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#theres almost no red in this can u BELIEVE
actualbird · a month ago
Opening Line Tag Game :DDD
Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories (if you have less than 20, just list them all!). See if there are any patterns. Choose your favorite opening line. Then tag 10 of your favorite authors!
was tagged by @dont-offend-the-bees!! thanks for the tag, newt!!!! ur dghda fics holds a special place in my heart even though ive sailed away to fandoms afar.
well, here’s the first lines of the past 20 fanfics i posted onto my ao3, starting from most recent going back!!
When he gets home, Signora is leaning against the door of his apartment. (something like a death wish, Genshin Impact)
It’s a somber affair, when it’s time for Azhdaha to fade away. (it's a hard rock life for us, Genshin Impact)
Azhdaha is born into a world of darkness. (you give me miles and miles of mountains, Genshin Impact)
It starts with one of Jean’s many romance novels. (what's inside? that's causing this malfunction, Genshin Impact)
Ajax didn’t think about it much, before. (i forget the difference between seduction and arson, ignition and cognition, Genshin Impact)
The ceremony is a small affair. (if it was important, we would have remembered, Genshin Impact)
He wakes up alone, shaking and bathed in darkness. (our endless and impossible journey toward home is in fact our home, Genshin Impact)
Kaeya doesn’t have baby pictures— what with the whole abandoned by his birth father at the ripe age of six at the doorstep of a winery tycoon shebang—but ever since he did get adopted, Crepus Ragnvindr took basically a million pictures of his two boys through every single year of their life. (angry react, Genshin Impact)
How strangely time passes; sometimes it soars like a feathered sliver in the sky, hopeful and free. (it's time to leave and turn to dust, Genshin Impact)
Thankfully, Charles is the one manning the bar when Kaeya gets to the Angel’s Share tavern. (ain't i the best you had?, Genshin Impact)
Life as a Fatui grunt isn’t as fabulous as the Snezhnayan rumor mill makes it out to be. (we don't even have dental..., Genshin Impact)
Here’s the thing: Childe’s career was going fucking great. (put your hands on me, Genshin Impact)
In the beginning, there was a land that was left by the gods to rot. (take this cup away from me, Genshin Impact)
Childe is in a domain hunting down intel when things go a bit fun. (taste of poison paradise, Genshin Impact)
Everybody in Pelican Town knows of the new resident, but knowing anything substantial about him is something else altogether. (a fullered blade and a scalpel, Stardew Valley)
Ronnie’s known for quite a while that Harvey is, well...endowed. (baby, you got lucky cause you're rocking with the best, Stardew Valley)
Ronnie has always been different from other people. (legend has it that the moss grows on the north side of the trees, Stardew Valley)
Spring comes, as it always does. (that's what seasons do, Stardew Valley)
The universe lurches. (just enjoy the show, Polygon Cyberpunk Red)
It comes in stages, not all at once. (not quite 20/20 vision, Hades)
can you believe these past 20 fics were ALL posted this year???? I WROTE 20 FANFICS IN 5 MONTHS....ON GODS THIS PANDEMIC HAS GOTTA END, SKJDFHKJSDF.
anyway //steeples hands. some patterns ive noticed as i put this list together
i almost always use the first sentence to establish either setting or premise. i guess i do this because, personally, when i enter a scene, the first thing i want to know is what im supposed to be physically experiencing or what im supposed to be emotionally focused on, if that makes sense? i need to Know!!!!! which means that my first lines honestly, in my opinion, are a bit boring akjfkbjfkjbfd. i gotta set down the bedrock or else everything else will be wobbly!!! i write my fics like i construct a fuckin jenga tower, i swear akjfbakjsf
something i do keep in mind with all my first lines is the very simple yet integral rule: a sentence’s purpose is to do what it needs to do, but also to make the reader want to read the next sentence. this, i guess, is why nearly all of my first lines feel like a cliffhanger. thats on purpose because what i want to do with my first line is get u to keep reading. in a sense, my first lines are working triple time. they 1) do whatever it is they need to do for the story, 2) establish setting/premise, and 3) push you onwards to the next sentence like a baby sea turtle waddling to the ocean.
related to “triple time” but that was something i learned from a brutal fiction professor who was wonderful and intelligent! but also made me shift out of the fiction track in college HAHA. his basic belief was that sentences cant just be doing One Thing. you’re going waste a lot of time and a lot of words and lose your reader, if you go at things like that. sentences have to multitask. i am very aware of this with opening lines...
and last but not least, all these opening lines undoubtedly suck on their own HAHKJBKDFJDJF
i....dont think i have a favorite opening line of all of the ones i listed tbh. like i said, all my opening lines, on their own, dont exactly Wow, so im lukewarm about all these haha. i think....this is indicative of me having to step up my opening line game......
//jazz hands. anyway theres that! and as for ppl to tag, i am notoriously shy when it comes to writer tag games, but im breaking my shyness to tag @listentotheshityousay and @theinternationalacestation . 
no need to do it if u dont wanna, friends!!! jus know i adore yalls’ writing so very very much
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elftrash · a month ago
I finally made an official character sheet and backstory for my main skyrim oc!! 
she’ll be the dragonborn character in my fic when i write it 
anyways full sheet and backstory under the
Character Name: Sif Wolf-Heart
Race:   Bosmer 
Gender:  Female
 Age:   Around 21/22 
Birthdate:     15th Morning Star 
Birthsign:   The Thief
Class:    Thief
Mother:   Else Wolf-Heart 
Father:    Storn Wolf-Heart
Other Family:  (Not counting her actual real biological family that she doesn’t know about.)
Friends:  She’s a wee bit of a loner but she finds friendship within the Companions and the Thieves Guild. 
Armour/Clothing/Robes and Accessories: She wears imported armour from Valenwood - a gift. It involves a deer skull headdress and the rest is leather. In my head it’s like the light armour from ESO. BUT She’ll mostly use Thieves Guild armour as well. 
Weaponry:  Bow and arrows made from bone (not dragon) and two daggers.
Powers/Abilities:    Command Animal. 
Main Skills:  Sneak. Pickpocket. Lock Picking. Archery. One-handed.
Personality:   Chaotic neutral. She’s quiet but she’s not introverted by any means, she’ll talk to anyone that talks to her first but she may be a bit standoff-ish. She can have a very high fight or flight response to a lot of scenarios - she won’t get involved in other peoples battles (unless they have a relationship with her), or with a lot of things really, she barely even accepted the Dragonborn title. Her empathy could use some work. 
Secrets:   She cannot read, in modern times she’d be dyslexic. She can sound out words and she has a decent vocab but she can barely read simple bounty letters. Abandonment issues but she’ll never let u know ;) 
Afflictions:  Thieves Guild and Greybeards, she has ties with the Companions too.
Titles:  Sif Wolf-Heart is her most commonly used one. For official business she will reluctantly go by Dragonborn. For her more thievery or not so Dragonborn heroic deeds, she has earned herself the nickname “The Magpie,” and goes by it.
Likes:   She adores all animals - even spiders! - and hates harming them. She has tamed many beasts, intentionally or not. She has a fondness for apples. Anything shiny that’s worth gold. She loves painting too - her journals are scribbles of her day rather than words.
Dislikes:   Dwemer constructs and ruins - it all freaks her out. Racism - experienced a fair bit of it as a bosmeri child growing up in Skyrim. 
Birthplace: Heritage is technically Haven, Valenwood. But it is unknown where she was born exactly in Skyrim, only that she was found in Falkreath hold during the Winter months, hence why her “birthday” is in Winter, it’s the day Else found her.
Currently lives: She lives in Riften Thieves’ Guild.
Religion:  Being brought up by Nords, she believes in all the Divines - including Talos. 
Personality Information
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status:  Single technically (but she may or may not be sleeping/in feelings with Farkas,,,)
Hobbies:  When she isn’t doing jobs for any Guilds or avoiding her dragonborn duties, she LOVES to paint. Paints are often expensive and are a luxury purchase in her eyes so she loves to paint using crushed berries, or whatever she can use from nature. She likes climbing trees to nap in them when it’s hot. 
 Cosmetic Information
Face claim :  AMANDLA STENBERG (but with thinner lips).
Voice claim: Deciding.
Skin Tone: Brown. 
Hair Color:  Dark dark brown, almost black.
Hair Style:  She wears it as a mohawk but her hair is curly so it falls to one side a lot. 
Eye Color:  Pure black sclera and iris’ 
Build:  Short and slender. Lithe. 
Height:  So tiny. Around 5’3” ish.
Scars: She has a scar on her right cheek from her cheekbone to her jaw, it’s a little jagged but it’s starting to fade. If you ask her how she got it, she’ll tell you a different story every time.
On the Civil War:  She understands why there is a war, she understands that the Stormcloaks are angry about Talos. But she doesn’t agree with Ulfric’s lack of attention to her elven comrades. She stays as neutral as possible, believing it to not be her fight.
On Humans:  They’re just humans. She was raised by Nords and finds familiar comfort in some but she’s experienced a lot of hatred and racism from them too
On Bosmer:  At first, they confused her, not understanding why they found her so strange but she rapidly grew to love them and would talk to any bosmer she could. She is more relaxed with bosmer than any other race.
On Altmer:  She’s doubtful of the Thalmor but has no quarry on High Elves. She has a bit of a crush on Ondolemar. 
On Dunmer: The  Dunmeri fascinates her. From their skin, to their red eyes and especially their fire afflictions. 
On Orcs:  Orcs terrify her. Their teeth and height, weight and girth. They are so much bigger and more powerful than her. She has met a few and she froze in their presence - her fear is most likely due to the fact her adopted “papa” Storn was almost beaten to death by an orc during a mercenary job.
On Argonians:  She loves the Argonians, she loves how they can breath under water. She loves how their scales feel. She knows little about their culture though so she’s scared to ask them anything in fear of ignorance.
On Khajiit:  Sith shouldn’t be allowed near the Khajiit. She will want to stroke them. She will ask if they can purr. 
Sif was barely older than a newborn when found by Storn and Else, a married couple making a delivery to Falkreath. Storn Wolf-Heart was a large Nordic man, with muscles more prominent than his brain, but for his wife he would turn to putty and Else Wolf-Heart, built with love and softness in the world. It was Storn who first discovered the newborn, hidden amongst some bushes in a woven basket and at first, he suggested they kill the elf child, that it’d be kinder. But his wife, infertile and longing for a child of their own saw this as a gift from the Divines, swooping up the babe and adjusting her blankets and when Storn began to protest she sent him a glare that would cause even the the hardiest warrior to back down. At first they attempted to find her parents, looking for any hints of the newborn’s family but they came across nothing. Storn sent word to local areas, asking if anyone was missing a child or if anyone saw a bosmer family but their responses provided them no information. It was then that Else decided they would raise this babe, she wouldn’t leave her in Honorhall Orphanage or Storn’s suggestion of “leaving the elf to die,” and so, she named her Sif. 
They struggled raising a babe that wasn’t their own, and of a race different to theres and Else frequently worried about every detail but the child grew and with it, her personality. They brought her up on their humble farm, Else working long days with the babe strapped to her chest and when she grew too squirmy to carry, they had fashioned an outdoor pen to keep the toddler contained as they worked the farm.
At an early age Sif revealed to have sticky fingers whenever they took the bosmeri child with them for food deliveries; Sif would often be found with her fingers grabbing for anything shiny left around - or sticking out of pockets. Storn’s parenting technique was to ignore the behaviour whereas Else would always return the item stolen but it only further encouraged the pre-teen to be more secretive with her stealing. 
During her 10th winter, the family hit a rough patch with the farm and there simply wasn’t enough food or gold to put food on their table, thus Storn joined the Companion’s to earn his small family extra gold. He was often gone for days at a time and during this time, Sif had no time to sneak to Whiterun; she spent most her time working on the farm with her mother, and during this period it was when her mother began to teach her to use a bow and arrow to hunt for food when there wasn’t enough crops to eat after selling them. However, when her father returned with a coin purse and spent his time training in Jorrvaskr, Sif would follow, watching the mighty Companions duel and unlike the other two children - Farkas and Vilkas - the small bosmer child was not allowed to join. However, Storn would train her how to wield a dagger, where to stab and how deep, how to angle her hands and body - she may not be able to hold her own in a real fight but he wanted to give her a fighting chance should she ever need. 
Few years passed with little incidents - save for one after her 14th year, when the family made a trip to Falkreath to sell their crops, and they had a run in with a local bandit crew. It was here that Sif really saw the harsh world of Skyrim. Her father, not yet blessed with Hircine’s gift, fought valiantly to keep the bandits away from his family, with Else pushing the bosmer teen up a tree to hide to help her husband that Sif witnessed an event that would give her a permanent fear of the orsimer. Else has been restrained by two bandits, and one particular bandit, a brute of an orc, larger than any Nord she had seen bashed at her father with his shield, stumbling him back before striking his armour with a clang that echoed throughout the forest pathway. She watched with fearful eyes as blood poured from the wound of her fathers shoulder through his armour, the nord on his knees with his arm hanging limply. Else screamed and begged as the orsimer taunted Storn who wouldn’t go down without a fight and it wasn’t until a blow to his legs that caused him to fall, that Sif realised - her father was not going to win this fight. 
She didn’t know it at the time, but this would be a defining moment of her life. She made a decision - a stupid decision in a split second that would save her father. Like the tales of bosmeri warriors emerging from hidden forest spots, the bosmer teen angled her body on the branch she hid upon, equipping the dagger hidden in her boot, and launched herself towards the warrior. For Sif, time moved in slow motion, she could no longer hear her mothers screams, she could not see her father’s reaction - instead, her eyes only had eyes on that warrior and shoving her dagger into the small of his neck where his helmet did not meet his armour. The orsimer did his best to throw off the teen but she held on tight, wrapping her legs around his waist the best she could, the blood coating her fingers made her struggle with her grip on the dagger hilt but adrenaline wouldn’t let her let go as she drove in as deep as she could, and in this moment of leverage, it was enough for Storn to shakily make his way to his feet and drive his sword home in the bandits chest. 
Storn fell at the same time the orsimer did, two bodies laying limp and with their leader dead before them at the hands of a teenager no less, released Else to run. Sif barely remembers what happened next, she remembers her mother commanding her to find potions as she removed Storn’s armour to stop the bleeding. Sif doesn’t remember how they got him onto the carriage but she remembers making the horse run as fast as it could to Falkreath for a healer whilst her mother did her best to keep him stable. 
His injuries were life threatening, and it was this incident that was the push for the Companions to give this noble warrior the beast blood to save his life. The circle sworn the family into secrecy and they took Storn to adapt to the change. They didn’t see him again until months later. He came back to the farm, healthy and alive, so unlike the time they last saw him but even the beast blood couldn’t take away the limp in his leg from the incident; he was no longer able to fight for the Companion’s but they kept him on to train the whelps. 
At 16, Sif left home. Farm life wasn’t for her and her sticky fingers had only gotten more skilled. She had little desirable skills for the Companion’s but she knew of one guild that would accept her talents; Riften’s Thieves Guild. 
At first, Mercer Frey turned her away, laughing at this child who wanted to join but when she dropped a high value item from the Jarl’s palace in the cistern, his laugh cut short and his amused face turned to anger instead. He couldn’t turn her away now, not after she made a blatant show of skill in front of the entire guild. The rest of the guild accepted her with open arms, eager for any thief to bring gold in and over the next few years she really honed her skills as a thief, earning her the name “The Magpie” for those black eyes would hone in to anything shiny, and like her namesake, she would sweep in and grab what she wanted before escaping to her nest. She was causing traction in the guild, becoming admired and this wouldn’t do in Mercer’s eyes, and after 4 years in the guild, he sent her on a task to deliver a note to Cyrodiil, not expecting to see her again. And on her return to Skyrim, she found herself caught up in the Stormcloak/Imperial ambush, and unfortunately for her, the captain of the Imperial’s recognised the Thieves Guild armour and sent her away with the carriage ride to Helgen, where her real story begins. 
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identitycris1s · 2 months ago
im back
hi just thought id pop in with a status update! maybe i’ll break this down into categories. feel like im doing an email update (ew!) but this rly is probs the best way to structure this post...
work / school (?)
work has been....aite. idk what to say. idk if i have unrealistic expectations of what work is supposed to be, but the idealist in me thinks its wrong to not even try and find something that seems meaningful / is deeply fulfilling. i think im mature enough to get that work isnt supposed to be fun / exciting every single day but bro this daily grind / sense of dread / utter disinterest / feeling of futility / frustration / disenchantment surely isnt the correct state of least let me try and find something that is a better fit, thats more stimulating, that feels more NATURAL to me? i just dont think im cut out to be a lawyer. sure i sometimes like arguing and making my point and i like that everyone i work with is smart and interesting and generally kind and reasonable and i like the prestige of the job and feeling like ppl respect me and i like the decent pay and the humane hours but.....i feel unmotivated to be a good lawyer. i think i find it difficult / disingenuous to always 100% get behind my client and advocate for their best interests. i tend to see things from a zoomed out perspective, like WHY are we fighting, WHY cant we just settle, WHY are the claimants pursuing this absolutely crap and unmeritorious claim and WHY do we have to defend it when its stupid and bound to fail (cos access2justice i guess but still, WHY), WHY cant we just hash things out in a meeting instead of sending emails here and there and wasting time, WHY do we have to answer stupid questions, WHY WHY WHY
and i think public policy is sort of an answer to that....i think theres more questioning of why we do things and why a policy will or will not work, in a macro sense - what is good for society at large. whereas in law (at least in litigation) its how can we just move this case forward and help the client, which is often not the most productive thing to do in a macro sense - very much a zero sum game. i get that shitty / unmeritorious claims still need to be defended against and someone has to do it and I GET IT but i just dont think i want to be that person defending these claims...or bringing them for that matter.....ultimately i cant fully / sincerely separate the overarching sense of futility from the duty to do a good job.
sigh. well at least ive kind of figured out this isnt for me. which is scary cos being a lawyer in this firm is pretty much a career for life - truly an iron rice bowl, i could probably make partner in maybe 4 or 5 years and live a comfortable upper middle class life...but i cant bring myself to do that. i cant bring myself to not give myself a shot at doing something i actually find interesting, stimulating and that i care about deeply. call me crazy! we’ll see where this brings me in 5 years’ time....:) 
anyway most ppl at work (at least in my team) know that im most likely gonna leave soon. i rly only told 2 ppl (my boss cos he had to sign off on my testimonial and G cos she was quitting anyway)...but somehow ppl found out one way or another. i dont rly mind and ppl have been taking it pretty well and have been kind and encouraging (i guess why would they not take it well, im hardly indispensable) but i get a bit antsy thinking - what if i dont get in...then what? do i just put my head down and continue here (BUT IM SO SAD) or do i just quit without any prospects and try to find a policy-ish job??
idk. will have faith that God will put me where I need to be. he is in control of it all and I BELIEVE THIS !!! I am just a bit scared that his plan is different from what i  think i want....but this is just my human instinct and i know in my head that there is no reason to be scared cos his plan is always the better one. head knowledge just needs to translate to heart understanding and real trust / faith.
ermmm relationships...???
i started using...cmb...idk why i find this so cringey. i guess about a year ago i couldnt imagine doing this and i kept thinking EW what if ppl i know see me and they think im a desperate saddo who cant find a bf irl and has to resort to an app EW shes so lame and ugly and gross. and i realised that is so stupid no one actually thinks that way and its very backward and dumb and insecure of me to be thinking that. and anyway as i get older i rly dont quite give a shit what ppl think of me (at least i tell myself that....)
i suppose i was also inspired by csm who has been quite actively using apps and meeting ppl and taking real..strides..(LOL) in her dating life. i used to tell myself hey God will provide u with a mans if he wants u to be with a mans. but also God can use an app to do that...and if i dont step out in faith that he will do something and i dont take any action at all, how is God gonna work?? should i sit at home and expect a man to fall into my lap??
