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#they all deserved better

I will never forgive Jeff Davis for not expanding on Stiles putting his hand on Derek’s shoulder after Boyd died… like what changed in their relationship for Stiles to be allowed to comfort Derek in, based on what we know of Derek, an intimate way.‬ Like what? Since when does Derek accept comfort from anyone at all? I just wanted more expansion on Derek opening up and allowing these kids in and allowing himself to care for them? I just wish we could have seen more expansion of Derek’s character and watching him grow to be more open, even if he immediately shut down after the death of Boyd. Y’all I just love Derek Hale so much wtf he deserved the WORLD. I miss him.

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Tatsuya sat cross legged tinkering with parts of the motorbike partially due to not having a clue how to spend a day off work except fix the bike. Still he knew that starting it in the earlier hours of the morning was maybe not the best idea to anyone but himself. Genuine surprise as to how no one had brought up any noise issues by this point. He sighed as most the bangs were pushed back and got to his feet to go into the kitchen.

“ Oh…good morning Jun.. “ He spoke upon noticing the other. He was sure that the only one awake was him but it seemed to have been incorrect.

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This is a tweet that showed up on my TL this morning. I’ve been thinking about it ever since. 

“The false promise of reuniting with loved ones” is the part that really gets to me. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably keep saying it forever, but the fact that it took five years for any of Ezra’s family to go after him is a writing failure so epic that it literally pulls the entire show apart at the seams for me. 

A writer following through on characterization in a story is something that’s really important- if the characterization isn’t consistent, it makes the entire story feel like there’s something not quite right about it. At worst, it can make things feel disjointed. That’s one issue I’ve seen people bring up again and again in the sequel trilogy, and it’s a very legitimate issue because it does indeed make the overall story of those three movies feel deeply uneven. 

Rebels is so close to being spot-on that it only really fails to hit the mark under scrutiny. Much like the creator himself, it says some things that look glossy and meaningful on the surface, but as soon as you start digging a little deeper, the facade starts to crumble. And it all comes down to characterization. You can say pretty things all day long in interviews about the motivations of the characters, but if we didn’t see those things on screen and they didn’t make sense in combination with the things the character did or said in the previous seasons- or even the things the character is saying in the same episode- it will not stand up to scrutiny. There are several instances where characterization in that final season doesn’t match up with what we know of the characters from previous seasons- one of the more egregious examples is Hera’s “I love you”, conveniently spoken (evidently for the first time) just minutes before the man she was essentially married to for 10 years is obliterated in a giant fireball. 

But the most egregious example is Ezra disappearing with Thrawn, the purrgil, and a star destroyer full of Imperials for FIVE YEARS, during which time not a single member of his family makes any attempt whatsoever to go after him. 

The very flimsy excuse we’re given is that Sabine (why is the task to look for Ezra Sabine’s alone??) believes Ezra wanted her to watch over Lothal for him. Sabine eventually realizes that she may have been mistaken- but, again, it takes her FIVE YEARS to figure that out. Sabine is a very intelligent woman. Do you believe it took her that long to figure it out? Not to mention the fact that there were other people around to look after Lothal, namely Ryder Azadi, the former governor of Lothal. 

In the final episode, Ezra tells his family via holomessage, “I can’t wait to come home.” And for some reason, his family who never left anyone behind just accepts his leaving, with barely a shrug. 

As a reminder, these are the same people who went back for Ezra in the very first episode of Rebels, before they even knew or liked him very much. One of the emotional lynchpins of that first episode is that Ezra is touched very deeply by the fact that they went back for him, and it begins his transition from loner street kid to crew and family member. Imagine bookending that with an ending that sends Ezra into the Unknown Regions with one of the most dangerous villains in Star Wars and then tells us not a single member of his family went after him for FIVE YEARS. 

Sabine notwithstanding, let’s look at the rest of the crew. Hera, in particular. Do we really believe that Hera wouldn’t have organized a rescue effort? Ezra was Kanan’s apprentice/adopted son. If Kanan had survived, there is no question that he would have gone after Ezra- and Hera would know that with every fiber of her being. Even if she had no emotional tie to Ezra herself, which we know is VERY MUCH not the case, she would have at the very least sent someone else after Ezra if she couldn’t go herself. There is absolutely no way that she would have just shrugged and said, “Oh, he’ll be fine with Thrawn. I see no problems here!” Remember, Hera met Thrawn- and that exchange was deeply chilling. Do you really think she would have just trotted her pregnant ass off to war (and that’s a whole other conversation) without doing something to try to find Ezra? 

