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#they are all half smiley
pigstepping8 months ago
Key takeaways from Ranboo's lore recap:
His priorities right now are protecting Michael and Tubbo, figuring out how to prevent himself from enderwalking, and removing Dream as a threat. He is willing to take more risks than he has so far, because he still has all three canon lives and seven totems of undying.
He joined the syndicate with the genuine belief that their ideology matches his own, so it wasn't solely motivated by his desire to protect Michael and Tubbo like his note to himself in the memory book would imply.
He explicitly designed this recap to go over the information that c!ranboo knows, so any information he left out was either a mistake or deliberately excluded because it's not something c!ranboo knows. Relatedly, he noteably did not mention his encounter with the egg or the note he received from Sapnap.
The ARG is not critical to understanding the plot.
In his own words, "things are about to go down" so we have that to look forward to :))):):)):))):)
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marksandrewsa year ago
omg I just realized we have matching urls, we rly snapped huh
Yeah, we did! Gotta support our aggressive simping targets
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gigglymonstera year ago
I HAD A GREAT HALLOWEEN!! i watched spooky movies w the babe!! it was nice i like watching stuff with him <33 I HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT HALLOWEEN TOO DESPITE NOT CELEBRATING IT!!
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xiindomitablea year ago
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽Totally unoriginal idea, but the idea of Hawks being aggressively introverted and forced to customer service his way through life since the Hero Commission came into his life is amusing to me.
#//To me; also an introvert#//Can you imagine it?#//He's all smiley and shit while talking to people#//But half the time his internal monologue is 'shut up'; 'you're too loud'; 'my god; what the fuck'; 'don't touch meEEEEE-'#;mun has spoken#//Part of the reason he wants to be in the 20s ranks is bc they don't get bothered too much with appearances#//Most days; all he wants is to just go home; even be IGNORED#//Gets asked to appear at all sorts of things and his gut instinct is to say FUCK NO#//But bc of the Hero Commission and the sake of appearances; he smiles all bright and says 'HELL YEAH'#//The entire time; he's kinda just 'AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH' inside#//Unless something interesting or someone he knows is there#//It's easier to bear#//He has a hectic day and when he comes home to his place; he just dives into bed and gets his lil' plushy#'Endy-kun; you're the only one that gets me'#hc; hawks#//He chose Toko bc he's also so chill lmao#//'I can't get the quiet Shoto-kun; so who can I get that won't fangirl over m--HOLY SHIT; IS THAT A BIRB?!'#//He's running on fumes all day every day; but if he meets/does something particularly riveting#//Talk about a recharge#//Spending a day with Endeavor was a dream come true up until the nomu attack#//And even then he sees an upside in having earned his respect; friendship; and concern#//Did an internal Snoopy happy dance up until meeting Dabi ruined it#//Tokoyami and Endeavor were probably the first PEOPLE to actually make him feel as if his social battery wasn't draining#//Rather; spending time and talking to either actually brightens up his mood and help him 'recharge'#//Idk; I have lots of thoughts about it#//He was said to be a real quite and reserved child compared to how he is now#//Though that could just be the result of how he was raised#//Idk
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smiley-anonymousa year ago
et impleatur cera, et cum comedi aves per rostra defuit
[wax, honey cells] might be [filled, discharged, completed], and with I devoured birds through [beaks, prows, soapboxes] it [was lacking, failed, abandoned, was away]
Me paenitet, non intellego interpretes mechanicis. Si velis minax esse, noli non cohaerere:
Victionarii genus linguae Latinae
Vicipaediae res de grammatica Latina
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festiveferret3 years ago
smuggling in furious goats under various pretenses, tearing my heart apart with delicate, elegant angst - the kind that provides you with a handkerchief even as it stabs through your chest -, making every story flow so easily and naturally, writing stories that are full to the brim with wholesome, gorgeous, soothing tenderness
I am now far too sober for this. This is the nicest thing. You鈥檙e too kind and lovely and you cured my hangover headache.
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rxnswhxrea month ago
You鈥檙e Small
Summary: You jokingly tell the TR boys that their dick is small!
