how to close them so it’s too bright in here for#me to call asleep. oh but wait i brought a sleep mask AC tiu alt ok i should get that. anyways im mostly done unpacking i have to figure out#my toiletries and also it’s so plain and ugly here compared to my roommates she has so much stuff like help? i have nothing lkke look how#bare the closet is 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hers is like totally full. and i have like no books i should’ve brought more but im getting more tmrrw.. um im#so tired and sore and sad that this is my room and it’s the shittiest one of the 4 lkke the one i would’ve wanted the least had i known what#all the rooms were confugurdd like beforehand and im SO pissed that i thought i was getting THR room i wanted and im not getting it. b ut im#like whining ik it’s not a big deal and i’ll love this one but man it’s not what i was expecting ng and idk how to make it pretty and it’s t#too small to have ppl in if that ever becomes possible. anyways. um also i live here now and like this is my room so um. yeah#purrs#one of the things i hate the most aht this is i thought my room would have like the bed rxcactly where my bed st home is and my#other stuff would like match up perfectly either to where it was at home and where it was in my brighton room and now i get this room and#EVERYTHNG is in a new and wrong place like wtf 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 i wish i had KNOWN UGHHHHH IM SO MADDDDDDD i hope i stop being mad abt it but im so#mad it worked out this way AUFHHHHHHHHHHG anyways. yeah. ok im gonna try to sleep now bye#delete later#(bc like. it’s my room lol)#the way i checked in at like 5 ‘moved in’ at like 10 ish and then finished unpacking at 2. tess pepprs patron saint of chaos#also since im tmi-inganyways… the way i quite literally WALKED IN THE DOOR and got my ****** LIKE IS THE UNIVERSE OUT TO GDT ME. HELP#<- if anything delete that TAG later lol 💀
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lxncelot · 4 months ago
the worst thing netflix’s version of shadow & bone did was severely cut down the matthias (& nina) story line.
#olive rambles#no this isn't even about the romance they have#listen i could write a whole essay if someone asked me to but here's the skinny:#matthias is the gateway to fjerda. through his eyes we could have experienced so much of fjerda but we just... don't.#they strand matthias too early in the story and then barely give him an episode of development#and none of it has to do with fjerda beyond stereotypes#and sure sure sure fjerda isn't ~important~ yet#bit it actually kind of is. they're fighting a war against fjerdans.#part of the darkling's motivations involve the atrocities the fjerdans commit against the grisha.#it's iMPORTANT and by following matthias we could have /seen/ it and we could have been way more sympathetic to the darkling#plus there's so much to unpack in fjerdan society and since the books delve deeper into that in row it would be nice to have a basis#for the show.#and then you just have the worldbuilding. it's woefully underwhelming in the show and by adding in matthias and nina you get more of it easy#and sPEAKING of nina she is the perfect common thread character#and by that i mean she's in the soc duology /and/ the kos duology and she knows characters from the s&b trilogy she is pertinent to them all#by introducing her strongly we could have really tied all of the stories together in a cohesive way.#when we skip to a new cast in soc it wouldn't be weird because nina and matthias are there#and when we go to kos we are once again following nina into slightly unknown territory#and asdfsdfghjkjhgfdsdghj i have so many ideas for how they could have improved the fjerdan storyline#because here's the thing - alina is our in to ravka. matthias is our in to fjerda. kuwei is our in for shu han. kaz is our in for kerch.#all of these dynamics need to be ~shown~#so alina is pretty simple. it's not hard to master. when we meet matthias we need to sEE HIM IN HIS HOMELAND ASDFGHJHGFDD#and then when nina goes to kerch and she is confused#she can hear whispers about dirty hands (ideally at the end of season one) and the set up is made.#then ofc when kuwei comes into the story he has flashbacks or tells stories about shu han while in the tomb.#which is iMPORTANT SET UP BECAUSE OF THE KOS DUOLOGY asdghgdsdfhgfdsdgh#and in the show i feel like tolya and tamar are going to have a stronger role in the set up of shu han since they are half shu like alina#so we'll get set up there for sure#so wHY did they fail the matthias storyline so hard???? fjerda is kIND OF IMPORTANT sdfgjkjhgfdssdfghj#i just have so many thoughts..... ways it could have been done........ the establishment of matthias and fjerda is critical
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dadstiel · a month ago
dean burns anon here: *4x7 castiel voice* u misunderstand me, dadstiel. I'm not a- "deancrit" as you say. I have adorations, I have rage. on behalf of Dean my poor little meow meow my most specialist princess my male power fantasy Dean Winchester. rest assured my request was made respectfully for gut wrenching canonical allusions that may not have been in my memory, as I'll be honest I saw supern*tr** by ctr f ing Castiel on the wikipedia episode lists & the early seasons so i may hav missed many underrated dean *ahem* murder moments. for u 2 watch the the whole series... I don't envy the weight on ur shoulders, dadstiel. I truly don't
u see, i know Dean not only as a character on the c*w show sup*******al, but also personally. And as I mentioned before, Dean Winchester himself, was is & always will be a deancrit. hence for authenticity in MY Dean pov moc cas fic 😌😤 there will be sincere & unrepentant deancriticisms. that's just how he is, (my bestie my childhood friend my top ten anime old sad man). I have him blocked on tumblr
Tumblr media
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