And what about Zeb and Chopper? As much as they both fought with Ezra, he was their brother. Do you remember how Chopper acted when Kanan gave himself up to the Empire in season one? Because I do. He was willing to risk his life to save Kanan, just like the rest of them. And Zeb? I’ll smack you right in the mouth if you think Zeb was too busy with Kallus to go find his little brother. He loved Ezra. He would have gone after him. Hell, I think even Hondo would have gone after Ezra. 

That tweet at the top isn’t wrong- Ezra did give up his family to save them, and to save his planet. But if you think for a second that his wanting to reunite with loved ones was a “false promise” and that it made any sense at all that his family didn’t go searching for him immediately, you weren’t paying attention, and you didn’t understand the characters. And, yeah, that includes the person who created that ending. Each and every one of those characters deserved better than that. 

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Jiang Cheng? :3
  • favorite thing about them

How despite his insecurity and jealousy, he genuinely loved Wei Wuxian as a brother and could be proud of him and his successes (one scene that marked me for example is when they’re shooting kites and Wei Wuxian manages to score when he didn’t, and he just looked happy about it; you could have expected him to have a conflicted reaction to Wei Wuxian besting him again but in that instance he was just proud of him and I loved that).

  • least favorite thing about them

How, despite the previous point, he did let his insecurity win out in the end. He’s too easily governed by his anger. It’s also heartbreaking to see him reproduce his parents’ treatment of him with Jin Ling. He was a kid who suffered from not getting the open affection he needed from his parents, and yet when he’s in a position to do it with a kid in need of affection, he doesn’t. Treat your nephew better Jiang Cheng!

  • favorite line

Not really a “line”, but I love the way he says “Wei Wuxian” or “You!” when he’s annoyed XD

  • brOTP

Yunmeng sibs 4ever. I just wanted them to stay together and be happy ;_;

  • OTP

Wen Qing. I really loved the “what could have been” romance developing (and eventually petering out before it could progress) between them. And it adds a tragic dimension to his opposition to saving the Wen remnants. Lots of sad feels all around. But it’s great fodder for fix-it fics. I love their dynamics when they’re paired in happier settings.

  • nOTP

Wei Wuxian ig? They’re brothers. Oh and Lan Wangji, because that’d be weird af hahaha.

  • random headcanon

He eventually somewhat repairs his relationship with Wei Wuxian. It’ll never truly be like before, but they finally reach a point where they can admit they still care about each other. I think getting some closure on that front can also help him reach a better mental state and let go of some of his anger, leading him to be a bit more pleasant to others (to Jin Ling’s secret delight).

  • unpopular opinion

What’s the popular opinions about him? XD

I don’t think he’s a terrible person. He has a lot of flaws to work on, but I can see where he was coming from when he made some of his worst decisions, and while I wouldn’t say he was “right”, I wouldn’t exactly say he was “wrong” either. He was in a difficult position and did what he thought he should in those circumstances. He’s a very tragic character, I think.

  • song i associate with them

I’m bad at this kind of question but thankfully we have character songs so I can just pick that :p

  • favorite picture of them

Every time he eyerolls at Wei Wuxian XD

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I can’t even be happy about Anne and Gilbert knowing what happened to Ka’kwet and worse knowing the reality of the resedential schools and the fact that realistically the chances of a happy ending for her or her family or her people are slim to none. This is all fucked up and the really fucked up part is that it’s all mostly accurate and perhaps the unrealistic part being that they would’ve probably killed everyone in the village and stolen the children. My heart hurts

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Idk if this is an unpopular opinion but bran REALLY gets shit on because of his show adaptation when bookbran is actually a good character? Like d&d made it abundantly clear on many occasions that they didn’t care for bran/Isaac and it very obviously shows when you watch the series. Showbran absolutely doesn’t deserve to be king but if anything I agree with the opinion that he’ll be bran the rebuilder (helping rebuild the wall that’s going to be shattered) not the king ok rant over sorry

