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#theres almost no red in this can u BELIEVE
kylie-writes-stuff · 9 months ago
(part 2)
"5 minutes!" Y/n yelled up the stairs.
She heard the basement door open and feet running down the stairs.
"I'm here!" Alex said, boxes of different snacks in his arms. He went over to the couch and he dropped them onto it.
He looked around and frowned when he saw his beanie on Y/n's head.
"What about Karl?" She asked as he snatched it off her head.
He pointed to the stairs where, almost as if it was on queue, Karl started walking down. He had soda and monsters with him, as well as a few water bottles. Y/n walked over and helped him stock up the mini fridge.
She looked between both of them, "Are we ready?"
When they nodded, she pulled out her phone and sent a quick tweet. She walked over to her computer and started the stream, Karl and Alex both out of frame.
She watched as people flooded in and her chat freaked out.
She laughed and looked at the camera, "Hey guys! So, regarding the big question, um, Karl and Alex actually aren't here... yeah."
Her eyes quickly scanned the chat.
"The pictures I posted were actually edited, so some of you guys were right. Why do you think the one on insta was so dark and shadowy?"
She kept on talking to the chat about how they all planned it and thought it was funny. (One look from Karl made her add that it was "hers and Alex's idea and Karl only agreed because they will meet up one day.”)
And they believed her. If her Among Us streams could teach anything, it was that she was an incredible liar.
Eventually her chat gave up.
In that moment, Karl and Alex appeared behind her in the distance. Her chat began freaking out again and she ignored it.
Then her LED lights turned red. She looked around, terrified. (Her being a great liar also let her be a somewhat convincing actor.)
The boys ran towards her and she yelled.
They all burst out laughing, them having to calm their breathing again before looking at the chat.
"We are here!" Karl yelled, a smile on his face.
Alex tried to hide the smile on his as he added, "Against our wills."
Y/n rolled her eyes. "Shut the fuck up."
After they had explained that they were, in fact, gonna stream for a full 48 hours, a donation came in.
"Y/n's princess, hey i've seen you on twitter! hi! Holy shit, thank you so much for the 50 dollars-"
"We are gonna split the money, right?" Alex interrupted jokingly.
"Nope!" She smiled, "Anyways, they said 'are you guys planning to stay up the whole time? please sleep and take care of yourselves."
"Ooh can we show them now?" Karl clapped his hands together.
She chuckled, nodding.
They pushed the 3 chairs onto the other side of the room and Alex panned the camera down.
On the floor there was a giant 12 foot mattress. It was covered with blankets and pillows. There were also three bean bag chairs and fairy lights scattered around the area.
The boys immediately flopped onto the mattress and she took the opportunity to lean in and whisper into the mic, "Don't tell them, but I got us matching pajamas."
She leaned away again and said, "So yeah, this is a 12 foot mattress that's made for families i think. Mr. Beast is Karl’s sugar daddy so y'know-"
A pillow hit her head as Karl giggled, "Don't say it like that!"
Y/n threw the pillow back and fell into a fit of laughter. "How am I supposed to say it? He payed for it!"
"Just say that then," Alex chuckled.
"I'm just saying if I ate bad hot dogs I would simply not die, I'm just built different." Alex said when they had begun their discussion on Julie and the Phantoms.
"KARL THERES A SPIDER! FUCKING KILL IT!" Y/n yelled, running and standing on top of the mattress.
"NO WAY!" Karl said, doing the same.
"ALEX!" They both yelled as they clung onto each other.
This led to Alex being attacked once they has found out it was a rubber spider.
"Should we order pizza?"
"It's midnight."
"Plus there's a couch covered in snacks over there."
"Alex? Why are you scrolling through pictures of Vin Diesel?"
There was one point of the night where they just started singing the beginning part of Lose Yourself by Eminem.
Y/n looked over as Alex stopped playing the guitar to yawn.
"Tired?" She asked.
"Just a little jet lagged," He said, to which Karl made a sound of agreement.
"We could go to sleep now if you want?"
The boys agreed and she told them to wait while she grabbed something.
She came back downstairs a moment later with a market bag.
She looked at the camera, "Chat, it's time."
"Time for what?"
She pulled out three pairs of plaid pajamas. She threw the blue at Alex, the purple at Karl, and kept the black to herself.
Karl looked at them and laughed, "No way! Oh we're popping off!"
Alex made a disgusted face, "There's no way i'm wearing these,"
Y/n and Karl both begged him. When that didn't work, they attacked him with pillows instead.
He eventually gave in and they took turns going into the bathroom to change, the other 2 entertaining the chat.
Before they got into bed, each with their own blanket, Alex went up to the camera. "Once again, it's not weird. We're all just best friends and we're doing this for you guys."
It was Alex's idea, but all three of them knew that there were always those fans who take things way too far or speculate on things they shouldn't.
After a few minutes, which the chat said reminded them of cousins at a sleep over trying to be quiet but laughing every 2 seconds, the boys fell asleep. Y/n, however, was still awake.
She tweeted out a quick "hehe i'm still up" on her alt account, waving at the camera so chat could see her.
She watched as her mentions filled with fans telling her to go to bed.
Then a different notification popped up. It was a DM.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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a/n: not me saying it could take longer bc its written but then writing it all at 2 AM in one night uh. btw every "---" is a time skip. you can imagine what happens during that time :) as always, lemme know what you think! [edit] just realized that i never proof read so sorry if there's typos or stuff like that.
taglist: (hope i got everyone, lemme know if u wanna be added/removed)
@liljennyx3​ @newestro​ @peachdoppi @makeithotlikefire @peteysgf @mxqicshxp @youretheonlyonewhomakesme @letsloveimagines @evans-dejong @princezukohere @yoongi-holland @a-dot-dev @butterfly-skinnylegend @tvblonde @elenath-s-misc @winterblake @deathcompass @the-shota-king-masayuki @lowasdefinitelytaken @lovelysmp @lo-manburg @fairywriter-oracle @littlemaladaptivedaydreamer @summerbbygirl @xoxohannahlee @jades-bullshit @s1llygoose @livie-bug82108 @mirahg @loraleiix @insanedeathwish @just-a-stan @fo-love @siriuslystupid @rhino-zucchini @victoria-a567 @coryisagee @im-your-possession @empress-cheshire @tegscar2103 @crushingfeelings
if your name is in italics i wasn’t able to tag you for some reason
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bakatenshii · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Oikawa Tooru x reader (haikyuu!!)
word count: 2.3k
TW: 18+, lemon, wattpad, crack
Tumblr media
A/N: I’m so sorry. This is actually a joke, a parody, I promise, it’s written like this on purpose for the collab. Terrible (or lack entirely of) grammar, dialogue so cheesy I threw up multiple times in my mouth, too many specifications of shades of the colour pink. For @undermattsun’s whorehouse wattpad garbage fire collab. I’m so sorry.
Tumblr media
In the world of fandom (check out fan fiction, fanfics, or fics), a grapefruit is a story which consists of sexual explicit themes in bizarre situations.
An orange-twinged pink, almost coral.
Tumblr media
haikyuu series!! :3
disclaimer: haikyuu does NOT belong 2 me. Or else I would make XXXX go w/ XXXX ;)
𝑝𝑎𝑝𝑒𝑟 𝑏𝑎𝑔𝑠 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑝𝑙𝑎𝑠𝑡𝑖𝑐 ℎ𝑒𝑎𝑟𝑡𝑠
𝑎𝑙𝑙 𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑏𝑒𝑙𝑜𝑛𝑔𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠 𝑖𝑛 𝑠ℎ𝑜𝑝𝑝𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑐𝑎𝑟𝑡𝑠
“hurry up y/n!!!” - i remove my skullcandies out my ears, hearing my best friend sunnie(with an ie! not y!) shout to me from down the hall.
flipping my baby pink (NOT cotton candy pink! god there’s a difference, get it right. last week ash-lee with her stupid bleach blonde hair called it cotton candy pink and I wanted to kill her) hair behind my shoulder, i skipped down the lockers.
i was in my best outfit, checkered pink and white (bubblegum pink, this time) leg warmers with my matching pink + white skirt and white denim jacket with a pink butterfly bedazzled on the back. i saw paris hilton in it on her myspace too, so you could say im pretty trendy.
not like the other girls, like brittney (with her dark hair with a blue streak with a puppy shaped purse she swears is designer.) or ash-lee with her stupid ugly blonde hair that’s deffo fake. oh i already said that
it’s just an average tuesday morning, and i’m just your not-so-average girl. my name’s (y/n) (l/n) and im (age) years old. my best friends are sunnie, rachelle, and meeky. oh, and lindt, sometimes, when she’s not too busy with trying to save the world from global warming.
i’m on my way to p.e. which UGH is my least fav class, who even came up with it? but at least there’s the hottie oikawa tooru-sama in my class (ha! eat that ash-lee + brittney) and all the girls luuuuurv him. he’s soooo hot i bet he has abs
(brianna with the ugly hair who wears green shoes with red socks said she saw him change once and she totally saw his 8pack but she’s a liar so i dont believe her)
(even tho he tooootally has one)
i was on way just skipping down the hall to go to p.e. when someone crashes into me from behind.
‘-u-GH!’ i fall.
‘hey!!!!’ i turned around to yell at who’s bumping into me-
it was oikawa tooru-sama!! the most popular boy in school!!! i felt like i was in a dream i pinched my hand but... it hurts!!! this isn’t a dream!!! the oikawa tooru-sama just crashed into me!!! with his body!!! his shoulder touched me!!!!!
he turn and looks at me and... my heart stops. i think im dying omgomgomg
‘a-are you okay (y/n)-chan?’ he asks me and holds his hand out.
i cant believe it. the oikawa tooru-sama is giving me his hand to hold?!?! is this heaven???
‘i-i-‘ i stammer. i’m so shocked i swear my face is beat red. ‘i-i’m ok.’
i was too scared to hold his hands because mine were so sweaty from seeing him this upclose. i stand up and dust my knees because i want him to think i’m tough. that’s right. oikawa tooru-sama is a professional vball player! (v for volley-ball) he’s not going to like some dumb average weak normal crybaby girl.
‘ok. see ya in class!’ he smiles and waves at me before walking down the hall, shooting me his signature smile. the one that makes flowers bloom around him and glitters around his whole body.
h-how did he know? did he just say in class??? the oikawa tooru-sama knows who i am???
i take out my phone to frantically text my bffs (sunnie, rachelle, meeky and lindt) and see the group chat had some unread new messages. i click open it.
𝚋𝚕@𝚑𝚔𝚞𝚐𝟶𝟶: omgzzzz i juss saw tsukki-sama xDDD
𝕣𝕒𝕖𝕖𝕖𝕖𝕩𝕠𝕩𝕠: STDU XDD wut wuzz he wearin?!? hes sooooo hawt oh em geez
tsukki-sama, aka tsukishima kei-sama, is the hot blondie in the other class’s vball team. rachelle and sunnie are sooo in love with him, but i don’t blame them. he’s soooo tall, taller than oikawa tooru-sama even. (but that doesn’t matter because oikawa tooru-sama has the prettiest smile in the world and no one’s seen tsukki-sama smile like... since he came outta the womb)
i quickly type out my txt because this is more important than what the blonde vball star is wearing.
𝖗𝖆𝖜𝖗𝖇4𝖐4: guizzzzz guizzzz GUIZE!!!! GUEZZ WUT JUSS HAPPND!!
𝖗𝖆𝖜𝖗𝖇4𝖐4: u’ll nv beliv it!!!!! omGZZZZZ IM LAIK DYINN XDDDDDDD TT_TT
sk8erg1rl: omgawd wuuuut
sk8erg1rl: w8 kita-sama jus sk8dd by me i fink he haz a new b04rd!!!!! be are be
before i have the chance to tell them about my fateful encounter with the oikawa tooru-sama someone snatches my phone away. i turn around, maybe it’s oikawa tooru-sama again?
‘no phones in the hall (y/n) (l/n)-san!’ he yells at me. his breath stinks, yuck.
he takes my phone and puts it in his pocket and i realize that he’s putting it in his pocket and taking it away.
‘b-but-‘ jimmy i protest. not my flip phone with my pink bedazzled hello kitty charm on the end!
‘no buts!!!! see you after lecture missy!!’
god, this is just like, the worst day ever.
𝑖𝑡’𝑠 𝑔𝑜𝑜𝑑𝑏𝑦𝑒, 𝑏𝑢𝑡 𝑤𝑒 𝑔𝑜𝑡 𝑜𝑛𝑒 𝑚𝑜𝑟𝑒 𝑛𝑖𝑔ℎ𝑡
𝑙𝑒𝑡’𝑠 𝑔𝑒𝑡 𝑑𝑟𝑢𝑛𝑘 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑟𝑖𝑑𝑒 𝑎𝑟𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑑
𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑚𝑎𝑘𝑒 𝑝𝑒𝑎𝑐𝑒 𝑤𝑖𝑡ℎ 𝑎𝑛 𝑒𝑚𝑝𝑡𝑦 𝑡𝑜𝑤𝑛
𝑤𝑒 𝑐𝑎𝑛 𝑚𝑎𝑘𝑒 𝑖𝑡 𝑟𝑖𝑔ℎ𝑡
p.e. is the same as always: im sitting on the side, not doing sports because girls like me can’t risk breaking my perfectly painted pink (hot pink, not baby pink) nail with diamonds on it. i tell my bffs about the encounter and they all agree that it’s deffo fate.
‘i know right??’ i giggle staring down at the man of my dreams, at his chocolate brown locks, thinking back at his dreamy brown orbs staring into my dark black ones offering me his hand.
‘you should totes ask him out!’ giggles sunnie.
‘oh em gee, never!!! that’s sooo embarrassing, he’s totally gonna say no!’ i said.
‘seriously, (y/n)-chan, what do you have to lose?’ rachelle said.
‘just like, my dignity and self respect.’ i reply sassily.
at that we three burst into laughter, and the fat p.e. prof turns and tells us shhhhhhh.
i love my friends.
i tell them about our bald principal taking my pink flip phone with the hello kitty charm on it away.
‘oh no!’ rachelle exclaimed.
‘what are you going to do?’ sunnie asked.
i shrug, feeling at a loss without it.
‘it’s like, seriously dangerous without a phone.’ the blonde said.
‘what if you get like, kidnapped or something?!’ the purplenette said, clasping her hand over her mouth in a show of shock. (ps. bluette vs. blunette?)
‘kidnapped?!?’ i laugh. ‘who’s gonna kidnap me?!!’ we all burst into laughter again, causing our p.e. prof (still fat and annoying) to shhh us again.
little did i know that the brunette vball star was staring up at me, plotting.
i had no idea what was about to come.
𝑡ℎ𝑟𝑜𝑤 𝑖𝑡 𝑎𝑤𝑎𝑦, 𝑓𝑜𝑟𝑔𝑒𝑡 𝑦𝑒𝑠𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑑𝑎𝑦
𝑤𝑒’𝑙𝑙 𝑚𝑎𝑘𝑒 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑔𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑡 𝑒𝑠𝑐𝑎𝑝𝑒
𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑤𝑒 𝑤𝑜𝑛’𝑡 ℎ𝑒𝑎𝑟 𝑎 𝑤𝑜𝑟𝑑 𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑦 𝑠𝑎𝑦
𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑦 𝑑𝑜𝑛’𝑡 𝑘𝑛𝑜𝑤 𝑢𝑠 𝑎𝑛𝑦𝑤𝑎𝑦
𝑤𝑎𝑡𝑐ℎ 𝑖𝑡 𝑏𝑢𝑟𝑛, 𝑙𝑒𝑡 𝑖𝑡 𝑑𝑖𝑒
𝑐𝑎𝑢𝑠𝑒 𝑤𝑒 𝑎𝑟𝑒 𝑓𝑖𝑛𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑦 𝑓𝑟𝑒𝑒, 𝑡𝑜𝑛𝑖𝑔ℎ𝑡
when i open my eyes, my eyes are heavy, staring up at a bright light above my head. i squint my eyes because the light hurts my eyes.
‘well, well, well’ i hear a voice behind me. ‘(y/n)-himesama’s awake, i see.’
i know that voice-
that’s the oikawa tooru-sama’s voice!
‘w-what?’ i stuttered, surprised but feeling a warm rush going down my body at the sound of his voice. ‘what’s going on?’
he chuckles. ‘can’t you tell?’
i look around and see my arms taped up behind me on a chair and my legs tied together by... something. rope maybe?
‘where am i?’ i ask, even more bewildered.
‘tsk tsk tsk, silly (y/n)-himesama. i’ve kidnapped you, my dear.’ he said. ‘we’re in my mansion right now’
my eyes pop out of their sockets. am i hearing him right?
‘no,’ he corrects himself. ‘we’re in our mansion.’
i can’t help but blush at that suggestion. our mansion?
that’s right, i must be crazy, i think to myself. this is all just a dream, i’m still in school, on the bleachers with my bffs and i fell asleep in our class.
‘this isn’t a dream, darling’ he singsongs, and i feel more warmth flood downwards. god what is wrong with me? turned on in this situation? but can you blame me? who wouldn’t get turned on when the oikawa tooru-sama is standing in front (or behind) them and calling them ‘darling’?
‘w-what- h-h-how?’ i ask him. ‘i was just at school, staring at you play vball in the gym- i mean n-not staring at you- and-‘
he chuckles darkly.
‘i know you were, (y/n)-himesama. that’s why i kidnapped you, because you’re so cute.’
i blush at his words. m-me? cute??? did the oikawa tooru just call me cute?
i suddenly remember what rachelle and sunnie said in p.e. today about being kidnapped, and shudder. god, h-her mind! they’re totally gonna tell me i told you so! when i tell them.
‘b-but, h-how?’ i bit my lip looking at him beneath my lashes, or however anastasia steele did it in too many shades of grey. (it wasn’t actually that bad, but ill never admit it. it’s sorta kinda hot. also pantone says theres only like 37 diff shades so.)
‘i saw you with your friends, and i served a ball at your head knocking you out.’ he explained. suddenly i feel a pang on my head reinforcing what he’s saying.
‘ow...’ i say quietly.
the brunette man built like a god walks into my frame of vision for the first time after waking up and i notice he’s shirtless, all 8pack exposed for me to look at.
