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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I loved and I loved and I lost you and it hurts like hell.
Hurts Like Hell (Fleurie)
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love bite
Tumblr media
warnings: some spoilers and a lil suggestiveness at the end. 
gif is not mine. credit to owner. 
Sersi was the one that noticed it first. 
“(Y/n), did you hurt yourself?” She asked as she examined the small mark on the right side of your neck. 
“What? No, why?” 
“You have something right here.” Sersi pointed. 
You set your empty coffee mug down and grabbed your phone, turning the camera on and looking at what she was referring to. 
It was a huge love bite. 
That damn Druig! 
“Oh, I uh, I burned myself with my curling iron.” You lied. It wasn’t very original but it was the first thing that popped into your head. 
Sprite, who had been witnessing this whole encounter while eating her cereal, decided to chime in, “Your hair isn’t even curly.” 
You narrowed your eyes at her in annoyance, “Thanks for that, Sprite.” 
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Sersi was always the motherly type when it came to you and Sprite even though technically Sersi was a little bit older than you. 
“I’m fine. I promise.” You poured coffee into your mug and hurried out of the room before Sersi could ask you any more questions. You went into your bedroom where your sleeping lover was still sprawled out on your bed. 
If it were any other day, you would let him rest. Instead of being the nice girlfriend you normally were, you set your mug down on your nightstand, grabbed your pillow and whacked him on the head. 
“Wake up!” 
Druig groaned, “Why’d you just hit me?” 
“Because you left a mark on my neck last night, jerk!” You hit him again and he sat up to look at you. 
Druig rubbed the sleep from his eyes before he focused. He started smirking, “Wow, that’s a hell of a mark.” 
  You threw the pillow at him which he dodged so gracefully, “Why would you do that?!” 
“I don’t seem to remember you having any problem with it last night.” 
“I wasn’t in my right state of mind!” 
Druig got on his knees and moved to the edge of the bed where you were. He grabbed the middle of your shirt (well, it was actually his) and pulled you to him, “So, you’re saying I put you in a trance?” 
You slapped his bare chest playfully, “I’m so glad that you think this is funny. Sprite is never going to let me live this down.” 
Druig wrapped his arms around you, “You gotta admit that it is a little funny,” he chuckled, “I am sorry. I didn’t realize that I left this mark on your neck.” He rubbed the spot with his thumb lightly. 
You felt like your knees suddenly turned to jelly. The impact that man had on you was something that others wished they could experience. You were so lucky as was he. 
“I’m going to have to try and cover it up before the others come. I’m sure Sprite might spill the beans about it though so why bother, right?” The other members of the Eternals were planning on meeting at the apartment in London that you shared with Sersi and Sprite. It was sort of going to be a meeting of what’s next. There was a lot up in the air after the events that occurred on the beach not too long ago. 
It was the first time since everyone had split apart in the first place that no one knew what was going to happen. 
“I kinda like the idea that everyone is going to see it.” 
“Because then everyone will know you are mine.” Druig winked at you. 
“Everyone already knows that. Even when we were separated all those years, they all knew who my heart belonged to.” You touched his cheek and he kissed the palm of your hand. 
“My heart belongs to you as well, love.” Druig said before capturing your lips with his. All of the anger that you had seemed to drift away. 
Druig’s lips left yours and immediately went back to the love bite. Before you could scold him, he kissed the mark lightly before kissing you again. 
“We should probably get ready for the day.” You said before things could get heated like the night before. 
“I’d much rather stay here a little longer.” Druig whispered into your ear before kissing the spot beneath it lightly. 
You knew that you didn’t have much time before you were completely under his spell. He didn’t need to use mind control to get you do what he wanted. 
“Druig….” You couldn’t even finish your sentence. His name came out of your mouth breathy and he smirked. 
“Don’t you think that we have a lot of time to make up for, my love?” 
You nodded as his hands slipped underneath your shirt and up your back, “Yeah, I uh, I think we do.” It was hard to try and formulate a sentence in that moment. 
“I can think of a few areas on your body that need some attention and also a love bite.” 
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skz reacting to you accidentally crashing their vlive
───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───
Tumblr media
skz x gn!reader, fluff, bulletpoints+scenarios
gifs belong to their original owners, the pictures are from pinterest ( pls dm if you want the credits)
───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───
bang chan:
Tumblr media
he’d be very sweet and cool about it
would just ask you to join him, letting you sit besides him or even in his lap
softly giggles at your words, plus his ears would definitely get a bit read bc he thinks you’re so incredibly cute
“channieee~ have you seen my char- “ you stopped in the middle of your sentence when you saw the familiar vlive-layout on the pc screen in front of your boyfriend,
“oh, i’m sorry, i didn’t know that you were live” you apologized while blushing a little, chans gaze now on you, giving you a big smile.
“why don’t you join?” he asked, softly tapping the spot besides him, signaling you to sit down.
“you can also recommend a song if you want” he added, smiling at you while the chat went crazy over the way chan looked at you with pure adoration in his eyes. he then played the song you wished for, while casually talking about your day and different topics, giggling at your words from time to time with a huge smile in his face.
lee know:
Tumblr media
would playfully be mad at first
but that would turn into a “i guess you have to join me now🙄🙄” really quick
definitely shows you off, bragging about all the things you’re good at and
“heyy!! I’m on a live rn!!!” lee know shouted dramatically when you peeked your head through the door. but his dramatic demeanor quickly changed when he saw a guilty look on your face.
“well i wanted to ask what you want for dinner, but i guess that’s not important right now” you playfully snapped back at him, about to close the the door when he dramatically screamed “waittt”
you walked into the room with a complete dumbfounded innocent look on your face “yeahh?”
“c’mere, now that you interrupted you gotta stay and tell me what your beautiful mind thought of doing for dinner…if stays knew how good you’d cook, they’d definitely kidnap you!”
seo changbin:
Tumblr media
he would just look at you like??? and wouldn’t make a big deal out of it
maybe a little started when you suddenly bursted into the room
would give you playful smirks all the time
changbin jumped up in his seat when all of the sudden the door bursted open, startling him. his head immediately turned into your direction, looking at you in shock with big eyes and slight concern written above his face.
“biniee~~ “ you whined, walking up to him “i really can’t open this stupid can of pesto, can you please help me”
his concern was immediately wiped away and was replaced by a big smirk on his face. he took the can from your hands with a smile, also struggling with the lid for a second, until it opened with a loud click.
you thanked him with a sweet thank you, while you were walking towards the kitchen again, being completely oblivious to the fact that he wad live the whole time.
he would definitely tease you about the way you looked at his muscles tensing as he opened the can later
hwang hyunjin:
Tumblr media
would look at you with big doe eyes paired with a soft smile
would teach you some dance steps, so you can dance a little together, but also to show stays how talented you are
soft, innocent touches from time to time to hell you with your pOstUrE
hyunjin butsted out into a big smile when he saw you walking into the practice room, his facie turning away from the camera to look at you.
“you forgot your water at home, so i brought you some” you said while holding up the water bottle in your hand. he immediately walked out of the camera frame to get to you, giving you a short hug as a thank you as he took the water bottle from your hands and took a sip.
“do you wanna join? i was teaching stays some dancesteps anyway, so you can learn with them if you want to”, he asked and was more than happy when you answered with a “yes sure, why not”
he gently dragged you into the frame by your hands, proceeding to teach you the dance moves he showed before, while his hands continued to give you light touches around your waist or arms to get you in the correct position, always making you blush a little.
han jisung:
Tumblr media
he would be a little shocked at first, putting in panic mode on, since he’s pretty private abt his relationship
but when he sees that you are comfortable with the situation, he calms down a bit
you two just chat casually with many giggles and adoring stares in between
when you walked into the room, jisung wasn’t sure whether he should cover the camera or even stop the live, totally panicked about if you knew that he was live or not.
“hey, i saw that you were live, so i thought that i’d stop by for a second” you exclaimed, shooting a reassuring smile towards your boyfriend while getting another chair for you to set down.
jisung calmed a little bit down, but he was still a little bit nervous, so you just started chatting about random topics. you started to tell some childhood stories, giggling together and laughing out loud together.
his gaze never leaving your face when you tell your stories, while looking at you with attentive puppy eyes, waiting for you to finish speaking so that he can share a similar experience afterwards.
lee felix:
Tumblr media
shy bby would be so happy
a giant smile the whole time
would pull you on his lap with no chance to escape
“lixie i’m home!!” you shouted through the apartment, making felix pop a big smile. just a few moments later the door to his room opened, felix’s eyes growing big at the bags in your hand.
“I walked by our favorite place and thought i’d bring some-“ you explained when you saw that he was currently live.
you let out a silent ‘oh’ while blushing a little. “you should’ve told me your live!!” you yelled playfully “i look so messy right now”
felix just chuckled to him self while he grabbed the bags from your hands, setting them down on the table in front of him,so that he can finally pull you into his embrace and sit you down on his laps.
“you look everything but messy right now, gorgeous”
kim seungmin:
Tumblr media
he would just look up to you like ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
would then just continue with whatever he was doing
still would be a smiley little pup when you decide to join him and more than happy to (subtly) show you off
Seungims head turned when he heard a light knock on the door.
“come in” he answered in a soft tone, a big smile appearing on his face when he see’s you standing in the door.
He looked at you, expecting you to to say something, but wanting to discuss something more private, stayed quiet, just looking at him. He seemed to understand, just giving you another smile before he turned back to his food.
“Do you want a bite?” he asked,tapping the empty space next to him for you to sit down. You nodded as you made your way up to him. He took a spoonful of everything he had in front of him and handed it you. You thanked him and ate your portion,giving him a smile in return.
In the meantime seungmins eyes wandered to read the chat
“Look babe, they think you’re cute”
yang jeongin:
Tumblr media
he’d take the chance to tease you, knowing you can’t do too much about it
so be ready for everything including giggles
would probably forget that he’s live for a sec and would then get embarrassed about it
“hey” jeongin warned you, but the pillow he threw already made it’s way to you, hitting you almost perfectly. You picked up the pillow from the floor, ready to start a street fight when you saw his bashful smile and the ongoing vlive on his screen.
You stopped yourself, but nothing did stop you from pulling him away from his seat, in the direction of the couch, so you can throw the pillow back at him without breaking anything. And before you knew it, you were immersed in your pillow fight, completely forgetting that the live is still on.
when the thought of being live came back to his mind, jeongin stopped all his moves, blushing, realizing that dozens of people are currently watching him lose against you in a pillow fight. after he finally overcame his frozen state, he walked up to the camera, basically using it to protect himself from any other attacks.
He giggled softly at your defeated expression, making you laugh out loud too.
“Let’ decide who wins this later, you aren’t done yet , jeongin” you warned, leaving the room with a playful smile.
───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───
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19ana45 · 2 months ago
Hi! 👋 Could I please request a drabble of taking care and tending to Sam after his fight with Brock Rumlow in The Winter Solder? Something sweet and loving would be amazing if that’s okay with you! Congratulations on 300! I love your writing!
I see you @sgt-seabass you're not being sly about this. But I love you regardless because this ask made me die inside, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't saving it for a special time.
Kiss Me Better
Tumblr media
Pairing: Sam Wilson x Reader
Word Count: 1.1k
Summary: Sam might be concussed but he's pretty sure of his feelings.
Warnings: fluff, injuries, medical inaccuracies 'cause it's me, i love sam so much sdfjsdklfgjfklgsdgks ok?
A/N: This is written as part of my 300 follower celebration, that ended on November 14, but I will be finishing up some drabbles throughout the week. Gif by the amazingly talented @sgt-seabass
To see if there is a happy ending click here.
Copyright Notice: I do not own any of the images or dividers used in this post, credit to their original owners. I do not own any of the Marvel characters, they belong to Marvel. This is my own creative piece of writing, you do not have permission to repost it as yours on any other sites and/or translate it (without my written permission). That counts as plagiarism, which is illegal. Reblogs are fine, and encouraged!
Tumblr media
Her hand shook a little, as his face winced underneath her at the feel of the alcohol, and she said meekly, “Sorry.”
“Sorry…” she was trying to hide how each cry of pain was going straight to her heart, even if they were a little exaggerated.
“Ow!” Sam cried, looking up at her with a glare.
“Ok, ok! I’m done!” she tossed the offending cotton pad to the side, reaching for some gauze, starting to wrap it around his head wound and sighed in relief. “Does it hurt?”
His eyes fell close in relief as the assault of the alcohol went away. “A little, you should see the other guy though.”
“Men,” she scoffed under her breath, cutting the gauze and putting it snuggly into place. “I’m gonna have to change that daily for about a week, ok?” Leaning down in front of him, she checked his face for any other injuries.
“Not complaining,” he opened his eyes and winked at her lazily.
“Stop flirting, Wilson,” she sighed and sat down, reaching for a pad of paper and a pen. “Headache? Nausea? Ringing in the ears?”
“Nope,” he ignored the way his heart started to pick up as she leaned in closer to him, looking straight into his eyes. For a minute, he thought that his dreams were finally going to come true and he licked his lips in preparation.
But alas, a small penlight suddenly shone into his eyes and he cursed at the intrusion.
Clicking it off, she tucked away and wrote something on her paper, “Your pupils look fine too. Feeling tired? Pain around the eyes?”
“No, just a little pain-”
“Where?” her eyes snapped up worriedly, cursing herself for missing anything.
He smirked and sent her another wink, “In my poor, poor broken heart.”
“You’re a menace,” she grumbled, picking up a pair of tweezers to take out the little shards of glass embedded into his arms, another abominable cotton pad in her other hand. “I’ll try not to pinch your skin too much, alright?”
“Why won’t you go out with me?” he asked, looking down at her delicate work with wonder.
Placing a shard into the little tray beside her, she pressed some alcohol into the wound. “I’m still your doctor, Sam.”
“I’d show you a good time,” he winced a little as she caught some of his skin and she mumbled a little apology.
“I have no doubt about that,” she said absentmindedly, a frown on her forehead as she focused on prying out a particular piece that had burrowed its way quite deep into his arm.
“We’d go bowling.”
“Just an excuse to cop a feel of course,” she let out a triumphant ha, underneath her breath as the glass came out, holding it in front of her eyes to see it better. “I got you, you little fucker.”
Sam snorted, “Who said I wanted to cop a feel? I know you kill at bowling.”
“This is extremely unprofessional Sergeant Wilson.”
“The human resources department is kinda in shambles right now,” he said with a small shrug and continued on. “Anyways, we’d probably order the whole menu, the greasier the better and-”
“Those ‘greasier the better’ treats are extremely detrimental to your heart health,” she poured some more alcohol on a fresh pad.
He chuckled, “Well, let’s see how long you can keep from finishing off the chili-cheese fries with me.”
“Who said I was gonna hold back?” She reached into her pocket and brought out a pair of glasses so she could see better. “Can’t let good food go to waste like that.”
“Well, anyways,” he sent her a pointed look. “You’ll probably kick my ass a few times-”
“Damn straight.”
“And you know I’m a sore loser so I’ll distract ya and kiss your cheek,” his eyes softened at the image that was in his head for a while. “So, you’ll screw up a little.”
She let out a relieved sigh as she finished her work, checking over his arm for any missed pieces, and started to wrap it up, “I want you here every two days, you hear me? We can’t have this getting infected.”
“You’re seriously not listening to a word I’m sayin’ are you?” He asked, hiding his sad heart behind a teasing tone and a toothy grin.
“No,” his chest tightened at that. “I am. Keep going.”
