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#theres a post going around right now thats trying to rationalize
verytendou · 5 months ago
hmm not sure how to convey this right but if youre feeling any sort of sympathy or pity for trump or trump supporters unfollow me
#im gonna explain this more here but like#theres a post going around right now thats trying to rationalize??? ig ?? all the trump supporters voting for him again?#and its the dumbest shit. like i consider myself a pretty open minded person who usually is able to care abt ppl but like#i cant find the post again but its basically like 'oh trump supporters are only voting for him again bc they feel so HATED'#'theyre voting for him bc he tells them he loves them and they need that validation and theyre stuck in a CON and cant get out oh NO'#and 1. there is so much fucking wrong with that and like if op came out and said they either used to support trump or#are very close with someone who does support trump. i would not be surprised even a bit bc that is the most rancid take i have ever seen#2. they are saying that like. so many ppl havent been congratulated or celebrated on socmed for even just saying they switched. i have seen#that man who is obviously making a fatphobic joke abt how much he 'improved' bc he supports biden now and the main difference is that#hes fat in the first one but whatever. i have seen him at least 7 times on my dash this week. and its bc ppl LOVE to hear that#there are so many other examples of someone posting their sob story abt how they supported trump and now dont and getting praised im p sure#there is like a subreddit or like 5 straight threads dedicated to it at least. and its like. this is the bare minimum. is caring for ppl#trump and his supporters and family are not victims. they are not 'trapped' they are not 'lost' they know exactly what they are fucking doin#whether they know it on the most intense horribly malicious level or on the most well meaning one. they know what theyre doing#theyre being ignorant. theyre not caring about anyone but themselves. they see tragedy after tragedy. horror after horror and they#do. not. care.#they dont! bc at the end of the day when they see that. they dont believe it. they dont care bc its not Them.#yeah they feel hated. and u kno what? its bc they fucking are. and they can pretend they dont know why all they want. but its bc guess what!#they deserve it.#i feel no sympathy for these people. i feel no sadness for them. i feel no pity. i feel anger only. and you should too.#you want to feel sympathy? you want to feel sadness? you want to spread the love in your fucking heart thats part of all ppl?#care about the ppl they hurt. care about the ppl fighting for their fucking lives right now. i cannot imagine where your brain has to be#to see these ppl get repeatedly hurt and screwed and shot down by their govnt and fellow citizens and then think#'huh. man i feel bad for the ppl trying to keep them down'#i could explain this more but i have shit to do and also would probably hit the tag limit. so u get the point#if i see the above mentioned post on my dash i will block you myself i literally do not care at this point i have thought too much abt this#politics#v.txt#and before anyone even tries to @ me i will say i know abt the being nice to ppl looking to leave a cult thing and this is NOT THAT AT ALL
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Mother-Daughter Nonsense
Legitimately the only thing was from December 4th 2012 which was only a few weeks before Jenna left. SHE ABSOLUTELY DID NOT RUN ELLEN AT A SINGLE OTHER FUCKING TIME THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRETY OF CHAT TIME!! (I thiiink I’ve posted this before but not sure)
And I had cut off what the topic was but I think basically Jenna had been saying Ellen was ‘glad enough’ that Jo had Grey back home by then because it ‘might keep Jo from doing something stupid’ and ‘maybe she’ll stop hunting if she’s happy with a guy - and especially a monster’ WHICH IS ALL KINDS OF FUCKED UP
<Jo> “So does not thinking I’d find anyone else mean I’m out of trouble in terms of babies, right?”
<Anna> “Jo, what more do you want? I’m not saying anything against Grey and you’re going to do what you want to do so why are you even wanting to know what I think? If it’s not what you agree with you’re just going to get defensive and you know what, I’m not as young as I used to be to fight with you all the time about things.”
<Jo> “I just wanted to know was all. I know you want that life for me, but if you think that Grey’s as good as I’m going to get then does that mean you don’t mind anymore if I’m not that interested in the whole baby thing? Attempting to have an adult conversation here, Mom.”
<Anna> “No Jo you aren’t. You’re attemting to find out if I’m still hoping for things that inconvenience your life. ”
<Jo> “It might make life different, but I don’t think you or dad would have ever have said having a brat was an inconvenience. I’d hope you wouldn’t at least.  ….how about I’m trying to talk to my mother about what she thinks of my life and goals?”