Character(s): Draken, Baji, Ran,& Sanzu!
Genre: Smut, and crack, but did you really expect anything less coming from me?
Warning(s): Gn!Reader, Blowjobs, reader being a pain in the ass to the boys, but other than that, none!
18+ MDNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mitsuya, Nahoya(Smiley), Hanma, & Rindou!
Shinichiro, Mikey, & Kokonoi!
Wakasa, Chifuyu, & Kazutora!
For starters, why would you EVEN do this?
Your will to walk must not be very strong huh?
He鈥檚 been very stressed lately and you wanted to help him relax.
What better way to help him relax than to give him a blowjob?
It鈥檚 beneficial for the both of you really.
So here you were, on your knees in front of him, with his cock down your throat.
His hand on top of your head, guiding your head up and down his length.
Then a thought popped into your head.
What if I tease him about the size of his dick?
鈥淗m, what is it?鈥
You pulled yourself from him completely, only jerking him with your hands now.
鈥淵ou know鈥 you鈥檙e a little smaller than I thought you would be when I first saw you.鈥
Absolute silence.
His face is unreadable.
He then stands up silently, tucking himself back into his pants.
Now this is the part where you would ideally run, but you didn't however, big mistake.
鈥淕et up. Now.鈥
鈥淜enny I was just-鈥
鈥淒o I need to repeat myself?鈥
Once you stand up, his hand is gonna be around your neck, not tightly, but firmly.
And he鈥檚 gonna drag you back to your shared bedroom.
Long story short, he鈥檚 gonna show you how small he is alright.
Just don鈥檛 expect to walk comfortably for about a week alright?
Baji can be playful when it comes to the bedroom.
You guys can laugh and joke around and still have a good time.
But one thing he won鈥檛 ever joke about, is his dick.
You must have a death wish or something.
He had you sprawled out beneath him.
Hips rolling into yours gently, really enjoying the way you鈥檙e moaning for him.
He can be a little rambunctious in bed, but he likes to take it slow sometimes too.
But you can never let this man breathe huh?
鈥淵eah? What鈥檚 up?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 just that - fuck - your dick is - really small.鈥
Because what the fuck did you just say to him?
鈥淪o I'm small now?鈥
鈥淵es, very actually.鈥
I think you forget what position you鈥檙e in.
Because he鈥檚 still very much inside of you.
And he鈥檚 stronger than you as well鈥
Then suddenly, a wicked smirk grew across his face.
鈥淪ince I'm so small, maybe I'll go harder so that you feel everything.鈥
You鈥檙e gonna be feeling him for MONTHS after tonight.
You guys tease each other all the time, it never fails.
He had some extra free time today, and he wanted to spend it with you.
So now you guys are cuddling on the couch watching whatever boring show was playing on the tv.
Not really paying much attention to it, more focused on each other's presence.
He was behind you, and your ass was pressed against his crotch.
Nothing too crazy, that is until he playfully rolled his hips into you.
鈥淐ut it out Ran.鈥
鈥淎ww how come, don鈥檛 think you can handle it anymore?鈥
鈥淣o, it鈥檚 just embarrassing how small you are.鈥
It took every fiber in his being to not punch you in the back of the head for that one鈥
You shot his pride.
He didn鈥檛 know if you were joking or not.
鈥淲ait, are you serious?鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know, you tell me.鈥
He flipped you off the couch and rolled over with his back facing you.
鈥淩an baby, it was just a joke.鈥
You had tears streaming down your face from how hard you were laughing.
He rolled back over with a half amused, half deadpan expression.
鈥淚 truly do hate you sometimes, you know that?鈥
鈥淵eah yeah, I'm sure you do.鈥
He showed you just how small he was that night.
Same boat as Draken, why would you even do this?
He came home to you in the kitchen, cleaning up for the night.
Sneaking up behind you, he wraps his arms around your middle, pulling you close to him.
Leaving soft kisses along your neck.
He was clearly in the mood, but you were not.
You were trying to clean.
