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#these three would be bffs
incorrect-natshiga month ago
hhhhh i kinda wanna jump on the whole 鈥渢elling you our natshig au ideas鈥 thing so here i go (i鈥檓 gonna try and write a fic about this but i tend to get burnt out after the first chapter so here鈥檚 hoping i follow through because i really like this one)
ok so natsuo and tenko meet at a park when they鈥檙e around 2 after hana jumps at one of those poles on a climbing frame and hits her head and touya (who鈥檇 been playing with her and fuyumi) laughs so hard he falls off too. so obviously rei and nao rush over to see if they鈥檙e ok with natsuo and tenko following them like little ducks. once they get there rei and nao recognise eachother since they were friends in school but lost contact after rei married enji
so the mums stay in contact and have play dates for the kids and thus begins a natshig friendship (with touya and hana being very aggressive best friends as well)
so one day natsuo says to tenko that if endeavour ever hit him then he鈥檇 run away to tenkos house. tenko of course thinks this is a great idea and remembers that when he鈥檚 outside crying after his dad hits him
so little tenko picks himself up and toddles on over to the todoroki household with mon following him on his adventure
hana comes out, can鈥檛 find her brother, and promptly loses her shit and her mum soon follows and eventually kotaro comes down, sees the side gate open and (quite understandably) believes his son has been kidnapped when in reality he鈥檚 skipping away to his friends house
by the time tenko gets to the todorokis, rei knows that he鈥檚 missing and near has a heart attack when he shows up at her door
luckily the only casualties of tenkos quirk is a few toys, so significantly less trauma. nao is still pissed at tenko for scaring her so bad so he is grounded but at least he鈥檚 not an orphan! :D
fast forward a few years and natshig are minding their own business when they see some guys trying to grab a kid and natsuo decides to punch the shit out of them. they then decide to become vigilantes since tenko has a 鈥渧illainous鈥 quirk and natsuo has no quirk at all and they don鈥檛 think any hero course will take them
the end up bumping into dabi who cant very well just leave his brother with next to no street smarts so he teaches the boys hand to hand and how to not get arrested
of course these dumbasses end up arrested by eraserhead
in exchange for letting them go and not saying anything, aizawa makes them take the entrance exam with the promise that they鈥檙e basically guaranteed a place so he can nurture their heroic spirit or whatever
so tenkos family is mostly supportive since hana is going into her third year there and nao divorced kotaro after he refused to take responsibility for tenko running away, but obviously endeavour isn鈥檛 too happy about natsuo and says he won鈥檛 survive and will be dropping out in no time
dabi is annoyed they got caught, but willing to support them anyway
they both end up graduating, but not before natsuo snitches on endeavour to aizawa and he helps fuyumi get custody of her brothers and a steady income so she can provide for them
endeavour gets arrested and dabi goes home because endeavour may not be dead but he is in jail and all that time spent with natsuo and tenko unfroze his cold dead heart so he just wants his siblings back
cue emotional reunion cut short by hana drop kicking the poor man for not at least leaving ominous notes pretending to be a ghost
that鈥檚 basically it and actually writing that gave me a smidge of motivation to write it so maybe i鈥檒l do it??? i鈥檒l sign this in case i do and you or someone else wants to read it when i write it
This is just too good for words馃挅鉁
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jeoseungsaja4 months ago
a hug with a forehead kiss // hyuk ty ty <3
@bethelbound 鈾 from x.
鈾 鈥斺斺斺
It's late; the clock marks past 3AM. He receives a call he'd never ignore; her name appears on the screen and he picks it up in a matter of a heartbeat. He thinks the worst at first, considering how late it is. Did something happen? Is she in trouble? Panic reverberates in the depths of his mind, but he knows he should put this sentiment on a leash before quickly jumping into erratic conclusions.
He answers and an unconscious breath of relief leaves his lungs.
Darlene just wants him to pick her up. Somewhere between streets she doesn't remember much; describing neon signs that paint a vague picture in his head. Maybe she's tipsy, enough to cancel the planned walk --- or perhaps she just wishes for company amid concrete that no longer looks the same. Either way, he's already grabbing his keys and heading out.
His hair has become a mess these days; longer, practically untamed at the edges. Hyuk doesn't bother on rearranging it; takes the closest sweater and leaves with a pair of old jeans and scratched sneakers. He's never worried about fashion and, right on this moment, he cares not about how he looks but about the destination.
He just cannot leave Darlene another minute by herself. Not in the middle of the night.