<Anna> “It doesn’t matter what I think Jo. If I give you my approval or if I don’t, it doesn’t matter because you are going to do what you want. I have argued with you till I’m blue in the face and I’m done with it. Asking me what I think of your life and goals might as well be asking for a fight and I don’t want to do that.”
<Jo> “I don’t always do what I want anymore, Mom. I don’t want a fight, I just want to know how you feel about what I have been doing and what may or may not happen.  I don’t exactly have any other rational human beings I can talk about this sort of thing.. Didn’t you talk to your mom about this sort of thing?”
<Anna> “No because talking about hunting with Bill and havin a family wasn’t exactly normal conversation.”
<Jo> “And what would you call a normal conversation for us then?”
<Anna> “What we are having now, at least since you turned 15. You want to know what I think Jo? Fine, what I think is that I’m angry at Bill for getting killed, for leaving me to raise you and for leaving you with this idealised idea of him and of hunting. You never got to see the balanced life we had, we built that bar together, hunted together and had you together and you look at that life like it's some sort of curse or punishment but for me it was the best years of my life and it hurts that I failed to show you that after Bill’s death. So there, you have my opinion of your choice of how you live your life.”
<Jo> “But you didn’t like the idea of me hunting and living with Anna the way you’re saying you and dad did - or weren’t you worried about that? All I remember of you and dad together was how damn miserable you were when he was away and you were stuck looking after me; and how that’d change when he was around. It never seemed worth what you went through to be like you, Mom.”
<Anna> “You weren’t even 10 Jo, what you remember isn’t me being stuck watching you. I never missed hunting once I had you, I loved being a mother but what you saw as miserble was worry for your dad because it’s stressful when he left. Ask any wife of an army man or police officer and it’s the same thing.”
<Jo> “Yeah, well, you still didn’t seem happy. And Dean’s attempt at a normal life mixed with hunting didn’t work. And I haven’t heard of anyone on either sides being happy with what you call a balanced life once things become more than just two, if it’s even happy then. I guess I just want to know why or how that’s even somewhat satisfying, Mom, to be in that sort of position. Let alone someone else.”
<Anna> “Jo, I’m going to tell you this once and once only because lord knows I’ve tried to be patient with you because you are my daughter. The years before you were born and leading up to Bill’s death were the best years of my life, I was happy and I love my family. If this isn’t what you want, that’s fine you are an adult but do not ever use me being unhappy in that time as your excuse. Dean had a whole mess of problems to deal with before he tried. I loved your daddy and I loved the life we built and if I had it to do over again, I would in a heart beat.”
<Jo> “Okay, thank you. I guess I never really saw it that way - all I remember is how I saw it, or how I thought I did - and I know thats not right but when you see your Mom walkin around with a thunder cloud over her head every hour of the day before your Dad gets back theres not much you can really think. I don’t know if that’s what I do or don’t want, I just know I don’t want what /I/ saw as a kid.”
<Anna> “Goodnight Jo.”
<Jo> “Night, Mom”
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loqueris-ad-lucem · 10 months ago
So MSN is reporting that North Korea is Vowing to Dump Millions of Leaflets and Trash all over the South...
And it's like I said with that Country Rap guy.
Its cause there's no TrH in his Trail
Speaking of the Law, I neglected to mention, by the way...
You Know Chinese Foot Binding is a thing, Right?
So long as im DisMembered
my Dick, my Finger, my Bicep, whatever ..
My heads cut off.
Severance by T'r'n'e'ket
Or I guess maybe that's Tour'niquet?
I dont Know.
I forget what the Mongolian term for the Pulling someone apart by 4 horse Chariot would be, in fact.
You Separated me from the Bulls Head, rather than the Bulls Head from Asia... Afrika Horn to Horn
Then you Separated me from The Iberian Union...
Separated me from any of my Own Property Claims I could Make, even any Profession of my Own, even of Belief.
From my People, even where they are American Citizens,
Next is just to Separate my Actual Head from Body...
to Begin Dismembering my Actual Cellular Body
This is how you People Practice “Corporate,” Company Rights? It’s Disturbing.
But I suppose, So long as this might maintain some level of Legality on it’s Own Terms.
I suppose the next Question is then, where I am I being DePorted?
I dont even Know,
I'm assuming somewhere around the Caspian, but I dont Really Know
We kick the Can down in this Country
That Redneck Can Joke. Put everything in a Can.
Its Retarded.
The mentality of this Country is that of a 12 years olds that sniffed glue daily since he was 8
That's the Other thing, Black Women, you Really need to wake up on how Dumb and Juvenile your Men are, even as they make a little Fuckin Paper.