鈥淣o hello or anything Sanzu?鈥
鈥淭his is my way of saying hello, don鈥檛 you like it.鈥
You stayed silent, still picking up the mess in front of you.
Until you felt him rub against your ass, and he was clearly hard, and painfully so.
鈥淐alm your miniature friend down, I'm trying to finish up here.鈥
His hands were on your hips in an instant, flipping you over so that you were face to face.
鈥淢iniature y/n?鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 what I said isn鈥檛 it? Now if you would please excuse me-鈥
His hand flew to your throat, gripping firmly, but never enough to hurt you.
鈥淥h, no, you鈥檙e finished here, I have to put you in your place again since you鈥檝e clearly forgotten聽 how to behave.鈥
Is it too late to tell him that it was just a joke?聽
But were you getting some good dick tonight?
You鈥檝e pissed him off and now you鈥檙e gonna pay for it.
Hope you didn鈥檛 have any plans for the next few day tho.
rxnswhxre 漏 2021 | all content and its rights belong to me. do not modify, translate, repost, or recommend my works on any other platform.
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kshiraa month ago
ft. kakucho, smiley, angry + izana
tw. fem!reader, rough-ish sex, spanking, cursing, dirty talk, praise, dom!w/sub!reader
an. request!! i hope you like babie! <3
Tumblr media
facing kakucho while his mouth attaches to your tits, tongue swirling around your perked nipple while his hips stutter with every stroke. he loves being above you, slowly rocking you into your next orgasm, toying with your clit whenever you鈥檇 came down from a blissful fever of lust before rolling your body into another. he fucks you deep and slow, his hands finding any place to call homage and tongue getting to explore every inch of your body. but he knows when you want it harder, you don鈥檛 even have to ask before he鈥檚 flipping your body over, ass up to his view as he watches your hole clench around nothing before he鈥檚 slamming his stiff cock back into you. 鈥渕y pretty girl wants it harder, yeah?鈥 he coos, gripping your hips and he鈥檚 sending you off the edge again. 鈥渨anna fuck this tight pussy so hard鈥 kakucho groans, smiling when your audible gasp suffice for his sweet tainted praise. 鈥渁fter i fill this needy hole, m鈥檊onna fuck your throat raw鈥 he sneers, watching your back arch up, body trembling under him and kakucho knows, just hard you like it as you cream around his cock.
鈥渘ahoya鈥 go harder鈥 your voice left a breathless hymn across your boyfriend鈥檚 neck, craning his head up to see your face, eyes rounded in a subliminal pleasure, lips parted open leaving heavy moans. 鈥渋 can do that鈥 he heaves, planting his hands on the headboard above you and snapping his hips harder. your fingers chase up his chest, clawing and trailing marks on the skin as smiley fucks you harder, just like you asked. his own fingers find solitude on the wooden frame for support, knuckles turning while as he grips it, hips rocking with more depth. in return his cock hits against your cervix, kissing and caressing the spongy walls, your juices coating his balls. 鈥渃an you take it, angel? how hard i fuck you?鈥 he questions, lingering his eyes between your connected bodies and finding your puffy clit. light circles and heavy strokes and stars add to your vision, feeling pleasure rush through your body. you could answer but at the amount of pounding smiley is doing to your body鈥攜ou really can鈥檛 gather the words. 鈥渟-shit, gonna cum, you take it like this better take all this fuckin鈥 cum鈥 he flashes a grin, trembling hands towering over your body and you can just feel the amount of cum pumping inside your hole, hips never faltering as he continues the thrusts 鈥測eah鈥攐nce ain鈥檛 enough princess, we鈥檙e only gettin鈥 started.鈥
鈥渨ant you to go harder souya, please鈥 it stops your boyfriend from his easy going thrust from the back, your face pressed to the sheets as angry has his hands set comfortably on your hips. 鈥測-you sure?鈥 he asks nervously, looking down at his cock slowly splitting your pussy in half. he hears the words again, exhaling a shaky breath 鈥渙kay, baby.鈥 angry is soft when it comes to you, treating your body gently as he fucks you but something about the thrill of shoving his dick harder in you, flesh jiggling in his hands as he rocks his hips faster has him chasing a new feeling. he lands a light smack against your ass 鈥減ussy wants to be fucked h-harder鈥 angry gasps, feeling your walls clamp down. a whine back and angry is crumbling above you, cock twitching at the harsh thrusts in your hole, seed spilling without fault of his own, 鈥渋-i like fucking you like this princess, make me cum so fuckin鈥 hard.鈥 angry learns fast, another harsh slap to your ass and he鈥檚 drilling into your pussy harder and harder.