for some ppl it has been way easier, e.g. my parents meeting in uni and falling i love. i always wanted that - the organic relationship, the meet-cute, the friends to lovers thing. (i guess i tried that last one before and it didnt work...) but i think theres no point in romanticising relationships anymore. thats a very modern thing to do and its not necessarily a good thing? like who’s to say a relationship that had organic beginnings is intrinsically better than one that started from an app?
anyway i havent had much luck haha i think its hard to find genuine GCBs (or maybe theyre just not attracted to me....) although recently ive been talking to this one guy B for a week or two and its been...ok i guess. hes rly nice and seemed cool at first - we talked about travelling and hamilton and the office, which was a good start. he is thoughtful and kind and doesnt seem to be put off by my very slow replies (he replies so fast......its stressful a bit) and he does the whole good morning text thing (which i frankly find a bit bizarre, we barely know each other..?? and ive never even met him irl.. but its sweet i guess :))
but DUDE his english seems to be not great - at least thats the impression i get from texting him. which is an issue for me. i dont want it to be BUT IT IS...first red flag was when he said some weird thing about not wanting to wear a mask at work (not a literal mask - like he didnt know if he could be his ‘true self’) and the wording was very strange. then he said “the weekends are almost here” ?? the weekend is not a plural though? then he used the wrong tense a few times and his apostrophe usage was wrong (”Gods’ love” - bro there is one God). he also uses way too many commas which irks me.
i mean i get that text is supposed to be an informal medium - come on look at this post, there r hardly any capital letters and plenty of short forms and hardly any apostrophes but u see its CONSISTENT and its obviously cos of laziness / convenience - but i think his problem is a bit different...u can sort of tell if someone doesnt have a 100% strong grasp of english. those r basic grammar mistakes man...i get that i sound petty and stupid and this isnt a huge deal but i feel like im settling by even talking to him cos this is not something i wld normally tolerate but hey maybe im getting desperate with age :(:(:( urgh 
on the other hand maybe i just need to be more generous with ppl and l have an irrationally high standard for english cos i am a lawyer and my friends all speak well / text well?? maybe im just being too nitpicky?? honestly hes very nice  and communicative and straightforward and seems mature and very God-fearing and idk why hes still talking to me cos ive been a bit cold and slow to respond. hes very patient which i dont rly deserve.....i myself have a million flaws that are probably way worse and egregious (ahem PRIDE...ahem the source of this dilemma in the first place...) so maybe i should just close one eye abt the bad grammar.
i also realised how fked up i am - confirmed my suspicion that i am naturally attracted to emotionally unavailable ppl / ppl that just seem distant / out of reach (thats my avoidant attachment style right there). i think there was one day he didnt text me at all and omg...i couldnt stop thinking what i did did i piss him off by being too cold for too long...did he get scared off cos i said i wanted to do a masters (idk this seemed like an irrational leap but i was being irrational)..then i started being nicer to him and replied more promptly hahaha turns out he was just rly bz at work that day. omg this pattern is real i think i did this with xj also - was eager to speak when he was in japan but after meeting irll i was just over it... (i am drawn to distance like a moth to a flame and i am repelled by availability like....a fire by a fire extinguisher (??)). yucks i rly hate myself sometimes but yknow what at least im self aware and im trying to fix this...kind of.. gonna hash this avoidant thing out with my therapist at the next sesh.
on the topic of xj i got a bit nostalgic and wondered why we stopped speaking (surprise surprise it was my fault, didnt reply then felt it had been left to long to pick it up again...) went back to look at our texts and aw we rly got along so well, i do miss him as a friend and im sorry about how poorly i treated him especially in dec 2018 / jan 2019 sigh.....i was a real bitch....
anyway im just gonna see how things go with B... if he asks me out i prob will go... just to give it a shot. update if / when that happens!
EDIT - he asked me out lol we shall see how it goes. 
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portraitofalarryonfire · 4 months ago
hi!! with regards to my policeman it sucks bc i LOVE emma and harry, but there’s literally no need for white tragic gay movies when theres so much that can be done for queer poc and just uplifting modern queer stories? i initially wanted a poc to be cast as patrick but i dont think that would happen and regardless it would never explore intersectionality based on the source material. not to mention he plays a cop as well which is ANOTHER red flag.
and this may sound insane but even when dwd started i remember when dakota johnston was attached to the project instead of gemma chan and it genuinely made so much sense to me bc as good as booksmart was it was also INCREDIBLY white. so i rly have no faith in olivia’s investment in diversity either, considering even with gemma chan the cast has only another poc publicly attached to it at this point despite the paps shooting it every 3 minutes.
i’m just at a loss: how do i still express excitement about either of these projects when they seem like steps backwards in terms of film? and furthermore, is it irrational for me to hate how white harry’s entire image and immediate surroundings are CONSTANTLY despite his engagement in social issues almost constantly? i dont believe its performative bc i obviously know hes a queer person, but like for him to scrape the surface of engaging with blm and his biden endorsement is really off putting to me. do you think harry does these things solely to profit of them? or do u think hes just unaware of his half-assedness? or is it mostly a product of his pr and marketing team and columbia?? sorry for the word dump lol
ps. i really like how u approach these issues! and if it helps to see where im coming from w this question i’m a bisexual woc!
It’s not for me to comment in massive detail about the whiteness of the films because I’m white, but I 100 percent agree with you that both projects are very white AND Harry’s social circle appears to be very white, and that’s all...very disappointing. 
As a queer person I don’t feel particularly interested in My Policeman as a project because it’s telling a story I think is very much stuck in ‘old queer cinema’, and that is perpetuating some things that are harmful. Eg putting cis het people at the centre of queer stories, using violence against queer people as a character arc for non queer characters etc. The fact that it is so white is another factor which makes it a really irrelevant entry into the queer canon, for me. I am not interested in the film and I think it’s a film that doesn’t really need to be made, I think the source material is dodgy af (written by a straight cis woman and Marion is...I think she’s supposed to be sympathetic which is GROSS considering what she does). As a queer person I really don’t give a shit about it, and so I’d very much understand why its even less exciting for a queer woman of colour. 
I don’t think it’s at all irrational to be pissed off by Harry not choosing projects that promote legitimately good representation (both in queerness and in actually having characters of colour). It’s literally fucked up that you have to wonder if that’s ‘irrational’, because your thoughts are being demonised by people who want to excuse him of things. 
I personally do feel like a lot of his on stage stuff is performative. For me, that doesn’t mean that I don’t think he has a personal stake or he isn’t sincere in his feelings. I simply think that he pays lip service to quite a few things without really doing a whole lot. 
I think a lot of it comes from a branding perspective. Openly talking about trans rights might be wonderful for trans fans and people, but it’s potentially going to alienate a certain portion of fans or politicise him, and that can threaten $$$$$$ and broadness of brand. With the Biden endorsement, my head canon is that behind the scenes, Harry said ‘I want to say something on this’ and his team said ‘cool well it has to be pretty chill and non committal’, because a strong statement could, once again, piss some people off and mean less $$$$$$ and less broadness of brand. 
I do think it’s hard to know where Harry starts and ‘the brand’ stops when it comes to attributing the lack of commitment or strong stances to someone. Having watched that Taylor Swift documentary, it was pretty clear that no one could really stop her from ‘coming out’ (lol) as a democrat, but she was advised several ways and was very anxious. If Harry is in a similar position then, we could assume he’s able to speak out more or say stronger sentiments, but maybe is talked out of it or doesn’t want to - we can’t know which it is. 
I do think people attribute too much control to his team sometimes. Like let’s be real if he wanted to shout trans rights, fuck terfs, support x charity at a concert...who is going to stop him? As if Sony is going to drop such a big cash cow over a political sentiment that’s not offensive. 
In terms of the whiteness of it all...I think Harry is white, is surrounded by white people, is rich as hell, is surrounded by people who are rich as hell. I think most of those rich celebrity types who are white only look into race to the extent that it’s necessary to not say something super offensive in an interview, and that’s about it. They live in a bubble where almost everyone they know is white and POC problems aren’t of actual concern to them. I think we white people tend to write white and choose white stories without even thinking because we are just subconsciously racist to some extent (including myself here because no white person is exempt from this) and it’s saddening that no one with power on the DWD set thought ‘hey, is this movie seeming really white to anyone else’ or Harry didn’t read My Policeman and think ‘hey, is this project going to be white as hell? Should I choose something else?’ 
I think people want to attribute those choices to a company so they can pretend no member of One Direction has ever made a dumb choice in their life, but the reality is Harry picked My Policeman, and that tells us a bit about where is politics are/how developed they are and things he does and doesn’t have an awareness of. I don’t think there’s any way around that conclusion. I think a lot of people aren’t going to care about the potential problems with the story but they would 100 percent care if it wasn’t their fave in it.  At the same time all marginalised voices aren’t all going to agree so that’s to be expected. 
Sorry I hope I didn’t overstep by going into the whiteness of it all bit, I just wanted to answer your question. 
So yeah, your feelings are very valid. 
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pathologising · 4 months ago
hey angel, i hope this is okay to ask, i just wanna know if you have any tips on like.. spotting medical professionals who are unsafe to talk to or are uneducated about PDs? im almost certain i have one but im terrified of going to a doctor about it cuz ive already faced a ton of ableism from doctors before sO kdsajhjdsa -🍞
any doctor that shows any distaste when talking about low empathy is a red flag to be honest. Any professional that is also unwilling to listen to your concerns irt your own behavior and emotions is also a concern in general but a lot of the time you have to kind of ??? Phrase it correctly when talking to them I literally cannot explain it but being careful with your wording is important to send the correct message. Saying "I think I have xyz" is off putting to any professional good or bad because they do sometimes see people who do believe they have something based off very little knowledge /a 5 minute google search and unfairly write anybody who's genuinely done their own research in order to find out how to cope with something they don't have a name for, so you could say something like "I am struggling with [insert description of a unique symptom of your situation]."
I also think its good to go in with a mindset that you can be absolutely wrong but so can a professional. Be an advocate for yourself (easier said than done) but also be willing to have a lengthy discussion. If they write you off immediately I wouldn't vibe with that tbh BC I think a good professional is willing to do just as much listening as they do talking!!
Also remember that they are seeing you from the outside! They don't know you and are learning about you through every communication, and with pds theyre complex as hell and some symptoms are similar to other disorders. Also they might be seeing something you aren't, because we often think we know ourselves but sometimes my doctor will point out something and I'll be like damn OKAY WOAH.
I hope this makes sense omg but the whole process in general has to be a mixture of trusting your gut, knowing that while sure you can be incorrect...your professional can also be wrong especially if theyre just throwing shit out within like 4 sessions lol !!! but also I wouldn't recommend going in looking entirely for a diagnosis but also focus on treating the symptoms as ur main thing !! A label is nice because it puts a name to whst you're expeirencing, but judt because you've received the acknowledgement doesnt mean you're symptoms are being properly treated !!! Talking abt what ur going thru and having a doctor who KNOWS what to do to help is tantamount in my opinion and if your doctor seems like they have no idea what can be done to help you I'd dip
But also remember theres no cut and dry way to go about this !! This is all my philosophy and influenced on my person experience in the system (and I'm also not a professional myself duh) but it may not work for you or fit into your experiences <3 you judt kinda gotta see what happens n advocate for urself n see what works for u Ig ! Other people might also have tips n philosophies and ideas so don't be afraid to ask about other peoples experiences and stuff
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kylie-writes-stuff · 4 months ago
(part 2)
"5 minutes!" Y/n yelled up the stairs.
She heard the basement door open and feet running down the stairs.
"I'm here!" Alex said, boxes of different snacks in his arms. He went over to the couch and he dropped them onto it.
He looked around and frowned when he saw his beanie on Y/n's head.
"What about Karl?" She asked as he snatched it off her head.
He pointed to the stairs where, almost as if it was on queue, Karl started walking down. He had soda and monsters with him, as well as a few water bottles. Y/n walked over and helped him stock up the mini fridge.
She looked between both of them, "Are we ready?"
When they nodded, she pulled out her phone and sent a quick tweet. She walked over to her computer and started the stream, Karl and Alex both out of frame.
She watched as people flooded in and her chat freaked out.
She laughed and looked at the camera, "Hey guys! So, regarding the big question, um, Karl and Alex actually aren't here... yeah."
Her eyes quickly scanned the chat.
"The pictures I posted were actually edited, so some of you guys were right. Why do you think the one on insta was so dark and shadowy?"
She kept on talking to the chat about how they all planned it and thought it was funny. (One look from Karl made her add that it was "hers and Alex's idea and Karl only agreed because they will meet up one day.”)
And they believed her. If her Among Us streams could teach anything, it was that she was an incredible liar.
Eventually her chat gave up.
In that moment, Karl and Alex appeared behind her in the distance. Her chat began freaking out again and she ignored it.
Then her LED lights turned red. She looked around, terrified. (Her being a great liar also let her be a somewhat convincing actor.)
The boys ran towards her and she yelled.
They all burst out laughing, them having to calm their breathing again before looking at the chat.
"We are here!" Karl yelled, a smile on his face.
Alex tried to hide the smile on his as he added, "Against our wills."
Y/n rolled her eyes. "Shut the fuck up."
After they had explained that they were, in fact, gonna stream for a full 48 hours, a donation came in.
"Y/n's princess, hey i've seen you on twitter! hi! Holy shit, thank you so much for the 50 dollars-"
"We are gonna split the money, right?" Alex interrupted jokingly.
"Nope!" She smiled, "Anyways, they said 'are you guys planning to stay up the whole time? please sleep and take care of yourselves."
"Ooh can we show them now?" Karl clapped his hands together.
She chuckled, nodding.
They pushed the 3 chairs onto the other side of the room and Alex panned the camera down.
On the floor there was a giant 12 foot mattress. It was covered with blankets and pillows. There were also three bean bag chairs and fairy lights scattered around the area.
The boys immediately flopped onto the mattress and she took the opportunity to lean in and whisper into the mic, "Don't tell them, but I got us matching pajamas."
She leaned away again and said, "So yeah, this is a 12 foot mattress that's made for families i think. Mr. Beast is Karl’s sugar daddy so y'know-"
A pillow hit her head as Karl giggled, "Don't say it like that!"
Y/n threw the pillow back and fell into a fit of laughter. "How am I supposed to say it? He payed for it!"
"Just say that then," Alex chuckled.
"I'm just saying if I ate bad hot dogs I would simply not die, I'm just built different." Alex said when they had begun their discussion on Julie and the Phantoms.
"KARL THERES A SPIDER! FUCKING KILL IT!" Y/n yelled, running and standing on top of the mattress.
"NO WAY!" Karl said, doing the same.
"ALEX!" They both yelled as they clung onto each other.
This led to Alex being attacked once they has found out it was a rubber spider.
"Should we order pizza?"
"It's midnight."
"Plus there's a couch covered in snacks over there."
"Alex? Why are you scrolling through pictures of Vin Diesel?"
There was one point of the night where they just started singing the beginning part of Lose Yourself by Eminem.
Y/n looked over as Alex stopped playing the guitar to yawn.
"Tired?" She asked.
"Just a little jet lagged," He said, to which Karl made a sound of agreement.
"We could go to sleep now if you want?"
The boys agreed and she told them to wait while she grabbed something.
She came back downstairs a moment later with a market bag.
She looked at the camera, "Chat, it's time."
"Time for what?"
She pulled out three pairs of plaid pajamas. She threw the blue at Alex, the purple at Karl, and kept the black to herself.
Karl looked at them and laughed, "No way! Oh we're popping off!"
Alex made a disgusted face, "There's no way i'm wearing these,"
Y/n and Karl both begged him. When that didn't work, they attacked him with pillows instead.
He eventually gave in and they took turns going into the bathroom to change, the other 2 entertaining the chat.
Before they got into bed, each with their own blanket, Alex went up to the camera. "Once again, it's not weird. We're all just best friends and we're doing this for you guys."
It was Alex's idea, but all three of them knew that there were always those fans who take things way too far or speculate on things they shouldn't.
After a few minutes, which the chat said reminded them of cousins at a sleep over trying to be quiet but laughing every 2 seconds, the boys fell asleep. Y/n, however, was still awake.
She tweeted out a quick "hehe i'm still up" on her alt account, waving at the camera so chat could see her.
She watched as her mentions filled with fans telling her to go to bed.
Then a different notification popped up. It was a DM.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
previous. masterlist. next.
a/n: not me saying it could take longer bc its written but then writing it all at 2 AM in one night uh. btw every "---" is a time skip. you can imagine what happens during that time :) as always, lemme know what you think! [edit] just realized that i never proof read so sorry if there's typos or stuff like that.
taglist: (hope i got everyone, lemme know if u wanna be added/removed)
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if your name is in italics i wasn’t able to tag you for some reason
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undermattsun · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
japan national team x reader | w.c 1.3k
a/n: omg guys here’s the super cute epic collab fic i made w all my frieednsies <33 we all worked superrrr hard on this so pls don’t be mean!!!!!!!!! pls enjoy its xoxox and don’t forget to follow everyone here on this kidnapped by hq collab <33333333333
warnings: not proofread bc who does that xD (guys pls free me from this hell i’m in so much pain i didn’t even look at this i skimmed over it i left it as is, gg)
Tumblr media
Read this while lsitening to the best song evar!!!!!!!!!!!1 if you dont listen whil reading ill eat ur family MONCH MONCH MONCH
i go dwnstars, yelling ‘by mum!’ bfor laceing up my wite convrrse hightops (NOT blck becauz u cant sharpi on it) wth 1d lyrics scribbled on it. i rmb to draw a directioner infinite sign on mywrist. perfect, i think to mysdlf.
I never thot i would get to go to the olympics all the way on the other side of the planet in toky o japan! It was a dream come true for a simple, average, run of the mill girrl like me, who is 5’7 with naturally wavy hair, that’s not curly or strait and eyes as blue as the dark blue part of the ocean. 
I been dreaming of the olypoics since fetus. I just knew I had to be here, but I never thought it would actually happen. The only thing that would make it better is if I had a smezxy smexy boyfrwend! (A/n: Tee-hee! Maybe even two! (Or five! <333) haha! Aren’t I so quirky? <3)
I’m Wearing A Mint Green Crop Top That Ties In The Front And Some Denim Shorts With Black Converse. I Don’t Need Makeup Because My Skin Is Naturally Smooth And Clear And My Lips Are Already Red #wokeuplikethis And I Listened Only To MCR And P!ATD On The Plane Ride. I Bet You Dont Know Who They Are, THey’re My Favorite Banxds And Are Super GOod And Like Underground Bands. (A/n: Okay But If You Don’t LIke Welcome TO THe BLack Parade GTFO Of My FIc I Don’t Need YOu Here xoxo) 
ok so like,, im on my way to the olympics but then like, i get kidnapped !!! the car i was in was like super expensive and i cant see anything with the blindfold on. i hear voices of men all around me though, for like, a whole 30 minutes before they bring me somewhere and tie me up? "Take Her BLindfold off," one of them say, i hear. and im so nervous. but it's like a dream when they tug my blindfold off and im met with the prettiest emerald orbs ever looking back at me.
my stomach knotted in fear (more like an angry swarm of butterflies fluttering around ) i feel like screaming or squealing or both bc those eyes belong to someone so gorgeous . even more gorgeous than harry styles. hes like a god. i woukd so worship his foot. or something. (squee omg i can’t believe this is happening. i bet you wish that it was you huh?) 
bro who tf has emerald orbs green eyes im blanking rn
^ yo i was gonna ask i cannot for the life of me remember who
his #afff14 sppheres peered into my soul i really just felt seen. i took a deep breath before fainting he was just so pretty. *one hours later* i woke upa nd saw the pretty viridescent peepers staring into mine. like he was literally two inches away from my face omg i could feel his minty breath on my lips it smelled so good.
