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#these are too bright i'm sorry
crewel-intentions · a month ago
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Lance:  Now then, I’m going to bed.  If you’re not off this property by the time I get upstairs, I’ll have to escort you off it myself.  It’s nothing personal; I just can’t have strangers entering private property as they please.  You understand.
( @askbohemiancompany​ / @omnipokemonproducts​)
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crestofenlightenment · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
four years later. four years since he had fallen into an alternate dimension and had the adventure of a lifetime. four years since he had seen his partner.
he had gotten taller. he carried his digivice with him wherever he went. his partner was out there somewhere, waiting for him just as he waited on earth, watching for a sign. he couldn't explain it, but sometimes he was sure his partner still looked after him. padding along at his feet or swimming nearby in a river. his partner loved to swim.
sometimes, he was sure he was still there, right beside him.
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aceiinspacee · 15 days ago
Realized I forgot to post this oops My animation reel from september/early october! Our project at the time was traditional animation
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yuriyuruandyuraart · 11 months ago
congrats on 1K+ followers!
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wooo- looks like i finally finished this!
congratulations @zirkkun​ on your 1000+ followers! your style is so polished and clean, and you put a lot of efforts into your comic; no wonder you achieved this!
i have to say that this was very fun to draw! but the background was a real pain- i don’t draw complex background often so i hope it doesn’t look too junky
(i couldn’t export it on sai but here’s a close-up)
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yourbestmate · 10 months ago
I love the fact that Malcolm is always honest with Edrisa.
To everyone else he says he is fine, and only tells them he is not when he is waaaay not fine, but when Edrisa asks he tells her just the way the things are.
Like in 1x07 with the pocket knife Edrisa finds in the station wagon.
Is he trust her instinctly, or is it because Edrisa has not judged Malcolm ever, she admires him and sees him as he is, from the beginning.
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