izana presses his lips on your forehead, hands cupping your cheeks 鈥渇eel so good for me princess.鈥 he鈥檚 lazily thrusting inside your hole, shyly smiling back when you overlap your hands with his 鈥済o harder鈥 alters his head, izana looks over your body, 鈥渢his not enough?鈥 he questions, looking down at your connected bodies. it鈥檚 enough but sometimes you like watching izana go harder, fingers digging in your skin, whispering things dirtier and nastier. izana looks at you, questioning your face before he takes your hands above your head, hips snapping in place. 鈥渋鈥檒l fuck you, i鈥檒l fuck you slow and i鈥檒l fuck you hard鈥 izana grips your wrist harder 鈥渁s long as you鈥檙e cumming 鈥榬ound my cock.鈥 your tits pressed against his chest, sweat forming on his forehead as izana pumps harder, his cock pounding deeper. 鈥渨ant me to go even harder pretty girl?鈥 izana groans, eyes blown out and cock buried so deep in your pussy you can taste how much he wants it 鈥渃ause i鈥檒l fuck you as hard as you want.鈥
Tumblr media
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xjland23 days ago
猥樷珮猥樷珮 DICK REVIEW ! 猥樷珮猥樷珮
Tumblr media
蕷 CHARACTERS 蔀 鈥 i think everyone . . ?
蕷 CW 蔀 鈥 graphic descriptions of cock <3
蕷 NOTE 蔀 鈥 lol gore later <3 pls I can鈥檛 write hakkai idk why
Tumblr media
chifuyu stunning cock. pretty, leaky 鈥榥 uncut. his cock is so fat and big and it splits you in half. it鈥檚 a shower too <3 pretty cockprint through his sweats, can see when his cock gets hard 鈥榥 starts oozing precum. tastes good bc it鈥檚 chifuyu. well groomed, rlly light blond happy trail that just about reaches his belly button.
koko pretty, pretty, pretty. 4 inches, circumcised, just the right girth <3 curves upwards 鈥榥 it鈥檚 a little bronze from base to tip, def a grower. he鈥檚 waxed. like smooth. tastes salty 鈥榥 somehow a little sweet, probably takes such good care of himself.
sanzu is hung. runs in the family. depends on the day whether he鈥檚 feelin鈥 shaving or not. usually it鈥檚 not too well groomed but his hair is so light. pretty 鈥榥 flushed pink all the way through, a single vein running along the underside and curves to the left, it鈥檚 so big 鈥榥 long, a little skinny but he鈥檒l be tickling ur cervix 鉂わ笍
takeomi HUNG. HUGE HORSE COCK. GIGANTIC. uncut, big, fat, long cock. shower and a grower. he literally gets even bigger than he already is. breeder balls. he鈥檚 not very sensitive, can go multiple rounds 鈥榥 he鈥檚 well groomed too <3
hakkai omg it鈥檚 so big and pretty. waxed clean. but he doesn鈥檛 use it. gay.
izana鈥 鈥榮 hairy. happy trail is so noticeable. pretty cock. bronze head, the tip is so fat 鈥榥 bulbous barely fits inside of you. hairy but well groomed <3 sweet cum. he tastes so nice especially for u <3 big balls. cock kind of goes to the right.