“My name is atsumu miya,” he said gruffly, the gruffness in his voice so gravely. “And me and me mates here think yer the most gorgeous girl weve ever seen. I blink up at him, orbs gleaming amd full of tears. 
“What do u mean, i’m just a normal quirky girl?” I say shakely, biting my lip. I bit my lip as the piss blond man spoke.
“U may be a normal quirky girl but ur OUR nroaml quirky girl now” his friend said with a deep voice. It was so deep that i almost thot it was like the ocean, he had curly balck hair and his eye were sooo mysterious (a/n i loooove sakusa i can’t believe him and his friends kindapped me omgggg XD)
“Stop it go away” osamu said (hee hee i can never remmber  tell which twin is which LOL i think its osamuuu) “no u have to share” sakusa responded angrily. I starred at them and didn’t know what theyd do next!
I looked over to he side ans see sakura pulling out hand sanitizer passing it around to his teamates. The green orbed boys huff as they put it on. i wished i could see his whole face hes so sedy, look over here pretty girl, i gasp pulled from my thoughts by their captain kita walking into the room with his hands on his hips and was theat aran? “You look even better in peroiusn” aran said to me, walking over to me “how do you know who i am?” i ask.
“listen bbygurl...” he yealls, pulling out a chair to sit acros from me. “you dont get to ask the questions, we are your new masters, and you shall do as we say.” i gulp nervously, my stomach feeling like a sharkndao is happening inside. “we hope u will be worth every penny we payed foru.” 
“M-m-m-masters?” my head felt like it was spinning in a teacup from disney land as i thought about what he just said to me. what did this mean? was i gooing to miss the olympics?? I wanted ot hate him with his super smug look on his face but i cant deny that he looks kind of hot and i’m into guys who look just like him,, the other guys r also relly attractive it makes my heart race. I look around trying to find answers when i make eye contact w a really really reall y tall guy who i thinks name is gao only to see another really really relly tall guy next to him,, hyakuzawa?
“what are yo going to do to me then?” ((*lenny face))
you ask, stomach bubbling. maybe i shoudnt have ateen that stale pizza earlier and washed it down with watermelon-lemon minute maid because now i felt like it was gonna come up. ((ew gross um tw vomit mention hehe)
“Dont worry were going to grab seme din din soon lil one,” one of them says. His name espapes me. Hes a ginger. They wont answer me for some reason and i suddenly miss my freedom when i would go to school (i go to an expesive private school for rich kids ahahah).
“WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH ME??” i yell again batting my fists against the ginger but he doesnt even blink. Ive decided hes hot but in a short king kinda way. His hair reminded me of of like cheeto coloured fine thread woven into waves.,,, like the ocean xD (ans...this has an ocean theme)
sudenly there was another voice it was yalling “BOKE HINATA BOKER” i looked with my stricking dark blue orbs and there wasd inother pair of stricking dark blueor bs like the ocean and blck hair. his voicde was veryy deelp an sexxcy (a/n lololol i luv u gakeyama kun *w*)
theres suddenly a loud voice in ur ear screaming directly into ur eardrum " BAKA KAGYEAMA BAKA"  (wtf our they communicating ????  ? )    i cringe at the yellign and another pair of strong arms bulls me away . i land against a hard, solid chest, i can feel the six pack thru his track Suit. 
and then my alarm clock playin what makes u beatyful goes off n i woke up. 
i rub my eyes wakng up, starrn into the mirror at my super borng brwn ugly eyes and brsh my equaly borng brwn hair. i lok up at m wall and see harey stylz and niallr starinf back at me on t walls. i sigh dreamily. they wud twll me my brwn uairs beatufil. 
Tumblr media
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bakatenshii · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Oikawa Tooru x reader (haikyuu!!)
word count: 2.3k
TW: 18+, lemon, wattpad, crack
Tumblr media
A/N: I’m so sorry. This is actually a joke, a parody, I promise, it’s written like this on purpose for the collab. Terrible (or lack entirely of) grammar, dialogue so cheesy I threw up multiple times in my mouth, too many specifications of shades of the colour pink. For @undermattsun’s whorehouse wattpad garbage fire collab. I’m so sorry.
Tumblr media
In the world of fandom (check out fan fiction, fanfics, or fics), a grapefruit is a story which consists of sexual explicit themes in bizarre situations.
An orange-twinged pink, almost coral.
Tumblr media
haikyuu series!! :3
disclaimer: haikyuu does NOT belong 2 me. Or else I would make XXXX go w/ XXXX ;)
𝑝𝑎𝑝𝑒𝑟 𝑏𝑎𝑔𝑠 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑝𝑙𝑎𝑠𝑡𝑖𝑐 ℎ𝑒𝑎𝑟𝑡𝑠
𝑎𝑙𝑙 𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑏𝑒𝑙𝑜𝑛𝑔𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠 𝑖𝑛 𝑠ℎ𝑜𝑝𝑝𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑐𝑎𝑟𝑡𝑠
“hurry up y/n!!!” - i remove my skullcandies out my ears, hearing my best friend sunnie(with an ie! not y!) shout to me from down the hall.
flipping my baby pink (NOT cotton candy pink! god there’s a difference, get it right. last week ash-lee with her stupid bleach blonde hair called it cotton candy pink and I wanted to kill her) hair behind my shoulder, i skipped down the lockers.
i was in my best outfit, checkered pink and white (bubblegum pink, this time) leg warmers with my matching pink + white skirt and white denim jacket with a pink butterfly bedazzled on the back. i saw paris hilton in it on her myspace too, so you could say im pretty trendy.
not like the other girls, like brittney (with her dark hair with a blue streak with a puppy shaped purse she swears is designer.) or ash-lee with her stupid ugly blonde hair that’s deffo fake. oh i already said that
it’s just an average tuesday morning, and i’m just your not-so-average girl. my name’s (y/n) (l/n) and im (age) years old. my best friends are sunnie, rachelle, and meeky. oh, and lindt, sometimes, when she’s not too busy with trying to save the world from global warming.
i’m on my way to p.e. which UGH is my least fav class, who even came up with it? but at least there’s the hottie oikawa tooru-sama in my class (ha! eat that ash-lee + brittney) and all the girls luuuuurv him. he’s soooo hot i bet he has abs
(brianna with the ugly hair who wears green shoes with red socks said she saw him change once and she totally saw his 8pack but she’s a liar so i dont believe her)
(even tho he tooootally has one)
i was on way just skipping down the hall to go to p.e. when someone crashes into me from behind.
‘-u-GH!’ i fall.
‘hey!!!!’ i turned around to yell at who’s bumping into me-
it was oikawa tooru-sama!! the most popular boy in school!!! i felt like i was in a dream i pinched my hand but... it hurts!!! this isn’t a dream!!! the oikawa tooru-sama just crashed into me!!! with his body!!! his shoulder touched me!!!!!
he turn and looks at me and... my heart stops. i think im dying omgomgomg
‘a-are you okay (y/n)-chan?’ he asks me and holds his hand out.
i cant believe it. the oikawa tooru-sama is giving me his hand to hold?!?! is this heaven???
‘i-i-‘ i stammer. i’m so shocked i swear my face is beat red. ‘i-i’m ok.’
i was too scared to hold his hands because mine were so sweaty from seeing him this upclose. i stand up and dust my knees because i want him to think i’m tough. that’s right. oikawa tooru-sama is a professional vball player! (v for volley-ball) he’s not going to like some dumb average weak normal crybaby girl.
‘ok. see ya in class!’ he smiles and waves at me before walking down the hall, shooting me his signature smile. the one that makes flowers bloom around him and glitters around his whole body.
h-how did he know? did he just say in class??? the oikawa tooru-sama knows who i am???
i take out my phone to frantically text my bffs (sunnie, rachelle, meeky and lindt) and see the group chat had some unread new messages. i click open it.
𝚋𝚕@𝚑𝚔𝚞𝚐𝟶𝟶: omgzzzz i juss saw tsukki-sama xDDD
𝕣𝕒𝕖𝕖𝕖𝕖𝕩𝕠𝕩𝕠: STDU XDD wut wuzz he wearin?!? hes sooooo hawt oh em geez
tsukki-sama, aka tsukishima kei-sama, is the hot blondie in the other class’s vball team. rachelle and sunnie are sooo in love with him, but i don’t blame them. he’s soooo tall, taller than oikawa tooru-sama even. (but that doesn’t matter because oikawa tooru-sama has the prettiest smile in the world and no one’s seen tsukki-sama smile like... since he came outta the womb)
i quickly type out my txt because this is more important than what the blonde vball star is wearing.
𝖗𝖆𝖜𝖗𝖇4𝖐4: guizzzzz guizzzz GUIZE!!!! GUEZZ WUT JUSS HAPPND!!
𝖗𝖆𝖜𝖗𝖇4𝖐4: u’ll nv beliv it!!!!! omGZZZZZ IM LAIK DYINN XDDDDDDD TT_TT
sk8erg1rl: omgawd wuuuut
sk8erg1rl: w8 kita-sama jus sk8dd by me i fink he haz a new b04rd!!!!! be are be
before i have the chance to tell them about my fateful encounter with the oikawa tooru-sama someone snatches my phone away. i turn around, maybe it’s oikawa tooru-sama again?
‘no phones in the hall (y/n) (l/n)-san!’ he yells at me. his breath stinks, yuck.
he takes my phone and puts it in his pocket and i realize that he’s putting it in his pocket and taking it away.
‘b-but-‘ jimmy i protest. not my flip phone with my pink bedazzled hello kitty charm on the end!
‘no buts!!!! see you after lecture missy!!’
god, this is just like, the worst day ever.
𝑖𝑡’𝑠 𝑔𝑜𝑜𝑑𝑏𝑦𝑒, 𝑏𝑢𝑡 𝑤𝑒 𝑔𝑜𝑡 𝑜𝑛𝑒 𝑚𝑜𝑟𝑒 𝑛𝑖𝑔ℎ𝑡
𝑙𝑒𝑡’𝑠 𝑔𝑒𝑡 𝑑𝑟𝑢𝑛𝑘 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑟𝑖𝑑𝑒 𝑎𝑟𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑑
𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑚𝑎𝑘𝑒 𝑝𝑒𝑎𝑐𝑒 𝑤𝑖𝑡ℎ 𝑎𝑛 𝑒𝑚𝑝𝑡𝑦 𝑡𝑜𝑤𝑛
𝑤𝑒 𝑐𝑎𝑛 𝑚𝑎𝑘𝑒 𝑖𝑡 𝑟𝑖𝑔ℎ𝑡
p.e. is the same as always: im sitting on the side, not doing sports because girls like me can’t risk breaking my perfectly painted pink (hot pink, not baby pink) nail with diamonds on it. i tell my bffs about the encounter and they all agree that it’s deffo fate.
‘i know right??’ i giggle staring down at the man of my dreams, at his chocolate brown locks, thinking back at his dreamy brown orbs staring into my dark black ones offering me his hand.
‘you should totes ask him out!’ giggles sunnie.
‘oh em gee, never!!! that’s sooo embarrassing, he’s totally gonna say no!’ i said.
‘seriously, (y/n)-chan, what do you have to lose?’ rachelle said.
‘just like, my dignity and self respect.’ i reply sassily.
at that we three burst into laughter, and the fat p.e. prof turns and tells us shhhhhhh.
i love my friends.
i tell them about our bald principal taking my pink flip phone with the hello kitty charm on it away.
‘oh no!’ rachelle exclaimed.
‘what are you going to do?’ sunnie asked.
i shrug, feeling at a loss without it.
‘it’s like, seriously dangerous without a phone.’ the blonde said.
‘what if you get like, kidnapped or something?!’ the purplenette said, clasping her hand over her mouth in a show of shock. (ps. bluette vs. blunette?)
‘kidnapped?!?’ i laugh. ‘who’s gonna kidnap me?!!’ we all burst into laughter again, causing our p.e. prof (still fat and annoying) to shhh us again.
little did i know that the brunette vball star was staring up at me, plotting.
i had no idea what was about to come.
𝑡ℎ𝑟𝑜𝑤 𝑖𝑡 𝑎𝑤𝑎𝑦, 𝑓𝑜𝑟𝑔𝑒𝑡 𝑦𝑒𝑠𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑑𝑎𝑦
𝑤𝑒’𝑙𝑙 𝑚𝑎𝑘𝑒 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑔𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑡 𝑒𝑠𝑐𝑎𝑝𝑒
𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑤𝑒 𝑤𝑜𝑛’𝑡 ℎ𝑒𝑎𝑟 𝑎 𝑤𝑜𝑟𝑑 𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑦 𝑠𝑎𝑦
𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑦 𝑑𝑜𝑛’𝑡 𝑘𝑛𝑜𝑤 𝑢𝑠 𝑎𝑛𝑦𝑤𝑎𝑦
𝑤𝑎𝑡𝑐ℎ 𝑖𝑡 𝑏𝑢𝑟𝑛, 𝑙𝑒𝑡 𝑖𝑡 𝑑𝑖𝑒
𝑐𝑎𝑢𝑠𝑒 𝑤𝑒 𝑎𝑟𝑒 𝑓𝑖𝑛𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑦 𝑓𝑟𝑒𝑒, 𝑡𝑜𝑛𝑖𝑔ℎ𝑡
when i open my eyes, my eyes are heavy, staring up at a bright light above my head. i squint my eyes because the light hurts my eyes.
‘well, well, well’ i hear a voice behind me. ‘(y/n)-himesama’s awake, i see.’
i know that voice-
that’s the oikawa tooru-sama’s voice!
‘w-what?’ i stuttered, surprised but feeling a warm rush going down my body at the sound of his voice. ‘what’s going on?’
he chuckles. ‘can’t you tell?’
i look around and see my arms taped up behind me on a chair and my legs tied together by... something. rope maybe?
‘where am i?’ i ask, even more bewildered.
‘tsk tsk tsk, silly (y/n)-himesama. i’ve kidnapped you, my dear.’ he said. ‘we’re in my mansion right now’
my eyes pop out of their sockets. am i hearing him right?
‘no,’ he corrects himself. ‘we’re in our mansion.’
i can’t help but blush at that suggestion. our mansion?
that’s right, i must be crazy, i think to myself. this is all just a dream, i’m still in school, on the bleachers with my bffs and i fell asleep in our class.
‘this isn’t a dream, darling’ he singsongs, and i feel more warmth flood downwards. god what is wrong with me? turned on in this situation? but can you blame me? who wouldn’t get turned on when the oikawa tooru-sama is standing in front (or behind) them and calling them ‘darling’?
‘w-what- h-h-how?’ i ask him. ‘i was just at school, staring at you play vball in the gym- i mean n-not staring at you- and-‘
he chuckles darkly.
‘i know you were, (y/n)-himesama. that’s why i kidnapped you, because you’re so cute.’
i blush at his words. m-me? cute??? did the oikawa tooru just call me cute?
i suddenly remember what rachelle and sunnie said in p.e. today about being kidnapped, and shudder. god, h-her mind! they’re totally gonna tell me i told you so! when i tell them.
‘b-but, h-how?’ i bit my lip looking at him beneath my lashes, or however anastasia steele did it in too many shades of grey. (it wasn’t actually that bad, but ill never admit it. it’s sorta kinda hot. also pantone says theres only like 37 diff shades so.)
‘i saw you with your friends, and i served a ball at your head knocking you out.’ he explained. suddenly i feel a pang on my head reinforcing what he’s saying.
‘ow...’ i say quietly.
the brunette man built like a god walks into my frame of vision for the first time after waking up and i notice he’s shirtless, all 8pack exposed for me to look at.
(i guess brianna was right, but she’s still a liar that wears green shoes with red socks.)
he comes up to me and kneels in front of me until he’s kneeling in front of me. he carresses my cheek with his hand (the same one he reached out to me earlier that day, pre-kidnapping) and i sigh.
if this is a dream never wake me up. i think to myself.
‘wh-‘ before i can get the words out asking him why me?, he presses a finger to my lips, shushing me.
he looks at me with his brown chocolate orbs, and i get lost in them, counting the stars and constellations in those glowing beautiful orbs that i never thought i could look at so up close. (except in photos i secretly took)
‘i love you, (y/n) (l/n)’ he says.
i fainted.
𝑡𝑜𝑛𝑖𝑔ℎ𝑡 𝑤𝑖𝑙𝑙 𝑐ℎ𝑎𝑛𝑔𝑒 𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑙𝑖𝑣𝑒𝑠
𝑖𝑡’𝑠 𝑠𝑜 𝑔𝑜𝑜𝑑 𝑡𝑜 𝑏𝑒 𝑏𝑦 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑠𝑖𝑑𝑒
𝑤𝑒’𝑙𝑙 𝑐𝑟𝑦, 𝑏𝑢𝑡 𝑤𝑒 𝑤𝑜𝑛’𝑡 𝑔𝑖𝑣𝑒 𝑢𝑝 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑓𝑖𝑔ℎ𝑡
i wake up (for the second time that day, god what is up with today?), my eyes still heavy.
‘good morning, darling,’ i hear a voice say, and suddenly i remember everything that’s transpired so far.
(for reference: i crashed into the oikawa tooru-sama this morning, had my phone taken away, and now kidnapped by none other than the oikawa tooru-sama, now in his- no, our mansion.)
‘o-oikawa tooru-sama?’ i stutter out weakly, still groggy.
‘just tooru, my hime-sama.’ he says and i feel my body heating up again.
suddenly, i’m filled with an overwhelming emotion, and the worlds spill out before i can stop them.
‘i love you, t-tooru.’ i stutter on the foreign name, biting my lips (for good measure).
he looks at me, chocolate orbs piercing right into my super dark black pupils, and he starts to cry. i cry too, because he just looks so beautiful, even when he’s crying.
he holds me in his arm and i nuzzle my nose into his neck, smelling his deep chocolatey velvety sweet minty musky scent. he smells so good i could just stay here forever, bathing in the chocolatey velvety sweet minty musk.
‘u-um...’ i start, and he nuzzles his face into my neck some more. i can feel his wet tears on my shoulder... is he still crying??
i try again. ‘u-ummmm...’
he finally looks up at me and i peer into his deep chocolate orbs, feeling him stare intently into my dark block orbs. i wiggle my arms to show him i want him to release them, because if you remember they’re still taped up by like, tape or rope or whatever.
‘o-oh!’ he exclaims and unties them.
i don’t know what came over me but suddenly we’re kissing, our tongues are battling for dominance within our hot wet cavernous mouths, and it’s soooo hot.
he grips my legs and spreads them apart, tongues still fighting a mighty battle, and i see him take out his big massive rock hard member in his hands.
i wrap my legs around him, thankful for the pink (bubblegum pink) and white checkered skirt im wearing today for easy access, and he pushes his hot shaft into my core. i can feel his member in my wet gushy wushy pussy and it feels so good i came.
he cums too.
‘w-will you marry me?’ he looks up at me, his member still inside. i feel tears brimming in my eyes again as I nod.
‘i do.’
𝑤𝑒’𝑙𝑙 𝑠𝑐𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑚 𝑙𝑜𝑢𝑑 𝑎𝑡 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑡𝑜𝑝 𝑜𝑓 𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑙𝑢𝑛𝑔𝑠
𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑦’𝑙𝑙 𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑘 𝑖𝑡’𝑠 𝑗𝑢𝑠𝑡 𝑐𝑎𝑢𝑠𝑒 𝑤𝑒’𝑟𝑒 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑔
𝑏𝑢𝑡 𝑤𝑒’𝑙𝑙 𝑓𝑒𝑒𝑙 𝑠𝑜 𝑎𝑙𝑖𝑣𝑒
Tumblr media
a/n: ta-dah!! the end!!! tankzz 4 readin guyzzzz lawl im thinking of making dis a series so... ;))) tell me who u wana be kidnapped by next! xD
a/n #2: speshull tankz 2 uwucatgirlprincess99 4 da line (u kno da one ;))) + sk8erg0rl666 4 havin me in da collab! + also cummin up wiv da title!! lawlzz rawr x)))
a/n #3: OH WOW . erhm. Longest chappy thing ive written. Hope you liked it. so uhm. ENJOY ! [btw, I'm considering doing the NEXT CHAP; sneak peek thing. Should I? :3 Comment?] plz R&R!! :]]] kudoz 4 u <333
p.s. da colour i used 4 da lyriczzz is fuschia pink! :3
p.p.s. comment below if u reconize dee song!! ur a kool kat if u do ;))
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harryswifeofficial · 5 months ago
London Bound
Summary: Y/N and Harry are best friends who are quarantined together, and Y/N hopes they can be a little more.