So he goes, as fast as traffic lights and laws allow him to; parks nearby and jumps out of vehicle as soon as he sees a familiar silhouette. There she is, with her flowing hair and characteristic plaid flannel; with washed out denim as trousers and sparkling gold jewelry that becomes visible when getting closer to her.
He looks at her, calls her name whilst having hands deeply buried in his pockets. There's this whisper coming out of her, something akin to 'you came', such a thing making him frown at first, but then smile ever so slightly.
Tumblr media
"Of course I did, you told me to come."
Hyuk speaks of this as if it's the most obvious thing, as if it's the clearest reaction. You tell me to come, so I do. It's what friends do, don't they?
"Besides, I couldn't leave you here alo---"
It's sudden, her movement. Walking forward; arms getting wrapped around his middle --- an unexpected embrace. She hugs and he freezes; she pulls in and he doesn't push away. His limbs remain on his sides, unsure as to what to do, before allowing one hand to awkwardly pat her back.
"What is this? Are you okay---yah!"
Next thing he knows, Darlene is pulling him by the collar; tugging enough so her lips can reach his forehead, pressing a mark that leaves him dumbfounded. Though her tug is harsh, her kiss is not. It's soft, like the current breeze around them. It's nice, making him feel a type of warmth that leads his heart to jump.
It's been a while since his heart has jumped out of genuine comfort.
"Is that how you say thank you? You'll have to do better than that."
Jest is his initial response, before gently wrapping her arm around his. This closeness, he doesn't give it to just anyone. This proximity and kind gestures, he'll welcome them all if they come from a dear friend --- her.
"Okay. Let's go, you probably need to sleep."
鈥斺斺斺 鈾
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five-wow12 months ago
yet another possible post-finale outcome: cath is fully present on that plane and not replaced by danny, but we do add danny onto the plane, and nobody is willing to back down so they all end up flying off together. the proceeding days/weeks/months while steve is trying to find himself are just this extremely awkward balancing act where he鈥檚 taking selfies in front of the eiffel tower and going hiking in the mountains around cape town with a) an ex he almost married and is still good friends with, and b) his current best friend that he keeps saying he鈥檚 married to and has possibly requited romantic feelings for. so when steve and cath try to work out some of the unresolved things in their history danny inevitably walks into the room, when steve and danny accidentally brush hands while sitting a little too close together and it seems like something might be about to happen cath always shows up, and when cath and danny are left alone it鈥檚 extremely pleasant conversation on the surface while underneath they鈥檙e both suspiciously wondering why the other one is even here because danny, obviously, is very worried cath might try to rekindle her relationship with steve, while cath thinks danny must have tagged along at the last minute just to friendshipblock her and steve out of overprotective worry that she might somehow hurt him again, like she did any of that on purpose and like steve is not a grown man who can manage his own life.
then at some point harry langford probably shows up and starts flirting with everyone, but particularly cath and danny right in front of steve, just to make the chaos complete.
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ikyw-t4 months ago
here's the main dilemma of my life: i think that my life would likely be improved by spending significantly less time online and therefore on tumblr, but also, esp in the panini, tumblr has been the vast majority of where i get my socializing, and also the biggest problem throughout my whole life has been loneliness and feeling like i don't belong and not having a sense of community. and so uninstalling this ridiculous little app would leave me feeling even more lonely and disconnected from the world which is already something i struggle with but also being online so much is also probably not great for me so -
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grimmpitch10 months ago
lizzie asked about zayn and harry鈥檚 friendship in rcf and it was two in the morning when i鈥檓 usually most dramatic so i wrote this
Zayn is on the phone when Harry opens the door, and he gives him an apologetic wince, raising a finger to indicate that he鈥檒l only be a minute. Harry shakes his head, ushering him in and holding the door so it wouldn鈥檛 slam when it closes before retreating to the kitchen to check on the cookies.
He pulls them out of the oven when he decides they鈥檝e baked enough, leaving them out on the tray to cool. Zayn accepts the cup of tea Harry offers happily, taking a sip only after he blows on it. Harry wonders if he picked that up from Louis, or if Louis picked the habit up from him.
The hem of his floral dress bunches up by his knees when he spills himself quietly into the loveseat, his own cup of milk-free tea cradled carefully in his hands. From the coffee table, Harry retrieves the novel he was reading before Zayn called to tell him he was coming over and flips to the page where his sunflower bookmark sits, settling in. He takes a small sip of his tea as he begins to read.
If Louis鈥 stories about Zayn and Liam are anything to go by, Zayn鈥檒l be on the phone for a little longer than a minute. Warmth soaks through Harry鈥檚 chest like honey, and Zayn鈥檚 voice is hushed and gentle and coated with so many layers of love, just plain, obvious love, that it鈥檚 almost soothing.