kakucho is so big. like it鈥檚 fucking huge and heavy. his cock is so heavy, he needs you to carry it. take the weight off his back. his balls are huge 鈥榥 ready to burst, can go multiple rounds within like minutes and his pubes aren鈥檛 all up in ur mouth <3 perfect. foreplay game is immaculate, strokes literally so accurate. 10/10
kazutora. PRETTY. PRETTIEST DICK ON THE LIST. CUTE LITTLE BALLS. THEY鈥橰E ROUND 鈥楴 ADORABLE. like IK balls aren鈥檛 cute but trust me on this guys 馃槶 they are like cute. like perfectly round 鈥榥 a little pale 鈥榥 sensitive please suck and kiss them. pretty cock. bends to the right and is 5 inches. a grower. cums in ribbons. everything about him is pretty. petshop kazutora is waxed clean down to his asshole, bad toman tora has a patch of hair 鈥榥 a lil happy trail.
baji grower and shower too. like鈥 it just gets bigger 鈥榥 bigger on your tongue. impossibly big. big balls. fat cock. grows thicker from tip to base, like tapers. curves upwards for your pleasure. veiny. so hairy? kind of disgusting bc u get pubes in ur mouth </3 pls invest in manscaping tools for him :( cums buckets. tastes kind of disgusting.
benkei no鈥 like 馃槶馃槶馃槶 it鈥檚 big. shower. there is no way in hell he can hide it. like. everyone knows it鈥檚 big. big ass balls, minimal hair bc he knows it鈥檚 annoying to get pubes on ur tongue </3 fat 鈥榥 heavy, uncut. just. like. huge. was a virgin for quite a long time bc no one could take it :(
draken so nice. long and thick. not too thick. just right. enough to make you feel the stretch but never enough to hurt you :( cum consistency is like thick 鈥榥 a little slimy. in a good way. could be mistaken as lipgloss tbh. balls are big. hair is there but trimmed. he knows how to manscape 鉂わ笍
mikey cute cock <3 like it鈥檚 4 inches but fat. fat 鈥榥 leaky. sensitive cock, pink tip and it鈥檚 velvety soft, feels so nice on your tongue. disgusting tasting cum. actual shit. i recommend getting him a dietician. pretty balls like kazutora <3 cute lil seam that runs up along them.
smiley has a good cock. just right. not too big not too small. thick in all the right places 鈥榥 he can go on and on and on forever. decent balls. cum tastes salty to the point where it鈥檚 a little scary, but it鈥檚 bearable. his cum leaks from the tip, drips down his shaft and balls and is overall a very pretty cock. curly pubes.
angry bigger cock than his twin. a little fatter, takes such well care of it, dedicated to manscaping. cute happy trail, blushes when you kiss up along it. flushed tip 鈥榥 the base and balls are a little darker. cums in spurts, hurried and frequent ones, so messy and cute.
peh it鈥檚 just. like long and a little thick. thrusts are very messy in a good way. big, hanging balls <3 literally slapping up ur ass with those things. sloppy. cum leaks out. bronzed shaft and tip. probably doesn鈥檛 鈥 grow a lot of pubes? idk
naoto definition of like perfect. it鈥檚 just perfect? like you take it and feel so fulfilled and happy afterwards. his cum leaks out, easy to control not messy, the clean up is never hard. manscapes so well <3 deserves cock kisses 鈥榥 his balls sucked <3
ran LONG. his cock is lanky too. leaky, purply head and it鈥檚 s sensitive? the slightest touch and there鈥檚 a wet patch in his briefs. oh my god he鈥檚 a shower. dickprint is so fucking hot? always visible. he鈥檚 not ashamed about it. ran is so鈥 he cares about himself so he always looks pretty down there <3
rindou shorter than ran but it鈥檚 so fat. fat 鈥榥 sensitive. breeder balls that deserve to be milked dry. cums so much. please it鈥檚 just everywhere. his cum tastes good. darker, tanned shaft 鈥榥 tip. so big 鈥榥 fat. it gives u a pleasurable ache in ur jaw <3
inui鈥 omg hands down him 鈥榥 tora cutest, prettiest cocks. a little bigger than tora, doesn鈥檛 curve, hits his stomach 鈥榥 it鈥檚 just so pretty? like a golden ratio dick. pretty balls :( so cute. would suck them. give him cock hickeys. he adores that. worship his pretty cock. cum leaks out from the slit, dribbles down his shaft 鈥榥 looks all pearly and pretty. literally out a porno.
