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terezis · 7 days ago
“How is this possible? I watched you die.” + Taakitz perhamps?
"Well, I am Death," Kravitz says with a little smile. "Nothing can keep me down for long."
"That's - you -" Taako's expression is wild with fury for reasons Kravitz doesn't really understand, and exhausted for reasons he thinks he does. When he reaches up to thumb at Taako's cheek, his face is sticky with dried tears. 
"I'm sorry I worried you, love."
Taako's face falls. His lip wobbles even as he leans into Kravitz's touch, which hurts Kravitz's heart more than the dagger through his aorta did. It's all he can do to press their foreheads together and watch Taako breathe.
"... And I'm sorry I stained the rug," he says after several minutes. "Do you think we can get it dry-cleaned?"
Taako leans back to scrub at his eyes. "You are the stupidest man I have ever met," his boyfriend tells him. "You're a fucking imbecile. Do you think we can get it dry-cleaned. God."
"Is that a no? Are we going to have to go shopping for a new one?"
Taako scowls and pushes at Kravitz's shoulder until he's lying prone on the floor. "You're not going out for at least a year," he says, glaring. "If you so much as think in the direction of the Astral Plane, I am going to chain you to our fuckin' bed. Lup and Barry are taking all your active bounties. You're on a strict diet of healing potions and paperwork until you remember how to not fucking beef it."
Kravitz laughs, which makes his chest sting. He can't quite manage to hide his wince. Taako frowns.
"The, uh - the necromancers who followed me through the portal," Kravitz asks, which is a shitty non-sequitur as far as distractions go, but Kravitz didn’t see any bodies among the remains of their living room. "Did you -"
"They are deader than dead, homie. They're scraping their souls off the walls of the Eternal Stockade. And I'm sending the bill for the damages to their fuckin', uh, cult leader, so you can't reap 'em until they pay up. Fuck those guys."
"Fuck those guys," Kravitz agrees, extending a hand towards his boyfriend; Taako ducks underneath and curls up against his side. His weight is a warm and welcome balm for the pain. He should probably take a potion, or at least get up off the floor; he doesn't want to move.
"Next time, portal into the kitchen," Taako says. "I've been waiting for an excuse to remodel."
"I'll try to plan my murder accordingly," Kravitz tells him. Against the crook of Kravitz's neck, Taako smiles.
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gooigi-time · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
@thestarjar !! 
i’m posting this here bc it’s too big to send through d.scord-- if the gif doesn’t work lmk and i’ll shrink it for you / send you a still image! ilysm and i hope you have a wonderful birthday!! ^_^ <3
(p.s. there’s the proper number of birthday candles present, some might just be harder to see than others :) ! )
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anistarrose · a year ago
took me until the second time i scrolled past your reblog of that duck stealing tinder post to realize that you were tagging stan as in stan pines and not stan as in 'we stan this person' HFSJFHSJ
asdfdDEWFDS that IS a risk I constantly run by virtue of being in the GF fandom
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avijohann · a year ago
Tumblr media
its coming, by foot, but coming
and its here have fun!!
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nintenerd64 · a year ago
OH WORM???? ive seen polar express multiple times in my childhood but that song is like, a gap in my memory, it isn't real, i've never heard it. i adore that post but i have NO idea whats going on
to be fair i honestly don’t remember much about the polar express in general other than some really aggressive ticket punching but most posts about it  it i can just, yknow, understand as a thing that happneed in it. but. cocoa?? what?
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fivebrights · a year ago
this lady's wranglin' everything from djinn to zombies! how DOES she do it, folks??
Tumblr media
(jazz hands)
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glowstickia · a year ago
ask game
🌊 What does your OC do on their days off from working, school or whatever else it is they may do? Do they enjoy relaxing, shopping, hanging out with friends? What is a normal day like for them?
After work Echo goes home to change clothes and will sometimes take her doggo out to the park (dogpark if one is near) to get the zoomies out! Other times she relaxes at home and reads. Aus where she isn’t her work’s baker, she’d bake at home something she was cookies n junk. Always gotta be sure a certain dog isn’t trying to sneak a fresh dog biscuit or anything.
🌷 How much effort does your OC put into their looks? Do they care much about how they’re dressed or what their hair looks like or are they not bothered? Could they be considered a snob or a slob?
Echo puts as much effort as needed to be presentable. She likes wearing several layers of clothes (think Jake from B99 LOL) and mostly chooses things based on comfort so hoodies and sweaters are her thing. Only time she actively panics/cares too much about how she looks is if she’s near her crush because ah shit I’M SEEN! SUNGLASSES TIME NOW NO ONE CAN SEE ME HAHAHA ah wait- Probably could be considered a slob?
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mspainttaz · 2 years ago
came for when u contributed to hijacking my good omens post to be about vore. stayed for the I Don't Know Why I'm Here
if you have any more good omens posts you want me to ruin send them my way ;) (thank u for saying im a good and funny taz blog in your other message have a nice day!)
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ineskew · a year ago
well i Know You cuz taz, but the things that i recognize ur current presence on my dash for are: podcasts i havent yet listened to, and batman's many children. i dont know whats going on mostly but it's a great time ★
My two favorite things… podcasts I haven’t listened to and Batman’s many children… thank you 😌
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asimovsideburns · a year ago
I was gonna point you at the post but I see you’ve already seen it! Happy to help!