He perks up when he hears a mention of his name, turning around and blinking twice when his vision gets fuzzy around the edges. Zayn is smiling at him fondly, and Harry feels his cheeks heating up, strawberry red blooming from the apples of his cheekbones and to the tips of his ears. He hums at something Liam says into the phone before the gentleness in his eyes turns to something like mirth, Harry gulping, his body pushing itself instinctively further into the loveseat.
鈥淲ait,鈥 Zayn says, not to Harry if the distracted glint in his eyes is anything to go by, 鈥淚鈥檒l put you on the phone with him, gimme a sec.鈥
The green of Harry鈥檚 eyes widens, black of his pupil shrinking with the anxiousness now building up steadily in his chest, and he shakes his head frantically. He has the nonsensical urge to call Louis.
鈥淗ey,鈥 Zayn says, to him this time, and his voice and eyes have lost their exhilarated edge, now gentle again. 鈥淗ey,鈥 he says again, whispering like he鈥檚 apologising for spooking Harry, and he puts the phone on the cushion beside himself, leaning forward in what Harry thinks is meant to make him look more inviting. It must work, because his omega relaxes a fraction in his chest, and he nods faintly, blinking.
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to talk to him if you don鈥檛 want to,鈥 he promises, and Harry should鈥檝e maybe expected that, but he would be lying if he says he did.
鈥淥h,鈥 he breathes, 鈥渦m.鈥
Zayn continues, voice softening the tiniest bit more, 鈥淟iam is my soulmate. I鈥檝e known him since 鈥 well, forever, really.鈥 He smiles, and something in Harry settles at its tenderness. 鈥淲e鈥檝e been bonded for a couple of years, now. He鈥檚 like a teddy bear, I promise.鈥
Harry鈥檚 own parents never bonded, because bonding only works if the people loved each other an amount Harry can鈥檛 even begin to imagine 鈥 only he does think of Louis, but that makes the blush on his face darken unevenly and Zayn鈥檚 eyebrows rise, lips tugging up like he knows, so he shakes his head quickly to clear it. A bite mark would heal and fade away without love, and if a bonding was forced again and again it would hurt more than Harry likes to think about, has sat beside his mum time and time again as she lay in bed unable to move for days at a time since before he even understood why it happened.
Harry takes the phone with a trembling hand when Zayn offers it to him, shakily breathing in. He tells himself someone with so much love in their heart could never hurt him, and then he repeats it in his head once, twice more, before pushing the phone clumsily against his ear.
Harry doesn鈥檛 die. He actually talks to Liam, and he doesn鈥檛 die. He thinks he wants to tell Louis, if only to see his eyes crinkling around the edges with the soft smile that always sits on his face when he looks at Harry.
Liam leads most of the conversation, but he pauses between his sentences to ask Harry鈥檚 opinions on things he didn鈥檛 realise he even had opinions on, and it鈥檚 sort of thrilling in a way Harry doesn鈥檛 think he knows how to explain. When Liam hangs up some time later, telling Harry he鈥檚 got to run to class, Zayn鈥檚 been in the kitchen for too long and Harry puts the phone down to notice he鈥檚 stopped fisting the hem of his dress at some point during the call.
When he comes back to the lounge, Zayn is balancing one too many cookies on a plate, and there鈥檚 one shoved in his mouth too but Harry can make out the soft smile on his lips still. His eyebrows crease into a soft frown when he sees the phone on the coffee table.
He sets the plate down, swallowing the mouthful of raisin cookie before pocketing his phone with a pout. 鈥淗e鈥檒l call again when his class is over,鈥 he reassures before Harry can begin to apologise, and Harry nods dumbly. 鈥淲e couldn鈥檛 call last night, so he wanted to sneak in a little call before his classes today.鈥
A blanket of silence settles over them while Harry gathers his thoughts, munching on a cookie slowly. He dusts his hands on his dress before stuttering out, 鈥淯m, tell me if I鈥檓, like, overstepping, but 鈥 how鈥檇 you and Liam meet?鈥
Zayn rolls his eyes but it鈥檚 fond; when he speaks, Harry relaxes in his seat at the gentleness of his tone.
鈥淲e met first day of kindergarten, actually.鈥 Harry鈥檚 mouth drops open a little, his body leaning forward unconsciously. 鈥淗onestly, I think things would鈥檝e been so much easier for everyone back then if we weren鈥檛 soulmates,鈥 he says with a laugh, and Harry鈥檚 nose twitches in silent confusion.