“Well, anyways,” heat rose to his face and he looked down at his lap to make it a little easier. “I’d walk you home and-uh…dunno, wanted to wrap my arm around your waist, hold ya real close to me. Would you let me?”
“Did you cop a feel at the bowling alley?”
“Probably not, depends on if you wore those jeans of yours.”
“Well, I’d want you to hold me like that,” she said simply, averting her eyes away in much the same way he had moments before as she packed away her supplies.
He smiled gently at that, “Would you let me kiss you? All nice and proper like a gentleman?”
“Most likely…yes,” she seemed to be extremely interested in wrapping and unwrapping the gauze in her kit, even though she had confessed to him many times that dealing with gauze was probably her least favourite thing to do…ever.
“Good,” he dared a glance in her direction, wanting to see her reaction to his next words. “I’d-uh, kiss you real soft and…ya know, kiss you again just for good measure. Make sure I’m not dreamin’ stuff up again.”
“Dreaming?” She looked up at him with a confused expression on her face.
Under the heat of her gaze and the vulnerability he looked back down at his hands, his knuckles bandaged and stinging at the antibacterial cream she’d put on them. “We only kiss once, I always wake up ‘fore I can get a second one in.”
Her jaw fell open in surprise, stuttering to get a grip on her words, “Oh…I-uh, Sam…”
He looked up and gave her a meek smile, “Yeah, sorry, too much?”
In an instant her face was mere centimetres away from his, her lips brushing dangerously against his as she leaned in and kissed him softly. Her hands were cupping both sides of his face, careful of the recent bruising and cuts there that she’d already memorized.
Pulling back moments later she giggled happily, her eyes still closed, “Anywhere else you need me to check over?” “Yeah, honey,” he murmured, loving the gentle, nervous rhythm of his heart, as he cupped the back of her head and pressed her lips against his again.
Just for good measure.
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading! If you liked this, please consider leaving some feedback it means the world to me, and you can find the rest of my writing here.
If you want to be tagged for any of my works, you can send me an ask.
Everything tags: @angstundsindallein, @babebr
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mandoalorian · a year ago
Brown Eyes [Din Djarin x Reader]
*Hi. The episode has been out for three hours. The devil works hard but I work harder. I hope you enjoy! xx*
Summary: Din has always wanted to confess his love to you— but with his devotion to the Creed and with the risk of losing you, he wonders if the revelation would really be worth it. Would you even consider being with him if he refused to remove his helmet? When Grogu is taken away from Din and in the fiendish hands of Moff Gideon, Din realises there isn't anything he won't do to get his son back.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: descriptions of anxiety, *SPOILERS FOR Season 2 Episode 15: The Believer of The Mandalorian*
Word count: 2.6k
Permanent taglist - let me know if you want to be added: @supernaturalgirl @phoenixhalliwell @ah-callie @luvzoria @stardust-galaxies @wickedfrsgrl @goth-topic @nerdypinupcrystal @wonderfulfluffer @kiwi-the-first @pedroepascal @castiel-barnes @honeymandos
gif credit: @siennablake
Tumblr media
"Din," you froze up, backing away from the Imperial who was sitting at a table drinking caf. "I- I can't do it."
Din's head snapped to face you, masked by the Imperial Shocktrooper helmet he was doting. "Why not?" His voice was firm, but the tone of his question dripped with concern. You bawled your fingers into a fist as you squeezed your eyes tight shut, beginning to anxiously pace around in circles.
"That's Valen Hess," you muttered, trying your hardest to regulate your nervous breathing. "He- I used to serve under him. I- can't… go in there. Din, he'll recognise me." the thoughts in your head were jumbled. Din placed two hands steady on your shoulders.
"I'll go, hand me the dataspike." Din told you calmly. You felt like putty under his touch. Usually, his firm grip would calm you down and ease any of your troubles away— but not this time. You felt completely nauseated.
Grogu was at stake. When you met the Mandalorian, it took him some time to find the confidence in introducing you to the child. You were Ex-Imperial after all. But he warmed up to you, seeing the way you cared so deeply for the children on Sorgan. When he introduced you to the little green bean, who did not yet have a name, you were enamoured. That's when Din knew he was in love with you. Ever since that day, he'd only fallen in love with you more and more. His feelings became stronger with every waking second he spent with you.
Of course, he never acted on his feelings. He wished he had, he wished he could say something. He knew that if something happened to you and you didn't know how he truly felt, he'd regret it for the rest of his life. There had been countless times where you and him brushed paths on the Razor Crest. Plenty of times to say something, plenty of times to mutter the three words that had consumed his mind, body and soul. ‘I love you’. The words were like a broken record in the back of his mind. He looked at you through his visor, seeing your distress and his heart aching and he wanted— no, he had to do something.
His son had been kidnapped and suddenly, Din was an unstoppable force. Nothing could hold him back— not his friends, not the Creed, nothing. The regret ate him up like flies on a corpse. If there was one thing he learned from Grogu's disappearance, is that you never know what is coming around the corner. Din began to treat everyday with you like it was your last because there was no way of telling what the future was holding. And that only stirred him on, the desire of telling you how much you meant to him.
"You can't go," you removed your finger from your lips where you had been anxiously biting your nails. "The security system is biometric facial recognition. There must be another way." you tried to rack your brain for a solution, but Din's mind was already made up.
You took a deep breath and closed your eyes in search for an answer. You steadied your breathing. "Din," you whispered. "What if we distract them? You go in there and speak to him so he's looking the other way and I'll use that moment to sneak past and access the terminal."
No answer. "Din?" you asked, cautiously opening your eyes. He was already gone. Your mouth began to open and close like a goldfish as you watched his approach the terminal. He paused, midway between two tables, shakily saluting Valen Hess. Din turned back to the terminal, held his head up high and carried on over to it.
Upon examining it, Din found it was no different to any other information point— whether it had been New Republic or Independent, Din was lucky enough to already know how to navigate the system. He clicked a few buttons on the keypad, bringing up the facial recognition scanner. He stood still, letting it roam down his face. He didn't have much faith, but it was worth a shot.
Din cursed under his breath as the scanner light lit up red, beeping ecstatically.
"Error. Error. Facial scanning incomplete. Ten seconds until system shutdown." An automated voice informed. Din felt a few gazes burn into his back, no doubt Valen Hess noticing the commotion. "Ten, nine, eight-"
You watched as the timer went down, your hand fingers curling around the blaster in your holster. You didn't know what Din was going to, but you knew if anything— he was a man with a plan.
And that was when he removed his helmet.
It hit you like a ton of bricks, it took the air from your lungs leaving you gasping in silence. You felt like a criminal, looking at him with your own eyes. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn't tear the gaze from the back of his head.
Brown hair. Dark brown hair, slightly messy from the helmet. Although you were some distance away, you noticed the little waves and the way it curled at the nape of his neck. The cut of the Imperial armour revealed just a sliver of his skin. It was golden tan— surprising to you.
"Facial scanning complete." The dataspike ejected from the terminal, a small light lit up in green, validating that the information had been processed and Din was now the owner of Moff Gideon’s co-ordinates. Just as he was about to put his helmet back on, a voice interrupted him.
Your heart sank when you saw that Valen Hess had approached Din.
"Trooper, where are you stationed?"
"My designation is transport— co-pilot."
"No son, what's your TK number?"
Din felt his throat dry up as he looked the man in the eyes. Valen Hess stared at Din right back, looking into the eyes that nobody had gazed into since Din had been sworn to the Creed. Din swallowed the lump in his throat, only for it to return immediately.
"He's with me." you announced, walking over to Din and Hess. A wash of relief shuttled through Din's body upon hearing your voice, but that was completely blown away when he realised you had seen him. It was true, you had seen his face— but there was no time to act up. Din had sacrificed everything for Grogu and you weren't going to let this go wrong. "This is my trooper, sir."
"Who is he and what's his TK number?" Valen Hess repeated, clicking his tongue between his teeth.
"This is my commanding officer TK-0402, and I'm TK-0322. I'm afraid he doesn't speak much. Ever since his vessel lost pressure on Tanaab." You explained with confidence, sighing apologetically and placing a hand on your hip.
Din found the courage to look at you, making brief yet bewildered glances between you and Valen Hess. He had a thousand questions but he knew he could trust you, and so, he smiled wearily, nodding his head in agreement to your little story.
"What's his name?" Hess inquired.
You took a deep breath, and turned to face Din. He looked at you too, his face softening as your eyes met for the very first time. You felt your heart rate slow down as you took in his appearance. You were nervous, and tensions were high, but as you looked into the Mandalorian's sparkling eyes, you felt a familiar sense of belonging. You felt complete.
"Brown eyes." you whispered, feeling the tears pool up as you tried to choke back a sob. Din smiled at you, just a small smile, but enough to make the corners of his eyes crinkle. It gave you the reassurance to know that this was all worth it.
"Well, brown eyes," Valen Hess adjusted his belt. "You troopers were both on the transport that brought in the valium, correct? The only surviving shocktroopers, might I add." he grinned, raising an eyebrow.
"Y-yeah, that was us." You answered hesitantly.
"Please, come join me for drinks. We must celebrate." Hess said, approaching the table he was originally sat at and ushering you over with an exaggerated gesture.
You and Din exchanged a look before walking over to the table and sinking down into the chair. Hess poured out two cups of caf and slid them over. Din stayed silent for most of the conversation, briefly making utterances of affirmation and nodding his head to suggest that he was indeed listening.
Although, he wasn't listening really. His mind was racing and he couldn't concentrate on anything. Although it wasn't necessarily true, he felt like every head in the room was looking at him. Staring at him. Judging him breaking his oath. Was he a failure? Was he a disgrace to the Creed? Dishonourable? A monster?
"I could blather on 'to health' or 'to success', but… tell me TK-0322, where do you come from?"
"Alderaan." you said without hesitation. Din looked at you with furrowed eyebrows, wondering why exactly you had given Hess the details of your real planet.
"Ah, I see…" Hess frowned. "Well, to Alderaan!" he grinned, raising his glass in the air.
"No." you deadpanned and Hess shot you a confused look.
"No." you repeated. "Alderaan was a peaceful planet destroyed by the Empire."
"And those on the Death Star, those who aided in the destruction of Alderaan became heroes of the Empire. I was there." he said with pride.
Din watched your face harden as your cheeks burned up with rage. "Heroes?" you croaked out. "For attacking and murdering innocents? Hundreds of thousands of people died on Alderaan. I lost my family."
"Losing the ones we love is simply part of life," Hess revealed with a sigh— and Din felt his heart shatter at his words. He stiffened up, his gaze fixating on the concrete wall as his surroundings began to faze out.
"At what cost?" you whispered. "You know, every day I think about it. I wished there was something I could do to stop it. But no, I was here, fighting for the Empire. While the Empire was out killing my people." You gritted out as tears pricked your eyes. You felt Dins hand manouver under the table and take place on your thigh, as his gloved fingers rubbed comforting circles into the thin material that covered your skin. His hand was large, fitting around your leg perfectly. He held you down, stopping your anxious shaking and you immediately calmed down. Din wasn't going to stop you, but he did want you to not let your feelings intrude on what was really happening right now. Valen Hess, however, looked mortified. You picked up the glass and forced a smile. Din copied your movement and you clinked your glass with his. "To family." you toast, and Din smiles. He smiles so wide a dimple appears in his cheek.
"To family." he confirms, thinking about his son and how close he was to getting him back.
You put the glass of caf back down on the table and quickdrew your blaster, shooting Valen Hess in the chest.
Din knew better than to question you. He took out his own pistol and helped you take down the remaining troopers and Imps in the room before you both raced out of the base.
Of course, you knew that there'd be commotion. You heard the TIE fighter engines as soon as you stepped foot outside. Din grabbed your hand, pulling you along as you both sprinted into the depths of the forest. Once deep enough, you looked up. It was dark, strings of light beaming through the gaps in the trees. But it was enough to illuminate Din. You had envisioned what Din looked like beneath his beskar helmet every single day, and now, you had your answer.
Din took one look at you. He pulled off his leather gloves, dropping them to the ground and placed his hand on your cheek. Subconsciously, you leaned into the warmth of his palm as his fingers tucked the strands of hair behind your ear. You closed your eyes, humming in delight as his bodily warmth transferred to you.
"Din, when we return to the ship you can put your helmet back on. I never saw you." you promised, your voice barely above a whisper and your eyes remaining closed.
"Cyare," Din mumbled, his heart yearning. The pad of his thumb traced your face, following the height of your cheek bones and the arch of your eyebrows and down your nose. "Open your eyes." he requested. Cautiously, you obeyed, your eyes fluttering open as you drunk in his appearance once more.
Brown stubble with a patch of grey graced the lower portion of his face. You reached out, this time your own hand cupping his cheek. Din didn't let go of you, and he let you touch him. Your finger nervously brushed over the coarse hairs and you let out a small giggle as you remembered him telling you from the Fresher room on the Razor Crest that he was going to shave. He had, and now you could see for yourself that it had started growing back.
"Do… do you like what you see?" Din asked nervously, his gaze only temporarily lifting from yours.
You nodded your head. "I do," you admitted. "You're… so handsome."
Din felt his cheeks heat up as you watched the small blush creep upon his face. You were enthralled, seeing him like this. Seeing his humanity— his emotions and expressions. You knew you loved Din, with or without the helmet— but this confirmed everything.
"May I?" Din asked, leaning into you slowly and closing his eyes. The curve of his nose bumped against yours as and the softness of his lips touched you so delicately.
You mumbled a small 'yes' and as your lips parted, Din kissed you. Soft, sweet, but passionate and with heart. You tangled your hands in his hair, tugging at it and encouraging Din to kiss you deeper and further. He done so, willingly, a groan of pleasure escaping his mouth and vibrating through your body.
He pulled away eventually, breathless and his eyes dark and glazed. "I-I…" he was speechless, looking at you with the utmost adoration. "I love you." He sighed in defeat, knowing now was a better time than any to admit his true feelings. He had to do it one day, and it just so happened to be in the depths of a forest as you hid from Imperials.
"I love you too." you exhaled shakily, thrusting forward into his arms and letting him hold you tight to his chest. He pressed a kiss into your hair.
"I love you so much." Din sobbed, his grip around you tightening like he was afraid that if he let go, you'd vanish just like Grogu did. "Please, never leave me. Please."
"I'm not going anywhere Din," you promised. "Now c’mon, let's go get Grogu."
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movedbl0g · 10 months ago
Stray Kids reaction - the other members seeing their hickeys
Warnings: slightly suggestive i guess??
Credit for the gifs belong to their original owner, not me
Tumblr media
Bang Chan:
he‘d get really ( like really) shy about it
giggling innocently while trying to play it cool
would be lowkey proud of them
All of the members were talking loudly together on the couch, all invested about the topic if a straw has two holes or one, as Chan tilted his head to the side to crack his neck. It suddenly got quiet and all eyey were lingering on Chan. At first he didn’t understand, he was confused about the sudden silence, until he remembered that you obviously left marks on him and he immediately blushed. „Yahhh what were you doing when we were out eating yesterday“, teased Changbin. „Well...I-...we-...uhmm...“ he stuttered while putting his hand on his neck to cover the bruise up. After an extremely awkward silence he just started giggling as the members went back to their heated conversation. „Well i was eating out yesterday too“, he thought to himself, a small smirk appearing on his lips.