(i guess brianna was right, but she’s still a liar that wears green shoes with red socks.)
he comes up to me and kneels in front of me until he’s kneeling in front of me. he carresses my cheek with his hand (the same one he reached out to me earlier that day, pre-kidnapping) and i sigh.
if this is a dream never wake me up. i think to myself.
‘wh-‘ before i can get the words out asking him why me?, he presses a finger to my lips, shushing me.
he looks at me with his brown chocolate orbs, and i get lost in them, counting the stars and constellations in those glowing beautiful orbs that i never thought i could look at so up close. (except in photos i secretly took)
‘i love you, (y/n) (l/n)’ he says.
i fainted.
𝑡𝑜𝑛𝑖𝑔ℎ𝑡 𝑤𝑖𝑙𝑙 𝑐ℎ𝑎𝑛𝑔𝑒 𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑙𝑖𝑣𝑒𝑠
𝑖𝑡’𝑠 𝑠𝑜 𝑔𝑜𝑜𝑑 𝑡𝑜 𝑏𝑒 𝑏𝑦 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑠𝑖𝑑𝑒
𝑤𝑒’𝑙𝑙 𝑐𝑟𝑦, 𝑏𝑢𝑡 𝑤𝑒 𝑤𝑜𝑛’𝑡 𝑔𝑖𝑣𝑒 𝑢𝑝 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑓𝑖𝑔ℎ𝑡
i wake up (for the second time that day, god what is up with today?), my eyes still heavy.
‘good morning, darling,’ i hear a voice say, and suddenly i remember everything that’s transpired so far.
(for reference: i crashed into the oikawa tooru-sama this morning, had my phone taken away, and now kidnapped by none other than the oikawa tooru-sama, now in his- no, our mansion.)
‘o-oikawa tooru-sama?’ i stutter out weakly, still groggy.
‘just tooru, my hime-sama.’ he says and i feel my body heating up again.
suddenly, i’m filled with an overwhelming emotion, and the worlds spill out before i can stop them.
‘i love you, t-tooru.’ i stutter on the foreign name, biting my lips (for good measure).
he looks at me, chocolate orbs piercing right into my super dark black pupils, and he starts to cry. i cry too, because he just looks so beautiful, even when he’s crying.
he holds me in his arm and i nuzzle my nose into his neck, smelling his deep chocolatey velvety sweet minty musky scent. he smells so good i could just stay here forever, bathing in the chocolatey velvety sweet minty musk.
‘u-um...’ i start, and he nuzzles his face into my neck some more. i can feel his wet tears on my shoulder... is he still crying??
i try again. ‘u-ummmm...’
he finally looks up at me and i peer into his deep chocolate orbs, feeling him stare intently into my dark block orbs. i wiggle my arms to show him i want him to release them, because if you remember they’re still taped up by like, tape or rope or whatever.
‘o-oh!’ he exclaims and unties them.
i don’t know what came over me but suddenly we’re kissing, our tongues are battling for dominance within our hot wet cavernous mouths, and it’s soooo hot.
he grips my legs and spreads them apart, tongues still fighting a mighty battle, and i see him take out his big massive rock hard member in his hands.
i wrap my legs around him, thankful for the pink (bubblegum pink) and white checkered skirt im wearing today for easy access, and he pushes his hot shaft into my core. i can feel his member in my wet gushy wushy pussy and it feels so good i came.
he cums too.
‘w-will you marry me?’ he looks up at me, his member still inside. i feel tears brimming in my eyes again as I nod.
‘i do.’
𝑤𝑒’𝑙𝑙 𝑠𝑐𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑚 𝑙𝑜𝑢𝑑 𝑎𝑡 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑡𝑜𝑝 𝑜𝑓 𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑙𝑢𝑛𝑔𝑠
𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑦’𝑙𝑙 𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑘 𝑖𝑡’𝑠 𝑗𝑢𝑠𝑡 𝑐𝑎𝑢𝑠𝑒 𝑤𝑒’𝑟𝑒 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑔
𝑏𝑢𝑡 𝑤𝑒’𝑙𝑙 𝑓𝑒𝑒𝑙 𝑠𝑜 𝑎𝑙𝑖𝑣𝑒
Tumblr media
a/n: ta-dah!! the end!!! tankzz 4 readin guyzzzz lawl im thinking of making dis a series so... ;))) tell me who u wana be kidnapped by next! xD
a/n #2: speshull tankz 2 uwucatgirlprincess99 4 da line (u kno da one ;))) + sk8erg0rl666 4 havin me in da collab! + also cummin up wiv da title!! lawlzz rawr x)))
a/n #3: OH WOW . erhm. Longest chappy thing ive written. Hope you liked it. so uhm. ENJOY ! [btw, I'm considering doing the NEXT CHAP; sneak peek thing. Should I? :3 Comment?] plz R&R!! :]]] kudoz 4 u <333
p.s. da colour i used 4 da lyriczzz is fuschia pink! :3
p.p.s. comment below if u reconize dee song!! ur a kool kat if u do ;))
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sugardaddykenma · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
[real authors note: a crackfic from yours truly. I’m so fucking sorry. No one send this to my therapist because she will actually be worried.]
a/n: oh em gee hey hi hello!!! Feeling blessed that i can write for the whorehouse server collab!!!!!!!!!! I thought i wouldnt post in time because of all of the trauma ive been going thru but we made it! *plays drake music cutely* anywaiiiiz here ya go!!
Warnings! Dont be a pussy, get kidnapped its sexy! Lol hahaha and tw drugs, tw penis (only two for like 5 seconds) so like lime or something less citrus
wc: 2.1k!!!!!
Songs to listen to when reading this: Teen Idle by the QUEEN herself marina and the diamonds, all around me by flyleaf (dw theyre christian), and mgmt kids!!!!
Tumblr media
A great poet once said “Got 56 a gram, 5 a hundred grams though, man I swear I love her how she work that damn pole” and that poet, mister fettison wapersons the third said it with his whole left nut. So im out here hustling the pole.
And by pole i mean working at the local 7/11.
I guess i should introduce myself hehe, my name is (y/n) (l/n) and my hobbies include singing (im not that good thought bc im nervous), smoking darts outside my job because i have a nicotine addiction that makes me mysterious and sexy but in a broken girl kind of way, and reading. Im queer coded but in a way that appeals to compulsory hetereonormativity, and if you relate to me you will come oout within the next five years. Its just like astrology!!!
Anyways, there i am. Smoking a ciggy outside of my shitty, convience store job. I am stocking the new mmonster energy drinks into our stock fridge (theyre watermelon!!! (a/n: my fav flavor btw!!!!!!!)), when i feel a text message coming through on my new samsung flip.
ebony_dementia_raven_way: heyyyyy bbycakes ill pick u up aft3r werk so we can get dranky n partee!!
its-yn-not-yeen: ohmygosh fawk ya!!!!! Ill steal some ciggies from my werk fro us!!!!
That’s my best friend. Shes emo as heck. We’re such opposites but it works, me being like hot in a conventional lowkey way and her being emo.
My shift ends soon and we always like to get drunk and party with older college guys that she knows on the wekeknds. 
“Hey kitten, can you cash me out?” i hear a mans deep voice behind me. It sounds so deep i can feel it in my girly parts.
I whip my head around, my long generic hair wafting the scent of my perfume around the aisle. I lock eyes with a tall man, he has black hair, deep indigusishable eyes, and his gives me the aura of a cat who eats mice outside the back of my store. Hes fucking hot though. In a greasy rich kid way.
“Ugh, fine i guess.” i get up from where im stocking the shelves and even decide to be nice enough to take out my headphones (a/ns: i forgot to mention the reader is wearing headphones and listening to paramore!!!!!) I would die without my music. other people just dont understand how much i love music. they dont get how its saved me.
I pass him, and hes smiling at me. What a fucking weirdo. In a hot way.
I walk towards the cash, and in a sudden movement another man comes running from the parallel aisle with a chloroform rag. I yell lightly, but not in anyway loud enough to garner any attention, let alone from my boss who is most deinifitely railing lines of coke in the bathroom.
“STOP IT” I ccatch the reflection of the man whose drugging me in the mirror next to the hot fritos that go on sale every sunday. Hes a big man, strong, giving me total daddy vibes but not in a weird way like in a sexy way like i read on fanfiction dot net. He also has dark hair and eyes.
“Great work, lets get her in the car,” the cat man comes into view and oh my god? Hes part of this? I have both tall,dark, and handsome men tying me in ropes and shuttling me out of my store.
They move me in the parking lot. I can hear them whispering “calm down” and ‘dont worry” but all i can see is my best friend Ebony’s car!! I start yelling but its muffled against the rag still. She looks up and waves, pointing to her cigarette, which is her tell tale ‘wait-a-min-im-puffing’ look. I get it, i would do the same.
The unnamed sexy men start shoving me into a red kia soul.
I cant believe im getting kidnapped in a kia soul! This is so fucked. Poor people are kidnapping me??? I dont even warrant a rich mans affections?
The chloroform finally kicks in conveniently so long after they initially drugged me and everything fades to black. I suddenly feel like annabeth in percy jackson, when she like gets beat up a little, which im almost ashamed to admit is kinda hot.
I wake up grogily tied to a chair in a huge fancy modernist condo. I suddenly feel underdressed in my vintage seven eleven uniform (my boss hates that i dont wear the right one but craig, fashion is fashion, plus the hot harry potter looking guy from starbucks says its sick!! And i trust british ppl mate xx), and a black tennis skirt, with my cool converse. I wear converse because its a lifestyle not because im edgy.
Anyways! Im sexy! Im groggy! Im confused, its a whole moment. I catch myself in the mirror and realize my mascara has smudged giving me a smokey eye look, but other than that im wearing no makeup. My skin is clear. 
“Oh good, youre awake. We were starting to worry,” the tall man says, this is the one who chlorofrmed me, not the sexy man who called me kitten. However, kitten man is beside him.
“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS? WHY AM I HERE? WAHT DO YOU WANT WITH ME?” i yell. Once again, not too loud, because yelling isnt that sexy.
“I am daichi sawamura and the skinny man who looks liek a douche is my friend kuroo tetsurou,” i laugh at him calling the other man a douche, “we dont mean to scare you hun, we just needed a moment of your time. 
“wHAT DO YOU MEAN? ALSO WHERE ARE MY HEADPHONES? I CANT COPE WITHOUT LISTENING TO MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS, UGH” i cant find my phone or my cute skullcandy headphones. This should be classified as a war crime. 
The cat man cuts in, holding up my phone and headphones.
“We will give you back your music, if you stay with us. This is going to sound crazy, ou are being hunted by the government because they inputted a chip in your brain when you were a baby,” my head spun from the information overload, i suddenly remember my dads best friend barack obama telling me i was important to the world, “and that chip falling into the wrong hands can kill the world as we know it. We have been tasked to save you. We have been tailing you for weeks and-” 0.O
“By the way, you havent been home in a few weeks, you only go to the 7/11 or to your friends place, thats fucking weird,” Daichi says, shrugging. His shoulders are filled in and muscular, and i had a sudden thought about licking his pecs that i shook off.
“ANYWAYS, we need to protect you. So were here. Do you promise not to run away or yell? We’ll give you back your phone and headphones?” Kuroo finishes and i think about his body being so lean and scrumptious.
“Yeah of course!” i bat my lashes. Im lying through my teeth. My perfect pearly white teeth. I can afford a dentist.
They swiftly untie me and give me my headphones and im quick to start playing skye sweetnam.  I send Ebony and my other friend Princess Mia of Genovia a quick SOS text. Im not dumb, theyll save me. 
theyre the 
I sit down with them and they begin to go in depth with the whole problem. Kuroo explains that theyre part of a program that protects us Chipped Gals, as he’s calling it. Daichi explains that hes the muscle of the operation, which makes sense because he has muscle. Im not usually into the whole jersey shore meathead thing, but he makes it work. Whereas kuroo, now that hes no longer greasy from the 7/11, looks like a frat boy who got lost in london for a bit, so hes hot ya know? Im not even listening to them talk about how my life is in peril, and i dont even consider how convenient the whole thing sounds. I trust them, theyre hot. Hot people are legally nto allowed to lie, everyone knows this, its the first rule from the bible - legally blonde 2.
They put on music to continue their confversation. Its three days grace. I thnk theyre kind of cool, but i dont want to admit it. They even talk about their likes and dislikes, which is only volleyball. In fact i dont even think they have other personality points other than, FBI, Volleyball, being hot, and liking everything i like. Perfect, just how i like my men -- useless hot vapid voids. xD
“Let’s make dinner, you’ve had a long day love,” daichi says. And all of a sudden im starving.
“So where can i sleep?” I ask, yawning. We had a luxurious dinner of italian food that could be from olive garden i guess. They walk me to a room at the back of the condo. There is a huge bed, like a california xl king bed in the corner. Its heart shaped. There is mood lighting, and the bed is vibrating for soem reason. Must be for massages. 
“That’s the problem babe,” kuroo starts and winks, “theres only one bed.”
“We hope thats okay,” Daichi says, lifting up his shift.
It;ll be hard to escape sleeping in the same bed, but im sure it’ll work out.
I nod and begin to take off my 7/11 shirt. All of a sudden i realize im undressing in front of them.
They’re licking their lips. I realize theyre both half naked. Daichi reminds me of a greek god, all strong and big, and kuroo is like a smaller greek god or something because hes skintier.
I drool a little at the sight. [ANS: ME FUCKING TWO1!!! IM FUCKING WHET!]
None of us are speaking, but words dont need to be exchanged. We all begin to undress quietly. Theyre looking at me like prey, and i feel like a small animal being led to the slaughter. If the slaughter was getting railed by strong men. 
They both unzip their pants, pulling them completely off, showing their equally large juicy members. Now im drooling for real. 
Im standing shyly in just my underwear and bra, which are froot of the loom, and cover my body with my hands. What if they dont want me? 
“You’re so fucking hot, isnt she kuroo?” daichi says. Kuroo nods excitedly like acat whose found cat nip or whatever cats like to eat.
“This is so wrong, our boss, the director of the FBI old man ikkei ukai will kill us if we mess around with you,,,, but you’re everything we dream about. I feel like ive waited my whole life for you,” Kuroo says, and daichi begins to advance towards me. 
it is then i decide: if i want to escape these men, the best way is to fuck them senseless. It always works. I wont catch feelings. Plus i havent had some in awhile.
Im going to fuck my kidnappers.
Tumblr media
A/NS: wow that took a lot out of me!!! Theyre so smexxy,,,h ope u guys enjoyed it! If not ill glomp you xD im not sure when ill update since im giving birth lyke tmrw (its a boy!!!) but you’ll be the first to know.
Ang3l: ur lying ur not pregnant ur 14
mEEEKee: youre busy because youre going to soccer camp omfg liar!!!!!
Me: you guys are the worst hahaaha u caught me!!!
y/n: will i get pregnant??????? :3
all of us: probably!!!
Okay!!! ttyl!!pls, like, comment + follow
also this is what youre wearing for this chapter!!!
Tumblr media
like hot working class chic. 
Tumblr media
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undermattsun · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
japan national team x reader | w.c 1.3k
a/n: omg guys here’s the super cute epic collab fic i made w all my frieednsies <33 we all worked superrrr hard on this so pls don’t be mean!!!!!!!!! pls enjoy its xoxox and don’t forget to follow everyone here on this kidnapped by hq collab <33333333333
warnings: not proofread bc who does that xD (guys pls free me from this hell i’m in so much pain i didn’t even look at this i skimmed over it i left it as is, gg)
Tumblr media
Read this while lsitening to the best song evar!!!!!!!!!!!1 if you dont listen whil reading ill eat ur family MONCH MONCH MONCH
i go dwnstars, yelling ‘by mum!’ bfor laceing up my wite convrrse hightops (NOT blck becauz u cant sharpi on it) wth 1d lyrics scribbled on it. i rmb to draw a directioner infinite sign on mywrist. perfect, i think to mysdlf.
I never thot i would get to go to the olympics all the way on the other side of the planet in toky o japan! It was a dream come true for a simple, average, run of the mill girrl like me, who is 5’7 with naturally wavy hair, that’s not curly or strait and eyes as blue as the dark blue part of the ocean. 
I been dreaming of the olypoics since fetus. I just knew I had to be here, but I never thought it would actually happen. The only thing that would make it better is if I had a smezxy smexy boyfrwend! (A/n: Tee-hee! Maybe even two! (Or five! <333) haha! Aren’t I so quirky? <3)
I’m Wearing A Mint Green Crop Top That Ties In The Front And Some Denim Shorts With Black Converse. I Don’t Need Makeup Because My Skin Is Naturally Smooth And Clear And My Lips Are Already Red #wokeuplikethis And I Listened Only To MCR And P!ATD On The Plane Ride. I Bet You Dont Know Who They Are, THey’re My Favorite Banxds And Are Super GOod And Like Underground Bands. (A/n: Okay But If You Don’t LIke Welcome TO THe BLack Parade GTFO Of My FIc I Don’t Need YOu Here xoxo) 
ok so like,, im on my way to the olympics but then like, i get kidnapped !!! the car i was in was like super expensive and i cant see anything with the blindfold on. i hear voices of men all around me though, for like, a whole 30 minutes before they bring me somewhere and tie me up? "Take Her BLindfold off," one of them say, i hear. and im so nervous. but it's like a dream when they tug my blindfold off and im met with the prettiest emerald orbs ever looking back at me.
my stomach knotted in fear (more like an angry swarm of butterflies fluttering around ) i feel like screaming or squealing or both bc those eyes belong to someone so gorgeous . even more gorgeous than harry styles. hes like a god. i woukd so worship his foot. or something. (squee omg i can’t believe this is happening. i bet you wish that it was you huh?) 
bro who tf has emerald orbs green eyes im blanking rn
^ yo i was gonna ask i cannot for the life of me remember who
his #afff14 sppheres peered into my soul i really just felt seen. i took a deep breath before fainting he was just so pretty. *one hours later* i woke upa nd saw the pretty viridescent peepers staring into mine. like he was literally two inches away from my face omg i could feel his minty breath on my lips it smelled so good.
“My name is atsumu miya,” he said gruffly, the gruffness in his voice so gravely. “And me and me mates here think yer the most gorgeous girl weve ever seen. I blink up at him, orbs gleaming amd full of tears. 
“What do u mean, i’m just a normal quirky girl?” I say shakely, biting my lip. I bit my lip as the piss blond man spoke.