Word count: 3600
Pairing: Harry x Reader, Harry x Y/N,
Warnings: Swearing, Self-deprication
A/N: Hello I came up with this idea outta nowhere while I was in my kitchen and I love it a lot, also that summary is super vague! I think this is super cute and I hope u guys like it as much as I do. Also! lots of research went into this one in terms of Harry’s quarantine, even down to his worries about dating and his cars…i need to get a life.
Tumblr media
She’d gotten stuck in London. Her work trip was only supposed to last a week, and to her luck, that’s when things had started to get a little crazier around the world and so had her traveling situation, her flight back home getting canceled amidst the panic. She doesn’t know what she would’ve done if she’d been stuck in a hotel, glad to have given into Harry’s offer to stay at his house.
“Stay with me, it’ll be like one long sleepova’.” He’d said over the phone, going over all the benefits.
“We can watch movies and paint nails, and theres loads of rooms y’can stay in.”
“Come keep me company, please. I’m lonely.”
She could hear his pout over the phone and didn’t have it in her to say no, agreeing almost immediately. It’s not like he had to do much convincing, not when she’d been head over heels for him for the last year.
She’d tried to keep her feelings at bay, knowing her chances were slim and he’d only ever see her as his best friend, but it was nearly impossible. Impossible when he’d smother her in hugs every second they spent together and make flirty jokes she convinced herself that he told everyone.
Now a week had turned into three and they were already starting to get restless, tired of the routine they’d put in place, but not of each other. She found that she was quite fascinated by him and the way he lived his life. The way he always meditated when he woke up. She’d walked in on it once while she was on her way to ask him for another tube of toothpaste.
“What the hell are you doing?” She giggled, eyeing his cross-legged form on the bed.
“‘M meditating.” He said with a grin, pausing the guided meditation and opening his eyes to meet hers.
“Y’should try it, y’know? ‘S good for you.”
He’d tried to get her to implement it into her routine since, but she just couldn’t get behind it.
“Why are y’laughing?” He asked, her contagious laughter pulling one out of him as well.
“This is silly.”
“And so boring, I have shit to do.”
“No, you don’t.”
“Um...yes, I do. There’s hundreds of Netflix shows just waiting for me.” She told him matter-of-factly.
“Heyyy, I thought we said no starting Netflix shows without each otha.” His eyes snapped open, eyebrows furrowed deeply at the threat of her breaking her promise.
“Okay, okay, anything, but this. This is so awkward.” She giggled, scooting off the couch and running off to her room.
And the way he always drank his coffee black was something she made sure to tease him about everyday.
“It’s just so bitter. How do you find it enjoyable?”
“Uh...’s good for you that way.” He said, pouring the dark liquid into the yellow mug he used everyday.
“Not good for your tastebuds.”
“Hey, I read once that you used to put butter in your coffee, is that true?” She continued, stirring her favorite creamer into hers.
“Yea, bullet coffee.”
“Okay, then your opinion on coffee cannot be trusted or taken seriously.”
“Heyyy.” His nose scrunched up in the way she thought was adorable, succeeding at pulling her favorite reaction out of him.
She also found that she really liked the way he always read after drinking his coffee and she’d sit down beside him on the couch, listening intently as he explained what had happened in the last chapter. He’d always describe them with so much passion and detail, not missing a single thing, that she felt like she was reading the book herself. Soaking up the storyline and the way his eyes lit up, and the skin beneath them would crinkle, completely animated as he gave her a summary of what he’d read that day.
Afterwards, he’d go for a run, which he always tried to get her to do, and she always happily declined. She’d gone that one time and it was awful to say the least.
“H-Harry.” She called, bending over and placing her hands on her knees, feeling as if someone had knocked the wind out of her several times.
“You have to slow down!”
His jogging came to a halt and he turned around to see his best friend wheezing and swallowing every last drop from her water bottle, a few missing her lips and sliding down her neck due to her disgruntled state.
“You okay, pet?”
“No! I’m not...I’m not...okay!”
“This isn’t a fucking marathon, Harry! Slow down! Actually, you know what? I-I’m going...I’m going home.” She nodded, regaining her composure and turning around to head in the opposite direction.
“I’m sorry! I’ll slow down. We can walk the rest of the way.” He laughed, but she had stopped listening to him and didn’t even bother turning around to look at him.
When he’d made it back to the house, he’d gotten an earful from her and she swore to never run with him ever again.
Arguably the best part of it all was when he’d write and sing. He’d go into his little cave where he kept all of his instruments, but the guitar strums could still be heard from the living room. Sometimes she’d walk in, eager to hear it up close.
“Oooh, that’s good!” She barged in, making her way over onto one of the chairs in front of him.
“Y’think so?” He’d say it every time, in a pitch slightly higher than his usual one.
“Yea!” She took a sip of her drink, swaying from side to side, like one does in a roll-y chair.
“When you gonna write a song about me?”
“C’mon, Harry, it’s been years. It’s time you wrote a song about how awesome I am, you know?” He laughed, a deep blush settling on his cheeks, which she took as him feeling interrogated.
“Sort of.” She wheeled herself over to the piano and fiddled with it like she usually did.
“You have to teach me. You keep saying you will, but you don’t.” She knew she was being annoying, interrupting his precious work time, but she was bored and he never seemed to mind.
“Well, you never stick around to.”
“Oh! That reminds me, I have to go! They’re doing reruns of older Bachelorette seasons in five minutes!” She got up quickly, making her way out of the den.
“Like usual.” He said to himself.
That and the late drives. London had become one of her favorite cities in the world, especially at night. With his number of cars, she’d often try to get him to switch it up every once in a while.
“Let’s ride in this one!” She’d say, clinging to her sweatshirt, that was actually his, having found it in the laundry room a few days ago.
The yellow Ferrari had always been her favorite, but he always shut her down.
“That one’s for special occasions.”
“Well you’re not gonna have any special occasions any time soon mister, so we might as well.” She walked over to the car, running her fingertips over it.
“So pretty.” He could almost say the same about her, the way she looked in complete awe, illuminated by the moonlight, but of course he kept it to himself.
“Alrigh’, fine.” He gave in this time, running inside to switch out the keys and returning shortly after to find her with the large grin she’d had on, still on her face.
He used to play music, quietly, before realizing that he didn’t mind the sound of the engine, her quiet breathing, and her gentle voice.
In these moments, he loved her the most. She was adorably tired, and vulnerable, spilling whatever came to her mind.
“Do you believe in soulmates?” She asked, her cheek resting on her right knee, legs tucked into her chest.
It took him a while to answer, not because he was contemplating the question, but because he was building up the courage to say it. The courage to hear her response.
“ you?” He asked, stopping at a red light and turning to glance at her.
“Sort of.” She muttered quietly, sleep heavy in her voice.
“I think people come into your life for a reason, but only some stay. Those are your soulmates, I don’t think there’s just one. I think friends can be soulmates. Kind of like us.” She looked so fragile and precious, her voice so small and her eyes hooded. He wasn’t sure if he’d heard her right, but his heart certainly had, leaping in response to her words.
That was the last thing she’d said, falling asleep shortly after, but it’s all he thought about for the rest of the car ride.
She didn’t know, but he was just as head over heels for her, as she was of him. He had been from the second they’d met. Being locked inside only intensified their feelings for each other, falling in love with one another’s quirks and completely natural state. The dinners cooked together, the movies they’d watch and specifically the way they’d cuddle, even though the couch was big enough for them to not sit so close.
They’ve all led up to this point.
“I’m sorry about tour.” She said, rubbing the chipped nail polish off of his nails.
“It’s okay. I mean, ‘s not the most important thing right now, so.”
“I know, but, I mean you’re still allowed to be sad.” Her small fingers grabbed onto his larger index finger, starting to remove the color on that one.
“Know how much you love performing. I was looking forward to it too.”
She looked adorable, hair falling into her face and eyebrows slightly knit as she focused on his nails. The image sent his heart into a frenzy.
“Yeah! Remember, I missed both of your ‘One Night Only’ shows because of work, so I was looking forward to tour.”
“Right, well, one day. When everything’s all safe.”
Her head slowly rose, smile creeping up on her face.
“No, you know what? You should throw me a private concert. You have all the equipment!” They laughed, even though she was completely serious.
“A concert?”
“Yea! With all the songs. You even have to dress up, and I’ll sit here and watch.” She smiled, and he shook his head, breaking into another laugh.
“Okay,” He agreed, as he looked her directly in the eyes. A blush filling his cheeks as the playful atmosphere turned into one that made her stomach swirl and her heart skip several beats.
“But you have to go on a date with me.” His eyes were playful and hopeful as her face contorted into a confused one.
This had to be some sort of dream, she thought, not believing a word that came out of his mouth. He’d never shown any signs of liking her, at least not to her knowledge, and they couldn’t even have a date because they were quarantined. She wanted to give into the way her heart had bursted at his words, but wasn’t sure she’d understood him properly.
“A date?” She asked.
“A date.” He said, voice small and shy.
“But- we’re quarantined.”
“I know, I uh...I thought about it last night actually.” He smiled, looking down at the coffee table.
“I thought maybe we could like...order in from a nice restaurant get dressed up.”
“I dunno.” He was beyond nervous, she could see it in the way he’d pursed his lips and hadn’t shifted his focus from her eyes, that were full of a desperation she’d never seen in him before, and it only got worse the longer she waited to respond.
“I would love that.” She smiled, and he released the breath he’d been holding.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, I just- I’m having a hard time believing that you actually like me.”
“Why?” He laughed.
“Because! I mean, I don’t know, I just never thought I was your type. Also, like, I thought you’d been friend-zoning me this whole time.” She shrugged and his eyebrows furrowed.
“Why would you think you’re not m’type?”
“I mean...I don’t know, I’m pretty average. Not special, definitely not walking any runways.” She laughed softly.
“You’re exactly my type.” He shook his head, heartbroken that she would ever think otherwise.
“You’re cute, and you’re funny. Y’actually listen to me and care about what I have to say, you’re smart. I could go on, really.”
“Well, thank you, but I just meant that I’m not, like, you know...physically...” She trailed off, gesturing to her face and body and his heart broke even more.
“You are absolutely breathtaking.” He brushed a hair out of her face and she leaned into his touch.
His words and his fingertips sent chills up her spine and she couldn’t help the smile that pulled at her cheeks.
“Thank you.”
And that’s when a line he’d said a few seconds ago echoed in her head.
Dress up.
He’d been kind enough to let her borrow some of his shirts, socks, and anything else she could find that fit her, but she didn’t have anything besides the boring business-casual clothes she’d brought.
“Oh, shit, I don’t have anything to wear.” She said.
It’s not like she could order anything online because it wouldn’t get here any time soon.
“Y’know, sometimes m’mum and Gemma leave things behind. I have a little drawer, maybe you could look through it?”
She was close enough to the both of them for it to not be weird, so she nodded and he smiled.
“Are you free tomorrow night?”
“ know I was actually going to stare at the wall in my bedroom and question my sanity tomorrow night, but I think I can make some time.” He laughed at her joke.
They’d avoided each other the next day in anticipation of their date, even when she’d gone into his room to look for what to wear that night. She’d found a white dress that stopped right above her ankles, skirt flowing from the white ribbon tied around the waist. It was covered in a pretty, floral lace and looked like something you’d wear out to Sunday brunch. Paired with the white heels she’d brought, she’d look somewhat decent, she thought.
Her afternoon was spent worrying, pacing her room, wondering what best friends were supposed to talk about on dates when they already knew everything about each other, and imagining everything that could go wrong. That’s when her phone buzzed, pulling her out of her thoughts.
H: Do you know what you want for dinner?”
She felt sick all over again at the reminder that this date was really happening.
“Fuck, okay, what do I want, what do I want?”
“What’s gonna be the least embarrassing?”
Whatever you do, don’t get spaghetti.
That voice in her head chipped in, and she cringed at the thought of her slurping too loudly or getting tomato sauce on her white dress.
“Okay, no spaghetti, but pasta does sound good. Alright, Italian, we’ll have Italian. Maybe I’ll do uh...penne pasta, in uh...alfredo! Yea, okay, alfredo sauce. Not much of a mess there.” She picked up her phone and texted him her order before throwing it as far away from her as possible.
She’s not sure when the sun had set, but it was an indicator that she needed to get ready, quickly, so she hopped in the shower, hoping it’d help ease her thoughts, but it didn’t.
For some reason, it was as if she was going on a date with a complete stranger, the way she was completely overwhelmed by her nerves, and she hoped that Harry felt the same.
She did her makeup, a complete contrast to the bare face he’d grown accustom to, and put on the few accessories she’d brought. He had no curler, no straightener, and she hadn’t brought one, leaving her with just having to brush her hair neatly and get as creative as she could with what she did have.
Note to self: bring straightener with you next trip.
She took one last look in the mirror, spritzing on some perfume and taking a deep breath.
“It’s just Harry.”
She made her way down the stairs, and to her surprise, the living room and kitchen were completely empty. She wondered if he was done getting ready, and thats when she saw a light coming from the backyard. The closer she walked, the clearer it got and her stomach flipped when she finally realized what was happening. His entire patio was lit up by candles, only one of the porch lights turned on. He’d moved the table that usually sat to the far left, right next to his pool, a candle sat in the middle of it as well as their meals. They were already plated, two empty wine glasses beside them and she was in complete awe, her mouth agape and her hand on her chest.
He looked up after placing a fork beside his plate, a smile growing on his face at her shocked state.
“Why, hello there.”
He had on a light blue blazer and a white dress shirt, brown pants flowing down to his loafers. His signature pearl necklace laid atop his chest, swallows peaking from the few buttons he’d left undone. She swallowed hard, catching a glimpse of him, knowing that he hadn’t dressed up like that for a red carpet, or a show, but for her made her weak in the knees. He’d styled his hair neatly, curls tousled on his head and she just wanted to reach out and run her hands through it. She hadn’t realized that she’d been standing there, completely still and silent and hadn’t responded to him for a bit too long.
“Harry.” She gasped, slowly moving closer to him.
“Where’d you get all these candles?” She blurted out, and he laughed.
“I-I mean, this is beautiful. You look beautiful.” She corrected herself, gesturing to him as a blush settled in her cheeks.
“Thank you. Y’look stunning, that dress looks good on you. Maybe I’ll convince Gemma to let you keep it.” He smiled.
“As for the candles, I don’t know. I just kind of grabbed whatever was laying around the house t’be honest.” He reached to pull out her chair, and she sat down, scooting herself in as it all hit her. This was really happening.
He grabbed the bottle of wine, fixing to get it open. It was the most expensive one he had, reserved for special occasions.
“Thank you.” She said, and he paused to look at her.
“Well, doing all of this. No one’s ever done anything like this for me before. And also, for asking me out, and getting creative.” She rambled, she couldn’t help it, so overwhelmed by her feelings that seemed to be deepening.
“Of course, thanks for agreeing. I’ve always wanted to do this.”
“I always assume that like, when I ask someone out, they won’t want to go out to a restaurant.” He continued, pouring her a glass of the red wine.
“I dunno. ‘Cause of like, the paps.”
“It’s always kind of awkward ‘cause we have to like, go through the back door and stuff.”
“Oh, right. I mean, It shouldn’t matter though. Restaurant or at home, if someone really likes you they should be up for anything.”
“Even the paps?” He paused again, eyes meeting hers. It’d been something that he was concerned about, worrying that his career and certain aspects of it would keep her from ever wanting to be with him.
“Even the paps.” She reassured and he couldn’t help the smile that crept up on his face.
The rest of dinner went that way, jokes and confessions that pulled shy smiles out of them.
“When did you realize you liked me?” He put his glass down with a smug smile.
“It was…” She started, looking up as she pondered the question.
“It was when we started getting closer, and we started opening up more, I don’t know, I just found that we really connected and we’re really alike. I guess one day I just decided I didn’t just want to be friends. Especially now, when we’ve stayed together for so long and I haven’t grown tired of you.”
“Everyday’s just one more day I get to spend with you, and I don’t know, find out all the crazy stuff you do. Watch you make your songs, just be yourself.” She confessed every thing that’d been on her mind from the second she’d arrived to his house.
He looked at her with so much adoration and she grew nervous, eyes shifting to the table as she laughed nervously.
“Me too, even with all of your pestering, I don’t know how I ever lived without you before.” Her heart bursted for what felt like the thousandth time that night, and she looked up at him, sheepish smiles growing on their faces.
Their situation was going to be tricky, given that she didn’t live in London, and the fact that they were putting years of friendship on the line, but just like she’d said in the car, she believed they were soulmates, or something like that, platonically or romantically and she knew that there was nothing he was capable of doing that could keep her away from him.
Long after they’d finish their pasta and wine, they stayed on the porch, exchanging flirty banter and feeling frozen in this moment, and this moment only. She wondered what they’d do after, never wanting this night to end, and it didn’t have to. They had the rest of this night and however long the lockdown would last to do everything she’d only dreamed he would do to her.
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da-freakin-film-z0ne · 6 months ago
Saturday, Month 12th 2020
Tumblr media
The Terminator
Year: 1984 Country: United States Genre: sci-fi, action Director: James Cameron
List: BG Category: random pick Presence: BG, CF, DM, EG, JM, RT, RC, Wh
JM: ive never seen the terminator b4. or any Arnold film for that matter Wh: Dang. I found Garbage through Terminator. But that’s later stuff
Wh (when The Terminator showed up): *peach emoji* BG: *peach emoji* DM: *peach emoji* DM: don’t forget to screenshot the best shots : )
JM: resident evil basement theme vibes
Wh: Stealth DM: i can respect a guy who grabs a trench coat before a shirt RT: I'm trying to sneak around and save the present day, but I'm dummy thicc and the clap from my ass cheeks keeps alerting the police
JM (at Sarah Connor’s waitressing mishaps): i feel like. ive done this exact thing. multiple times
Wh: Home defense JM: “The Good”
RT: Phone books are a crazy concept. Imagine anyone just being able to contact you. That couldn’t be me.
RT: Black Christmas (1974). Gal pals :) BG: *lizard emoji* Wh: Pugsley. *lizard emoji* DM: *lizard emoji* RT: *lizard emoji*
JM: huh. if i was her. i would simply. change my name :) BG: “are you Sarah connor” “no” JM: my name is. Cara Sonnor
JM: nothing like some... Milk and coldcuts after sex?
JM (during Reese’s explanation): me telling my partner about rick and morty BG: The Arnold with no eyebrows
Wh: *dog emoji* DM: D: Wh: Poor doggos
JM: in the future, we all get dialogue options DM: more like diapogue options
DM (when Sarah and Reese have sex): heeeeeere's johnny
DM: that binaural audio BG: Arnold got isekai’d JM: this is kind of a reverse isekai when you think about it, actually BG: "Trapped in Another World with my Hero's Mom"
(Sarah Connor: we did it!) (Terminator: *emerges from the flames*) BG: Bitch u thought
Wh: Donk JM: New Donk City BG: Local cyborg too angry to die
BG: Terminator vs hydraulic press
JM:  travels back in time to have sex once then die. king
RT: Sarah Connor becomes a doomsday prepper
BG mostly wanted to watch this Terminator so that we could all watch Terminator 2 later. We’re really looking forward to it, since it’s supposedly the best one.