Tumblr media
would kinda tease the other member with it (especially the younger one’s)
actually really shy and embaressed
Would just go with it
Minho sat on the couch in the practice room, exhausted from all the dancing, taking his hoodie off, because he really started to sweat. As he pulled his hoodie over his had, he accidentally lifted up the shirt underneath a little bit revealing several hickeys at his lower abdomen. He really hoped that no one noticed, but of course Felix immediately started laughing when he saw the bruises. „Did you have fun last night“, he asked as Minho started to blush. He immediately formed his lip into a smirk and without hesitation he said „well, that’s what real adults do, you know?“
Tumblr media
shy baby
couldn’t stop giggling/ blushing
changes topic immediately
While Changbin scratched his neck, pushing the collar from the black turtleneck sweather down in order to access the itching spot. „Changbin!! We‘ll have a photoshoot soon and your neck is looking like that??“, the youngest yelled out loudly, putting everyone’s gaze onto Changbin. His face immeadiately turned dark red and he started to giggle while hiding his red face in his hands. As he calmed himself down a little bit, he asked: „what about getting take out tonight??“, in order to change the topic and keep those things between the two you.
Tumblr media
would go into dramatic-offended mode
Definitely blushing
Wearing a white t-shirt while dancing for hours wasn’t the best idea, because the t-shirt slowly became really see-through, revealing some red marks on his chest.He tried to cover the bruises with his hand while talking to the members, but they immediately noticed, when Hyunjin started to dance again. A loud “whoaaaaa“ filled the room and a red tint appeared on Hyunjins face. “I thought you just were really tired yesterday, but it seems like...“, teased Minho, but he quickly got interrupted by Hyunjin: “Heyyy!! I was really tired and besides that, that’s none of your business anyway-“.The others started to laugh even more as they saw how embarrassed Hyunjin was and how he started to throw around dramatic gestures, trying to defend himself.
Tumblr media
would giggle out of embarrassment
would just ignore the teasing members
would make a mental note to remember you to net leave (obvious) marks
Would punish you later for it
“Is that a hickey??” Chan asked loudly, drawing the members attention on Jisung. He just started to giggle while shaking his head.Ignoring the upcoming teasing from the other guys, smirking to himself. He’s already planning on getting a revanche on you, making you remember that you can’t just leave that obvious marks on him.After thinking for a while, he just returned to what he was doing earlier and couldn’t wait to finally go home.
Tumblr media
another shy baby
trying making up excuses
would give in and would confirm that these are actually hickeys
tries to change topics quickly
“I have brownies!!”, Felix screamed through the practise room, the other members quickly gathering around him. As Hyunjin took a piece of the brownie out of the box, his eyes lingered on Felix’s neck, spotting a hickey. Hyunjin immediately pointed his finger at the hickey while screaming “Felix has a hickey!!!”, so loud, that the neighbors probably know about it too now. Felix face turned really red. “I- I just walked against a...a wall”, Felix said, more questioning than confident. “A wall??”,Hyunjin asked, “with your neck???”, shaking his head in disbelief. Felix blushes even more,until he finally admitted that the bruise in fact was a hickey. As soon as Hyunjin opened his mouth to tease him about it, Felix quickly took a brownie and shoved it in his mouth, forcing him to be quiet.
Tumblr media
and another shy baby
pouts innocently
just tries to keep things private
Seungmin was in the bathroom, trying to cover up the dark hickey you left on his neck ( but failing terribly) as suddenly Changbin bursted through the door. Seungmin jumped. trying to hide the concealer behind his back while shyly looking at Changbin. The older member laughed knowingly, seeing the badly covered hickey. Seungmin pouted and put on his puppy gaze “Please don’t tell the others”,he begged. Changbin left the bathroom, laughing at the younger boy:”like this, i won’t have to tell them, watch a YouTube video on how to cover up a hickey because this us mire than obvious.”
Tumblr media
gets super embarrassed
he’d know that we would be teased non stop
Chan would probably start to give him “the talk” fdgdfdgdgvd
Jeongin was still very sleepy when he walked into the kitchen, slowly trying to properly function as he heard a chuckle. “You had a long night, huh” ,teased Hyunjin. Jeongin just sighed in response, which caused Hyunjin to jump up from his seat and ran towards the living room. “just wait until Chan see’s this” he yelled out, Chan coming into the kitchen as Hyunjin left. “See what?”, he asked confused, but immediately stopped as he saw the hickey on the youngest neck. With one second Jeongin was wide awake, his face getting red in an instant, knowing what is about to come. “Jeogin” Chan said as he sat down in the kitchen, “You know that protected se....”. Before Chan could end his sentence, Jeongin ran out of the kitchen, covering his ears with his hands to escape the situation.
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lilkittygirl-x · 3 days ago
daddy and you. scenario [#2]: first time bratting.
hey y'all since the last scenario did so well, i decided to carry on the series. if you want to request certain scenarios, just DM the certain requests can be NSFW or SFW. ♡
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
The week was busy and stressful.
As a reward for being so well behaved, Daddy had planned a little weekend shopping trip. You were getting impatient as you waited by the door for Daddy to finish his last minute things.
"You promised we'd leave by 12, it's already nearly half past. I've been ready for the past hour" You whined.
Daddy looked over sympathetically.
"I'm sorry petal, I will be ready soon okay? I just have to finish up some stuff from work and then I'll be all yours." Daddy says softly.
"Fine, I'll be my own date for today" You say with a smug grin as you throw on your shoes.
Within seconds Daddy heading to the front door holding his phone to his ear with a warning expression. He moves the phone slightly, covering it as he whispers.
"What do you think you're doing? you don't even have your day collar on." He says.
You simply ignore him with the smug grin plastered on your face as you tie up your laces and head for the front door.
"I'm sorry about this sir, please give me one second-" Daddy began, pulling the phone away from his ear once more.
"I swear if you step out of that door.." He growls.
You let out an excited giggle rushing out of the door, grabbing Daddy's car keys. Without second thought you head for car, unlocking the car with a click of a button.
You reached for the handle to pull it open however it didn't move. You tried again and still got nothing.
"Next time you try these games Princess, just remember I do have a spare set of car keys."
An exciting shiver rushing down your spine as you turn around to be met face to face with Daddy's stern look.
"Inside Princess, Now."
Tumblr media
gif doesn't belong to me, credit to original owner.
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of-a-chaotic-mind · 10 months ago
Business As Usual?
Summary: Jeremy shows up to Reader’s house with a stab wound so Reader helps him clean up and get bandaged. Jeremy also has a question for Reader.
TW/CW: Jeremy Gilbert x Reader.
Requested?: No
Word Count: 1,282
A/N: I fully expected this to be another teeny tiny short one but I guess not lol. I hope you enjoy it! Requests are open and as always love to all!
Prompt: "Sorry I’m bleeding on your couch,” Character A grunts as they ease themselves into a sitting position.   Character B presses the gauze pad tighter over A’s wound, “What was that? I can’t hear you over the gaping hole in your chest!”
Tumblr media
Your POV     Finally, having gotten out of my heels, dress, cap and gown that I wore for senior pictures, that I only did because my mother insisted on it, I plop down onto the couch and begin flicking through the tv channels. If she wanted me to do all the normal senior year crap, the least she could do is be here for it. She’s been gone for the most part since I was 16 for “business” but I’m not so sure I believe that anymore. Oh well, there’s no point in getting upset over it now. I finally settle on a channel playing SpongeBob and make my way to the kitchen for snacks.  
    I’m not in the kitchen for long when I hear someone banging on the front door. I slam the pack of Oreos I had retrieved from the cabinet down on the counter and mumble as I stomp towards the door, “I swear if that’s another delivery person who can’t see the freaking doorbell or knock properly, I’m going to give them a beat down.” As I round the corner and catch sight of who’s on the other side of the door through the glass, all my anger dissipates and is replaced with worry. Standing on the other side of the door is my longtime best friend and newly rooted crush, Jeremy Gilbert and he looks hurt. I race to the door and as soon as I fling it open, he rushes in and slams it behind him.  
    I tug him towards the couch and motion for him to sit down before I run to the kitchen for the first aid kit and a wash rag. When I return, I finally can tell the full damage. There’s a huge stab wound in the right side of his chest. He pulls his bloody t-shirt off as I sit down on the coffee table in front of him, “What the hell happened to you?”
    He starts examining his wound and takes the first aid kit from me, “One of the Originals is pissed off again and you know how they are. When one of them is pissed, they’re all pissed and they make it hell on earth for everyone else.”
    He’s struggling to properly see the wound to clean it so I tug the rag from his hands, “Give me that before you make it worse.”
    He lets me take the rag so I set to work cleaning the blood away from around the wound and then clean the wound itself with some gauze and alcohol pads. When it’s finally cleaned up, I have him hold a gauze pad to it while I grab some bandages. “Sorry I’m bleeding on your couch,” he mumbles.
    I turn my attention back to him with bandages in hand and glare on my face, “What was that? I can’t hear you over the gaping hole in your chest!” He laughs softly which melts away my glare. I sigh, “It’s fine. If it doesn’t come out then I can just buy a new one with my mother’s credit card.”
    I make sure to keep my eyes on the wound and not let them travel, which is proving to be a difficult task. I press lightly on the bandages to make sure they’re secure before standing and collecting all the trash and the first aid kit and carrying it to the kitchen to put it where it belongs. When I return Jeremy is laughing at the episode of SpongeBob still playing on the tv. I return to the kitchen and find the Oreos where I left them as well as a few other snacks and drop them off with Jeremy on my way upstairs to find him a shirt. I find one of his hoodies in my room that he had left here several nights ago when he and Matt were here hanging out. I had been meaning to give it back to him so I pick it up and carry it downstairs to where he’s now munching on snacks and still watching SpongeBob.
    I drop the hoodie in his lap before taking a seat on the other end of the couch from him, “So, why here? I would’ve figured you’d go to Elena or Matt.”
    He shrugs and laughs at something Patrick says before responding, “First of all, this is probably one of the last places any of the Originals will think to look. Honestly, Elena and Matt are probably the only ones that will actually realize that I’ve come here. Second, they can’t come in this house. The technical owner is away so this is the safest place to be until they decided to leave me alone.”
    I raise an eyebrow, he has very good points, “What did you even do to piss them off this time?”
    “It’s not what I did. It’s what they think I did,” he answers, “There’s something they need and they think I stole it so they’re after me.”
    “Who stole it?” I inquire.
    “Elena, Stefan, and Damon,” he answers with a laugh.
    I nod. I kind of figured the drama trio had something to do with it. It’s quite for a few moments as I watch SpongeBob and Patrick aggravate Squidward but I can feel him staring at me and it’s starting to bug me. “What?” I ask as I turn my attention back to him.
    “Just wondering,” he replies, shrugging.
    “About?” I ask.
    “Whether you’ll go out with me this Friday. Assuming the Originals don’t still want to kill me by then,” he muses.
    I laugh and can’t help the huge smile that plasters itself across my face, “I’d love to and if they still want you dead by then, we can have a movie night here or something and call it a date.”
    He nods, “Sounds good.” Then the doorbell rings so I hop up off the couch to go see who it is. As I turn the corner, I recognize the familiar blonde hair and open the door.  
    Matt steps in, “Is Jeremy here?”  
    I nod and lead motion to the living room, “On the couch but no longer bleeding.”  
    Matt nods, “Didn’t know he was bleeding but okay.” I laugh as we both head into the living room. Matt takes his usual seat in one of the recliners and I sit back down on the couch. They update each other and me on everything that happened.  
    When they finish, I sigh, “Well, seems like no one is in any immediate danger. If this is the safest place for you guys to be right now then I guess we’re having another game night. We’re gonna need more snacks.”
    The boys set to work getting out the controllers and stuff for the gaming console while I return to the kitchen to procure as many snacks as I can find as well as a few sodas. As I’m digging around in the pantry, I faintly hear Matt ask, “Did you ask (Y/n) out yet?”
    Jeremy shushes him and answers quieter but I can still make it out, “Yeah, we’re gonna do something this Friday.”
    “Nice, just keep them safe, okay?” Matt responds.
    “Dude, you know I wouldn’t dream of ever letting them get hurt,” Jeremy responds. My heart does a little leap of joy at how cute he is but I return to the living room with all our snacks and beverages pretending that I didn’t hear their conversation. Tonight’s going to be full of video games and laughter just like our usual hang outs, aside from the fact that an Original wants Jeremy dead. Although, I suppose that too has become a normal thing in this town.
Taglist: @emiijemii​ @akshi8278​
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pedrosbish · 10 months ago
the king
Tumblr media
summary: the new ruler of Mand’alor, Din Djarin, needs to marry in order to be fully accepted as the king and you happen to catch his eye (*fem!reader)
warnings: a guard is kinda mean, din is slightly possessive 
word count: 1.3k
taglist: @over300books​, @mouthymandalorian​, @ordinarymom1​, @zapsalis-d​, @goldielocks2004, @whore-for-anime​, @ilikethoseodds​, @withasideofmeg​, @theamuz​
The scent of flowers lingered in your hair even hours after you had removed them, setting them down on your dresser as a reminder of your first day with the foundlings of the Mandalorians, a people far more secretive than you originally thought when trying to escape the clutches of the Empire that was starting to crumble under the weight of the Resistance’s victory. 
Hearing the tales of the Mandalorian people while growing up had ultimately swayed your decision to pack up everything you owned and find them, hitching rides on any merchant ships that were happy to help if it meant receiving a small amount of payment of the credits you carried.
It hadn’t been difficult to find them, the shining helmets and armours they donned letting you know that you had finally reached the correct planet after months of searching. 
The fields behind their huts stood vacant, only being used during the warmer months for crops, and that was where you decided to build your own home, promising the farmer that owned them that you would pay him back with the baked goods you would make when the plants had grown.
They had welcomed you with open arms once your story had been shared, each of them understanding the cruel nature of the Empire and how they once ruled the galaxy. It had started as a small group, only a couple of Mandalorians and foundlings but once news started travelling across the galaxy that a new ruler of Mand’alor had been found, many had flocked onto the planet, setting up their own homes and building a palace for their new king. 
Helping with the market occasionally had led you to overhear some information about the new king, Din Djarin. Once a foundling and now one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. Kind as he took care of a child that he was ultimately forced to say goodbye to. A dar’manda for he had taken off his helmet in front of others. Bo-Katan is the rightful owner of the Mand’alor throne. It was unfair that they were judging a man they didn't know yet, and one who was about to rule over them to the best of his abilities. 
When he had arrived, crowds gathered around Boba Fett’s ship as it landed and the ramp lowered, allowing the Mandalorians to have their first peek at their king. You had been at the back, looking over the many helmets to try and see the man that everyone had been talking about for weeks on end. 
He had been nervous, hands clutched into fists at his sides as he nodded stiffly at the applauding crowd. He stuck out like a sore thumb, the shining beskar suit starkly different to the furs and horns they donned, most of the men wearing nothing to cover their chests and the tattoos donning their skins symbolising various myths. 
It had taken awhile for Din Djarin to come out from his palace on the hill, obviously still uncomfortable with the new role thrust upon his shoulders unexpectedly. He would always come down to the market to watch his citizens mulling about their everyday lives and occasionally attending hunts that took place at the beginning of the week. 
So, when he had come to the market yesterday and noticed you for the first time, it had taken you aback. Sure, you stood out because of your lack of helmet and armour but you never would have expected the king to actually notice, to see you. 
And it had been an even bigger surprise when you awoke the next morning to knocking on your door, opening it to two soldiers standing in the early morning, visors scanning the surrounding area. One of them, the smaller of the two, had grabbed your arm tightly, almost enough to hurt, and dragged you to the palace while the other trailed behind, chuckling at how scared you looked. 