Sorry if that's a little insensitive given the atmosphere of the day.
They are fuckin Stupid.
Too busy tryna Pump up before Grown ass men on Major League World Issues, they forgot to Sophisticate themselves.
Dont let these people Conscript you too fellas.
It's a Claim on the Table.
They have done it before.
Most of you are not even the same Tribe from the same Regions.
You dont have to go to war for their Paper
I'm actually putting that out there now though,
If I don't get Caught at the other end and I end up in Russia, I want to Work Diplomacy. ;)
The issue being for those unaware,
I’m neither a Bound National,
So I'm not a "Slave"
But neither am I Bound to any State Premise in the Interest of Land,
Or a Slave Owner.
So I'm Technically Considered Anchor by the Legal System,
But as I'm Puerto Rican, or Nuyorican
I'm not Recognized by NAFTA.
And Mi Gaels
Particularly N’y’m’pha
Don’t forget to Wear a Sun Sign, in addition to any Other Fan’se of your Ch’S^n
Ring and Rod, your Lace Ch’ka, O-Rings
I say this Tentatively,
Theres a lot of Frat Boy Trust in the World.
but even if the Statement is Written off as “Property of Utu”
Tu’kep Lili S^ m’nt
You Should Technically Be able to Kill any Red Philistine National or Dogonic Ne’gross that Puts his Hands on you.
And as there is no Utu that is not a Free O’t’r, Maya’n Juez.
And as no one may even Claim to Represent Him but a Free Citizen, Member, of the Iberian Federal Union.
Which is Defined by no Racketeering and no Form of Speculative Trust.
End of Story.
Again, During the Post Middle Age...
The Dutch Flower was Claimed to Be the Tulip. Tukep.
And every Tukep Sold Commercially was Representative of a Virgin Whore.
It is still a Whore House and a Drug Den to this Day.
And eventually I will go more into into the Language and why How these People Conflate Terms in the Pose of Producing a Mixed Product...
And why many of the Linguistic ConFlations that many of these people Practice...
They are neither Dualistic nor Absolute, Possessing a Dualized Connotation
It is not High English...
And they are Horrible, again, I Maintain the Terms of the Legal System Associated with these Colonies and those which are Practically Explicit to the Parish System, then as it is the Colonies which Operate in Faith of them, it is not Gaelician English...
Ute’ru for example in the way you people Force Conflations would even essentially mean to “Destroy ze Womb”
Again Ladies... Kill! :)
But, any one of these People who Believe in a Messiah or a Second Coming
Cause there’s a lot of Politicians and Marketeers that Believe in One.
Who is Christ?
From where will he Come?
What is his Position on Art Shtick Religion? Will he Use it?
will he Be a Bound National or a Free Citizen? Will he Be European Entitled? or Due?
How will acquire the Trust or Financial Support to Speak on the Radio or on Television?
Who gets Cut off the Limited Ad Space for him to Appear? whose Loses Money as a Result? Who pays the Interest to Equitize the Loses?
It he going to be Elected to Office? What does he do after Terms Limits?
I’m Really Curious.
Will I have to Kill him?
Will you?
Then even a Question for Black Commentators who Claimed that Rachel Dolezal couldn't Self-Declare the Skin Color she Chose to Associate with.
She couldn’t even Deny her “White Privilege” by Hiding it Entirely. By doing nothing but Good Work for her Adopted Children.
Cause your Gonna have to Ask to Be Free in this Country at some Point.
Individually, One by One.
You Know it’s Funny I was just watching a Doc the Other night
And there was the Pale Pale Black dude, Tom Joyner, as a Matter of fact, talking about Black Culture, “We in the Black Community”
And he Looked just Like Penn Jillette
I Love Penn Jillette
But that I think that might still be FBI Policy..
No Black Saviors.
But no Black African Men
Asians are all Interns, can’t be Citizens..
Hispanics aren’t Trusted, no Credit Standing in Europe.
Gaeli doesn’t Exist.
I Guess that just Leaves a KKK member...
I’m Sick and Tired of Republican Politicians even Complain that Europe Uses People Like Props...
And then thats all you People are...
Fuckin Objects...
And by this i do not mean in the way that a Living Thing may Be Objectified.
Your European Props.
Barump Bump.
Thats even the Problem with this Country, in itSelf, now that I think about it
Particularly these Colonists that Profess to Be “The Government”
It’s so Busy trying to Control everyone elses Conversation.