JM: My favorite part is when Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body was falling apart BG: Just like in real life
Tumblr media
Year: 2019 Country: United Kingdom, United States Genre: musical Director: Tom Hooper
List: MS  Category: random pick Presence: BG, DM, JM, MS, RT, Ra, Wh
Before the movie, JM (who had seen Cats in theaters) said that just from the timbre they chose for the opening notes of the film, he could already see that he’d made a mistake. This sentiment was echoed by all of the new viewers.
DM: O. OMYGOD Wh: I see what you meant. Or hear DM: DJFKEVJES JM: its alreadt so much DM: NO SADAGFKJ MS: the scale of the cats is so bad BG: Pretty jellicle right? Wh: Well then MS: get read y JM: almost want to open mics this, but the movie would be impossible to hear BG: “several people are typing” DM: BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA AA AAZES Wh: Cats JM: Cats DM: Cats MS: Cats Ra: Cats
JM: apparently, the choice of synth was  very truthful to the original score. from what ive heard
BG: So as a confession. One of the cats has a similar looking face to a dude I slept with in college, and I can't dissociate that with this movie anymore Ra: oh my god Wh: Rip MS: oh no JM: oh no. Cats :)
MS: the cats that just wear sneakers kill me Wh: I didn’t even notice JM: take a drink every time they say “cats” Wh: I’d die MS: i have seen this movie,,,several times JM: [MS], the cats scholar MS: my most controversial opinion is that i unironically love cats. no further questions at this time JM: i see
JM: the cats world kinda gives me Cyberpunk 2077 vibes for some reason BG: *thonk emoji* Ra: elaborate on that JM: no
BG: Mr Mestopheles is unironically the best JM: tag urself. im the cat
JM: so. is this the post-fix cut RT: I have no clue MS: u can tell later in the movie. in 1 shot judy dench will just have her hands JM: i think i saw it pre-fix. but im not sure RT: that was fixed in later version? If so, this is the pre-fix MS: i believe so!
MS: this is the worst part of the movie JM: its time BG: Oh no. I forgot thsi DM: THE MICE. THEY’RE SO SMALL
JM: the gumby cat is fash. this is my take. this is my "cats" take BG: VORE JM: skin suit DM: WH. WDHFS JM: dont worry about it [DM]. its normal. your cats dont do this? MS: that was actually a major plot point RT: I am taking so many choice screenshots
BG: Jason Derulo MS: Jason Derulo DM: i feel like i'm on willy wonka's boat and i was left behind in the tunnel Ra: [DM] lmao JM: so like. the instrumental in this song. slaps imo BG: Rum Tum Tugger pog JM: i dont love his performance tho. its ok MS: they recently released his audition tape for this and its a Lot JM: oh boy. yeah. he sounds. uneccessarily breathy. so i imagine. its a lot
BG: Honestly I do love all the cat names JM: m i l k DM: BLA Z MIIIIIIIIILK
Wh: So is this movie just everyone introducing themselves by song? JM: yes BG: Yes Wh: Okay
Ra: i feel like instead of this movie making me feel any emotions its actually just removing my ability to feel emotion whatsoever JM: i think that means "its working"
BG (at Bustopher Jones): This dude Ra: Cat in the Hat after this?
JM: fun fact, James Corden didnt know he was in a movie when they filmed this this is just how he hangs out with cats Wh: I figured this was him JM: this is just what England is like
Ra: dont they zap people out of existence because some ppl only wanted to act for like a weekend RT: Yeah, a lot of the star actors couldn't be there in the bg for the whole shoot, so they do their solos and get zapped by Macavity
JM: i like that Mcavity and Ansem from Kingdom Hearts seem to have the same powers. or. i meant xehanort MS: imo this and the rebel wilson song couldve been cut JM: i agree. they are the two worst cats. dont @ me. at least they get them out of the way fast
JM: cats but it takes place in the dishonored universe. singing about whale oil and various cthonic mysteries BG: fun fact: calicos are nearly all female. so my point is mungojerry is trans icon JM: mungojerry is a good name. more people should be called mungojerry MS: tbh a reading of cats as a trans narrative.... like a whole ceremony for choosing a new name? *thinking emoji* RT: That’s called Catholicism JM: reading catholicism as a trans narrative. hegelian synthesis RT: Big brain mode on
JM (when Mr. Mestopheles rescues Victoria): what is up. with the tension. in this scene RT: It’s a nohomo. because Mr Mestopheles is queercoded in the musical :)
JM: i really like Mcavity's performance tbh.
JM: this is the new one right? MS: omg. i love this part RT: The new song is the Taylor Swift one, btw. Sung by Victoria JM: ah. for some reason i thought growltiger was movie only
BG: How much dialogue from Corbin and Wilson's character is in the original? RT: None outside of the songs iirc BG: I figured
JM (when Old Deuteronomy appeared): one of the only times this mode has been used to musically portray anything besides racist orientalism. pog DM: i hate the way this melody ends
DM: omg. its ian BG: Cannot believe Ian accepted this role. Still something that boggles my mind. JM: mckellens performance is exceptional. it is clear he was giving it his all DM: OMG. i love him JM: probably was more invested in this than the hobbit movies. not being ironic btw DM: i can already buy that JM: guys. i think i like this movie
DM: this descending sound. i’m descending with it JM: we’re all descending
RT: Memories time pog DM: rey’s theme just now RT: huh? DM: hey i know this one c: JM: there was a sign in the background that says "a large variety of sandwhiches". and that speaks to me. this is my take on "Memories" from "Cats" BG: My kinda shop DM: sandwiches are a symbol of capitalism BG: Well then call me rockafeller cause I love me a good sandwich
RT: This is the new song JM: reading the colors in this movie like the red and blue mean what they mean in "Eyes Wide Shut" RT: LKDSHLKSDHGLKSDH DM: SDFJK JM: a blue sign btw. sandwiches = safety Wh: Milk bar is blue too *thinking emoji* BG: COLD CUTS AND MILK JM: oh no DM: THE CONNECTION
MS: these 2 songs (memory and beautiful ghosts) are enough reason to like it tbh JM: my running theory is that all the sequences in between the big dance scenes show both the best and worst this movie has to offer. and theres actually some. emotionally resonant things going on imo JM: also. the score is just good
DM: omg. ian JM: this is my fav cat personally a metacommentary on the act of performance a perfect role for him tbh MS: this is the performance of a lifetime
MS: imo memory and beautiful ghosts are sooo good + well performed on their own RT: I love Memory, but I can't shake the obviousness with which Beautiful Ghosts was written for Taylor Swift to sell as a single later and doesn't really gel with the rest imo MS: i didnt know thats what beautiful ghosts was for ;0; damn that makes me feel way different about it Wh: It doesn’t... jellicle well with the rest? *thinking emoji*
RT: Kittens these days smh JM: just not the same DM: that was so good MS: thank u gus for being the unproblematic fave
BG: Skimbleshanks pog JM: skimbleshanks is a filler ass cat gonna be honest. anime beach episode of a cat. still like him tho BG: Skimbleshanks the non sequitur cat RT: This is usually how the songs in the musical go btw. Other cats introducing the cat of the moment JM: just like. comes outta nowhere. and is like. i like trains. thats it RT: Relatable tbh. But yeah he does come out of nowhere MS: pov: skimbleshanks shows u his hyperfixation and both of u are cats
MS: he tries SO hard in this song. i wish he was a bigger part of the plot RT: I wanted to get a good shot of his moustache :( DM: polar express vibes JM: idk why, but my brain wants to say edward norton is playing this cat. even though i know its not true. ever just spin until you die DM: that’s how i want to go
RT: It’s. time. :D MS: here she is JM: this scene should be illegal imo RT: Cat tiddies JM: the cats have discovered religion. call the cops. no. not the normal cops
RT: He is. naked BG: No trench coat *sad cowboy emoji* JM: look. its the napoleon of crime MS: napoleon exists in the cats universe JM: and the cats know who he is Wh: They referenced queen victoria too RT: Sweaty cat
BG: Mr Motherfuckin Mestopheles JM: why am i singing along. ok. not anymorw. lol BG: John’s become a catshead JM: ive always been a catshead. i just forget MS: because this song goes HARD
MS: tag urself im the jason derulo falsetto DM: im going insane BG: Tabaxi wizard origin story
BG: God the fur unzipping JM: oh my god. they are bot h. so disgusting. its ridiculous BG: Please tell me this isn’t in the original RT: I guess we're gonna have to watch Cats (1998) the stage recording adapted for TV to find out :) BG: Damn guess someone's gonna have tSo add it to their list
JM: still nude BG: Alright, it's nearly time for my soul to leave my body JM: it is time. to ascend. to the heavyside layer DM: OH. OHMY. BLAAA MS: nooO BG: AAAAAAAGGFGHHHH DM: FDKF JFS SFSDGKL LKF JM: when the edible kicks in. imagine this but on a giant theater screen. staring down at you DM: ZZES JM: a cat is not a dog Wh: Not a dog *crying emoji* MS: i screamed in the theater the first time i saw this JM: [EG] and i did too BG: SAME MS: thank god there were only like 4 people there DM: WE’RE STILLLLLL GOING. DFJSDAF DFJ. BLAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAA AA AA AA A A AAAAAAA DM: they'reGAY people should nuzzle more DM: THANK YOU TOM HOOPER
RT: Wait, I have 69 screenshots. Nice Everyone: Nice
DM and JM have a Catholic reading of Cats: the Cats universe is purgatory, the Heavyside Layer that they’re trying to reach is heaven, and they’re trying to ascend by individualizing.
Unifying theme: Cold Cuts and Milk
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dndfuckhouse · 7 months ago
CuriousCat Archive
Tumblr media
A series of Q&A’s that were sent onto the group curiouscat, now imported here for readability and easy editing :y
Q -  would psalm suck toes? y/n
Psalm: When would I ev-? Actually, never mind. The answer is no, of course not.
Q -  Does Amos only eat cheese...
Keva: he takes when he can get
Q -  plum you ever smoke weed before just curious
Q - Han what is your hair care routine
Han: well its less mine and more a friend of mine's... they just gave me some gooey stuff that smells real nice and told me to use it once a week!! i dont know what to do about the growing black roots tho..... :(
Q - mister finn have u ever kissed before...
Finn: T-thats a very personal question! How rude... I've done it once, of course.
Q -  han, would you drink with finn again? are you two getting closer?
Han: ...its easier to get close the more drunk we get so ye....
Q -  Han, whats your favourite liquor? -Finn
Q - Psalm, do you believe in fate?
Psalm: Fate is a very romantic notion, and in the past I probably would've said no. Right now I have no choice but to believe in it, I think.
Q -  on a scale of 1 to 10 han how much did you enjoy your fight with psalm (the one from the rp channel)
Han: ONE!!!!!! IM GLAD HE ACCEPTED BUT I DIDNT FUCKING WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but ill win next time watch out psalm this tiger is OUT FOR BLOOD Psalm: :psalmface:
Q -  on a scale of one to ten how much did PSALM enjoy his fight with han !
Psalm: It was enjoyable because I won, although I was hoping it'd last a bit longer. 7. :psalmface:
Finn: Classy red wine!
Q -  rokka what do you think about your street performance career? do u have any ambitions?!
Rokka: IT’S FUN! I enjoy watching people's amazed faces especially the children. Ambitions...? Maybe? *rokka falls into thinking man pose for a very long time*
Q -  Rokka, how do you keep your fur so soft and pretty? -Finn
Rokka: ⭐STEPS TO ROKKA'S FUR CARE !!!!!! ⭐  1) bathe in lakes! or rivers! (I personally like lakes hehe) 2) SHAKE IT DRY! shakeshakeshake (be careful of dizziness!!) 3) lick palms and smooth down ur fur. (this is the secret) 4) DONE! (congrats u have nice fur!!!!!!!)
Q - What was your first kiss like finn?
Finn: Thats a little secret between me and god.
Q - :):(
Rokka: who are you and what does this mean Psalm: It's a secret code. Why not try deciphering it?
Q - finn whats your favourite blood type? pls and thx
Finn: I'm usually not open about this, but I only consume animal blood. I dont have a favourite. Beef based strikes me as the least worst so far.
Q -  psalm does it hurt to cough up smoke? how bothered are you by it?
Psalm: I wouldn't say it hurts, but it feels about as pleasant as you'd imagine coughing up smoke would feel, which is to say, not pleasant at all. It mostly just makes it hard to breath, but considering the reason it happens I'm not sure I'm allowed to complain. I'd rather not take my chances.
It does bother me though.
Q -  keva, do you prefer being alone or with friends?
Keva: friends
Q - keva, whats your favourite food?
Keva: roasted quail
Q -  Does plum always text in all caps? Do they do that to show all their suppressed anger
Plum: does it seem suppressed.... DOES IT SEEM SUPPRESSE
Q -  plum, why did you decide to go to the ball as a guest with vinny? did you think it was better cover than being a guard?
Plum: just didnt think id be much use as a bodyguard also i wanted to dress up...
Q - to everyone: would you fuck on the first date ? 🤔
Han: i only fuck on the first date Psalm: No. Finn: What is it with these rude questions? Rokka: UHHHHHHH---? WH=HAHA WHAT? Keva: no Plum: what the fuck Cimmorro: i’ve never, but i don’t see why not if we liked each other enough. i’ve to say i’m difficult to impress on the first day gyahaha    
Q -  actually to everyone, whats your favourite food?
Psalm: There's a dish back in my hometown that we'd eat on holidays called “Smelt and Salt". Most travellers tend to find it salty to the point of being inedible, but I think its delicious. Finn: The servants at our residence are quite skilled, I enjoyed almost everything they make. When I was alive, I favored simple chicken breast with baked vegetables though. Rokka: Nothing can go wrong with a big ol' pot of beef and potato stew! I love soups Han: we dont get a lot of fruit way south so i was so surprised when i saw lots of it at shorewater!!!!! ITS SO SWEET AND DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!! Plum: theres this stew that my whole family comes together to make for special occasions and we put a lot of roots and flowers and vegetables in it its pretty good. havent had it in a while
Q -  *like a kpop interviewer* to everyone: so what would your ideal partner be like? >:3c
Han: if they can dish out as much as they can take Psalm: Someone who is fun to be around. Loyalty is nice too. Finn: Someone who can handle me and is genuinely interested in all facets of my life. Rokka: Someone who can enjoy the world with me especially nature. Accept me! P.S. Psalm, I am fun and loyal........ :pleading: Plum: uhhh... someone kind i guess Keva: (visibly uncomfortable and unwilling to answer) Cimmorro: honest and devoted. someone who is easygoing would be a nice addition.
Psalm: Not saying I'm the culprit, but you honestly could just check first. Rokka: I always try to remember to put it down! Although, I may or may not have forgotten once......................or 10 times.................................. Keva: you're tall enough to look before you sit
Q -  Rokka, don't forget you owe me a drink the next time we find a tavern. - Psalm
Rokka: you got it, boss! but........can we have round 2.........please...........please.............................please.............please............................plea--[commercials cues]
Q -  birthdays? birthdays?
Psalm: My birthday is on the 8th of Solstitium. Plum: 32nd of soltrice  Keva: (briefly crinkles nose and doesn't answer) Han: i dont know! no one in my tribe kept track of things like that. judging by stories i think it during elfons? Rokka: hibernon, solvo 74! Cimmorro: 55th of umbrois. i’m expecting presents now that you all know!
Q - favourite season
Psalm: Aestas. It's a bit silly, but my birthday falls around this time so I've always been rather fond of it. Keva: elfons Plum: elfons Rokka: Elfons! where the grass is greenies Han: elfons... i like it when it goes from cold to warmer temperatures :) Cimmorro: rahtumna.
Q -  before making a call (over sending stone or message or whatever) do you ever rehearse what you're going to say? why?
Psalm: Depending on the circumstances, yes. Rokka: No need to think when speaking. Cimmorro: depends if there are specific people i’m contacting. i generally don’t really care though.
Q -  if you could be anything job-wise and nothing could hold you back, what would you want to be?
Psalm: I've never really given that much thought. I don't really make any grand plans for myself, as they tend to go awry fairly often. I think I'd enjoy writing plays...perhaps. Keva: don't know, never thought about it Rokka: I've also never thought about this <:9 Han: ah... i would like to travel again... Cimmorro: i like the way things are right now. [mumbling] if anything, i’m more worried about losing it...      
Q -  what would be a "perfect" day for you?
Psalm: I enjoy plays quite a bit, so if I could spend an entire day watching a good series of performances I'd be quite happy. Some good company wouldn't hurt either. (As long as they don't talk.) Keva, after thinking for so long it seems like she's not going to answer: being home with nothing important to do Plum: I JUST WANT TO GO HOME Rokka: running through a grassy land and bask in the sun (๑→ܫ←)
Q -  when did you last sing to yourself? to someone else?
Psalm: My singing voice is rather unpleasant, so I don't do it often. Keva: a month ago? i guess? who would even keep track Rokka: I like to sing every time I bathe! rubba dub dub rubba doot doot rubba dee dee its nothing but a squeaky clean me!!!!!!!!!! Han: (flushes) it was a while back Cimmorro: i was part of the choir in my childhood. i was pretty okay! can’t say the same for the present though ahahaha
Q - what was the last dream you remember?
Psalm: I'd rather not say. Keva: (doesn't answer) Rokka: *thinking face*
Q -  toilet paper over or under?
Psalm: Over? I'm not an animal. Plum: what.... the fuck is this asking Rokka: Is there a difference...?
Q -  if you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?
Plum: ...... [plum is starting to look uncomfortable] Keva: (laughs, doesn't answer) Psalm: I'm perfectly fine with how I was raised. Han: (laughs) oh, throw the whole thing out Rokka: nice answers everyone. NEXT QUESTION! :D Cimmorro: wait, hmm… not so much on the way of raising but more on a certain part of the situation, i suppose?  
Q -  what is your most terrible memory?
Psalm: *Looks somewhat distressed.* Plum: THIS IS MAKING ME ANGRY. IM NOT ANSWERING ANYMORE OF THESE TONIGHT. Rokka: please stop asking these questions you're making my friends upset. This is upsetting.
Q - is there something you've dreamed about doing for a long time? why haven't you done it?
Psalm: I wouldn't say for a long time, but I haven't done it because I can't. Simple as that. Keva: can't anymore Rokka: Life hands you lemons so you gotta eat them. *nods* ( ̄ー ̄) Han: i wanted to learn singing. why... well. life doesn't work sometimes. Cimmorro: when i was a child, i dreamed of being at the top of the clergy’s hierarchy. then that immediately got crushed when i was told that only women were allowed to lead the church bahahaha! that was back then. right now i’m satisfied with my position and still have much to learn. but if the opportunity arises and i meet the requirements, i wouldn’t say no to seating as the high mother.     
Q - if a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, the future or anything else, what would you want to know? 
Psalm: I'm torn between knowing the truth about one thing from the past, and a very selfish glimpse into the future. Keva: (doesn't answer, but seems to think about the question) Rokka: *vibrates* Han: there are so many things i want answers for, i dont think i could choose. Cimmorro: [visibly cringing as several things come to mind]     
Q - of all the people in your family, whose death would you find most disturbing? why? 
Psalm: Lots of morbid questions here. I'll pass on this one. Keva: orin Rokka: please i'm begging you..............please stop with these questions...... Cimmorro: … [quitely glances at how the others respond instead of answering]  
Q -  how close and warm is your family? do you feel your childhood was happier than most other people's?