鈥淲e wouldn鈥檛 let go of each other,鈥 Zayn explains, shaking his head. 鈥淭he teachers tried to separate us because we were distracting the other kids, but we kept finding our way to one another.鈥 His voice is so soft Harry鈥檚 tummy flutters, his eyes stinging at the edges with the ghost of tears and a small smile playing at the corners of his lips.
Harry sniffles just as Zayn says, 鈥淚t got easier as we grew up. We were always around each other, so the urgent need to be close all the time puttered down slowly, I think. I think it would鈥檝e been a lot smoother if we鈥檇 met when our hormones were all sorted out and shit, but when we were kids we didn鈥檛 really care about anything but being with each other.
鈥淣iall moved into the village first year of high school, when everyone was just presented or starting to.鈥 He pauses to roll his eyes again, and the action makes Harry smile. It drops into a concerned pout when Zayn says, 鈥淲e fought a lot that year. I think at some point Liam was just ready to kill Niall, consequences be damned.鈥
Fingers tangle with Harry鈥檚 trembling ones, and he looks down to see Zayn鈥檚 hand squeezing his. Harry forces himself to inhale deeply, and Zayn doesn鈥檛 comment on how shaky his exhale is when he lets it out.
鈥淗e thought he鈥檇 present as an omega, and when we both presented as alphas he was worried I鈥檇 leave him for someone else 鈥 an omega or a beta, you know 鈥 which is ridiculous, obviously, I鈥檓 so in love with him it drives me crazy sometimes, but we were kids and, at the time, we didn鈥檛 know better. That鈥檚 when Niall came in. It took absolute ages for me to convince Li I wasn鈥檛 going to leave him, not for Niall or anyone else,鈥 he finishes with a sigh that鈥檚 more a soft laugh, like he鈥檚 remembering it all all over again.
His golden eyes set on Harry鈥檚 bright green ones, and Harry is slightly taken aback by the emotion in them. He can鈥檛 quite place it, but it makes his heart stumble against his chest anyway. 鈥淒on鈥檛 let go of Louis,鈥 is what Zayn finally says.
鈥淚 know he鈥檚 a bit of an idiot most of the time鈥撯 Harry manages to not comment on that, but only barely 鈥溾揵ut he cares for you more than he cares for anyone.鈥
It sounds a lot like he鈥檚 saying I鈥檓 trusting you with my best friend. Harry doesn鈥檛 know what he did to deserve that kind of trust, doesn鈥檛 think he even trusts himself that much, but the fluttering of his heart is real enough to make him dizzy, and he has to rub a fist over his tummy to try and calm its twists and turns.
He really wants to be wrapped up in Louis鈥 arms right now, enveloped in the mellow vanilla of his scent.
Harry nods, his voice a shy whisper when he promises Zayn not to let go, and when he turns to shoot Louis a text saying he misses him he misses the knowing smile tugging the corners of Zayn鈥檚 mouth upwards.
read the raisin cookie fic here and the rest of the omega harry fic fest fics here
@omegaharryficfest @lizzieoffline
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indigowallbreaker10 months ago
You got a link for that trans head canon au for Edelgard and Hubert tho???