“U may be a normal quirky girl but ur OUR nroaml quirky girl now” his friend said with a deep voice. It was so deep that i almost thot it was like the ocean, he had curly balck hair and his eye were sooo mysterious (a/n i loooove sakusa i can’t believe him and his friends kindapped me omgggg XD)
“Stop it go away” osamu said (hee hee i can never remmber  tell which twin is which LOL i think its osamuuu) “no u have to share” sakusa responded angrily. I starred at them and didn’t know what theyd do next!
I looked over to he side ans see sakura pulling out hand sanitizer passing it around to his teamates. The green orbed boys huff as they put it on. i wished i could see his whole face hes so sedy, look over here pretty girl, i gasp pulled from my thoughts by their captain kita walking into the room with his hands on his hips and was theat aran? “You look even better in peroiusn” aran said to me, walking over to me “how do you know who i am?” i ask.
“listen bbygurl...” he yealls, pulling out a chair to sit acros from me. “you dont get to ask the questions, we are your new masters, and you shall do as we say.” i gulp nervously, my stomach feeling like a sharkndao is happening inside. “we hope u will be worth every penny we payed foru.” 
“M-m-m-masters?” my head felt like it was spinning in a teacup from disney land as i thought about what he just said to me. what did this mean? was i gooing to miss the olympics?? I wanted ot hate him with his super smug look on his face but i cant deny that he looks kind of hot and i’m into guys who look just like him,, the other guys r also relly attractive it makes my heart race. I look around trying to find answers when i make eye contact w a really really reall y tall guy who i thinks name is gao only to see another really really relly tall guy next to him,, hyakuzawa?
“what are yo going to do to me then?” ((*lenny face))
you ask, stomach bubbling. maybe i shoudnt have ateen that stale pizza earlier and washed it down with watermelon-lemon minute maid because now i felt like it was gonna come up. ((ew gross um tw vomit mention hehe)
“Dont worry were going to grab seme din din soon lil one,” one of them says. His name espapes me. Hes a ginger. They wont answer me for some reason and i suddenly miss my freedom when i would go to school (i go to an expesive private school for rich kids ahahah).
“WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH ME??” i yell again batting my fists against the ginger but he doesnt even blink. Ive decided hes hot but in a short king kinda way. His hair reminded me of of like cheeto coloured fine thread woven into waves.,,, like the ocean xD (ans...this has an ocean theme)
sudenly there was another voice it was yalling “BOKE HINATA BOKER” i looked with my stricking dark blue orbs and there wasd inother pair of stricking dark blueor bs like the ocean and blck hair. his voicde was veryy deelp an sexxcy (a/n lololol i luv u gakeyama kun *w*)
theres suddenly a loud voice in ur ear screaming directly into ur eardrum " BAKA KAGYEAMA BAKA"  (wtf our they communicating ????  ? )    i cringe at the yellign and another pair of strong arms bulls me away . i land against a hard, solid chest, i can feel the six pack thru his track Suit. 
and then my alarm clock playin what makes u beatyful goes off n i woke up. 
i rub my eyes wakng up, starrn into the mirror at my super borng brwn ugly eyes and brsh my equaly borng brwn hair. i lok up at m wall and see harey stylz and niallr starinf back at me on t walls. i sigh dreamily. they wud twll me my brwn uairs beatufil. 
Tumblr media
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mistocore · 4 months ago
can u tell us more about ur skyrim au?
sure !!!! ive been thinking a lot about it too !
I imagine that the jellicles are a town of Khajiit, populating a hidden town near Eastmarch ! I think that every year they all congregate together and throw a festival for the jellicle moon as Khajiit already have ties to the moon in their heritage , i think it fits so perfectly !!
I imagine little stalls lining the streets with streamers, bunting, people chatting and celebrating the rise of the jellicle moon. I think that each stall holds a jellicle cat vendor that u can go and meet ! some sit in inns or pubs and u can go in and meet them too !!
Munkustrap runs a small shop that sells scrolls, , spellbooks , potions , story books etc that most of he wrote himself !! He’s an older poet and famous author in the town who tells you tales of papercuts , hardships in getting noticed and published and which is the best items he has on sale for the day .
Jerrie and Teazer are little rogue assassins who are known for their elite pickpocketing skills ! the player must keep their eyes out in case something on their person is taken !!!
Bustopher and Jenny are a married couple running an inn . Probably named after one of Bustophers aforementioned pubs in his song in the canonical musical . The two are mentioned to be very in love !! They offer rooms for the night , bustopher offers food that he has cooked himself and jenny will offer to patch up any clothes or damaged armour you may have !
Speaking of this particular inn , Tugger is a bard Khajiit noted for his talent and looks around the town ! You can throw him pieces of gold and silver to play a song for your troubles , you can even sit down and have conversations about his life and endeavours . I think Tugger would also be a good added on companion !!! :—)
Mistoffelees is a young man , quietly harbouring powerful magic , unaware of the extent of his powers . You meet him as he accidentally blows something up or has some kind of mishap with his power !! Theres a side quest where you help him find out what magic he has , how he can control it and what he can do with it . Maybe with the assistance of Munkustrap !!
Bombalurina is a street performer , dancing with a tambourine . She greets you and you can offer her gold or silver in exchange for a dance . She tells you about her friendships with Tugger and Demeter . She also speaks lowly of Grizabella , saying that shes nearby.
Grizabella is homeless . She sits on the sides of the road asking for change , you can make the moral decision to give her a few pieces of change . She says she used to be loved and respected , but got involved with Macavity . She says to avoid any red Khajiits if you see one . She doesnt really open up much :-(( but you ponder about this Macavity fellow .
Cassandra runs a small food stall , she cooks all of the food herself !! Coricopat , Tantomile and Exotica are there with her !! They’re a family :D
Deuteronomy is a biiiiig burly buff blacksmith . He makes weapons , armour , arrows etc and hes very loved and respected in the town ! Everybody loves him , they daren’t say a bad word about him . Hes just awesome . He’s regarded as a “protector” and “leader” of the town as hes been here the longest and he had served for the safety of their town in countless battles and wars . He is regarded as a hero to them !!!
Macavity is a villain in the town , posessing darker magic . The younger residents of the town talk about him as if hes a story book character , and you almost believe that he is !!!
But until you meet Demeter , a lady who sells small trinkets . She tells you that he has troubled the town for decades , she even tells you she once loved him and thought she could change his ways , but he is just pure evil . You hear that he wants to overthrow their festival .
Then, you learn that the Khajiits have a sacrificial ritual each year where they choose one member of their town to be sacrificed in order to appease the “everlasting khajiit” ( the everlasting cat !! ) . Macavity wants to be this sacrifice as you are praised in history as being a hero and the afterlife consequence for this sacrifice is that they have “ riches beyond their wildest desires “, and Macavity wants all of it . The main quest is you attempting to undercover the secrets of the town , stopping Macavity and letting Deuteronomy ( the most respected member of the town ) choose the sacrifice !! it all sounds so gory , but it is explained that the khajiits offer THEMSELVES to be the sacrifice . Theres no force involved !
I love this au sorry for huge post and if u have any questions about it pwez send em
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screamingay · 13 days ago
ok so third carnage viewing: many thoughts
still cant figure out what that one blue and pink sticker on eddies bike helmet says but overall the rest of them r SO bisexual. he has the helmet of a bisexual
even with the love confession i think my favorite part is still that whole sequence of cletus breaking frances out of ravencroft.. let eddie be that fucking horny for venom u cowards
of course i want the r rating for horny reasons but also where's the blood!! i want GORE hes a MONSTER!!!!
i still think venoms speech at the rave was a little hashtag cringe but tbh i wouldn't want it any other way
ever since that post pointing out that venom smashed eddies bike after they broke up bc he saw how self destructive eddie was on it after finding out anne was engaged..... i cant laugh at any part of either of those scenes 🥺
woc stay winning bc mrs chen and frances are literally the best characters in the movie
i kinda love the way venom switching bodies recklessly after the breakup was a very clear metaphor for sleeping around as a coping mechanism bc that's so common in the community especially in fucking SAN FRANCISCO god could this movie be gayer
love how venom doesn't eat red m&ms i have to wonder if it's the same kind of allergy some people have OR better yet he just doesnt like the color red dhdjshd
when eddie is lying on the church floor and carnage Expands over top of him and the size difference is made extremely clear..... yeah 🥴
did eddie say there was another chicken named snooki?? i dont even have time to unpack that
nobody laughed at eddie's "just hangin around" joke but i did i saw it coming all 3 times and i laughed every time lmao
also nobody seemed to laugh at cletus saying the warden tasted like ham when it was clearly a joke abt cops being pigs
i think theres something to be said abt that first shot of cletus in his new clothes (that lil button up) standing over the man he'd stripped as the camera lingers on that one long slimy veiny tentacle moving across the guy's body........ it was intentional it had to be
oh yeah and um. venom pinning eddie to the ceiling canon 😳 this one was under bad circumstances but i want 2 believe they'll revisit it later under better ones <3
i am so so terribly afraid of how they'll portray my beloved tentacle guy in tom holland marvelverse.. i worry not even tom hardy's acting could save whatever script they throw him into ngl
anyway the way venom can turn eddie's hands into claws.. and DRAW with them?? i feel like my mind went right to the gutter but tbh it's a really interesting ability to have
they got stabbed like. SO many times in that final battle lmao they deserved the honeymoon vacation i hope they had plenty of time between that beach honeymoon and the beginning of the multiverse nonsense
i cant stop thinking abt that big evil bisexual goth monsterfucker wedding where they were planning to kill a cop as part of the ceremony.. dare i say iconic
but seriously release the rated r cut i need the graphic beheadings and tentacle prostate orgasms and i need them NOW!!!
oh yeah almost forgot in the beginning when eddie pulls venom into the bathroom stall it literally looks like hes grabbing him by the ponytails and it makes me laugh every time dhsjdhsj
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actualbird · 5 months ago
Opening Line Tag Game :DDD
Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories (if you have less than 20, just list them all!). See if there are any patterns. Choose your favorite opening line. Then tag 10 of your favorite authors!
was tagged by @dont-offend-the-bees!! thanks for the tag, newt!!!! ur dghda fics holds a special place in my heart even though ive sailed away to fandoms afar.
well, here’s the first lines of the past 20 fanfics i posted onto my ao3, starting from most recent going back!!
When he gets home, Signora is leaning against the door of his apartment. (something like a death wish, Genshin Impact)
It’s a somber affair, when it’s time for Azhdaha to fade away. (it's a hard rock life for us, Genshin Impact)
Azhdaha is born into a world of darkness. (you give me miles and miles of mountains, Genshin Impact)
It starts with one of Jean’s many romance novels. (what's inside? that's causing this malfunction, Genshin Impact)
Ajax didn’t think about it much, before. (i forget the difference between seduction and arson, ignition and cognition, Genshin Impact)
The ceremony is a small affair. (if it was important, we would have remembered, Genshin Impact)
He wakes up alone, shaking and bathed in darkness. (our endless and impossible journey toward home is in fact our home, Genshin Impact)
Kaeya doesn’t have baby pictures— what with the whole abandoned by his birth father at the ripe age of six at the doorstep of a winery tycoon shebang—but ever since he did get adopted, Crepus Ragnvindr took basically a million pictures of his two boys through every single year of their life. (angry react, Genshin Impact)
How strangely time passes; sometimes it soars like a feathered sliver in the sky, hopeful and free. (it's time to leave and turn to dust, Genshin Impact)
Thankfully, Charles is the one manning the bar when Kaeya gets to the Angel’s Share tavern. (ain't i the best you had?, Genshin Impact)
Life as a Fatui grunt isn’t as fabulous as the Snezhnayan rumor mill makes it out to be. (we don't even have dental..., Genshin Impact)
Here’s the thing: Childe’s career was going fucking great. (put your hands on me, Genshin Impact)
In the beginning, there was a land that was left by the gods to rot. (take this cup away from me, Genshin Impact)
Childe is in a domain hunting down intel when things go a bit fun. (taste of poison paradise, Genshin Impact)
Everybody in Pelican Town knows of the new resident, but knowing anything substantial about him is something else altogether. (a fullered blade and a scalpel, Stardew Valley)
Ronnie’s known for quite a while that Harvey is, well...endowed. (baby, you got lucky cause you're rocking with the best, Stardew Valley)
Ronnie has always been different from other people. (legend has it that the moss grows on the north side of the trees, Stardew Valley)
Spring comes, as it always does. (that's what seasons do, Stardew Valley)
The universe lurches. (just enjoy the show, Polygon Cyberpunk Red)
It comes in stages, not all at once. (not quite 20/20 vision, Hades)
can you believe these past 20 fics were ALL posted this year???? I WROTE 20 FANFICS IN 5 MONTHS....ON GODS THIS PANDEMIC HAS GOTTA END, SKJDFHKJSDF.
anyway //steeples hands. some patterns ive noticed as i put this list together
i almost always use the first sentence to establish either setting or premise. i guess i do this because, personally, when i enter a scene, the first thing i want to know is what im supposed to be physically experiencing or what im supposed to be emotionally focused on, if that makes sense? i need to Know!!!!! which means that my first lines honestly, in my opinion, are a bit boring akjfkbjfkjbfd. i gotta set down the bedrock or else everything else will be wobbly!!! i write my fics like i construct a fuckin jenga tower, i swear akjfbakjsf
something i do keep in mind with all my first lines is the very simple yet integral rule: a sentence’s purpose is to do what it needs to do, but also to make the reader want to read the next sentence. this, i guess, is why nearly all of my first lines feel like a cliffhanger. thats on purpose because what i want to do with my first line is get u to keep reading. in a sense, my first lines are working triple time. they 1) do whatever it is they need to do for the story, 2) establish setting/premise, and 3) push you onwards to the next sentence like a baby sea turtle waddling to the ocean.
related to “triple time” but that was something i learned from a brutal fiction professor who was wonderful and intelligent! but also made me shift out of the fiction track in college HAHA. his basic belief was that sentences cant just be doing One Thing. you’re going waste a lot of time and a lot of words and lose your reader, if you go at things like that. sentences have to multitask. i am very aware of this with opening lines...
and last but not least, all these opening lines undoubtedly suck on their own HAHKJBKDFJDJF
i....dont think i have a favorite opening line of all of the ones i listed tbh. like i said, all my opening lines, on their own, dont exactly Wow, so im lukewarm about all these haha. i think....this is indicative of me having to step up my opening line game......
//jazz hands. anyway theres that! and as for ppl to tag, i am notoriously shy when it comes to writer tag games, but im breaking my shyness to tag @listentotheshityousay and @theinternationalacestation . 
no need to do it if u dont wanna, friends!!! jus know i adore yalls’ writing so very very much
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ff-imagines · a year ago
General headcanons: Boston lobster
Tumblr media
Ugh... he’s so pretty.... I’m gonna cry....
• Phew ok
• Getting this asshole to like you isn’t actually that complicated
• He’s not really ever gotten praise, care, or positive attention.
• He’s mainly had to be either a tool, or he’s had to be a leader.
• His brothers and sisters see him as invincible, but you know better.
• So you treat him better.
• At first he’s very hostile towards you, your kindness makes him more so because he genuinely believes you’re just trying to get his guard down so you can hurt him.
• Ofc he’s wrong. The fact that you’re persistent about being nice to him proves that much.
• Seeing how you treat others with the same kindness is what really gets his attention though.
• That surprisingly includes how you treat other humans, not just food souls.
• He might not like humans but he knows how you treat others attests greatly to you as a person.
• You prove to be respectful when it’s required, as well as when it’s not.
• He hates that he admires you for that.
• I think that Boston would really start to catch feelings really hard once he’s seen you at your lowest.
• They say you never truly know someone till you’ve seen them at their worst
• It’s also a chance to return the support that you’ve given him
• He doesn’t like humans, but he also doesn’t like feeling indebted
• He’s actually really good at giving advice, he’s seen and experienced just about every kind of pain anyone can endure, chances are that he knows your struggle intimately.
• He speaks softly, and lowers himself, trying to make you feel less intimidated by the big scary lobster man who normally wants to break your kneecaps
• It will most likely be you who makes a move first because falling in love with a human is already hurting his pride, admitting it? Unprompted?? Lmao, no.
• Dates with him are away from people.
• Doesn’t always mean you’re stuck at home, he loves stargazing!
• But…. takeout and Netflix are always very solid plans.
• Look me in the eyes and tell me this man doesn’t enjoy soap operas, I dare you.
• You turn one on and he bickers about it being stupid and then it’s an hour later and hes on the edge of his seat worried about whether Samantha will accept rich guy Rodgers marriage proposal or will she run off with her true love joseph
• He also loves…
• Gardening!
• He’s actually got a surprising amount of skill!
• He’d die before he told anyone but he loves growing flowers the most
• He loves daffodils, red roses, and dahlias!
• Hes drawn to moonflowers as well, theres something ethereal about watching them open in the moonlight.
• Tried to grow a lotus outside once, almost gave up after one of the pads started wilting but then he noticed something
• A little frog chillin out on one of the pads
• He felt he needed to at least try to keep the plant alive because he didn’t want to get rid of this frogs new house so
• He gave it his all and now the frog has a very nice looking home!
• He hasn’t named it yet but he does call him “hoppy” with a level of affection in his voice
• You once caught him talking to the frog after you heard his deep threatening voice say “so, hoppy, how does the water feel today?”
• Made you swear on your fucking life not to tell anyone
• He’d really love to grow something with you, honestly.
• It’s a very peaceful hobby and he feels a great amount of pride in watching the plants flourish.
• Will 100% throw dirt at you while gardening
• Boston is very very pleasant to cuddle with during winter!
• You just… have to catch him first
• He will most likely be basking face first in snow without a shirt bc “He just got too hot”
• Getting him to cuddle is a task bc… you’re very warm and he’s already always sweating buckets
• He LOVES the cold but is sad because all his outdoor plants die :(
• (Yes he brought the lotus inside, hoppy stays on his lotus pads but sometimes you catch him chillin out on Boston’s nightstand)
• Will cuddle if you pout hard enough
• He’s pretty tall so it’s very easy to tangle yourself against his chest.
• He might grumble and complain for the first few minutes but honestly he adores the affection.
• After he’s done pretending to be mad he settles against you by keeping his legs tangled with yours and tucking your head under his chin, running his fingers through your hair.