It Lacks Diction of it’s Own...
As it is that Petty and Ridiculous to Believe that they are Boroughing their way into the Minds of every American to Cohere a System of Trust...
Then as Opium indeed Probably just Worked Better...
So then whose Diction do they Use?
And as that is a Purely Political Game, one of Propoganda
Because then all it’s doing is MisRepresenting The Characters of Others.
It’s even Straw manning.
Then where I ConFess myself to pay little attention to the Definitive Nature of Traditional Logical Fallacy. I tend to Believe that the Logician falls Prey to the very Phenomenon in attempting to Define them.
Logic is much more Natural to me, than to Require a Pre-Defined Scape Goat of Fallacy, in Order to Operate as an Independent Function.
It does not Require Fallacy.
And Perhaps this Speaks to the Lutheran Statement in many ways...
Faith is the Enemy of Reason
The Fallus and the Fallus’se even
Or Visa Versa.
Like I said, I do not Distinguish my Faith from my Capacity to Think.
Luther is a Fascinating Figure to me.
Traditional Gaelician “Dogma” if you will
Professed by many of the Scottish Founders
Has always Been Complete with the notion that Divinity is Discernible through the Senses as they are Rational.
In this Sense you can Half-Jokingly write off how the Fallus is most Rational. Lol
Many of those Debates throughout the Late Middle Ages had little to do with Gaeli
I always Here’n’S^ was Doctor, Certainly, Se Stitch Hu’r’k
Descartes was like the First Great Break through of the Frankish-Dutch
There ’Fu’r O’t’r!
I’m not sure if i’ve mentioned this Before, but the Dutch Language is actually also a Derivative of African Tongues.
Or rather It Possesses Many Similar Roots.
It is a Mixed Tongue.
Rome as always, has been Defined by Location.
Where Discernment of Languages was a Major Feature of Dutch Liturgy
Which is just Funny to me if you gotten the SS joke on the Dutch yet.
It actually Pisses me off, I keep noting how what were essentially seeing today is a Spillover in many ways of the Western Schism.
And then how you people try to Lump me in with the KKK and the National Socialist Agenda...
But the Dutch can Dump Sick People in a Port of Gaeli, in the Bay of Rum... for Free?
What the Fuck is wrong with you people?
Thats a Tax Exempt Organization to you People?
Send me then... Get me the Fuck out of here... your Peoples Bullshit Government Religion.
I Ben Semes, I Ben Iber, I Ben T’r, I Ben Humor, I Ben Sekem
I Ben Ot’e’wa’e
with your peoples La’se Fuckin Asian Ak’cent
Your Fuckin S^n’S^k’r’t
Get me the Fuck Out...
I don’t Belong here.
Don’t Forget to Claim the Fucking ConTrail Behind me.
Ot’e’wa’e... p!
Go Fuck yourSelves.
It's funny I even think about the Term "Wet Back"
And in itself it's very Scientological in many ways.
Again the Traditional Slavic, Often Referred to as Russo-Germanic.
It is actually, Technically, The Primordial Eidolon Religion, of Europe, in Fact
The O’G Religion, as it were.
The Ibero-Slavic Culture
It’s Part of the Reason why Poles are most often Chosen as Popes
Again it’s a Yoeman’e
Then where even Per'un is Translated Oppositionally to Veles'
And there's a lot more to that History, but again where eventually, as Per'un is Dial’c’t to I'per, thus he becomes the Phallus in Materialist DisCourse.
But then as Veles, Regardless
Veles is vvils’t
And this is Part Speaks to the Speculation Regarding, From where We Derive Our Drives and Energy, etc.
It also Serves as the Root for Well or Water
So as L’Q’T’R ... M’S^T’R
P’r’v Ut’S^r’e
You UnderStand?
S^n’S^ N’C’O
F’r’m V’L’S^
Tumblr media
You UnderStand?
But then to even use the Term Wet Back in this Culture
Wet Boca...
Used as a Negative even.
It's so Scientological,
It’s Go’ad.
The Idea that Gaelician and Hispanic People Carry their Spirits with them
The Ancestors
The'tan', the'tun.
Their Titans even.
Then as Figure Veles having a Strong Presence out into Baltics and the Upper Balkins, during the Greek Era.
And, again that we use that Term, Wet Bo’k’, in this Country
Le'r'un Hu’b’bar
It's kind of Bizarre that this is what this Country even Believes Really.
Everything's a Game with Nukes even.
And then it's always the Game of Nimrod, in Reality.