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terezis · 2 months ago
I really hope they don't try to squeeze Stolen Century together with Story & Song, that seems like a deathly compression for both of them given how much the GNs are already condensed... IMO story & song is enough for a novel with how long the episodes are-- possibly one with a bit more room to slow down & include more scenes/details which would be nice :O
that's how i feel!!! plus you have to figure that story and song is ~ six hours, which honestly isn't that much shorter than here there be gerblins and motrl, each at a little over seven hours each... it doesn't feel unreasonable at all to give it its own book?
honestly i wouldn't hate it if they split the stolen century into two books, to give each cycle a chance to breath a little more. bc you gotta figure with all the ground it has to cover, its gonna be a tight book... this seems a lot less likely, but it'd be fun for me LOL. they added more kravitz to ck... why not toss in a couple more (previously unseen) years w/ the starblaster???
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wordbending · a year ago
N, R, U?
N.) Are there any fic ideas brewing that you’d like to share?
Oh gosh so many. Mostly focusing on my new obsession, Deltarune OT4 with Kris, Noelle, Susie, and Ralsei. One I really want to do is a Christmas fic where Ralsei is visited by the other three (and gets decorated like a Christmas tree). Another I want to do is a prom fic where Susie constantly runs back and forth between Noelle and Kris because she’s trying to date both of them at the same time.
Another idea I also had was for a very underappreciated ship, Pearl/Spinel. Not Pink Pearl, but our Pearl. I’m not sure how I’d make it work yet, but I imagine the two of them utterly hating each other would lead to a fun dynamic.
There’s also a fic I’m working on about Trucy/Vera, where they’re in a college AU and Vera does life drawing while Trucy models. I think it has a lot of potential.
Besides that, I want to write Medli/Link fic, a fic with a Mimikyu OC I’m developing, a sequel to my Mob Psycho 100 trans Mob fic, and work on a bunch of WIPs I’ve got sitting around and need to get back to at some point. I also want to write a fic about Hau Pokemonsunmoon because he’s really underappreciated. This is just a small sample of some of the stuff I’ve had ideas for!
R.) Which writers (fanfic or otherwise) do you consider the biggest influence on your writing?
Again, quite a few! I strive to write as well as @lightrises or @wellmanicuredman, who are both friends of mine. I also feel very inspired by @lumalees, @clefairytea, and @ink-splotch.
In terms of real writers, my largest inspiration is Terry Pratchett, followed by Neil Gaiman. I adore Pratchett’s Discworld books, as well as American Gods and Coraline, and of course I loved Good Omens.
That doesn’t really answer the question though, huh? In terms of who I considered the largest influence, it’s hard to say, but I think @lightrises and @lumalees have rubbed off on me the most in terms of my fanfic writing.
 U: Is there a pairing you would like to write, but haven’t tried yet.
I mentioned Pearl/Spinel and Medli/Link earlier. I’d also like to write Amethyst/Vidalia, they have a very interesting relationship I’d love to explore more. I’m trying to think of others and I’m kind of drawing a blank? I’m sure there’s more but I just can’t think of them at the moment. Maybe Red/Blue because I liked Peaks and Valleys so much. Lillie/Moon could also be good!
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annieoftheshitposts · 2 years ago
Who are you and what have you done with my dear gal!!
Tumblr media
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pisceancryptid · 2 years ago
Artist ask meme!
☕ Do you do warmup sketches before drawing? (Bonus: do you have any to share?)
i do not, i just draw completely freehand whenever i get in the proper mood for it.
🐻 Your go-to things to draw when you need comfort?
answered here
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pirenja · 3 years ago
thestarjar replied to your post: / venom spoilers[[MOR] so like, was it ever...
I don’t know for sure but the impression I got was that as long as venom eats other people, he doesn’t need to eat eddie’s insides. but eddie was stopping him from eating people most of the time for most of the movie
that makes sense! i remember they included the symbiote liking chocolate, so maybe that was their way of dealing with it too. <_> 
I didn’t pick up on it at first because it wasn’t entirely explicit.
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glowstickia · 2 years ago
taz dust 001?
001 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:
Favorite character: Listen I adore the fuck out of Gandy Dancer…but Errol Ryehouse is my boi he is a good egg a good soul. I love him.
Least Favorite character: hm…no yea Uncle Oni because fuck haunted dolls
5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): Gandy + ladies; Errol/Michael; Dylan/Happiness (LET HIM BE HAPPY TRAVIS); Gandy/Isabella Slate; Gandy/Rosa
Character I find most attractive: Michael was described as hot yall
Character I would marry: naaaaaah not into that
Character I would be best friends with: Errol. AS IVE SAID BEFORE A GOOD EGG
a random thought: fuck i should finish Rootbeer Quest goddamn I keep fuckin forgetting shit damn it fuck
An unpopular opinion: there needed to be more ladies
My Canon OTP: there are none what is canon
My Non-canon OTP: Gandy/Isabella because yes
Most Badass Character: Gandy Dancer lets be real
Most Epic Villain: Would Uncle Oni count? uh Banshee I’m wondering what Travis has cooked up for them ngl
Pairing I am not a fan of: Anyone with Augustus outside of the friendship he’s got with the other PCs.
Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): Justin already said he screwed up Augustus cause he got lost in that southern drawl so like-
Favourite Friendship: Gandy and Augustus
Character I most identify with: Errol cause he’s literally the easiest to write
Character I wish I could be: Isabella probably idk she runs a successful business and is a lady vampire???
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anonymousalchemist · 3 years ago
why call it taz trek when it could be STAR ZONE (half joking bc theres so many other series w/ "star" in them)
the STARZONE is the mirrorverse of TAZTREK. the only thing different is that magnus has no sideburns but does have a mustache, and barry is not afraid of space. 
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nintenerd64 · 3 years ago
Fun fact abt that video: друг is pronounced "droog" and it's russian for "friend" :)
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stemmmm · 3 years ago
The hanged man, the sun (in any sense) ?
the hanged man: favorite movie soundtrack?
kung fu panda 2. coincidentally. also my favorite movie
the sun: do you believe in magic?
yes! not really any kind over the other...? mostly just fairy shit
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