Han: (laughter that becomes progressively louder in volume) Psalm: I quite enjoyed my childhood, but given the reactions of the others it seems I might be the only one fortunate enough to be able to say that... Keva: i liked a part of it Plum: dont know what the fuck psalm is talking about. ive had the happiest childhood a halfling could have thank you i wish i could be back home right now, actually Rokka: it had its up and downs. i mean, who doesn't!! Cimmorro: [laughs] i think mine is seen as particularly “strange” by most people, but i personally have enjoyed it regardless.
Q -  how do you feel about your relationship to your primary caregiver growing up? 
Psalm: At the moment, I'd say its rather complicated on my part. I'm ashamed to say why. Keva: i don't Han: *looks visibly sick for a second* ... poorly :) Plum: as in my mom and pop? i love those two Rokka: Tough love? Finn: Cold. Cimmorro: [beaming] grateful! i love em! would do anything to treat them at least even half as much as they’ve treated me.
Q - what roles do love and affection play in your life?
Psalm: I just LOVE to be AFFECTIONATE with people, so I'd say quite a large one :psalmface:. Rokka: i got to befriend han! and finn! Also, psalm it's not good to lie to the people. Finn: R-rokka I'm touched... Right now, love and affection couldn't be further removed from my life but hopefully one day, they'll play a bigger role for me. Han: (shrugs) i like having sex Cimmorro: i take pride in making sure that people who are important to me know that they are. it’s also the way they have treated me.
Q - for what in life do you feel most grateful for? 
Psalm: ...Well I made it to Shorewater somehow. Rokka: meeting Han! Han: *was about to say something different but is so touched by rokka* dude......really? q_q me too dude.... Finn: My uncle. But recently I've made some good friends, I feel... Cimmorro: the goddess’ guidance.
Q -  what is the greatest accomplishment of your life? 
Psalm: I- . Hm. For now, let's say it was beating Rokka at stone, parchment, shears. Keva: i'm here Rokka: PSALM PLEASE ROUND 2 Finn: So far I have nothing to my name, but that might change soon. I pray it will.
Q -  if you were to die this evening with opportunity to communicate with anyone, what would you most regret not having told someone? why haven't you told them yet? 
Psalm: Where I hid my buried treasure. Han: i wont die. Psalm: I like that answer. Rokka: Why are you like this, anon? Finn: I'd want to talk to Orin one last time. 
Q - share an embarrassing moment from your life
Psalm: I fumbled a joke I was trying to make with Finn the other day. I won't go any further into the past than that, thanks. Finn: Ah, so it was a joke? Please don't worry about it Psalm. Rokka: nearly burning my friends alive because I sneezed. :( 
Q - what's your favourite weapon and why
Psalm: For reasons I won't disclose let's just say I'm not very fond of weapons, my current one in particular. :psalmface: Spells are more useful. Keva: daggers, easy to carry around and hide Rokka: I guess my scimitars? They can cut plants and meat well so i can (try to) cook! Finn: I love swords!! All swords! (he sparkles with excitement) Han: i like being close and personal with someone but also enjoy the quiet rush of hitting a target from a bow Cimmorro: i use a dagger but if i had a spear or an axe that would be kinda awesome actually.     
Q - questions to fall in love here we go! 1) if you could invite anyone in the world to dinner, who would it be?
Psalm: ...I have a friend I haven't seen in a while, so I suppose I'd invite him. Keva: do they have to be alive Psalm: I was wondering the same thing. Plum: i would want to eat dinner with my whole village but if its only one person then my sister. dont really like going to dinner one on on if i can help it but maybe thats something halflings dont like because theyre not antisocial bastards Rokka: Do I HAVE to pick one? :( Finn: ... Rokka! I'd love to dine with everyone though. Han: oh, maybe aster? or ferrie chris? or uhh... (Han starts to look bashful and stops answering) Cimmorro: willow.     
Q - if you all were on a boat (lmao) and it was sinking and you could only save one person from the party who would it be
Plum: rokka or finn but i wouldnt be on a fucking boat if i could help it Psalm: Plum, as they are arguably the only one I could carry. Oh, and Finn I suppose. Plum: WOW THANK YOU THOUGH YOUD PROBABLY SINK LIKE  A STONE Keva: finn Finn: T-thank you all... (blushes and gets too distracted to answer) Rokka: This question is stressing me out. I'm stressed. This is stressful. Han: myself? is this trick question Cimmorro: myself so i can do this: [casts water walk] don’t worry bros i got this
Q - complete this sentence. "i wish i had someone with whom i could share..."
Psalm: I have nothing to share. Rokka: ...this drink with! (psalm, round 2 please) Finn: my fate. Han: my past, without fear
Q - what, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?
Psalm: I'd say death, but ha. Rokka: what roomie said Finn: I don't like jokes about my family and especially my uncle. Cimmorro: Wee Jas. 
Q - when did you last cry in front of another person? by yourself?
Psalm: I haven't cried since I was a kid. Rokka: can we have more fun questions please :( Finn: I rarely ever cry. But last time I did, I was comforted by someone precious. Han: oh that was... (han becomes embarrassed) it is stupid Cimmorro: [wearily looks over where ezra is currently sitting across the room]
Q - do you have a secret hunch about how you're going to die
Plum: i wouldnt say secret but yes Psalm: Ugh. Keva: had a few, anything goes now i guess Rokka: why would you ask this? I don't like this question. :( Finn: Not just a hunch. Han: i won't die!!! what's with these questions Cimmorro: nothing in particular. i just hope that it will be by the goddess’ fates.  
Q - fmk vinny cole ezra
Psalm: (What kind of agenda is this?) F - Vinny, M - Cole, K - Ezra. Keva: fuck ezra marry cole kill vinny Psalm: Ah Keva, finishing your doppelganger's job for her I see. That's a bit harsh. Keva: (lifts her hands in a halfhearted shrug) Rokka: Friend: cole, Meet: Vinny, K....klean for ezra......................... (in the periphery of the shot keva stares into the camera for the entirety of rokka's response) Han: fuck ezra marry cole kill vinny Finn: Who are these people? What is "fmk"? Cimmorro: f-vinny, m-cole, k-ezra
Q - Everyone, where would you like to visit someday?
Psalm: I'm not really one for traveling but since we seem to be headed there already, Vargonia sounds interesting. There's probably a lot to do there. Rokka: I like open land so anywhere with one? Finn: Sharrif!! If I wasn't dutybound at home I'd love to move there. Keva: never thought about it Han: oh oh oh! some guy passed the inn and said there are mountains that reach into another PLANE in sonnate!!! i wanna go there!!!!!! Cimmorro: i’d like to see the arcane well myself heehee     
Q - what's your earliest memory? is this too spoilery idk i'm shooting my shot
Psalm: I'm pretty sure it was when my mother dropped me into the ocean by accident. Why I have no fear of swimming because of this has yet to reveal itself to me. Plum: i remember........ bumping into the kitchen table when i was younger and something might've been a rolling pin hitting me on the head and then fucking crying obviously and my parents swinging me around Rokka: I remember seeing a little bug flying around and chasing it all around so that I could tell them I thought they looked cute.....I was too small to reach the little bug on the tree though haha Keva: i don't remember her name Finn: Playing with my cousins, surrounded by our family. Han: being held by big, heavy hands. close to the chest. Cimmorro: falling off a cliff lol
Q -  i had assumed psalms arcane power was new to him but is it actually?
Psalm: An interesting assumption. I'd love to know why you think so.
Psalm: I'll think about it.
Q - how do you sleep the best?
Rokka: laying sprawled on my back is the best! Sometimes fetal. Finn: I actually... do enjoy sleeping in my coffin. So in confined spaces I suppose. Sharing a bed with Rokka was very comfortable too. (Rokka self-fives himself in the bg) Psalm: Having horns makes sleeping on my back a bit of an issue, but they sit just on top of my head enough for me to sleep reasonably well on my side. Cimmorro: i don’t remember anymore… can’t say i’ve slept very well the last few years
Q - what was your mode of travel to shorewater?
Rokka: mode..? Oh, hard mode! Finn: Hard mode? Keva: (looks at the camera) Psalm: Boat. Han: foot, the odd cart here and there. Cimmorro: i stayed on land as much as possible through various modes.     
Q - around what time do you prefer to eat dinner?
Rokka: any time is good in my book! Keva: late enough to not be hungry before i sleep Finn: .................. Psalm: Early evening? I've never given it much thought.
Q - if you knew in one year you would die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you're living? why?
Psalm: My life right now is not something that is within my ability to change. Rokka: Same as roomie here...I don't think I want to be falsely accused of murder... Cimmorro: … no. i’ll just have to keep trying until such time comes.
Q - what’s your typical bed time? any routines?
Rokka: Never too late! I like to do some quick stretches after a long day for a good nights rest! Most of the time I just plop down lol Finn: I like to stay up past sunrise actually. Psalm: No. I usually go right to sleep. Preferably as early as possible since I don't like being tired. Cimmorro: i try to keep a strict and healthy routine but [sigh]
Q - what's something you might like for (insert gift-giving custom for holiday equivalent here)?
Finn: Jewellery and swords. Psalm: A good book would be nice. I also like masks. Rokka: I'll like anything as long as it came from their heart! Just the idea of them thinking about me warms me up. Cimmorro: same as rokka.  
Q - how do you stay fit?
Rokka: 250 Push-ups, 250 Yard Handwalk, Jump Rope- 2000 Times, 250 Straight Punches to Heavy Bag, 250 Roundhouse Kicks to Heavy Bag, annnnnd 500 Squats. Finn: Thats quite impressive Rokka: ... (Rokka salutes) Psalm: I wouldn't say I'm the most physically fit man out there. (8 STR) Cimmorro: morning walks, maybe even jogs, if i’ve got the time to spare… which is almost never. does carrying stacks of books count?  
Q -  to everyone: do you like anime
Rokka: what's anime? :0 Psalm: ...Animals? They're alright. I like small ones, like puppies, kittens, chicks etc. Finn: If you've seen Promare, please DM me.
Q -  do you prefer meat or veggies
Rokka: meat......but veggies are good too.......can I pick both? Psalm: Meat. Finn: Meat as well. Han: meeeeeat Cimmorro: i find it difficult to enjoy a meal without having both.
Q - what is your most treasured memory
Psalm: :psalmface: Rokka: :) Finn: ^___^ Han: (Han thinks briefly and then blushes, embarrassed)
Q - how do you feel about physical touch? yea? nay?
Finn: I dont experience much of it but I enjoy it when I do. Keva: depends Psalm: I prefer to keep to myself. Rokka: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! *hugs Psalm* Psalm: *Sighs* Han: (shrugs) everyone was always touching me, so am used to it. Cimmorro: big no! unless we’re close, don’t touch me.
Q - what does friendship mean to you?
Psalm: God is that you? Rokka: Everything! Psalm, is God your friend? Psalm: *suddenly regretting his answer*
Q - coffee or tea?
Rokka: TEA! Psalm: I'm not particularly fond of either, but if I had to pick, tea. Finn: Tea! What kind do you favor Psalm? Psalm: Chamomile or mint, depending on what's available. And yourself? Finn: Oh, I quite like that one too. My favourite is Rose Petal Blend though, perhaps we could share a cup- *remembers vampirism* Ah- perhaps I could have... a cup of blood if it doesnt disgust you. Psalm: That wouldn't disgust me at all. Just pick a day. Finn: *crying cat* Keva: never had coffee Cimmorro: coffee. though one of my parents often share their special tea brew with me in the afternoons or long nights of work. it’s pretty much the only kind of tea i like… i miss it. 
Q - what's a favourite feature of yourself? can be external or internal, or both
Finn: I took good care of my hair before I became undead. So my hair would've been it.  Psalm: Regarding physical mother and I have identical eyes and horns. Mum found it cute, so I guess I grew up being somewhat fond as well... Interal, I don't self reflect that often. I'll leave that unanswered. Rokka: I like my blue fur! and eyes!  Keva: (shrugs) don't think about that sorta thing Han: (Han becomes increasingly despondent the more she thinks) none is good enough. i need to be better. Cimmorro: my cleric magic!!!!!!!!! \\\\o//// i also like my hair and tail a lot!
Q - what’s something you used to be afraid of as a kid?
Finn: My aunt was quite scary haha. Psalm: When my mother got mad at me... Rokka: Loud noises Keva: throwing up Cimmorro: oh i used to see a shadow of a demon in my quarters quite often for a few years. freaked me out a lot of times but i believe lady wee jas protected me since that demon never did come to harm me at all. :D   
Q - do you know the muffin man?
Rokka: The muffin man..? Finn: The muffin man... I would like to meet him. Keva: what
Q - what’s your preferred weather
Rokka: Sunny! but with a nice breeze! (≧▽≦) Finn: I dislike rain, but fog can be nice to watch. Since I only operate at night now clear weather is preferred. Psalm: I like sunny weather, but rainy days are nice when I don't have to be outside. Keva: warm and clear Cimmorro: same as psalm.
Q - are you an early riser or late sleeper?
Rokka: EARLY WOLF CATCHES THE DEER Psalm: Depends on when I need to get up. Keva: depends Cimmorro: both…. 🤦‍♂️   
Q - what are your feelings on pda
Rokka: What's "peh-dah"? Psalm: I have no problem with it, although I dislike drawing attention to myself, so then again... Cimmorro: depends, but especially dislike it during work.   
Q - what’s your best “my coworkers are crazy” story?
Rokka: (nervously glances back at everyone) Um...Uh...Haha (forced smile) Keva: (doesn't break eye contact with the camera as she gestures at the rest of the party) Psalm: I was partnered with a friend once for a... well a thing that we had to do, and he somehow managed to gamble away all of his clothing. Cimmorro: all of this right now   
Q - what's your favourite type of bread
Keva: bread Rokka: Any is good! Psalm: Croissants are nice. Cimmorro: any as long as it’s fresh out of the oven.
Q - when was the last time you laughed so hard it was hard to stop? what was so funny?
Psalm: Refer to the "coworker" answer.
Q - guilty pleasures?
Psalm: I like to read poetry. I only feel guilty about it because a friend of mine said it made me seem too brooding, and now I'm a bit self conscious Cimmorro: playing pranks on my coworkers during break
Q - are you still in touch with friends from your childhood?
Keva: some of them Rokka: I wish I could say that Psalm: Not for a couple months now, no. Finn: Yes! My friend Sagessa and I are penpals, so even if we're far apart we can always talk!! Han: (han shakes her head dejectedly) Cimmorro: mhm   
Q - who's someone interesting you met recently
Rokka: Finn!!!!! He can turn into things! so cool Psalm: I would also have say Finn, as I'd never met a vampire before now. Not to say the rest of you aren't interesting enough. Finn: *turns into a bat and hangs himself upside down from Rokka's shoulder* Han: (han looks around warily) (whispers) psalm BUT DONT TELL HIM THAT!!!! what is that guys DEAL Cimmorro: i agree about finn    
Q - what's the best day you've had recently?
Rokka: Hard to say with whats been happening Psalm: "Recently" is a bit of a stretch. Finn: I had a good time at the ball with Orin! Cimmorro: the king consort accepting my offer was cool and exciting. feel like i haven’t had a normal job in years with how long these weeks have been going pffff
Q - do you have siblings
Psalm: It's entirely within the realm of possibility, but none that I'd ever care to meet. Keva: don't know Han: yes Cimmorro: in a way, yes
Q - how important is fashion to you
Finn: If I dont look good whats the point of anything. Psalm: Not very. Keva: it's not Rokka: Somewhat? I just bought my first and only shirt ever!! that's pretty fashionable of myself if you asked me. B) Han: (gets bashful) there are some cute dresses i see around town but... :wiwi: Cimmorro: [gestures at all of himself] :-) 
Q -  do you have any personal belongings that you would feel upset about losing? what are they?
Psalm: No, I've never really had any attachment to material things. I suppose there is this dagger I've picked up recently that has served some use, so maybe that...maybe. Finn: My earrings or my sword. I cherish them. Han: yeah. some weapons i have were made by uuh. a significant person in my life. Cimmorro: my headpiece and holy symbol. other jewelry pieces i have i can replace easily, but not these…
Q -  if you had a completely free day with no responsibilities or obligations, what would you do with your time?
Finn: Honestly? I'd like to sleep and dream about nice things. Rokka: I would love to go sight seeing at places i haven't been to! Han: oh me too Rokka!!!! maybe we can go together someday :) Cimmorro: mmm… quite rare the last few years but i did enjoy my day offs by fishing, spending time with the children and sleeping of course. i’ve no idea what else to do, otherwise...
Q - do you take long or short baths?
Finn: I liked to take long baths back then. Rokka: long! gotta make sure all this fur is fresh and clean! Han: i used to be in and out of the water real fast but i can enjoy a long bath now sometimes... Cimmorro: i like to take long ones whenever i can! but i often find myself having to take short baths or showers in a rush...
Q - favourite piece of literature?
Psalm: I haven't gotten much reading in recently, but I liked the stories my mum would read to me when I was younger. When I remember the names I'll get back to you. Rokka: the ones that has a picture of something and words that tells me what they are! I like those if that counts Keva: my what Finn: I love folklore and fairy tales... I hope this doesn't make me seem childish. Han: lich-reh.... is that one of those book names for a mushroom?? Cimmorro: does the white book count? feel like that’d be too obvious hehe… i like to read anything i find interesting at the time. arcane, scriptures of other churches, etc. not too big of a fan of fictions though.   
Q - ur cute have a nice day ♡
Finn: Rokka someone said youre cute. Rokka: oh..! really? how do you know?!
Q - if you could get away with one crime what would it be
Rokka: the only crime I will commit is this current crime due to being framed!!! Cin: Arson. Psalm: Murder I guess, given our current situation. Cimmorro: ...if i knew i was guilty, i’d turn myself right in.
Q - We Got A Benefit Concert 4 These Male Lesbians In Da Planning Stages How U Gon Contribute
Keva: [geralt "hm"]
Q - where is this fuk house located. I need it for research purposes.
Han: there are several brothels in shorewater, if you want i can give recommendation...
Q - how do you feel about showing skin when it comes to what you wear? are you comfortable with it, or do you prefer not to?
Han: (slaps her bare thigh) you know it baaabyyyyyyy Rokka: i feel more comfortable and less restricted with no shirt.....pants r cool tho! Psalm: Like any average person. Cimmorro: unless it’s incredibly hot out, i 100% avoid exposing any of these scales to any dirts and stains
Q - maybe in a word or two, without giving a lot away, what are you in shorewater for?
Han: i was told to get a fresh start here? whatever that means LOL Keva: repay a debt Rokka: im just s---im just sitting here Psalm: No particular reason. Just ended up here really.
Q - do you ever feel lonely
Finn: ^___^ Rokka: hard to when I'm around these fellas *gestures to everyone* Psalm: No, I don't mind being by myself. Keva: (long silence with no eye contact before answering) sometimes, lately, whatever Cimmorro: fucking homesick is more like it  
Q - what's something that makes you feel nostalgic
Han: ... some of my weapons and tools. Keva: i guess, elfonsent or whatever it's called here....big festivals for public holidays Cimmorro: Jasper.
Q - do you like to cook? what would you say is your specialty?
Rokka: does roasting something on a stick count??? Han: same as rokka... i think i always did more of preparation of ingredients than actual cooking. Keva: i don't cook Cimmorro: yeee people seem to enjoy my stuffed grilled fish the most
Q - do you like it here in shorewater, unfortunate events aside?
Han: yeah!!! its been fun! i was not here very long but i made a couple of friends!! Keva: eh, it's definitely true a lot of things happen here Cimmorro: i'm not particularly interested of this place
Q - how would you feel about getting involved in a train murder mystery that may or may not involve werewolves?
Han: WEREWOLVES???????????? HOW DO I INVOLVE MYSELF Keva: hard pass Cimmorro: [grimacing] i’d rather avoid doing anything that doesn’t involve my duties to my faith, if i had the choice. 
Q - what incredibly common thing have you never done?