• Doesn't like being little spoon. Even when he’s upset and needing comfort he likes being in control.
• Doesn't like when you’re out of sight, and he’s easily jealous.
• Whenever he feels the person you’re talking to is getting just a little too friendly he’ll straight up pick you up and walk away with you
• His little moments of jealousy are the only times you can take control, giving him affection in order to reassure him and remind him you love him too.
• Words aren’t easy for him. He appreciates someone he can be in a room with, and just bask in their company, not saying much, just relaxing in comfortable silence.
• He’s a man of action, affection actually comes surprisingly easy once he’s sure you’re serious about loving him and not gonna bite.
• If you touch his antennae his left shoulder twitches
• He also gets mad at u lmao
• If you ever “accidentally” pull them he lets out a loud squeak
• It doesn’t hurt him, feels like when you hit your funny bone
• He will chase you if you even try lmao
• His face is very expressive when he sleeps, you can tell quickly when he’s having a good dream and when he’s not
• He’s… normally not.
• Running your fingers along his collarbone is weirdly comforting to him, so if his face is scrunched up in his sleep you can lightly trace along his chest and ease him without waking him
• Sometimes Boston will have random moments where he seems distant.
• Not necessarily mean, but he’s very clearly distracted.
• Honestly just sitting nearby him, not pushing for conversation as much as just making him aware that you’re here for him, that’s what comforts him.
• He'll come to you in an hour or two. The longer you’re with him, the more he shares.
• Sometimes it’s worries about his brothers and sisters, sometimes it’s venting about memories from the past, sometimes he’s just not feeling as strong as usual.
• Sometimes it’s about you, how he worries about you more than anyone he’s ever met.
• Boston is a big scary mean old man. But he cares about you more than life itself.
• He hates to admit that he wouldn’t have it any other way.
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portraitofalarryonfire · 8 months ago
hi!! with regards to my policeman it sucks bc i LOVE emma and harry, but there’s literally no need for white tragic gay movies when theres so much that can be done for queer poc and just uplifting modern queer stories? i initially wanted a poc to be cast as patrick but i dont think that would happen and regardless it would never explore intersectionality based on the source material. not to mention he plays a cop as well which is ANOTHER red flag.
and this may sound insane but even when dwd started i remember when dakota johnston was attached to the project instead of gemma chan and it genuinely made so much sense to me bc as good as booksmart was it was also INCREDIBLY white. so i rly have no faith in olivia’s investment in diversity either, considering even with gemma chan the cast has only another poc publicly attached to it at this point despite the paps shooting it every 3 minutes.
i’m just at a loss: how do i still express excitement about either of these projects when they seem like steps backwards in terms of film? and furthermore, is it irrational for me to hate how white harry’s entire image and immediate surroundings are CONSTANTLY despite his engagement in social issues almost constantly? i dont believe its performative bc i obviously know hes a queer person, but like for him to scrape the surface of engaging with blm and his biden endorsement is really off putting to me. do you think harry does these things solely to profit of them? or do u think hes just unaware of his half-assedness? or is it mostly a product of his pr and marketing team and columbia?? sorry for the word dump lol
ps. i really like how u approach these issues! and if it helps to see where im coming from w this question i’m a bisexual woc!
It’s not for me to comment in massive detail about the whiteness of the films because I’m white, but I 100 percent agree with you that both projects are very white AND Harry’s social circle appears to be very white, and that’s all...very disappointing. 
As a queer person I don’t feel particularly interested in My Policeman as a project because it’s telling a story I think is very much stuck in ‘old queer cinema’, and that is perpetuating some things that are harmful. Eg putting cis het people at the centre of queer stories, using violence against queer people as a character arc for non queer characters etc. The fact that it is so white is another factor which makes it a really irrelevant entry into the queer canon, for me. I am not interested in the film and I think it’s a film that doesn’t really need to be made, I think the source material is dodgy af (written by a straight cis woman and Marion is...I think she’s supposed to be sympathetic which is GROSS considering what she does). As a queer person I really don’t give a shit about it, and so I’d very much understand why its even less exciting for a queer woman of colour. 
I don’t think it’s at all irrational to be pissed off by Harry not choosing projects that promote legitimately good representation (both in queerness and in actually having characters of colour). It’s literally fucked up that you have to wonder if that’s ‘irrational’, because your thoughts are being demonised by people who want to excuse him of things. 
I personally do feel like a lot of his on stage stuff is performative. For me, that doesn’t mean that I don’t think he has a personal stake or he isn’t sincere in his feelings. I simply think that he pays lip service to quite a few things without really doing a whole lot. 
I think a lot of it comes from a branding perspective. Openly talking about trans rights might be wonderful for trans fans and people, but it’s potentially going to alienate a certain portion of fans or politicise him, and that can threaten $$$$$$ and broadness of brand. With the Biden endorsement, my head canon is that behind the scenes, Harry said ‘I want to say something on this’ and his team said ‘cool well it has to be pretty chill and non committal’, because a strong statement could, once again, piss some people off and mean less $$$$$$ and less broadness of brand. 
I do think it’s hard to know where Harry starts and ‘the brand’ stops when it comes to attributing the lack of commitment or strong stances to someone. Having watched that Taylor Swift documentary, it was pretty clear that no one could really stop her from ‘coming out’ (lol) as a democrat, but she was advised several ways and was very anxious. If Harry is in a similar position then, we could assume he’s able to speak out more or say stronger sentiments, but maybe is talked out of it or doesn’t want to - we can’t know which it is. 
I do think people attribute too much control to his team sometimes. Like let’s be real if he wanted to shout trans rights, fuck terfs, support x charity at a concert...who is going to stop him? As if Sony is going to drop such a big cash cow over a political sentiment that’s not offensive. 
In terms of the whiteness of it all...I think Harry is white, is surrounded by white people, is rich as hell, is surrounded by people who are rich as hell. I think most of those rich celebrity types who are white only look into race to the extent that it’s necessary to not say something super offensive in an interview, and that’s about it. They live in a bubble where almost everyone they know is white and POC problems aren’t of actual concern to them. I think we white people tend to write white and choose white stories without even thinking because we are just subconsciously racist to some extent (including myself here because no white person is exempt from this) and it’s saddening that no one with power on the DWD set thought ‘hey, is this movie seeming really white to anyone else’ or Harry didn’t read My Policeman and think ‘hey, is this project going to be white as hell? Should I choose something else?’ 
I think people want to attribute those choices to a company so they can pretend no member of One Direction has ever made a dumb choice in their life, but the reality is Harry picked My Policeman, and that tells us a bit about where is politics are/how developed they are and things he does and doesn’t have an awareness of. I don’t think there’s any way around that conclusion. I think a lot of people aren’t going to care about the potential problems with the story but they would 100 percent care if it wasn’t their fave in it.  At the same time all marginalised voices aren’t all going to agree so that’s to be expected. 
Sorry I hope I didn’t overstep by going into the whiteness of it all bit, I just wanted to answer your question. 
So yeah, your feelings are very valid. 
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hyperchemblr · 2 months ago
3, 8, 10, 11, 16, 26 :) sorry it’s a lot
don't be sorry for asking a lot i love asks !! seriously if theres one thing i love most its rambling into the void that is tumblr.
3. what was the last song you listened to?
the version of since u been gone from pitch perfect! idk why i've been vibing to the pitch perfect soundtracks lately. this is for two reasons. the first is that acapella is so satisfying and the remixes of songs slap. the ending performance from the first movie? iconic. the second is skylar astins voice. homie needs to go on broadway (i think he has so i guess this would be a back to broadway situation) asap. i'm glad he's on zoey's extraordinary playlist right now so we get to hear his awesome voice more.
8. what's your favorite band/artist?
oh this is a tough one !!! i'm going to choose a few because uh i can't decide like i like so many genres! kpop wise i would put red velvet, iz*one, or itzy as my top ones. every single album of all three of these groups have absolutely no skips. red velevet's musicality in general is just amazing the ad libs are iconic. other non-kpop artists i would list joshua bassett, the guy in my profile picture. both his lyrics and melody are just amazing and made me feel lots of things. every single song from his debut ep is amazing. also as a person i really admire him because he's the only artist i've seen respond to cancel culture (being cancelled) in a way that makes me believe he truly deserves his platform. i can elaborate on this if you would like but i am trying not to go on a tangent here hehe. dodie is also another artist i am in love with, her lyrics really hit different. don't quite belong almost made me cry bc she didn't write it as such but it pretty much describes being autistic. another great lyricist is NF !! literally the only rapper i listen to. special mentions are queen and spencer sutherland. yes i know this said to name a single band/artist and i named like 87 but i really like music oops. you should have known by my last answer to several questions that this would end up just being a bunch of tangents and rambles.
10. how tall are you?
i am 5'6 ! out of curiosity do i give off short, tall, or average energy? here 5'6 is pretty average with most girls i know being 5'4-5'6.
11. what color are your eyes?
time for me to be That Girl who gets weird about this. if we are being simple? blue. that's what's on my birth certificate. but i included a photo of my eyes at the bottom of this post so you can see that there is a grey rim on the outside, then a grey blue color, and a green blue color on the inside. this means sometimes my eyes look blue, sometimes my eyes look green, and sometimes they just look grey. it really depends on what i'm wearing, lighting, etc. also like i'm ngl my eyes are one of my prettiest features so enjoy lmao.
Tumblr media
16. want any tattoos? what of?
SO i initially wanted to get a deathly hallows symbol on my middle finger at some point ,,,, we obviously know why i do not want that anymore (jkr is a transphobe if you have been living under a rock). now i don't think i want anything relating to any media now that ik how much an author can fuck it up for everyone involved lmao. my pain tolerance is awful (literally pinch me and i cry) so i can't really see myself ever following through with getting a tattoo anyways but if i ever did it would be a semi-colon on my wrist to represent mental health struggles (a semi colon represents suicide awareness as in a moment you could have ended your life but didn't, very poetic).
26. what are some seemingly childish things you like?
i'm still heavily involved in fandom! i feel like lots of people grow out of that but i still read fanfic on the daily and talk abt all my favorite media online. specifically high school musical the musical the series is a disney show that may seem childish but idk man brain decided to hyperfixate and i am just here for the dopamine.
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fortheloveoflizards · a year ago
ive actually been a fan of wof for years now, im just not super active in the fandom and i guess id like to be? so here i am, sending u an awkward ask lol. anyways, the more i think about animus magic, the more i hate the way tui executed the concept? like theres barely any consequences or limitations. dragons can do whatever they want with it, which is bad for the plot. idk what are ur thoughts?
Hah, this isn’t awkward at all, I actually do have a lot of thoughts on animus magic, particularly how it differs in each tribe. I think giving each tribe different types of magic, as well as individual drawbacks on top of the general “you go crazy if you abuse your power”. Though I think the latter could have worked as more of a “if you use your power selfishly, it’ll turn on you” sort of situation? In my headcanons, each tribe has a type of magic they work best with, and a type of magic that puts strain on their physical form.
As the tribe closest in appearance to traditional European dragons, I like to headcanon Skywing animus magic as Weather and Element based. Stuff like creating storms and controlling wind currents is easy to imagine, but also magic pertaining to emotions, often fueled by the feelings of the animus themselves. A Skywing animus might find it easiest to use an object to better conduct magic, like a branch or, most commonly, crystals of different types. Skywing magic is what you would call “cast spells”, meaning they have no need to write or say what they wish to do, just think or “feel” it. As for drawbacks, emotional instability is kind of obvious, huh? There’s also bad weather being attracted to the animus, and parts of their body slowly turning into whatever object they used to channel their spells. As an example, using crystals in his spells might result in an animus’ scales turning into crystals themselves, whereas an animus that used a branch to direct air currents would notice her tail growing small twigs and leaves out from between her scales. The magic Skywings have most difficulty with is Herbal and Brewed magic. I feel since Skywing magic is very much based on action and emotion, it would be difficult for a Skywing animus to properly channel it in such a passive way.
Mudwing animus magic is perhaps my favourite to think about, it being what I call Herbal or Brewed magic. Mudwing animi specialize in potions and medicine, though this is more of an inherent tribe skill, their magic works best when imbued into food or drink. To continue with this technique, “power-ups” would be cool to see. Potions to give a dragon super strength or speed, or to keep their scales permanently warm so they can always breath fire. I think Mudwings would be most likely to use so called “magical ingredients” for their spells, as in the act of the animus using an ingredient makes it magic, rather than a normal dragon including it in their stew. I don’t feel there would be much room for drawbacks when it comes to Mudwing magic, so I’m gonna say there isn’t one. However, I will say Brewed magic is one of the hardest to perfect, as if a quantity of ingredient is even slightly off, disaster is imminent. Transformation magic is likely to be the hardest for a Mudwing animus to use. While Brewed magic is hard, it’s precise and a recipe can be done a hundred times for a hundred different dragons, and the effects never alter. Transformation magic is the opposite, in that the spell must be altered for every dragon, as every dragon is slightly different.
Next up is Sandwings! They lean most towards Written and Solar based magic. As you can guess, this means their magic is linked at least partially to the sun. Though they can’t control them, Sandwing animi often have very keen senses when it comes to the weather and seasonal changes. Change itself is a big thing for Sandwings, so seasonal magic is common. Sandwings also find writing spells easiest, as the spell is then precise and exactly as they need it. Sandwing riddles, told at parties or in passing as a fun conversation topic, have their roots in animus magic. Sandwing animi also enjoy the company of animal companions, usually camels or vultures; animals that can carry scrolls and items for the animus in question. The downside for Sandwing animi can be either mental or physical. They can start forgetting things, losing track of time, generally being scatterbrained, which eventually leads to them losing their entire memory. Or, their scales begin to darken, although I’m undecided on what kind of colour they would turn. Should they just turn golden or maybe more of a sunburnt orange or red. Perhaps even black. I dunno, maybe all three. Spoken and Lunar magic are the clear opposites of Written and Solar, so it’s pretty obvious why a Sandwing animus would have trouble in this area. Sandwing magic can be very picky, kind of like a sadistic genie that goes by what a wisher says, rather than what they mean. A dragon has to be very careful how they phrase a spell, which is hard for most Sandwing animi, hence their avoidance of Spoken spells.
I think my Seawing animus headcanon is the closest to being confirmed in canon, since the Seawing animi we see using their magic are usually using what I’ve called Spoken and Lunar magic. This includes regeneration(like healing of themselves and others), curses, transfiguration of objects and generally verbal commands. And for the record, “verbal commands” is usually, like the animus test the Seawings take, telling an inanimate object to do something. Lunar magic is connected to the moon and the tides, opposite to Solar magic. This can mean it gets stronger under a full moon, and gives a Seawing animus a kind of bond to the ocean the more they use Lunar magic. As with Sandwing animi, the magic that comes most natural to Seawings involves change. Changing tides, moon rotations, drifting currents and rips, all those factor into their magic’s strength, in and out of water. Seawing animi can also suffer a lowering of inhibitions, and can suffer what I call “going feral”. Theirs is the most noticeable, though this final drawback can affect all tribes. I like to think the more a Seawing animus uses their magic, the more they start to look like a deep sea creature. Brighter glowing scales, thinner scales overall(sometimes so thin you can almost see their insides, bleurgh!), elongated, thinner teeth, and increased speed of growth to their whole body. As you can probably guess, Written and Solar magic are the areas that cause the most trouble for Seawing animi. I’m not sure what else to comment here, since I feel it’s pretty straightforward, so there you go.
Rainwings! The tribe I’m most like! I feel that since the average Rainwing can change the colour of their scales regardless of magical ability, Transformation magic would be a perfect match for any animi that might exist in the tribe. Transformation magic includes form shifting of themselves and others, body hrror/torture(which differs from simple form shifting because it’s specifically supposed to cause pain) and transfiguration of objects. Transformation magic requires knowledge of how the specific dragon’s body works, moves and how their mind reacts to things. You might think the average Rainwing is too self-centered to be capable of that kind of perceptiveness, but I believe they’re more perceptive than they’re portrayed in-canon. I think the most noticeable consequence of a Rainwing animus using their magic is their scale colours “glitching”. If the Rainwing is naturally purple and green and they try to turn red and blue, areas of their scales might change slower than the rest, or not change altogether. A camouflaged Rainwing might suddenly find themselves bright pink and orange. Stuff like that. Weather magic is most difficult for a Rainwing animus, since it requires a lot of, I guess passionate emotions? Weather magic is loud and aggressive and takes a lot of power to control. It also relies heavily on being strongly connected to every emotion, and can backfire terribly on a dragon that doesn’t know how to wrangle that kind of power.
Mind and Time magic is what I’ve assigned for Nightwings! I felt it fits with their whole Mystical Infinite Powers aesthetic. Obviously, Mind magic includes mindreading and and Time magic future vision - which were most likely a gift from a Nightwing animus a long time ago. Other abilities include fate writing(a spell that can change an otherwise unchangeable future), enchanting, illusions, and changing minds/the perceptions of a dragon. This magic is actually relatively simple to perform, and one of the most used types by all animus dragons. That doesn’t make it any less powerful or dangerous, in fact it’s probably more dangerous that it’s so easy to use. Nightwings certainly haven’t been using it for the best purposes. This is the magic I think is the root cause of dragons losing their minds, since “Mind” is like one whole half of the magic. The unfortunate thing is that Nightwings are excellent bullshitters, so they at least last a while before anyone figures out something’s wrong. The side effect of using other types of magic is most notably scale discolouration, to the point that there are records of completely white, full-blood Nightwings. Since Icewings and Nightwings are Enemies For Life I figure their magics would clash just as much, out of principal. Reflective magic in particular requires the user to be self aware, to know their faults and, if only momentarily, be at peace with them. Nightwings are pretty in denial about a lot of stuff, it’s part of the culture they’ve built up.