The king sits on his throne, the morning sun pouring in from the high windows and painting the room in a soft light. He sits up a bit straighter as the guard throws you to the floor in front of him, his fist curling tighter around the beskar spear he keeps at his side before knocking the floor, a sharp ring echoing around the room. 
“Leave us.” 
You bow your head, still seated on the floor as the guards leave, the door shutting softly behind them. It’s silent in the throne room until footsteps draw nearer towards your place on the ground, slowly, timidly until you can see him as he crouches before you. 
Gloved fingers tuck themselves under your chin and oh so gently lift until your eyes meet the visor of his helmet. “Are you hurt, cyar’ika?” His voice is clipped, not directed at you, but you still flinch and his grip on your chin loosens slightly when he notices. “They were never meant to hurt you and I apologise.”
“It’s okay,” you whisper, eyes wide when his thumb rubs back and forth soothingly across your chin. You cough and he drops his hand from your face, moving to stand up and stretch out his hand for you to take. “Why-why am I here?”
“I...saw you at the market yesterday.” His helmet tilts away from you and the hand around his spear tightens. “I would like to court you.” 
“Me?” Your heart beats rapidly and he chuckles at the surprised look on your face, eyes wide and mouth agape. “Court? You see me as a potential riduur? But I’m not a Mandalorian.” 
“It would be in secret until we are more comfortable with each other or if you choose not to be my riduur. No one would know that we have been courting.” He moves to the side of the room where a table has been set up and removes a flower from the vase. He returns to you and holds it out to you. “Consider it. You are under no obligation to respond now or ever if you would like. I would not be upset.”
Hesitantly, you reach out to take it and hold it loosely at your side as you leave the throne room and the king behind. It takes a while to reach home, your mind whirring with numerous thoughts at his proposal. Queen of the Mandalorians? It was a title that didn't belong to you, instead it belonged to the other girls awaiting for the king’s answer. 
But you couldn't deny that it did intrigue you. 
It was late in the night, the moon high in the sky and painting the throne room in a pale light. Din sits at the edge of his seat as the guards from earlier, the ones who had treated you, his cyar’ika, in an unacceptable way, walked in, terrified at the anger in his voice. 
He gets up from his throne and slowly approaches them, spear in hand. “Do you know why you are here?”
“No-no, my king.” 
“You hurt my future riduur, your future queen.” 
The guard doesn't even have enough time to exclaim in surprise as Din swipes his feet from underneath him, forcing him to the ground with the beskar spear under his chin, poking at the skin there. His chest swells with pride at the terrified look on both of the guards faces as he grits his teeth at them under his helmet. 
“You treat her like that again and I will not be as kind.” He pushes the spear further into the guard’s neck causing a sharp cry of pain to escape his lips. “Understood?”
 “We are sorry, my king.” The other speaks up, voice wobbling at the sight of his friend on the floor. “It will not happen again, my king.” 
Satisfied, Din removes the spear from the guard’s neck and steps away, watching with a satisfied grin as they run from the room. He returns to his throne, legs spread wide as he surveys the empty room before him, turning his head to look at the empty throne beside him. 
You would be his queen. 
Mando’a terms: dar’manda (a state of being "not Mandalorian"; not an outsider, but one who has lost his heritage, and so his identity and soul), al’verde (commander), cyar’ika (darling, beloved, sweetheart), di'kut (fool, idiot, useless individual)
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songtoyou · 6 months ago
NyQuil, Cookies, and Popsicles
Tumblr media
Paring: Angel Reyes x Reader
Rating: PG
Warnings: Not much. Some descriptions of the Reader being sick, but nothing graphic.
Word Count: 2,983
Story Summary: You have come down with a cold and Angel takes care of you. While you are sick, you reminisce about the first time you met Angel and the Clubhouse.
Story Snippet:  Angel stuck his hand out, which you took. His large hand practically engulfed yours. You suddenly wondered what other parts of Angel were big. Quickly feeling the heat on your cheeks, you took your hand away and reverted to staring at your drink. You felt shy all of a sudden like you were twelve years old with a new crush. It was ridiculous. You were an adult. You shouldn't be developing a crush on a man you did not know—much less a man who was part of a notorious biker club.
A/N: This is fluff. Angel seems like such a sweetheart that I wanted to write a one-shot where he takes care of the Reader. Italics represent flashbacks.
Gif is not mine; it belongs to its rightful owner. So, gif credit goes to its original maker, @pantherclawz​
Please do not post any of my fics to other sites without my permission.
Tumblr media
"Mi Amor! It's me," Angel announced himself as he entered your home. Of course, he had a key, just as you had a key to his place. "Where are you?"
He could hear the sounds of coughing down the hall towards your room. Angel made his way down the hall and peaked in your bedroom, where he saw you burrowed under the covers. You didn't look good, to be honest. 
"Whoa, querida, you look gross."
You would have punched Angel in the groin for his lack of tact if you had the strength. However, you could barely get up with this cold you came down with and were now stuck at home in bed.
"Angel, my dear, you are lucky…." You were about to say but ended up in another coughing fit. Leaning over the garbage can, you spit up some phlegm.
"Jesus Christ, okay, let me help you. Sit back," instructed Angel and checked your temperature by touching your forehead with his hand. You were clammy and hot. "How long have you been sick? I just saw you two days ago."
"It started as a sore throat yesterday. Now it is full-blown cold. I probably got it from someone at the beauty salon," you told Angel, reaching for a tissue. You tried to blow your nose but stopped when your head began to hurt. "Ouch! I can't even blow my nose. It's like a sharp shooting pain."
"Probably a sinus headache," said Angel nodding his head, "What? I know stuff. I'm not just a pretty face."
Scratching his beard, Angel went into your bathroom to see if you had any medicine. All you had was NyQuil. He came back to your room and poured some NyQuil into the small measuring cup.
"Here, take this to help you sleep. I'll stop by the drug store to pick up some sinus medication. That should make you feel better. Have you eaten anything?"
You downed the medicine in one gulp. NyQuil always tasted awful. "No, I haven't been able to make anything. While you are out, can you pick up orange juice and Seven-Up? Oh, and maybe stop by the Golden Dragon Chinese place to get me some won-ton soup? Please?"
"Of course I will, mi dulce," answered Angel happily. He could never say no to you. Plus, you were sick, so that means he would do pretty much anything for you.
"And popsicles for my sore throat. Just get the regular size ones, not those big orange dick-looking ones you like."
"Hey, I like those big orange dick ones," teased Angel and kissed you on your sweaty forehead.
"Eww, don't do that, or you'll end up getting sick," you reprimanded Angel and lightly pushed him away from you.
"Mami, I don't get sick. I'll be fine. See you in a few."
"Take my car!" you yelled to Angel's retreating form. You wished you hadn't shouted as it made your throat worse. 
You burrowed further under the covers; the NyQuil was starting to take effect. As drowsiness began to settle down your cough, you began to reminisce of the time you first met Angel. It was about a year ago since first being introduced to the biker and his brothers at the Club. You had no idea how much this man would change your life for the better if you hadn't driven your friend Lisa to the Mayan Clubhouse that one day you wouldn't have met the man who would become the love of your life.
~One year ago~
"Am I even allowed to go in there?" you asked your friend, Lisa. She had called earlier asking if you could drive her to some clubhouse. Lisa said she needed to drop off lunch for her boyfriend, Gilly, and his friends.
Since moving to Santo Padre to help out at your aunt's beauty salon, you heard rumors about the town's motorcycle club and the nefarious activities they participated in, such as working with the Galindo Cartel. When Lisa clarified that it would be the Mayans MC, you had some reservations about going with her. You weren't one to cause trouble or seek it out. 
"Yes, you can go in there. Come inside and have a drink. I won't be too long, but it's better in there than staying out in this heat," said Lisa and got out of the car. You followed along to help her carry the food inside. 
Lisa already made her way inside while you continued to grab the other bagged items. Your arms were pretty full, and it was challenging to carry all of the bags.
"Hey, do you need any help?" a voice spoke up behind you. 
Startled, you turned around to see an attractive young guy with a megawatt smile offering to help. 
"Yes, please. If you could take the water, that would be great." You handed over the water, which the guy took with ease. He also took two of the bags you were holding and walked with you inside the Clubhouse.
Entering the establishment, you saw Lisa setting the food on one of the tables. She was carefully putting everything out for the guys, well, mainly for Gilly. Lisa explained the importance of a good impression an "old lady" can have on the Club. One wrong move on Lisa's part, and it could reflect poorly, not only on her but on Gilly as well.
"Ezekiel!" Lisa beamed and gave the guy next to her a hug. "How are you?"
"I'm doing good, Lisa."
You stood off to the side, putting things on the table, watching the exchange. "Ezekiel, this is my friend, Y/N. Y/N, this is Ezekiel Reyes. Everyone calls him EZ, though. He is a new Prospect for the Club."
Sticking your hand out to greet the man now known as Ezekiel, he did the same. "What's a Prospect?" you asked, confused. You had much to learn about MC culture. 
Ezekiel chuckled, and Lisa merely smiled at you. "It means I'm not a member yet. I can participate in club activities, but I don't have voting privileges."
"But hopefully, EZ will get his patch soon," Lisa chimed in and patted him on the back. You couldn't help but smile at EZ and how he was blushing. He was cute and seemed like a total sweetheart. But EZ was not your type.
You were more into guys who appeared dangerous. But not an asshole. No, the guy had to have a soft side to him to get your attention—none of this toxic-masculinity bullshit. However, you weren't ready to be in a relationship after having just got out of one. Well, maybe not recently, more like four months ago. But you were pacing yourself and not in a hurry to get back in the dating game.
The three of you continued to chit-chat while organizing the food and drinks on the table. You had to chuckle at Lisa, making sure everything was in order. Eventually, you and EZ sat at the bar to get a drink while Lisa obsessed over the table setting. 
"Is it really a big deal if something is out of place?" you asked EZ, pointing over at Lisa. 
EZ shook his head, "Nah, not when it comes to food. The guys will eat almost anything and will greatly appreciate the gesture from Lisa. It'll earn her points and make Gilly happy."
"Well, I would sure hope so," you quipped, sipping on your rum and coke. "That girl over there spent hours making different kinds of sandwiches, bought an array of chips, and even got me to bake cookies. I almost told her just to buy some cookies, but Lisa was adamant that they needed to be my famous chocolate cookies. They are Gilly's favorite now."
Looking at his watch, EZ got up from the barstool and made his way behind the bar. He began uncorking many beer bottles and setting them atop the bar. Soon, the Clubhouse became loud when a group of men entered from a back room. All were wearing similar vests with patches on them. Many stopped to grab a beer and say 'hi' to EZ and then move on the grab something to eat. None paid you any mind, which you were grateful for as you didn't like unwanted attention. You weren't here to stand out or become an acquaintance at the Club. As soon as you finished your drink, you would head on out. 
You noticed EZ return with one of your cookies in hand, munching away. 
"Holy shit, Y/N! These chocolate chip cookies are good," EZ praised with his mouthful. "What is that…cinnamon…."
"Shush!" you hissed, looking around to make sure no one overheard him. "It's one of the secret ingredients to help enhance the chocolate chip flavor. Thankfully, I have another secret ingredient that you won't ever be able to figure out."
Shortly, another man approached the bar. He was also munching away at one of your cookies. "You made these?" he asked, which you nodded somewhat dumbfounded. The guy was probably the most beautiful man you ever saw. With tattoos lining both arms, slicked-back black hair, full beard that looked like he kept well-groomed, the man was the embodiment of sex on legs. 
"Y/N, this is my brother, Angel. Angel, this is Y/N. She is friends with Lisa."
Angel stuck his hand out, which you took. His large hand practically engulfed yours. You suddenly wondered what other parts of Angel were big. Quickly feeling the heat on your cheeks, you took your hand away and reverted to staring at your drink. You felt shy all of a sudden like you were twelve years old with a new crush. It was ridiculous. You were an adult. You shouldn't be developing a crush on a man you did not know—much less a man who was part of a notorious biker club.
Smirking at having caused you to blush, Angel popped the last bit of cookie in his mouth and got up from the barstool. You watched as he made his way over to Gilly and Lisa, who were sitting at a table with other members. 
"Oh my God, I'm such a spazz," you said, completely embarrassed, and took a bar napkin to begin wiping the sweat on your forehead. 
EZ chuckled and patted you on the hand. "It's okay. You're not the first woman that Angel has that effect on."
"Your brother is so fucking hot," you leaned in to whisper. "Like, goddamn, I've never seen a man look like that."
"Oh, querida, you need to get out more if that is true," EZ joked and offered to refill your drink, but you declined. 
You told him that you needed to head out and that it was nice meeting him. 
"Hey, Y/N," EZ said before as you got off the barstool, "You should stop by the Club more often. It doesn't get too crazy around here, and even when it does, you'll be fine. Since you are a friend of Lisa, no one will bother you."
You were hesitant to accept EZ's offer. It was nice of him to do so since you didn't get out much around town. But you weren't sure being associated with the Mayans MC was a good idea. 
"Uh, I'll have to think about it," you told him as you walked over to Lisa and Gilly with EZ trailing behind.
Seeing you walk over, Lisa asked if you were heading out. 
"Oh come one, Y/N, stay for a bit," Gilly pleaded and introduced you to Hank, Chucky, and Coco, who were also at their table.
You said hello to the guys but proceeded to tell Lisa and Gilly that you needed to get going. Out of the corner of your eye, you could feel Angel's eyes on you. Again, it made you nervous (in a good way), and you could feel sweat dripping down your body. 'Was there no air conditioning in this place?' you wondered. 
Standing up, Lisa hugged you. "Thanks for driving me and helping me with the food. The guys love your cookies, by the way." Hank, Gilly, Chucky, and Coco all nodded in agreement. 
You bid your goodbyes once again and headed towards the exit.
"Wait," EZ spoke up, "I can walk…."
"I can walk you out," Angel said quickly, shooting up from his chair and making his way over to you. He didn't even bother to give EZ a chance. However, you don't think EZ minded as you saw a smirk on his face as you left the Clubhouse with Angel. 
As Angel walked you to your car, there was a tad awkwardness between you two as neither knew what to say to one another. Eventually, you decided to break the ice and ask Angel what he does for the Club. He pointed to the patch on his kutte that read, 'El Secretario.'
"Wow, that is quite impressive," you marveled at Angel's patch. "I bet you have a lot of responsibilities."
It was true. Since being promoted to 'El Secretario,' Angel's status within the Mayans was responsible for the Club's record keeping. It wasn't an easy job, and at first, he was uncertain if he would be able to rise to the challenge. But with the support of his brothers, Angel flourished. He might not have an eidetic memory like EZ. Still, Angel managed to organize, collect and adequately store important information, so it is not used against its members. Such information included a member's government name, home address, contact information, next of kin information, medical limitations, allergies, work address, bike vehicle identification number, license plate number, and any inquiries within the charter. He took his role seriously and wouldn't do anything to damage it.
"I bet it takes a lot to impress you, querida," Angel added as he leaned closer to you.
"Oh, it does. I'm not one to be easily captivated by another person, especially not one who I just met." 
Angel took you in, and he liked what he saw. You were attractive, that was for sure. But there was something else about you that appealed to Angel. Maybe it was the way you blushed around him or how you were willing to help a friend out. He could assess that you had a kind heart and were the type of person to go to bat for your friends. That was a quality that Angel liked in others. He wanted to get to know you better.