Scientology Really is the Religion of America,
Aside from even the Wetback term,
I Believe Thetans are Bad in Scientology? I dont Remember.
Their Karmic I believe like in Hinduism, maybe not technically bad, but Weighing, as in a Debt as it is Collected.
But even to do nothing but keep the World "Open" for some Kind of Bullshit Goyim. I think is also Scientology.
Per'un Tek Roc,
Bicep Tek N'et
Fuckin Dumbass Polish Fu'r'ur out like automaton 8,000
"Kill All Jews"
"Kill All Jews"
I'll even add, even as I do enjoy her Finer Points on a Limited Basis
Was that Atlas Shrugged the Problem?
Cause even, as they are not the Original People of the Region,
They arent Augustinian
They do Split their Here'se
So Like I said, If theres no one to Catch me...
It’s something I was thinking about
And I just Spent that last 2 Days Thinking about a lot of Really Sick History that a lot of people do not Often Remember...
That the Frankish even were not apart of. But that they Chose to be...
That they Chose to ReInvent themSelves in the “Artistic” Likeness of, in Artistic License.
Then where even Peronism Married itself to Marilyn Monroe...
not T’r’S^m
T’r’S^m is Quite Real...
But Maybe it is Crazy that it is some of the most Vivid Shit that I can seem to ReCall
This Country Fucked with a lot of shit throughout the 20th Century, it Tinkered, that has only just Begun to Diminish itself Before Real Conclusions, Real Choices.
I was Thinking about the Robotic “Kill all Jews” Joke and couldnt Really Figure out a Joke to easily slip the Proper Term in, the more Original Connotation, that would be easily Read in Context, due to Pronunciation Confusions...
There’s a Point to make as Well Fellas...
how the Term Chav applies, Being the Point...
And as aside, J’V Script is even a Relevant Point here as well...
As what they are not going to Be is your Thots...
Because in such a Case I may even Maintain you are not Entitled to them After Al...
This we can call the E’S^n’se of Syn’Tax.
Keep your Mind elsewhere or Ask Permission.
Present yourSelves as Phon Young Men, and then Perhaps you’ll get some QT...
Or your Black Prince is in the Other Direction, don’t look Back. You’ll Find he is the Whitest Man in Africa.
And he’s Little more than a Token in Reality...
“So some get shot, locked down, and turn nuns
Cowardly hearts and straight up shook ones, shook ones
He ain't a crook, S^n, he's just a shook one”
You Know theres a Reality here where I Seldom use the J in my Writing...
Latin Derivative Accents Rarely even Pronounce them...
So UnderStand, there isn’t even much of a Hook here...
And this is even for every European Ru’se to Understand what their Daddies ConFederate Heritage Signed them up for in this Country.
And as “White” People in this Country are not Special...
“White” Southern Culture, to whatever Extent it has Expanded it’s Domain, in Trust, is a Bound National Culture.
and then I’ll Be Honest about how in many many Cases, I don’t actually Give a Fuck, regarding how you Choose to Align yourSelves.
Certainly If i do not have the Power to do so... If there is nothing i can even Say to Convince you. Everything is a Joke to you People.
As it is not Phon’e to me...
If I had to, I’d Turn to House Sud
Send Fu’r all of Mine.
Salman has even been Reigning Back Restrictions on S^ude “Cucks”..
And as this Colonial “Thing of yours,” The ConFederation, it is not S^ude or even Islamic, it’s Certainly not Catholic or even Christian..
It’s Really Nimrods Game. It’s Disgusting to me. And It’s the Shame, if you will...  It the Shame of Humanity. Your all a Bunch of Nazi’s in this Country.
Constructed through Discretion's and Pure Deniability, Counter to any Sound Legal or Financial Principle.
And i do not have the Pha’ur, as it were, in America, to even Protect myself, let alone my People.
And as the French Really have made themselves Responsible for it today. As “Fathers” of Europe. 
And as I Certainly want Nothing to do with the French or the Dutch.
As it’s Like I keep Saying, Ka’S^til’Le’o’nin
G’n’S^ Pan’Thera.
But, You Under Stand Ch’K’n?
And I mention the Term OutRight, in Part, just to get the Joke out of the way...
The Easy one Being Ass’Tek.
Then while the Vast Majority of Western Ch’k’n’S^ are a National People, the Terms of which Differ from the Nationalizations of Peoples on the Eastern United States.
but, theres a Reality where, in Asia, Free Gaelician Ch’K’n’S^,
Have Rights in T’r’n’se’at, as P’r’v
Along with Hispani, as Foederati, as Persian Arian, Gothi, Conducting Operations in such an Interest.