Just updated today actually!聽
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sluttytena year ago
the nct and seventeen selfies together !!! my two favorite groups 馃槶馃槶馃槶 also i am surprised doyoung and Hoshi are good friends ?? the unexpected friendship I never saw coming but I truly love to see
Yes!!! The Doyoung and Hoshi selfies were the only ones I saw for most of yesterday but then I saw multiple people talking about it like there was more?? And then I searched it on Twitter and 馃グ when I saw all the China line members took selfies together too 馃グ馃グ because Jun and Minghao are two of my top three in seventeen and seeing them with Kun and Xiaojun and Renjun and Chenle had me so happy, and also like... Kun and Jun?? I鈥檇 be into that combination
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livedforwardsa year ago
the beginning of retaliation sure does show that emily is made of nails. literally kicks out the windshield after that accident to go after the guy who caused it. and then tries. to get off the stretcher.聽
it also shows that derek and emily are 100 percent not willing to handle each other鈥檚 shit and i am every day mad that we never got emily as unit chief when derek was still there.聽
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venusdebotticellia year ago
#I still haven't finished my trans!alphonse fic for fma... which I haven't touched in months#since my brain got stuck on the new hyperfixation of the untamed to be exact :P#but I already have three new ideas for fics and I've even started writing one of them because I got super inspired for it today#the one I've started writing is an AU where the cloud recesses is the one that gets obliterated and xichen's core gets melted#so wangji gets wen qing to transplant his core to his brother and then gets thrown into the burial mounds by wen chao#thus being the one who becomes the demonic cultivator and yilling laozu later on and just... how different and yet how similar would it be?#this story turns out slightly better than canon because wwx isn't as beholden but the rules of propriety as lwj is in the actual canon#so he gets to help lwj earlier and better. also because jc is in a much better position here so wwx can rope him into supporting the lans#and I am THRILLED to really get into the grotesque tainting of Hanguang-Jun's pristine monolith of noble perfection :D#I will call it a win if I finish it because it's aiming to be a really long fic and my track record of actually fucking writing is... yikes#another idea for a fic is one that's set during the years of wwx's death where lwj and jc go from hatred to tolerance to reluctant#companionship to eventually realising that holy shit they're actual friends for real驴?#all through the power of being single parents who don't really know what they're doing and take their kids to playdates on the bunny field#with a generous helping of sharing their contempt for cultivation society in general and sect leader yao's stupid mouth specifically#and an extra of nightmares!!! and guilt!!! and missing the war criminal everyone hates!! and shared grief that no one undestands but them!!#and yeah wwx is very shocked but also very delighted when he comes back and suddenly his brother and his boyfriend are bffs驴?#and much better adjusted than when he left them because they've worked through their trauma together surprisingly well驴?#and he's even told his son is alive straight away!!!!! yay!!!!! :D#and the third fic idea is about wen qing and jiang yanli falling in love during the time they're hiding after the attack on lotus pier#and so wq insisting that she's not gonna do shit until wwx has run his stupid self-sacrificing idea by his sister first#and so wwx tells jy and she's like ''a-xian you beloved idiot that's a terrible idea and not happening ever''#''why don't *I* donate my core to a-cheng since our parents neglected my education so much that it's wasted on me?''#and of course then wwx is like ''but shijie nooooooooo you can't the predicted success rate is only 50% and you're too good for that''#and jc has also been told at this point because jy insisted he has to know and offered him her core as well#and obviously jc also strongly disagress but in the end jy prevails through her magical older sister souperpowers (pun intentional)#and through reasoning that it's best for their very decimated sect for the two competent cultivators to be the ones with golden cores#since she doesn't really have much use for hers anyway because sexism and disinterest and other stuff#and so they do the transfer and jy protects wq and wn through the war and beyond and she forgets about the peacock when she sees what it's#like to be treated as she fucking deserves. and at the end of the war she and wq get married and cut off jin guangshan's balls or sth idk#and everything is good and happy and beautiful through the power of femslash!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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janiedeana year ago
thebluelemontree ha risposto al tuo post 鈥渁ny tips for writing sandor circa agot?鈥
great list. I would also add his general vibe is cynical seventeen year old know-it-all. For a man in his late twenties, he is not emotionally mature. He cracks jokes at Robb in the training yard that only Joffrey finds funny. He really shouldn't care what an eleven year old thinks, but he does take her worldview seriously enough to argue with her.
... excellent point you have there ANON THIS TOO
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nearlymoriartya year ago
Time to indulge in the cliche tumblr experience of venting in the tags.
#personal#THIS AND NEXT WEEK FUCKING SUCK#I had to do two handouts#and three exams this week#and next week its four exams and idk the english word for it but its a school thing thats gonna take me another hour at least#so i gotta do the hour thing today#and sunday i gotta learn cause monday is the last time i can ask questions about the math exam#monday i have to learn for english#then math again#and the day after that bio and.. idk economy i think#and that would be alright#(not really but ya know)#but my bff wants to go to the disco on saturday#cause its her 18th#bday i mean#and.. i fucking hate discos#but its her bday and i haven't seen her in ages#so i just have to swallow any complains and try to have fun#and then i can try and fail to sleep in her apartment because the mattress i have is shit#and then its back to learning#i just kind of wanna cry tbh#im so fucking tired#and i dunno if i can handle two hours+ of dancing and I really dont wanna ruin her bday by saying that i wanna go home#cause the last time we went it was shitty#and i asked if we could go#and i felt so damn guilty#i cant wait until i get to spend an entire day just having fun again#i also havent seen my other bff in literal months because shes always busy. and like thats cool? i get it? but shes always busy because#she wants to meet other friends and its great that she has other friends but i'm her friend too? and she dosen't even TRY to meet up w/m#the only time she calls is if she feels shitty and needs to rant over it. Okay vent over i have to go learn. Yay.
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