Finn: So, I hear that commoners are very skilled in all sorts of handiwork? How exhilarating. One day, I'd like to fix my chair myself when it breaks down. Or shop for ingredients on a market street myself, imagine the wonders! Keva: read Cimmorro: ...a vacation?   
Q - Welcome to Good Burger home of the Good Burger! Can I take your order?
Finn: May I order some Nuggets
Q - do you prefer to be the big spoon or the little spoon?
Psalm: Neither. I don't sleep on my side. Keva: if i had to pick, big Rokka: either one...I'm not picky Finn: I have never been either. Well, perhaps the little spoon after sharing a bed with Rokka? Han: big spoon!!!!! Cimmorro: big
Q - do you like to dance?
Keva: (shrugs) it can be fun with friends Psalm: Yes. Rokka: yeah!! boogie woogie oogie Finn: Very much so! Cimmorro: yeap!!
Q - if you could have any animal or beast as a pet without any harm to you or those around you, what would you have?
Rokka: bunnies are cute hehe Han: i would have a giant dragon or chimera or some thing badass like that Finn: A dragon indeed sounds "badass". But isn't it too big?... Cimmorro: both are huge and sound tedious to upkeep nonetheless. i’m perfectly happy with Jasper.
Q - if you were to change your hairstyle, what would you do?
Han: i wonder what it would be like if i cut all off, but... Keva: cut it short again i guess Psalm: I'd grow it out. Rokka: *looks at his whole body* much to think about Finn: I'd want to cut it short again. But at the moment I'm trying to grow it out. Cimmorro: i once considered growing mine out a bit just to try, but i usually trim my hair during the summer so it never came to be. i feel like it’d be a hassle to do it now and i’ve lost interest.  
Q - Hey! What do you guys think of the death penalty?
Keva: i don't Want to think abt the death penalty Rokka: same here Finn: Sir this is a fuckhouse.
Q - have you all ever heard a voice in your head?
Rokka: the one that sounds like me? yeah Psalm: No. Finn: *blinks Yes in morse code*
Q - boobs or butts?
Psalm: Who would ask this...? *He chuckles and doesn't answer.* Rokka: Do.....Do we really have to answer this? *sweating* Finn: There's only one correct choice. Han: this question is foolish. both are great.
Q - if you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?
Plum: ..................................... Psalm: The ability to go back in time would be useful.  Plum: the ability to go back in time would be useful Rokka: stop making me choose one thing i can't choose. Finn: I want to dual wield blades. Cimmorro: teleportation powers perhaps... 
Q - if you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the mind or body of a 30 year old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want?
Psalm: What an odd question... I'd rather keep my mind. I'm curious how a 90-year old me would look. Rokka: This is hard Finn: *laughs in vampire* Han: body Cimmorro: body
Q - tell me about the first crush you remember having
Psalm: No. (offscreen there is a screech of a chair. keva is leaving) Rokka: Ummm...... Finn: (Finn "Hm"s) Did anyone else crush on characters from the books they've read? For me it was a swordsman, in any case. Han: (whispers to the asker) whats a crush?? Cimmorro: [tilting head at han and shaking his head] ...yeah, finn. wee jas.
Q - what’s your favourite thing about someone you admire?
Rokka: she's really tall! and strong! I admire her strengths! she's really nice!!! She's the best. Keva: that everything would be okay if they were around. or it felt like that at least Psalm: He was more friendly than me, and I envied how easily he could make friends when we were younger. Finn: He stands his ground against anyone. Han: they are so easy going and kind hearted, even when i am not to them. Cimmorro: just about everything? especially that they seem to never break under pressure and are completely capable of making decisions with swiftness and grace...
Q - would you like to be famous? in what way?
Psalm: Absolutely not. Keva: no Rokka: I don't think I have the skills to go that far. Finn: I don't aspire much fame but some renown as a swordsman seems worthwhile. Cimmorro: gaining a good enough reputation to be an influencer… i believe it would be important for the church, so i wouldn’t refuse it.  
Q - rokka how does it feel to be the funniest person in existence
Rokka: I don't know how it feels because I just found out I am funny...? How?
Tumblr media
Q - rokka i have on good authority that cole wants to play rugby with you what’s your response
Rokka: YEAHHHH LETS GOOOOOO maybe then we can become true friends through the bonds of rugby!!!!!
Q - rokka what do you think about shirts
Rokka: They're alright I guess? Don't really see the point of it though
Q - Plum, would you like to shop with me one day? I love your fashion sense. -Finn
Q - plum are your teeth crooked or did you lose a tooth
Plum: they're crooked
Q - cole what do you think about vinny as a boss
Cole: ooooh incredible ! The fact that i get to work under a wizard of his skills as an apprentice still bowls me over, I've learned so much and i haven't even been here all that long. I know he doesn't seem to like the Accord much but being part of their group is no joke, he musta' had some cool projects back in the day. He doesn't seem to mind when i break things either, he's a real swell guy like that, nothing like my last boss [nervous laughter]
Q - when is the last time you got a manipedi
Rokka: got a what? Cimmorro: i do my own! as often as needed!
Q - what is it like having a tail
Rokka: Idk? ok? but what's it like NOT having a tail though? :thonk: Psalm: ...Normal. This is the norm for me, so I have no clue how to answer this in a way that would be satisfactory to someone that doesn't have one. Like with any part of the body, I don't really think about it unless I remember it's there. I guess the one thing is that I don't like having holes in my clothes, so everything I wear is low waisted. Finn: I wasn't aware everything you wear is low waisted, much less why. Psalm: I always wear a waist sash, but next time I can go without if you're curious. Cimmorro: i used to trip over my own tail a lot when i was a kid. it was rather long for my size at the time hehe
Q -  you’re right rokka what is it like Not having a tail
Rokka: You Tell Me Keva: they weren't asking you
Q - rokka how do you maintain your fur
Rokka: Check out my youtube channel please like and subscribe! -> [link to fur answer above]
Q - Keva what is the way to your heart? I'm asking for a friend...
Keva: tell your friend to find smth better to do
Q - finn your hair is so shiny what’s your secret
Finn, visibly confused: There is no secret to my haircare. I simply do what everyone else does, no? Personally I use lye soap and rosewater. Perhaps you ought to try a different oil or mixture from your usual.
Q - finn what do you think about your uncle’s growing fanclub? what does he think abt it?
Finn: His "fanclub"? Well, it is true people take a liking to my uncle rather quickly, but I've yet to see him reciprocate any such affections. If this "club" is anything official I would like to be its president though, to guide others of course. I may find someone who could get along with him, he really ought to settle down one of these days!
Q - finn can you tell us a little bit about your cousins?
Finn: Hmm... from the beginning they have been more outgoing than me, I must admit I am a bit envious of that. But the Vengaboys have brought out a lot in me already, I think.
Q - hey finn how tall are your heels
Finn: 3 inches. But I have taller ones for balls and the like.
Q - orin what would it take for you to share an embarrassing story about keva
Orin: hmmmm id probably wait until she left the room first....
Q - vinny how bad is your eyesight without glasses
Vinny: bad enough that id fall down the stairs in my own store if i lost em’ [anime sweatdrop] its why they have that handy string attached to them now, and well also because the cats like to bat at my face sometimes...
Q - ezra and cole have you ever had to help vinny find his glasses. let me clarify i know he has that thing where his glasses can hang from his neck but have you ever had to help vinny find his glasses bc he lost them anyways
Ezra: never, but he didn't always have the string, he told me he slapped it on because he had that exact problem. Cole: I've only ever seen em' with that string so he’s never really lost em'... though one time he broke them and i had to help him around the store for a week until a friend of his could fix them, its the grumpiest ive ever seen him [ she makes a face like this :y and laughs ] 
Q - ezra i'm serious will you please let me buy you a new coat
Ezra: [he looks down confused at his clothes] ....
Q - ezra why won’t you get a new coat
Ezra:  ...... do i need a new coat...?  *Psalm laughs a little in the bg.*
Q - can you tell us more about your family han?
Han: ha ha hA HA HA HA HA HA HA. no. i want avoid all thought about them.
Q - han which muscle group is your favourite to flex
Han: (sits like the thinker for a long time in contemplative silence) for me, legs and thighs feel most strong. but others like when i flex arms 💪
Q - han you are very cool don’t let anyone tell you otherwise also i love you
Han: i am cool, thank you mystery stranger,  also wH-- 
Q - han do you want to build a snowman
Han: you know, we used to play game where we would roll each other in wheel, down mountain, into snowmen, and who hits most win... fun times. i do want to build snowman again, yes :)
Q - which of you know how to tell direction from the stars
Han: i know ! 😊 (quieter) but only little bit... Cimmorro: ...y’know, someone once tried to teach me how to do this but i’ve fallen asleep while we were talking. [has guilt written all over his face]
Q - han what is your favourite way to wear your hair
Han: sibling did this complicated braid on me, before... it look very thin, like basket weaving...sad, never learned how they do it (han looks a bit melancholic)
Q - what do you value most in friendship? 
Psalm: I should buy a full pitcher of beer at the next tavern, and for every question about friendship we receive just take a long sip from it. Rokka: the bond! loyalty! respect! this is more than one! oh well! Finn: The ability to confide without fearing loss or judgement. Keva: trust Han: oh, i agree with answer from finn. 
Q - han, cole, and rokka how did you get so swole
Cole: [she taps her forehead] step one...mental fortitude.... Han: (scoffs) have someone on your ass since you have memory Rokka: (taps his biceps) determination! 
Q - May I inquire where you've picked up that rodent from Keva? -Finn
Keva: while traveling
Q - psalm how long have you kept a journal
Psalm: Not very. I just started it. Helps to keep my thoughts organised, and having just reached Shorewater I figured it would be worth chronicling what I got up to.
Q -  psalm you wear a lot of black nail polish but do you have any other colors? what are your favourites?
Psalm: I'm not fond of bright colours (for my nails at least), so black is my favourite. I've never really tried out anything else, but maybe I should, just for a change of pace.
Q - do you guys like piercings ?
Keva: do i like having them or do i like when other people have them what are you asking Rokka: (points at keva) what she said Psalm: Yes, I do have them after all. 
Q -  aaaaalright heres a better question then. would you prefer for your partner to have piercings or not? do you find it attractive?
Psalm: Oh I see. I guess they are attractive aren't they? (lol) Rokka: if they like them then I like them! They can wear whatever they want! I don't really have a preference for it. Finn: As long as it is nothing obscene, I will accept it. It can have its charm, I admit. Keva: i don't really care. i guess? Han: its so cool!! i wanted some myself but aah.. my tribe was very against that thing Cimmorro: yeah and yup.
Q - hey tieflings what’s horn maintenance like for you
Psalm: Not unlike er-, "body maintenance". At least in my case I don't do anything particularly special. Cimmorro: mine are too small to have any need for maintenance. i consider it a lucky thing since it’s less things to worry about.
Q - Psalm, who is your favourite character in GBF? -Finn
Psalm: I like Vania. I have to start playing water now because of her new alt unfortunately but... can't be helped. Finn: Haha, I like that answer. Good luck with your water! Psalm: Oh? I'm glad I passed. And thank you. 
Q - would you ever wear matching couple things with your significant other
Finn: As long as it is fashionably, gladly.... That sounds like a very sweet idea, dear reader. Rokka: yeah!! I think it's cute hehe Psalm: That depends on the thing. Keva: ^ Cimmorro: absolutely
Q - hi um this question is for psalm how do you keep your hooves warm in the winter? do you have socks? leg warmers?
Psalm: That's an interesting question. While I'm not that well versed in the specifics of tiefling anatomy, I do know that keeping warm isn't really an issue for me whenever it gets cold, so I don't typically wear anything like socks.
Q - rokka do you have a favourite meat dish?
Rokka: hmm...anything roasted on a stick? But that's a stick not dish...meat buns!
Q - hey psalm han and plum your brows are amazing what salon do you go to
Han: sah lon? i dont know what that but these run in family Psalm: These are how they are naturally. I have better things to do with my own time than fuss about my appearance too much.
Q - what are your thoughts on the institution of marriage
Psalm: My parents are married and seem to like each other enough, so I suppose it's not so bad. Finn: I think it is merely a matter of who you choose to spend your life with, not marriage itself. So, I would like to be wed happily. Han: (whispers to the asker) whats marriage???? Cimmorro: [tilts head and squints a bit at han again rn]
Q - keva, do you think youll ever learn how to read? if yes, what kind of books would you want to read ?
Keva: (gaze falls to the table at the first question but at the second question she looks up and her eyes slightly squint questioningly at you) idk what kinda books there are bc i can’t read Psalm: Would you like some recommendations? I can read them to you if you want. Keva: (is getting visibly pink) Psalm: ....Is that a no?
Q - for every one, what's the way to your heart??
Finn: Hmm... you must be worthy as my rival! (he gives his rapier a test swing) That is for sure. But should you lack a passion for swordsmanship, please do your best to entertain me at a ball, at the very least. Rokka: um...? (Scratches his head nervously) I'm not sure how to answer this haha....just....please  love me??? *shy* Psalm: I've never thought about it. I just like who I like. Cimmorro: fuck around and find out! 
Q - do you own any porn? what kind
Han: asker, are you sure you dont just want directions to brothel? Rokka: what's a porn and how do you own one? What kinds are there? Psalm: "What's a porn" he says... Don't worry too much about it Rokka. Cimmorro: the only porn you all should be reading is the white book 
Q - would you or would you not try roller skates (shoes with wheels on them)?
Finn: Shoes with wheels on them? That sounds most absurd... and yet... I must inform my uncle of this. Where does one acquire such shoes... ? Rokka: (tries to picture this in his head for too long the interviewer moves on) 🤔 Psalm: This sounds like a prime setup for falling on my ass, so no.
Q - hi vengaboys. i’ve been following your adventures since predebut. i’ve been stuck at home bc of a global pandemic and i gotta say it’s really bumming me out. what should i do
Finn: I have plenty experience with staying at home. A lot of people might tell you to hone a skill or indulge in hobbies you have been neglecting and while that can be a productive use of your time, it is easier spoken than done, no? I recommend, if you are allowed, to seek out quiet places without many people around. That way you do not endanger yourself or anyone else in these trying times. Spending time in nature is quite refreshing. Please look forward to our continued performance, dear reader. Psalm: *Is somewhat amazed.* I don't think I can give a better answer than that one. Rokka: wow finn you're so smart
Q - would you ever become a vegetarian if you aren’t already one
Keva: no Rokka: I don't like salad Psalm: Sure. Finn: I would literally die. I know I like to not die, so no.
Q - To psalm and finn, what’s your thoughts on that belial guy?
Psalm: *coughs into his sleeve* Finn: *does the same*
Q - how do you like to celebrate birthdays
Finn: I think throwing a ball can be quite fun, but I think spending it intimately is far more pleasurable. I am not so vain as to demand a ball each time.
Q - do you have people waiting for you wherever you call home? if you can share, who?
Finn: My family. I can't wait to speak to my cousins again and tell them about this job, shall it go well. Psalm: I'm not sure if "waiting" is the word I'd use, but yes. Cimmorro: i can’t imagine any of those people not wanting my presence again
Q - do you like hugs
Finn: ... If they come from the right people, then yes, certainly. Rokka: oh! yes, I like hugging Psalm: What Finn said. I like them about as much as the average person, although I have a friend that mocks me for not being particularly good at giving them, whatever that means. (How can you be bad at hugging...?) Finn: Perhaps your posture is stiff, Psalm? It can make the hug feel rather "cold", so to speak. Psalm: That's what he said... (He looks lost in thought.) Rokka: psalm if you need practice hugging I am here (stands there with open arms) Finn: Consciously think about your movement. Are you actually bending your torso, properly using your arms? Try with Rokka. Keva: (was about to answer but is now biting her lip to keep from laughing at rokka and finn coaching psalm on hugging) Han: (faces away from this spectacle and slaps a hand over her mouth to not break out laughing too) Psalm: There's a lot more that goes into hugging than I initially thought.
Q -  do you prefer hot weather or cold?
Keva: hot Han: cold!! honestly its too hot in shorewater... i never thought i would miss snow Rokka: more warm than hot......but if i had to choose between the two then it would be cold Finn: I've been preferring cold weather as of late. Psalm: Hot. Cimmorro: personally i’m more of an in between guy but if i’ve no choice then i’d say cold. 
Q -  when was the last time you went on a date
Finn: I'd like to go on one in the first place :cryingcat: Rokka: I wanna go on one too!! Finn: ... Looks like we both have something to gain here. I jest of course. Psalm: *racking his brain* Can't remember. Cimmorro: a couple or so years ago.   
Q -  Hello Vengaboys! We have not had the pleasure of meeting but I am an old friend of Finnian's. He tells me about your travels in his letters and I quite look forward to reading them. Your time in Shorewater sounds like it has been quite the whirlwind! I am writing because I have always known Finnian to be a kind and gentle boy who worries about others often, and I want to be sure he is as okay as he says he is. How is he really? Please treat him well, and please do not tell him I wrote! I imagine he would be quite beside himself with embarrassment if he found out. Sincerely yours, Sagessa  P.S. I do hope we get to meet one day! May Pelor protect you until and long after then.
Rokka: Hello sagessa!! Nice to, uh, read you! I didn't know he had a friend! Yes...shorewater has been super crazzzzy. Kind of scary actually...don't come here. (Lol) you're right he is kind and well so far! He's nice to me and I like him! We shared a bed and it was nice. Also, don't worry my lips are sealed! Promise! Sincerely, Rokka. P.s. I hope to meet you soon! (saying this all outloud) 
Q - Who taught you all how to fight? Or to hone in on a specific skill?
Psalm: I've been trying to figure that out myself. Rokka: my father Finn: *side eyes psalm* I took an interest in swordsmanship early. I've had an instructor and participated in many tournaments. Your opponents are your most valuable teachers. Han: ...the whole tribe, really. Keva: i learned on my own at first. Cimmorro: good ol’ parents gyahaha
Q - do any of you know how to give good massages
Psalm: I know, but whether or not they're "good" remains to be seen. Cimmorro: we were certainly taught basic massage techniques but i don’t really have the strength for it [laughs wryly]
Q - what are your thoughts and feelings about your country or hometown?
Psalm: I'll save time and just say that they're mostly positive. Finn: My hometown is okay. Could be better. :/ Cimmorro: i like my hometown. i can’t imagine settling down anywhere else at the moment.   
Q - do you like bugs
Rokka: yeah, they're neat! Lady bugs were my favourite when I was young. Keva: as long as they're not biting me or trying to get at my food, they're fine Psalm: No, but I'm not scared of them either or anything silly like that. Finn: As a child I was less aversive to them but I must admit I find them most unpleasant and avoid all contact. Cimmorro: yeah!
Q - would you confess to your love interest first
Rokka: idk maybe? I've never been in this situation before do I'm not sure...👉👈 Psalm: It depends. No sense in keeping some things hidden though. Finn: If there is no other way, yes. Cimmorro: sure. beating around the bush feels like a waste of time really.   
Q - Do any of you have any second given names?
Finn: Yes, actually. My second name is Oswald. Han: (scoffs) no. threw it out.
Q - does your chain hang low does it bobble to the floor can you tie it in a knot can you tie in a bow can you throw it o’er your shoulder like a smth smth smth does your chain hang low
Finn: Psalm, do you recognize this writing ? Psalm: It...sounds vaguely familiar, but as I'm not from around here I'm not too sure.
Q - have you ever been to or in a wedding party? do you like going to weddings?
Psalm: I've been to my parents' wedding, but aside from that not really. I do like parties. Wedding parties seem like fun. Cimmorro: i ordain weddings... or, well, i used to. the parties are fun, but overseeing the ceremony itself is something i’d rather avoid.
Q - have you ever been somewhere haunted?