Finally, Reflective and Defensive magic is the natural inclination of Icewings. That means shielding and barrier magic - which can be physical or psychological, insightful magic, illusions and star spells. No insightful magic is Not future vision, if you make that comparison in front of even a regular Icewing you will be murdered. The Icewing mind is typically pretty guarded already, as we see when Moon tries to read them. I like to believe that an animus a long time ago used their Gift to make it so Nightwings can’t read the tribe’s minds, or at least not easily. This would be an example of a psychological barrier spell. Star spells are tied to the stars(no duh) like Solar and Lunar magic are tied to their respective namesakes. However, as opposed to change, star spells are constant. Once one is cast, it stays forever. Almost all Icewing magic is a star spell of some kind, making other dragons very wary of an animus born from the tribe. Thankfully, the fact that Icewing magic includes that of Defense, it’s rarely used for aggressive purposes. I believe Icewing magic would backfire by crystalising within the user’s bones, making their joints stiff and their mind fuzzy. They may dissociate from the world and eventually be lost, as with Sandwings. As I said, Icewings and Nightwings are opposites in magic, though there are overlaps which serve to infuriate both tribes. Considering Nightwing animus magic supposedly came from Icewings, the former retained some of the abilities of the latter.
There you are, my thoughts on dragon magic. This turned into much more of a headcanons post than an answer, so I hope you don’t mind. Thanks so much for the ask, and I hope you find content creators that make you feel safe being active in the fandom!
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yakocchi · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A Doting Kiss, Part 1 // Count
full title // A Doting Kiss / His Mark, Engraved on Your Skin
mmm honestly if they’re gonna do 2-part scenario events and collection events, i do appreciate it more when the part 1 charas from the scenario event are also in part 1 of the collection event, like done here. i mean the con is not giving a shit abt the game for 2 weeks at a time but... is that really a con
anyway, the overall theme is about them leaving a kiss mark on the mc somewhere. so yea a hickey i suppose but thats not a very classie word. well anyway thats it honestly but i mean. is nice. mileage may vary based on body part i guess
Unmarked Spoilers of all kinds behind the cut! Please credit if you take any of it, thenk u (・ω・*)
—”Since today marks the anniversary of the day we met, I want to spoil you,” he had announced.
[Count]: “—Well, have you decided on your wish yet?” In his room, the Count directs a gentle smile. He had said to me, “For the anniversary of our meeting together, I will let you ask one thing from me...” It’s a bit of an embarrassing one, but I did decide on a particular request for him.
[Kara]: “...Please don’t laugh at it.” [Count]: “Mm, I promise.” [Kara]: "I want you to make a kiss mark on my skin...” The corners of his lips then raise, the arc resembling a crescent moon. [Count]: “Ah, do you like it when I make marks on you...?” [Kara]: “...Yes. I thought that it was quite childish to want something like a kiss mark, but.” [Count]: “If that is to be your wish, then I shall grant it.  —Kara, come here.”
Called upon, I then sunk deeply into the sofa as I sat down... and closely approached Abel’s side. Eyes glossed with an allure that even made me tingle in suspense gazed intently, and my cheeks flushed hot despite nothing having been done to me yet.
[Count]: “Well now, where shall I make a mark...?” He takes my hand, dropping only light kisses along the fingertips and the back. His lips trace along the skin as if to assess the places to leave a mark... Place after place, the chambers within my heart stirred restlessly. While trying to suppress my voice, the buttons of my blouse then become undone one by one. [Kara]: “mn- Nn...” Kisses rain down along my stomach, waist, everywhere—  and my eyes become wet, almost impatient with this pleasure. [Count]: “Making a mark somewhere visible and then flaunting it around the manse residents is certainly entertaining, but...” [Kara]: “Abel... kya-!” He takes my knees into his arms, and ruffles through my skirt. I’m embarrassed at myself for reacting so sensitively at even just the feel of the thin fabric brushing against my skin. Lips draw near the soft side of the back of my body, the part always hidden beneath my skirt...
[Count]: “How about I... leave a mark in a place that no one, not even yourself, can see?” [Kara]: "But then, I won’t be able to tell if you properly left a ma-...” Before I could finish my sentence, he smiles with a dangerous look on his face. With my eyes stolen away by those irises, elegance and lust melded together within them, something then clings onto that soft place of mine... [Kara]: “Nn-...”
Tumblr media
[Count]: “...It’s beautiful. On your white skin, my red mark drifts above....” From my angle, I couldn’t see it at all... However, I simply believed that his mark had been made on my body— and as if strong light flickered and sparked before my eyes, I was enveloped in this euphoria. [Count]: “Whether this mark has been properly left on you, I shall make certain of it for you in such ways. any number of times.” [Kara]: “That’s a problem...”  [Count]: “Hm...?” [Kara]: "If you touch me like that, I’ll end up wanting that ‘any number of times’ from this point forward...” [Count]: "It’s all right if you desire such things.”  As if to seize my entire body, even down to my heart... his hands feel through my chest.  [Kara]: “...Mnn, hah-...” He then shifts them so as to wrap them around, and when he toys with the very peaks a distressed voice spills out of me. I, already... both my body and heart are already lost within him. [Count]: “Every time you yearn for it, I shall hold you until you break... —”
or if you want to want to assume that he’s using the other word:  [Count]: “Every time you yearn for it, I shall make love to you until you break... —”
With my mind gone completely blank, I wrap my arms around his back as my answer to him. His sweet caress melts me in every place, in every way, possible...
Tumblr media
well theres only so many body parts (and it seems like each guy will have a diff part) so inevitably one of them has to get the aysse... and well if it fits
lol i do feel kinda bad that the writers or whoever took a look at him and said “he will be... the ass man”
also i think this is the first collection story in which they write Abel. idk why they took that long considering they’re using dazai’s real name like nobody’s business. granted dazai’s name is not really a secret that’s exclusive to the game... it’s just the rl one’s name.......
off topic but the animated mini figures are... just kinda cute i guess. not worth the 5 tix worth given the effort/muney you have to use to get these tix... but there’s nothing else to redeem yet and im bored
Tumblr media
i hate that they couldn’t find a way to resolve getting his arms out with his coat cape in the way (w/o extra effort) so they just made him actually wear the coat... as a coat. wat!! impossible
thenks for reading!!
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gamerguk · 2 years ago
knockout. (m)
Tumblr media
# pairing. professional boxer!jungkook x reader
# genre. slice of life, humor, fluff, smut.
# word count. 4k+
# warning(s). oc and jungkook have a three-year-old, this takes place in the near future so oc and kook are in their mid to late twenties, violence [mention of boxing], smut [sub!jungkook, spanking, m!fingering, rimming, mommy kink, blindfold usage, awkward situation].
↳ summary. it’s a beautiful sight to see; jeon jeongguk, korea’s most famous boxer, known as the country’s tough guy, currently had his bare ass up in the air at your full mercy; awaiting for all you had planned on giving him.
# a/n. this is my first time writing any of the members as a sub / making the reader a dom so if it’s not that well, i apologize. i may go in and change some stuff, so don’t be surprised if you re-read this later on and some things are different <3
Tumblr media
It’s not the sound of your bedroom door creaking that has you up and awake, though the high-pitched noise proved to be more than annoying at times you were fully awake (you had to get that fixed, soon).
Not even the metal keys loudly clinking against your wooden nightstand could’ve made you stir, no matter how loud the sound was.
It was Jeongguk’s index finger brushing against your top lip that had you fluttering your eyes open.
He’s standing there curiously, almost as if he’d never seen you sleep before and was waking you to ask what the hell was happening. He doesn’t even flinch when you open your eyes, though he wasn’t expecting his subtle touch to be enough to interrupt your slumber. He’s not ashamed or embarrassed by his actions but upset that they caused you to wake up.
“What’re you doing?” You ask, staring back at the man that stood before you. Jeongguk feels terrible for waking you up, he can tell how tired you are with the way you struggled to even keep your eyes open.
“I just got home -- from the match,” His finger has moved from your top lip by now, quickly sliding down the bottom one to make that funny little “pop” sound. “Thanks for coming by the way, and for letting Minji come to. Is she still awake?” The mentions of his Jeongguk’s daughter’s name reminds him of the present he had gotten her: a silver necklace with a set of boxing gloves as a charm. Initially, he wanted to wait for her birthday to give her the gift, but he was just too impatient and couldn’t wait to see her reaction. 
You shake your head, “Jimin put her to sleep about an hour ago, she did have fun watching your match, though she was watching YouTube most of the time.”
Now Jeongguk shakes his head because he hates when Minji watches YouTube for too long, even if it was the kids' version of the app. On one particular morning, he came screaming into the kitchen yelling something along the lines of “what the fuck is a Momo?”. Since then, he’s been uneasy about letting her use electronics.
“You know I don’t like that,” he says in a sing-song voice, walking away retrieve a set of pajamas from his closet. 
“You know I don’t like Minji watching you fight people,” you reply back in the same tone, watching him enter the walk-in closet and search for his night clothes.
“Fair enough,” he replies, “around what time did you guys leave?”
“As soon as you won,” you sit up on your elbow to watch Jeongguk search for his clothing, now getting more awake with every passing second, “congrats, by the way; Minji and I are very proud of you.”
“Clout chasers,” he jokes, you would’ve thrown your pillow at him if he was any closer. 
The light in the closet turns off, and Jeongguk leaves with a blue and white checkered set of pajamas folded neatly in his arms. They look casual enough, but God only knows what the actual price tag on it was. 
“You guys all ate, right?” Jeongguk asks, once again standing before you.
“Yeah, Jimin made all of us samgyeopsal before we went to your match. Minji was still a little hungry when we came back so she had a little more before bed,
“Jimin made samgyeopsal and I missed it?!” Jeongguk’s eyes go wide in disbelief, hoping you were only kidding about his favorite meal being made without him being notified of it.
You can’t help but smile at his child-like reaction, “There are leftovers in the fridge. He made a lot, but you better get to them before Minji does.”
Jeongguk wipes imaginary sweat from his brow, “Thank goodness. And see, didn’t I tell you Jimin would make the perfect manny? Minji loves him.”
He had indeed told you Jimin was great with kids, but you were hesitant on the fact that he was one of your husband’s best friends. Of course, you knew how protective Jeongguk was over with his daughter and would never let anyone he didn’t trust watch over her. After a lot of convincing, you allowed for Jimin to have a trial-run with Minji, and ever since then, it’s been perfect. 
“We all love him, so Minji needs to get in line,” you joke, and Jeongguk grins. He’s leaning down now, using one hand to support his weight on the mattress while the other cups the side of your face. He presses a long kiss against your forehead, you’re still able to feel the spot he’s kissed when he pulls away. 
“I’m gonna take a shower then have some of the samgyeopsal, you should probably go back to sleep.”
It pains him to say those words. As much as he would like to stay up and talk your ear off about how the post-match interview went and all about the new satin boxing robe he’d been given that fit him like a glove, Jeongguk knows you need your sleep. And quite frankly, so does he.
“I will, I promise,” you lie with a sweet smile. Once you hear the click of Jeongguk locking the bathroom door, you’re slowly tiptoeing out of your master bedroom, all the way downstairs into the kitchen. Jimin had neatly wrapped up the leftovers in aluminum and had given you very specific instructions on how to reheat them. 
You pull the tray of leftover from the top shelf of the stainless steel fridge, using your left foot to close it shut. 
Setting the food down on the marble island, you preheat the oven to 350 degrees, just like Jimin had told you, before removing to top layer of aluminum from the tray and sliding it in the oven. The food wasn’t very cold, so you remind yourself not to leave it in for too long. God forbid the food burnt under your watch Jeongguk would be devastated. Ten minutes should be enough time. 
Minutes pass and the delicious smell of the samgyeopsal has coated your entire house, even Jeongguk can smell it all the way upstairs. 
Like Jimin said they would be, the leftovers are as perfect as they were when they were freshly prepared. Plating the food and pouring two glasses of red wine doesn’t take long (though you’ve already eaten, the samgyeopsal was just so good, you had to have seconds), and soon enough, your husband is waddling down the stairs, freshly clean from his shower. 
“You didn’t have to do this,” Jeongguk says, taking a plate from your hand as you walked into the living room.
“It’s my gift to you for winning the match, now sit,” you wave him over to the couch and he sits, putting his plate of food his lap, he hums in content as the scent overtakes him. 
“Mind if I...?” Jeongguk picks up his fork, and you nod at him.
One bite in and he’s already sending his compliments to the non-present chef, claiming this is the best it’s ever been made. A minute later he’s scrambling to find the remote and when he does find it, he goes straight to ESPN.
His face lights up when he sees himself on screen, sitting down at his post-match interview that had taken place a few hours ago. “Sit down, come watch,” Jeongguk pats the space next to him. You’re about to sit when you remember something: the wine.
“Pause this, I forgot about the wine,” you say, setting your plate down behind you before jogging off to retrieve the two glasses filled to the brim with wine.
“Don’t know what you’re thinking, Mrs.Jeon, but you are not getting me drunk tonight. Nope. It’s not happening.”
Tumblr media
“You’re so drunk.”
“I am not drunk, I’m tipsy. Am I not allowed to get tipsy after an entire glass of wine?” There’s a slight slur in his words when Jeongguk speaks, alongside the lisp that came with every sip he had taken.
An hour had passed, the two of you had finished your meals and turned the channel to watch ‘Friends’. That’s when Jeongguk invented a new drinking game: take a sip of wine anytime Ross did or said something weird. Needless to say, both of you had finished your glasses halfway through the episode.
“Sure, like I believe that,” you laugh, reaching for your empty plates, “Wanna go upstairs?”
Jeongguk quirks his lip up in a smirk, “What, are you trying to wine and dine and sixty-nine me? Think all it takes is some samgyeopsal and a glass of wine to get me into bed, huh?”
“Jimin made that food, actually, so technically he should be the one trying to sixty-nine you. I’d pay to see that, honestly,” you reply, damn this wine for making you say things you normally kept in your head. Hopefully, neither of you remember this conversation by tomorrow morning.
“I bet you would,” Jeongguk stands from the couch before turning off the television, “but yes, I do wanna go upstairs.”
“Gimmie your plate,” Jeongguk gives you a quick peck on the lips, “You go upstairs,” another kiss, “I’ll check on Minji,” another, “Then I’ll meet you in the room.”
“Sounds good,” Jeongguk shouts, covering up his mouth immediately when he remembers he has a child that’s trying to sleep. He then walks off immediately to go back upstairs, leaving you alone with a few tasks at hand.
You first clean up any mess made in the living room before putting all used dishes into the sink. You were way too tired to watch dishes right now, so you send Jimin a text.
you [ 12: 53 am ]: heyyyyy jiminieeeee
you [ 12:53 am ]: sorry 4 texting u sooo late but tmrw mornign when u get here
you [ 12:54 am ]: can u
you [ 12: 57 am ]: can u wash the dishes in the sink plssss theres only a few
you [ 12:57 am ]: thnk u i love u so much ur the best manny ever i swear well give u a raise haha ;) oh and tell taehyung i said hiiiii
You balance yourself enough to make it all the way upstairs, stopping right at Minji’s door. It’s not locked or even closed all the way shut, due to her fear of being locked in her room and not being able to get out when she needs to. Slowly pushing the door open, you cringe when it creaks and hope she doesn’t hear it.
Luckily enough, she doesn’t. She continues to lay in her princess themed bedding and sleep peacefully.
You close the door as slowly as you had opened it before finally making your way to your (opened) bedroom door. You step into the room and close the door shut behind you, Jeongguk is already in bed with the comforter completely covering his body. He’s propped up on one elbow as he stares at you, “I’m naked.”
“How’d that happen?” You question, walking over to your side of the bed. The mattress dips slightly when you sit on your end. Jeongguk barely has control of his body, he allows himself to roll in the direction that mattress had sunk.
“I almost never sleep naked because you-know-who always ends up knocking on our door in the middle of the night,” he answers.
As of lately, Minji had formed a habit of waking up in the middle of the night (claiming she had a bad dream) and climbing into your bed. The first few times were okay, but it’s gotten to the point where she’s sleeping in your bed almost every other night. Jeongguk says these night terrors won’t last long and that they happen to every child. You think she’s just looking for an excuse to not sleep in her own bed.
“Who says she won’t be knocking on our door tonight, smart guy?” You ask, pulling back the comforter and slipping yourself under it.
He thinks for a moment, “No one, I guess. It’s worth a shot, though.”
You don’t say anything. The conversation wasn’t headed anywhere and you were very tired. Plus, a camera crew would be in your home bright and early the next morning to film some sort of “Day In The Life” special for Jeongguk; you had to make sure to be prepared for that.
“We should go to sleep,” Jeongguk breaks the silence, letting his head rest on your chest with closed eyes. His left arm was wrapped around your torso while his left leg wrapped around your bottom half.
Jeongguk gets very clingy whenever he’s tipsy.
You bring a hand up to rake through his hair. As many times as he’s been told to cut it, Jeongguk continues to grow out his hair. He likes it, you like it, and Minji likes it, and that’s all he really cares about. 
“I’m way ahead of you,” you whisper.
It doesn’t take long for you to slowly feel yourself slipping into slumber. Your husband, however, can’t seem to get anymore restless. He’s tossing and turning every few seconds, it even starts to bother you at some point. 
“Quit moving,” you groan, pushing him off of you, “Why are you fidgeting so much?”
Jeongguk is clearly frustrated at his own actions, so you try not to let it bother you as much. “I don’t know,” he says, lying on his back, “Maybe I just--oh.” he says, before laying on his side with his back facing you.
“What?” you question, noticing a shift in his attitude.
You place a hand on his shoulder to which he shrugs away, something definitely was bothering him. 
“Talk to me,” you whine.
“You’re gonna laugh.”
“What? No, I won’t, I promise.”
“...I have a boner.”
Laughter sounds through the room, you just couldn’t help it.
Jeongguk grunts, embarrassed. “Okay, you know what?” He’s struggling to get the heavy bedsheets off of him, getting his legs every which way to get himself off the mattress. 
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” you say in an attempt to calm down, “it’s not funny, I’m sorry,” you apologize, and Jeongguk stops moving. “How did it even happen? It’s not like we were doing anything.”
“I mean, I was already naked and my dick was literally rubbing on your thigh and I kept on fidgeting and...and you were moving too and just, like, the friction...I don’t know,” he’s rambling about something that only took a sentence to explain. You listen to him and don’t interrupt, it was pretty entertaining. 
“Do you want to do something about it?” you question.
He lays on his back, head hitting the pillow as he stares up at the ceiling. “I’m too tired to fuck you.”
“It’s either that or jerking off in the bathroom.”
He thinks for a moment before deciding on the obviously better option. He shifts in the sheets as crawl out of bed, squatting down until you’re able to reach underneath the bed frame to retrieve for the shoebox you were looking for. 