And this I will go more into when i finally get around to Explaining Maduro and why Venezuela is Essentially Being Bathed in Oil Currently, I’m not Done Fuming over Bureaucratic Rape and Pillage yet...
These Terms, in Themselves, even Separate from the Matter of Free Gaelician Property Owners in the United States as it is National...
Manage by T’r’n’co’ats
But then its the most Bizarre thing ive ever heard of in my Life...
That it seems as though there are People in this Great Country of Bound National Slaves, Both Small and Large, “Black” and “White,” who even Believe that have or are Successfully Competing on Liberalized Monetary Standards, with Paper Monopoly Money, over the Right to Take a Woman’s Ass...
In a “Free” Country...
there is Additionally a Joke in there by the way Where just as I Often Point Out that 
Pale have B’l’q ‘r’t
Ga’el P’r’v, Literally Translates as Such in your Sanskrit.
Black Right.
So theres even your BBC Joke in N’ute Shale
Hate to Break it to BET’L,
But as San Fran “G Preto“ has noted, “Stoning Cops” with Golden Bricks...
your all TranSexual White Women today, in Accord with your Uses of Puerto Rican Claims, InterNationally,
Practically a Phantom Legal System, Assumed on the Basis of NonExistent Church Parish Law Applied to the Land of Puerto Rico, as “Our Lady of Providence”
and Operated in Trust with a Dutch-French Scand’Al
Frigg... Married to the French is Culero.
That is even all Mark up, Equity for Discourse, Speech Equity, which is Actually for Pale Gaelician Women along the Campus’, from Puerto Rico...
Fu’r Preto Pale, UnderStand?
I’bero’gen... ya Fel’m?
“Never Forget”
And It’s Funny Because even as I Realized when I wrote it, one of the Meanings of my Statement L’Ra’se’n’Ra’se’L
It Provokes La Raza Ideology...
And I’ve Read Before “Conservative” Ta’uk vat’S^ Discuss La Raza Ideology as though it’s Racist..
Which even Really Means “The People” or “The Culture,” 
But then as I Don’t Dispute, Personally, that the Term does Speak to a Concept of The People, as it were...
Then as I don’t Give a Fuck how you people Choose to Live, who you Choose to ReProduce with. If that is even Legal where you Come from...
And UnderStand, I have Practically since the Day I First Considered Politics in my Teenage Years, I have Self Defined as a Federalist, a Classical Liberal and an Anarcho-Syndicalist... as a Libertarian.
Perhaps, Indeed just a way of Speaking around the Potential Reality that I Am a Monarchist, S^til...
A Republican in the Classical Sense...
But, that is one of the Things I’m Tired of from a lot of Conservativists
We are one of the Oldest Continuous Cultures in Recorded and UnRecorded History
And I’m Tired of Decrepit, Decaying old Red Scands and Frenchman from Central Asia Dependent upon Dutch Bullshit and Imperial Austrian Excise to put themselves out there ahead of everyone, on other peoples Land. Within Other Peoples Borders at the very Least.
I Remember one in Particular it was by a guy, Heritage Foundation, i Believe, refuting La Raza using all of the same old ConFederate Lines of America as a Land of “White” People...
Then, as though a Large Portion of Hispanic and Gaelician People did not Le upon a Particular Portion of such a Spectrum. Which is
than Fine in my Mined, at least..
Telling Hispani and Gaelician People, the most Genetically Diverse People on the Planet, that we are Racist,
Hailing once again, to Regulatory Capture of Nationalized Interests, indeed, to Maintain the Foundations of their “Heritage.”
Fuckin, Mr General Issue Kelly...
thats a girls name...
“Hispanics wouldn’t Understand what this Country is about.”
I want that Statement Explained...
How UnderEducated must our Generals be about Early-Late American and Middle European History.
It’s Fon’e too
You Know they say that in the Ancient Greek System...
The’Pha’S^te’nn was an OG’le...
He was a... Schemos...
Not Like that S^ol Nefertem...
But then of Course thats the Line these Days, indeed...
This is all the n’n’S^TT
Commissar and Commissary 🤝
But Like I always Se... Greek, was Probably the Mos ConFused Culture...
so S^wa’T’r n’d...
Give me that MotherFuckers Bond or Get me the Fuck Out of here...
But It’s as I’ve Been saying...