shinichiro fat cock. fat heavy cock that made him a virgin. soooo sensitive. patch of dark hair 鈥榥 as he grows older a little happy trail develops. big ass balls omg. they鈥檙e so heavy. literally they weigh a tonne each. curves upwards and it鈥檚 so smooth? barely any veins.
hanma so long. to match his gangly ass limbs he needs a big, long cock to match !! not the pretttiest but that鈥檚 ok he鈥檚 so hot 鈥榥 he knows how to use it so well. pull out game is revolting. he鈥檚 not even trying, he won鈥檛 pull out full stop, cuz it feels too good. balls are not big :( kinda skinny but the length compensates for that <3 cum tastes like battery acid holy shit.
taiju is soooooo big. big nose big cock. big feet bigger cock. third leg but literally. does he have blue pubes? yes. but his cock is so big 鈥榥 heavy it stretches you so well. cums buckets and buckets and buckets, spills out of his cock until it kinda tapers off to a little leak 鈥榥 every little last drop is in your pussy <3 veiny.
mitsuya a little on the smaller side <3 pretty cock like tora n nui. curves to the right 鈥榥 a little up. cum is such good consistency. like thick but a little watery so it鈥檚 not gloopy. tastes good, you would willingly swallow it. nice balls, overall just a decent cock? like no complaints.
takemichi fat virgin cock. common theme in virgins is fat cock. uhh leaky, sensitive, so leaky tho he just leaks through his briefs the second he sees something mildly sexual. easily cums. a single pump and there鈥檚 cum spurting all over his hand.
kisaki 鈥榮 fat. that鈥檚 it.
wakasa PRETTY. NOT TOO THICK? KINDA THINNER 鈥楴 SHORTER BUT IT FEELS GOOD. perfect cock too. just. so pretty, not a lot of hair, light happy trail. veiny cock. so veiny. the harder it gets the more veins. 6 inches give or take. knows just how to use it to get u squirting <3 also curves up.
muto fat cock. idk he鈥檚 hot with a huge cock 鈽癸笍
Tumblr media
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tomhollandficsa month ago
Peter Parker [Favourites]
this is an overview of some of the best peter parker fics out there - this list covers all tropes
* = smut
* Don't Hold Back - @hollandcrush
two hormonal students wander into a room during a frat party, what could possibly happen? maybe you discover that under his heart made of pure gold lurks a hidden powerful, dominant side
Sunset Lovers - @duskholland
you鈥檝e never met your soulmate, but you know his handwriting like the back of your hand...literally - every word your soulmate writes on his skin appears on yours, and vice versa - you鈥檙e desperate to meet him, but until the universe decides to introduce you, you鈥檙e stuck with scribbled smiley faces and chemistry formulae
Was It Worth It - @kelieah
reader and peter are married with a baby, after every mission she questions if it 鈥渨as it worth it鈥 but as she becomes muddled up in a dangerous mission, peter doesn't know if it is worth it anymore
Disappointed - @dlwritings
the events of endgame have taken their toll on peter - unfortunately, this means you鈥檙e left picking up his broken pieces, and you鈥檙e not sure how much more strength you have to help him
His Plan - @dlwritings
you鈥檙e far too shy to tell peter how you feel about him - you always have been, he鈥檚 shy about it too, but decides to bite the bullet and confess a couple things to you on the school trip to europe - his plan doesn鈥檛, however, account for you feeling the same
The Storm - @starlordsandrockets
peter parker was the last person you wanted to be partnered with for your class presentation - now you were forced to spend the day with him but your loathing soon turns into something quite different when the day is over
Just For Tonight - @cloudybarnes
peter accidentally tells the avengers he has a girlfriend and now they all wanna meet her. in an attempt to not look like a liar, he recruits his best friend y/n to fake date him for the night so he can introduce them to her
* What Good Boys Do - @vampireinbusiness
can you do one about shy peter and his love for readers short skirts like he gets so flustered seeing her in them but he always touches her and him going down on his knees to eat her out with them on
Remember That Night - @tinyyoungblood
peter spends a night on omegle and comes across a sleeping girl. peter decides not to skip her - he reads to her and talks to her about his problems, and when she finally wakes, they lose themselves in endless conversation until she hits him with the 鈥渟ee you in a different life, bye peter
Better Half - @ptersmj
where you fall asleep on peters lap after a mission and he just takes care of you?