Hoping that today was not a one-time visit, Angel invited you to a party the Club was having later in the week. It was the same invitation that EZ asked you not too long ago. However, unlike with EZ's invitation, you weren't hesitant to accept Angel's invitation. 
You got in your car and bid Angel goodbye, saying you would see him later.
"I look forward to it, mi dulce," Angel flirted and smiled as he saw you avert your eyes and blush bashfully. 
 ~Present Day~
You woke up looking around confused. You were sure how long you had been sleeping. Getting up, you made your way out of the bedroom and into the living area, where you saw Angel sitting on the couch, nursing a beer and watching television. 
When Angel saw you, he quickly got up and guided you over to the couch. "How are you feeling?"
"Tired," you answered, still groggy. 
He retreated to the kitchen to get you some orange juice and warm up your won-ton soup. 
"Why didn't you wake up when you got home?" you asked Angel looking over as he moved around in your kitchen. 
"Babe, you were completely out cold when I got back. I figured you needed the sleep." 
Walking back over to you with a glass of orange, Angel set it on the coffee table and popped two Sudafed pills for you to take. You quickly washed the pills down with the juice and hoped they would take effect soon. Angel then brought the reheated soup over, which helped soothe your throat. You scarfed it down in no time and asked for a second bowl.
After you were satiated with a full belly of won-ton soup, you cuddled next to Angel on the couch, sucking on a popsicle. You already felt better, and it was because of your guy. You loved how Angel would do anything for you just as you would do anything for him. He continued to take care of you until you were one hundred percent better.
Unfortunately, a couple of days after you finally recuperated from your cold; Angel was the one who needed you to play nurse. He was so cute when he got sick. First, you had to coax Angel into finally admitting that he caught your cold. The man was stubborn as an ox. Hung like one too, but you didn't need to go there with your dirty mind. Your man was sick and needed you. Just as Angel took care of you when you were ill, you were more than willing to do the same.
One thing you made sure to do, per Angel’s request, was to bring him your famous chocolate chip cookies.
“Anything for you, mi Amor,” you smiled and wrapped Angel up in the blankets on his bed.
Angel finally took his medicine after you got him to admit he needed to take it. You reassured him that he was still a tough guy and that taking cold medicine was not a sign of weakness. He was still adorable. That would never change.
It was Angel’s soft snores that let you know he had finally fallen asleep. You kissed him on the forehead and ran your hands through his silky dark locks. Leaving Angel alone to get some rest, you quietly stepped out of his room and into the kitchen to begin the process of making the cookies he requested.
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Another toy - Tom Riddle
Well that’s dark. (Nothing against Ravenclaw, just used a random house) Enjoy my loves. xxx
Summary: Tom thinks the fem!reader is cheating on him, so he takes matters into his own hands and deals with the situation 
Warnings: strictly 18+, noncon, sexual themes, unprotected smut, death, curio and avada kedavra, super dark fic
Tumblr media
(Credit to gif owner)
He tightened the grip he had on her throat, cutting off the air her lungs were desperate for, burning as all strength seemed to leave her body. “You pathetic little girl.” 
Tom snarled his words, slamming her into the wall of his bedroom, a tantalizing chuckle left the Slytherin boy, he’d kill her, she was sure of it. “Going against me? With a lowlife Ravenclaw?” No words left her, she couldn’t form any sentences, vision blurry, (y/n) would pass out any moment now.
cruJust as her body seemed to give in, Tom let go of her, frame crashing to her knees, chest burning, deeply inhaling the air that flooded through her lungs. “I didn’t-” a sob left her, tears spilled from her (y/e/c) eyes “-yes you did, I saw the way you looked at him. Do you think I’m that foolish? You’ll pay for this.” He tugged on her hair, eyes hooked onto his, not giving her any space to move away from the man her heart belonged to.
Tom pulled her out of his room, through a room she had never been in before, darkness engulfed them, the chilly air made goosebumps rise on her skin, instinctively pressing herself further against her boyfriend. She was oblivious, oblivious to the things he’d do in the following hours, to the way he was using her, toying with her emotions, a game he’d play, till someday he’d get bored of her.
And that day may have been closer than Tom had originally planned.
Read the whole story here
Taglist: @rangerelik @miaapollimia @honiebee @angelusviate @loonyslytherin @veryspookybatbabe @daniicla @poeticbookwormcat @missgirlnoname​ @your-hispanichufflepuff​ @truly-insatiable​ @wittysunflower​ @coldsweetharmony​ @eunoia-kth​
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some people got the real problems. Some people out of luck. Some people think I can solve them. I'm only human after all. Don't put the blame on me.
Human (Rag'n'Bone Man)
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oflysithea · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
☾ ⋆*・゚⋆*・゚ in the source link you will find 48 UNSHARPENED, UNEDITED FINE ARTS, FLORALS & FASHION STOCK GIFS in psd format. these may be used in aesthetic gifsets, moodboards, etc. you do not need to credit me if you use them. however, please reblog this post if you found them helpful so i know to make more! all gifs were made by me, but original footage belongs to their rightful owners. enjoy!
content breakdown: 2 architecture gifs, 16 art (fresco painting) gifs, 3 fashion gifs, 9 floral gifs, 15 interior design gifs, 3 sculpture gifs, and 1 tower gif.
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jeonstellate · 3 months ago
ride to nowhere
himiko just wanted to be a regular civilian for a couple of weeks, but the universe clearly thought otherwise.
๑彡 xu shangqi x original character
๑彡 movie scene rewrite!au
๑彡 paragraph format — 1.6K words
Tumblr media
[gif’s full credit belongs solely to its owner]
๑彡 this piece is literally the first mcu fic i’ve written in two-ish years. (tmi, but i think i stopped writing for mcu after endgame? that movie just made me rlly depressed; i cried so much in the theaters, lmao.) aside from that fact, this piece is just a huge risk for me, ngl.
๑彡 with that being said, my oc for this piece is a nonbinary who prefers two different sets of pronouns — and i took the liberty to use both sets every time i refer to faer/her. i’m not an expert on gender identity, so please do forgive me (and educate me!) if something is inaccurate . . . i just thought that making a nonbinary avenger oc would be nice . . .
It was only supposed to be a mundane, non-Avenger type of day.
Miko even took the liberty to officially file a notice of absence, instead of just flying over to the opposite coast without letting faers/her teammates know. Granted, fae/she only stuck a sticky note on the fridge and called it a day, but fae/she knew it’d do the trick.
I’ll be in California for two weeks. Do not contact me unless the world is ending. — Miko
In faers/her defense, the Avengers, as a team, is currently going through a transitional period. Thus, as a result, it’s quite tricky to get away for some well-deserved personal time off. If fae/she had gone the legal way of filing a leave of absence, there’s no telling when it’d get approved. More likely than not, another national threat would’ve emerged by then. (Fae/She knows how those antagonists are — they just show up without warning, whenever and wherever they want. None of them are as courteous and considerate as that Phantom Thief Kid in manga, much to faers/her dismay.)
And so there goes faers/her hope of having a peaceful vacation — literally already out the window on the morning of faers/her second day. (Even worse because this is technically faers/her first day to be out-and-about, considering fae/she slept all day yesterday due to flight fatigue.)
Fae’s/She’s too far back to hear what they are demanding to the dude in a red and gray jacket, but faers/her instincts are telling faer/her it won’t end well. There are easily four aggressors in total, although one is still blending in with the other passengers until their cue comes.
Miko can’t judge whether the dude in red and gray jacket can fight since his figure is somewhat blocked from faers/her view; but, even if he can, the odds is still one-to-three: they aren’t really in his favor— Oh.
"Excuse me," fae/she gestures to the man next to faer/her to let faer/her through. Based on how he looks, and how he’s staring intently at the fight that just broke out with a serious look, he seems to be with the three men that are currently scuffling with the dude in a red and gray jacket. Unfortunately, fae/she can’t take him down before he joins the fight — partly because it’d put faer/her in offense rather than defense.
Truthfully, the stranger in red and gray jacket is handling himself well. However, fae/she isn’t rigorously trained to combat any kind of universal threat just to stand back and watch someone else put their life on the line. Just when fae’s/she’s about to pull faers/her weapon out, though, fae/she felt faers/her phone vibrate from faers/her pocket.
Hey, Miko, are you almost here? Cassie and Luis—
That’s only as far as fae/she has read, unfortunately, because fae/she felt someone pass by faer/her: it was none other than faers/her former seat mate and he’s heading towards the dude in red and gray jacket with a determined look on his face.
"Holy shit," Miko cussed under faers/her breath as fae/she tried to put faerself/herself in between faers/her former seat mate and the stranger clad in red and gray as fast as fae/she can while the bus continues to travel towards its destination.
Once positioned where fae/she wanted, fae/she let faers/her weapon expand. Courtesy to Shuri and her Wakandan tech, faers/her staff has upgraded features. Aside from its ability to elongate (and retract) and cause damage from a single hit, faers/her weapon of choice is stronger than ever with its body now completely made from vibranium and applied technology akin to T’Challa’s Black Panther suit. Furthermore, as per faers/her request, Shuri also kept the "stun gun" feature in faers/her new staff (a handy one, honestly, especially whenever fae’s/she’s trying to avoid a full-blown confrontation).
When Sinra’s standing next the Spider-Man and the Captain Marvel, faers/her weapon don’t seem much — but it does its job. Fae/She just despises it whenever the one fae’s/she’s against can easily split it in half. Kinda like how faers/her former seat mate potentially can.
"Aw, c’mon!" Miko voices faers/her protest when faers/her former seat mate’s amputated arm grew into a sword blade. "Don’t get too worked up now, seat mate."
"Who are you?" The lady that’s presumably friends with the stranger in red and gray asks.
However, before fae/she can even think about replying, someone else already answered on faers/her behalf. "Oh, my god, Sinra’s here! An Avenger’s here!"
"What’s an Avenger doing here in San Francisco?" Miko hears the person behind faer/her wonder under his breath.
"Vacation," fae/she answers in a whisper, "supposedly."
"Give me the necklace," faers/her former seat mate demands, "and no one gets hurt."
"Listen here, mate," Miko hardens faers/her stare at faers/her former seat mate, "I don’t know what’s the deal with that necklace, but if dude was willing to take down three men for it, then I’ll sure as hell help him keep it from you." In instinct, Miko even twirls faers/her baton to signify faers/her acceptance of the challenge — or, rather, faers/her readiness to fight.
"Do you have a backup?" The dude in red and gray asks faer/her after he moves from behind and takes the spot next to faer/her.
"Let’s hope we don’t need one."
Just as it always been, especially for someone like Miko who fights battles for a living, the actual fight is a blur. Fae/She remembers bits and pieces of instances from it, like how faers/her combat partner told the passengers to move to the front of the bus and how fae/she used faers/her staff to completely separate the second half of the extended bus from the first half. However, fae/she can’t remember when faers/her former seat mate (who fae/she heard faers/her partner call “Razor Fist” — which makes perfect sense, but fae/she still prefers the nickname fae/she bestowed him) managed to snatch the necklace from faers/her partner’s neck — nor when he managed to slash faers/her clothes.
"I’m sorry I couldn’t stop him from taking your necklace." Miko apologizes as fae/she watches the other passengers exit the wrecked bus. "I’d still help you get it back, if you’d let me."
"Your clothes is ripped to shreds and you’re worried about my necklace?"
Fae/she turns faers/her head to look at him, with one of faers/her eyebrows raised. Besides being a questioning look, faers/her overall expression can also be read as a look of judgment — as though fae’s/she’s looking at him like he’s crazy. "Well, yeah? I can tell that necklace means a lot to you, you know." As an Avenger, Miko has grown to always put faerself/herself after others. To faer/her, faers/her own interests and welfare always come in second — and ultimately not a major concern. "Plus, I bound my chest this morning, and his blade didn’t cut through the tape, so I know no one can actually see anything."
"That’s true," faers/her combat partner agrees thoughtfully while taking his jacket off. Leaving himself in his white button up, he then hands his red and gray apparel to faer/her, "but here. You should wear this, too, since it’s still cold out."
"Oh, no, no. I couldn’t possibly—"
"Just accept it, it’s okay," he insists by moving his jacket closer. "You wouldn’t be any less of a superhero if you accept help from a civilian once in a while."
Miko, once again, gives him a judging look, albeit this time it’s because fae/she find some of his words questionable. "I highly doubt you’re just a civilian, based on how you took down those three guys with minimal effort, but—" fae/she shrugs— "I wouldn’t force you to tell me."
(Fae/she would never tell him fae/she knows, but fae/she definitely noticed how the tense on his shoulders built and then quickly evaporated as fae/she spoke.)
Silence follows as faers/her words sink in between them. Faers/her current companion seems to have nothing to say — until, eventually, he finally did. ". . . So are you going to take the jacket?"
"Not until you give me your name first," fae/she chuckles lightly, "I think I at least deserve to know that much, don’t you think?"
"Sure, that’s fair." He puts his hand that’s holding onto his jacket down to his side and faces faers/her completely. "Well then—" he offers his other hand for a handshake— "you can call me Shaun."
Miko accepts his formality, "My name’s—"
"Himiko Alfonso Tanaka!" A voice suddenly bellows outside the wrecked bus before fae/she can say faers/her name. Fae/she doesn’t even have look out the windows to know for certain that it’s Scott Lang.
"—Yup. That’s my full name." Fae/she chuckles as fae/she lets go of his hand, more so at Scott’s perfect timing rather than slight embarrassment. "Feel free to call me Miko, though, that’s what everyone calls me."
"Are you alive in there?!"
Shaun, once again, offers his jacket out to faer/her. "Looks like your ride is here," he nods towards the windows behind faer/her and waves his empty hand with a smile.
Miko scoffs in amusement, then takes his jacket at last. "Don’t think you’ll get rid of me that easily." Fae/she turns and begins to walk away while fae/she puts his jacket on. "You’ll see me again soon, Shaun."
"I don’t doubt that," Shaun whispers to himself as he watch faer/her jog down to a parked black car. "See you then, Miko."
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19ana45 · 2 months ago
Till Then - Chapter 1: The House
Tumblr media
Pairing: 40s!High School Sweetheart!Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky and his girl have been inseparable from the moment they laid eyes on each other, when they were respectively six and seven. Now, grown up and ready to start their lives together, Bucky takes her to their abandoned playhouse, and they dream of the life they’ll lead after marriage. But, with the country on the brink of war, their dreams are built on a crack-laden foundation. Will their loss be nothing but time?
Warnings: nothing as of yet, it's 40s!Bucky though so angst is gonna hit the road after this part, just enjoy the fluff for now, the general feeling that something is gonna go wrong soon, abortion mentioned in passing
A/N: Here it is! It was a long time in the making but my first ever series! Parts will be posted each Friday, please let me know if you wanted to be added to the taglist.
Series Masterlist || Main Masterlist
Copyright Notice: I do not own any of the images or dividers used in this post, credit to their original owners. I do not own any of the Marvel characters, they belong to Marvel. This is my own creative piece of writing, you do not have permission to repost it as yours on any other sites and/or translate it (without my written permission). That counts as plagiarism, which is illegal. Reblogs are fine, and encouraged!
Tumblr media
"When I was a child I heard an old minister say that a house was not a real home until it had been consecrated by a birth, a wedding and a death.”
L.M. Montgomery from Anne’s House of Dreams
It had seen everything.
The light pattering of young children who had just learned to walk, the moment where wrinkled eyes closed upon the dying light of the room, the sighs of young lovers. Its floors had been stained and cleaned over and over, many curtains had been hung up at its windows, fluttering with the cool breezes of summer, glazing over in frost during the winter. Birds had perched at the sills for a brief moment’s rest, elbows had leaned against them to dream of a long life.