Patriarchy is very Serious...
It necessarily Speaks to Bloodlines and Hierarchies within Bloodlines...
The Capacity to ReCall Persons on such a Basis,
in Some Cases even as Personnel.
On the Basis of Blood, DNA, Names, etc...
Then as I’ll note how
Where such a Concept is Competitive...
Investment Becomes an Investment in G’nom, in Familia..
in Seed and Womb... of Particular Individuals...
And you People Come here Loqued with Eunuch’ Ch’ru’n’S^
And I will Cut your Fuckin Balls Off...
But, there’s a Big Issue here as well, throughout this National Legal System, that I Maintain is a Problem it needs to Deal with in the Coming Years...
It is the Root of why it Experiences so much hostility Locally and InterNationall...
It is the Reason why the Economies Industrial Base is so Depressed.
Much Related to the ConFederacy and the North East, then in Good Faith with Particularly Interested “Conservative” Colonials, French Canada, even some Localized Premises Out West as they are Liberalized, Operate in Trust with Foreigners, from Around the World...
See what i did there?
"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"
And Ignoring that this is a Principle which is Exploited in Criminal Courts throughout America at the State Level...
Is this Actually a Legal Principle or not?
Because I Do Maintain that as Matter of Ethics...
that even in an Actual Private Economic Interest, as they are Personal and may Be InterPersonal, it is...
But then as all a National Interest, as they are Speculative and General, can attempt to Maintain, is that it is not...
And then as I’ll note, since the Churisos, I’m not even Pretending Like I’m Speaking to any Vague Government in the Air Really any more, to DC, or to any Particular Individual, or to Trump. This Life or the Next, I’ll see Trump when I see him, Perhaps.
Still think he’s a Jackass. But Like I said, I can’t Really be Mad at Trump, he was Elected to do what he Will.
Trump is not the Problem with this Country, is a Big Deal that I think a lot of Liberals need to Grapple with. It’s no Particular Executive that is the Problem here. But for when the Dutch were Involved.
Presidents do not have Powers in this Country, that have no Been Authorized by the States.
And then which isn’t even that much if you’ve Been Paying Atn to the Extent of Churisos..
So then Who has Power? in such a Case...
And then, who has Rights? to What? if no one has Power.
And I Abstain from Voting these Days, anyway, for the ReCord.
But when the Looting Begins, the Shooting Begins, indeed. And that is within the Presidents Authority, upon such Issuance, where State Borders are Concerned.
And then as I’ll note, where Trump is Concerned for his Property Interests, the Property Interests of his Children, Certainly in Florida...
Which again, i Maintain has Been Organized as a Nationalized Francoist State, Despite any Firm Property Claims.
Where the Governors Mansion even has the Capacity to End Electoral Discourse, At-Will on the Basis of Discretion regarding National Interests, but again, without the Admonition of Federal Interests throughout the State where they are Private.
So it is, in Essence, Operating at Least, as a Fascist Organization,
One which the Presidency Claims the Capacity to Speak From as a National Interest.
Relating to the Entirety of the East Coast Colonial System, Including even Kentucky.
Again, an Entire New Deal, “Localized” Progressive National Interest, Predating the New Deal, Generating the Demand for it...
Developed around nothing more than “Security” “Firm” of the Dividend which Pooled to Stagnation after the Dismantling of the Bank of the United States by Andrew Jackson, and which Defined the Expansion West, on Slave Owning, Agricultural Grounds, Using Florida as the Base, not the Solvent, Ignoring Caribbean Gaelician Private Investment Operating in a Corporate Status. Much of which is in Use today.
And then as it is Liberals in Accord with the Terms of many of these “Several States,” and their French Diction, that Maintain a “Rape” of Gaelician Property Ownership, even a Rape of Gaelician Women, an Enslavement of Gaelician Men.
But, then as Gaeli has never Used these National Militia Rights in any Affirmative Capacity to Maintain such a Position... of Familial Rights... of Patres or Maternum. Or of States Rights for that Matter.
Gaeli has never needed to Use Regulatory Capture and Government Failure in Order to Affirm them...
Yet as We are Continuously Accounted for Generally... in a Pool...
The Terms of which are then even by Occupation and not Profession
Which I Maintain Can not Be Nationalized.
And this is a Meaningful Distinction in Europe...
These are Terms We are Subjected to...
That the United States maintains We as Private Citizens, non Commissioned from European DisCourse... do not have the Natural Capacity to Protest or Counter... or to Revolt against Potentially...