I agree with you. He wasn’t a favorite of mine and hopefully the books, have? had? will have? a point to his character 🤷‍♀️. Meanwhile in the show he’s the only character that was cut out of an entire season because they didn’t write anything for him lol. I have no idea was asoiaf has in store for him other than George intends for him to be King somehow. That’s what we know for sure matches the book ending to the show (and probably that Dany gets fucked over but that’s another rant) Lol okay, Goerge, okay bye. I’m not reading it anyway because it’s not coming out lol. They all deserved better. Every single character.

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Thinking about how Rey was denied the plot she deserved in The Last Jedi, where she had a choice between accepting the power she had been blessed with and the burden of responsibility that went with it, or just forking responsibility over to someone else and hoping that things worked out…ultimately, that was kind of her story, but her choice was never involved. Again, we didn’t see her standing over the unconscious Kylo Ren, and she kept trying to get someone else to do stuff. She never said “I want to do this”. 

Or even “this is what needs to be done”. 

She deserved better.

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I am actually so bored and tired of the whole Whitney / Callum dynamic.

THEY’RE EXES!! Let them be exes in peace.

It’s too soon for them to start a friendship.

Whitney has had so much bad past relationship history and falling in love and almost marrying a gay man is just the cherry on top (I’m not even going to get into whole Leo situation). She needs time to herself to focus on her own life. Throwing her into a friendship with Callum isn’t healthy for either of them.

I’m tired of the same disaster dates with Ballum. We want to see it start to move forward, and throwing Whitney into the mix isn’t going to do that.

How are either Callum or Whitney going to move forward if they’re stuck in the same cycle of comforting one another and reassuring one another when the other attempts to move on?

Obviously, it’s going to be upsetting/frustrating for Ben too. He’s trying to start something with Callum and if Callum’s too focused on making sure his friendship with his newly ex is salvaged then it’s going to jeopardise stuff with him and Ben.

Writers, please step up your game. I expected better and tbh I’m really disappointed at having Week 42 be bigged up as a huge week for Ballum when it looks like we’re getting one date scene and a kiss initiated out of spite (no offence Ben, ily).

To say I’m annoyed would be an understatement.

But yeah.

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Thoughts On Pink

With the release of the movie (and oof, my heart!), many people in the fandom are very upset at Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz. While this is completely understandable, it seems like people are forgetting what we learned before

Didn’t we just have a whole season where we were all for adopting pink?

Was what Pink did to Spinel cruel? Yes. Do I think she did it on purpose? No.

We have to remember that she was raised by the Diamond authority, who locked her away if she misbehaved, who are known for looking down on “lesser lifeforms” (anyone who isn’t a diamond), who neglected a child they had in their care until she was useful to them.

We can’t put all the blame on Pink, because she did exactly what she saw her role models doing. That was just her way of life. You can’t change if you don’t know what you’re doing is wrong

Pink did the same thing the diamonds did to her to Spinel, not because she was malicious, but because she didn’t know any better. And by the time she did, there was a civil war going on where she faked her own death.

I think the point Rebecca Sugar was trying to make wasn’t that we should all hate Pink Diamond, but that it takes a lot to break the cycle of abuse, and that the actions of one individual can have massive effects on everyone in the future.

Rose wasn’t perfect. Neither was Spinel. The only difference between them is that Spinel met Steven, who stopped the cycle before it would continue with her. Want proof? Look at the song ‘Familiar,’ written about Pink, and replace Pink with Spinel. It’s the same story retold.

So while I agree that Pink did terrible things, the overall message of Steven Universe is overcoming the past, and helping those who are lost. After all, is there anything that’s worth more than peace and love on the planet Earth?

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Honestly, Alex had so much goofy dad potential. All Norman had to do was give him a chance. Like in 2x07 when Alex made Norman hot cocoa and comforted him for accidentally killing an abusive man? Great father material right there.

no ! no ! no ! why did you have to go there ?! 😭 yesssss ! he would have been an amazing father to norman ! and the fact that alex actually wanted to help norman and treat him like his son and be there for him as a decent father figure as he put it 😭💔

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