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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Meet the Families



Originally posted by dearssunshine

  • Oldest child of Johnny and Tracy
  • Older sibling of Daphne,Jeffrey and Hailey
  • Genderfluid(She/He/Them)
  • Only her boyfriend and Younger brother know about her gender identity
  • In a relationship with Tucker
  • Introverted
  • Pansexual
  • Switches between shameless and awkward on a dime
  • Spends his monthly allowance at Hot Topic
  • Probably a furry
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A Helping Hand and an Accident
by PlazyAuthor09

When two girls, Alya and Theresa, couldn’t take Marinette’s shy-ness over Adrien anymore. They had to take matters into their hands.

Words: 1182, Chapters: 1, Status: Complete, Language: English

Read Here:

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I haven’t posted in so long but here. I redesigned my Genshin Impact OC, Theresa. I tried to make her design from Sumeru with hints of Liyue style.

Would anyone be interested in seeing and hearing more of her? Feel free to comment or message me any questions you have about her. Also I will still post Obey Me stuff but I also will post some Genshin Impact art when I do draw it.

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hi theresa! this name has deep religious roots, but i’m not about to drop my tallis scholars playlist on you, rest assured. the name does have a tenderness to it. there’s a red hue about it, one of gentle love, and flickering fire. Theresa’s flame illuminates more vivid palettes, golds and turqoises, and emboldens the shadows to colour. 

Theresa’s youtube playlist

  1. the grid by phillip glass (holy; the spectrum building…)
  2. black history month (sammy danger remix) by death from above 1979 (unholy; a scream!)
  3. infinity guitars by sleigh bells (unholy; church bells.)
  4. black tongue by the yeah yeah yeahs (unholy; shadows.)
  5. howl by the grates (unholy; howl!!)
  6. spiral by wye oak (holy; swirling colours…) 
  7. cafe d’athens by foals (holy; tender reds.)
  8. evening side by four tet (holy; distinct turqoise.)
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This is the one that I took most time doing; adapting Theresa’s body to Theseus posture was a bit of a challenge but is finally here. Also, it was the one that had more details, adding the Minotaur. I took some creative liberties with her upper body cause Theseus just has a skirt. So here you go;)

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Lol hate it when pro life people are like ‘its my job to speak up for all the murdered babies’. Soz Susan but I don’t want you speaking for my child. Raptor Theresa May, you do your own thing in the fetus afterlife

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