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The American holiday of Thanksgiving has a lot of mixed baggage. I don’t need to dredge up the human rights violations which originated the holiday since that’s boring human stuff none of you have signed up for. As it’s practiced today, Thanksgiving is more or less a secular holiday in which families the country over give thanks for what they have and share a big phat meal of varying carbacious or proteinous substances. One of the most important to any Thanksgiving dinner…is the Turkey. Imagine, if you will, an alternate reality in which dinosaurs never went extinct and humans somehow evolved anyway. Instead of the turkey, we now have a plump juicy well-cooked, seasoned, and stuffed velociraptor carcass to carve. Would we want this? Would it taste good? Let’s find out!

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It amuses me greatly that, if we ever invent time travel and go back to the Cretaceous, we’d see a Velociraptor and say “hey look at that bird” “oh cool” and nothing else. Honestly, imagine if future civilizations assigned mythic importance to turkeys. I hate that comparison but it’s appropriate in the sense that, like… how many people care that much about turkeys? They’re, like… small-scale famous, you’d recognize one but you wouldn’t look for it on a safari. That would be what happens with Velociraptor. One of the most famous dinosaurs ever found could easily be imagined as your Christmas dinner. I would bask in the public’s disillusionment.

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the gorgon lizard aka GORGOSAURUS ~  tyrannosaurid theropod that also lived in the late Cretaceous.

I’m going to be honest here I totaly forgot that I had this drawing to make today, been with my mon to the hospital and I just completly forgot about it, but here is us haha ~

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(Note: I am not a professional paleontologist or even biologist. I am just and amateur paleoartist and enthusiast. If my infos are off in some way, feel free to correct them ^^)


1 - Tototlmimus packardensis (From Nahuatl “tototl” - bird - and Latin “mimus” - mimic)
- Late Cretaceous (72 Ma BCE)
- Packard Formation, Sonora, Mexico

Formally described in 2016, Tototlmimus is one of the most recent genera of ornithomimosaurs native to North America, described from a partial skeleton without skull, placing it closer to the genus Ornithomimus, from the end of the Cretaceous, being approximately the size of an rhea. The Packard Formation, where it was found, was probably a large coastal plain, crossed by river deltas where this animal probably fed, using its long neck and toothless beak to catch aquatic vegetation and animals like lizards and amphibians that lived there, like a great heron or stork.

Ornithomimosaurs are theropods specialized in running, having long rear legs with three fingers, suppressing the first finger - hallux - as a way to free its legs from the extra weight, allowing them to reach speeds in 30 and 70 km/h, being among the faster non-avian dinosaurs. Despite being theropods, related to large carnivores, these dinosaurs were probably omnivorous or entirely herbivorous, losing teeth throughout their evolution, using their longs necks and arms to reach their food in trees or bodies of water. The presence of feathers in these animals, similar to ostrich feathers, is practically confirmed by impressions on some fossils in addition to the evolutionary heritage, being members of Coelurosauria, the dinosaurus closest to birds. Underneath these feathers, there would be the presence of a bare skin without scales, similar, again, to an ostrich.

Color scheme based on a Tricolored Heron (Egretta tricolor)

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Velociraptor is probably one of the more famous dinosaurs right? Meaning fast hunter and it used to live in Mongolia during the late Cretaceous.
I just realized that majority of the dinos I’ve drawn this year is from the late Cretaceous…. I’ll have to include more jurassic and triassic animals next year!

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For 14 long years, a secret from the late cretaceous period has been held captive by capitalistic greed, average folks just trying to make a living, and the bureaucracy of the U.S. This secret holds within it the immaculately preserved fossil remains of a mysterious meat-eating dinosaur potentially locked in mortal combat with an equally mysterious horned dinosaur. These intertwined beasts of primordia are known as, “Montana’s Dueling Dinosaurs,” and their 14-year-long hiatus from the eyes of academics, laymen, and amateurs has finally been lifted.

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A thin layer of fog rolls off the surface of a freshwater lake surrounded by forest. The sun is just beginning to rise over a nearby mountain top, its light just now touching the tops of the trees, amidst which a small creature hunts for an early morning meal. Twenty feet ahead a small lizard rests on top of a downed tree, the small dinosaur locks in on it and approaches with caution, ready to pounce.

Suddenly the ground shakes, Sinosauropteryx freezes in place, waiting for the rumbling to stop. The lizard has not moved from its resting spot. Slowly the small theropod moves forward, but its prey remains motionless. Now only 10 feet away, the tiny hunter stops, curious as to why the its meal has not reacted to the rumbling. A long fuzzy tale, banded with brownish red stripes against creamy white counter shading, pokes out through the top of the foliage, followed shortly by a small inquisitive head.

Slowly moving forward, it tilts its fuzzy little head, trying to find an answer to the puzzle laid out before it; perhaps the lizard is still asleep, or maybe it has yet to warm sufficiently to be aware of its surroundings.  Sinosauropteryx cautiously hops up onto the tree, the claws on its feet gripping the bark to aid in balance. Moving closer to its mysteriously motionless food,  it pokes the lizard lightly with the tip of its snout, but there is no reaction.

After giving the lizard a good sniff, the dinosaur determines the lizard is dead. Not one to pass up a free meal, Sinosauropteryx  grabs the carcass with sharp little teeth and tosses it lightly into the air in an effort to turn it around slightly in order to make eating an easier task. Happily it arches it’s neck and swallows the lizard head first, learning all too late that this would be its last meal. The earth rumbles once more, and the surface of the lake is broken by large bubbles as gas escapes from deep below the ground. The light of the new day’s sun begins to grow dark as little hunter loses it’s bearings and teeters off the log, falling onto it’s side dead, a victim of the same volcanic vapors that had killed its prey.

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Bonus Spinosaurus color scheme!

Every palette will have a bonus 9th color scheme for fun and I’ve always had a soft spot for the CamoXtreme toys that came out after JP3. The paint jobs are rad as hell across the board and I wish they weren’t so expensive online. This is from the Swamp-themed 2-pack of an itty bitty Spino and T. rex.

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