“Whoever said anything about you fucking me?” you ask, taking the lid off of the shoebox.
Jeongguk was stretching, as he always does, but stops immediately when those words leave your mouth; he knows exactly what’s to come. 
“Are you gonna…” he trails off, embarrassed for the second time this night. 
“You want me to?” you ask, fingernails tapping against the bottle of lube. Your thumb momentarily grazes against the purple strap-on right next to it. Jeongguk bought on a whim a few months back. He wants to try it one day, but not yet; he’s just not ready for it right now.
He nods wordlessly, you instruct him to get on all fours while picking the bottle of lube out of the box. Jeongguk has done as he’s told once you’re back on the bed, practically shaking for his excitement. 
“Where’s your boxing robe?”
“In the d-drawer,” he sputters, quickly pointing over to the bedside drawer near his side of the bed. You reach over to slowly pull open the top one, the silky, red robe coming into your site as soon as you do. The silk belt is all you truly wanted, so you close the drawer back after removing it from its loops.
The material feels cool and nice against your fingers, you almost feel sad as you place it across Jeongguk’s eyes as a blindfold. It catches him by surprise, he jumps slightly. “_____, what are you--”
“What’d you call me?”
“I-- I-- I’m sorry,” he hangs his head down upon realizing his mistake.
“‘Sorry’ what?” 
“I’m sorry Mommy,” he says, cringing in pain when you knot the makeshift blindfold behind his head.
“So you know my name a purposely didn’t use it? I think that calls for punishment,” you reply, scooting back in the bed to get a better look at Jeongguk. 
It’s a beautiful sight to see; Jeon Jeongguk, South Korea’s most famous boxer, known as the country’s tough guy, currently had his bare ass up in the air at your full mercy; awaiting for all you had planned on giving him.
“I’ll make it short since we have a long day tomorrow, okay?”
Jeongguk goes to respond but is abruptly cut off by the sound of you cracking your knuckles. He already knows what’s to come, but can’t tell if he’s excited or nervous about it. “Can you let me know when you’re about to-”
His sentence is cut short due to your hand making contact with his ass. It stung a lot more than he initially thought it would, but he enjoyed the feeling regardless; the blindfold covering his eyes somehow made the sensation even better.
“How did that feel?”
Jeongguk is panting, “It’’s fine.”
You hum in response, rubbing the area in which your hand had just laid upon before giving it another unexpected slap. Jeongguk groans a lot louder than he had before, and the stinging had definitely intensified. He buries his face in the bedsheets, biting at the material while his fingers gripped them. He’s chanting the same curse words over and over, seemingly getting quieter with each word he says.
“You okay?” you ask, rubbing against the area once more. Jeongguk flinches the moment your fingers make contact with his skin and lets out a yelp; the stinging feeling getting harder to bear with. 
“It…” Jeongguk doesn’t finish his sentence, choosing to once again bite the bed sheets as his method of calming down.
“Can you go one more time?”
Jeongguk thinks for a moment, then nods. Sure, it hurts now, but he knows you’ll reward him for being so good throughout the process. It’s all he can think about, really.
One more slap and he’s groaning louder than ever, the sting in his ass being even worse than it had been the previous two times. He’s throwing out apologizes left and right, though he can’t remember what for. He thinks the punishment is dumb yet well-deserved for whatever he is that he had done to upset you. He can’t even think straight, he just wants it to be over. 
“You did so well,” you say, watching his skin turn a shade of pink. He doesn’t respond. Maybe he’s mad at you, poor thing. 
“Are you mad at me?”
Jeongguk shakes his head rapidly, “Could never be mad at you, mommy.” His face is still buried in the sheets, making his words muffled. “I love you,” he says.
He’s a little mad at you whether he admits it or not, but you repeat those words back to him nevertheless. You scoot back on the mattress, lifting your husband up by his hips so he’s at an arched angle. You always admired Jeongguk’s duality, how he may have had this hard exterior as an athlete yet was the biggest softie on the inside; much like the person his own daughter was starting to become.
“Clean?” you ask, thumb tracing around his rim, sending chills down his spine.
“Always,” Jeongguk groans in response, finally lifting his head up. Though he can’t see in this exact moment, he tilts his head in the direction of your voice. The silk belt is still wrapped tightly around his eyes, he doesn’t even bother trying to take it off. 
It’s always so nerve-racking to rim Jeongguk, regardless of the number of times you had done it. And, it’s not like he had ever pressured you into doing it. In fact, it was your idea in the first. So, as nervous as you were, Jeongguk enjoys it, and you enjoy making him happy.
You lean forward, gripping his hips in support while your tongue does the first trace around his rim. Jeongguk lets out another groan, gripping the sheets once again. The taste is natural, of course, but you try not to focus on it; rather on the feelings of his ridges against your tongue. He’s relaxed a lot more within the first few seconds, a sure sign he’s enjoying the feeling.
Your tongue falls flat against him, moving upwards after a moment to do a slow strip. His right hand has made its way to his cock, probably had been leaking precum for God knows how long. His pumps are long but slow, the combined feeling of you eating him out while he jerked himself off would surely have him cumming in no time if you hadn’t been moving so slow. 
“You feel okay?” you check-in, pulling away to retrieve the bottle of lube.
“Feel so good, Mommy…” he moans.
You hum, opening up the bottle and letting the jelly substance coat your index finger. Focusing back on Jeongguk, your tongue tracing his rim again in preparation.
Then, there’s a knock at the door. Followed by a voice, “Mommy?”
Minji woke up.
Jeongguk doesn’t move or even make a single sound. He’s understandably stuck in place, not sure what he could say or do in this situation because he can’t fucking believe his three-year-old is knocking on the other side of the door as he’s getting his ass eaten.
Silence continues. The two of you only hope she’ll go back to her room if you remain quiet enough.
“You okay Minji?” Jeongguk asks.
“Can I see Mommy?” she replies, sounding desperate as ever. You remain unaffected, choosing to let your husband handle the situation. 
“Uh, Mommy is,” he blushes, because he and Minji are calling you Mommy for two very different reasons, “she’s sleeping. Go back to your room and I’ll check on you soon, okay? Turn the T.V. on, if you want.”
Minji doesn’t respond, the only confirmation of her being okay with this is hearing the sound of her footsteps walking away. 
“Please let me cum soon,” Jeongguk practically begs. You grin at his comment, letting your soaked finger glide across his rim. You start off slow, letting your finger itch inside of him. He’s already enjoying the feeling of how tight he is wrapped around your finger, along with the feeling of him beginning to pump his cock again. He’s moving faster than before, wanting to release soon so he can go to sleep. And with the speed that the two of you were going at, he could cum at any second. 
“Mommy, I don’t know how much longer I can-”
“It’s okay,” you coo, thrusting your fingers at a quicker speed, “don’t hold back.”
“Oh, fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck!”
He cums in spurts, making a mess on your sheets while he continues to stroke his cock; milking out every last drop. You’ve removed yourself from Jeongguk by now, watching him pant as he came down from high.
“I love you,” he says so suddenly and so unexpectedly, it catches you off guard.
“I love you, too,” you respond, “how about you calm down, clean up, and I’ll check on Minji; sound good?”
“Perfect,” he mutters. 
You stand from the bed, making a beeline to the bathroom sink. “You know, for the ‘Day In The Life’ segment tomorrow, I could say, “I wake up, eat, have my wife eat my ass, then repeat,” Jeongguk jokes as he slides his blindfold off, making even himself laugh. 
He’s always so funny when he gets his way.
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pathologising · 8 months ago
hey angel, i hope this is okay to ask, i just wanna know if you have any tips on like.. spotting medical professionals who are unsafe to talk to or are uneducated about PDs? im almost certain i have one but im terrified of going to a doctor about it cuz ive already faced a ton of ableism from doctors before sO kdsajhjdsa -🍞
any doctor that shows any distaste when talking about low empathy is a red flag to be honest. Any professional that is also unwilling to listen to your concerns irt your own behavior and emotions is also a concern in general but a lot of the time you have to kind of ??? Phrase it correctly when talking to them I literally cannot explain it but being careful with your wording is important to send the correct message. Saying "I think I have xyz" is off putting to any professional good or bad because they do sometimes see people who do believe they have something based off very little knowledge /a 5 minute google search and unfairly write anybody who's genuinely done their own research in order to find out how to cope with something they don't have a name for, so you could say something like "I am struggling with [insert description of a unique symptom of your situation]."
I also think its good to go in with a mindset that you can be absolutely wrong but so can a professional. Be an advocate for yourself (easier said than done) but also be willing to have a lengthy discussion. If they write you off immediately I wouldn't vibe with that tbh BC I think a good professional is willing to do just as much listening as they do talking!!
Also remember that they are seeing you from the outside! They don't know you and are learning about you through every communication, and with pds theyre complex as hell and some symptoms are similar to other disorders. Also they might be seeing something you aren't, because we often think we know ourselves but sometimes my doctor will point out something and I'll be like damn OKAY WOAH.
I hope this makes sense omg but the whole process in general has to be a mixture of trusting your gut, knowing that while sure you can be incorrect...your professional can also be wrong especially if theyre just throwing shit out within like 4 sessions lol !!! but also I wouldn't recommend going in looking entirely for a diagnosis but also focus on treating the symptoms as ur main thing !! A label is nice because it puts a name to whst you're expeirencing, but judt because you've received the acknowledgement doesnt mean you're symptoms are being properly treated !!! Talking abt what ur going thru and having a doctor who KNOWS what to do to help is tantamount in my opinion and if your doctor seems like they have no idea what can be done to help you I'd dip
But also remember theres no cut and dry way to go about this !! This is all my philosophy and influenced on my person experience in the system (and I'm also not a professional myself duh) but it may not work for you or fit into your experiences <3 you judt kinda gotta see what happens n advocate for urself n see what works for u Ig ! Other people might also have tips n philosophies and ideas so don't be afraid to ask about other peoples experiences and stuff
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karaslluthor · 2 years ago
supercorp fanfic masterpost pt.2
this has been in my drafts for over a year so here ya go and hasn't been updated since then but if u haven't read these then ur welcome. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
its literally a big ass list jsyk and i did all the tumblr tags back then so idk if they are still the same users but hopefully lmao. 
original part 1 is here boysss
somewhere i have never travelled (
kara and lena visit all different places lenas lived and then they find a home together and its super cute and fluffy I cry
Paranoia Incarnated - @justmickeyfornow
mickey is my fucking supercorp spiritual guider with the best fucking fic and ive read it about 322934 times and still is sooo good. Also the whole heartbeat thing KILLS me. SO MUCH ANGST but literally its worth the death u go through trust me
Transcendent Interactions 
Kara and lena share this bond thing from birth and can feel each others emotions and they finally meet and its so great like im actually fucking in love with this fic and kara gets herself off all the time thinking lena doesn’t know idk just read it u wont regret I stg
Closer and Closer (Until We Collide) - @hallow777 
Im a slut for bed sharing tropes and this is so CUTE like lenas all freaking out because she keeps waking up cuddling kara and alex is oblivious to everything and its just soooo good
So, This Happened?
Drunk kara leaves drunk alex for a more suitable cuddle buddy aka lena lesbian luthor and lena sleeps in a supergirl t shirt bc of course
Holy mother of fuck as if this fic didn’t absolutely ruin my fucking life??? Lena has to go to London for a month so she invites kara to come with her and lena has a gay awakening and realises shes in love with kara and its SO FUCKING GOOD
just one wrong move (baby, baby)
lena is having karas baby from this alien tech accidentally! And lena is so loved and its so cute like honestly and obviously they fall in love bc duh
hold me, my dear (and don't let go)
kara is a professional cuddler and lena hires her services bc shes a sad touch starved young lady and deserves to have some hugs in her life hello fluff my old friend discovering the moon 
alex and lena brotp and holy fuck does it deliver!!!! Alex is like a wingwoman we all need and kara and lena just need to communicate tbh but AMAZING
Focus on Something You Love, and Breathe
Lex is a little shit as always and wants to kill lena bc he thinks shes in love with supergirl (which she is) so kara says she can stay with her and obviously the angst is juicy and ruined my life. So. Good. Read. It.
College theatre au but like literally one of the best college aus ive ever read!!!! Lenas just a big lesbian and karas confused and they bang secretly and its glorious
it's a boy!
lena takes in a super powered alien baby that falls from the sky and gets a weird neighbor in the form of kara danvers and theres not many chapters yet so im not sure whats happening with kara yet but im super excited for this!!!
Break My Fall 
Kara dates monel but kisses lena as supergirl and its angsty and smutty and all round a good fucking time
carefulness can be damned 
Post 3x7, literally smut with some plot need I say more??
A Foolish Wit - @seabiscuits-us​
if you haven’t read seabiscuits fics are you even a supercorp fan?? Lena needs a husband and Clark Danvers is positively charming and also actually disguised as a man, I mean.. quality content
In My Veins
im soooo excited for this fic because the lena/alex brotp is written so well!!! Basically lena and alex become really good friends bc they both deal with their issues by drinking obvs and kara thinks they are secretly dating and gets upset and im SO READY FOR THIS ANGST
Would You Catch Me If I Fall For You ('Cause I'm falling) 
This is absolutely amazing and so captivating and I was honestly on edge the whole time kudos to the author!!!!! Kara goes back in time to warn lena about her dying on the venture and lena falls in love with her but she disappears and then when real kara and lena meet, kara doesn’t remember knowing lena and ughsalkdhsla its so good.
We Need a New Song
Oh my good golly gosh this fic ruined my life. Ballet au that has barely any ballet and an abundance of GAY and I had to take a moment after reading this to collect myself tbh
and stick it into someone else's heart 
Rhea infected lenas boobs in a cage dress with some weird alien stuff and her and kara have to bang or THEY’LL DIE pretty much but they love each other
The Laws of Fate 
soulmate au where everyone has a red string and lenas points to the sky and shes confused af but it’s a gay slow burn and the angst is good for ur soul
My Sun 
Lena gets into a car accident and kara thinks she died but lex is a maniac and wants lenas help and fdjsaklfs it’s a rollercoaster let me tell you
Mercy on Me 
lena falls under black mercy and in order to bring her back karas has to break her poor little gay heart bc lena thinks her and kara are in looooove AWWW heart shatters
Be your own Hero 
Collection of supercorp one shots!!!!!! Quality content lemme tell yaaaa
pick a blossom and hold it to your breast (honey, you know that’s my love bursting loud from inside) 
kara and lena rely on their late night phone calls with each other and get the feels and go on a date and they are just cute adorable dorks that are nervous  
your voice is pretty, baby (but i’d rather have your pretty skin instead) 
part 2 of pick a blossom ^^^ still adorably cute and a smut chapter I mean come on, treat yoself
kara and lenas first told in the cutest wayyyyyyyy
lena works with lillian to save supergirl and its oh so angsty and kara always believes her girl bc that’s canon
My personal Santa in heels 
Kara loves Christmas almost as much as she loves lena, almost
Soulmate AU where everyone can have a device installed to tell them the time until they meet their soulmate, kara and lena love each other but kara cant have a timer installed obvs kryptonian skin and its so cute and soft and angsty
The Fatal Flaw 
Super cool and different fic and keen to see more chapters from this!! Kara doesn’t have her powers (yet) and she meets lena at a party at college and then clark tells her shes actually an alien ooooo im keen
Stay the night 
Lena inherits the national city womens basketball team and star player kara danvers is a muscly babe and they try not to fall in love BUT ITS JUST TOO HARD BECAUSE THEY ARE SOULMATES also I love jack in this such a wingman
MATTTTTTTTEEEE lena is the daughter of the governor and shes a little rebel. She falls in love with kara but her family has arranged her marriage to monel BUT LIKE THEY JUST LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH btw they are aliens but like in 1865 so cool. Pls update I love this so much
All Our Bodies in the Grass - @seabiscuits-us​
fuckkkkk this fic honestly, amish au and lena knows nothing but kara is down to help her out while also sharing lovely girl mags ;)
Kara and lena are friends with benefits but feels get involveddddd, lenas a useless lesbian
All the little lies 
Kara comes to earth and falls in love with lena but she has to go back to krypton and breaks lenas heart in the process, but she comes back and its only been like 7 months but its been like 3 years for lena!!! (I cant remember exact dates don’t judge me)
half melted m&m's 
lena needs a fake wife to stay in the country so kara is ever so helpful and agrees to be her wife, oh I do love a fake wife trope and this delivers!!!!
The Wrong Superhero 
Lena gets saved by batwoman and supergirl thinks she is super jealous because of superhero-related reasons but shes just in love with lena
We'll Take on the World 
College au, just useless fools in love that need to communicate and make out more
And they call me from beyond the stars 
Omg I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH ok so kara is a ghost (still from krypton and stuff) but no one can see her except lena so lena works on trying to get her back into the physical plane of existence so she can find alex but they FIND LOVE WITH ONE ANOTHER oh my god so angsty let me tell ya be warned
Wait for me to come home
idk where to even start on this fic honestly, im pretty sure most people have read this bc it’s a rite of passage but fuck it gets me everytime!!!! Army au and there is so much angst and I love it
An Unexpected Surprise 
supercorp baby au!!! Kara and lena bang and kara ends up preggers. Iconic  
Days in a Lifetime 
Kara and lena grow up together, massive slowburn but worth the wait!!!!! ACTUALLY GO AND READ ALL OF STENS BECAUSE I JUST REALISED HOW MANY I PUT IN HERE AND THEY ARE ALL FUCKING GREAT
Do you wanna (like you know I do) - @seabiscuits-us​
another seabiscuit, I couldn’t not put this in!!! CAPE COD and sharing of bunk beds!!! Pls update this my soul is withering away
Purple and Black are my Favorite Colours 
Kara gets in contact with kryptonite that makes her gp! And her and lena b a n g    
danishes and other sweet treats 
oh my fuck this is so cute and its like a long one shot so I mean get on it because kara and lena go to a conference and share a hotel room need I say more  
Sun Kissed 
Kara takes lena on a roadtrip to the science museum for her birthday and my good golly gosh its so cute I could ascend to heaven
Only Human 
A one shot with two chapters in different POV but lenas jealous of monel and then supercorp bang and its all angsty and lena protects kara and tbh they need to communicate but happy endings and love all round
The Right Thing 
Lena freaks out because lex knows her and supergirl are dating and does the most dramatic thing (of course) by distancing herself from kara and did I say angst???/ also I cried multiple times in this
funny how the stars crossed right 
Kara and lena keep meeting at parties and have super dorky costumes and fall in love (literally love anything written by you btw, im going to go ahead and say I would have all yours bookmarked so everyone just check them ALL out)
Accidental Text
kara accidentally sends a love confession to lena and its short and cute!      
