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#they <33333333333
inkykeiji · 5 days ago
hey clari I just wanted to pop in and say a few things. I know times are rough right now for a lot of people, and being a notable content creator here on Tumblr probably puts an intense amount of pressure on you. Running a blog can be exhausting — even for those that do it a lot more passively than you do — so remember to not spread yourself too thin. You expressed frustration with not feeling able to answer / keep up with all the asks you receive; remember that you are only one person so please be more gentle with yourself — I know this is easier said that done. There is only so much pressure a single person can shoulder on their own, so please don’t feel afraid to set boundaries in the name alleviating some of that stress. If closing your inbox for a couple days a week is what you need then do that! Please don’t feel guilty about it and just do what you need to do. Your followers and mutuals will understand. Self care should always come first. You have a life outside of Tumblr as well as limitations as a human being, and those who aren’t accepting of that fact are not worth your energy. Sending love your way.
tw: clari rambling about how much this blog means to her
oh my gosh, my sweet friend, thank you so much for such a thoughtful and kind message!!! notable content creator?????? hahaha oh my, thank you, i’m very flattered!!!!
if i’m being entirely honest with you, my blog is such a blessing in my life; it’s so important to me, and it’s become an escape for both myself and others, and i really really cherish that. i am SO incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such a beautiful community, to be supported by such a beautiful community; everyone here is amazing and i do not take any of it for granted for a second. it’s all very very special to me!!
it wasn’t really frustration, it was more guilt that was/is completely and entirely bestowed upon myself BY myself, because i genuinely want to answer as many asks as i can, and i feel insanely guilty when i can’t. still, i’m trying my best, and that counts for something!!
with that being said, the fact that it IS so special and valuable to me is more the thing that puts pressure on me, if that makes sense??? not a bad kind of pressure, ah pressure isn’t really the right word, but it’s kind of like when you’re hit with that sudden realization that something/someone is super important to you and has become an integral part of your life, and that in turn makes you scared of losing it or messing it up. but it also reminds you to value it even more. i hope that makes sense aaaaah!!
with THAT being said, i literally cannot tell you how much i appreciate this message. because i needed to hear it. i’m a perfectionist, and extremely hard on myself, so reminders such as these are very important. everything you’ve said about not stretching myself too thin and being gentle with myself and self care coming first etc etc is extremely true, and i am trying very hard to find a healthy balance that works for me!! i haven’t quite got it yet (i’m a bit of a mess right now to be totally honest) but i know i’ll get it eventually!!
sam, honestly, this message is so precious and considerate and SPECIAL, and i thank you from the very bottom of my heart for sending it. the fact that you care about my well-being enough to send such a well thought out message means more to me than i can tell you. i desperately hope that you are taking your own advice as well, putting yourself and your health first and being kind to yourself!! i’m sending you bunches and bunches of love and health, please stay safe out there, and i hope this week treats you wonderfully <333
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wehiddendesires · 20 days ago
Ever After High OC Playlist: Caspian Blackbeard x Nerina Seawitch
Note: I had too much fun with this one. The chemistry <3333
1) Fire Under Water by Girl Blue
2) Turn This Ship Around by Hallman,Tape Machines ft. Andy Delos Santos
3) My Jolly Sailor Bold by Ashley Serena
4) In Your Arms by Ashley Serena
5) Latch (cover) by Daniela Andrade
6) Lifeline by Lvly feat. Emmi
7) Exist For Love by AURORA
8) Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish
9) That Kind of Love by MAX
10) I Found You by James Bay
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selfcarecap · a month ago
Aw I'm glad my ask made you happy :) you are one my favorite writers here omg but you intimidate me a lot 😭😭 Like how can someone not have ONE bad fic????