Trouble In Paradise - @ptersmj
peter loves giving y/n hickies - when they at a pool party with the rest of the avengers, everyone starts teasing her about them
Honor - @itsapeterthing
your best friend peter parker who has a secret crush on you catches your boyfriend cheating with another girl
Invisible String (Series) - @peterbenjiparker
you were content with the way your life was, until you woke up with a red string wound around your fingertips and the red string just had to link you to your best friend, peter - now you were subjected to a possible life of no love as you watched peter, your soulmate, fall for someone else all the while getting fucked over by the universe in the worst way possible
Drunk On You - @peterbenjiparker
peter calls you from a frat party after getting drunk to get over you while you were out on a date
* Your Mess - @peterbenjiparker
peter got drunk at flash's party and you have to take care of him
* Wet Dreams - @selfcarecap
what the title says - also, friends to lovers
Time After Time (Series)- @softspideys
peter parker is your worst enemy, but he鈥檚 also your soulmate. life is funny that way
Sweet Dreams, Parker - @marvelousmrsmarvel
being a full-time student is exhausting in itself, let alone being an avenger as well. you and peter both knew the feeling a little too well. so, when peter is losing sleep over finals week, you step in to help get his sleeping schedule back on track
Of Sleep & Safety - @florenceyelena
in which peter parker slumps into your room exhausted and you have to try and get him into bed despite the height difference between you
Can't Lose You - @ms-misery
you're trying to get over your best friend but no matter how hard you try you just can't seem to do it
* Secret - @celestialbarnes
you and peter have been dating for a few months now, and in order to keep your dad and the team in the dark, you two sneak around, not knowing that the entire team already knew, everyone but tony of course, chaos ensues
Cuddles - @parkersdoll
peter has a bad day, all he can think about is you
Can't Escape (Series)- @asonofpeter
life moves fast out in the suburbs, you live the perfect life with your mother and father but when you start to crave for more meaning in life than just westview, your mother does every thing in her power to make sure you don鈥檛 leave - can you ever imagine what鈥檚 on the other side of ellis avenue?
* Vacation (Series) - @scarletspideyy
it鈥檚 peter parker鈥檚 senior year class trip, all he wants is a break from the stress of high school and his spider-man duties - to his surprise, he gets the vacation he always wanted but it doesn鈥檛 come without its own personal trouble; love
* Break It In - @simplyparker
peter gets his first car, and you want to have some fun
Hopelessly Devoted To You - @spiritualchange
what can he say, peter is just devoted to you
* The Birthday Boy - @noobsquasher
it's peter's birthday and you celebrate it by giving him a memorable lap dance
Perfectly A Little Late - @t-lostinworlds
with all things college, two jobs, tutoring on weekends and another at the bakery downtown, you're one busy girl - peter completely understands that of course, admires it even but it doesn't make it sting any less when you just so happen to forget about his birthday
Kiss Me More - @celestialholland
you and peter make out for the first time
* Pretend I'm Not Here - @thighs-of-betrayal-blog
peter asking you to touch yourself in front of him like you do when you're alone
Caffeine - @waitimcomingtoo
peter鈥檚 shyness makes him an easy target at his new job, but one co-worker always stands up for him
* Rings, Rings, Rings - @vintagemulti
in which your boyfriends newfound love towards jewellery affects you more than you expected
Halftime - @eloquenceflores
your cute nerdy bf takes care of you during the half-time of the football game you鈥檙e cheering at
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