But it was empty. It was an old and empty home. The front doors banged open and shut, the wind shaking its very bones as it howled like a lost child. The stairs caved in first, after all, they were used the most. Then, one by one, the rafters of the roof fell, littering the weed-ridden front yard. The porch was next, rotting away with each snowfall. All of the home fell away and all that was left was an old and empty house, and one day, it couldn’t remember a time when anything was different.
The house stopped dreaming and hoping, still standing proud and tall though there wasn’t much left. It took great pride in the jagged edges of its windows, the stones littering the kitchen floor, the dirty footprints of wandering vagrants seeking shelter for a night. And it ignored the snickering of the other houses, new and shiny, boastful of their little families, turning the other way and letting the worms eat small holes in its floors, opening up more rooms for the mice and rodents that sought refuge within its walls.
Still...it was an old and empty home. Nothing would be able to change that, or so it thought.
Tumblr media
October 1941
“Bucky!” she cried out, as the sidewalk gave way to a sudden dip that he hadn’t mentioned.
His grip tightened around her waist, helping her stabilize. Frowning when her hands went up to take off the blindfold, he tutted, “Now, sweetheart, you’d promised me you wouldn’t ruin my surprise.” Using his free hand, he wrapped it around her wrist and brought it behind her back.
“Now, sweetheart,” she mocked back. “You’d promised you wouldn’t get me killed, and look at where we are now, huh?”
“You’re not dead,” he shrugged with a cocky grin.
“Might as well be.”
Rolling his eyes, he steered the two of them a little to the left along with the curve of the sidewalk, “You’re never going to trust me, are ya?”
“Give me a reason to, then I will,” she said, matter-of-factly, holding her chin out at a proud angle.
Bucky knew when to keep his mouth shut, and when she held her head out like that, he may as well have been talking to a brick wall. He liked that a lot about her, her hard-headed stubbornness that she must have picked up from Steve. Frankly speaking, there weren’t many things he didn’t like about her, if the ‘most likely to marry his high school sweetheart’ written underneath his senior photo had a say in anything, a title Bucky famously beat Jimmy O’Neal out of, and because of it, Jimmy didn’t give him the time of day anymore.
Not that that mattered anymore, three years out of high school and working a steady job down at the car factory, being able to treat his girl once a month to the movies or a nice diner, there wasn’t a single thing that Bucky wanted anymore.
Well, he could name one.
Slowing down his steps, he turned the two of them around so they were facing his grand surprise, “Alright, sweet thing, we’re here.”
She squealed in excitement, trying to shake herself out of his hold so she could take off the blindfold but Bucky tsked and pulled her tight to his chest, giving her a rib-crushing hug that stilled her instantly. Nuzzling his face down into the crook of her neck he sighed.
“What’s wrong, Bucky?”
“I dunno,” he said, muffled into her skin. “I just, I really want ya to like it.”
She frowned and twisted around to ‘look’ at him, though she was still met with the fabric of his old school tie, “What makes ya think I won’t?”
“I’m sure I’m going to love it, James.”
“What if you don’t?” His voice was extremely serious, and he tightened his hold on her.
With a chuckle, she gripped his hands and gave them a soft squeeze, “Well, if I could see it, you’ll find out just how much I’ll like it.”
He eyed her warily, and with a deep breath, undid the loose knot at the back of her head. His heart rate picked up as he pulled away the tie and stuffed it loosely in his coat pocket, eyes trained on her profile as she took in the sight in front of them.
With more holes in it than glass, the empty house looked like a terrified ghost, the door rotating in and out of its frame at an awkward angle. There were some beer cans littering the front porch and yard, a withered down fence that had the semblance of having been painted white before.
It was veritably a mess, and if it hadn’t been for the fond memories she held of the place, of a simpler time when they’d run and skip down the street, in chase of lands that existed only in their imaginations, she probably would have grimaced. Yet, she still remembered the summers and winters they’d spent playing in the backyard, setting up tea parties out of thin air with Rebecca and scrunching her nose as the boys trailed in mud onto their ‘silk picnic spread’. And so, her eyes lit up at the sight and with a beaming smile she laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck, making him stumble back a few steps.
“Ya like it?” He tested out warily, his heart resting a little now that she was in his arms.
“Oh, Bucky, I love it!” She pulled back breathless. “How did you remember this old place?”
“Well I-”
“Oh!” she gasped, her eyes falling back to the withered house. “We gotta bring Steve and Becca here as well! It’d be amazing, the whole gang back together again, wouldn’t it? How about tomorrow afternoon? I’ll make some chicken sandwiches and-”
Hating to be the cause of the way her face fell, Bucky spoke up regardless, “Sweet thing,” she cut herself off immediately, heat rising to her cheeks as he gently guided her face towards his again. “I wanted this place for us.”
“Us?” she grimaced at the thought. “James, what do you mean?”
A blush rose on his cheeks as he looked down shyly to the soft collar of her dress. “Well, ya know, for when we get hitched. We’re gonna need a place.”
She frowned and looked back at the empty house, a mouse skittering around and around one of the pillars. “This old thing? We were supposed to stay with my father until you save enough for the house down the road.”
“Yeah, but, this-” he took both her hands in his and looked down at them lovingly “-this is already ours.”
“Well, I don’t got no papers provin’ it,” he shrugged to himself. “But I did the numbers, just like old Patterson taught me in school, I’d be able ta buy it from the city in about a year’s time.”
“You’re talking sheer nonsense, James,” she pulled away from him in shock. “I’m tellin’ ya, you’re workin’ too much and not eatin’ enough. Buy this? Look at it! My father’ll never let me marry ya in this house-”
“But ya liked it before?” he pushed, fighting the growing lump in his throat.
“When I thought you were just showin’ me for a good laugh,” she pressed. “James, sweetheart, we can’t live in a wreck like that. We could barely play in it as kids.” She shuddered at the cast Steve had to wear for two months after his arm was crushed by one of the falling pillars of the roof.
“I’ll fix it up,” he blurted out suddenly. “Baby, I’ve been fixin’ it up straight for a while now, I’ve only been cooking with gas. Everythin’s gonna be perfect.”
“Huh,” she huffed, leaning her weight on one leg and crossing her arms.
He swallowed thickly and pleaded with her, “Please? And if ya don’t like it we’ll do just what you said, we’ll invite Bec and Steve over and have a nice picnic and then we’ll forget this ever happened, alright? I promise.”
Pursing her lips to the side she sighed and wrapped her hand around his bicep and gestured to the house with a tight smile, “Lead the way then.”
“Thank you, baby, thank you,” he cried out in relief, leading the two of them quickly towards the house. Before she could even step on the porch steps, he halted and spoke up, “First of all, all this-” he gestured to the rotting wood “-is gotta go. Stevie’s got an in at the woodshop and I can get a load of hardwood to make you a brand new one.” He looked down at her nervously and she only nodded, signalling for him to keep going. “I’ll make you a rocker with the rest and then we’ll get you a nice door, made’a walnut, sturdy and strong, none of that creaking business.”
She giggled, and Bucky was able to breathe just a little easier as they made their way into the house, places so familiar from their childhood, that they were now gazing upon with new eyes. “I always wanted a green door.”
“Green it is,” he confirmed right away. “As green as ya want sweetheart. I’ll paint it for ya one day and you can watch me do it. Just pick the colour.”
“And matching wallpaper?” She gently placed her hand on the walls leading up to the door, careful of the rusty nail stuck in there.
“Anythin’ ya want,” he said excitedly. “Anything, I promise. We get green wallpaper with those little flowers and paint the door green to match. Then, we’ll get some nice, sturdy carpet-” he cut himself off and looked at her again “What colour?”
She shivered in excitement, “I want cream.”
“Cream carpet on the grounds,” he looped her arm through his and clasped their hands together, intertwining their fingers. “I don’t trust them stairs,” he grumbled with a side eye to the offending structures. “Until I can get’em fixed you are not to go up there, you hear me Mrs. Barnes?”
“Promise,” she said in a way that made it obvious she was going to go darting up those stairs the moment he turned her back, so for good measure, he held her a little tighter to his side.
He guided her towards the living room, “‘Course, there’s a grand room upstairs and three littler rooms for the kids.”
“Kids?” she exclaimed in shock, the dreamy look flying away from her eyes as she whipped her head to look up at him.
“When you’re ready ‘course,” he said meekly. “We don’t gotta think about’em right away. Could also just keep the rooms for family when they come to visit.”
With another wary glance in his direction, she turned back to the room that, out of all the areas in the house, seemed to be the most intact, and surprisingly, had one whole, unbroken window.
Muttering curses underneath his breath, Bucky bent down and started cleaning up the few rocks and cans that were littered there, “Swore I cleaned this up for ya, pretty girl. Swear on my Ma’s life, those nasty little rodents-”
“You mean kids?”
“Now don’t you go around lawyerin’ me,” he grumbled, gathering the cans together and tucking them out of sight. “Our kids’re gonna be well-mannered and polite and not throw trash in people’s houses.”
“Whatever you say, James,” she said with a knowing smile.
“Anyways,” he said with a pointed look in her direction. “We can build a sunroom right on this side, it’s where the sun rises and every mornin’ you can wake up and-”
She stepped forward, opening her mouth to speak before he cut her off in a panic, “Ya don’t like it do ya? We can turn this into a study then, a nice little library. I want our kids ta read real good, they can go to libraries and just read fat books all day. Yeah let’s turn it into a library’n-”
“Bucky!” she said with a laugh, letting her hands rest at the sides of his face to catch his attention. “I don’t want all a’that.”
His face fell and with a couple of slow and resigned nods he sighed, “I’ll tell Steve and Bec ‘bout the chicken sandwiches-”
“Listen to me, you knucklehead,” she giggled, proud of the fact she had the opportunity to use such crass language. “I just want you. And if Stevie can’t get that wood, well, I’m happy spendin’ the rest of my life with ya in this rotten old living room.”
“Really?” he gasped, hope taking a hold of heart as he watched her walk slowly around the room.
She turned back to him with a small smile, “Why not? S’pretty big, we can fit our whole lives in this place can’t we?” Not waiting for his response, she gestured to the area underneath the window, “We put the bed there, and the crib underneath it.”
“A crib?” His jaw agape.
“‘Course,” she said cheekily. “Then, right over there-” she pointed to the right of the bed “-we put your mother’s dining table. The small one from the kitchen.”
He scoffed, “She’ll never give that-”
“Promised it to me as a wedding present,” her skirts swished back and forth as she crossed to the other side of the room. “We put a pretty little couch here, and everything’s set for us. What more could we need?”
“One’a those television sets,” he jutted in, the vision coming alive in his eyes. “A colour one, they’re workin’ on makin’em in colour and I’m gonna be the first one to have it.”
“Oh, James,” she cried out in shock. “A television and all for us?”
He nodded, pulling her into his chest by her hips. He placed his cheek against hers so they could both look at the same thing at the same time, “I promise, and right there-'' above the TV “-we hang one’a Stevie’s pictures. That pretty one with the waterfalls and deer.”
“S’beautiful,” she gasped, as if she could already see it in front of her. “And a fireplace for when it’s cold in the winter?”
“We’ll put one in each corner,” he grinned at the squeal she let out and let his imagination run loose. “Then…then, we get those pretty…pretty, damn what was the word?” He let go of her for a second to search for the newspaper he’d tucked into the chest of his coat.
With a frown, she protested, “James, please I don’t wanna see none of your comics-” and stopped the moment she caught sight of the glossy cover of My Home Magazine.
Ignoring her confusion, he started flipping through the well worn pages and finally landed on what he wanted, “A commode.” He nodded happily at the photo and thrust it in her hands so she could get a nice look at it. “For all your grandma’s china on top, and our clothes in the drawers.”
“Bucky-” she said more to herself as she took it all in.
“And-and, oh ta hell with it,” he grinned. “We smash one of those grand dining tables in the middle of it all, right beside our bed. Then-then, we can get a telephone. You’d like that wouldn’chya? We could-” Back to his original vision of the house, he started rambling. “The kitchen’s a rotten, crummy mess now, baby. But Stevie’n I are gonna tear down the cabinets-” Steve in fact did not know that he’d been roped into this plan “-and build new ones with those pretty gold handles. And we get you a gas stove, none of that wood nonsense. My girl’ll only cook with the best, I promise. An oven! The kids are gonna need cookies and I’ll get you all the sugar you need-”
“Sweetheart, Bucky,” she cut him off a little more assertively, tossing the magazine to the side. “I don’t want all a’that. We don’t need it either. Just you and me and a little bed or two, and m’happy. Jus’ want you for the rest of my life.”
“But what if you could have me and the sunroom.”
“I’d still want just you,” she giggled, coming towards him and wrapping her arms around him. “Just want to be your Mrs. Barnes.”
“You already are,” he said with a happy sigh.
“I don’t got no papers and no ring,” she protested.
With a comically exasperated look he caught her eye and let out a low chuckle, “Well now that I don’t gotta build’a whole house from scratch, there’s a pretty little ring in the catalogue that caught my eye.” He took one curl of her hair and started playing around with it in his fingers, admiring it as if it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.
“Ya mean that?” she asked breathlessly, with her eyes closed. “James, I don’t want ya to not mean it, I couldn’t live with myself if ya didn’t-”
“‘Course I did,” he pulled her into his chest, and rubbed her back a couple of times. “I’ll put a ring on that finger a’yours before you can say ‘minister’ twice over.”
Muffled by the fabric of his shirt, she spoke up, “Promise me?”
Frowning, he held her tighter, “When have I ever broken a promise to ya, sweet girl?”
“Well, I can promise you that,” he sighed, closing his eyes. “I’ll talk to Richardson and ask for so’more shifts, there’ll be a ring on that pretty finger a’yours before the end of the year.”
“In just two months?” she gasped suddenly, looking up at him.
Bucky leaned down and kissed the top of her forehead gently, giving her a small smile, “In just two months, baby, you’ll be my Mrs. Barnes.”
“And you’ll be my Mr. Barnes.”
“That’s the thing sweetheart,” he started to sway the two of them together, humming a soft melody underneath his breath as some broken glass crunched underneath their shoes. “I already am.”
Tumblr media
Bucky was dead on his feet. He was sure that if he stood even a moment longer his bones would just crumple away into mush and he’d collapse and turn into a puddle of a man. His back ached, his neck ached, his fingers ached, his feet were blistered and aching, everything was on fire.
True to his word, and promise, he’d picked up more shifts at the factory, meaning that he had even less time to be spending with his girl. They were supposed to be making plans as to where to place the crib, so the baby would be close enough that she wouldn’t have to wake up and walk across the cold floor in the middle of the night, and how to fit the library between the dining table.
He hated it.
He hated how little he was able to hold her anymore, and take in her perfume that was just on the right side of too sweet. He hated how he couldn’t say something in her ear sneakily and make her burst out in laughter. He hated everything about this blasted situation, and he missed his old work schedule that let him get to sleep early and wake up late.
But everytime he thought about how there’d be that little diamond ring on her finger with the turn of the year, he picked up his pace and the skip returned to his step. The pain seemed to be worth it then. The constant knot in his back, the blisters that burst in the palms of his hands and then blistered over again before the skin had time to heal, the strange clicking that came from his ankles and knees. He grinned as he looked at one of the wedding dresses on display at the department store, in just a year or two she’d be able to go shopping for one as well, Rebecca would probably come with her.