Huhhhhhh? First of all, I would like to disagree but for now i‘ll just say thank you 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️ but secondly.. huhhh??? @peterbenjiparker also says she was intimidated by me at first and i‘m just like... baby. I‘m baby 👶🏻 <- that is actually me. and my fics i mean... i‘m glad that you like them but.. i really do have to disagree on some of them lol
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stanrizzo · a month ago
i always tell my students to let me know if they run into any confusion or issues with our course content or the software we use and as soon as they email me i’m like what the fuck.... what the fuck this is so rude
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pierrelli · 14 hours ago
Hi bestie! idk if you still remember me but I’m the 153% anon. I just wanted to share that I had a dream about m*x last night. I was holding a pillow and running while he chases me and we’re both giggling?!?!?! scream. anyway, Idk what to make of that but I just want to tell someone rip me bye.
hi bestie i remember <33333333333 wish you would have stangled him with the pillow in your dream rip ://
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starknik22 · 20 hours ago
hi! can i be tagged for forever?? i love ur works!!!! <33333333333
of course! glad you enjoy them, more to come ❤️❤️
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Secrets; "You stand here and you point your weapon. Point like you point your finger. Do not think about it. I'm talking about muscle memory, girl - muscle memory. Now go on. Shoot that son of a bitch! He's comin' for you! He's ten feet away! He's 9 feet, he's 5 feet away! Right there! That's the walker that got Amy! Now you shoot that son of a bitch! Shoot him!" -Shane Walsh
Carylering on<33333333333
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dreamersdiving · 2 days ago
eid mubarak to all my mutuals and followers celebrating <33333333333💗💓💞💕💝💘💖
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inferioritycmplx · 2 days ago
I LOVE U B ICH I AINT EVER GONNA STOP LOVING YOU. BICH. Dude I’m obsessed with your portrayal of all your muses tbh and especially toko because omg it’s actually perfect and spot on and I love that you write her in all her bastardly glory while also showing her deeper thoughts, feelings and reasons why she acts that way and I’m in love thanks
beep beep how’s my portrayal ?
GWYN I LOVE YOU SO FUCKIN MUCH OH MY G ODDDDDDD <33333333333 But uno reverse card cuz ha hA HA I FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT YOUR PORTRAYALS IM OBSESSED WITH YOU. but also thank you for liking my toko shes just my major major comfort character and im happy that someone i love so much enjoys it
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la-isla-de-circe · 4 days ago
How was your day?
Which are your favorite things about your country?
En español bc why not
¿Tienes una autor/a favorito/a en lo que refiere a libros de derecho?
¿Por cuál rama te inclinas más dentro de la carrera?
Too many questions, tell me if I'm being weird
. My days are pretty much the same, I take care of the business here and don't go out. I get bored every day actually because I don't do anything else and my classes are online. It could be much worse tho. Thanks for asking 🖤
. My favourite things about my country? The landscapes, the food, the sweets (which are ALSO food), free university! I get to go to the best university in my country for free???? A dream, tbh.
. La verdad es que no, porque no conozco. Estoy en el primer año y en medio del examen que dura un año (lengua a diciembre </3) para entrar a la carrera definitivamente. Estoy en el ciclo básico común, y en la parte final (tengo que dar mis finales) y luego a la carrera. Todo muy básico, es parte del examen. Funciona como filtro.
. Derecho laboral, definitivamente.
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catgirlgwen · 4 days ago
MADIE UR QUEUE TAG !*)@$(@)#$(*!@()@(!#*)!*)(#@)( LITERALLY SO TRUE 🤲❤️
HRFGBHRDGBDFGB thank you my favorite quote of my favorite episode <33333333333
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A handfasting ceremony is actually my dream wedding ceremony, to be honest. If I could, I'd even love to find a [preferable druidic] Priestess who is legally ordained, to hold the ceremony. I even have my ribbon colours already picked. A forest ceremony, in a clearing, would be a dream come true. Flower crowns for both wedding parties, no bridesmaids except maybe one for each bride... Magnolias and Orange Blossoms would be beautiful and perfect flowers, as I'm someone who adores floral language and Magnolias stand for Nobility and Orange Blossoms for eternal love, weddings, and innocence.
I really have it all thought out, how I wish to marry. Although, only if my bride would enjoy the same as me. I want her to enjoy it as well.
stop that sounds so nice. flower crowns are a SUPERB idea, abyss also thats SO CUTE i will say idkmuch about flower meanings but i audibly aww’d at the orange blossoms sjdcsdk
i hope you find your perfect bride oh my god IM ROOTING FOR YOU!!!!!!!! <33333333333 
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ilottsupremacy · 6 days ago
JEV <33333333333
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hardlouiscore · 7 days ago
ok i may hate my p*liceman bc its incredibly tone deaf but im not complaining about the harry content bc hes still my baby and he looks so happy im<33333333333
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