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Tagged by: @signalsfading

Favorite color: always a tie between crimson red and midnight blue

Last song: Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance

Last show completed: The Umbrella Academy but only season 1 as im still watching season 2.

Last movie: Treasure planet:)

Watching: The Mandolorian

Sweet, spicy, or savory? Most of the time sweet, but i do love a good kick and will go for spicy.

Reading: nothing currently. Although occasionally will relisten to the harry potter audio books. Jim dales voice can be pretty calming to the mind.

Craving: Cheddar Potato soup (its been so long)

Tea or coffee: out of the two probably coffee, but iced or in a cold form, Not a fan of hot drinks unless its like chai tea. Cold brew coffee for sure though.

I’ll tag… @fat-bunny @colourthecitybluee @waytoomanyships @vincentvanshamrock @lost-girl48 don’t have to do it though.

Thanks so much for the tag!!!

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6. say three nice things about yourself (three physical and three non-physical).

So 6 nice things. Shit thats a tall order.

Um 3 nice things physically?

1. I have nice hair

2. I have pretty good looking eyes

3. My vacation beard is pretty nice


1. Im pretty funny at times

2. I do cook pretty well

3. I am fairly good at driving.

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