He couldn’t wait.
But he’d been waiting for so long. So, what was two months on top of it? He’d been waiting to make her his for well over three years. And in many senses, she already was. It was only a matter of time.
Yet, something seemed to be different now. There was a buzz in the air, maybe it was in anticipation of the approaching holiday season. The town was bustling in a way he’d hadn’t seen before. His mother kept saying that the air was ‘cracklin’’ with electricity’, and his father only shook his head, claiming it was just like this right before that great crash of Wall Street, sending them barrelling towards a decade of famine that they’d only started coming out of recently.
Newspaper stands were sold out before their ink had time to dry, men hurrying off with their noses buried in them, dodging each other by a hair’s width. And no matter how hard he was looking, Bucky could find near no paper on the ground or in the trash anymore and finally had to resort to buying one for himself as well. Whatever was happening, it seemed to be happening quick and taking the country along with it, no matter if it wanted it or not.
But despite everything, he couldn’t have been happier to be alive. In his empty lunch tin, there came the faint clink of old dishes, two teacups, matching chipped saucers, a couple large shards of what were supposed to be dinner plates. He’d found them between the trash cans outside the factory on his lunch break. They seemed to be clean enough, and he salvaged the pieces that were still half-usable.
So, yes, maybe there was a fat layer of grease caked underneath his fingernails, and maybe everyone was sitting at the edge of their seats for the evening radio news, but he had half of a china set shuffling around in his lunch tin, and his girl was waiting at home for him, so it was all in all, a good day.
A very good day indeed, he grinned as he reached inside his coat pocket and felt for the familiar jingle of his wages he’d gotten today, and shivered out how there were just that many more coins there, that were going to go straight into his old cookie tin hidden in the corner of his mattress.
At the rate he was working at, there was a small risk that he’d be able to buy that pretty diamond ring in the left hand corner of the fiftieth page of the Simpson’s catalogue two weeks early and surprise her with a nice Christmas engagement.
He practically skipped down the street and towards the little house at the corner, where he could already see the faint glow of that pretty flowered oil lamp he’d bought for her sweet sixteen from a side window. Breaking into a run, he almost knocked down half the fence as he tried jumping over it.
If he wasn’t working at the factory, Bucky was spending his nights working on the house, often dragging a much reluctant and sleepy Steve along with him, finally giving his friend’s hands something to do instead of sitting there and dreaming about the war in Europe. As far as Bucky was concerned, the war in Europe should stay in Europe, he had his hands full already.
He pushed his thoughts to the side and jumped on top of the few floorboards he and Steve had replaced in front of the door.
“Oh, Mrs. Barnes!” he called out in a singsong voice, and his heart fluttered much the same way her footsteps did as she crossed the house to greet him, wrapped up in her winter coat and mittens set. Bucky had a matching pair, which she’d made for him last year in his coat pocket.
“You’re home!” she cried happily, flinging her arms around his neck. “I missed you so much.”
Burying his face in her hair he took a deep breath and most of the pain in his body melted away, satiated by the contentment in his heart. “So did I. Thought about ya every second today, couldn’t keep my head on straight for more’n two seconds.”
With a pout, she pulled away from him, “You need to take care of yourself, James. I want you to come home safe and sound to me everyday.”
“I will. I promise ya, sweet thing,” he smiled and took her hand in his free one. “I got a lot waiting at home for me.”
Pleased, she nodded to herself and reached for his lunch tin. When she felt how heavy it was she gave him a hard frown, making him chuckle. “You promised me you’d eat all your lunch!”
“And I did,” he teased back.
“James,” she scolded, opening the lid in preparation for the worst, before she stopped and gasped suddenly. “What’s this?”
He shuffled his feet awkwardly, “Just some stuff I found, most of it was broken.” She reached down carefully and brought up one of the teacups, inspecting it in the dying light of the sunset. “Ya like them?”
“It’s gorgeous,” she said quietly, placing it carefully back in and looking around at the other things.
Nervously scratching at the back of his neck, he moved to take them away from her, “Ah, the rest is kinda crummy. I’ll throw them out on my-”
“You will do no such thing, James!” she pulled away the tin out of his reach. “Now, go sit down and I’ll make you a nice cup of tea in our finest china.”
“Gimme a kiss first,” he puckered his lips for her.
With a giggle, she leaned her weight on one foot and asked, “I’m sure you’ve kissed me close to a hundred times now-”
He cut her off gently and pressed a small kiss to the corner of her mouth, making her giggle in joy, “A hundred-and-one now.”
“See?” she smiled cheekily at him. “You’ve got enough kisses to last you more than-”
Her next words were muffled by his lips on hers and she closed her eyes in delight, wrapping one arm around his waist in a confident gesture. After a couple of moments Bucky pulled back and pressed their foreheads together, eyes still closed. “I could never get tired of kissin’ ya, sugar, you’d better know that.”
“Bucky?” she said softly. He hummed in response, “I don’t have any tea, or a kettle. Can’t make you a cup.”
“S’ok, sugar,” he sighed. “Never liked tea anyways.”
“Don’t have no coffee either,” she mumbled.
With a smile, he looped his arm around her waist and led the two of them towards the living room, her head resting on his shoulder. “Never said I wanted some.”
“You must be so tired,” she sighed, turning in his arms and hugging him again, once they’d reached the room. “And I’ve only got some bread and cheese for ya.”
“A meal fit for a king,” he said simply, closing his eyes again. “Sugar,” he waited until she looked up at him. “Dance with me.”
“James, your feet must be aching,” she said, already swaying along with him with little protest.
“Not anymore, I took one good look at you and all my aches disappeared.”
“You’ve gone off the cob,” she squeezed his hand. “That’s not how that works.”
“It’s how it worked for me,” he twirled the two of them around in a sharp turn. “M’feelin’ all better now. Don’t need no tea and no bread.”
“What am I gonna do with you, hm?” she pressed her face into the crook of his neck. “Ya know, this kinda attitude won’t do when we’re married, Mr. Barnes.”
“M’know, Mrs. Barnes.”
“You’re gonna let me take care of ya as much as you need it, we can’t have ya workin’ yourself sick.”
He slowed down their swaying with a deep sigh, and pressed a kiss to her forehead, feeling for her empty ring finger with his right hand. “Just need to save up a little more, sweet girl.”
“Oh, Bucky,” she gasped, leaning the side of her cheek on his chest.
“You’d like that, wouldn’t ya?” he smiled to himself, building up his daydream all over again. “A pretty ring, big house.”
“I’d make you all your meals,” she looped her hands around his neck. “And I want a kiss everytime you walk through that door.”
With a soft smile, he leaned and gave her a sweet kiss, stopping them in their tracks. “Like that?” He raised his eyebrow in a way that showed he knew the answer to his question.
She hummed, nodding her head, “Exactly like that. And I’d make you a nice cup of tea and by the time you’re finished, dinner’d be ready on the table.”
“The table beside our bed?”
“Right beside one of the four fireplaces,” she shivered as another gust of cool wind blew in from the walls, and Bucky held her closer, rubbing his hands up and down her arms comfortingly.
“What’s for dinner, honey?”
“Steak’n potatoes.”
“Never had steak before,” he mused to himself.
“I’ll make you all the steaks you want, James,” she leaned up and rubbed their noses together. “And a nice thick slice of chocolate cake at the end.”
“Fattenin’ me up like a hog, aren’t ya?”
She pinched the skin of his torso as best as she could through her mittens, making him wince a little, “I can count all your ribs through that shirt a’yours, you need the chocolate cake.”
“Ok, baby, I’ll eat the cake.”
“Good,” she smiled to herself. “And after dinner, I’ll sit in your lap and we’ll watch the colour television.”
“M’not sure I’ll be able to get much watchin’ done,” Bucky smirked, letting his hands roam down her back. “Got a pretty little wife, perfect as a picture in my lap, s’been a long stressful day…”
She gasped and he immediately brought his hands back up to her back, “James!”
“What?” he grinned lopsidedly at her. “It’s gonna happen sometime or another.”
“Well,” she took a moment to think it through, her brow furrowing in concentration. “I don’ wanna do it ‘fore we get married. That’s what happened to Liza Williamson, ya heard?”
Bucky shook his head.
“She got knocked up real good by that no good Henry Smith, and soon as Henry heard, Liza got whisked away outta school for near four months,” she started. “And her mother said it was the whoopin’ cough, but everyone knew it was a lie. Then all’a sudden, she comes back lookin’ like she came back from her grave, and she was never the same again.”
“How’s Liza doin’ now?”
“Married off to some drunk, all she does is weep everyday while Henry’s havin’ the time of his life in California, tryin’a become a movie star,” she shook her head disapprovingly. “Not with that nose, no sir.
Looping her arm through the crook of his elbow, he guided the two of them to sit down in two rusty school chairs they’d put beside each other, the closest thing they got to mimicking a couch. He placed his arm around the edge of hers and pulled her into his chest, with a low hum.
“I promise I’ll wed ya ‘fore I bed ya, sweet girl. You only deserve the best,” he chuckled to himself as another thought rose to his head. “Your father’d skin me alive if I pulled a Henry Smith on ya.”
“I’d do it first,” she said, seriously. “I’d hate to wear black for the rest’a my life.”
Bucky hummed, thinking for a minute, “I’ll buy ya all the silk in the world, just name the colour. Green? Pink?”
“Blue,” she sighed happily, already envisioning the pretty dresses she could make for herself. Maybe she could even steal a couple of patterns from the dress shop she worked at.
“Blue?” he frowned and looked down at her. “Ain’t green all the rave now?”
“Well, if ya had green eyes,” she met his gaze and smiled at him. “I would’a asked for green.”
“Alright then,” he looked away to hide the way his face was blushing in the dull glow of the lamp. “My pretty wife’ll wear only blue silk for the rest of her life.”
Her gaze fell down to his hands, which were turning blue underneath his fingernails and with a sigh, she took out her hands from her mittens and clasped his in hers. He hissed at the warm feeling, “I guess I’ll need at least one black one, for funerals.”
“I’ll go and tell everyone you’re sick,” he said simply. “And I’ll come home afterwards and see ya all wrapped up in blue silk.”
“You’d do that?”
“‘Course I would, promise I will,” he sighed, and gripped her hands tightly. “Ya got such soft hands, honey.”
“Wrap’em in glycerin every night, takes a good chunk outta my pay, but I need ta keep’em pretty for my husband.”
He buried his face in her hands and took a deep breath, letting it and all the worries of the day fade away, and with it, ignoring the side-by-side photos of Churchill and Hitler on the front page of the newspaper tucked into his coat. “I’ll buy ya all the glycerin in the world, baby.”
With a small laugh, she looked up at him, and asked with concern, “Where’re ya gettin’ all this money from? You don’t got a penny to your name.”
“So don’t you,” he shrugged. “Ya ain’t gonna let me give you the world regardless?”
“I’ve already got the world,” she leaned her head back down and looked out at the rotten old room. “He’s holding me in his arms right now.”
He leaned down and kissed the crown of her head, gathering her in his arms in a way that she was leaning against his chest and her feet dangling over the side of his chair.
It was strange, their whole life was in front of them, and Bucky felt like this was the last time he’d be able to hold his girl like this.
But after all, he was also tired and two minutes away from a nap, maybe it had just been a long day.
Tumblr media
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How You Meet - Avengers
This has not been proofread.
Warnings: Cursing; Comment About 'Getting in Pants'
Y/dc is your degree of choice.
In this, Tony is not with Pepper (despite it hurting my heart), Clint does not have a family, and Loki is a prisoner on Earth - at least for a short time.
Feel free to ask about adding a character or maybe doing a different fandom. Maybe put in a request for a one shot.
Steve Roger
Tumblr media
You met Steve at the laundromat as it turns out. He had just moved into his new apartment, which was the room across from yours. You had just gotten off from work, quickly getting the clothes out of your truck. (You had placed them there this morning with the intent to finally do them.) It was late, most likely almost midnight. Steve was the only other person there. Since the laundromat was so close you gave him a ride back, chatting all the way till you reached your rooms.
Tony Stark
Tumblr media
You met Tony through Pepper. She had made you her assistant which resulted in you encountering Tony on multiple occasions. Of course, he flirted endlessly. Each and every comment made you flush red. But, as usual with the iron flirt, he only wanted to get in your pants.
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
You were visiting your old college buddy, Bruce. On the way down the halls, you bumped into Bucky. This led to you asking him for directions and him simply showing you the way.
Natasha Romanoff
Tumblr media
Meeting Natasha was quite unusual. It was while she was undercover. You worked at the bar she was tracking her target in. But, you didn't see her for long. That didn't mean she didn't keep a close eye on you afterwards. She logged just about everything you did. Tracked your social media, bank statements, everything tiny little thing you did. The Black Widow knew everything. It was after Loki that she decided to slip back into your life as the same person she had come into it as.
Thor Odinson
Tumblr media
You were the background member with Jane. You gathered the supplies. Basically, you were the member that didn't piss off anyone, so you could still go around doing as you pleased. You were the one that uncovered Thor.
Wanda Maximoff
Tumblr media
You met Wanda as a child. Pietro, Wanda, and you were the best of friends as children. That was until your parents decided to move to the United States. They moved to Pennsylvania. Years later, you were at college studying for y/dc in New York. This was where you met Wanda once again. It was at a quaint little coffee shop. This resulted in you both spending hours getting reacquainted.
Tumblr media
You were a helper around the tower. You aided Banner and Stark with their science. You trained with everyone. You cleaned and cooked. It made you pretty much the spare hand. You met Loki after he was arrested in New York. Thor bargained for him to be permitted to stay at the tower for further questioning on Earth before returning him to his Asgardian cell.
Clint Barton
Tumblr media
You were Tony's sister. This meant you spent quite a bit of time at the Avengers' base. But, it wasn't till they moved up to northern New York that Tony decided you needed to meet the team and begin living with them.
No picture or gif belongs to me. All credit is to the original owners.
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sophieshelby · 11 months ago
I wrote this for the challenge of @flowers-in-your-hayr I hope you like it, congratulations!
It is a Finn Shelby x reader imagine.
Warnings: mentions of alcohol, mentions of drugs, mentions of violence
Tumblr media
Life as a ballet dancer was tough, but you were tougher.
You had been born and raised in Birmingham, your family poor and insignificant, but you had always been an extraordinary dancer, which earned you a scholarship at one of the most renowned ballet schools on the continent.
The only condition for your scholarship had been that you danced at a nightclub three nights of the week, which you happily agreed to.
It wasn’t too hard, you performed what you had practiced over the week and no matter how horribly it went, if it ever did so, people didn’t know enough of it to notice the mistakes you or your fellow students made.
It was mostly a way to practice performing in front of an audience, and you were grateful for the opportunity.
The people in the audience were mostly nice, there were a few regulars you liked to chat with after your performance, enjoying the occasional drink they bought you, which you just couldn’t decline.
You had been practicing particularly hard one week, working your grand jetes and fouettes to perfection because your headmistress had told you that the owners of the club would be watching.
You had had made inquiries as to who the club belonged to when you were first asked to dance there, and you had happily accepted when you had found out that it belonged to the Peaky Blinders, a family from your hometown, who lead an organised crime business.
You didn’t know much more about them than the usual information, they wore their silly but dangerous hats everywhere, were easily aggravated and came from the streets of Small Heath, which was enough for you to sympathise with them.
You also knew that they couldn’t possibly have any clue about ballet whatsoever, but your Madame had asked you to practice particularly hard, so that’s what you did.