Unspoken Promises
supergirl and reign battle and lena finds out about kara being supergirl and supercorp are just obliviously in love
Green (Kara loves it and hates it in equal measure)
Im a sucker for a jealous trope and boy does this deliverrrr. Karas hella jealous of lena having other friends but realises its because shes super in love with her
Karas jealous because lena is flirting with supergirl but lena knows kara is supergirl so shes actually flirting with kara, nice!
My Donuts
Karas really jealous of sam and lena spending heaps of time together and then kara walks in on them having donuts and she fucking loses it because its their thing duh.
when we get there 
Lena invites kara to her beach house to chill and they obvs fall in love because they are cute af
Have a Break 
Lena is determined to work out how to use a vending machine to get kara her candy and kara and winn are watching it all unfold via cameras in catco, basically lena vs. the machine (himym singing voice)
Self doubt and comforting talks 
Drunk kara, comforting lena fluff and adorableness
Shopping carts and a beautiful girl 
Kara crashes into lenas car in a shopping cart and they go on a date and its SO CUTE
lenas oblivious to kara being supergirl even though kara slips up all the time!!! #nicehalloweencostumekara
Lip Bites & Long Gazes 
lenas a big gay flirt and kara gets frustrated and flustered and calls her out and they make out
Off the Record 
kara spots lena at a gay club and they dance and make out *lizzie mcguire voice this is what dreams are made of*
Not so secret 
the superfriends take a weekend away and kara and lena bang pretty much smut but its cute
come be my lover, be my getaway car 
How many amazing tropes can you fit into one fic (aka the fic that made me lose my fucking mind oh my god its so good, had it include)
A one time thing
Kara and lena end up banging in a motel and kara has an internal meltdown its great
This is Home 
Listen here, this is the most adorable thing my two eyes have ever witnessed. Lena doesn’t really have a home kara the sweet soul she assists her in finding a home with her (aka its kara, kara is her home get it)
Her Biggest Fan 
lena is apart of the supergirl fandom, aka shes me
Drunk Puppy
kara being a drunk gay mess wanting to hunt seashells with lena
Act Natural
kara and lena have hickies and try to hide them on a beach trip with the gang  
Like a date, date 
kara asks lena on a date and lena has a gay panic attack pretty much
everyone thinks kara and lena are dating so they just start dating? Amazing
Stop following me, creep 
Please clarify 
Lena tries to tell kara she loves her and wants to date but karas an alien and just doesn’t get it, so cuteeeee
Fate is Written in the Ink (part 1) 
Fate is Written in the Ink (part 2)
Soulmate au!!!! Any ink on your skin appears on your soulmates and omg its so cute like kara draws all this art on herself and lena gets to see it too!!!!!
Muddle my heart (then add a dash of lime) 
Kara keeps going to the bar because punk/bartender Lena is a babe and she has a big lesbian crush on her
be hopeful, don't get broken (stay caught up in the moment) 
angsty dog au and I mean PUPPIEs and SUPERCORP need I say more?
The makings of a family 
Clark is the one who arrives after being stuck in the phantom zone and kara has to look after him and lena helps her out and wow new baby for supercorp
Let Your Guard Down 
Lena in a DEO uniform sparring with kara and its so angsty because lenas mad at kara for not telling her the supergirl secret and then they bang and did I already mention lena in a DEO uniform???  
Do you not like the service here?
Thirsty kara and waitress lena, lenas jealous of alex l o l
here is where time is on our side (part 1) 
our corner of the universe (part 2) 
long oneshot but fuck me its so good. Post daxamite invasion/mon-el coming back and both are healing from everything and go on a roadtrip just wherever the map takes them and oh my fuck its so cute and everything u want in a fic. Part two is the follow up
The Uncanny Valley 
cadmus replaces real lena with a robot version and kara didn’t know but then kara finds lena and its cute  
put these battered bones to rest 
soulmate au (you should know by now im a sucker for a good soulmate au), lena has a foreign name on her hip (its kara btw)
another soulmate au hhehehe soulmates feel each others pain obvs both these babies have a lot of paiiiiiin in their lives
Love is Garbage 
Literally a garbage truck au, im not even going to say more
i know you're out there somewhere waiting (i know the stars can hear us praying) 
Whats this??? Another soulmate au!!! Classic lover one arm, enemy on the other, honestly lena deserves more and just waits for kara to love her and I love this fic, also they help sam!!  
Monster in the Mirror 
Supercorp reveal in the middle of the lena/edge poisoning children episode oooooooh so angsty but happy love ending
Supercorp first ever sleepover!!! This is so cute stop
Please Clarify 
Lena tries to ask kara out in every single way possible and kara is an oblivious alien
love is a flower, you gotta let it grow 
Unrequited love makes u grow flower petals in your lungs but when ur love is returned it clears up, this was dope and I love ur work
where our hands hurt from healing - @seabiscuits-us​
its seabiscuit do I need to say more?????? I will tho. Alex and lena match on tinder and become besties and I live for alex/lena brotp so….
blessed be (the mystery of love) - @seabiscuits-us​ 
*dj Khaled voice* ANOTHER ONE, look I love every single fic this one does not disappoint and nothing like a good light hearted first date fisting hahahahahaha
The Luthor and the Super That Saved the World 
Fit it fic for the season three finale where there is more supercorp and less shit writing, LOVE STENS WORK
Kara Danvers and the Brown Belt of Lesbianism 
Karas gay brown belt that she always wears that makes her look like a big ol lesbian drives lena mental bc she so gay
like sweat dripping down our dirty laundry 
What Happens in the K Room Doesn't Stay in the K Room 
green-eyed monster
Kara shows Lena what makes her Super 
Supergirl, Kara, and a Luthor walk into a bar... 
Late Night Heroics 
Good Vibrations 
Two Lena Luthors and a blonde walk into a bedroom... 
Her perfect match 
Girls' Night 
Happy Halloween, Supergirl 
What She Wants 
make the rules then break them 
an animal within an animal 
THE WILDEST THING IVE EVER READ, STRAP THE FUCK IN (youll understand my pun when you’ve read it)
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decadantstudent · a month ago
you left me in ruins and i have never been more glad of being buried
you were an unending ocean, and i wish to drown
you are a restless ocean drowning me and i have no wish to live
He’s made me feel things I never knew possible. And yet my mind is still afraid. Even if my heart has already been handed over in a silver platter for him to keep as he sees fit.
I cling to him, as he clings to me, and we fall, drowning together
i want to be in a kind of love that makes me want to write songs about it
i want to be in a kind of love that people make ballads about
....that has my heart shattered and joined, and wrecked restless and healed
......thar makes me want to breathe
would i have those things?
would the universe be ever so kind?
or am i to be a desolate passanger in a road of thorns
or am i to be a reckless abandon on the scales of a lore
would i have you
you, who i do not know
you, who my heart aches for
it is those unmade memories
those longing of feelings that never were, never have been
i have been wrecked at the thought of it
of you
you , who i donot know
do u even exist? does my life come to this?
can i be your universe? can i make you?
is it a cruel joke? how i am supposed to exist here
where my body is tired of my own mind
where mt mind is sick of itself
all those noises
all the arguments
do i not deserve peace
am i to be left in shambles
was it always Ike this? i donot know.
the winter of '08,
it was when my peace, my happiness, my love, my own flesh and blood
he left me
and i was alone
i was all alone
he left me in the claws of monsters
he left me in the pack of hungry wolves
a scared little lamb
i was nothing but slaughter meat
i was nothing but a child
but i grew up
i had to
there were things i wish i hadnt seen, words i wish were never spoken
but i heard them, i saw them saying it
when i was slapped, when i was hit
when they put salt in my eyes just to make me realise how powerless i was
i wish it had been me
i wish it had been me instead of you on that fateful night of 08
it was fine though
it was fine when they made my body a canvas of red marks
it was fine when my eyes would shut the blows from my face
i wanted to grow up
but it was a mistake
for the slaps and the hits were replaced by words
little me had no idea words could be that harsh
can u believe it
i couldnt almost of what came of this
how was it that it came to this
the way my eyes refuse to tear up because even crying is a relief
the way my brain just goes into overdrive and my body shuts down
how is it that my organs know what my heart feels
that they refuse to co-operate
that my lungs suddenly seem to have no air
that my limbs stop moving
i slide against the bathroom door fisting my hair
i try to cry, those tears stay away
i cut myself, the stings arent much of a relief
numbness, my worst enemy, my constant companion
i try to feel i cant
i try to not feel but i feel too much
what is this contradiction
what is this confusion
i dont know the old me anymore
was she happy? in a different time in a different place
was she ever not sad? not numb?
was the pain ever gone
what was life before this
i wish itd been me
.....on that fateful night of 08
because i don't want to feel this pain anymore
i dont want to get down on my knees, begging the universe to help me
i dont want this
its a normal day ive been just up studying
i have breakfast and a little chat here and there
what happened? nothing. things are normal, might even be better, there was no one yelling.
then what happened? nothing.
then why am i crying? i dont know.
why do i feel so empty
why do i feel so numb
i feel so alone. but thats a fact. i am alone.
my arms hang on my sides, i am unable to move.
theres a ringing in my ears, its making my heart jump
there are pending assignments on my desk, i have an exam coming up
i should be studying
i should not be thinking about this
it would help no one to think of the life that could have been
to think kf the memories i could have lived
to think of a place where i would have been happy
where each living day did not feel like dragging throught the jagged rocks of hell
there are spikes on my skin, they burn through me, i let them
i have little in ways to give but there is still me inside
i am sad yes but i still have will to live
will it be there more? i donot know
should it be there ?
the pale hand of a surprising sunrise reaches over to caress my cheek
i made it another night
but that is the easy part isnt it? surviving.
the feeling of making it isnt something celebratory
its a burden.
the sissyphian life of a mortal woman in a world of cameras and flashlights, of a filtered living
i lie there, contemplating with an empty head of white noise- i think, yet i do not.
what is it that i think about?
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UWU I'm in the mood for some Raphael talk, I love the headcanon you've talked about in the chat about Raphael tolerating Alec only because he makes his dad happy (which is so damn valid of him), and it's one of my most fave things do you have more slightly silly headcanons about it?
you really want me to be beaten up huh may. you want them to come for me again. you want to ruin my life
okay disclaimer Alec stans pwease dont hate me uwu I'm not saying i hate Alec I'm saying that i dont think Raphael would vibe with him. especially after the whole punch which I'll never get over cuz like i KNOW rationally that alec didnt have the full story and if izzy was hurt and sitting beside a white shadowhunter he would go there and beat them up all the same cuz alec's like this, but I'm still upset eidndidjdid my boy doesnt deserve this okay
anyway with that being said
i dont think its Raphael like, genuinely hating him as much as them having nothing in common besides their mutual love for Magnus and desire to see him happy. so Raphael can tolerate him fine, but he's not exactly dying to be best friends. besides, alec's like, all of the most annoying things about shadowhunters (all serious, never fucking relaxes, must have a weapon close at all times, doesn't understand food, doesn't listen to music, doesnt-) that arent like straight up nazist bigotry. so hes just like. ugh. whatever. I'm here for Magnus. leave pls
i can absolutely see that tbh Raphael just goes to their house and is all like "Alec leave i want to talk to Magnus" and alec's like "this is my house?" and raphael's like "and?" and alec's like "Fine, ill take a walk. Magnus, Raphael is here." but he also kisses Magnus goodbye in front of Raphael because he can, in fact, be an ass
also i know i told u about that already but Raphael lowkey challenges him every time like. he'll come by Magnus' and bring food, and of course theres food for 3 because Raphael is not gonna be that rude and he doesn't want to make Magnus feel like Raphael wants him to choose between Raphael and Alec. Alec makes Magnus happy and Raphael would never want to make Magnus feel like his love or presence in his life is conditional. Plus, he doesn't actually hate him. Just a little.
anyway so he brings the food and he's like (clearly judgemental tone) "i brought hot sauce because i figured Alec doesn't usually eat spicy food" and he's obviously correct, Alec had never eaten anything with season in his life before he met Magnus, much less pepper. he's the kind of ultimate, boss-level gringo who puts salt on his food when he's feeling adventurous
so Raphael sits down and puts the food on his plate and he pours hot sauce into his plate while making unwavering eye contact with Alec (yeah raphael can eat in this because he deserves it and i said so) and it's an obvious challenge and it evidently works because Alec 1- is competitive, and 2- actually wants Raphael's respect because he knows how important he is to Magnus. so he takes the salsa from Raphael and starts pouring it too while maintaining eye contact right back, jaw clenched in challenge, looking all serious and Magnus is like "children, please" and raphael's all like "oh no no no, let him" but Alec considers that a win because Raphael is clearly trying to contain a smile and thats the first step to winning him over
so anyway Alec sweats and grimaces through the whole meal, cuz like, look yes he may have pain tolerance because he's a shadowhunter but he's also the bitch who reacted to taking a sip of beer like someone had farted on his face. he can't hide his reactions for shit, but fuck if he doesn't lick the plate clean (not literally like gross) and doesn't shed a single tear, even as he clearly can't keep his eyes open with the effort
Magnus is like "Alexander, you dont have to do this" and alec's like "(eyes squeezed shut, grimacing, drenched in sweat) do what? this is very good" and Raphael is smiling into his plate even as Magnus shoots him dirty looks
then Alec is like "i won. i ate it all" and Raphael is like "(looking at his red sweaty face and puffy eyes) really?"
also look ill always love the hc that Raphael resents Alec for his height and Alec doesnt even notice. Raphael is not short, god damn it, hes 175! thats TEN whole centimeters above the mexican average! he was the tallest boy in Guadalajara! RAPHAEL IS TALL, OKAY
EXCEPT everyone in the goddamn shadow world is apparently a god damn giant. Its humiliating enough that Magnus is 180. but Magnus is his dad, so whatever. but Alec is FUCKING 190. no one needs that much tall. no one! Raphael went from being the tallest boy in the neighborhood to the shortest, and boy he is so not pleased about it
but Alec has no idea because who cares? (Raphael. Raphael cares. deeply. he cares so much) it's not even good to be that tall, he keeps banging his head on things. so there will be moments like. Raphael is standing in front of the bookshelf, seeming very focused. Alec shrugs, figures he's looking for something, and puts the book he was going to put there up. Raphael shoots him a dirty look that might as well be a stab, and Alec's like ???????? did i disrupt you? sorry? and Raphael just crosses his arms like "you didnt do anything, i dont know what you're talking about"
in reality the shelf was too high up because Magnus adjusted his shelves to his and Alec's height, and Raphael refused to stand on his tiptoes or god forbid, a stool, to grab his book, so he was just glaring at the shelf until the book came to him or something. and when Alec put the book up he was mad cuz Alec could reach it fjdndid
later Alec tells Magnus about it like "i dont get what i did. is he just that private?" and Magnus is like "hmm. i have no idea, darling" but next time Raphael comes, the shelves have been spelled to adjust to the book picker's height
also this always makes me think of that scene in hsm where zeke tries to talk to sharpay and she goes "evaporate, tall person!" and leaves and i love that mental image tbh
also like. eventually Alec apologizes for the punching thing (look. look. Im still salty and Raphael deserves it okay) and Raphael is like. moved because something deep inside of him still believed it was his fault and he was a monster, and it's. nice. and Alec kind of extends his arms and Raphael is like "dont think so" and crosses his arms and Alec kind of very very slowly lifts his arm and pats Raphael's head once and Raphael wants to scream and Alec looks very awkward and sheepish and Magnus bursts out laughing
(Raphael doesnt mind, though, because Magnus is genuinely so happy all day that they had a good interaction. so happy. and Raphael thinks, okay, this is okay. it's good if it makes Magnus happy.)
(Magnus also pats his head and plays with his hair, but its okay because Magnus has always done that and Raphael doesnt mind. only from him though. and raphael's partners. but anyway)
plus whenever Magnus is like, upset, or sick or something, theyre like. an unit. because for all they have no common interests they do think very alike (autistic solidarity i guess) and are very practical when it comes to taking care of others, and they both just. adore Magnus, okay. so Raphael will arrive, make Magnus soup. while he makes soup, Alec stays with him and takes his temperature. once Raphael is back with the soup, Alec goes out to buy medicine, and Raphael stays with him to make him company. and so on. at some point Alec is almost falling asleep by Magnus' side and Raphael taps his shoulder and points to the chair nearby, and Alec nods and dozes off for a while. then its the other way around. Magnus isnt seriously sick, of course, but he doesn't usually get sick so it's an event, plus they're both Like This. and for all the grief they give each other, they trust each other to take care of Magnus. theres no argument about that
(Magnus was resting, but he did see some of these moments, and smiled a bit to himself before dozing off again)
also Raphael and Ragnor gave Alec the ultimate shovel talk (Ragnor doesn't trust anyone after Camille, and while neither do cat and dot, they were more chill), but it lowkey backfired because they were like "if you ever hurt him, we'll remove your kneecaps" and Alec was like "(nodding seriously) thats fair"
also i know we've talked about this already but i also love the idea that Raphael goes to their house and is all absentmindedly like "hm can i have some coffee" and alec's like "sure, ill make it :) you stay here and talk to Magnus" and when Alec comes back he hands Raphael his coffee in a "best. bonus son. ever" mug and then he leans back against the wall, sipping his own coffee from his "world's #1 stepdad" mug that he bought himself, trying to hide his shit eating grin, and Raphael scowls and deliberately holds it so his hand covers the words, and Magnus laughs and his eyes shine as he sips his tea.