Then as it does so with Assistance of a Foreign Governments, which the United States Refuses to Recognize, as within it’s Domain, and without Our Permission regarding Our Persons...
As again there are Terms which I maintain are Workable, as they are Operable in this Country...
But then, again, as We are P’r’v
Even Speaking to the Reality that this is Civilian Form of Government or it is not..
And as you all Bring your Nationalized Heritages to this Land Maintaining a Ticker for Our Existence by Occupation as “Free to Use” in Sanctuary
But, then a System of Checks and Balances is not a “Mexican” Standoff... in an InterNational Paradigm... Utilizing Partitioned Terms that have nothing to do with the Terms that the Constitution has Layed Out to Establish Order on and Individual Basis...
And I will Kill you all before you Ascend your Fathers National Heritage in America over The Federal Constitution of United States.
You People Practice the Caste System here...
It is to Remain Subject, or it must Simple DisSolve at the Door.
Cause I am Certainly not Going to Be Involved.
There is no Father Figure that is going Be Established on the Basis of a National States Right that is not Primed for Immediate Removal or Bondage to Free Americans on the very Terms by which he was Erected.
Because as the Nationalized Terms of these Colonies and much of the System of States Rights which have Been Established, again, are not Free, they do not Originate from this Constitutional System, nor does the Constitution Originate from them...
they are all Subject to Change...
The Rights and Powers of Persons are not.
And there is no Working with these Colonies, Certainly not the ConFederacy, Outside of the Nationally Defined Binds and Chains which they have Determined for themSelves, then as they Necessarily may only Be Determined by a Free Reign, in a Firm American Interest...
Or it is War. It’s Civil War...
And it’s that Simple.
It’s even the Same Civil War, all over again, no matter how Far they have Expanded and Secured the ConFederation to the North East. Exactly as the Southern ConFederacy Determined.
And as this is even an Issue almost Separate, not Quite, from the Nature of the Public Debt.
As I do not Desire to Live in a Country where a Free Man can not have Power. Where a Slave must Be Held Equal and as a Slave Owner is more Trustworthy.
And then thats all I’m saying, If were Ejecting the “Foreigners” again.
I want Official Paper Work, Declaring the Terms from Precisely those Bodies that are being Used as the Metric to Determine this...
Starting with Kentucky, Indeed...
Because I Will Maintain that this Country has illegally DisAuthorized and ReDistributed Private Property and Illegally Claimed Foreign People as within it’s Domain, in Foreign Interests, on the Basis of Incursion, Regardless.
And that it is no Longer Legitimate.
So I’ll go Turn to Sud if i cannot even go to St Petersburg.
This is a Country where, Because of this Colonial System, Southern Slave Law, if a Permanent Chrisis were even Possible, Certainly in the 21st Century, with so much Corporate Industry on Full Blast, Regardless, you have to Be Careful from where you Obtain a Photo ID, a Birth Certificate, a Social Security Number.
I Would Love nothing more than to Se My America into the Future...
If I can not Be ReEstablished with Precisely Mi’Dues, According to Exactly my Stakes, my interests, my Own Likeness;
I just want to Officially get the Fuck out of this Country.
Wherever your Speculation Assumes I Go with all of my Vaporized Property...
If the Law at this Point is that everyone even needs to Be Forced to Practice on the Body as the Le of the Lan... that everyone needs to... Like French South Africa. And not Simply of those Premises which Mandate those Terms...
And I don’t have the Right to Profess my Own Beliefs, my Own Freedom, in my Own Name, to even Protest
Because I do not Possess a National Interest or Because I Potentially Operate Counter to National Interest... in my Own and in my Own Free Peoples
As your National Interests are not my National Interests, nor are they Representative of Federal Interests or of my Firm Federal Interests.
I do not UnderStand how you People Practicing a National Religious Belief System on my Land or even in my Name, makes me Subject to those Practices.
But if the United States is Maintaining that this is The “Universal” Law of America?
If I don’t even have the Right to my Own Fuckin Nail without Ch’t, in your Stupid Fuckin’ “Hair’se,”
Nu’oui’le, F’r’m... my Clau’se
I Do just want to Get the Fuck out.
I Just want to be DePorted, as Per the Janus Act, perhaps...
Because at this Point,
I Do just want to Rape my Own Women and Kill you All
Or, I’m Practically just Ready to Kiss the Feet of an Old Nigerian Woman.
Cry, “They Tek Ma’G’ra, mama”
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