By the time your performance came around you could have danced it while blindfolded, having practiced every smallest movement to perfection.
Your body was aching from practicing more than your usual seven hours a day but you didn’t care, your slim but muscular body being used to one painful week or two.
You didn’t mind pain all that much anymore, you had gotten used to it long ago, much like any fighter, dancer, athlete or musician had as well.
When you entered the stage you didn’t feel the pain anymore, the adrenaline rushing through you as the warm stage lights hit you and your partner as the small group of musicians played what you had been practicing to the entire week.
You looked effortless, moving gracefully, twirling, jumping, tiptoeing or leaping across the stage, catching the eyes of many men and women.
One of them had never in his life seen ballet before, but he was sure he hadn’t seen someone as absolutely breathtaking as you either.
Finn Shelby had been allowed to join his brothers for their trip to London, to talk to some guy who wasn’t cooperating with their business plan.
He wasn’t allowed to hear the details but Arthur had told him it could end bloody, even though none of them intended to start a fight.
Finn had had his first drink and had already had his first snort of snow in the bathroom when you came onto the stage, which was why he initially thought you were an angel.
Not that he believed in such things, but he had never seen a more beautiful person in his entire life before, and he had seen his fair share of women.
Even though you didn’t do anything, or look in any way lewd Finn’s cheeks gradually filled with blood, his cheeks and entire face flushing beet red.
It wasn’t difficult to see what Finn was feeling and Arthur had the time of his life as he watched his youngest brother gawk, his face and even ears red as his mouth fell open, eyes trained on you as if his life depended on it.
It made Arthur chuckle and stand up, walking towards one of the waiters to tell him to ask you to join them later after your performance.
Finn hadn’t even noticed his brother had gone when Arthur sat back down, starting to clap when your performance ended.
The thoughtful man he was Arthur had ordered another glass of whisky for his brother, knowing that he would be in need of some liquid courage when you came to their table.
You had changed out of your dance gear and into some gorgeous but comfortable evening dress, which caught Finn’s attention as soon as you stepped into the room, even though he should have been busy listening to the discussion his brothers were having with the man they were supposed to meet that night, who was accompanied by a handful of men as well.
Arthur motioned you over and you made your way towards him, Finn’s eyes growing wide as you bent down to listen to what Arthur was saying, nodding as you made your way towards him.
You were smiling as you reached him, telling him your name as you sat down beside him.
Finn looked mortified but he quickly became himself again, a stupid grin on his face as he leaned further towards you, drink in hand and eyes gleaming.
It made his older brother chuckle before he continued to listen to the conversation Tommy was having, leaving his little brother be.
Even though you hadn’t originally thought so talking to Finn was strangely fun, you listened to his stories and commented on them, sharing a drink as you talked.
You had thought the youngest Shelby would be an idiot, you had heard stories about him that weren’t entirely flattering, but even though he was boasting it was strangely pleasant, you had fun listening to him and making him flustered, be it by licking your lips or taking his drink from him to take a sip from it.
Your conversation went well until the business talk the Shelby brothers had escalated, from raising their voices to shouting until Arthur threw the first punch, making you back away slightly to evaluate the situation.
Finn, who obviously didn’t know you mistook your movement, standing up and taking his cap off as he positioned himself in front of you.
It wasn’t long until the first punch was thrown at him and you chuckled as you watched him fight, before stepping towards the action and taking part in it.
It had been long ago that you had last had a fight but even though you hadn’t been fighting anymore your training had undoubtedly built your strength and stamina, making the fight you were participating in the most fun you had had in quite a while.
Some men stopped their fighting when they saw you, someone they deemed delicate and worth protecting, throw the hardest punches of the entire evening, the gleam in your eyes prominent even when your smile faded for concentration.
You were the one to throw the final punch as the Shelbys watched you, Finn’s eyes wide as his brothers only grinned, watching as your eyes fixated on their youngest brother when you straightened up.
You sent him a teasing grin as you walked towards where he had sat down again, the grin still on your face as you downed the rest of his drink.
“Born and raised in Birmingham”, was all the explanation you gave as you pressed a kiss to his cheek, taking his hat in your hands and putting it on teasingly.
You grinned one last time at him before you walked out of the club, feeling the stares on you as you went.
You were sure you’d see Finn Shelby in your club more often.
Tumblr media
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the credit to the gif goes to whomever made it, it is not mine!
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suueeeeeee · a year ago
One Last Time.
A/N: I've been swamped with college projects, and it’s currently 1 a.m, and I have to be awake at 6, but yeah I’m doing it anyway 😂
I hope you all like it, because this was originally Star’s Hamilfilm Lyric Challenge.
Also, I’m doing this under the influence of a sleeping pill, so beware of the mistakes 😂
Word count : 690 words.
Pairing : Henry Cavill x Fem!reader
Tumblr media
(Credits to owner for the GIF!)
You gulped the whole glass once and excused yourself from the girl you’re talking to and decided to head towards them. She was getting too handsy with Henry and you were done standing in the shadows watching her pat her eyelashes at your man. You were never the one to get angry often, sure you easily get irritated, but it’s only a matter of seconds and you’re back to your normal self, the funny, perky, bubbly personality of yours that made Henry fall for you, but when you got angry, oh shit, it’s like hell breaks loose, even Henry sometimes gets scared of your angry self.
You approached them with the fakest smile you could ever have and immediately wrapped your arms around Henry's waist.
“Hey baby.” You smile, pulling him down for a forced kiss, which he’s surprised at in the beginning, but happily returns it. You knew that Henry liked his privacy and wasn’t a big fan of PDA, but you liked to show off your man and make sure that everybody know exactly who he belongs to.
“Hello, love. Me and Liz were just discussing a few things in the movie.” Henry replies softly, kissing your cheek. Oh sweet Henry, not even aware of the eye war that’s going on between the two women.
“Oh yes, Y/N, don’t you think that mine and Henry’s chemistry showed off really well on screen? I mean those hot scenes.” She fanned herself giggling and poor Henry being the poliet soul he is laughed along nervously, slightly afraid of your reaction.
You smirked. “Oh yes, reminds me of when me and Henry fuck, but you know, the real thing. You should get so-“ you were cut by a massive hand covering your mouth and Henry’s blue eyes staring warningly at you. You could see her face flush red and frown and you mentally high five yourself.
“Excuse us.” Henry says crutly and grabs you by my forearm, but you stop him.
“Wait. Just a word, I’ll be quick. I promise.” Before Henry could respond. you marched back to her and you could see she was still annoyed by what happened. She was literally chugging down her vodka. You pat her shoulder and she turns to you, glaring as she realises it’s you, about to open her mouth. You shush her.
“I wanna give you a word of warning. If I catch you looking at Henry the wrong way again, I’ll personally make your life a living hell.” You growl lowly at her, so no one would hear. Then you cast her one last dirty look and go back to Henry.
He looks at you with that knowing look, and crosses her arms.
“What? I just told her what a great performance she did!” You try on your best smile, but he’s still sceptical. You see her glancing over and you decide to give something to look at.
You sigh and move to plan B.
“Babyyyyyy, My legs are killing me and I feel like throwing up.” You clumsily stumble onto him. He wraps his arms around and picks you.
“There baby, you’ll be fine, we’re leaving.” He says softly and caringly. you wrap my arms around him and stick your tongue out at her, giving her the middle finger and then walk out like a boss, being carried in the arms of your lover is a whole other type of savage.
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jhopesmainthing · 7 months ago
Dance Practise - J Hope
-',✎ Pairing : Hoseok x Reader
-',✎ Genre : Fluff
-',✎ Warnings : None
-',✎ A/N : Day 3 of our week long scenario journey, i've been watching so many bts performances omfg. Anyways, hope you're enjoying them 🤍 lowercase intended
(all gifs are not mine, full credits to original owners)
Tumblr media
you and your boyfriend, hoseok had just arrived at the dance studio where he was going to be practising his choreography. although you weren't an idol, you had been doing professional dancing since you were a little kid so you were pretty skilled. hoseok insisted you tag along for today's dance practise since he also wanted you to learn the dance too. you set your bag and water down at the side and sat down against the mirror watching your boyfriend warm up. you pulled out your phone to give you something to occupy yourself with as the choreographer walked into the studio, instatly getting to work with hoseok. you looked up from your phone to see your boyfriend body rolling which left you in shock since he's never really like that around you. you hadn't noticed that you were staring until he made eye contact with you and winked, leaving you flustered. you looked back down at your phone and continued to scroll through social media. after the session was over, hoseok walked over to you with both his and your water in your hand. he took your phone from your hands. "time to strech, jagi" he pulled you up from your sitting positions and cleaned up your belongings, putting them on the little bench at the side. after you were done warming up and stretching, he decided to teach you the choreography he had just learned. after about an hour, you had the choreography down so you guys were just practising. while you were still practising, he picked you up and put you on his shoulder "hoseok put me down !!" you shouted while giggling, but he just kept laughing "never" he walked around the studio and building with you on his shoulder, showing you that he wasn't going to put you down. at this point, you had stopped resisting and kinda just went with it until he put you down on the bed in his dorm. he got on top of you, showering you with kisses until he rolled to the side so you guys could cuddle. after a few moments of peaceful silence, you decided to break it. "baby?" "hm?" you looked over at him "i think we should shower..." he sat up. "you're right, let's go".
sorry if this is a bit short, i wrote this when i was kinda brain dead lol
i hope you're enjoying the scenarios so far
stay safe, stay hydrated, i love you 🖤
also posted to my wattpad
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songtoyou · 6 months ago
Returning the Favor
Tumblr media
Paring: Angel Reyes x Reader
Rating: 18+
Warnings: Some swearing. Smut (oral with male receiving, intercourse).
Word Count: 1,246
Story Summary: Now Angel wants to return the favor after you helped make him feel better. It is his turn to make you feel good.
A/N:  This is essentially part two to my first Angel Reyes fic, No Need to Rush. Italic font represents past conversations. Gif is not mine; it belongs to its rightful owner. So, gif credit goes to its original maker, @lunapascal​.
Please do not post any of my fics to other sites without my permission.
Tumblr media
Feeling that your breathing was back to normal and the daze of your orgasm subsided, you got up from Angel's lap. Slowly, you backed away from Angel and moved towards his bedroom. He quirked his eyebrow when you tossed the blanket that was covering your naked body on the couch. 
As if Angel were in a trance, he quickly got up from the couch and followed. You squealed in delight when he tossed you over his shoulder. "Baby girl, you have no idea what you are in for," Angel asserted as he set plopped you down on his bed and began to undress.
When Angel stood in full-frontal, your eyesight went right to his growing member. You felt your mouth water. You needed a taste. Scooting off the bed, you got down on your knees in front of Angel and began stroking his cock. He let out a groan when you licked the tip and ran your tongue along his shaft. 
"Don't tease," warned Angel as you giggled at him.
Deciding to no longer prolong his pleasure, you took every inch of him in your mouth, which wasn't easy. The man was big! But with every bob of your head, you would take him further. You started slow, allowing yourself to get used to his length. Angel's breathing began to increase as you continued to suck him off. 
Now, Angel Reyes has had many blowjobs in his life, and he enjoyed every one of them. But from you, goddamn, that was different. As Angel locked eyes with you on your knees, mouthful, he grabbed you by the throat to hold you steady.
"Baby, I need to fuck that beautiful mouth of yours." He wasn't about to do anything that would make you uncomfortable or without your consent. "Is that okay?" Angel asked to which you nodded.
"If it becomes too much, just tap on my right leg, you understand," he instructed; placing his hands on both sides of your head, he began moving his cock back and forth in your mouth. His pace was roughing. You did your best to breathe through your nose. 
Drool continued to drip from your mouth and onto your breasts.
As instructed, when it became too much, you tapped Angel's right leg, and he quickly let up. He pulled himself from your mouth. You took deep breaths and sat back on your knees to look up at Angel. He swiped his thumb across your swollen lips. His other hand was still cupping your cheek, and he pulled you up for a kiss.
"You did good, cariño. Very good," Angel praised and kissed your neck down to your breasts to lick up the drool. 
You noticed he was still hard. "Fuck me," you whispered, and Angel pushed you onto the bed. 
He climbed on top of you and lined himself up against your entrance. Teasing your folds with his cock, Angel slowly eased himself inside. He started slow, but with your encouragement and please, he sped up his pace. You left scratch marks on his back to urge him on more, to go deeper and faster. Angel got the hint and flipped your over onto your stomach.
He proceeded to fuck you into the mattress, and you took it willingly. You felt him pull your hips up higher and began playing with your clit. The new position and stimulation to your clit was becoming too much. You felt your orgasm rising and ready to be released.
"I need to cum," you managed to say, turning around to get a glimpse of Angel as he pounded into you. God, he looked so fucking beautiful to you. "Can I please cum, baby?" you asked for permission. 
Repositioning you again on the bed, Angel now had you on your hands and knees. The slapping of skin-on-skin echoed throughout the bedroom. Your moans and Angel's grunts permeated the room, and no doubt, his neighbors could hear the commotion.
"Angel," you pleaded desperately, "I can't hold it any longer."
"Cum," Angel ordered, and you obliged. The feeling of euphoria washed over your body and resulted in your collapsing on the bed. 
Still inside you, Angel thrust in a couple more times before pulling out and releasing his load onto your back. He trailed kisses up your spine before collapsing right next to you and leaning in for a kiss. 
"That was amazing, querida," he complimented and kissed you on the forehead. 
However, you were entirely out cold—your soft snores indicating to Angel that you were asleep. Getting out of bed, Angel retreated to the bathroom to get a wet washcloth to clean you up. Tossing the washcloth to the side, Angel got back in bed.
He chuckled to himself as he watched you sleep and pulled the covers over your body. He fucked you into unconsciousness.
Typically, this would be something Angel shared with the guys in the MC but not this time. It was you, after all. He would never do anything to hurt or degrade you, especially in front of others. You were too special to him. He knew, the very first time he saw you, he knew that you were….well that you would be the one. After Angel got to know you better, it only fueled his instincts about you.
You were kind and always willing to help out the guys at the Club, nothing illegal. More in regards to making sure the guys were fed and taking care of themselves. You were personable but not a pushover. You could take a joke just as much as you could give it. That was an essential quality for any woman wanting to be with a Mayan. You also understood Angel's role within the MC and knew when not to get in his way when dealing with Mayan responsibilities. You gave him his space, which he appreciated. But as time went on, Angel wanted more than just a friendship with you. He wanted to take it to the next level but knew there would be some hesitancy from you. 
For one, Angel knew that if both of you got together that it runs the risk of the possibility of ruining a great friendship, especially if things don't work out between you two. However, Angel wouldn't allow that to happen. If he had you, then he would do everything in his power to make sure it worked. He would be determined not to fuck it up.
When it came to Angel's insecurities about being second best or not good enough, you always told him to get his head out of his ass and stop the negative thinking. 
"Stop it! I don't like when you talk bad about yourself," you scolded Angel one night. 
"It's all true," Angel responded with a shrug.
You punched in the chest.
"Ow," said Angel as he laughed. Your punch didn't hurt at all. 
"If you continue to talk shit about my best friend, then you will truly know pain, understand me," you explained rather menacingly. Angel never heard you sound like that or talk in such a threatening manner.
He nodded his head in understanding—his heart fluttering at your protectiveness. He never felt that before until you came into his life. "Okay, cariño, I'll stop. I promise."
Looking over at you as you slept peacefully, Angel pulled you closer to him. He wrapped his arms around you and proceeded to rub your back. It wasn't long until sleep overtook him.
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