(later, Raphael is like. guess me and lightwood have a dynamic now. gross. but he still rolls with it)
in short Raphael and Alec being little shits to each other but still building something of a relationship for Magnus and always taking care of him..... ultimate trope
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gottlem · a year ago
summer fl(in)g. gigi/crystal
a/n i made crystal sad about 3/4 through and im SORRY i was projecting. anyways theres a tiny tiny bit of angst but MOST of this is just dumb gays in l*ve. im still getting used to writing fics so be nice pls !!!! also if u want a pt2 be sure to let me know!
summary: lockdown in summer can be lonely, but Crystal and Gigi make sure they never feel alone. thank god they have good service. (3.8k words)
When lockdown was announced, Crystal wasn’t surprised. The pandemic was taking the world by storm and yeah, it fucking terrified her. But she had to look on the bright side. So that's what she did. Just as the announcement came to an end, Crystal’s phone pinged from her pocket and she smiled to see her friends' names light up on the screen.
JANtastic: well its official
miss cox: Yeah I’m gonna miss u guys!!!
goodegirl: you say that as if u won’t be spending lockdown with jan. i’ll be ALONE thanks for asking
CRYstal: hey i’ll be alone too !!! I’ll text u everyday to keep u company :-))
goodegirl: i’m gonna hold u up to that
And Gigi did hold her up to that. The country was two days into lockdown when Crystal received her first message.
goodegirl: ugh we are how many days into lockdown? And ive already had A MILLION people hit me up with “hows quarantine treating u ;)” i am SICK.
When Crystal read the text, an odd feeling bubbled in her stomach. She told herself it was because she wasn’t used to out-of-the-blue messages from Gigi yet, they just didn’t talk that much, but looking back she admits there was probably (definitely) more to it than that. Of course the girls had already been friends, but Crystal had never found it in herself to speak to Gigi that much because, well, she was intimidatingly gorgeous. They got on well in groups, where Crystal could try to focus her attention on someone who didn’t make her face red every time she looked at her, but she knew if she invited Gigi out by themselves, she would make a fool of herself. It was stupid really, it wasn’t even like she had feelings for her - she was just too pretty, and Crystal didn’t know how to handle herself around someone who looked like they belonged in a vogue magazine. A ping shook her from her thoughts.
goodegirl: like i get that ppl are thirsty rn. i get it. i am too. but is that really the BEST they can come up with?
Crystal needed to reply. But what could she even say to that?
CRYstal: at least u have people trying to hit you up ://
goodegirl: omg what??? ur telling me not ONE person has tried to slide into those dms? they need to get on that! ur a catch
Crystal felt her face flush at the comment. Did Gigi really think she was a catch? Or maybe she’s just being nice? That was probably it. Just friendly banter. 
CRYstal: nope haha! ANYWAYS. hows quarantine treating u ;-)
goodegirl: very funny. bitch.
From then on, the texts flowed easily between the two and Crystal started to ask herself why she hadn’t done this earlier. So what if Gigi was offensively attractive? They clicked so easily - Gigi was smart, quick witted, and didn’t take anything too seriously. So really, she was Crystal's perfect match. As a friend. Platonically. That night, they texted until Crystal was struggling to even keep her eyes open. It was a conversation that felt natural to them, bringing up anything that came into their heads and letting eachother start stupid tangents without fear of judgement. Gigi found Crystal's ability to ramble on about any random subject impossibly endearing, but she wouldn’t admit that out loud. Not yet, anyways.
After three days of almost constant texting, Crystal facetimed Gigi for the first time. She picked up within seconds with wide eyes and a grin on her face. 
“Hey you” If Crystal couldn’t see her smile (which she absolutely could) then she could definitely hear it. Gigi’s voice was soft and she hadn’t realised how much she missed it until she was reminded of it. The best thing was that Gigi sounded genuinely happy to speak to Crystal, it made her ecstatic. Crystal had called in the late afternoon, just before the sun had started to set, so she could see golden light shining gently onto Gigi’s features. It left her speechless for a second. How many times was Gigi going to leave her completely unable to reply by merely talking to her? This girl was going to be the death of her. When Crystal finally came to, she managed out a soft, but casual, reply, hoping that she had covered up the embarrassing amount of time it took for her to speak. If Gigi noticed, she didn’t mention it. 
It took them a while to get into the rhythm of actually talking to each other - texts made it easy to think over before you send, and Gigi had never really been one to think before she spoke aloud anyway. She didn’t want to scare Crystal off with how blunt she could be, but after some awkward laughs and stuttered jokes, the pair slowly fell into a rhythm they felt surprisingly comfortable in; they bounced off each other's jokes and soon enough their cheeks hurt from smiling. A few hours into the call, Crystal was sitting comfortably on her bed, her phone propped up with pillows so she and Gigi could still see each other. She caught herself staring again. It started off as small glances that lingered a bit longer than they should, but it was easy to do that and quickly cover it up, especially on facetime. Soon enough, Crystal would completely daze off for minutes, just staring at the girl on her screen. She figured out she really liked looking at Gigi, and Gigi didn’t seem to mind.
Gigi thinks Crystal’s voice is her favourite sound. After about 5 minutes of hearing run on sentences about god knows what, she had already decided she could listen to her talk forever. About anything. She really didn’t care as long as it was Crystal and she was talking to her. As the call progressed into the late hours of the night, the pair had started to get giggly - the tiredness they were feeling was starting to take effect, but it made them anything but sleepy. At 11:56pm, Gigi decided Crystal’s laugh was her second favourite sound. She would sometimes giggle, sometimes she’d shake with silent laughter, but her favourite was when she gave into a full-belly laugh. The kind of laugh that substitutes for a full core workout. That was Gigi’s favourite. 
Crystal was obsessed with Gigi’s smile. It softened Gigi, showed a side of her that Crystal hadn’t been acquainted to previously, but she was so glad she knew now. Gigi could be harsh sometimes, she had learned this years ago and had just accepted it as who Gigi was, but after seeing that damn smile, it was hard to think that Gigi was even capable of hurting a fly. Crystal was quick to realise the mean girl facade (which had only made her scarier to talk to, and somehow more attractive) was just that - a facade. Walls she had built up. Crystal was eager to break them down, and she felt like she was making a good start everytime Gigi smiled like that.
They hung up when Gigi started yawning more than she was talking, she insisted it was just because she was tired, and Crystal wholeheartedly believed her. When Gigi’s face disappeared from her screen, Crystal was still smiling. Her cheeks hurt and she felt whole. She took a deep breath and took in the silence for a moment - she was alone again. She didn’t feel lonely. Despite her ever-growing fatigue, Crystal just couldn’t fall asleep, her head was buzzing with Gigi’s voice, and her laugh, and her smile, and her eyes, and- Crystal was in deep shit. She was all too familiar with the feeling of butterflies manifesting in her stomach, the thoughts of a particular person on her mind constantly. To be completely honest, she hated it. Falling for anyone had never ended well for her, and falling for someone she was already friends with? Even worse. There was no way this would end without somebody getting hurt, and that somebody would probably be Crystal. And yet, being stuck in isolation, she thought the idea of possibly having a girlfriend didn’t sound too bad, but that might have been the lack of human contact talking. 
Gigi let her thoughts wonder as she drifted off into sleep. She wasn’t one to get crushes, but when she fell, she fell hard. And willingly. There was just something about the drama of having such strong feelings for someone, and playing guessing games on how they felt. And by the way Crystal had been staring at her all night, Gigi felt like she was on the right tracks. She liked the way her cheeks would flush if she thought too hard about the girl, or how butterflies would dance around in her stomach, making her feel lighter than a feather. Maybe she was just a hopeless romantic, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She allowed herself to dream up scenarios of herself and Crystal being together once this whole situation was over. She quite liked how it looked in her head. 
As the days passed, Gigi and Crystal found themselves spending more of their waking hours talking to each other over facetime than they did doing anything else. They were both falling quickly, only mildly aware of each other's adoration. It didn’t take very long for the casual flirting to start. Everytime Gigi gave an off-handed compliment about how Crystal sounded “really pretty today” or how her laugh is “the prettiest thing”, the other girl would turn bright red and freeze up. Gigi would tease her about it, which only made her more and more flustered. She thought she’d eventually get used to it, but she never did. Crystal tried to flirt back,really tried,  she wanted more than anything to make Gigi stumble over her words like she does to her so often, but she would always be completely unfazed by every compliment Crystal could think of. Crystal found her ability to keep her composure so easily both irritating and compelling. 
It took Crystal a few days to find something that would finally, finally break Gigi down. Pet names. When she had casually let ‘babe’ slip in the middle of a sentence, she could practically see the breath that got stuck in Gigi’s throat before she started to choke on nothing but air. When Crystal asked if she was ok, she answered with a question.
“Did you just call me babe?”
“Yeah. Is that a problem?” Crystal genuinely wanted to make sure that it was ok, but the comment came off as less of a question, and more as straight up flirting. 
“No. Nope. Not a problem at all. What were we talking about?”
Crystal doesn’t press further, taking pride in being able to make the girl so speechless, and continues what she was saying as if nothing had stopped her in the first place. She watched as Gigi’s blush died down very, very slowly, only to watch it burn up again every time Crystal repeated the pet name. She absolutely adored it. 
“You’re cute when you blush, babe” Gigi made a noise at this. Crystal made a note of that before deciding that this would never get old.
Soon enough, the girls were in a comfortable routine - talking every day until one of them would give in to sleep. It was usually Crystal. Gigi would stay on the call for a bit, just to listen to the girl’s breathing, it provided an unexpected comfort to her. Plus Crystal was adorable when she slept. The routine was broken one day about a month into the lockdown, though nobody was really paying attention to what day it was anyway. Gigi had been awake for no more than an hour when she started to miss Crystal, so she gave her a call. Crystal didn’t pick up. Gigi called again, just in case Crystal had her phone on silent, but she was met with no answer. Instead, she was sent a text, a text which really didn’t explain anything. At all.
CRYstal: hey !!! sorry can’t pick up rn but i promise u i will call in like an hour or two ???? speak to u soon love !!!! <3
It was unusual for Crystal to miss out on a call - she was usually the one to be ringing Gigi. What could she even be doing? Gigi needed a distraction, something to pass the time instead of sitting and waiting. That was when she realised she hadn’t worn any makeup in weeks, so she sat herself down and started on a full face - the process of doing her makeup always calmed her down, so it was a welcome distraction. Just as she finished, her phone began ringing. She didn’t have to check to see who it was. 
“Hi! Sorry I didn’t answer before I was kinda busy” Gigi was speechless. A pixelated Crystal was beaming at her from her phone screen. And she had green hair now. This is why she didn’t pick up? The bitch was dyeing her hair? It did look really pretty though. Like, really, really pretty.
“Quarantines really getting to you that much huh?” Gigi decided against gushing about Crystal’s new hair - that would be giving her what she wanted.
“Do you like it?” She loved it. Adored it. 
“It’s nice” 
“That’s all you’re going to say?”
“Needy are we?” That shut her up. She changed the topic in an instant. 
“So... you look really pretty today!”
That night, the girls fell back into their easy routine. It had been hours since she first saw it, but Gigi couldn’t keep her eyes off of Crystal and her new look. It really suited her. It just felt so utterly Crystal. The green haired girl was in the middle of a long rant about how One DIrection “are definitely planning a reunion really really soon” when Gigi had to stop her.
“I fucking love your hair, Crys” She blushed at the out-of-the-blue compliment.
“Really? I thought it was just nice?” Gigi shook her head.
“I was teasing, of course I love it. It suits you so much, you look beautiful” She was smiling ear to ear. Crystal loved it when Gigi gushed over her like this. It made her feel like there could be something there, like this was more than friends bored in quarantine.
“Thanks,” Crystal paused for just a moment before her face lit up “Oh my God, you should do something to your hair too!” Gigi hated that idea, and shook her head affectionately at the girl's adorable excitement. She felt slightly bad when she told her that she would be caught dead before doing anything to her hair - she loved the deep brown colour it had always been, and was happy with how the length framed her face. Crystal however, was incessant. Gigi was surprised when she found herself telling Crystal that she’d “think about” changing her hair up. 
Saying this was a huge mistake. Crystal reminded her every other hour that she had to dye it or cut it or just do something, and it drove Gigi insane. It took her all but two days to finally cave in - it irked her that Crystal had this much power over her. She wanted to do something shocking, something that would shut Crystal up about her damn hair for good. So she shaved it. 
She did it when Crystal fell asleep after a particularly heated debate about her hair (the second of the night) and Gigi hung up to get to work on it. To call it an impulse decision wasn’t perhaps the most accurate, seeing as though she had been bugged about it for a solid 48 hours, but waking up that morning, Gigi hadn’t expected that all her hair would be gone by the time she went to sleep. Once she had finally bitten the bullet, it took her an hour to admit that she actually kind of liked the look - plus it was fun to touch. 
When Crystal called her that morning, Gigi took a moment to herself before answering. She hadn’t told her about the change in her appearance and hoped she would like it, or at least be pleased that Gigi finally listened to her. She took a breath and picked up, feigning confidence with a casual “morning!”. She watched Crystal’s eyes go wide and her hands cover her mouth. Gigi acted oblivious.
“What's up? Is there someone behind me or something?” She looked at her screen and patiently waited until Crystal composed herself - she was used to her staring anyway. When Crystal finally spoke, she was practically squealing out a string of compliments. Apparently, she loved it. 
“Are you keeping it like that? Please say you’re keeping it like that, it's so hot” Gigi wasn’t sure if she would grow it out, but after Crystal had said that, it was an easy decision.
“I guess I’ll keep it then. Just for you”
Crystal loved being so open with Gigi, and she really appreciated how close they had gotten during lockdown - but she really just needed today off. She had woken up one morning with a feeling of dread that she couldn’t quite place, and a persistent headache. This was going to be a bad day, but she was used to bad days. She ignored Gigi’s calls and sent no follow up text. She could speak to Gigi later. Right now, she was just going to go back to sleep. 
So that's what she did. She woke up in the late afternoon and finally dragged herself out of bed to make some food in the evening. When she got back to the safety of her bed, she was still tired. And she kind of felt like crying. So she cried. Sometimes, especially on bad days, Crystal’s mind could get the best of her, she had learned to just let herself get all her feelings out when she got like this - bottling them up had only ever made them worse. This was when Gigi called for the millionth time that day, her texts had become concerned, then angry, then concerned again. Crystal felt like she owed an explanation, so with bloodshot eyes and a puffy red face, Crystal finally picked up.
“Ugh finally! You haven’t spoken to me all day I- what’s wrong?” Crystal felt a ping of guilt at Gigi’s initial response to her answering. Had she really kept her waiting all day? It felt silly, like an unreasonable excuse, but deep down Crystal knew what was good for her. She also didn’t know how to answer Gigi’s question. She was starting to regret picking up, having Gigi see her like this - god, she must have looked a mess.
“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have picked up. I'm probably bringing the mood down” She saw Gigi’s features become impossibly softer at that.
“Hey, no, it's ok. We don’t have to talk about it, but we can if you want to. But you’re not hanging up. And neither am I. If it means I sit in complete silence with you for the next few hours then so be it” 
This was when Crystal knew Gigi was a keeper. Whether whatever they had going on would continue, or whether they would return to strictly just friends, Gigi was someone she needed to keep in her life. They eventually started talking, first it was about how Gigi’s day went - Crystal didn’t feel like speaking much, but once she warmed up to seeing that all-familiar smile, she felt comfortable enough to start to open up. They talked for hours. Crystal cried. Gigi cried (though not as much). 
“I just wish I could be there to help, or at least give you a hug or something, god this sucks” Crystal saw this as an opportunity to lighten the mood.
“As if you would settle for just a hug” Crystal winked pitifully and Gigi laughed, but didn’t disagree. 
Of course one chat didn’t fix Crystal’s problems, but at least now she had someone in her corner - and that was half the battle.
It didn’t take the pair very long to fall back into their rhythm, feeling closer and more comfortable with each other, their feelings getting stronger as each day passed on. Crystal found herself falling back into the habit of sitting silent, and admiring the girl on her screen.
“You’re staring.” Gigi told her. Crystal hummened in agreement.
“You’re pretty”
It was normal for the pair to bounce words like pretty, and beautiful, and gorgeous between them. It was as if they both knew exactly how the other felt - like it was completely unspoken and yet so obvious. And maybe it was.
Two months into lockdown, Gigi was really starting to miss physical contact - she was starting to feel a thrill when she made eye contact with strangers on her way to her weekly shop, she was getting desperate. It was brought up with Crystal.
“I just miss human contact. I want to hold a hand. I want someone to hug me. I want a kiss! Oh my god I miss kissing.” Crystal felt herself blushing at the mention of kissing (kissing Gigi, nonetheless). She would give anything to see Gigi right now, to be close to her.
“When this is over, I’ll kiss you, don’t even worry about it” Crystal was only half joking. GIgi went red, but tried to act as if the thought of Crystal kissing her didn’t phase her at all.
“Oh will you now?”
“I’m not kidding”
“Well. I’d very much like that Miss Methyd” Gigi gave in, she refused to play hard to get with someone who she had fallen so hard for. She just hoped Crystal would stick to her word.
Summer was halfway through when lockdown was lifted. The instant the announcement was made, Crystal phone pinged - it wasJan, and she suddenly felt a wave of deja vu from when the lockdown started.
JANtastic: GUYSSSSSS i’ve missed you so much PLEASE say y’all are free to meet? Like right now?!?! 
JANtatsic: Jackie’s already with me so, she’s down too :))
CRYstal: i’ve missed you too !!! i’m free to meet!
goodegirl: me too !!
The group reunited within an hour, Crystal shed some happy tears, and Gigi laughed as she wiped them for her. It was nice to be with her, to be able to stand next to each other. But it also felt odd - like something had shifted now that they were right in front of each other. So for the rest of summer, the girls shared lingering glances and awkward smiles, too scared to make an official move.
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batz · a year ago
reading ur boomer hcs is like physically painful for me but like... in a good way? its like a bittersweet ache in my chest. i cannot believe i feel this way about a half life parody of all things
THANK U  i love writing stuff that makes that ache happen  in ya chest u know hat sad ache but itsa good catharticc nd almost pretty ache u know?  very sad and sweet and soft....ilove writing about love so much ...its one of my fav topics... and with old gays especially bc theres just so much history u can write between those two ppl  n just th hardships n  the frendships n the LOVE its just so wondrful u kno????
n then i remember theyre funny polygon men  and i just DKFgjdFGJDFGKDFJGKJF i mean i did tis for red guy n birdman from dhmis so like me adding tragic  gay  backstory to polgygon men isnt offbrand.... im just autsitic!!!!fdjhgdfljghdGFDHGJ
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