Psalm: I would hope not. Cimmorro: once or twice? strangely fun? i’d recommend it :)
Q - have you ever held a baby
Psalm: Probably? What kind of question is this? Han: ..yeah. Cimmorro: yeah! it was practically my job back then haha
Q - what would be an invention you’d really like to see to make life easier
Psalm: Airships were already invented, so I'm out of ideas. Cimmorro: a portable communication device more efficient than a sending stone sounds nice
Q - plum do you miss your sister?
Plum: yeah. who the hell are you
Q - keva what's your favourite hairstyle?
Keva: there’s up and there’s down idk how to do anything else Finn: You don't know how to do anything else? If you are ever interested I'd be happy to assist you in finding something to your liking. And to teach, shall you wish it. Keva: first psalm now you what is going on Psalm: It's an admirable trait for sure :-). Finn: You could simply stand to make more of yourself, Keva. Keva: you're just making fun of me now Finn: Absolutely not. But let's just say you're not going to impress anyone like this. Keva: who is there to-- i'm not Trying to impr-- okay (she is leaving) Finn laughs quietly to himself as she leaves Psalm: Hmm.. if I ever grow my hair out I'll be sure to come to you Finn. Finn: Gladly.
Q - i heard thru the town crier that you all were not in fact the ones who ruined elfonsent spell but how do i know i can trust you
Psalm: We didn't ruin the ball. Just take the kings' word for it I guess
Q - do you like to draw
Finn: I do not recall ever trying my hand at it. I've no time for such things. Plum: sometimes  Cimmorro: sure.
Q - would you get a tattoo? what and where would it be?
Rokka: What if 😳 I already 😳 have a tattoo😳 ? 😳 On my back 😳 Plum: *confused thinking about all the fur... did they shave him first and then tattoo him? the fuck would be the point if the fur just grows back??* Han: i only have all this birthmark... and if anything, i would like to get rid of them. Cimmorro: i already have one but maybe i’d get a few more 🤔
Q - when you’re not feelin so hot what do you do to cheer yourself up?
Rokka: roaming or good company is always nice...but it hasn't been that easy to have these days. Keva: find somewhere up high Psalm: Not sure. I have the tendency to avoid problems. Plum: drink, i think? pretty sure i drink Han: go as far into a forest as i can Cimmorro: drink
Q - have any of you had a job before this? i know han worked at the swallow’s perch but what about the rest of you? what was the job if you can share?
Psalm: I'm in my early twenties. I think there'd be something wrong if I didn't have some line of work before this. (He ignores the rest of the question.) Plum: i work for an alchemist over in talornia Rokka: check it (starts juggling) Han: hey im still working there ;-; Cimmorro: temple work. i help oversee almost everything.
Q - do any of you know how to play instruments?
Psalm: I definitely can't. Keva: sort of, not really Cimmorro: nah... though i was interested in learning one
Q - any favourite scary stories?
Psalm: I'm pretty ambivalent about the horror genre. Not my thing. Finn: That's a shame. I would've asked you for a recommendation Psalm.
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swiftmendeshoran · 8 months ago
ok love listen... can u pls write a sexy blurb of reader and niall in a pub with some friends and they're not together or anything but yk theres so much sexual tension between them and he keeps teasing her about it??? you decide what happens exactly. I kinda really need that and you write so amazingly!💖
Thanks girly so much for this request! and thank you so much for the support always, I hope you like this. 
Tumblr media
As you enter the pub you see Niall and your friends sitting at one of the tables. Niall has been one of your closest friends for years and as you two have grown up together, you might have gotten even closer. 
But lately you’ve noticed there’s A LOT of sexual tension between the two of you. Like a lot. Niall has turned into a very good-looking man and since he has been single you’ve noticed his hugs have felt different, his arm touches have left your heart racing, and when his leg grazed yours last week you were almost about to lose it. 
Walking closer to the table where everyone is, Niall greets you first. He wraps you in a big bear hug and kissed your forehead.. 
“Hey (Y/N)! Glad you could make it,” he said. 
You smiled and hugged him back and then greeted the rest of your friends and sat down. You ordered a drink, as everybody was already at least two drinks in. 
Sitting down next to Niall, you whole body felt like it was tingling. He was telling this story and although most people were smiling or just chuckling, you were laughing at loud. You couldn’t help it. The way Niall told it was funny. You touched his forearm while laughing, as a reflex, and Niall tensed up. 
He looked at you funny and you felt his arm flex under your touch. When he was done the story, you couldn’t stop smiling. 
One of your other friends launched into another story, but you were kind of zoned out. 
“Didn’t tink I was dat funny, (Y/N),” Niall whispered to you. 
“Really? I think you are,” you said. 
“Oh really?” he raised an eyebrow and gave a cocky smile. 
“Yeah,” you took a sip of your drink, making that sound when there’s nothing left but ice. 
“Lemme get ya anodder drink,” Niall offered, taking your glass. “Same ting?” 
You nodded you head and watched him as he walked up to the bar. You noticed how the bottom of his sweater pulled up as he leaned on the bar. You noticed the way he tapped his fingers waiting for the drinks. And you noticed his smile and intense eye contact when he made his way back to your table. 
“Ya alright (Y/N)?” Niall asked, placing a hand on your back. 
“Uh huh,” you said, your heart racing at his touch. 
“Cause if I didn’t know any bedder, I’d tink ya were in love wit me or something,” Niall smirked as he sat down. 
“What? In love? With you? Pssh,” you played it off, waving your hand. 
“Mmmhmm,” Niall took a sip of his drink, raising his eyebrow. He was about to say something else, but the band of the night came up on stage at that moment and introduced themselves. 
They started playing songs and were taking requests. You were really getting into the music, singing along, and shouting out requests with your friends. 
When the band was taking a short break, you turned around to Niall and he was already staring at you, a faint smile on his face. 
“What?” you asked, your face turning red. 
“Ya just look nice tanight. Dat’s all,” he shrugged, turning his attention to something else once he realized her got caught staring. 
“Oh, uh, thanks,” you blushed. Niall rarely complimented you. Usually he’d say ‘those are some sick boots’ or something, but never usually said you looked nice. That’s just how your relationship was. 
You were friends and would tease each other like friends do. 
This time you decided to get you both more drinks. “The usual,” you asked, picking up his Guinness. 
“Yep,” he said. 
You got up and walked to the bar, getting the attention of the bartender. While you were waiting, the band started playing again. A man was standing next to you also waiting for his drink and he struck up a conversation with you. “He’s a lucky man,” he said over the music. 
“Excuse me?” you asked. 
“Your boyfriend,” he gestured over to Niall. “He’s a lucky man.” 
“Oh,” you chuckled. “He’s not my boyfriend. Just a really close friend.” 
“Really? Because there seems to be a lot of tension between you two,” the stranger said. 
“You think so?” you asked. “We’re just really comfortable with each other,” you shrugged. 
“I’m Chase, by the way,” he offered out a hand. 
“(Y/N),” you replied. 
Luckily the bartender came back with your drinks at that moment and you took them anxiously. Chase was about to say something else, but you made an excuse to leave. “Well, uh, it was nice meeting you. I have to get back to my friends now.” 
You quickly made your way back to the table, placing your drinks down on the table. “Here you go!” 
“Who was that?” Niall asked, pointing to the man at the bar. 
“Some drunk guy trying to hit on me,” you brushed it off. 
Niall glared at you, not believing your story. He took a sip of his beer and draped his arm over the back of your chair. He pulled your chair closer to him, his hand touching your side. “Better stay close to me then, aye?” 
Your stomach was filled with butterflies. Niall’s cologne was taking over your smell and his arm around your chair made your heart beat out of your chest. 
You were rubbing your hands together, palms starting to sweat. This was your tell that you were nervous and awkward silence fell between the two of you. The rest of your friends were absolutely wasted, laughing and yelling loudly. “Startin’ to tink ‘m makin’ ya nervous, love.” 
“What?” your heartbeat was now pounding in your ear. 
“Yer palms are sweaty. That’s yer nervous tell,” he said. 
“Oh, uh,” you hesitated, trying to think of an excuse. 
“‘M jokin’ (Y/N),” he smirked, bringing his beer bottle up to his lips. His other hand, touched your thigh. 
“Oh right, yeah. I knew that,” you chuckled. There was a brief moment of tension and heavy breathing as you made eye contact and then looked down at his hand on your leg. 
“Uh, ya wanna come over ta my place? Maybe watch a movie or summin. It’s gettin’ kinda loud in here,” Niall suggested. 
“Sure,” you agreed. 
You both got up, leaving money to cover your drinks on the table and said goodbye to your friends. Niall held the door open for you as you made your way outside. 
He was unlocking his car and you stopped. “Are you ok Niall? To drive, I mean?” 
“C’mon, (Y/N). I ‘ad 2 1/2 beers. For the Irish that’s nothing,” he said, opening the passenger door for you. 
You slipped into the car as Niall jogged his way to the driver’s side. When he started the car up, you looked over at Niall. He was glowing in the moonlight and looked heavenly. You bit your lip. Niall looked over his shoulder backing out of the spot, his arm on the back of your headrest. 
The car ride to his place was quiet. You’ve been to his place so many times you don’t know why you were nervous this time. 
When you arrived at his place, Niall shut off the car and sat back in his seat, unbuckling his seatbelt. He just let out a sigh. 
You didn’t say anything, you just stared out the window, biting your lip. 
“Ya ready to go in?” You asked at the same time he said. “(Y/N)...” 
“You go first,” you both said at the same time, which made you both laugh. 
“Go ahead, Niall,” you said. 
He sighed, running his hand through his hair. “(Y/N), have ya noticed tings bein’ different between us?” 
“What do you mean?” you swallowed. 
“Like back in the pub. I don’t know. Felt like there were awkward silences we’ve never ‘ad before,” he shrugged, looking over at you. “And I just feel like lately... nevermind. Just forget it.” 
“Lately like there’s been tension between us,” you finished. “Good tension.” 
“Yeah...” Niall sighed. “It’s stupid. Ferget I said anyting. Let’s just head...” 
Niall was cut off because you grabbed his face and kissed him. This was not like any other kiss you’ve ever had. When Niall grabbed the back of your head, you felt safe. There were butterflies in your stomach again and heard faint moans coming out of Niall. When you pulled away, you were both out of breath. 
“I’m sorry,” you said, blushing. “I just had to know what it’d be like to kiss you. Just once. It was eating away at me.” 
Niall was quiet for a moment, a small smile formed on his face. He was staring into your eyes. 
“Uh, I don’t want to ruin anything between us, so I’ll just get an Uber home,” you said, starting to open the car door. 
“(Y/N), WAIT!” Niall said, grabbing your arm. 
You turned back to look at him, staring into his eyes, tears forming in yours. Your heart beating fast. “What, Niall?” 
Niall grabbed your face and kissed you again, this time adding a little bit of tongue. His hands were caught in your hair and your hands were resting on his chest. When your tear fell down your face and onto Niall’s cheek, he pulled away, wiping your tears away. “Don’t go (Y/N), please.” 
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fortheloveoflizards · 8 months ago
ive actually been a fan of wof for years now, im just not super active in the fandom and i guess id like to be? so here i am, sending u an awkward ask lol. anyways, the more i think about animus magic, the more i hate the way tui executed the concept? like theres barely any consequences or limitations. dragons can do whatever they want with it, which is bad for the plot. idk what are ur thoughts?
Hah, this isn’t awkward at all, I actually do have a lot of thoughts on animus magic, particularly how it differs in each tribe. I think giving each tribe different types of magic, as well as individual drawbacks on top of the general “you go crazy if you abuse your power”. Though I think the latter could have worked as more of a “if you use your power selfishly, it’ll turn on you” sort of situation? In my headcanons, each tribe has a type of magic they work best with, and a type of magic that puts strain on their physical form.
As the tribe closest in appearance to traditional European dragons, I like to headcanon Skywing animus magic as Weather and Element based. Stuff like creating storms and controlling wind currents is easy to imagine, but also magic pertaining to emotions, often fueled by the feelings of the animus themselves. A Skywing animus might find it easiest to use an object to better conduct magic, like a branch or, most commonly, crystals of different types. Skywing magic is what you would call “cast spells”, meaning they have no need to write or say what they wish to do, just think or “feel” it. As for drawbacks, emotional instability is kind of obvious, huh? There’s also bad weather being attracted to the animus, and parts of their body slowly turning into whatever object they used to channel their spells. As an example, using crystals in his spells might result in an animus’ scales turning into crystals themselves, whereas an animus that used a branch to direct air currents would notice her tail growing small twigs and leaves out from between her scales. The magic Skywings have most difficulty with is Herbal and Brewed magic. I feel since Skywing magic is very much based on action and emotion, it would be difficult for a Skywing animus to properly channel it in such a passive way.
Mudwing animus magic is perhaps my favourite to think about, it being what I call Herbal or Brewed magic. Mudwing animi specialize in potions and medicine, though this is more of an inherent tribe skill, their magic works best when imbued into food or drink. To continue with this technique, “power-ups” would be cool to see. Potions to give a dragon super strength or speed, or to keep their scales permanently warm so they can always breath fire. I think Mudwings would be most likely to use so called “magical ingredients” for their spells, as in the act of the animus using an ingredient makes it magic, rather than a normal dragon including it in their stew. I don’t feel there would be much room for drawbacks when it comes to Mudwing magic, so I’m gonna say there isn’t one. However, I will say Brewed magic is one of the hardest to perfect, as if a quantity of ingredient is even slightly off, disaster is imminent. Transformation magic is likely to be the hardest for a Mudwing animus to use. While Brewed magic is hard, it’s precise and a recipe can be done a hundred times for a hundred different dragons, and the effects never alter. Transformation magic is the opposite, in that the spell must be altered for every dragon, as every dragon is slightly different.
Next up is Sandwings! They lean most towards Written and Solar based magic. As you can guess, this means their magic is linked at least partially to the sun. Though they can’t control them, Sandwing animi often have very keen senses when it comes to the weather and seasonal changes. Change itself is a big thing for Sandwings, so seasonal magic is common. Sandwings also find writing spells easiest, as the spell is then precise and exactly as they need it. Sandwing riddles, told at parties or in passing as a fun conversation topic, have their roots in animus magic. Sandwing animi also enjoy the company of animal companions, usually camels or vultures; animals that can carry scrolls and items for the animus in question. The downside for Sandwing animi can be either mental or physical. They can start forgetting things, losing track of time, generally being scatterbrained, which eventually leads to them losing their entire memory. Or, their scales begin to darken, although I’m undecided on what kind of colour they would turn. Should they just turn golden or maybe more of a sunburnt orange or red. Perhaps even black. I dunno, maybe all three. Spoken and Lunar magic are the clear opposites of Written and Solar, so it’s pretty obvious why a Sandwing animus would have trouble in this area. Sandwing magic can be very picky, kind of like a sadistic genie that goes by what a wisher says, rather than what they mean. A dragon has to be very careful how they phrase a spell, which is hard for most Sandwing animi, hence their avoidance of Spoken spells.
I think my Seawing animus headcanon is the closest to being confirmed in canon, since the Seawing animi we see using their magic are usually using what I’ve called Spoken and Lunar magic. This includes regeneration(like healing of themselves and others), curses, transfiguration of objects and generally verbal commands. And for the record, “verbal commands” is usually, like the animus test the Seawings take, telling an inanimate object to do something. Lunar magic is connected to the moon and the tides, opposite to Solar magic. This can mean it gets stronger under a full moon, and gives a Seawing animus a kind of bond to the ocean the more they use Lunar magic. As with Sandwing animi, the magic that comes most natural to Seawings involves change. Changing tides, moon rotations, drifting currents and rips, all those factor into their magic’s strength, in and out of water. Seawing animi can also suffer a lowering of inhibitions, and can suffer what I call “going feral”. Theirs is the most noticeable, though this final drawback can affect all tribes. I like to think the more a Seawing animus uses their magic, the more they start to look like a deep sea creature. Brighter glowing scales, thinner scales overall(sometimes so thin you can almost see their insides, bleurgh!), elongated, thinner teeth, and increased speed of growth to their whole body. As you can probably guess, Written and Solar magic are the areas that cause the most trouble for Seawing animi. I’m not sure what else to comment here, since I feel it’s pretty straightforward, so there you go.
Rainwings! The tribe I’m most like! I feel that since the average Rainwing can change the colour of their scales regardless of magical ability, Transformation magic would be a perfect match for any animi that might exist in the tribe. Transformation magic includes form shifting of themselves and others, body hrror/torture(which differs from simple form shifting because it’s specifically supposed to cause pain) and transfiguration of objects. Transformation magic requires knowledge of how the specific dragon’s body works, moves and how their mind reacts to things. You might think the average Rainwing is too self-centered to be capable of that kind of perceptiveness, but I believe they’re more perceptive than they’re portrayed in-canon. I think the most noticeable consequence of a Rainwing animus using their magic is their scale colours “glitching”. If the Rainwing is naturally purple and green and they try to turn red and blue, areas of their scales might change slower than the rest, or not change altogether. A camouflaged Rainwing might suddenly find themselves bright pink and orange. Stuff like that. Weather magic is most difficult for a Rainwing animus, since it requires a lot of, I guess passionate emotions? Weather magic is loud and aggressive and takes a lot of power to control. It also relies heavily on being strongly connected to every emotion, and can backfire terribly on a dragon that doesn’t know how to wrangle that kind of power.
Mind and Time magic is what I’ve assigned for Nightwings! I felt it fits with their whole Mystical Infinite Powers aesthetic. Obviously, Mind magic includes mindreading and and Time magic future vision - which were most likely a gift from a Nightwing animus a long time ago. Other abilities include fate writing(a spell that can change an otherwise unchangeable future), enchanting, illusions, and changing minds/the perceptions of a dragon. This magic is actually relatively simple to perform, and one of the most used types by all animus dragons. That doesn’t make it any less powerful or dangerous, in fact it’s probably more dangerous that it’s so easy to use. Nightwings certainly haven’t been using it for the best purposes. This is the magic I think is the root cause of dragons losing their minds, since “Mind” is like one whole half of the magic. The unfortunate thing is that Nightwings are excellent bullshitters, so they at least last a while before anyone figures out something’s wrong. The side effect of using other types of magic is most notably scale discolouration, to the point that there are records of completely white, full-blood Nightwings. Since Icewings and Nightwings are Enemies For Life I figure their magics would clash just as much, out of principal. Reflective magic in particular requires the user to be self aware, to know their faults and, if only momentarily, be at peace with them. Nightwings are pretty in denial about a lot of stuff, it’s part of the culture they’ve built up.
Finally, Reflective and Defensive magic is the natural inclination of Icewings. That means shielding and barrier magic - which can be physical or psychological, insightful magic, illusions and star spells. No insightful magic is Not future vision, if you make that comparison in front of even a regular Icewing you will be murdered. The Icewing mind is typically pretty guarded already, as we see when Moon tries to read them. I like to believe that an animus a long time ago used their Gift to make it so Nightwings can’t read the tribe’s minds, or at least not easily. This would be an example of a psychological barrier spell. Star spells are tied to the stars(no duh) like Solar and Lunar magic are tied to their respective namesakes. However, as opposed to change, star spells are constant. Once one is cast, it stays forever. Almost all Icewing magic is a star spell of some kind, making other dragons very wary of an animus born from the tribe. Thankfully, the fact that Icewing magic includes that of Defense, it’s rarely used for aggressive purposes. I believe Icewing magic would backfire by crystalising within the user’s bones, making their joints stiff and their mind fuzzy. They may dissociate from the world and eventually be lost, as with Sandwings. As I said, Icewings and Nightwings are opposites in magic, though there are overlaps which serve to infuriate both tribes. Considering Nightwing animus magic supposedly came from Icewings, the former retained some of the abilities of the latter.
There you are, my thoughts on dragon magic. This turned into much more of a headcanons post than an answer, so I hope you don’t mind. Thanks so much for the ask, and I hope you find content creators that make you feel safe being active in the fandom!
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